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Fifth and Greenwood Streets
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

Greenwood Map.

GPS Coordinates:  Latitude: 34.49448, Longitude: -93.06650

Greenwood Cemetery is divided into five pages:
Page 1:  Block 18, 19, 17, 16, Old Triangle, 30, 15, 13, 14, 22, 20, 21, 23, 29, 28, Lawn Block
Page 2:  Old Circle, 8, 9, 9 1/2, 10, 11, 12, Garden of Peace, 4, 3, New Circle - Block H, E North, E South
Page 3:  Q, R, T, F, 7, 7 1/2, 5, 5 1/2, 6, Garden of Angels, P
Page 4:  A Annex, A, L, Greenwood Mausoleum-Columbarium, C
Page 5:  Block D
Page 6:  25, G Annex, G, Garden of Rest, Garden of Devotion Annex, Garden of Devotion, Sunset Gardens

This is a partial listing only.   Patti Vance Hays has begun to take photographs of the tombstones at Greenwood Cemetery.  If anyone wants the tombstone photograph emailed to them, please email her, and she will be happy to provide it to you as long as you are using it for personal use and not for profit.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays. You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission. You may, however, use the tombstone photographs on your public [permission is not granted for private trees] family tree site as long as you type in the description field the following: Courtesy of Patti Vance Hays as posted on the Melting Pot Genealogical Society, Garland County, Arkansas, website:
If you use any of the photographs (and we will be adding more), we would love to hear from you. Let the webmaster know, and we will post on the bottom of this webpage the link to your family tree. Please make sure you type the following in the email subject: Greenwood Cemetery family tree

Please click on the photograph icon for a personal photograph. You may use the photographs for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission.

If any of the links do not work properly, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you are interested in a book of the tombstone readings in Greenwood Cemetery, Garland County Historical Society has published such a book.  At times, we have been following this book's listing as to the location of the stones.  In all cases, however, the stones have been read by Patti Vance Hays (as of 26 January 2015).  We have attempted to make this information as correct as possible.  If you see an error, please email!

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more.


Northeast Quarter
Row 1
    [Rows 1-5 read 16 April 2013]

Townsend Family Plot

Housley, H. Frank   01/13/1904-01/07/1962

Townsend, Martha T. Housley   05/12/1906-10/15/1977

Housley, Warren Frank   [no date of death shown]
    Housley, Judith Givens   [no date of death shown]

Townsend, Sarah L.   06/06/1897-11/17/1898

Townsend, Lula W.   04/09/1868-10/21/1945

Townsend, Junius A.   11/02/1853-10/13/1931

Webb, Charles C.    09/08/1873-07/10/1917    [This marker was turned over. The transcription came from a prior reading by Gail Ashbrook.]

Webb, Mary E.    11/28/1878-04/17/1925

Malone, Mattie Clark    01/16/1876-05/28/1924

Clark, Marion V.    07/01/1862-09/22/1913

Retherford, Marie    10/03/1900-10/15/1988

Rutherford, David H.    01/03/1892-06/16/1967    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I

Malone, Jessie Walter    10/03/1885-04/10/1922

Dooms, Catherine    1840-1913

LePatourel Family Plot

LePatourel, Peter    06/01/1851-11/15/1913

LePatourel, Elvira    1856-1942    [Gross FHM]

Arnett, Roswell B.    1859-1944    [Gross FHM]

Shaw Family Plot

Shaw, Ernest Irwin    03/06/1903-03/14/1973
    Shaw, Nellie Bowen    10/29/1901-01/17/1989

Feazell Family Plot

Feazell, Anne    01/21/1888-08/15/1980

Feazell, Paul    04/10/1884-11/15/1913    29 Years 7 Months 8 Days

Row 2

Belding Family Fenced Plot

Belding, William L   11/06/1860-05/08/1888

Irons, Mary (Mrs)   09/04/1821-05/14/1896

Belding, George   08/14/1832-11/30/1903    Born in Hot Springs, Ark.

Belding, Amanda Folgier   12/10/1839-01/21/1921   Wife of George Belding

Mina   [no dates and appears to be Belding surname]
    Raphey   [no dates and appears to be Belding surname]
    Mollie   [no dates and appears to be Belding surname]

George Belding Family Plot

Belding, Emily   08/23/1913 age 6 mo's

Belding, G. R., Jr.   age 18 months

Belding, George R.   08/02/1866-07/14/1941

Belding, Harriet Miller   10/30/1871-06/10/1948

Bradshaw, Keith T.   07/19/1906-11/12/1984

Bradshaw, Martha Belding   08/23/1913-07/03/1998

Cummings Family Plot

Cummings, Lafayette    10/12/1869-04/17/1923    Born in Grayson County, Kentucky; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Cummings, Susan James    07/25/1875-09/09/1912    Wife of Lafayette Cummings    Born in Breckenridge County, Kentucky; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Tucker Family Plot

Tucker, James Henry    08/14/1917-11/24/1919    son of Joe and Alma Tucker

Tucker, Joseph Dell    03/05/1915-12/25/1966    Texas Tec5 Medical Dept. World War II

Tucker, Joseph G.    09/23/1886-12/31/1960
    Tucker, Alma    01/07/1891-

Row 3

Beldin Family Plot

Beldin, Elbert T.    08/23/1875-09/27/1932

Beldin, Leroy D.    04/27/1843-04/05/1925
    Beldin, Sallie A.    04/09/1837-12/13/1893

Haley, Daniel B.    02/11/1873-04/18/1940

Haley, Lula B.    1877-1938

Dean Family Plot

Dean, Ruth   09/27/1895-11/11/1916

Dean, Robert S.   03/03/1900-03/28/1973

Dean, Ellen Rye   10/11/1876-05/14/1961

Dean, Robert Sharon   07/03/1842-05/10/1912

Parham Family Plot

Mooney, Una Parham   04/24/1889-01/28/1919

Parham, Edward R.   05/31/1896-05/28/1931   Arkansas Pvt 115 Field Arty 30 Div

Parham, Edward H. M.   08/31/1864-12/30/1912

Banks, Mary A. Parham   12/24/1870-02/17/1935

Burton Family Plot

Burton, Harrison C.    05/25/1847-11/23/1913

Burton, Mary M.    12/17/1853-08/06/1911

Row 4

Flowers Family Plot

Flowers, Sarah    -05/17/1891    Aged 75 Years 7 Months 10 Days
    Flowers, King B.    09/12/1852-05/05/1898
    Flowers, Ruthie C.    -04/06/1894    Aged 40 Years 4 Months 4 Days    Wife of K. B. Flowers

Housley Family Plot

Housley, John W.    01/30/1861-07/14/1910

Housley, William Monroe    08/06/1876-07/07/1930

Housley, Mary Jewel    10/11/1877-04/24/1934

Housley, William M. "Billy"    1915-1995

Housley, Robert J.    05/06/1902-03/20/1957    Arkansas Tec4 US Army World War II

Frye Family Plot    [no markers]

Row 5

Housley Family Plot

Housley, George R.    09/03/1873-07/31/1945

Housley, Susan    11/20/1848-02/13/1934    Wife of J. M. Housley

Housley, James M.    10/20/1848-08/27/1907

Housley, Vander J.    03/18/1870-07/01/1895

Click, Marion J.    03/07/1824-02/27/1899

Hinton, Mary Frances    05/19/1900-08/19/1900

Hinton, Elizabeth Housley    11/12/1870-01/17/1920    Wife of Hardy Hinton

Housley, George William    04/28/1873-08/03/1926

Housley, Wade Franklin    08/26/1903-02/12/1917    Son of G. W. and F. M. Housley

Housley, Malinda M.    10/17/1843-06/19/1912    Born in Hamilton County, Tennessee; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas    Wife of W. F. Housley

Housley, W. F.    12/22/1841-04/27/1915

Ford, Ida L.    11/09/1868-05/03/1914

Housley, James Lee    01/21/1907-07/05/1913    Son of James R. and Katherine S. Housley

Furman, Nell Housley    02/22/1910-08/26/1981

Housley, Katherine S.    12/02/1883-04/25/1948

Housley, James Robert    03/24/1881-12/05/1939

Smith Family Plot

Smith, Mont    02/16/1845-08/12/1908

Smith, Fred    07/04/1889-09/23/1909    [Marker is broken; transcription from Inez Cline's 1969 reading]

Strange, Nancy E.    07/03/1837-01/10/1920

Morrison, Charles T.    03/05/1859-11/10/1919    [Marker is broken; transcription from Inez Cline's 1969 reading]

Pulos, Paul    [Apostolos Apostolopoulos]    1894-12/05/1918    Born in Greece; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Frankel, Alexander    02/01/1881-03/28/1919

Everich, Clara A.    -12/07/1918    Wife of F. H. Everich

Row 6    [read rows 6-7 19 April 2013]

Hudgins Plot

Hudgins, B. L.    09/16/1847-12/24/1901

Hudgins, Stella    -10/30/1895    age 5 Months 23 Days

E. A. Boyd Plot

Hirschman, Mollie    1849-1927

Watt Family Plot

Brown, Rosalie Watt    11/12/1911-03/23/1974    Daughter of Sam and Rosa Watt, Wife of Col. Clyde H. Brown    Married October 2, 1936    Episcopalian

Watt, Rosa Lee    08/31/1878-04/22/1955

Watt, Samuel Calvin    03/05/1870-09/28/1942

Watt, Mrs. M. G.    -09/17/1902    Aged 55 Years

Watt, William H.    09/20/1847-01/25/1891    Aged 43 Years 4 Months 5 Days

Watt, William W.    03/05/1872-12/27/1906

Watt, Ophielia    1876-1922    [Gross FHM in concrete]

Varnadore, Sarah A.    09/03/1836-10/09/1891

Varnadore, Isaac Roe    10/12/1891-04/12/1892    Son of J. B. and N. A. Varnadore    [His foot marker has been placed in the Smith Family Plot.]

Salinger Family Plot

Henderson, Robert C.    12/26/1858-10/09/1941
    Henderson, Della W.    02/29/1860-12/15/1948

Salinger, Mittie    04/23/1846-04/07/1904

Deaver, M. A.    06/13/1815-07/04/1901

Whitfield, Dovie J.    04/27/1850-02/29/1904

Henderson, Roy Emerson    08/20/1905-04/26/1924

Henderson, Percy V.    04/28/1902-06/14/1903

Henderson, Jerome W.    01/26/1895-10/02/1895

Henderson, Sarah Ruth    08/23/1898-09/13/1986

Henderson, Mary V. "Mamie"    09/25/1892-01/12/1969

Westmoreland, Dr. J. W.    06/1838-05/20/1920
    Westmoreland, Mary Ann Deaver    08/25/1842-10/16/1920

Davies, Bessie May    03/14/1885-12/23/1943

Davies, Frances Bunch    08/05/1867-01/01/1914

Davies, R. L.    09/02/1862-04/1927

Overbey, W. F.    11/12/1860-02/04/1919    Born in Calloway County, Kentucky

Leakey, B. F.    08/25/1852-10/08/1914    Born in Henry County, Indiana    Died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Thompson, Floyd M., Jr.    1918-1977    U.S. Army World War II

Thompson, Mildred M.    02/07/1895-03/24/1964

Slaten, Rosa Hallock    11/23/1876-11/11/1929

Slaten, Frances    12/02/1915-05/26/1923

Odell, Sedrick Whitney    12/08/1918-07/27/1919

Hardister, Arkie T.    03/20/1863-06/06/1914    Wife of H. N. Hardister

Hardister, H. N. M.D.    06/06/1856-01/04/1928

Hardister, Alice T.    07/31/1873-04/15/1939    Wife of H. N. Hardister

Bayles, Joys A. A.    -02/09/1894    Aged 46 Years 5 Months    Wife of R. A. Bayles

Bayles, Kittie F.    -10/03/1936    Aged 73 Years    Wife of R. A. Bayles

Bayles, R. A.    1850-1915

Row 7

O'Bryan Fenced Family Plot

O'Bryan, Ida Stuart Blaydes    07/31/1878-08/12/1963    Wife of Charles W. O'Bryan

O'Bryan, Charles Winfield    10/21/1871-09/14/1913    Son of M. C. and S. V. OBryan

Groesbeck, Mamie O'Bryan    10/29/1877-11/26/1931    Daughter of M. C. and S. V. OBryan

O'Bryan, Susannah Virginia    01/09/1848-06/18/1908    Wife of M. C. O'Bryan

O'Bryan, M. C.    09/22/1835-03/01/1890

O'Bryan, J. A.    04/08/1874-10/11/1917

Ward Family Plot

Ward, Anna L.    12/27/1849-03/13/1930

Ward, J. R.    03/17/1844-03/20/1901

Maddox Family Plot

Maddox, E. H.    03/31/1865-02/17/1898    [plot]

Beitler Family Plot

Beitler, Kate Kennan    -06/27/1941    Wife of David Beitler

Beitler, David    -06/09/1912

Beitler, Mattie C.    -05/18/1891    Wife of David Beitler

Austin, John    07/20/1851-05/13/1927
    Austin, Martha Augusta    04/30/1852-10/03/1909

Cressey, Eliza    02/17/1851-12/18/1903    Wife of Dr. J. Cressey

Cressey, Dr. Orange John    03/05/1831-02/09/1911    Serg. Co D 24 New York Volunteer Infantry    Dr. John Cressey

Hickey, Josephine E.    02/26/1853-02/03/1914    Wife of John P. Hickey

Gibson, John M.    09/24/1847-08/20/1903
    Gibson, S. E.    05/09/1848-06/06/1916

Street, Allie Pratt    Born Port Huren, Michigan    buried 02/25/1918    Died at Hot Springs, Arkansas

Lawrence, T. R.    11/25/1857-03/29/1919

Scott, Thomas G.    01/16/1849-10/16/1917

Smith, Ella    02/07/1892-04/07/1914

Loughran, Roy    -05/17/1888    9 months 3 days    Son of John and Emma Loughran

Loughran, Emma    Beloved wife of John Loughran    [Dates are in concrete and illegible.]

Helms, Charles Delton    12/10/1891-11/25/1892    Son of A. J. and Sallie E. Helms

Weimar, Alice Clark    -04/08/1919

Southeast Quarter (Old Circle)
Row 1
Holzer (on step of curbed plot)    [It is possible that Susan Caroline Austin Cloninger O'Connor is buried in this plot. There are no markers in the plot.]

Cameron, Thomas    Uncle of Josiah Demby

Demby, Ellsworth    09/04/1886-12/23/1926

Demby, Jerry D    09/04/1882-11/30/1936

Demby, Major J. H.    04/20/1840-02/12/1918
    Demby, Clarinda Gibbins    07/12/1850-08/15/1905    wife of J. H. Demby

Demby, Hugh Melvin    12/18/1875-01/29/1907    son of Josiah and Clarinda Demby

Calhoun, Emily    Sister of Josiah Demby

Demby, Josiah H.    04/20/1840-02/12/1918    [He has two markers.]

Demby, Clarinda Gibbins    07/12/1851-08/15/1905    wife of J. H. Demby    [She has two markers - one shows 1850 as year of birth and the other 1851.]

Demby, Etta Claire    02/01/1878-08/09/1911    daughter of Josiah and Clarinda Demby

Demby, Elizabeth    08/04/1870-08/04/1940    daughter of Josiah and Clarinda Demby

King, Minnie Demby    07/06/1874-07/09/1948    wife of George C. King

King, George Cyrus    07/28/1873-04/20/1919    husband of Minnie Demby

Child Ledger with marker broken off

Cobb, Mary Nell    06/30/1926-07/31/1926

Peden, John H.    07/25/1868-05/06/1944

Conrad, Fritz    1952-1965    Wiedersehen Unsere Liebchen

Peden, Clara    05/30/1870-07/12/1941

Demby Mausoleum
Top left shows no name
Conrad, Frances June "Sug" "Sugar" "My Gal"   06/14/1922-03/08/1996    wife of John Joseph Conrad, daughter of W. P. and Tessie Demby 1
Demby, Wilber Phillips    12/29/1891-01/27/1947    Husband and Daddy
Demby, Tessie Peden    05/23/1898-09/13/1944    Wife of Wilber P. Demby

Ellison, Frank E.    10/13/1902-12/28/1904    son of T. A. and L. E. Ellison

Ellison, Thomas A.    01/13/1869-01/04/1963
    Ellison, Elizabeth E.    09/27/1880-11/01/1960

Clinton, Roger M   07/25/1909-11/08/1967   [This is President William Jefferson Clinton's stepfather's gravesite.]    [family marker]

Flemister Family Plot

Flemister, Louis C.    07/14/1887-11/21/1933    Arkansas Pvt 330 Inf 83 Division

Flemister, Lizzie    10/23/1885-09/21/1914    Wife of L. C. Flemister

Row 2    [photographed October 27, 2008]
Disheroon, Charles D    1909-1984    Lt. Col. US Air Force World War II Korea

Disheroon, Carlene L    05/13/1919-02/16/1988

Disheroon, Ralph Copeland    12/17/1915-04/13/1994

Disheroon, Henrietta Cook    12/14/1916-01/16/1980

Dodson, G W    Died 03/05/1916

Dodson, Isabelle McClerkin    03/13/1844-06/02/1915

Dodson, Cora M    died 05/14/1923

Dodson, T M    died 03/15/1916

Dodson, Charles W    died 04/21/1930

Pugh, Coralene P    died 04/07/1961

Retherford, David Howell    06/26/1927-09/14/1979    Pvt US Army World War II

Row 3

Littler, Angus D.    04/01/1832-10/04/1926    Sgt Co. A 3 Mo. Cav.

Weaver, Edwin S.    1859-1916
    Weaver, Emeline F.    1855-1935

Burton Rogers Curbed Plot

Pierce, Ethel Rogers    1905-1946

Rogers, Helen    12/19/1918-10/19/1922    Daughter of Charles and Laura Rogers

Rogers, Laura S.    04/02/1895-06/29/1920    Wife of Charles R. Rogers

Rogers, William J.    03/18/1856-02/06/1915

Rogers, Robert    04/15/1861-07/18/1921

Rogers, Maggie    08/24/1871-09/12/1953

Samuels, Sally Rogers    -1908    Gross Funeral Home Marker with no year of birth

Rogers Curbed Plot

Moshier, John H.    04/02/1894-05/23/1971

Moshier, Margaret E.    06/28/1904-08/10/1966

Brasier, Berniece E.    06/04/1928-11/23/2009    [closeup]
    Brasier, A. G., Jr.    04/07/1927-04/26/1998    Seaman 1st Class US Navy World War II    [closeup] 1

Rogers, Thadius M.    01/25/1868-01/03/1910

Rogers, Maud E.    02/26/1883-01/05/1915

Moshier, John C.    05/16/1926-10/05/1999    S3 US Navy World War II

Moshier, Thad H.    10/14/1941-12/06/2001

Smith Curbed Plot

Smith, Lorinda J.    -07/23/1917    Aged 84 Years

Mattar, Phillip E.    Born in Holy Land Died 06/21/1911 Aged 27 Years

Connell Curbed Plot

Parks, Charles Robert    06/27/1850-03/16/1932

Parks, Virginia Tarver    06/05/1855-10/04/1944

Connell, W. H. (M.D.)    08/01/1863-02/01/1953

Bell, Georgia Anna    01/11/1874-01/08/1965

Connell, Louisa    1837-1928

Vick, Malindia    1862-1911

McGlathery, Mattie    07/21/1865-11/14/1954

Moyston-Taylor Plot

Moyston, W. H. H.    04/02/1840-03/09/1913

Moyston, W. H., Jr.    01/01/1877-12/21/1917

Taylor, Elizabeth    06/13/1866-01/14/1939    Wife of Jesse Taylor

Taylor, Jesse    -07/19/1941    [Marker is off base and actual marker is lying in John Russell Hooper Plot.]

