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Fifth and Greenwood Streets
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

Greenwood Cemetery map.

GPS Coordinates:  Latitude: 34.49448, Longitude: -93.06650

Greenwood Cemetery is divided into five pages:
Page 1:  Block 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30, Lawn Block, Old Triangle
Page 2:  Old Circle, 8, 9, 9 1/2, 10, 11, 12, Garden of Peace, 4, 3, New Circle (H, E)
Page 3:  Q, R, T, F, 7, 7 1/2, 5, 5 1/2, 6, Garden of Angels, P
Page 4:  A Annex, A, L, Greenwood Mausoleum-Columbarium, C
Page 5:  Block D
Page 6:  25, G Annex, G, Garden of Rest, Garden of Devotion Annex, Garden of Devotion, Sunset Gardens

This is a partial listing only. Patti Vance Hays has begun to take photographs of the tombstones at Greenwood Cemetery.  If anyone wants the tombstone photograph emailed to them, please email her, and she will be happy to provide it to you as long as you are using it for personal use and not for profit.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission. You may, however, use the tombstone photographs on your public [permission is not granted for private trees] family tree site as long as you type in the description field the following: Courtesy of Patti Vance Hays as posted on the Melting Pot Genealogical Society, Garland County, Arkansas, website:
If you use any of the photographs (and we will be adding more), we would love to hear from you. Let the webmaster know, and we will post on the bottom of this webpage the link to your family tree. Please make sure you type the following in the email subject: Greenwood Cemetery family tree

Please click on the photograph icon for a personal photograph. You may use the photographs for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission.

If any of the links do not work properly, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you are interested in a book of the tombstone readings in Greenwood Cemetery, Garland County Historical Society has published such a book.  At times, we have been following this book's listing as to the location of the stones.  In all cases, however, the stones have been read by Patti Vance Hays (as of 26 January 2015).  We have attempted to make this information as correct as possible.  If you see an error, please email!

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more.

Block 15
Row 1    [Read Row 1 March 5, 2012]
York, Mary Nelle    05/31/1929-
    York, Dean Dorris Jr.    03/04/1927-05/21/2003    US Navy

Lynas, Eugene Fredrick    03/18/1920-06/12/2011    Tec 3 US Army World War II
    Lynas, Dorothy Manzer    09/20/1925-01/21/2009    Married 08/29/1941

Holiman, James Buchanan    01/27/1935-
    Holiman, Deloris Ann    05/21/1938-

Broken Funeral Home Marker

Strickland, George Carr    07/21/1920-02/08/2004    Married 06/03/1942
    Strickland, Ardis Faye    03/21/1924-03/27/2001    Daughters Janet Ann and Sonya Faye

Brandon, Morgan (Rusty)    11/07/1936-12/10/2006    Married 07/04/1956
    Brandon, Mary Ann Halford    10/09/1935-06/25/2000

Keck, David H.    09/08/1926-02/15/2011    AMM3 US Navy World War II Korea    [back]
    Keck, Joan L.    1932-2011

Crisci, James L.    09/21/1942-03/27/2005    PFC US Army

Little, Julia J.    12/12/1916-

Goldston, Ishmeal W.    12/19/1912-05/12/2001

Hughes, Randy    12/17/1950-12/30/2005

Bills, Wayne    03/27/1941-

Waid, Reed W.    09/11/1926-    Preacher
    