Huff Curbed Plot

Huff, C. Floyd, Jr.    04/09/1900-03/16/1969
    Huff, Alberta Harrell    08/16/1899-03/15/1988

Huff, Robert Edward Lee    09/16/1903-10/28/1973
    Huff, Edna Ouida Bailey    02/16/1915-01/25/1993

Huff, C. Floyd    12/06/1870-05/18/1933

Huff, Octavia L.    01/30/1873-03/27/1965

Huff, Garland Louise    07/30/1898-06/19/1913

Huff, William Hamilton    07/16/1896-03/22/1914

Row 4

Russell Curbed Plot with no markers

Wright Curbed Plot

Wright, Lamar A.    06/19/1891-11/19/1910

Wright, Charles E.    03/04/1865-11/10/1939

Crossan Curbed Plot

Koch, Hattie E.    05/08/1873-10/05/1958

Crossan, Frank Melvin, Jr.    07/18/1901-11/22/1901

Crossan, Frank Melvin    06/08/1868-03/23/1911

Crossan, Mrs. Lottie    10/30/1877-05/26/1971

Vaughan Curbed Plot - no markers within Row 4 but are in Row 5

Hooper Curbed Plot

Hooper, John Russell    08/06/1853-09/19/1915

Rigsby Curbed Plot

Rigsby, Oscar L.    10/31/1882-07/24/1952

Rigsby, Pearl Allen    02/08/1892-06/04/1974

Rigsby, Gertie Lee    06/21/1914-10/10/1915

Row 5    [photographed August 24, 2009]
Fink, William    08/06/1864-03/12/1910    W.O.W. marker

Crim, Lydia A.    03/31/1855-06/01/1908    Mother Wife of H. F. Crim
    Crim, H. F.    03/31/1848-11/23/1916    Father

Dillard, Thomas R.    04/21/1872-09/21/1935

Dillard, Anna C.    04/02/1875-01/05/1960

Crim, C. R.    12/03/1872-06/26/1908

Sandidge, Carrie Barton    02/01/1913    aged 59 years

Christensen, R.    born in Denmark 03/24/1870-04/16/1914 died in Hot Springs

Miegel-Clinton Plot

Miegel, Florence B.    03/21/1891-03/12/1964

Clinton, Roy A. Sr.    01/07/1905-07/16/1989

Miegel, Minnie C.    08/11/1863-02/24/1936    Mother

Miegel, [only the word Father was seen]    11/17/1865-03/24/1911

Clinton, Janet Elizabeth   09/22/1911-01/12/2008

Vaughan Family Plot

Vaughan, Paul Turner M.D.    died 03/05/1940
    Vaughan, Sara E.    died 12/29/1956

Babcock, Roberta Vaughan    born 09/19/___ died 04/23/1923

Vaughan, Samuel Watkins    06/1836-04/1910    Father

Vaughan, Virginia Harrison    05/1841-05/1909    Mother

Kennedy, Virginia Vaughan

Butterfield, Joe H.    1874-1934

Butterfield, Katherine A.    1877-1957

Bristow, Sallie S.    01/22/1886-09/09/1968

Latimore, Mary J.    06/26/1872-07/31/1912

Long, Mattie C.    1850-1938

Horne, Jack F.    02/20/1888-07/27/1941

Horne, Jack    10/25/1845-12/26/1914    Father

Horne, Katie Worsham    12/27/1850-06/27/1926    [marker is broken off its base]

Row 6

Manville, M. W. (Rev.)    04/30/1843-07/07/1914
    Manville, Caroline    09/07/1860-10/12/1939    Wife of M. W. Manville

Reedman, Elizabeth Layton    09/25/1874-07/11/1936

Reedman, George Herbert    06/06/1874-09/16/1906

Johnson, Chris H.    -12/13/1918    Aged 32 Years

Baker Curbed Plot

Baker, Charles F.    1851-1907

Baker, Arthur C.    1893-1954

Baker, Evelyn    1904-1907

McMurry, William Henry Jr.    08/08/1911-08/05/1947

Wortman, Helen Elizabeth McMurry    06/17/1910-06/24/1968

Lay, Nancy Marie McMurry Berry    12/02/1943-02/16/1992
    Lay, Richard Clark    02/04/1936-

Bennett, (Clara) Marie    06/18/1908-12/17/1988

Baker, Mary Lillian    03/21/1879-01/15/1912

Dillard Curbed Plot

Clark, Clare    06/01/1904-12/18/1968
    Clark, Edith    10/05/1904-01/28/1985

Robinson, Cora Effie    1875-1964

Mahin, Jean Dillard    02/13/1896-09/22/1977

Dillard, Lillie    01/09/1906-10/29/1907    Age 1 year 9 months 20 days    Daughter of J. and C. E. Dillard

Sanders Curbed Plot

Sanders, Ethel I.    12/18/1886-11/19/1966

Wolever, Nell Sanders    1923-1963

Sanders, Dr. Thomas Earl    12/13/1880-12/26/1942    Arkansas 1 Lieut. Med Corps    [larger marker]

Sanders, Dr. Arthur F.    12/16/1847-06/07/1906

Sanders, Lucy E.    11/12/1849-05/28/1917    Wife of Dr. A. F. Sanders

Woodcock, Ruth Sanders    08/27/1883-06/11/1957

Sanders, Carl Foster    03/12/1878-10/09/1908

Evans, Mrs. Porter Sanders    01/12/1873-12/28/1905

Sanders, Gertrude    05/21/1874-05/01/1964

Price Curbed Plot

Price, Inez Harley    12/02/1880-02/03/1915

Williams, Lenore R.    08/12/1870-
    Williams, Fred A. S.    08/13/1870-05/06/1952

Price, Henry O.    03/05/1841-10/29/1909

Price, Katherine B.    06/07/1841-06/01/1907

Hamm, Mary Price    01/24/1866-09/27/1926

French, George Byron    06/24/1859-06/09/1921

French, George M.    02/20/1836-07/05/1922

French, Clarinda R.    -08/24/1906    Aged 68 Years 11 Months 15 Days    Wife of George M. French

Northwest Quarter
Row 1

Woodworth-Taylor Curbed Plot

Woodworth, John C.    12/28/1845-07/05/1918    Born in Nova Scotia; Died in Hot Springs, Ark.

Woodworth, Kate Isabel Trader    -09/25/1921    Wife of J. C. Woodworth; Born in St. Paul, Minn.; Died in Hot Springs, Ark.

Oaks, Milford B.    05/13/1877-11/27/1918

Row 2
Murphy Curbed Plot

Murphy, Eddie Leslie    11/12/1884-05/30/1895    Daughter of E. L. and S. J. Murphy

Murphy, Edmund L.    09/02/1868-10/11/1894    Son of G. W. and S. H. Murphy

Murphy, Gertrude    07/28/1883-06/08/1884    Daughter of G. W. and S. H. Murphy

Murphy, George W., Jr.    05/07/1879-12/16/1895    son of G. W. and S. H. Murphy

Murphy, Sallie H. Haltom    08/01/1850-06/27/1901    Wife of G. W. Murphy

Murphy, George W.    01/08/1841-10/11/1920

Blakeslee, Sarah M.    02/15/1881-03/27/1976    Wife of Harry Blakeslee

Blakeslee, Harry J.    11/30/1880-08/23/1959

Murphy, Grace    08/26/1870-10/01/1940    Daughter of G. W. and S. H. Murphy

Kennedy, Corrie M.    08/22/1872-10/28/1917    Daughter of G. W. and S. H. Murphy

Murphy, Jennie    11/22/1885-08/23/1938    Daughter of G. W. and S. H. Murphy

Murphy, Samuel W.    10/10/1887-08/04/1909    Son of G. W. and S. H. Murphy

Milstead Curbed Plot

Milstead, Dr. William Thomas    01/21/1865-12/29/1909

Sorrells, Mary U. Milstead    09/08/1873-02/08/1934

Hannay Curbed Plot

Hannah, Anthony Dixon    -04/09/1903 Aged 42    of New Orleans and Liverpool, elder son of Peter Mann Hannay of Glasgow

Campbell, Effie Haskins    -11/22/1913 Aged 24
    Campbell, Willard W.    -02/27/1924 Aged 4 Years 9 Months 28 Days

Row 3
Martin, Eddie O   07/26/1957-04/25/1996   husband of Jana

Hutton, Lee Albert   04/26/1915-12/18/2001   married 08/18/1933
    Hutton, Ina Marie   12/08/1918-09/14/1988

Cruz, Roberto   09/17/1932-05/17/1996 1

Thoren, Jennie Chase   05/12/1909-01/26/1997 1

Ridgeway, Pearl V   [she is not buried here - she is buried in the mausoleum)
    Billy W   06/21/1922-03/25/1986   S/Sgt Battery H 206th Coast Artillery (AA) Arkansas National Guard Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas - he is now buried in the mausoleum (2010)

Bradfield, F A   10/25/1867-08/15/1927

Spear, Ola E   03/08/1880-05/07/1903

Spear, Mary E   08/13/1848-10/10/1906   wife of A. F. Spear

Williams, Jennie W.   04/08/1863-06/13/1922

Jones, May Webster   05/01/1865-02/15/1930
    Jones, John Washington   02/22/1853-01/21/1906

Jones, Paul Wylie   03/25/1914-08/16/1918

Morris, Joseph Law   03/13/1881-12/03/1926

Morris, J. C., Jr.   05/06/1876-04/08/1900

Brock, John W.   12/17/1842-07/13/1921
    Brock, Nancy E.   09/18/1846-12/29/1920

Scudder, Robert Finley   01/06/1882-08/17/1913

Mason, George   died 02/25/1915 aged 60 years

Row 4
Lynch Curbed Plot

Lynch, Dr. Harry O.    1904-1957    Aged 53 Years

Lynch, Ralph    02/28/1880-08/12/1917    Aged 37 Years

Campbell Curbed Plot

Campbell, Roenia Adalina    01/04/1875-10/14/1972

Campbell, John Albert    02/18/1870-12/18/1924

Campbell, Montgomery Oen    01/22/1843-09/03/1937

Campbell, Sophronia Jane Hawkins    07/11/1843-02/17/1910

Birnbaum Curbed Plot

Birnbaum, Mrs. Kate    04/02/1854-03/20/1938

Birnbaum, Charles C.    02/16/1834-05/14/1901

Birnbaum, Willis Gilmore    07/03/1886-03/16/1888

Birnbaum, David C.    08/28/1889-05/02/1915    US Navy

Creason, Katherine B.    1906-1997

Birnbaum, Allie M.    1882-1946

Birnbaum, Charles R.

Crawford Family Plot

Crawford, Margaret A.    07/21/1833-08/23/1908

Crawford, Henry W.    10/15/1879-05/02/1905

Crawford, S. J. Moore    09/14/1861-05/15/1904    Wife of P. K. Crawford

Crawford, Porter K.    09/13/1857-07/20/1924

Jodd, Josephine L.    05/12/1863-07/07/1925    Wife of M. H. Jodd
    Jodd, Micheal H.    08/19/1853-06/29/1914    Born in St. Louis, Mo.; Died at Hot Springs, Ark.

Parkhurst, Cornelia    1851-1911


Little, Josie    12/19/1854-04/23/1888    Wife of W. B. Little
    Little, W. B.    10/14/1843-03/12/1931

Row 7
Hoffman Curbed Plot

Pace, T. Joseph    04/25/1875-12/03/1916    Aged 41 years 7 months 25 days

Pace, Effie    10/1880-01/1946

Pace, Thomas Alva    11/03/1850-03/29/1937

Bailey, Ava E.    1883-1961

Bailey, William T. M.D.    01/01/1856-08/06/1922

Bailey, Carrie Cooke    03/20/1879-08/07/1908    Wife of Dr. William T. Bailey

Bailey, Our Baby    [no dates]

Oden Curbed Plot

Oden, Emily C. J.    10/23/1862-02/15/1942

Oden, Annie    03/17/1888-07/15/1907

Soderberg Curbed Plot

Soderberg, Hanna    02/13/1839-08/22/1922

Soderberg, Gustav Adolph    05/27/1831-05/25/1907

Cooley, Stephanie Arlene "Byrd"    04/20/1984-04/19/1986

Cooley, Stephen A.    08/06/1952-05/09/2013    [He did not have a marker May 20, 2013. This was a new grave with flowers next to his daughter, Stephanie. Dates and name from obituary.]

Egle, Lillian    12/19/1882-09/21/1935

Fleming, Sarah Alice    -04/28/1908    Aged 76 Years

Fleming, Augustus A.    Born Bellows Falls, Vt., Died in Hot Springs    Aged 71 2

Row 6

Lewis, McKinley Clayton "M. C." Jr.    10/02/1918-11/21/1993

Herron, James William    09/24/1906-07/08/1986    PFC US Army World War II
    Herron, Edna Iris    11/09/1917-

Reeves, William H.    03/15/1839-10/18/1903
    Reeves, Amanda    12/08/1840-02/16/1922

Little, Adlaide    03/04/1850-06/14/1928

Little, Loftin M.    Co. I 3 Arkansas Infantry C.S.A.

Row 7

Pender, John H. "Buddy"    06/03/1915-04/25/1996    Tec 4 US Army World War II
    Pender, Muriel M.    06/23/1917-08/21/1998

Cruz, Gabina M.    1941-

Hall, Martha J.    10/13/1846-03/24/1928    Born in Steelville, Mo.    Died in Hot Springs, Ark.
    Hall, Alonzo J.    01/07/1847-07/15/1915    Born in Stanton, Ky.    Died in Hot Springs, Ark.

Hale Curbed Plot

Hale, Morris M.D.    -11/17/1911    Aged 74 Years

Maurice Curbed Plot

Maurice, Helen    12/25/1822-07/11/1912

Maurice, Charles Edward    08/04/1827-10/18/1904

Maurice, Eugenia Zoe    09/07/1863-07/17/1946

Maurice, William G.    02/12/1859-07/25/1927

Sewell Curbed Plot

Sewell, Mary A.    03/20/1842-10/21/1907    Wife of S. H. Sewell

Weaver, Ardenia E.    06/07/1868-05/25/1918    Wife of D. L. Weaver

Wood, William A.    01/08/1856-05/27/1918

Oaks, Betty Jane    02/10/1860-07/05/1938

Oaks, Jacob    -05/18/1918    Aged 62 Years

Jaggers Curbed Plot

Jaggers, R. B.    -02/24/1908

Davedson, John W.    -08/30/1896 Aged 54 Years    U.S. Soldier

Raine, John Richard    12/06/1860-11/19/1907

Allen, Mary E.    05/15/1847-01/11/1929    Mother of Joseph Coffer

Allen, Samuel M.    01/12/1837-07/31/1914

Allen, Samuel Ray    07/08/1881-06/09/1915

Allen, Mary Duke    09/22/1878-08/28/1896    Daughter of S. M. and M. B. Allen

Allen, Mrs. Mary B.    -05/17/1893    Aged 35 years

Tapp, James P.    04/22/1864-06/10/1901

Row 8

Pemberton, M. H.    07/30/1835-08/26/1924    Born in Kenton County, Kentucky; Died in Hot Springs, Arkansas    [large mausoleum]

Cobb, Beresford    01/31/1860-02/13/1929    Born in Warrenton, Ala.; Died in Hot Springs, Ark.

Cobb, Murray A.    03/13/1863-08/10/1941
    Cobb, Lonie Jane    02/23/1870-09/27/1952

Jamison, May P.    01/08/1882-08/22/1952

Jamison, George W.    12/31/1877-12/16/1943

Jamison, Philip "Phil"    06/14/1918-05/17/2000
    Jamison, Carrie    07/31/1903-11/12/1993

Jamison, Mary    07/06/1911-01/03/1912

Freeman Plot

Miles, Myrtle Freeman    05/21/1889-06/12/1976

Miles, Carl Edward    02/14/1889-12/18/1962

Unmarked Gravesite

Speer, Mary J.    06/02/1839-06/03/1915

Byrd, Vera Freeman    11/11/1891-03/01/1970

Unmarked Gravesite

Freeman, W. M.    08/12/1883-02/22/1912

Freeman, James W.    10/23/1885-10/02/1910

Freeman, Laura A.    12/01/1860-02/08/1915

Freeman, John W.    08/17/1857-04/09/1910

Taylor Plot

Taylor, Mary L.    03/28/1838-01/14/1909    Wife of Dr. D. Thomas Taylor

Taylor, Dr. D. Thomas    02/17/1835-08/29/1901

Payne Plot

Payne, Wallace    11/14/1857-11/25/1895

Payne, Martha H.    11/1836-09/11/1901

Payne, Joseph    1864-12/02/1896

Payne, Dr. Joseph B.    12/26/1834-03/27/1917

Payne, Dudley    02/27/1893-1911

Payne, Gertrude

Slaten, Lydia Milderine    01/05/1845-11/12/1918

Morgan, Mary Jane    09/07/1918-09/14/1918    Infant Daughter of John and Helen Morgan

Wiles, Ollie E. Butler     12/21/1891-10/15/1985    "Mother Wife of Harley O."
    Wiles, Josephine LaFay    09/08/1916-11/14/1918    "Daughter"

Row 9

Orr Family Plot

Orr, E M (Dr.)   1870-1916

Wheatley, Mariana   02/17/1927-12/19/1931

Wheatley, Ruby Y   07/26/1919-04/10/1971

Wheatley, Kenneth Roy II   10/05/1948-10/08/1948

Wheatley, Mary Ollie   07/04/1875-06/07/1970
    Wheatley, Rufus A   01/21/1870-05/14/1915

Brown, Anna Spencer   09/21/1881-02/24/1927

Browne, Herbert R   1879-1944

Freeman, Trager   12/30/1894-12/05/1938

Freeman, Alice Hayes   11/29/1894-11/01/1956

Freeman, J H   03/26/1862-12/04/1909

Freeman, Amanda (wife of J H Freeman)   02/18/1874   [marker is sinking and date of death could not be seen; however, Arkansas Death Index shows Amanda Freeman died 05/31/1924 in Garland County]

Wilkinson, Julia Freeman   01/04/1900-11/20/1965

Freeman, Roy    09/23/1897-12/01/1898    Son of J. H. and A. H. Freeman

Freeman, Hazel (daughter of J H and A H Freeman)   06/09/1896-04/04/1899

Wilkinson, Odus P   09/25/1892-10/10/1972   SFC US Army WWI

Crockett, David Addison    10/30/1868-12/12/1917    Husband

Crockett, Nancy H. C.    01/12/1876-10/23/1957    Wife

McKinney, Ophie Pettit    11/02/1843-01/07/1913    Mother

McKinney, Percival Pettit    10/25/1883-11/11/1958

Olmsted, Fannie Connelly    1874-1939
    Olmsted, Frederick S.    1872-1933

Evans Plot

Evans, Tom G.    10/07/1881-11/30/1906

Marker in Evans plot with no name

Gudgel Plot
Gudgel, Mollie    07/27/1860-05/16/1911

Shippey, Margaret R.    12/28/1841-10/25/1918
    Shippey, Elijah Austel    08/05/1832-09/23/1915

Row 10

Durrett Plot

Rust, Robert L.    02/27/1861-12/03/1936

Durrett, William F.    05/17/1855-10/30/1911    Aged 56 Years

Rust, Mary J.    -01/01/1918

Rust, Newton H.    -07/01/1915

Terry, Lula    -04/13/1914    Aged 33 Years    Wife of Henry Terry

Adkins, John    -05/01/1888

Golladay, Mary A.    -03/31/1910    Aged 63 Years

Sage, Leo V.    -02/09/1919    Aged 70

Sage, Elmer A.    -06/04/1918    1st Lt. Co. E. 112 Ill. Vol. Infantry    Aged 77

Brock Plot

Block, Lena    06/24/1873-08/09/1952

Brock, James D.    11/15/1870-01/30/1932

Brock, Ima    03/18/1898-05/18/1913    Daughter of J. D. and Lena Brock

Guinn, Paul Hatton    11/04/1899-12/16/1938    son of Henry C. and Nettie M. Guinn

Guinn, William McDonald    09/14/1906-05/18/1931    son of Henry C. and Nettie M. Guinn

Guinn, Gill Lee    06/01/1909-10/01/1927    youngest son of Henry C. and Nettie M. Guinn

Guinn, Nettie McDonald    09/15/1874-05/31/1966

Guinn, Henry C.    07/24/1860-03/22/1914

Oaks, Baby Girl    01/19/1939

Davis, Mary J. Oaks    1917-1980

Massey, Guinn R. Jr.    02/12/1920-09/16/1996
    Massey, Mary F. Hart    08/14/1920-02/06/2003

Guinn, Eliza Jane    05/10/1833-01/10/1906

Guinn, Chesley Richard    02/23/1828-02/24/1905    Veteran of Two Wars Co I 2nd Miss. Inf. USA Wright's Cavalry Regiment CSA

Fowlkes, Harriet June    02/10/1897-12/23/1925    wife of John Guy Fowlkes, daughter of W. E. and Annie G. Massey

Massey, William Edwin    08/24/1870 Union Co, NC-07/31/1934 Hot Springs, Ar    son of Henry Reese and Harriet Ann Massey

Massey, Annie Guinn    02/25/1872-12/20/1948    wife of W. E. Massey

Southwest Quarter
Row 1

Olsen, Elizabeth McAdam    died 01/10/1914    wife of J. P. Olsen

Olsen, Jens Peter    11/1858-10/04/1934

Shanner, Mollie R.    12/27/1869-05/23/1952

Shanner, William A.    06/19/1859-02/24/1948

Bowermon, William L.    10/24/1893-05/24/1941

Bowermon, Clarence C.    07/25/1890-10/22/1914

Boswell, Richard    1911 [date of death]
    Boswell, Mattie W.    05/27/1852-09/26/1886    wife of R. D. L. Boswell
    Boswell, Robert    1939 [date of death]
    Boswell, Leonora    1929 [date of death]

Cartwright, Anna B.    died 03/12/1916    mother

Cartwright, Mary A.    06/20/1895-06/11/1921    daughter

Wood, Nell Scott    08/24/1919-09/06/1919    daughter of Scott and Murel Wood

Wood, Murel Jones    01/08/1895-10/31/1949    wife of Scott Wood

Wood, Scott    09/26/1880-09/19/1952

Mailhes, Lawrence Scott    12/16/1940-08/10/1965    Lieutenant USNR

Wood, Dess Williams    10/11/1886-05/16/1971    wife of John S. Wood M.D.

Wood, John S. M.D.    10/02/1884-10/27/1918

Scott, John Joseph    04/15/1864-10/07/1923

Laughlin, Charles Dennis Sr.    07/27/1914-07/24/2002

Parker, Nadia Wood Mailhes    07/01/1916-02/18/2002

Wood, Harriett Gray Scott    02/07/1856-06/26/1920    wife of James Bussey Wood

Wood, James Bussey    01/25/1851-06/06/1913

Kendrick, Jesse E.    1881-1956

Kendrick, Emory H.    08/14/1946-
    Kendrick, Diana S.    11/12/1948-11/04/2008

Kennan, George P.    05/07/1848-02/15/1912

Haner, Stanley S   08/17/1904-08/07/1982
    Haner, Dean H   10/24/1910-07/04/1996

Henderson, Jai Ruffin   08/23/1881-10/28/1953

Paget, Byrd Hunt   02/21/1876-12/14/1915   (daughter of Jethro P and Mary Ella Henderson)

Henderson, Lucy   07/30/1878-11/18/1907   (daughter of J P and M E Henderson)

Henderson, Wheeler R   11/08/1873-08/05/1901

Henderson, Mary Ella   02/05/1850-06/22/1905  (wife of Jethro P Henderson)

Henderson, Jethro P   01/07/1848-10/31/1924

Henderson, Corinne Chesnutt   07/20/1871-05/19/1937

Henderson, Marzavin Jerome   03/05/1864-07/19/1944

Hunt, Logan J   05/31/1856-12/28/1904

Teague Plot

Teague, Charles Victor   07/14/1859-03/27/1915   born in Graham, N. C., and died in Tucson, Az.

Teague, Ella Archer   06/16/1867-12/16/1892   wife of Charles Victor Teague    [back]

Row 2
Blaydes, John A.    1836-1917
    Blaydes, Mary J.    1840-1924
    Blaydes, Reze O.    1862-1928
    Blaydes, Eleanor G.    1882-1958

Lane, J. H.    died 01/11/1893    [according to Gayle Ashbrook's reading of the cemetery, this marker had been moved from Block 9 by vandals]

Viosca, James B.    04/20/1935 [dod]    Arkansas Pvt US Army

Cook-Willis, Diana Gail    07/28/1973-09/18/1994    daughter

James, Jennie Eloise Williford    07/05/1914-03/05/2001

Williford, Stella Hanor    07/01/1890-10/14/1938

Williford, Luther Eugene    03/28/1911-05/21/1913    son of Arthur and Stella Williford

Hanor, Muriel Tourssen    06/30/1910-03/09/1984

Hanor, Eugene Bertram    10/26/1905-02/12/1983

Hanor, S. M.    03/31/1859-11/11/1933    father
    Hanor, Jennie B.    07/25/1865-10/01/1927    mother

McClain, Elizabeth    06/22/1876-12/27/1953

McLain, Dr. Walter    03/12/1875-12/17/1928

McLain, Arthur    03/08/1873-05/24/1917

McLain, Mary L.    06/23/1853-03/09/1939

McLain, William H.    08/02/1871-02/12/1910

McLain, Willie    10/02/1902-05/16/1924

Hellwig, Frances Fredrick    1865-1926

Moore, Henry Edwin    03/26/1898-01/15/1962
    Moore, Henrietta Owens    04/14/1907-01/22/1974

Moore, Arbin Hendy    06/15/1859-02/17/1939
    Moore, Palestine    07/01/1859-07/27/1934

Moore, Reba    1887-1889
    Moore, Alonzo W.    1901-1905

Moore, Joseph Frank    1890-1978    US Army

Moore, Craven H.    10/01/1885-08/22/1971
    Moore, Selma Smith    02/25/1888-12/13/1988

Moore, Raymond Harold    02/11/1921-06/11/1923

Williams Family Plot
Williams, Marguerite Helene   03/10/1900-03/29/1900   daughter of Hamp and Nancy M Williams

Williams, Hamp   12/11/1860-05/16/1931    husband of Nancy Williams

Williams, Katie   03/07/1866-01/10/1898   wife of Hamp Williams

Row 3

Edmonson Plot

Hunter, Henrietta W.    01/01/1894-10/07/1951

Helms Plot

Brown, Mollie Ann    1885-1959

Young Plot

Van Patten, Simon Philip    1852-1918
    Van Patten, Laura MacLish    1853-1917    His wife

Young, Linus Child    05/09/1845-12/25/1908

Young, Elizabeth MacLish    02/24/1850-07/11/1922

Burrough, Wendell Ernest    04/24/1907-01/23/1915

Burrough, Sarah Ann    08/11/1870-02/25/1953

Burrough, Silas A.    07/23/1852-05/26/1926

Burrough, Harriett Jane    04/11/1827-03/27/1919    [closeup]

Burrough, Peter Horry    05/21/1829-10/20/1910    [closeup]

Sammons, Gladys Alice   08/07/1900   [no date of death show so cannot be sure she is buried here]

Sammons, Louis Allen   06/08/1897-01/13/1973

Sammons, Stella   01/02/1874-04/19/1962

Sammons, Walter Allen   11/13/1877-04/20/1958

Sammons, Grace Creason   01/15/1882-11/28/1953

Sammons, Myrtle Sanders   02/26/1873-03/19/1963

Sammons, Fred   06/22/1871-04/26/1943

Sammons, Floyd Wells   07/01/1906-01/04/1988

Sammons, Shade Allen   1842-1906

Sammons, Harriet Emily   1843-1939

Wilson, Lucinda   07/18/1857-11/17/1948

Wilson, G M   1857-1919

Wilson, Mary Leah   02/26/1894-10/19/1905   daughter of G M and Lou Wilson

Row 5
Hern Plot
Hern, Louis Hayward    12/30/1853 (Gallipolis, Ohio) - 05/03/1914 (Hot Springs, Ark.)

Hern, Libbie    02/10/1867-08/10/1917

Cotham Family Plot
Cotham, Calvin T.    04/10/1872-01/19/1963

Cotham, Clara D.    10/24/1884-01/14/1956

Cotham, Frances E.    1908-03/09/1909

Cotham, Arthur E.    1912-10/14/1933

Simpson Family Plot
Simpson, Robbie Jere    03/27/1908-06/11/1910    "Baby"

Simpson, Robert Andrew M.D.    12/12/1873-03/31/1929    "Daddy"

Pratt, Clyde Etta Simpson    05/27/1883-02/21/1967

Briggs, Nannie Clayton    10/02/1856-04/10/1917    "Mother"

Perry, Theressa    [above-ground concrete tomb: no dates]    [closeup]

McAdams, Mary    died 06/29/1930 aged 73 years

Row 5
Starbuck Family Plot
Starbuck, George W.    1830-1907

Starbuck, Zada A.    1840-1914

Pratt, Pauline S. H.    02/03/1901-11/11/1968    "Daughter"    [in Simpson Family Plot]

Briggs, Louella    01/28/1893-04/17/1964    "Sister"    [in Simpson Family Plot

Trainer, William F.    03/18/1860-01/21/1911    Aged 50 Yrs 10 Mos 3 Days    [closeup]

Bowman, Jane C.    05/23/1834 Sharpsburg, Md-02/08/1919 Dallas, Tx
    Bowman, William G.    10/17/1833-Edingburg, Va-11/14/1886 Hot Springs, Ar

Jack, Sarah Estie    11/22/1850-05/22/1919    [closeup]

Row 6
Kimery, Joel W.    10/11/1841-03/28/1916    Co E 11th Tenn Inf CSA

Kimery, Martha L.    08/17/1846-05/10/1916

Orsinger, Anna    1886-1919    his wife
    Orsinger, Reinhard    1876-1949

Massey, Mary Anderson    03/30/1893-10/11/1962
    Massey, Guinn R.    12/17/1894-12/05/1955

Block 8    [Read 25 April 2013]

Row 1 and 2

Graves Fenced Family Plot

Graves, John C.    10/30/1892-[date of death is underground]    Son of W. H. and J. F. Graves

Graves, Harry Chancy    1855-1911

Graves, Julia Catherine    02/04/1854-01/03/1907

Seay-Morlan Family Monument

Kirkpatrick, Maud B.    02/13/1886-05/29/1887    Daughter of O. L. and S. E. Kirkpatrick

Traner, Cathryn M.    08/24/1898-03/31/1977

Traner, J. W.    04/02/1858-07/15/1928

Traner, Lily    10/26/1863-11/17/1939

Linebaugh, Mattie V.    03/12/1854-04/22/1913

Ward, Willard    04/03/1908-12/24/1921
    Ward, H. A.    04/20/1873-01/20/1927
    Ward, Addie    05/08/1873-01/04/1966    [on back side of Willard and H. A.]
    Ward, Eva E.    01/25/1869-04/01/1888    [The large monument does not show a middle initial, but I found a marker lying next to a tree on the next row for her showing E. as middle initial.]

McDonald Family Plot

McDonald, Ansel M.    12/12/1887-03/21/1910    Age 22 years

McDonald, Mary Alline    03/10/1909-04/20/1909    Age 1 month, 10 days

McDonald, Winfield R.    07/28/1899-09/28/1908    Age 9 Years, 2 Months

McDonald, Infant    -12/28/1893    Aged 8 Days    Son of H. A. and Mary M. McDonald

McDonald, Ova May    06/04/1885-05/09/1886    Daughter of H. A. and Mary M. McDonald

McDonald, Harvey A.    12/24/1859-05/10/1923    Aged 63 Years

McDonald, Mary Matilda    06/24/1868-03/30/1946    Aged 77 Years, 9 Months, 26 Days    Wife of Harve A. McDonald

McDonald, Harvey Alta, Jr.    12/18/1895-12/10/1948    Aged 52 Years, 11 Months, 22 Days    Son of H. A. and M. M. McDonald

Rows 3 and 4

Flowers Family Plot

Flowers, E. S.    11/26/1884-09/07/1889    Age 4 years, 10 months, 11 days

Flowers, Delphi    -08/23/1893    Age 10 months 5 days    Daughter of H. and F. Flowers

Flowers, Harold    10/11/1911-10/23/1918    Son of Dave and Fannie Flowers

Flowers, Henry    09/03/1849-02/14/1907

Reid Family Plot

Reid, Princess E.    12/08/1852-09/06/1922

Gentry, Mrs. J. R.    12/27/1853-06/29/1890

Reid, Charles W.    12/1848-05/04/1892    [month of death changed by pvh 12/17/2014]

Jones Family Plot

Fulton, Jeff    1862-1895

Adair, Edna F.    1865-1900

Jones, Maud Emma    1872-1945

Jones, John E., Jr.    1863-1930

Jones, Mary Wallace    1827-1890

Jones, John E., Sr.    1827-1892

Jones, Earlie May    1892-1916

Jones, Wallace Roy    1893-1900

Rows 5 and 6

Bowen Family Plot

Bowen, Horace Jewell    06/21/1886-10/30/1889

Bowen, Amanda J.    03/21/1855-03/07/1893

Bowen, Columbus L.    11/13/1853-06/07/1926

A marker lies in the plot that is broken and illegible. All I could read was A. F. & A. M.

McKinney, Henry    -07/19/1891    Aged 72 Years    Our Father
    McKinney, Rebeca A.    -06/20/1889    Aged 72 Years    Wife of H. McKinney

Beebe, Garnett    -02/25/1894    Aged 4 Years, 8 Months    Daughter of W. W. and C. M. Beebe

Elliston Family Plot

Elliston, Arthur J.    1885-1931

Scott, Mary Elliston    1891-1929

Mitchell, Jennie    1856-1888

Elliston, Jack    1908-1915

Elliston, Bert    1884-1911

Elliston, John    1843-1890

Cooper, Fanny B.    1865-1925

McDonald Family Plot

McDonald, Kate Orr    12/20/1871-10/22/1914

McDonald, Graham    11/13/1898-08/17/1899    Son of Frank and Katie McDonald

Rows 7 and 8

Middleton, Marjorie Ann    10/06/1932-07/08/2012    Roller-Ballard FHM 1

Middleton, William Robert    12/11/1931-12/11/2014    [from obituary] 1

Middleton, Bob    09/22/1953-03/13/1994

Gibbons, O. Pearl    -01/04/1892    Aged 1 Year, 10 Months, 10 Days    Daughter of W. F. and H. A. Gibbons

Clark Family Plot

Clark, Pheby    1851-1946    Mother

Clark, Franklin    -01/07/1913    Aged 69 Years    Company B 2 Arkansas Infantry (Union)

Clark, W. T.    04/09/1880-01/13/1902    Died in Canayan Islands, Phillippines    Son of R. F. and P. C. Clark
    Clark, B. F.    07/09/1875-06/08/1893    Son of R. F. and P. C. Clark

Clark, Charles    08/23/1891-05/14/1935

Dean, Lena Whitten    01/02/1888-11/17/1892    4 Years, 10 Months, 15 Days    Daughter of C. E. and Mae Dean    [Marker shows M.A.E. Dean but believe it was meant to be Mae.]

Dean, Willie Alvin    03/19/1893-06/22/1895    2 Years, 3 Months, 3 Days    Daughter of C. E. and Mae Dean

Dean, Charles Morris    09/14/1895-04/17/1896    Age 7 Months, 2 Days    Son of C. E. and Mae Dean

Dean, Charles Ellsworth    02/10/1899-05/23/1899    3 Months, 13 Days    Infant Son of C. E. and Mae Dean

Degen Family Plot

Degen, Henry    -09/16/1915    Aged 71 Years    Born in Switzerland
    Degen, Mary    -02/24/1933    Aged 79 Years    Born in Switzerland

(Degen), Bertha    Baby

(Degen), Rosie    Aged 7 Years

Hofels, Gus    Aged 71 Years

Row 9

Broken marker    All that could be read was 2 years, 11 months

West, William Milton    -05/07/1905    Tennessee Private Company E 3 Regiment Tennessee Cavalry C.S.A.    [Another marker for W. M. West shows died June 7, 1905, aged 60 years.]

West, W. M.    -06/07/1905    Aged 60 Years
    West, M. J.    -10/05/1905    Aged 50 Years

Hughes, Leon Daniel    06/20/1898-06/28/1938

Moore, Mrs. Josephine G. [or C.]    03/14/1846-09/11/1898    Wife of W. W. Moore

Row 10

Swartzbaugh, Christine    07/27/1918-04/03/2005

Swarzbaugh, Harry R.    05/12/1918-09/07/1979    Husband

Merritt, Nora    1873-19--
    Merritt, J. F. M.D.    1869-1938

Merritt, Nathaniel Everett    1895-1943

Moore, Vera E.    01/28/1908-
    Moore, Sidney    07/06/1907-

Rows 11 and 12

Hoy-Bandy Family Tomb
Lynch, Mae Hoy    05/13/1886-01/15/1966    Mother of Olive Grace Bandy
Bandy, Olive Grace    01/22/1907-08/10/1946    Wife of Clarence C. Bandy    Daughter of A. L. and Mae Hoy
Swartzbaugh, Ray    03/25/1892-12/28/1966    Brother of Mae Hoy Lynch
Bandy, Clarence C.    08/26/1902-02/26/1983    Husband of Louise Bandy

Hardy Family Plot

Hardy, Harl H.    05/10/1903-06/26/1917    Son of H. T. Hardy

Hardy, Mattie    06/10/1860-07/22/1917    Wife of C. F. Hardy

Smith, Mable Hardy    -05/22/1913    22 Years, 8 Months, 6 Days

Hardy, Mamie Florence    10/14/1876-02/22/1937

Hardy, C. F.    1855-1926

Hardy, H. T.    -12/19/1913   32 Years, 4 Months, 8 Days

Swindell, George    04/09/1890-12/18/1911

Purnell Plot    no markers

Jones, Lucius Baily    07/27/1867-04/07/1913

O'Brien, Frances E.    05/13/1853-04/21/1926

Heffernan, Alta N. O'Brien    11/04/1885-05/06/1933

Blocks 9, 9 1/2 and 10
Row 1   
[Rows 1-4 read 28 April 2013]

Bray, George W.    -10/01/1923

Bray, John W.    12/05/1906-10/02/1917

Bray, Henry Arthur    03/02/1900-05/28/1900

Mastin, Mary A.    -04/27/1898

Whitehill, Mrs. Cornelia    -12/12/1895

Rows 1 and 2

Walters, Lillie Belle    12/02/1892-05/13/1976
    Walters, Dave Hill    12/28/1890-03/31/1976

Lamer, Grace T.    09/13/1896-09/20/1981
    Lamer, Louis    10/27/1873-02/12/1964    Veteran of World War I

Woolston Family Plot
    Stevens, J. B.    12/13/1875 - drowned 01/10/1906    erected by U.B. of C.&J.ofA.    [The name had broken off this marker; name was from a 1969 reading by Inez Cline.]

Leach, J. W.    Entered into Life 12/08/1918

Hoskins Family Plot    [no marked graves]

Crounover, Ewell Lee    09/15/1887-12/11/1918

Dickson, John W.    03/01/1903-12/26/1936

Jester, Ruby Midkiff    10/27/1912-05/07/1988

Manasca, Plonia    1912-1962    Gross FHM set in concrete

Midkiff, Minnie L.    02/01/1909-02/03/2000
    Midkiff, Arville W.    05/15/1892-02/07/1982

Dennis, W. H.    1880-1937

Mills, Charles E.    1889-1937

Pickering, Cletus C.    1862-1942
    Pickering, Carrie    1864-1943

Lewis, W. Perman    09/24/1931-07/14/1935    Daddy and Mother's Little Man

Lewis, Perman J.    02/13/1901-10/18/1980    My Darling Husband

Row 3

Wakelin, Carrie M.    -02/07/1896
    Wakelin, Joseph    05/05/1836-05/12/1913

Buck, Dollie    04/19/1860-06/27/1895    Daughter of J. L. Buck

McLoughlin, N. F. "Uncle Nick"    -12/28/1893    Aged 60 Years

Springer, R.    -08/24/1895    Aged 61 Years    [1969 reading by Inez Cline also showed Co. G 120 Illinois - I could not read that.]

Martin, Henry    -08/15/1897    Co K 1st US Artillery Mexican War

Youree, Willie    08/06/1871-03/05/1899

Couch, John B.    05/23/1894-02/27/1902    Son of R. A. and E. C. Couch

Anderson, Mary K.    01/01/1888-12/23/1974
    Anderson, Carl R. "Bob"    02/18/1894-05/06/1973

Burch, Laura J.    08/17/1893-02/03/1968
    Burch, William O.    09/26/1887-11/24/1958

Mitchell, Rilla Wells    10/19/1875-11/03/1944

Wells, Martha E. "Dinkey"    11/06/1928-11/22/1933

Thomas, D. T.    12/15/1857-06/21/1936

King, Jerry    04/18/1905-06/30/1936

King, Dorothy R.    1909-1949    [Gross FHM set in concrete]

Brooks, Robert H.    07/21/1867-07/20/1936

Meredith, Linnie Burrough    1911-1936

Meredith, Mary E.    11/12/1883-12/13/1959

Meredith, Fred A.    07/03/1876-01/07/1957

Row 4

Bray, Francis E.    03/02/1854-09/01/1919    Wife of George W. Bray

Martindale, E. H.    07/28/1858-09/21/1893    Aged 35 Years 1 Month 23 Days

Kirkland, Rebecca    11/17/1829-02/19/1893    Born in Ireland    Died in Hot Springs

Goddard, Dr. R. W.    07/30/1848-04/20/1895    Born in Blount County, Tennessee

Freistadt, G.    Died 03/15/1895 aged 62    Buried under Auspices J.T.U.D.F.A.

Row 5    [Rows 5-9 read 29 April 2013]

Bray, Louvenia    1876-1956
    Bray, James H.    1875-1956

Edwards, Billie    -03/12/1894

Mathews, John Oslin    09/16/1921-08/11/1922    Child of S. H. and Winnie B. Mathews

Mathews, Charles Murray    09/20/1919-03/16/1920
    Mathews, Joe Bullock    12/07/1914-07/02/1918
        Children of S. H. and Winnie B. Mathews

Marhon, J.    -02/28/1895 aged 78    Buried under Auspices J.T.U. of A.

Albertson, Jacob    Co A 7th Iowa Infantry

Hamilton, Lucille M.    1892-1975
    Hamilton, Paul W.    1892-1971

Bruce, Ada M.    1887-1971
    Bruce, Warren W.    1889-1973

Smith, Billy Willis    09/29/1928-06/11/1934

Barkman, Claudia Ann    05/23/1934-07/04/1934

Lenard, Betty Jo    03/22/1934-06/27/1934

Phillips, Mary    [no dates]
    Phillips, George    [no dates]

Snell, Evelyn Thelma    11/21/1913-01/30/1935

Spencer, George A.    -06/04/1935

Spencer, Charles H.    -04/29/1943    Arkansas Sgt 379 Bakery Co QMC

Morrow, R.    1872-1935

A broken Gross Funeral Home marker with no name

Gallaher, Barbara    01/28/1949-01/28/1949

Caldwell, David Joe    -09/14/1949

Barber, Paul David    1949-1949    Gross FHM

Walker, Pamela B.    1949-1949    Gross FHM

Millsap, Carroll Joyce    1949-1949    Gross FHM    [This marker was not seen. It was listed in Gail Ashbrook's 2005 reading of the cemetery.]

Holland, Beverly Kay    03/22/1949-03/23/1949

Stafford, Ronald Edward    09/14/1948-10/01/1948    Son of Ed and Ima

Row 6

McDonald, Betty    1832-1903    Age 71 Years    [Aunt Betty]

McDonald, Paul M.    06/24/1871-09/25/1894

Worsham, Joseph    08/10/1866-06/21/1902

Unknown    -06/25/1901    [Broken Marker]    [The 1969 reading by Inez Cline showed a marker near Robert. Her reading read: Bates, Martha L., wife of Robert, d. 04/15/1901, age 46? broken stone. This marker definitely showed June or January 25, 1901, however.]

Bates, Robert    12/17/1856-?/?/1903    [All I could read was the date of birth and year of death. Gail Ashbrook's 2005 reading and Inez Cline's 1969 reading both showed January 25, 1904, as date of death. City of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Death Records, 1896-1917, compiled by Bobbie Jones McLane showed Robert Bates died 11/16/1903 at 47 years of age.]

Marker with no name

Luce, Arthur A.    1874-1958
    Lucer, Jessie A.    1887-

Merchant, Edna E.    11/18/1891-06/07/1965
    Merchant, Mitchell W.    11/09/1897-06/02/1966    Veteran of World War I

Scott, Wade    1906-1968

Goodenough, Miles    -03/05/1934    New York 1 Sgt 29 Infantry

Phillips, Mildred    [no dates]

Schroder, Tom    1870-1934

Simanton, Benjamin Franklin    1859-1935

Mann, Howard P.    1929-1935

Shumaker, Billie Joe    12/27/1934-01/18/1936

Oaks, Benjamin L.    05/02/1947-05/03/1947

Graff, Dillard    1948-1948    Gross FHM

Robinson, Rickey L.    1948-1948    Gross FHM     [This marker was not seen. It was listed in Gail Ashbrook's 2005 reading of the cemetery.]

Maxwell, Robert W.    Gross FHM     [This marker was not seen. It was listed in Gail Ashbrook's 2005 reading of the cemetery.]

Chapel, Roger D.    Died 11/11/1947    Infant Son

Hansen, Infant Son    Died 07/14/1948    Infant Son of Earl M. and Mildred P. Hansen

Row 7

Bridges, Infant    Born 03/09/1895    Son of B. C. and Josie Bridges

Lester, Floyd W.    12/01/1897-07/04/1899

Lester, Blanche E.    08/03/1898-09/05/1900

Spencer, Little Fannie    Died 02/09/1899 Aged 14 Years    Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Spencer

Simanton, Benita Mae    11/29/1937-04/06/1938

Dozier, Bettie    -09/03/1938    Aged 50 years    Wife of William Dozier

Christian, John F.    12/29/1868-09/19/1938

Christian, Mollie C.    08/26/1886-05/18/1960

Christian, Johnnie H.    09/08/1908-05/05/1941

Christian, Ruby H.    11/18/1909-01/11/2000

Murray, Edna    04/05/1897-12/12/1975

Christian, Jolly F.    09/07/1910-10/10/1982
    Christian, Ruth Lalman    02/06/1918-10/06/2004

Boal, Charles F.    09/20/1880-09/09/1932

Spencer, Shirley E.    04/12/1907-07/16/1984

Palmer, Henry Allen    06/19/1884-03/24/1936

Dillon, Lucy Cobb    05/29/1900-09/07/1984

Cobb, Dannie    01/24/1899-11/08/1974

Ashbrook, Nell C.    01/24/1899-12/16/1977

Ashbrook, Thomas V.    05/04/1889-08/30/1957

Row 8

Bouss, Miss Amelia    -07/19/1895

Garrison, Jessie    02/16/1896-06/12/1937

Reed, Joseph E.    -10/04/1937

Norviel, Abram L.    01/22/1863-10/09/1937

Norviel, Jesse L.    09/28/1913-01/17/1939

Hensley, Dorothy T.    1918-1957

Gossett, Clara Ann    01/17/1932-01/29/1932

Collier, Patsy L.    06/17/1932-06/19/1932
    Collier, Ida V.    09/03/1887-06/24/1932

Garibay, Mary E.    1896-1933

Spencer, Deloris Ann    01/06/1934-02/20/1934

Spencer, Earl M.    07/25/1906-10/16/1966

Collier, Claude B.    04/21/1881-11/13/1981

Collier, Reece H.    09/03/1915-01/23/1979 1

Bagley, William A.    08/08/1864-02/10/1947

Caturani, Alta    04/21/1913-02/14/2011
    Caturani, Edward R.    01/31/1911-03/18/1996

Huff, Gertrude    02/07/1887-04/30/1936

Vaughan, Zoe McClurken    -05/13/1936

Crane, Edith M.    01/28/1925-04/07/1980
    Crane, Larry E.    02/27/1925-10/08/1983

Cobb, Madison S.    03/20/1862-02/09/1937
    Cobb, Edith L.    03/29/1878-01/05/1960

Row 9
Nellis, Viola M.    05/09/1892-03/28/1937

Wood, Herell Alford    11/30/1890-05/21/1937

Johnson, Loretta Blanchard    11/28/1919-11/02/1937

Bland, William H.    1886-1955

Dean, Sue May Clement    09/29/1887-10/19/1961
    Dean, Justin Nelson    11/19/1884-04/04/1963

Spradling, Ted    1907-1919

Outler, Effie    03/24/1890-11/29/1936    Mother

Baldwin, Myrtle Estella    06/03/1922-04/12/1988    Mother

Row 10    [Rows 10-12 read 15 May 2013]

Burns, Baby    died 08/28/1941

Dean, Horace J.    03/22/1869-09/09/1897    Born in Courtland, Canada

Bole, Manuel Thomas, Sr.    11/04/1863-05/03/1919

Bole, Manuel T.    05/23/1896-06/18/1948    Arkansas MM1 US Navy World War I

Carmody, Iona Bole    05/31/1898-11/23/1928

Carmody, James K., Sr.    10/28/1894-03/21/1931

Rowan, Willie E.    1898-1954

Goodnight, Nettie Rowan    09/26/1901-12/04/1996

Reynolds, Essie Ruple    12/02/1893-05/08/1982

Palmer, Sgt. Frank A.    03/31/1918-01/10/1945    In Memory of Our Son Who Gave His Life in the Service of His County    Burial in Luxenbourg

Lester, Abbott C.    12/14/1862-01/29/1920

Franks, Lizzie H.    10/25/1852-10/22/1919

Franks, Elijah G.    04/27/1845-03/29/1929

Farr, Fannie    11/22/1883-10/25/1910

Williams, Katherine    03/10/1867-06/09/1950

Williams, Michael F.    1857-01/15/1926

Jackson Family Plot

Adams, James L.    1860-01/04/1919

Adams, Margaret Ellen    04/17/1860-01/16/1924

Jackson, Robert Elmer    02/04/1915-02/06/1915

Stegner, Emanuel    08/23/1842-02/06/1919

Street, Squire Baly    08/23/1844-10/09/1924    G.A.R. Soldier

Row 11

Grubb, James T.    11/21/1876-12/03/1901    Son of J. A. and James

Henderson, T. J.    -09/10/1892    Aged 20 Years

Bole, Edith    02/1908-07/05/1908    Twins
    Bole, Irene    02/1908-07/17/1908

Goodman, Samuel A.    02/27/1877-03/07/1907

Harkins, Mollie Goodman    05/19/1907-06/04/1968

Pedersen, Alfred B.    03/09/1883-04/07/1957    Brother

Mann, Donald Jack    03/08/1936-10/26/1938

Wright, Arthur A.    01/18/1911-07/28/1935

Zimmerman, Ana F.    06/28/1885-10/23/1954    Arkansas 2nd Lieutenant Inf. - Res.

Zimmerman, Henry S.    07/17/1850-05/26/1917

Brown Plot - rest of is is in Row 12

Markham, Lee W.    12/12/1906-01/27/1959    Illinois PFC HQ Co 1138 Engr C Group World War II

Markham, Lucille B.    07/10/1909-01/19/1989

Lewis, Othel Anna    07/14/1918-02/21/1984    2nd Lieutenant US Army World War II

Hays, Thelma Bea    02/01/1904-05/28/1978

Freeman, Janice B. Collier    12/18/1944-02/28/1983

Collier, Timothy Damon Starks    07/19/1962-01/05/1989

Collier, Otis B.    03/21/1919-12/27/2000
    Collier, Bernice Lankford    08/07/1924-08/17/1997

Row 12

Bissel, Joe    Died September 23    Aged 37    [no year inscribed]

Belcher, Ransome A.    -07/17/1901    Aged 24 Years    Brother

Adams, Mrs. Ada Lee    10/27/1880-01/26/1908

Unknown Ledger    A ledger with no name inscribed

Folbre, Mary Lelia    02/02/1894-12/06/1977
    Folbre, Bonne Jean    05/20/1895-04/05/1955    Arkansas Pvt Stu Army Tng Corps WWI

Folbre, Thomas Jean    12/08/1934-08/13/2008    SP4 US Army

Denman, Helen E.    08/31/1888-03/12/1969

Anderson, Mrs. Nancy J.    1853-1917

Anderson, Zachariah Taylor    07/16/1845-06/11/1920

Brown Family Plot    [continued from Row 11]

Brown, Sidney P.    01/27/1892-03/14/1924

Brown, Listo    08/28/1895-12/26/1917

Brown, John O.    06/26/1874-12/26/1917

Brown, Bonnie A.    02/04/1874-05/26/1934

Lewis, Mrs. H. L.    09/1869-03/13/1918

Primrose, Abbie Herrin    05/15/1864-05/03/1918

Smith, Iness    -05/18/1918    Wife of Fred P. Smith

Holden, Eugene Lavell    12/11/1914-10/22/1916    Daughter of Dave and Myrtle Holden

Holden, David Madison    01/28/1894-02/26/1964

BLOCKS 11 and 12    [Rows 1-3 read 15 May 2013]

Row 1

Clayton, Calvin    07/05/1909-07/12/1912

Row 2

Clayton, Dorothy    09/23/1910-05/28/1912

Row 3

Dauphin, Dora C.    1855-1935
    Dauphin, Herman C.    1857-1929

Cox, Hardy Austin    04/12/1894-05/07/1928

Burrough, Timothy    10/05/1878-02/05/1929

Jaeger, John M.    -07/15/1911    Aged 44 Years 8 Months 21 Days

Albert, Alexander    1858-1909

Dean, Ed    -07/22/1909    Age 60 Years    Member of Aerie Houston, Texas No. 63 F.O.E.

Fickle, Louisa Walton    09/16/1822-07/12/1909    Born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Whitehill, Miss Cornelia    -06/08/1909

Dalrymple, Bert J.    1878-1908    Greenville, Ohio

Haub, Henry    03/11/1867-01/23/1909    Husband of Jennie Haub

King, Delores Lilliebell    05/09/1911-05/29/1911

Near, William A.    12/25/1872-12/06/1907    Husband of Helene Near

Teer, Mrs. W. W.    12/09/1853-01/27/1908    Wife of W. W. Teer

Belcher, Velma    08/07/1910-08/12/1910    Daughter of J. T. and Ettie Belcher

Row 4    [Row 4-7 read - or reread - 19 May 2013

Hawkins, Fay    02/01/1901-12/08/1918

Unknown   1925-05/12/1928    [The name has been broken off the marker and was nowhere to be seen. All that was left was the year "1925" and May 12, 1928. Garland County, Arkansas, Tombstone Records, Volume 3, City of Hot Springs, compiled by Bobbie Jones McLane and Inez E. Cline shows it to be: Rankin, Muriel August 19, 1925 - May 12, 1928. The Arkansas Death Index ( reads: Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950 about Murrell Rankin Name: Murrell Rankin; Death Day: 13; Death Month: May; Death Year: 1928.]

Abel, George W.    12/19/1862-04/12/1919    Born in Carrolton, Ohio; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Smith, Loucinda    08/22/1871-?/24/1907    [The month of death was August per City of Hot Springs, Arkansas Death Records 1896 - 1917, compiled by Bobbie Jones McLane.]

Lonzeth, Albert Louis "Buddy"    01/29/1912-10/05/1919

Finley, Joseph    11/22/1873-11/25/1931
    Finley, Della    08/23/1872-01/02/1958

Lehman, Louis    -02/16/1919

Richardson, G. W.    -01/28/1927    61 Years

Shortreed, Lois    Age 9 Days

Gillis, Angus    06/15/1838-07/26/1910

Vantresse, Cora    12/19/1888-07/07/1910

Webb, Arthur    -07/09/1909    Aged 9 Years 3 Months    Son of C. D. and Mary Webb

Bowden, Joseph    03/15/1858-12/25/1909    Aged 51 Years 9 Months and 10 Days

Fry, Jacob A.    -12/28/1909    Aged 54 Years

Drennon, R. A.    Wife of N. L. Drennon    [no dates]

Rooks, Margarette    02/04/1899-09/02/1910

Moore, Dr. Miles Smith    08/29/1842-08/17/1908    [Dr. Moore has two different markers in this section. They are not on the same row and have different months of birth. This is the oldest one.]

Carpenter (on step)    no markers

Rose, J. J.    -02/06/1908    Aged 45 Years

Row 5

Dunn, W. W.    [Broken ledger with no dates]

Brooks, S. B.    12/25/1860-08/02/1917

Bruce, George T.    08/18/1849-05/07/1911
    Bruce, Ella May    01/20/1868-03/30/1934    Wife of Geo. T. Bruce

Shelly, Henry H.    08/27/1841-
    Shelly, Maria    03/1838-12/1910

Bishop, L. Jane    06/1840-09/24/1910

Rice, Robert E.    1890-1910

Row 6
Moore, Dr Miles Smith   08/29/1842-08/17/1908

Oldham, Bertha   07/27/1876-05/03/1916   wife of A S Oldham

Myers, C. A.    10/14/1851-01/11/1916

Ault, W C   10/14/1851-01/11/1916

Hasselman, August    03/15/1865-10/03/1917
    Hasselman, Jewell    02/04/1894-12/27/1912    [I did not find markers for August and Jewell. Jewell is listed in the reading that Inez Cline performed several years ago and shown near C. A. Myers and Bertha Oldham, but August was not. August has an obituary that shows he was buried next to Jewell. I believe they are probably buried somewhere in this area. I found a ledger-type marker that was partially underground, and that may be Jewell's.] 

Trollope, John Henry   02/21/1909-06/20/1915   son of John and Jessie Trollope

Keith, L D   02/06/1835-04/14/1911   Co C 4 Texas Inf CSA

Pratt, George   02/03/1844-12/04/1913
    Pratt, Mary   08/02/1846-04/27/1939

Hill, I. W.    1851-1914

Joplin, Una Lillian Williams    09/20/1895-11/20/1984

Williams, Samuel H.    03/28/1855-06/13/1935
    Williams, Bellzora    01/02/1857-02/14/1914

Keadle, O. H.    04/25/1918    Pvt 10 Ark Cav C.S.A.

Barker, Ida    [name on curb but no marker]

Keadle, Laura J. (wife of Rev. O. H. Keadle)    10/04/1846-09/28/1910

Preddy, George H.    09/26/1833-09/24/1910    born in Tennessee; died in Hot Springs
    Preddy, Annie E. Melton    01/02/1838-    wife of George H. Preddy; born in Louisana [spelled that way]

Modlin, O. L.    11/02/1876-02/17/1911    Husband of Mrs. Allice Modlin

Modlin, W. T.    05/16/1882-08/19/1911

Blahut, Mattie    1882-1909

Menager, Henry    01/08/1849-06/01/1907    Born in Roupeiroux, Sarthe, Frances; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Carmay, Edward    11/09/1852-07/03/1907

Row 7

Wier, Kenith    10/24/1896-06/25/1911

Chandler, W. Jackson    1861-1913    Grandpa

Modlin, Susan E.    06/27/1846-08/24/1913    Wife of T. N. Modlin

Asbahr, Louie B.    12/28/1908-07/18/1909    Son of Louie and Mable

Bartholomew, Gertrude    -01/19/1910    Wife of William O. Bartholomew    Died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Wier, A. A.    03/19/1863-02/17/1911

McKee, Thomas O'Brien    02/06/1910-03/27/1910

Garden of Peace
Rows 1 and 2
Koonce, John Rite    1923-1993    Parents of Bobbie, Nancy, Tommie
    Koonce, Joan Greenwood    [no date of death shown]

Hood, Eloise Copeland    02/28/1908-10/12/1997 1

Greene, James Edward    02/14/1928-03/02/1991    CPL US Army Korea

Fort, Virgie Harris    01/1902-11/1995    Mother

Thompson, Elmo Jr.    01/10/1920-07/22/1992    In Loving Memory

Enloe, Larry Ray    1944-1989

Row 3
Parkinson, Ralph W.    04/27/1921-09/15/2009    Father    Colonel, U.S.A.
    Parkinson, Beatrice Spargo    07/11/1926-10/10/2002    Loving Wife and Mother
    Parkinson, Elsie Edith    [no date of death shown]    Beloved Daughter, Sister and Aunt

Ridgeway, Robert Dean Sr.    07/27/1925-01/19/2002    married 06/26/1947    LTJG US Navy 1st LT US Army World War II Korea    [His double marker with wife shows his day of birth as 25; his veteran marker shows 27; SSDI shows 27.]
    Ridgeway, Anne Dews    11/17/1927-08/13/1992    Ever a Lady, Loving Mother and Wife

Mrvaljevic, Danica    [no date of death shown]    Born in Jugoslavija
    Mrvaljevic, Mato    03/03/1901-12/14/1991    Born in Jugoslavija CRNA Gara-Cetinje

Jackson, Fannie    02/24/1920-03/08/1990    Beloved Mother

Cekarmis, George    [no date of death shown]
    Cekarmis, Grozdana    [no date of death shown]

Beric, Mara    08/11/1912-11/02/1996 1
    Beric, Jovo    07/09/1910-09/30/1999 1

Row 4
White, Dewey Hobson Jr.    08/30/1937-08/25/1998    Married 10/28/1955
    White, Amy Jo Atwood    [no date of death shown]

Ellis, Nancy Hurst    11/06/1944-08/29/1992

Row 5
Hoffman, Bettye S.    [no date of death shown]
    Hoffman, James Lloyd    [no date of death shown]   

Torma, Betty J.    [no date of death shown]
    Torma, Paul A.    1921-1989

Martin, Clyde W.    1919-2004    Father
    Martin, Flora "Flo"    1925-1989    Mother
    Martin, David P.    Son    [no date of death shown]

Zorub, Shakir E.    07/25/1900-12/25/1989    Aufwiedersehn, My Love
    Zorub, Julia Mae    06/24/1903-09/07/2000

Michael, Marie    1920-1990  

Row 6
Hoffman, Minnie Lee    07/27/1910-01/02/1993
    Hoffman, Earl    09/28/1914-03/31/1999 1

Cox, Earl E.    08/09/1911-05/08/2002

Cox Robin E.    07/26/1914-07/13/1988

Schultz, Edward L.    1903-1992
    Schultz, Margaret A.    1905-2007

Thomas, James O.    1944-1991

Burgess, Neel W.    06/30/1911-07/26/1994    Mother   [Close-up]
    Burgess, Sandra I.    [no date of death shown]    Daughter

Duncan, Lila B.    08/08/1911-09/29/1991
    Duncan, Raymond M.    02/11/1911-01/13/1996 1

Row 7
Cobb, Robert C.    01/15/1928-06/08/1992    US Army World War II 1

Calcote, Jack Forrest    12/08/1930-02/26/1992
    Calcote, Mary Jane    11/09/1931-10/25/1997 1

Hardgrave, Jeanne Hale    10/27/1915-12/31/1991

Holiman, Margaret E.    02/01/1914-
    Holiman, Alan M.    12/06/1913-04/18/2003

Holiman, Frank D.    1939-1999    A Loving Son and Husband 1

Murphy, Elbert    04/07/1912-05/17/1988    TEC 4 US Army World War II
    Murphy, Bonnie B.    02/22/1919-08/01/2003

Besom, Donald Guest    09/12/1906-11/07/1988
    Besom, Evelyn Dodds    02/01/1907-08/26/2002

Berry, Werdna D.    01/04/1910-04/14/1996 1
    Berry, H. Leon    05/03/1912-

Gutowski, Antoni    1915-1989    Forever Together
    Gutowski, Michalina    1925-2007

Lewin, Hildegard G.    01/17/1900-10/18/1989    Mother

Row 8
Henderson, Wayzie Zeke    07/05/1925-07/28/1989

Luebben, Oscar W.    1911-1991
    Luebben, Pauline T.    1915-1986

Steigler, Ethel Betty "E. B."    1921-1999    Loving Wife and Mother 1

Steigler, Charles D.    1917-2000    Loving Husband and Father 1

Rapley, James J.    09/15/1922-05/15/1988
    Rapley, Elise Spargo    08/11/1924-02/27/1992 1

Demezza, Leonora Elizabeth    [no date of death shown]


Rows 1 and 2   [Rows 1-8 read 8 June 2013]

Morris, Nicy Ann    11/24/1858-06/09/1937

Unknown     Single unmarked curbed grave

McDaniel, Terry H.    -04/10/1889    Aged 23 Years

McKinzie, A. L.    -10/28/1888    Aged 36 Years

Row 3

McDaniel, Roy H.    10/17/1903-02/15/1904    Infant Son of Wiley and May McDaniel

Payne, Hester E.    11/19/1906-11/20/1906

Payne, C. F.    09/18/1853-01/16/1927

Payne, Mary A.    12/27/1854-10/28/1928

Row 4

Conley, Patrick S.    02/04/1908-09/22/1909    Son of T. and N. A. Conley
    Conley, Ruby L.    02/04/1906-09/22/1909    Daughter of T. and N. A. Conley

Conley, Myrtle    06/02/1902-11/09/1904    Daughter of T. and N. A. Conley    Aged 2 Years, 5 Months, 7 Days

Watson, Emma A.    12/02/1861-10/06/1888    Daughter of L. & M. Watson

Williams, Hannah    02/27/1856-06/17/1889    Wife of Z. T. Williams

Hildreth, Heber H.    02/02/1870-08/18/1888

Lomax, Bertie E. Beck    02/01/1871-08/10/1890    Beloved Wife of a. J. Lomax    Born in Jersey City, New Jersey

Rows 5 and 6

Van Leer Family Plot

Parker, Cecil Moore    1898-1956

Parker, Gladys Van Leer    1900-1985    Colonial Dames XVII Century Plaque

Lusby, Kenon Van Leer    1908-1934

Vanleer, Bradford P.    09/03/1893-04/30/1899

Van Leer, Nora Paxton    1868-1952

Van Leer, Samuel Culberson M.D.    1861-1936

Herrington, Mrs. S. C.    -05/15/1891    Aged 49 Years, 5 Days

Ezell, Pirl    01/12/1890-06/05/1890    Daughter of J. D. and Fannie Ezell

Maxwell, Mrs. Margret    -06/18/1883    Aged 68 Years

Gould, Daniel Orville    03/21/1895-08/17/1896    Infant Son of W. Z. and D. A. Gould

Hildreth, Luther S.    12/15/1860-08/14/1890

Foley, Cornelia Hildreth    09/20/1862-11/02/1897    Wife of D. J. Foley

Row 7
Reynolds, Sarah    10/16/1839-03/25/1918    Wife of A. J. Reynolds

Reynolds, Argus James    09/02/1868-09/06/1919    Father

Reynolds, Molsie Jane    12/11/1871-11/10/1922    Mother

Reynolds, Baby

Row 8
Hall, Rushie Lee    10/09/1890-09/25/1940

Hall, LeRoy Sr.    04/25/1889-09/19/1968

Hall, Ruby Ina    10/22/1902-10/12/1995

Rows 9 - 10
Barry, Hugh Walter   06/30 or 20/1860-10/25/1887 [these two stones are very faint and dates could be incorrect]
    Barry, John Howell   02/10/1882-05/17/1882

Barry, Pat L   ?/?/1872(date illegible)-07/20/1907 

Barry, Lou Watt   08/20/1841-? (date illegible)   wife of W H Barry

Barry, W H   02/11/1836-09/26/1916

Mallory, Felix R   ?-12/25/1898

Mallory, Nita Barry   08/15/1869-08/16/1949

Gillenwater, Louise M   1899-1989

Gillenwater, Roy   1892-1974

Gillenwater, Nita   11/26/1918-10/25/1993

Bradley, Sarah C   12/07/1854-07/10/1898

Bradley, Robert   07/05/1849-01/01/1888

Bradley, Mattie (Infant)   born 07/20/1880

Jensen, John H   1913-1997
    Jensen, Florine O   1916-2001

Jensen, George B Sr   03/20/1913-02/02/1988
    Jensen, Tennie Marie   11/27/1918-10/09/1992

Rawson, Benjamin F   12/16/1891-11/21/1983   Pvt US Army WWI

Rawson, Warren   01/28/1881-05/29/1934
    Rawson, Walter L   09/04/1889-02/22/1899

Rawson, Stella    08/19/1885-12/16/1886
    Rawson, Charley    09/18/1887-05/25/1888

Rawson, Maggie F   12/25/1861-01/28/1946

Rawson, William T   01/07/1860-04/28/1919

Rawson, Frank   09/28/1887-10/26/1940

Terry, Lottie   died 03/05/1929 aged 73 years

Rawson, Mrs F   08/16/1837-08/26/1889

Rows 11 and 12
Moore Family Plot

Percefull, Mary Adele Sims    02/26/1920-02/20/1994    LT US Army RN Veteran World War II    Mary Adele Sims photograph

Sims, Claire Moore    01/07/1898-01/03/1973

Moore, Lynn R.    1879-1960    Beloved Uncle

Clark, Robert F.    Died July 17, 1886 Aged 2 Years    Son of R. E. and L. Clark    [This one is almost illegible and transcription came from a prior reading by Gail Ashbrook.]

Unknown [name broken off marker]    Died November 22, 1886

Moore, Robert MacNeal    Born February 6, 1877, Middleburg, Tennessee; Died April 24, 1904, Hot Springs, Arkansas    Son of Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Moore

Moore, Artie Lee    1901-1951

Moore, M. Edmond    1899-1947

Moore, Milton P.    1867-1941    In Loving Memory of Papa

Moore, Mollie B.    1876-1934

Moore, Burkett Taylor    Died July 2, 1896 Aged 9 Months    Son of M. P. and M. B. Moore

Moore, Charlie    Died February 22, 1889 Aged 15 Years

Moore, Mrs. Annie    Born May 1, 1841, Cullpepper Co, Virginia; Died February 15, 1914, Hot Springs, Arkansas    Wife of Dr. R. H. Moore

Moore, Dr. R. H.    Born January 3, 1838, Hardaman Co, Tennessee; Died December 14, 1892, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Withers, Richard B.    08/05/1859-11/03/1885    Son of H. R. and K. M. Withers

Rows 13 and 14    [Rows 13-21 Read 8 June 2013]

Woolman, Louella Orr    1857-1894

Woolman, Enoch    1819-1895
    Woolman, Anna Fowler    1823-1887

Cox, Victoria L.    08/29/1851-03/28/1893    Wife of W. W. Cox

Cox, W. W.    Co A 30 Ohio Infantry

Nunnally, Eugene    04/04/1923-01/01/1997    MSgt USAAC World War II

Lookadoo, Joseph W.    1884-1932

Row 15

Warrington, Elma    06/24/1888-10/12/1888
    Warrington, Abigail    12/25/1891-05/21/1892
        Daughters of Joseph and F. E. Warrington

Smith, Charley    01/18/1904-10/10/1910

Rowles, Charles    -1914
    Rowles, Rebecca    -1936

Rowles, Al H.    1859-1916

Row 16

Cook, Asenath    10/27/1845-08/02/1933

Cook, George W.    07/04/1832-04/12/1908

English, W. K.    05/23/1848-03/19/1889

Ivy, Alfred P.    01/23/1900-08/01/1901    Son of A. M. and L. I. Ivy

Rowles, Harry V.    1884-1947
    Woodcock, Laura    1862-1882

Row 17

Clark, Jerrome A.    07/15/1852-08/20/1886

Hamilton, C. Roy    -01/22/1896    Age 18 Months

Leonard, Martin W.    09/13/1890-09/21/1897    Son of T. and M. Leonard

Hall, Martha Helen    1862-1933    Gross FHM

Row 18

Vatterlin, Charles F.    07/13/1844-04/16/1885

Thomas, Dock    04/25/1853-??    Born in Jefferson County, Alabama    [The date of death has been broken off the marker. A prior reading by Gail Ashbrook showed a date of death of December 2, 1882.]

Row 19

Ford, Hugh F.    -01/31/1890    Aged 52 Years

Branch, Laura A.    -02/03/1890    Aged 63 Years

Sanders, James W.    12/20/1869-01/27/1884    Son of Henry and Elizabeth Sanders

Smith, Walter    03/20/1874-02/12/1889    son of I. W. Smith

Wall, Morris Donald    10/16/1922-05/29/2013    Caruth-Hale FHM

Row 20

Johnson, William B.    09/22/1858-12/22/1909    WOW Marker

Laing, W. D.    [name on curb with no dates]

Vatterlin, Viona G.    08/05/1846-06/09/1890

Maxson, Guy E.    -02/12/1889    Son of C. F. and M. Maxson    [Age at death illegible]

Smith, Charlie    11/12/1881-09/27/1883    Son of J. J. and Maggie Smith

Smith, J. J.    12/15/1854-04/28/1883    Husband of Maggie Smith

Row 21

McManaman, Napoleon    12/19/1834-03/01/1885

Milne, Sydney    -1884    [I was unable to read this marker. The transcription is from a 2005 reading by Gail Ashbrook.]

Rows 21 - 26 ~ to be continued ~

Rows 27 and 28
Hermance, Minnie Helms   03/26/1883-11/09/1950

Helms, Charles F   12/09/1880-05/01/1944

Helms, Lydia J   08/14/1878-09/25/1885

Hermance, Henry   04/26/1841-09/10/1932   Prin Mus 67 Ohio Inf

Helms, Laura J   10/31/1854-09/05/1945
    Helms, John C   02/07/1853-01/14/1919

Helms, Harry H   1888-1976   Pvt US Army WWI

Whish, John   09/10/1874-12/30/1890

Schardt, Alma   1866-1890

Stahl, Louis F   06/02/1870-12/25/1888

DeLeon, Elise   11/19/1799-01/06/1881

Stahl, Annie C   07/04/1833-10/02/1884

McLaughlin, Frank E   04/06/1871-02/16/1913

Row 33
Huff, Cora    04/13/1885-02/26/1887    Daughter of Louis and Lizzie Huff

Hunter, W. F.    Asst Surgn    1st Arkansas Cavalry

Hunter, Frances F.    12/09/1852-10/05/1894

~ to be continued ~

Row 1
Hanke, Walter G   09/20/1893-09/25/1969

Hanke, Frieda I   09/21/1893-05/21/1980

Sorter, K G   06/17/1958-07/22/1980

Nichols, Michael E   10/01/1949-08/18/1968   Arkansas L Cpl 2 Marine Air Wing

Reynolds, Cindi Carol   01/01/1966-03/15/1967

Reynolds, Donnie O   06/05/1939-08/15/2000   US Army

Heckerman, Herb H Jr   02/24/1929-03/02/1995

Mayes, William Cecil   [no date of death shown]
    Burks, Mamie Carine   07/08/1905-no date of death shown

Mays, Cecil   05/12/1919-03/31/2005

Bibb, Mark Anthony   02/28/1962-02/03/1968

Zatezalo, Rade R   04/05/1890-04/16/1968

Chilcutt, Bill   12/25/1903-07/15/1974
    Chilcutt, Jewell "Judy"   09/28/1911-01/09/1985 1

Verban, David   12/28/1893-05/01/1968

Row 2
Kelley-Langer, Edna Marie   02/12/1930-12/17/2000

Hankins, Harlin F   04/29/1892-07/31/1984   Veteran of WWI
    Hankins, Mary E   10/12/1902-12/22/1977

Smith, Letha   01/05/1895-02/26/1989

Jones, John Otis   1900-1966
    Jones, Julia Catherine   1904-1989

Witherow, Milton G   07/23/1892-03/27/1968

Thomas, Addison C   07/02/1885-06/24/1969

Felepuk, Michael   07/30/1889-02/04/1966

Littman, E W   12/13/1898-08/15/1966

Littman, M Frances   02/01/1900-09/29/1969

Thatcher, Arthur E   05/07/1884-03/19/1962

Thatcher, Ada E   06/17/1886-07/06/1964

Stewart, Mina Lee   1891-1964

Glenn, Faye I   1902-1964

Belich, Nick   05/12/1887-01/06/1965

Hanson, Herman   07/12/1887-07/13/1966

Smith, Virgil E   02/10/1889-12/19/1970
    Smith, Georgia R   02/21/1896-11/25/1976

Heckerman, Herbert H   01/25/1889-09/30/1975   married 12/28/1913
    Heckerman, Mabel H   12/21/1895-05/12/1975

Blackwell, Tom B   07/28/1909-02/27/2003

Blackwell, Betty S   07/03/1910-07/15/1992

Hallagin, Floyd H   09/02/1900-04/29/1989   married 08/22/1939
    Hallagin, Mae M   07/11/1903-05/19/1995

Row 3
Brinckmann, Carl H   08/20/1889-06/19/1970

Smith, Virginia K   09/27/1909-12/15/1977

Stewart, Bunnie O Sr   04/15/1915-05/04/1978

Stewart, Francis N   01/25/1922-09/24/1964

Earley, George C   11/24/1884-11/09/1968

Earley, Elsie   03/19/1890-08/11/1964

Venieratos, Aristides   09/26/1877-05/04/1964

Owens, C R "Chic"   1905-1964
    Owens, Susie   1905   [no date of death shown]

Leeper, Fred J   03/05/1881-08/09/1947
    Leeper, Margaret E   08/21/1883-02/14/1977

Wakelin, Rose Marie   [no date of death shown]

Jones, Henry S   03/16/1899-10/04/1985   Pvt US Army

Jones, Patti   03/17/1907-11/12/1982

Shumaker, Arthur C   1879-1962

Jones, Lemuel Calvin   05/29/1891-06/29/1970   Arkansas Pvt Co C 141 Machine Gun Bn WWI

Shumaker, Earl T   10/08/1904-07/29/1965

Wade, Mary   10/06/1905-08/03/1965

Row 4
Pendergraft, Lewis S   10/01/1903-07/31/1970

Haines, Harry Wesley   02/13/1893-05/22/1970   married 05/22/1920
    Haines, Lola Taylor   07/26/1896-02/02/1968

Epps, Cora Danner   10/03/1877-06/20/1955

Epps, Christopher C   06/29/1851-01/10/1927

Wilson, Teresa C   03/29/1958-07/31/1984

Johnson, Joseph P   12/19/1893-09/09/1976

Johnson, Merlyn F   01/18/1903-05/26/1990

North, Philip G   01/11/1893-12/14/1965

Duke, Walter L "Jack"   07/17/1900-11/15/1973
    Duke, Coy   01/04/1911-03/07/2009    [date of death from obituary]

Duke, Stanley Ray   08/03/1945-04/05/1958

Martin, Arnold A   10/18/1908-05/29/1991   US Army WWII

Martin, Horace A   1877-1956

Van Fleet, Arthur   05/18/1889-12/20/1974
    Van Fleet, Mildred   01/01/1891-08/16/1970

Row 5
Gladson, Everett E   06/18/1892-07/01/1962

Gladson, Ida Ree Allen   04/09/1899-08/21/1994

Reed, James M   06/15/1899-09/03/1911

Sparling, Eugene McKinney   11/08/1898-02/13/1990
    Sparling, Floy Joslyn   04/27/1899-05/18/1985

Smith, Jane Sparling   02/19/1934-08/21/1992

Wallace, James S   10/05/1888-07/12/1962
    Wallace, Lela May   04/28/1899-10/12/1977

Wayne, Robert F   09/21/1885 -   [no date of death shown]
    Wayne, Dewey R   06/18/1893-03/12/1962

Canada, Linda Diane   03/08/1960-03/09/1960

Stillo, Nina   03/03/1886-01/30/1966

Stillo, Charles   03/25/1888-05/10/1958

House, Lizzie Ella   02/24/1899-09/04/1961

Shaw, Walter A   12/03/1888-12/05/1966
    Shaw, Hattie W   09/22/1880-01/20/1965

Johansen, Elias M   04/01/1890-03/23/1967

Simmons, Ruby L   03/14/1930-11/27/1969

Row 6
Gladson, Lida E   10/30/1872-08/07/1952

Gladson, Thomas J   07/09/1861-01/05/1935

Erickson, A Josephine   [no dates]
    Erickson, Herbert E   1898-1958

Truman, Spencer C    01/19/1889-05/04/1963
    Truman, Effie   11/23/1893-03/29/1995   his wife

Brown, Vera Mobley   03/21/1901-06/14/1977
    Brown, Merrill Brayton   02/19/1881-07/13/1963

Harrison, Don A   10/18/1889-   [no date of death shown]
    Harrison, Bertha W   03/05/1890-01/13/1966

Sokol, Peter P   12/09/1893-12/27/1964
    Sokol, Marian C   02/28/1900-11/28/1981

Berry, Dorothy   09/16/1917-07/31/1968

Row 7
Lovett Family Plot
George, Laura Lovett    1891-1970
Lovett, Clarence    1884-1932
Lovett, W. G.    King's Btry Georgia Lt Arty C.S.A.

Castle, Frannie Hunter    02/19/1883-12/11/1905

Castle, Emra Frank    09/23/1877-03/21/1937

Chew, James Blaine    06/03/1923-12/01/1924

LaLonde, Albert E.    1882-1962

Penny, James G.    09/24/1889-05/20/1973
    Penny, Nettie Lee    10/29/1890-02/18/1961
    Penny, James G. Jr.    [no date of death shown]

Taylor, Jack George    04/23/1892-02/06/1962
    Taylor, Mayre Emily    05/29/1901-07/02/1960

Taylor, Earl R.    12/14/1911-07/13/1966    Missouri Tec4 1908 Svc Comd Unit World War II

Johnston, Ruth    04/29/1907-

Greis, Susan Marie    06/07/1913-08/07/1972

Row 8
Ballard, Philip H.    04/01/1888-02/27/1979
    Ballard, Cynthia E.    03/14/1900-11/12/1971

Crenshaw, John L.    09/30/1905-08/04/1962

Crenshaw, Lula    08/30/1908-09/19/1979

Cairns, Harold B.    1903-1976
    Cairns, J. Fern    1907-1962

McGuire, Henry S.    06/19/1895-11/20/1968
    McGuire, Neta Mae    02/21/1897-07/31/1964

Row 9
Hall Family Plot
Hall, Bonnie Daffodil    01/27/1896-05/28/1900
Hall, Homer Earl    01/13/1894-01/31/1916
Hall, Martha Ellen    03/17/1862-11/04/1933    Wife of W. M. Hall
Hall, W. M.    05/14/1853-11/03/1918
Hall, Dale J.    04/27/1914-11/24/1920
Hall, William Carl    12/19/1908-08/30/1911
Hall, LeRoy Jr.    12/13/1907-03/15/1974    Arkansas Capt US Army World War II Korea
Hall, Betty Jean    04/13/1924-03/27/1991

Hanson, Charles H.    07/20/1881-10/20/1960
    Hansen, Lulu M.    03/03/1890-04/21/1967

Johnson, Rev. Edgar F.    1899-1960
    Johnson, Myrtle L.    1907-1982

Freeman, Arlie    03/23/1906-12/16/1963
    Freeman, Olean    02/17/1914-02/14/1998

Wish, Leslie Grant    07/15/1934-08/29/1983    AMHI US Navy Vietnam

Stone, John David Sr.    [no date of death shown]

Young, Arthur E.    10/04/1889-
    Young, Minnie C.    09/05/1896-05/22/1963

Bartholomew, William F. Sr.    09/12/1896-01/07/1963
    Bartholomew, Annie I.    11/30/1901-07/10/1992

Jaynes, Martha M.    08/21/1897-05/06/1963

Woodall, Junior D.    05/01/1928-05/21/1963

Dickens, Geraldine Woodall    10/02/1930-06/17/1981

Woods, Harry M.    08/03/1888-04/19/1977

Woods, Margaret L.    12/23/1888-10/09/1968

Row 10
Chilcutt, J. Frank    1854-1904
    Chilcutt, Blanche    1867-1954

Chilcutt, Claude    06/24/1888-12/14/1977

Dickinson, Tom    1892-1961    Husband
    Dickinson, Gracie    1908-1987    Wife

Ivan, George    11/22/1888-02/24/1962

Ivan, Kate    10/19/1898-11/22/1981

West, Lula A.    10/14/1872-07/11/1912

Nichols, George E.    05/22/1902-06/26/1963
    Nichols, Tossie M.    06/07/1905-04/29/1987

Jerome, Charles E.    02/07/1889-07/02/1963    Illinois Cpl Co C 310 Inf 78 Div World War I

Godwin, Jesse    01/29/1903-02/17/1982

Godwin, Thelma (D)    03/26/1912-05/06/1998

Wagner, Eugene    11/26/1893-09/26/1968
    Wagner, Serafima    08/10/1899-07/19/1986    Born in Russian

Row 11
Presley, Neppie    died 11/13/1892   son of G. E. and E. Presley
    Presley, Gussie    died 11/11/1892    daughter of G. E. and E. Presley

Candler-Schaer Family Monument

Candler, Julia    1831-1903

Schaer, Julia Candler    died 06/06/1930

Schaer, Edmund P.    died 09/24/1928

Schaer, Lucy Mae    08/27/1884-08/15/1960

Row 12
Haycraft, Lucy   died 06/04/1891 age 51 years    [ledger marker was broken]2

Bledsoe, Mary Ella    05/14/1936-03/07/1992

Bledsoe, Thomas F.    10/03/1912-06/23/1973    Arkansas S Sgt US Army World War II
    Bledsoe, Ruby L.    07/25/1912-08/26/2008

Seiz, Leroy    06/21/1910-06/07/1911

Row 13
Schaer, Edmond P.    04/03/1891-09/08/1982

Schaer, Mrs. Peggy    05/07/1891-04/29/1969

Schaer, Julia C.    04/09/1886-11/26/1969

Schaer, Kathleen C.    02/19/1897-08/12/1990

Pugh, Cecile    05/30/1885-[death date underground]    Daughter of W. M. and L. D. Pugh

Lennox, J. D.    02/02/1889-02/15/1913

Peterson, Milton "Pete"    01/07/1908-06/13/1970
    Peterson, Ella D.    09/13/1921-02/10/2007

Humphreys, Frank E.    10/20/1902-01/27/1997

Humphreys, Josephine Pound    03/18/1907-02/19/1981

Franzen, Johan Fritiof    06/14/1883-10/05/1970

Walters, Ruth    12/04/1927-09/21/1968    Mother

Row 14
Young, William H.    07/18/1880-06/22/1960
    Young, Mollie B.    05/25/1889-05/09/1982

Alexander, Irene    10/25/1906-01/04/1983

Dickerson, Paul S.    10/05/1896-012/23/1965
    Dickerson, Ola M.    09/29/1897-07/23/1984

Johnson, Addie Dodson    11/20/1906-09/26/1965

Newcomb, C. F.    03/22/1904-12/01/1965

Newcomb, Louise    06/27/1913-04/08/1983

Ghib, Peter    12/16/1894-08/23/1968

Row 15
Hinkle, Louis E. (or F.)   10/30/1868-03/16/1899    Brother

Hinkle, Minnie    died 03/16/1900 age 3 years    Daughter of John and Pauline

Hinkle, Fredicka    05/11/1842-12/17/1924    Mother

Hinkle, Will A.    12/22/1882-06/07/1919    Brother

Hinkle, Amos T.    02/23/1872-10/30/1925    Brother

Hinkle, Henry    12/30/1836-04/04/1922    Father

Kellem, Frank Eugene    10/09/1906-07/29/1907    son of _. T. and R. C. Kellem

Bechiaras, Harry    1879-1959
    Bechiaras, Christ    1883-1960

Redd, Homer S.    07/20/1900-10/05/1989
    Redd, Jewell    07/04/1910-05/16/1995

Akins, James Garrett    02/21/1918-10/22/1963    Washington S1 US Coast Guard World War II
    Simmons, Wilma Akins    10/14/1919-06/19/2006    Beloved wife, mother, and grandmother

Westbrook, Alvin E.    08/13/1901-08/17/1966
    Westbrook, Lena B.    09/20/1897-08/12/1977

Wells, George H.    11/04/1915-    [SSDi shows he died 09/1983]
    Wells, Annette W.    08/17/1917-07/30/1989

Row 16
Tate, Ora Mae    08/13/1906-07/28/1961    Daughter
    Tate, Carrie E.    07/07/1883-04/06/1975    Mother

Tate, Sam L.    01/06/1916-    Husband
    Tate, Leona M.    02/16/1911-10/22/1998    Wife

Wadkins, Sandra Kay    08/25/1963-09/30/1963

Schoch, Roland W.    12/26/1896-10/06/1965    Ohio PFC US Army World War I
    Schoch, Bertha M.    02/28/1895-07/26/1996    Wife of Roland W. Schoch

McWright, Earle    04/15/1915-08/15/1968    Dad

Row 17
Lennox, H. O.    04/02/1887-11/03/1912

Warwick, Nathaniel A.    Co C 3 Arkansas Infantry C.S.A.

Jenkins, Mary E.    10/30/1850-09/10/1896    Born Covington, NC

Whitlock, Homer    02/23/1890-07/05/1893    Son of T. H. and H. M. Whitlock

Martin, Jennie E.    12/04/1886-12/16/1958

Martin, Bessie Lee    05/27/1887-06/02/1969

Watson, Mrs. E. W.    01/01/1892-11/17/1971 1

Watson, Ernest W.    01/26/1894-06/13/1963

Park, Rosetta    05/21/1886-12/22/1969

Robbins, Othor B.    188?-1963    [SSDI shows yob to be 1887]

Leslie, George E.    01/25/1886-10/22/1961

Miller, Emma S.    12/25/1876-12/31/1963

Adams, Thomas Jefferson    1911-1970

Adams, Gypsy    1916-2001

Adams, Thomas Joel    09/03/1939-01/07/1997    CPO US Navy Vietnam

Dunn, Howard    09/05/1911-
    Dunn, Edna Mae    03/31/1909-09/08/1963

Davis, Rev. Sam D.    1906-1967

Gorbacz, Thomas    04/04/1890-1011/1969

Row 18
White, Martha E.    10/23/1861-03/09/1892

Woods, Emily U.    08/15/1864-05/06/1897

Craighead, A. B.    06/19/1831-09/29/1902

Craighead, Margaret I.    12/20/1835-04/07/1915

Weideman, Anna    03/17/1836-06/09/1904

Miller, Leta Mae    11/26/1913-01/07/1993

Miller, Juanita    03/03/1910-03/06/1910

Miller, Maude    07/31/1899-03/02/1920

Miller, Leon Cahill    09/12/1884-11/30/1956

Shuffield, Argus C.    09/06/1904-10/29/1859

Shuffield, Vera A.    08/13/1908-09/28/1987

McCall, Katherine Gardner    04/04/1882-11/08/1977

Schackleford, Myrtle Robins    02/11/1887-02/05/1964

Robins, Audrey C. "Ace"    06/22/1908-01/20/1979
    Robins, Florence Hawley    06/12/1909-11/27/2003

Zaborowski, Kazimierz    03/18/1891-01/12/1964

Suchan, Herman    06/27/1888-02/27/1968

Suchan, Mary    11/25/1894-11/13/1975

Row 19
Unknown    (single curbed grave with unreadable marker)

Suddeth, Jessie M.    07/10/1905-07/08/1907    daughter of O. A. and M. E. Suddeth    [Prior reading showed daughter of C. A. and M. ?  This marker was broken in two pieces and they were lying in two different places.]

Edmon, Garmon L.    03/02/1915-03/15/1920

Kelly, Walter    03/22/1858-02/09/1901    [This came from a prior reading. All I found was a footstone with the letters W. K. on it.]

Miller, Leon R.    08/18/1913-05/31/1986

Miller, John L.    03/27/1843-05/04/1914

Miller, Emma    03/31/1845-11/29/1926

Robbins, Lula Mae    1882-1956

George, James H.    1886-1960

Peterson, Arthur L.    1884-1961
    Peterson, Helma C.    1881-1976

Copeland, Benjamin    12/26/1882-05/20/1961

Hawley, Guy Wesley    05/10/1883-10/02/1970
    Hawley, Ethel Maye    05/10/1883-01/09/1963

Fogle, Melvin S.    03/16/1892-05/19/1963

Fogle, Maude E.    01/25/1896-10/17/1989

Fogle, Paul David    08/20/1936-03/14/1968    Arkansas AEM2 US Navy

Chatham, Margaret Lee    10/23/1881-07/16/1969

Row 20
Enochs, William Bonner    1847-1913

Enochs, Eliza    07/19/1852-02/13/1908    Wife of W. B. Enochs

Lambert, A. J.    12/03/1854-01/05/1930

Parks, Guy B.    07/14/1893-04/09/1963    Arkansas Pvt Co I 157 Inf World War I
    Parks, Ola E.    05/05/1905-04/10/1984

Harris, Austin W.    05/08/1898-01/21/1967
    Harris, Margorie    01/05/1912-02/05/2004

Medcalf, Richard A.    02/29/1894-03/28/1962    Arkansas PFC 323 Field Signal Bn World War I

Smith, Royden M.    04/28/1894-10/14/1973

MacDonald, Raymond C.    11/01/1896-07/14/1964
    MacDonald, Margaret    12/03/1904-06/12/1978

Sirratt, Enoch H.    11/26/1895-09/16/1996    Veteran of World War I
    Sirratt, Dovie L.    11/15/1905-03/18/1990

Williamson, Walter H.    12/16/1905-10/02/1962

Williamson, Harvie P.    03/07/1912-03/13/1975

Turngren, Axel E.    12/04/1882-08/01/1968

Turngren, Victoria K.    12/29/1893-11/14/1974

Row 21
Lambert, Hester A.    12/08/1855-01/01/1914    wife of A. J. Lambert

Lambert, Baby    Born and died 09/21/1912

Murphree, Manilav    02/01/1847-12/27/1921

Morgan, Kay Ilene    11/30/1951-05/27/1961

Morgan, John H.    08/27/1909-01/10/1981
    Morgan, Myrtle C.    06/19/1911-09/30/1960

Sims, Ernest A.    02/22/1880-11/20/1960

Jones, Earl K.    06/10/1916-03/08/1985    A Loving Husband

Jones, Helen K.    12/07/1926-12/23/1976    A Loving Wife

Cole, Ernestine    09/22/1908-01/26/1988    Sister

Belknap, Iva Nora    02/12/1883-03/13/1975

Row 22
Knew, Colleen E.    1921-1995

Moon, Laura    05/01/1874-10/04/1960

Hogue, Marvin Lee    1921-1984

Clark, Louis T.    06/15/1887-09/04/1963
    Clark, Lowell Mona    10/03/1896-08/05/1976

Kincannon, Marvin N.    08/12/1893-07/30/1963

Kincannon, Lucille    03/09/1884-06/06/1974

Pryor, Clarence J.    08/04/1908-12/07/1961

Brown, Pearl    02/07/1889-12/11/1961

Gregory, Bohumil    09/24/1891-08/01/1970    Arkansas 1st Sgt US Army World War I

Gregory, Mary    09/02/1895-07/30/1976

Row 23
Willoughby, William J.  (closeup)  1812-12/25/1891    aged 81 years    [This does not add up. Marker was hard to read.]

Willoughby, Mary A.    (closeup)  Died 08/15/1907 aged 74 years    Wife of William J. Willoughby

Willoughby, Virgil    08/28/1868-03/20/1892

Higgins, Virgil Willoughby    09/14/1891-08/10/1903    son of J. U. and W. M. Higgins

Stanley, William H.    02/01/1900-01/14/1967    Arkansas Pvt 1606 Service Unit World War II

Stanley, Myrtle O.    11/22/1890-06/09/1974

Smith, Linda M.    06/16/1892-02/19/1964

Holland, Ida L.    04/16/1887-08/27/1963

Corcoran, Thomas C.    08/07/1916-03/15/1960

Row 24
Willoughby, Henry    09/06/1864-06/05/1903

Willoughby, James M.    07/23/1860-08/02/1928

Willoughby, Ellen Viola    10/23/1862-04/20/1939

Gray, Pearl L.    01/14/1886-04/22/1949

Crouch, Roy    10/10/1891-10/28/1892    Infant son of G. W. and Rena Crouch

Arbuckle, Fred C.    02/13/1885-12/05/1964

Johnson, Riley    02/12/1902-09/19/1960

Johnson, Gussie Lee    1905-

Sellars, Jess A.    02/10/1888-06/19/1961
    Sellars, Miller Ray    01/13/1907-04/12/1963

Willis, John Gibson    02/20/1904-04/18/1961

Morris, Peter Richard    08/19/1888-09/25/1961
    Morris, Lynda Ross    04/28/1891-10/07/1981

Griffith, Hugh    07/13/1901-09/20/1888
    Griffith, Josie    06/04/1904-07/06/1967

Row 25
Campbell, John Henry    11/01/1912-01/06/1973    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War II

Chitwood, Alice    01/23/1893-10/11/1979

Kranz, Amelie    01/26/1889-08/31/1895    Daughter of Fred and Amanda Kranz

Kranz, Fred W.    02/16/1856-05/12/1924
    Kranz, Amanda    04/17/1858-12/27/1898    Wife of Fred Kranz

Lester, Jeff David    -09/21/1961

Lester, Margaret C.    [no dates]

Rankin, Raid    1898-1967
    Rankin, Dixie Bratcher    1895-

Berry, Sherman W.    1905-1976
    Berry, Edna    1910-1984

Lewis, Cuba    07/09/1896-03/05/1960

Zoll, Robert F.    12/09/1890-08/20/1973

Colby, Henry G.    01/16/1905-11/10/1968
    Colby, Evelyn P.    12/19/1911-05/24/1986

Row 26
Campbell, Roscoe Davis    09/09/1916-01/12/1997    PVT US Army

Campbell, Anna Belle    10/18/1863-12/16/1943

Covington, Aquilia Roscoe    01/06/1861-09/01/1939    [Name was not on marker; name from a prior 2005 reading by Gail Ashbrook.]

Lester, Patricia Ruth    10/03/1912-01/20/1991

Lester, Charlie F.    09/01/1907-05/21/1967

Lester, Margaret L.    02/18/1886-07/28/1950

Lester, Charlie W.    12/04/1879-07/19/1958

Beavers, Arlie O.    1906-1980    Daddy
    Beavers, Mildred B.    1912-1975    Mother

Rhorer, Harley N.    1883-

O'Connor, Sophie K.    1883-    [Obituary indicates she died 11/04/1968] 1

Pray, Ronald Gene    05/04/1940-06/25/1959

Krotter, Joseph A.    05/16/1922-11/26/1968    Minnesota PVT Med Dept World War II

Row 27
Barnett, Jaunita    02/21/1910-01/11/1911    Daughter of Flay [or Floy] and Minnie Barnett

Ellsworth, Minnie A.    02/26/1891-03/02/1962

Hickman, John W.    1890-1941

Hickman, Joel J.    1909-1925

Hickman, Attie E.    1900-1908

Kaufman, Emma Cypert    07/15/1870-09/12/1957

Kaufman, Marks    02/18/1860-11/26/1929

Row 28
McCollum, Sarah L.    11/23/1852-08/29/1902    Wife of J. M. McCollum

McCollum, J. M.    05/21/1853-05/25/1893

McCollum, Robert B.   10/28/1883-08/12/1935   Bob on top of marker

Hickman, Hattie E.    1873-1914

Hickman, J. J.    01/31/1870-
    Hickman, Louise    03/04/1875-

Rose, William Fred    1883-1939
    Rose, Ruby K.    06/16/1888-07/04/1944

Beavers, Sammy Gene    01/09/1937-11/09/1989    Beloved Father    B.P.O.E.

York, Curtis W.    04/16/1925-08/09/2009    Father
    York, Martha Jo    07/27/1933-06/12/2008    Mother

York, Melissa Bea    04/27/1957-06/12/1958    Our Baby

Scott, Dewey J. H.    01/03/1898-08/08/1958

Hubbard, Ida Lee    09/29/1883-01/16/1961

Denton, Odessa May Scott    09/15/1899-12/25/1968

Bondurant, Nancy C.    12/06/1876-12/26/1965

Jones, Rev. Frank Curtis    01/01/1885-10/01/1969

Row 23
Rothman, Lew    1908-1997
    Rothman, Essie    1902-1976

Chapman-Duke Family Marker

Chapman, Robert William II   10/07/1904-10/04/1910    Born in Columbus Ohio; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Duke, Herbert Chapman    02/13/1921-05/28/1921    Born and died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Chapman, Ida Mary Schaefer    01/30/1877-01/12/1955    Born in Portsmouth, Ohio; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Chapman, Robert William    02/27/1862-01/21/1928    Born in Portsmouth, Ohio; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Duke, Harold C.    1919-1978    Major US Army World War II

Duke, Gertrude Chapman    08/16/1898-05/21/1989    Born in Columbus, Ohio; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Duke, Harold Cleveland    07/10/1895-04/18/1974    Born in Prescott, Arkansas; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hansen, Warren H.    01/21/1880-12/06/1958
    Hansen, Olive J.    07/11/1880-07/26/1961

Hopper, Roy B.    02/05/1911-10/07/1957
    Hopper, Ella C.    03/09/1880-

Burris, Grover    1894-1958    Dad
    Goldston, Edith E.    09/13/1913-01/26/2009    Funeral Home Marker shows Edith Ellen Burris Goldston

Burris, Viola    10/15/1906-03/29/1969

Burris, W. C. "Bill"    12/23/1902-04/14/1986    Dad

Row 30
Richards, Duff N   (son of D C and W Richards)   01/15/1893-05/16/1893

McDonald, Mattie M (wife of W J McDonald)   born London, England died Hot Springs 07/27/illegible--still living in 1900 census

McDonald, Hollis   died 08/?/? month and year illegible

Turner, Alonzo M   1876-1926
    Turner, Rosa   1874-1953

Shelt, Anita W   09/24/1915-04/04/2005
    Shelt, Arthur T   05/18/1919-03/06/1985

McCoy, William Thomas   01/26/1949-09/12/1956

McCoy, Linda Sue   10/08/1950-09/12/1956

Portlock, Marie Schinks   08/28/1924-12/14/1959

Wanag, Peter   04/24/1887-03/18/1961

Lear, John William   01/07/1910-05/27/1967

Row 31
Broughton, Rex Preston  09/10/1904-04/26/1987
    Broughton, Anna Mae   12/27/1901-01/05/1982

Gemmill, Nellie E   08/21/1881-10/22/1910

Ledgerwood, Roy   11/14/1901-09/01/1968

Sutherland, Roy W    05/02/1898-04/10/1959

Pepemountas, Nick   06/20/1883-05/07/1959

Gudi, Wladimir   07/08/1896-06/18/1997

Campbell, Fred H   11/19/1899-08/26/1956   Texas PFC 2 Co Conv Center PH & OLC

Campbell, Mildred   02/27/1901-06/15/1995 1

Rand, John A   05/14/1919-11/22/1995   T Sgt US Army WWII

Rand, Era C   03/02/1932-09/28/2008

McCoy, William Lloyd   07/14/1921-09/12/1956

McCoy, Lillian R   09/16/1911-09/12/1956

Buris, Mrs Harry "Dolly"   [no place for dob or dod on stone]

Oprean, Eli   05/10/1888-09/21/1967

Markulin, Anna Vasilauskas   1895-1969

Row 32
Mader, Hattie   Died 04/16/1895 aged 21 Years

Estes, Blanche Ernestine    04/04/1898-04/14/1900    Daughter of W. F. and M. J. Estes    (Closeup)

Green, Martha Ann    Died 02/09/1897    [Prior 2005 reading by Gail Ashbrook showed her to be 52 years of age. The age is now broken off.]

Green, Howell P.    09/19/1848-10/30/1907    (Closeup)

Aldrich, A. P.    Died 08/17/1909 aged 70 Years    Co A 13 Reg Wisconsin

Aldrich, Helen M    12/31/1837-10/27/1932

Ledgerwood, Al O.    1869-06/30/1939

Ledgerwood, Madeline M.    07/11/1874-02/12/1954

Dorner, Alfred A.    07/12/1885-09/27/1976
    Dorner, Catherine    02/14/1901-08/22/1976

Broyles Family Marker

Broyles, Clyde A.    11/22/1919-05/12/2010    Husband and Father

Broyles, Parkes Oren    1942-1956    Son

Broyles, Elsie May    04/18/1921-05/10/2008    Wife and Mother

Farr, William "Bill"    09/04/1904-06/07/1994

Farr, Pearl    08/14/1904-06/23/1958

Smith, Harry G.    1886-1957

Biard, Gerald C.    04/04/1880-08/22/1956
    Biard, Mary A.    08/11/1889-11/29/1962

Dunn, John Paul    05/26/1883-10/22/1964
    Dunn, Myrtle Mae    01/04/1885-06/27/1975

Gunderson, Elvin Oscar    01/17/1887-11/16/1966

Row 33
Curry, Turner Walton    10/15/1860-06/23/1914

Smith, Beulah    09/09/1892-09/04/1894 [looks like]    Daughter of Morgan and Mary J. Smith

Smith, J. Morgan    02/15/1865-03/27/1898

Smith, Mary J.    06/14/1865-11/05/1939

Spencer, Bertha Lee    09/24/1896-01/22/1910

Boyce, F. Jerome    11/10/1905-07/15/1958

Kotek, Adolph A.    06/15/1900-10/10/1957    Arkansas PFC Deml World War II

Lizotte, John B.    05/28/1884-02/21/1956
    Lizotte, Zona E.    11/10/1905-01/18/1981

Libby, Lewis B.    07/08/1869-09/30/1957

Henry, Michael S.    08/20/1891-09/15/1967

Row 34
Ledgerwood Curbed Plot

Welch, Margaret   09/18/1819-04/14/1895

Ledgerwood, William H   10/29/1837-04/07/1897

Ledgerwood, Permelia Ann   11/03/1844-01/06/1932

Ledgerwood, W H   03/28/1864-06/02/1900   son of W H and P A Ledgerwood

Sims Curbed Plot

Pittman, William F.    01/25/1885-10/08/1957
    Pittman, Mittie Corine    01/05/1894-05/18/1964

Miller, Joe    03/06/1884-02/06/1964
    Miller, Florence    10/08/1892-02/07/1975

Coe, Charles Z.    01/30/1888-08/11/1958

Coe, Lucy M.    12/18/1896-05/21/1972

Hayes, Irving Joseph "Irv"    06/17/1916-06/17/1998    Married 08/16/1945
    Hayes, Marian Elizabeth    05/08/1924-06/14/2012    [date of death from obituary]

Moore, Allie Goodwin    04/08/1890-05/21/1959

Shirley, Thomas J.    04/19/1885-06/08/1956    Panama Canal

Shirley, Mrs. Thomas J. "Essie"    07/29/1889-06/11/1960

Fox, Alfred David    12/23/1937-05/08/1957    Arkansas SP3 13 Transportation Co

Krzyzostanski, Lawrence B   09/17/1925-05/23/1965

Sedach, Paul J.    10/16/1885-07/19/1967

Row 35
Ledgerwood, Dora E.   Died 03/15/1914 aged 49 years   wife of J. J. Ledgerwood

Ledgerwood, John J.   04/11/1943 aged 80 years

Kypke, Chester L.    06/10/1915-07/14/1991
    Kypke, Lucile H.    11/07/1908-04/23/1972

Elliott, Jared W.    09/05/1873-05/04/1964
    Elliott, Sara G.    09/01/1875-09/29/1970

Childers, Edward Irvin    10/11/1888-09/18/1957
    Childers, Maudie Iona    08/05/1895-10/26/1970

Fraser, Willie R.    1889-1959
    Fraser, Ada M.    1889-1975

Castleberry, Mack Ellis    02/01/1891-07/17/1965
    Castleberry, Susie Harriett    06/10/1892-06/13/1958

Jerrils, Mearl A.    11/06/1886-07/25/1957    In God We Trust

Ratliff, Gussie L.    1884-1957    At Rest

Campbell, John H.    11/22/1891-04/02/1966

Scroggins, Dorothy Phillips    01/25/1914-02/01/1966    Mother of Howard and Ted

Jones, Dixie Jo    05/03/1926-10/22/2003

Row 36
Rider, Douglas C.    01/22/1894-11/15/1910

Rider, Dr. Thomas B.    09/28/1860-0519/1912

Creed, William T.    03/20/1874-10/26/1913    (Closeup)

Leith, Joseph    09/26/1882-10/20/1972
    Leith, Marie E.    02/22/1884-02/19/1956

Smith, Granville W.    03/31/1876-12/15/1955

Smith, Minnie A.    09/21/1888-12/21/1972

Smith, Darrell S.   11/25/1906-01/31/1970    Arkansas S Sgt US Army World War II

Cook, Velma R.    05/22/1929-01/08/1979

Sykora, John    01/07/1882-02/27/1967
    Sykora, Anna    06/11/1887-10/23/1959

Jones, Amy Rose    12/27/1899-04/24/1982    Music - Teacher - Minister; Greatly Loved

Row 37
Helms, Asa    1839-1909
    Helms, Martha E.   1856-1901

Helms, Gladys    1902-1904

Ponder, Ora L.    05/10/1894-04/28/1965

Arnold, Charles Askew    1888-1959
    Arnold, Martha    1885-1967

Nichols, Oce E.    12/31/1899-11/07/1959
    Nichols, Nora H.    03/27/1899-08/05/1979

Ponder, William A.    04/07/1913-02/22/1960

Haight, Thelma M.    02/12/1909-09/12/1973

Ponder, Evelyn    05/29/1913-01/19/1998

Cook, Curtis C.    1909-1956

Cook, Mary Lou "Ada"    10/25/1889-06/17/1975

Stone, Walter Jr.    02/28/1924-04/06/1959    Illinois CPL 3502 Base Unit AAF World War II

Pittman, Dolores M.    1927-2004    Our Mother

Smith, Irving C.    1898-1970    "Handicapper"

Row 38
Stasunas, John A.    09/04/1884-08/06/1957    Father

Smith, Donald Albert    02/13/1914-07/24/1958    Arkansas Major Corp of Engineers World War II

Cornell, Gertrude Logan    03/09/1896-03/11/1969    Mother

Jenkins, Susie Elizabeth    11/01/1911-04/06/1999

Young, Treva Maher    09/07/1891-03/11/1972

Loyd, Kenney C.    04/02/1891-11/28/1971
    Loyd, Effie    07/06/1905-05/01/1987

Finch, James Oscar    07/01/1887-10/01/1972
    Finch, Lura B.    06/03/1892-01/29/1975

Miller, Edna Love    12/10/1886-01/01/1959

Kell, Margaret Walker    05/03/1891-11/14/1963

Love, Helen    02/02/1919-07/15/1970

Row 39
Rowles, James Osborne    1869-1931

Dagres, Gus    07/04/1889-08/28/1960

Ware, Horace    02/04/1882-09/16/1959

Ware, Martha L.    09/01/1897-02/04/1992    "Little Mama"

Gaunt, William S.    10/26/1890-04/04/1967
    Gaunt, Kathryn Ray    02/27/1895-04/11/1974

Pearce, David C.    09/12/1881-10/07/1967
    Pearce, Josephine J.    07/20/1903-06/23/1972

Smith, James Arthur    04/02/1891-09/26/1964    Veteran of World War I

Smith, Della Mae R.N.    09/16/1907-07/25/1956

Sindlinger, Aubrey W.    1898-1985
    Sindlinger, Mabel C.    1904-1993

Row 40
Callahan, Joseph R.    08/19/1874-07/29/1964

Riggs, John A.    11/05/1866-03/05/1936

Riggs, Ida L.    07/25/1870-12/11/1941

Miller, Agnes Riggs    12/18/1893-12/06/1971

Miller, Earl F.    02/19/1888-02/22/1968

Payne Family Monument

Payne, Virgle Milton    07/09/1903-03/27/1958    Arkansas PFC US Army World War II

Payne, Lennie P.    12/23/1902-12/19/1985

Eby, George G.    03/17/1885-09/15/1976
    Jones, Winfred B.    05/18/1906-04/24/1974

T. S. Ford Family Monument

Ford, Larry Lee    12/23/1932-06/27/1954    Son of Luther and Rhuye Ford

Ford, Rhuye Ann    07/15/1909-07/07/2004

Ford, Luther Lee    11/24/1906-04/11/1997

Ford, Reed S.    07/29/1912-12/11/1972

Row 41
King, Guss    1888-1890

King, Ella B.    1868-1895

King, T. Rosco    1866-1924

Jones, Flora S.    07/04/1883-09/28/1965    [on the back of George Eby and Winfred Jones]
    Jones, Robert H.    01/02/1879-02/08/1968

Row 42
Long, Sidney    Died 01/26/1933    Arkansas Wagoner 66 Field Arty 96 Div

King, John Henry    02/05/1896-02/05/1896

John A. Riggs Family Monument

Riggs, Byron L.    06/07/1904-02/10/1948

Riggs, Elizabeth P.    09/27/1902-02/23/1988

Vanderburg, Minnie P.    12/23/1902-10/16/1980

T. S. Ford Family Monument

Ford, Harold E. Sr.    08/09/1915-04/03/1996

Ford, Evelyn J.    [no date of death shown]

Ford, T. S.    02/22/1884-01/16/1961

Ford, Bennie F.    01/10/1886-04/22/1970

New Circle - H Block
Row 1   
[Read 27 April 2011]
Cotham Plot
McKinney, Louise Cotham    02/11/1890-04/22/1968
Cotham, Robert Bruce    12/26/1885-04/17/1941

Cook Plot
Brewer, Edwina Cook    11/03/1896-12/20/1987
Terrell, Whit Seay    12/20/1897-09/27/1962
Terrell, Rylie Wing    07/10/1893-10/19/1976
Brewer, Adrian Louis    10/02/1891-06/22/1956
Cook, Abner Hugh M.D.    07/08/1886-03/10/1919
Cook, Minnie Thomason    09/06/1867-12/03/1962
Cook, E. T. M.D.    06/04/1854-07/11/1917

Steele Plot
Steele, Samuel Bryan    06/06/1869-05/04/1940
Allen, Mrs. Florence    12/01/1858-12/16/1919
Steele, Hariett Lorane    1876-1919

[Read 19 May 2013 from here through Row 2]

James Family Plot

James, Mary    10/06/1838-12/12/1919

Phister, Ben    03/06/1868-01/12/1938    Husband of Alma James

James, Corporal Ben Allan    02/18/1894-10/21/1918    Died Camp Johnston

Gray, Gussie Steele    10/23/1861-11/01/1918

Gray, Fred    08/07/1861-11/03/1935

Gray, Della B.    03/10/1889-01/14/1973

Gray, C. O.    09/22/1887-12/06/1965

Tanner Family Plot

Tanner, Henry    08/18/1878-08/25/1950

Tanner, Martin J.    07/04/1880-10/22/1936

Tanner, Caroline    01/01/1851-12/14/1920

Tanner, Martin N.    08/19/1841-03/14/1919    Born in Switzerland

Mead, Elbert S.    09/09/1901-11/18/1978

Mead, Hilda Gray    03/15/1893-05/24/1986

Gray, Vera E.    07/06/1890-05/07/1981

Lockett Family Plot

Lockett, Sarah J.    08/04/1868-11/09/1946

Lockett, B. P.    05/18/1859-11/27/1919

Pulos, Pearl Lockett    1906-1942

Bole, Ellis Clay    08/18/1903-07/31/1972
    Bole, Susan Lockett    08/22/1901-07/11/1972

Lockett, Benjamin S.    -07/28/1940    Arkansas Pvt US Army

Maner, Carrie    10/01/1886-02/21/1919    Wife of J. A. Maner

Maner, Jeff A.    07/04/1889-05/04/1972

Maner, Elmer Lee    06/13/1931-09/20/1941

McMurrian, Danny    11/14/1953-04/26/1998

Bean Family Plot

Bean, Caroline Chandler    05/11/1890-01/05/1920

Coard Family Plot

Coard, John Jackson    1845-08/22/1919    Born in St. Andrew's

Coard, Martha C.    09/01/1848-02/03/1927    Born in New York

Row 2   

Black Family Plot

Black, G. F.    11/20/1865-03/13/1923

Wirsing Family Plot

Kathman, Marie    06/12/1869-12/11/1949    Born in Munich, Germany

Wirsing, C. A.    06/19/1834-11/20/1920

Martfeld, Henry    10/16/1857-01/29/1924

Thornton Family Plot

Thornton, Erma Pearl    1909-1910

Thornton, Ella Esther    1883-1962

Thornton, E. W. "Gene"    1876-1934

Covington Plot
Covington, H. C.    09/19/1888-07/08/1920    [closeup]

Wesson Family Plot

Wesson Family Marker    [no markers in plot]

Woodcock Family Plot

Woodcock, Charlie    09/12/1864-09/05/1919

McCafferty Family Plot

McCafferty, Verah Craighead    1872-1961

McCafferty, Hiram    06/10/1855-11/13/1919

Lake, Stella White    1892-1961

Lake, William F.    1886-

Lewis, Arnold W.    09/1861-02/1927

Rigsbee Family Plot

Daddy    06/20/1875-02/21/1920    [It is assumed this is the marker for John B. Rigsbee.]

Mama    11/20/1880-01/27/1963    [It is assumed this is the marker for Bertha Dell Gill Rigsbee.]

Wadsworth Family Plot

Wadsworth, Clarence    01/07/1919-05/18/1998    US Army US Navy World War II Korea

Wadsworth, Martha Bunn    05/19/1920-01/26/2008

Wadsworth, Charles J.    12/31/1939-08/26/1973    Arkansas SN US Navy Vietnam

Wadsworth, Clinton "Buddie"    08/24/1908-08/02/1919

Bayless, Jessie B.    11/25/1901-05/03/1937

Wadsworth, C. C.    1875-1954

Wadsworth, Alta Lee    1882-1956

Row 3    [Rows 3-4 Read 26 May 2013]

Hildreth Family Plot

Hildreth, Mary Ann    08/1830-01/1921
    Hildreth, Martin L.    10/12/1864-10/11/1946
    Hildreth, Hattie F.    10/01/1870-03/26/1962
    McDaniels, Allie R.    1890-1964
Hildreth, Mary Ellen    07/21/1946-07/21/1946    [These names were on the back of the previous Hildreths.]
    Hildreth, Flora    04/03/1904-02/23/1995
    Hildreth, George F.    07/04/1899-03/13/1987
    Hildreth, Ledger M.    04/03/1902-12/29/1939

Hildreth, Stanley w.    10/13/1922-11/05/1995    U.S Coast Guard World War II    Merchant Seaman 1940-1969

Haight, Lorette    1881-1953

Haight, Walter I.    1909-1963

Whitford, Albert    04/30/1890-08/30/1970    Arkansas Wagr Hq 14 Bn 20 Engrs World War I

Sims-McManus Family Monument
Sims, Annie May    09/20/1895-06/13/1965
    Sims, James J.    09/14/1858-08/29/1920
    Sims, Martha J.    12/25/1870-10/23/1944

Stranburg, Rev. W. L. A.    03/25/1861-02/16/1920

Crockett, Eli S.    12/28/1857-08/10/1920

Sheldon, Howard A.    08/13/1862-09/01/1921

McFadden, Herbert    -10/01/1920    Aged 47 Years

Clement Family Plot

Clement, Adelia    05/11/1870-03/05/1943    Wife of Stephen Clement

Clement, Stephen    07/26/1850-01/07/1920

Clement, Valarie    04/04/1890-01/14/1943

Clement, John A.    10/29/1891-07/31/1948

White, Willie Ben    1861-1948

Bradburn, Mary Elizabeth    08/02/1918-03/07/1920

Schmelzel Family Plot

Schmelzel, Alma Hill    07/18/1894-03/23/1920

Bauman, Ray C.    12/31/1895-02/10/1950    New York 1 Sgt Inf World War II

Nelson Family Plot

Nelson, Leona    -12/12/1920    Aged 16 Years

Nelson, Charles A.    1871-1927

Speer Family Plot

Owen, Anna Eliza    1838-1920    Wife of J. P. Owen

Speer, Anna Pearl Owen    12/03/1882-06/01/1920    Wife of G. H. Speer

Speer, G. H.    12/04/1871-07/24/1925

Wadkins, Louisa    02/14/1855-06/16/1921

Wadkins, William    05/11/1840-04/02/1937    Co. B. 13 Iowa Infantry

Cain, Lula M.    03/03/1890-04/01/1944

Wadkins, Frank    10/17/1876-07/04/1947

Row 4

Ramseur, Bertha R.    12/22/1895-09/13/1984

Ramseur, William H., Sr.    05/19/1895-06/20/1961    Arkansas Sgt 5 Student Co QMC World War I

Adams, Belva P.    11/30/1899-01/18/1974

Adams, Paralee    11/10/1875-10/14/1952    Sister

Harvey Family Plot

Harvey, Aubrey Nicholas    08/11/1901-07/01/1920

Harvey, Calvin C.    1858-1934

Harvey, Edward C.    12/07/1890-12/31/1948    Arkansas 1st Lieut 305 Repair Unit MTC World War I

Foley, Edna Harvey    06/17/1904-01/25/1958    Mamaw

Haskell, Dorothy Harvey    12/02/1893-07/26/1974    Dodo

Kroha, Dorothy Foley    12/06/1922-12/20/1970    Mom

Schultz Family Plot

Schultz, Henry Ernest    12/25/1847-10/04/1922
    Schultz, Nellie Connelly    07/21/1869-09/12/1958

Schultz, E. F.    10/29/1876-01/24/1920

Vaughan Family Plot

Vaughan, Mary E.    01/25/1852-03/17/1928

Vaughan, W. T.    08/07/1855-08/25/1920

Spencer Family Plot    (with bench)

Wells, Lenora Spencer    12/15/1888-10/15/1944

Spencer, Roy Frank    07/27/1910-03/04/1921

Spencer, Clarence J.    10/25/1882-08/30/1938

Brown-Goodine Family Plot

Harrison, Ruby Jean    11/18/1921-10/08/1922

Brown, Mrs. M. E.    -10/28/1935    Aged 77 Years

Goodine, Dolores Brown    07/27/1882-11/06/1920

Broughton, Betty Godwin    12/25/1881-07/21/1964

Row 5

Fulton, J. W.    04/01/1854-12/25/1920    [curbed plot]

Steele Family Plot

Steele, Annie    06/07/1844-03/06/1927    Wife of Rev. C. O. Steele

Steele, Rev. Columbus Oney    11/10/1838-04/15/1930

Pickering Family Plot

Pickering, Roy    12/24/1896-04/10/1932    Arkansas Pvt 1 Cl 128 Inf 32 Div

Pickering, Rose E.    12/24/1853-12/10/1920    Mother

Pickering, Paul    06/19/1886-02/21/1949

Nichols Family Plot

Sears, J. E.    10/02/1876-02/09/1936

Nichols, Raymond N.    1893-1947

Nichols, Lula    04/05/1857-04/04/1921

Reader, Bernice Mae    07/15/1907-08/15/1983

Reader, Richard J.    11/16/1887-04/08/1962

Reader, Gwendolyn    09/19/1887-12/17/1950

Wallace Family Plot

Wallace, F. M.    09/02/1856-12/15/1924

Wallace, Walker E.    Aged 34 Years

Wallace, Adline    1856-1920    Mother

Wright-Fields Family Plot

Wright, Lycurus B. M.D.    -04/22/1921    Aged 75 Years 1 Month 28 Days

Wright, Jane Guard    02/14/1851-04/28/1933

Van Sickle, Ada W.    10/03/1879-07/21/1966
    Van Sickle, Garland P.    02/07/1875-05/24/1957

~ The rest of this row was read 31 May 2013

Hock Family Plot

Hock, Mary E.    Wife of ? Hock    ___/1860-05/11/1921    [broken marker]

Gray, Effie M.    11/08/1865-06/08/1953

Cullum, Arminta    11/07/1881-06/07/1955

Gray, Leroy    08/07/1899-02/13/1956

Dr. Wallace Family Plot

Wallace, Dr. H. C.    1845-1926

Wallace, Mary Adams    1865-1921

Rather, Nellie Wallace    1888-1951

Reynolds Family Plot

Reynolds, Gladys Sevier    1901-1996    Wife of Al. A. Reynolds

Reynolds, Al. A.    1876-1952

Reynolds, Maeda Minich    1886-1923    Wife of Al. A. Reynolds

Minich, James    1845-1921

Towner, Ralph Wheeler    02/09/1912-07/12/1958    Arkansas ARM1 USNR World War II

Kincannon Family Plot

Kincannon, Gilbert B.    01/20/1896-03/05/1986
    Kincannon, Ruby M.    08/10/1901-07/23/1979

Kincannon, James E.    10/08/1884-02/08/1922

Kincannon, Eliza H.    08/14/1865-08/29/1938
    Kincannon, Walter J.    12/17/1861-04/18/1935

Smitherman, Pearl K.    08/16/1892-06/28/1963

Row 6    [Read 8 June 2013]

Joplin Family Plot

Joplin, Mollie E.    03/07/1867-03/27/1933

Joplin, J. Frank    12/24/1861-03/12/1942

Joplin, Thell, Jr.    07/23/1918-07/25/1977    US Army

Joplin, Mildred A.    12/08/1911-05/11/1964

Joplin, Thell H.    08/30/1889-03/09/1985

Choate, Jewell T.    08/06/1898-02/02/1962

Choate, Robert A.    11/28/1896-12/05/1953    Arkansas S2 USNRF World War I

Friedley Family Plot

Haumont, Edith    1890-1968    [Gross FHM]    [I did not see this in 2013; reading came from a prior 2005 reading by Gail Ashbrook.]

Friedley, Nancy J.    12/03/1832-09/29/1921

Bailey Family Plot

Bailey, Louia Herbert    10/30/1905-10/13/1921

Bailey, Prather DeWayne    05/21/1911-12/23/1917

Howard, Libbie Pratt    10/05/1881-10/16/1971

Howard, Samuel Thomas    12/11/1878-11/12/1955

Schweer Family Plot

Maxwell, Jennie Catherine    10/06/1858-10/21/1921

Hayden, Odie M.    10/25/1881-01/30/1939

Schweer, Beulah M.    03/20/1878-08/30/1951

Schweer, George Henry    03/07/1871-03/23/1946

Laughlin Family Plot

Spencer, Kenneth C.    1858-1922
    Spencer, Caroline B.    1862-1940    His Wife

Base with marker broken off

Haerer, Mina    11/13/1840-12/28/1921

Laughlin, Kate M.    02/16/1873-01/19/1944

Laughlin, William C.    06/16/1865-07/22/1929

Moore Family Plot

Powell, Martha Moore    12/22/1921-01/01/1922

Moore, Lt. Wayne Hart    02/24/1890-02/18/1919

Moore, William Hardin    01/28/1855-03/12/1937
    Moore, Carrie Belle    04/23/1862-10/26/1947

Block E North
Row 1

Vaughan, John W.    04/12/1891-07/06/1951    Arkansas Pvt 162 Depot Brigade World War I

Disheroon, Roy    07/15/1901-10/17/1927    son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Disheroon

Disheroon, Frank    08/16/1892-01/01/1928    son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Disheroon

Disheroon - Moore - Purvis Family Monument

Purvis, Thompson Earl    08/03/1892-07/06/1976
    Purvis, Mary Lynn Moore    03/31/1897-11/02/1984

House, Nannie

Moore, George W.    01/12/1894-09/02/1968

Hightower, T. A. M.D.    06/20/1850
    Hightower, Ella Hollingshead (his wife)    12/06/1862-08/13/1925

Cantrell, Sophronia    died 01/18/1935

Witherspoon, Clara Wheatley    11/22/1898-07/11/1992

Witherspoon, William D.    05/16/1896-07/20/1965    Ark Bugler 2 USNRF World War I

Salie, Gladys Modine    04/06/1919-11/18/1995

Page, Dan Allen    09/27/1946-08/14/1948

Fleet, Lillian McGuire    02/15/1901-12/22/1993

Robinson, Windsor E.    02/07/1885-09/01/1953

Thompson, John M.    02/11/1862-01/03/1941

Worthen, Gerald B.    04/24/1892-11/16/1948
    Worthen, Minnie L.    08/07/1888-10/07/1979

Hardison Marjorie Bayless    04/18/1917-03/24/1955

Bayless, Bettie Lou    03/05/1923-06/28/1925    daughter of M. S. and B. R. Bayless

Burch, Billy    09/27/1920-11/15/1920    son of C. F. and L. M. Burch

Smith, Lucille C.    09/23/1925-07/13/1997

Smith, Jack    01/20/1923-08/04/1995

Row 2
Patrick, Leonard L.    02/09/1905-05/22/1954
    Patrick, Mollie    06/20/1882-08/29/1954

Disheroon, John F.    04/25/1859-05/01/1928

Holzer, Florence E.    08/24/1903-04/11/1975

Holzer, Richard D.    12/22/1907-11/05/1954

Disheroon, Ollie Dodson    1886-1958
    Disheroon, Charles C.    1887-1969

Moore, Mattie Dodson    10/06/1870-10/08/1960
    Moore, Oce Orr    08/29/1869-05/02/1929

Entwistle, Heather D. Boles    08/24/1952-02/13/2004

Boles, Jerry Don    12/31/1945-01/27/2005

Halford, James A.    08/08/1854-07/24/1934

Reader, Lee G.    11/13/1868-10/21/1928
    Reader, Nellie S.    01/24/1872-10/22/1928

Witherspoon, Laura T.    born and died 07/05/1926

Alford, Naomi    1900-1926    Mother

Alford, Arlie    1897-1929    Father

McGuire, Ruth E.    01/01/1875-06/14/1943
    McGuire, Martin K.    11/23/1863-10/18/1926

Ledgerwood, Louise Robinson    died 03/18/1952 age 88 years

Robinson, T. Windsor    10/27/1853-11/11/1900

Thompson, Raymond M.    12/23/1906-05/25/1927

Smith, Baby Boy    born and died 04/03/1962

Clubb, Thomas A.

Bayless, Bessie Rhea    08/31/1894-11/14/1983
    Bayless, Millard S.    04/08/1887-03/18/1974

Burch, Lucy Mae    05/08/1898-12/14/1984

Burch Clarence Frank Sr.    04/22/1889-05/25/1969

Burch, Margaret Louise    05/27/1921-03/10/1989

Row 3
Grummert, Helena    12/05/1879-10/05/1952
    Grummert, Charles    03/08/1875-11/25/1951

Disheroon, Lourena Bentz    1886-1954
    Disheroon, Ernest Farmer    1883-1955

McGee, Pearl A.    07/31/1900-

McGee, Wirt    04/17/1887-01/09/1968    Arkansas Pvt Co F 359 Infantry World War I

Holzer, Frank W.    09/10/1904-01/01/1968

Holzer, Lydia Mae    11/10/1908-04/10/1970

Cline, Inez Evelyn   12/01/1923-05/02/1999   daughter of Floyd and Sadie Hall Halsell
    Cline, Billy Frank   07/23/1921-01/23/1984   son of Will and Nettie Oaks Cline    Sgt US Army World War II [Veteran stone shows name of Willy Frank Cline]

Abbott, Evelyn E.    08/14/1907-05/06/1925

Family of Edgar H. Burrough Monument

Burrough, Paul E.    1905-1968

Burrough, Grace    1886-1959
    Turner, Rose Burrough    1909-1991

Burrough, Edgar H.    1878-1953

Berrow, Louise B.    09/26/1911-01/20/1997

Bray, Jessie Ada    01/26/1877-09/08/1939

Bray, Oliver Newton    12/14/1872-07/10/1955

Bray, Edith Schardt    10/31/1900-02/28/1925
    Jones, Edith Bray    02/28/1928-10/03/1967 1
    Hemmer, Sylvester Louis    07/16/1876-08/21/1934
    Hemmer, Mary Lou    [no date of death shown]

Row 4
Stone, Walter Lee    04/10/1894-03/29/1954    Arkansas Sgt co I 11 Infantry World War I

Bentz, Ruth E.    01/01/1890-04/04/1966

Floyd, William J.    10/11/1875-01/22/1951    Pvt 2 Miss Infantry Sp Am War

Seaton, Jess R.    01/07/1875-03/07/1923

Halsell, Floyd   04/01/1905-10/27/1968   son of J W and Lucy Adams Halsell 1

Hash, Martha Caroline    02/11/1847-04/18/1925

Williams, Helen    11/09/1920-09/21/1995

Williams, Ernest Jacob    03/18/1917-02/05/1988

Berrow, Dean J.    05/30/1892-08/30/1958    Arkansas 1st Sgt Field Artillery World War I

Burrough, Mable Claire    04/11/1920-12/28/1934

Burrough, Christine    02/07/1908-12/28/1934

Burrough, Ercel Grace    05/21/1922-01/30/1932

Moulos, Theodozos    died 08/05/1928    aged 69 years    (closeup)

Black, Annie    08/20/1900-01/27/1927    Wife of William M. Black

Hemmer, Margie Lou    05/21/1934-08/14/1937
    Dawson, Marjorie    11/23/1907-05/23/1975 1
    Hemmer, Harold Edward    09/30/1936    Infant Son of Elmer Hemmer

Brooks Family Monument

Taylor, H. R.    11/11/1854-12/04/1920    [this was in a prior reading, and I did not see a marker]

Brooks, Helen    06/26/1901-08/31/1927

Brooks, Infant    born and died 07/29/1921    Daughter of J. O. and H. E. Brooks

Row 5
Jackson, Marie    06/07/1889-05/12/1968

Blanton, Minnie P.    1880-1955

Lynch, Anna Mae    01/03/1901-02/01/1977
    Lynch, James L.    02/22/1901-02/16/1959

Bedaw, Edgar L.    05/04/1885-10/11/1978

Howell, Charlie H.    03/28/1882-03/10/1953

Weaver, Grace Ann    09/28/1917-07/17/1992
    Weaver, Edward Lee    12/30/1914-04/07/1976

Henderson, Steven Lance    09/08/1969 [dod]

Wesemann, Louis    passed away 04/06/1933

Kingsland, Alice P.    06/19/1848-03/06/1925

Howard, C. M.    09/22/1871-03/05/1921

Angle, Jessie    01/11/1884-12/22/1916

Caswell, James    08/18/1908-04/28/1910

Howard, Patricia Jane    09/04/1922-01/12/1925    daughter of Wilbert and Sallie Howard

Houpt, Sid C.    1894-1926    AEF Co B 355th Inf 89th Div

Houpt, Henry    1863-1934

Houpt, Dora Lee    1876-1949

Brooks, Almedia G.    12/11/1876-03/01/1957

Brooks, William L.    07/24/1873-09/16/1955 1

Row 6
Ermey Family Monument

Ermey, Josephine    06/07/1858-07/01/1923    Mother

Ermey, James H.    03/13/1854-09/25/1930    Father

Berry, Albert S.    02/02/1887-06/22/1925

Twiss, Eleanor Park    07/03/1908-06/03/1995

Twiss, Moses N.    1880-1955

Kaufman, Pauline    03/25/1896-09/15/1924

Scott, Mrs. Lillie    11/12/1898-04/28/1964    Mother

Scott, Thomas Gaines    12/27/1873-06/13/1950

Koch Family Marker

VanPelt, William B.    01/27/1897-09/15/1969    South Carolina Sgt 48 Inf World War I

Koch, George Charles    02/25/1863-01/05/1925

Cline, Floyd B.    04/29/1917-04/06/1918

McGaughey, Lucille F.    02/26/1892-06/10/1985

McGaughey, Jordan H.    02/09/1896-12/09/1974

Vaught, Analee Athanas    12/11/1928-05/10/2005

Hower, Haines    1911-1975    Lt Col US Air Force

Kingsland-Owens Family Monument

Howard, Mary Joan    01/10/1944-05/30/1944

Howard-Houpt Family Monument

Polos, Hilda Broughton   08/19/1909-07/11/1975

Row 7
Ermey, Anna Marie    1884-1958

Ermey, William W.    1879-1945

Woodden, James V.    01/15/1890-03/24/1951

Moyses, Aloceis    12/27/1876-01/15/1953    Baker 1st Cl USS Dixie

Shannahan, Mary L. Sumpter    02/27/1875-01/27/1942

Shannahan, W. E.    03/14/1867-12/05/1923

Scott, Lawrence    05/20/1902-01/09/1973

Scott, Allie May    05/25/1903-07/04/1960

Scott, Conner M.    10/28/1897-11/27/1968

Crossan, Mason E.    10/20/1864-11/01/1942

Williams, Ellen    01/17/1887-04/11/1925
    Williams, Jake    01/26/1886-02/14/1932

Oaks, Henry Lee    08/25/1878-10/06/1932

Dickerman, Samuel J.    1834-1927
    Dickerman, Mary A.    1843-1925

McGaughey, Theron L.    09/14/1897-03/14/1925

Wallace, Ella    10/04/1868-12/21/1939 1

Athanas, Lee Ella    11/17/1902-12/16/1953

Athanas, Athas J.    11/07/1895-07/05/1963    Arkansas Mus 3 Cl Hq Co 15 Fld Arty World War I

Owens, Julie M.    09/28/1887-11/18/1940

Owens, Mary Alice    02/06/1925-12/25/1944

Owens, Alice Kingsland    06/29/1889-01/25/1971

Owens, William    02/09/1893-01/09/1868    Arkansas Pvt 307 Ambulance Co World War I

Flowers, K. B.    03/30/1879-09/09/1925
    Flowers, Martha    02/28/1863-03/31/1955

Howard, Sallie    07/17/1897-09/24/1960

Howard, Wilbert B.    11/11/1896-12/12/1959    Arkansas Pvt 13 Co 162 Depot Brigade World War I

Muse, Linda Lee    [no date of death shown]
    Muse, Henry William    [no date of death shown]

Dale, Pearl    09/15/1903-08/13/1978

Dale, Plumer R.    10/18/1903-09/14/1945

Russum, Mildred   01/28/1908-08/20/1928

Broughton, Betty J   06/16/1875-02/10/1940

Broughton, William Frank   11/01/1873-08/07/1959

Row 8
Moseley, Arthur Richard    1846-1923
    Moseley, Eunice West    1862-1948
    Martynse, Linda F.    03/05/1899-07/10/1981

Kimery, Betty Lou    05/24/1936-06/25/1936

Kimery, Willie Mary    11/13/1917-07/20/1925

Kimery, Marvin Reed    01/20/1923-07/20/1924

Kimery, Terry Sue    08/06/1955-08/07/1955

Howard, Gilbert P.    02/28/1901-05/25/1967

Howard, Glenna M.    09/25/1902-07/23/1989

Cline, Will W.    10/20/1886-11/29/1948

Cline, Nancy Nettie    07/26/1890-07/05/1980

Douglas, Hoyt David "Sarge"    07/30/1920-09/16/1999

Douglas, Brenda Kay    11/27/1949-10/19/1950

Row 9
Brewer, Jennie Standerford    01/02/1879-10/11/1923

Martin, George D.    01/31/1892-10/18/1923

Scarlett, Donald Mack    1917-1922

Kirkham, Laura A.    died 10/17/1923 aged 73 years

Kimery, Leona Jane    01/26/1895-11/12/1927

Kimery, Leonard D.    10/02/1885-07/27/1976

Kimery, Marjorie E.    11/01/1927-08/06/1928

Tarver, Ralph C.    1895-1942
    Tarver, Eula H.    03/27/1899-09/27/1990

Ritter, Conrad Emil    06/07/1860-02/02/1950

Payne, Seth E.    07/31/1881-02/08/1950

Chambers, Willie Velma    11/11/1903-09/01/1976    Children:  Hazel and Raymond

Buckles, Lillie Mae    08/16/1892-10/02/1990

Buckles, Homer F.    08/29/1890-05/01/1950

Burroughs, Eldon Monroe    08/10/1925-05/06/1998
    Helm, Albert A.    06/23/1878-03/04/1968

Van Pelt, Julia C.    07/02/1859-04/07/1950    Mother

Bradford, Sally
    Kendricks, Johnnie

Sorensen, Carl Einer    09/08/1903-02/01/1961

Edwards, Lewis    01/09/?-02/25/?    son of H. L. and Dora    [broken ledger-type marker]

Row 10
Moore Family Monument

Moore, Myrtie    12/16/1899-12/04/1975
    Moore, Margaret    10/07/1909-10/05/1989

Moore, Paul    07/09/1902-09/02/1961
    Moore, Mattie    03/17/1872-05/12/1958

Webb, Thomas William    08/12/1950-08/19/1950

Thorsen, Claus    08/22/1877-11/07/1960

McLeod, Myles Randal    10/04/1949-08/07/1951

Row 11
Burton Family Monument

Burton, Eugene Fitzhugh    1909-1999

Burton, Oneida Lewis    1913-2000

Miller, John E.    1857-1923

Richardson, Fred M.    11/08/1901-05/06/1978
    Richardson, Ruby Ann    03/17/1899-11/16/1972

Allman, Anna H.    01/15/1890-09/27/1973
    Allman, James I.    06/04/1885-03/09/1968

Allen, Lenna    1889-1964

Allen, Herbert J.    1908-1935

Row 12
Miller, John D.    10/26/1936 [dod]    Florida Sgt 124 Inf 31 Div

Seale Family Monument

Preuss, Maggie L    03/28/1846-02/06/1923    Our Mother

Lewis, Adelaide G.    08/07/1852-05/22/1926    Mother of Maj. John H. Trinder, USA)

Allman Family Monument

Allen Family Monument

Shelton, William H.    1846-1924    Father

Gallaher, James R.    12/18/1852-07/31/1922

Gallaher, Ella J.    10/13/1863-11/17/1941

Wood, P. P.    1863-1928    Father
    Wood, Katherine K.    1883-1964

Reamey, James S.    1908-1983

Reamey, Charlotte K.    1905-1980

Howard, Lula A.    01/09/1874-02/21/1930
    Howard, J. Albert    06/29/1871-11/26/1924

Howard, J. Mitt    05/16/1897-11/11/1961    Father and Husband

Howard, Loretta N.    09/25/1897-08/10/1956    Mother and Wife

Bunch, William    01/06/1925 age 55 years
    Bunch, Dora    1879-1947

Row 13
Burton, Fitzhugh    1853-1922    Husband and Father

Burton, Selma Belding    1873-1938    Wife and Mother

Burton, Albert M.    1912-1929

Miller, James A.    02/15/1895-02/08/1940    Florida Sgt. 124 Inf. 31 Div.

Miller, Cecil B.    11/24/1885-09/23/1936

Seale, Auva A.    Departed 11/18/1941    Husband
    Seale, Lillian P.    Departed 06/08/1958    Wife

Wallace, Mary M.    08/23/1863-09/02/1926

Allman, James Samuel    11/27/1920-02/06/1945    Arkansas Tech Sgt 511 AAF Bomb Sq World War II

Whisenant, Mary V. Breckenridge    1887-1923

Kincannon, William J. Sr.    03/08/1889-11/13/1953

Allen, Oscar    1881-1924

Allen, Homer L.    1906-1927

Westerman, George Franklin Sr.    11/10/1885-01/29/1924

Long, Mamie Westerman    05/02/1890-02/26/1974

Shelton, William L.    1906-1927
    Shelton, Harry H.    1884-1943

Henley, Elijah J.    07/30/1847-04/19/1927
    Henley, Kansas    09/01/1870-01/01/1935

Swenehart, Josephine Rolfes    1889-1924

Brazil, M. S.    1850-1928

Reamey, James S.    1868-1924    Past Grand Master

Reamey, Nellie Kraemer    1874-1957    Wife of James S. Reamey

Howard, Cora Lena    09/15/1895-04/03/1935
    Howard, Carrie    06/20/1894-12/05/1985

Howard, Herman Earl    07/24/1903-05/16/1958

Williams, William R.    07/21/1863-06/25/1932
    Williams, Lillie L.    05/15/1869-03/18/1940

Block E South
Row 1

Krotzer, Robert A    03/30/1883-06/12/1936

Krotzer, Blanche    05/16/1888-07/21/1953

Krotzer, Albert H    09/30/1877-05/26/1947

Caldwell, Tinie Bell    05/19/1917-10/27/1936

Plein, Nicklos    01/03/1871-08/17/1936

Dameron, Zelna A.    1910-1936

Scott, Nola Rayburn    03/14/1870-02/11/1936

Johnson, Harry L    08/01/1900-01/17/1936

Moore, John    Amarillo, Texas    10/29/1935

Moore, Luta    Amarillo, Texas    01/16/1956

Pallas, Socrates E    10/13/1918-03/10/1931    Aged 12 Years

Renegar, James Henry    1884-1942

Renegar, Kate N    1868-1940

Powell, Major Ted    01/23/1884-07/08/1940    Texas

Holmes, Perry Smith M.D.    11/20/1872-06/20/1940

Holmes, Alix Beerstecher    08/02/1874-02/28/1970

Schumaker, Clarence    04/26/1931    Colorado Pvt 1 Cl 125 Bakery Co

Rhodey, Fannie G    10/01/1890-12/31/1974

Frayser, John    03/07/1931    North Carolina 1st Sgt 2 US Cavalry

Green, Andrew W    1863-1931

Green, Almedia    1868-1941

Billingsley, R R "Bill"    10/18/1892-04/23/1964    Veteran of World War I

Billingsley, Leona E    09/19/1899-07/18/1977

Hill, Mary West   03/09/1856-03/06/1928

Drach, Lora M    03/01/1864-12/23/1927

Townsend, Josiephine    1917-1927

Bonner, George H    1873-1927

Green, Buddie    07/26/1925-08/21/1926    Infant Son of Leroy and Osie Green

Goodwin, Viola    09/05/1869-07/25/1932

Goodwin, T J    11/05/1854-08/02/1924

Row 2
Bills, Charles F    11/11/1881-07/17/1936

Cooper, Samuel S    05/06/1854-03/19/1936

Morris, Abbie J    11/26/1894-11/05/1979
    Morris, Henry C    06/07/1888-02/02/1936

Kennedy, William G    died 01/04/1936    age 57 years

Blakeley, William A    06/02/1880-09/12/1935

Blakeley, Roberta    11/21/1885-02/08/1939

Wall, Minnie E    12/21/1878-09/06/1954

Wall, Newton B    12/05/1863-08/27/1935

Harrison, May    07/31/1909-02/15/1931

Charlton, Josie E    02/21/1852-04/06/1932

Cartwright, Robert A    06/05/1849-02/07/1931

Johnson, J Claude    04/20/1902-01/01/1931

Moody, Thomas J    01/20/1860-12/18/1930

Clawson, Mary T Holmes    06/21/1902-12/04/1930

Collins. Opal Moody    05/05/1904-02/21/1958

Hill, Norma Jean    03/30/1922-11/04/1930    Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Hill

Billingsley, Ken E    [there is a date but it appears to be date of birth only]

Smith, Charles T    12/08/1876-12/07/1953    RR Engr C & A, Slater, Mo.

Wooddy, William R    1851-12/12/1927

Fink, Margaret L    02/19/1885-02/09/1958

Mitchell, Arthur H    05/24/1855-07/04/1927

Howard, Sallie M    01/10/1855-07/13/1939

Vaughan, Richard William    08/29/1927-08/29/1927    Infant Son of J. Frank and Iva Vaughan

Rowsey, Margarette E    08/14/1838-08/09/1926

Wilson, Harry G    1871-1926    Husband of Mildred Wilson

Baugh, T O    12/03/1864-12/02/1924

Bolin, Fannie B Walden    08/21/1862-07/03/1925    Wife of S. S. Bolin

McGuire, Jennie V S    03/15/1864-09/09/1924

Smith, Alfred Fulton    01/20/1879-08/19/1924    age 45 yrs 6 mos 19 days

Plemmons, Jennie V    01/14/1879-12/23/1923    Wife of R E Plemmons

Killian, J M    died 08/17/1923    aged 50 years

Breitenberg, Ernst    06/06/1876-05/14/1923    Born in Marbach, Germany
    Breitenberg, Emily K    08/08/1879-02/22/1969    Born in Turbenthal, Switzerland

Martin, Bertha M    05/20/1904-05/06/1923    Wife of S W Martin

Valasquez, Joe    1870-1923

Powell, Hardy R    10/19/1848-12/28/1922

Row 3
Hughes, Mrs C E    09/23/1851-05/05/1936    [Arkansas Death Index showed her name as Christen]

Holder, Joe T    01/17/1936 [appears to be date of death]    Oklahoma Pvt Med Dept

Barger, Louise G    10/07/1920-06/16/1957

Outler, Harry A    04/03/1923-04/14/1945    Arkansas PFC Co B 29 Mar 6 Mar Div World War II Purple Heart

Outler, Samuel Marcilles    11/10/1935 [appears to be date of death]    Arkansas Fireman 1 Cl US Navy

Newnam, Killis    12/30/1877-09/25/1935

Patrick, George F    02/20/1878-03/25/1935

Patrick, Hattie E    03/14/1881-06/30/1936

Mitchell, Festus P    07/19/1874-03/12/1935

Richardson, Frank A    08/16/1854-01/20/1935

Traynor, Mrs Anna    05/11/1868-12/26/1957

Greer, Pearl V    1886-1966

Wigen, Oliver C    11/25/1866-11/30/1930

Marshall, Mrs Lula    01/21/1882-01/21/1943

Anderson, Edwin G    1897-1975
    Anderson, Adela M    1891-1983

Shaw, Joseph Wayne    08/19/1931-10/06/1931

Davis, Bettie F    1862-1930

Townsend, Nora    01/27/1888-10/05/1963

Howard, N B    12/05/1848-10/14/1928

Winans, Bennie Williams    06/27/1905-01/28/1974

Buchanan, Alex    09/03/1926    aged 86 years

Hurt, Augusta    12/11/1857-08/17/1926

Rife, Howard S    08/08/1866-05/28/1925

Agney, Luella A    12/22/1855-01/18/1937

Agney, Walter    09/23/1854-03/12/1925

Lybrook, Mrs J A    02/26/1851-07/21/1924

Rognon, Melvina B nee Cochran    died 01/08/1924

Breitenbucher, E C    06/06/1876-05/14/1923

Row 4
Menard, Frank D    08/13/1861-09/14/1935

Keenon, Rube Lee    09/05/1924-03/23/2009    [dod from obituary] 1

Simcox, Alice Hamilton    08/20/1921-10/20/2014    [dod from obituary] 1

Bernhardt, Gustav    1849-1935    father

Bernhardt, Erna    1854-1935    mother

Stephens, Daisy B    05/13/1881-05/19/1951    mother

Stoddard, Norman A    07/02/1915-04/23/1935

Bower, David L    08/04/1858-12/01/1934

Laughlin, Virginia S    03/08/1900-04/13/1934

Wilson, Maggie Lou    05/17/1898-08/05/1972

Mason, David    12/23/1840-11/11/1935

Mason, Ellen    01/05/1850-03/30/1940

Mason, Floyd    02/05/1871-02/13/1934

Cook, J L (Buddy)   03/31/1906-09/22/1946   married 11/30/1926
    Cook, Edith Mae   03/26/1905-03/10/1972

Heffner, Fesper C   1883-1958

Wilson, Mrs Amie   1890-1930

Matlock, John Henry   1874-1954

Matlock, James N   01/16/1870-08/08/1930

Graham, Mattie M   05/22/1868-01/09/1948

Bradfield, William C   02/03/1866-05/16/1930

Dameron, William E   1872-1930
    Dameron, Caroline C   1870-1948

Renegar, Charles B   07/22/1888-08/04/1961
    Renegar, Adell T   01/28/1895-12/10/1974

Ault, F Ray   01/05/1895-12/09/1927

Webber, Amanda Charlotte Wood   03/14/1864-10/23/1927

Herwig, Karl    12/12/1850-04/23/1927

Harry, William H    11/1854-04/1939
    Harry, Mary A    02/1859-10/1925

Jefferies, Jno. [John] G    12/04/1853-06/13/1926

McClard, S. S.    09/28/1857-10/24/1932

McClard, Martha E    04/11/1861-05/12/1926    wife of S. S. McClard

Shields, J S    1879-1925

Rutledge, Parlee    1869-1926
    Rutledge, S G    1871-1941

Groth, Fannie H    08/09/1845-01/20/1925

Row 5
Mosher, Helen    03/03/1928-11/03/1934

Skrivanos, Pete    1880-1934

Lamey, Clara    died 11/06/1934

Lingelbach, F W    1870-19-
    Lingelbach, Belle    1866-1934

Cullum, George E    12/16/1906-04/12/1934

Watson, Benjamin F    08/13/1868-04/02/1934

Wilkinson, Emma E    1867-1934
    Wilkinson, John H    1897-1967    Col US Marine Corps World War I

Jobes, Oliver C    12/10/1933    Kansas Pvt 1Cl 23 Inf 2 Div

Beavert, Verna Lou    1929-1933

Wright, Mary Carlisle    1871-1955    mother

Stallcup, Sarah J    1853-1933    mother

Coburn, William M    1868-1933

Mann, Laura    1847-1933

Houx, Jacob R    05/1878-09/1930    father

Biggs, J F    08/06/1879-10/16/1930

Kitchens, Yoland    11/29/1888-11/30/1955

Kitchens, Robert L    1877-1930

Campbell, Grace D    09/15/1905-04/19/1930

Knight, A J    Logan Co, Ohio 1870 Hot Springs, Ark 1930

Ault, Margaret   1854-1930

Quertermous, Ben F   10/13/1919-04/20/1996   married 05/13/1942
    Quertermous, LaRue B   03/25/1918-01/31/1991

Row 6
Lambert, A R    02/21/1892-05/20/1935

Hill, John S    01/17/1867-08/10/1934

Stephens, Francis M    07/01/1940    Oklahoma Corp 33 Inf

Drew, Frederick E    05/07/1864-12/20/1937

Walker, Anna Elizabeth    11/06/1864-06/1933

Disheroon, Oscar E    1890-1933

Martanz, Oscar E    1890-1933

Davenport, Louis J    1897-1932

Vermeersene, Theodore    died 09/15/1930

King, Mary E    05/11/1858-11/08/1929    wife of J.H.C. King

Smith, Ray Harold    1909-1929

Edgecomb, Henry Read    08/08/1871-08/21/1929

Williams, John E    08/20/1891-07/21/1929

Patterson, Minnie Ola    1868-1933

Patterson, Thomas    1861-1929

Seigfried, Tennie C    12/11/1887-03/03/1963

Wyatt, Mary K    08/22/1866-
    Wyatt, J T    01/15/1859-10/17/1927

Row 7
Cherry, John W    1868-1933

Edgar, J W    1856-1933    father

Hash, Thomas G Jr    12/20/1917-05/02/1936

Turner, Edward A    05/13/1875-12/19/1951

Turner, Marcellus    09/14/1914-07/05/1933

Shope, A D    M.D.    06/18/1873-01/01/1941
    Shope, Mary Lou    11/28/1875-05/05/1933

Patenotte, Alexander Leon    08/07/1861-11/30/1932

Jett, Walter M    1901-1939

Williams, Ida May    1891-1932    mother

Rattray, Helen    died 10/04/1932

Follett, Irving    1869-1932

Cook, Don Lee    08/25/1927-07/20/1932    son of J. L. and Edith Cook

Biggs, J V    04/11/1920-08/28/1929

Teague, Ebbie Marie    01/17/1909-08/16/1929

Brece, John    02/11/1864-01/21/1930

Jett, William Noah    1903-1931

Jett, Andrew J Sr    1863-1929

Jett, Mary Addie    1863-1945

Cockrell, Jess M    03/31/1899-02/05/1967
    Cockrell, Lillie    1905-05/14/1929

Seay, Henry W    03/28/1872-05/09/1929
    Hardage, Dora Seay    08/20/1886-02/03/1929

Rice, John R    1859-1929

Patterson, Thomas Henry Jr    1900-1958

Moore, Annie Laura    1866-1958

Breckenridge, John C    06/05/1856-04/25/1927

Breckenridge, Mrs M A    02/26/1857-10/14/1918    [Arkansas Death Index showed her name as Missouri and that she died in Garland County]

Reichmann, Eugene William Jr    08/29/1924-07/08/1926

Row 8
Gambien, William    [no dates - Gross Mortuary mortuary set in concrete]

Cook, Addie Eliza    10/20/1886-01/06/1952
    Cook, William Samuel    01/01/1875-06/12/1960

Jett, Andrew Jackson    10/18/1895-08/14/1949    Arkansas Pvt 162 Depot Brig World War I

Jett, Richard James    06/21/1931-07/02/1932

Jett, Grace    08/29/1902-07/30/1956

Nix, Maude Lee    12/22/1882-02/23/1980

Nix, A S    D.D.S.    died 04/02/1932

Hylton, Julia Agnes    06/12/1893-02/28/1976

Hylton, Oma    11/13/1911-12/19/1931

Jones, James F    1854-1931    father

Jones, Melinda E    1861-1931    mother

Jones, Ann Irene    1896-1933    sister

R D footstone    [no headstone]

Poston, John    04/23/1851-04/06/1929

Koch, Dorothy    03/12/1929    aged 55 years

Sebrell, Elizabeth M    06/28/1876-01/09/1929    wife of Charles T Sebrell

Brown, Ethel Renegar    02/25/1894-01/06/1929

Moore, Ronald W Jr    born and died 01/05/1929

Taliaferro, J E    Co A 1 Arkansas Inf Spanish American War

Russum, Robert L    12/13/1928    Tennessee Pvt 81 Div

Jones, Tulula Neville    05/29/1927-12/05/1928    daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas U Jones

Howard, Nicholas D    03/04/1860-10/07/1927

Boone, Mary Lula    06/28/1887-01/27/1985    mother

Wright, Walter H    11/28/1883-01/30/1927    papa
    Wright, Nellie E Bulloch    07/18/1887-05/12/1974    mama

Row 9
Sackett, William J    Co K 35 Michigan Inf Spanish American War

Kernohan, James R    1884-1932

Fleming, Charles H    10/10/1907-08/05/1931

Janes, Reece    1877-1956

Withem, Elsie    09/08/1890-07/26/1931

Dilbeck, Ronald Ray    08/03/1930-07/16/1931

Burke, Richard M    1857-1931

Naugher, Melvin C    04/20/1931    Texas Pvt 147 Inf 37 Div

Bender, F    11/10/1851-
    Bender, Margreat    12/12/1861-08/25/1928

Mastin, Lena    05/30/1869-08/09/1928

Johnson, Earl    09/18/1909-06/04/1928

Eison, Minnie O    wife of    [the rest of the marker is underground; Arkansas Death Index shows she died 05/01/1928 in Garland County]

Withem, George G    01/22/1928    Arkansas Pvt 313 MG Bn 80 Div

Newnam, Luellen    07/21/1891-10/31/1973

1  The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has the obituary archived. You may go here to find out how to request an obituary. After reading the instructions on requesting, please be sure to find the obituary in the listings so that you may copy and paste the entire line in your e-mail.

2  Garland County, Arkansas Tombstone Inscriptions City of Hot Springs Volume III, compiled by Inez E. Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane, 1969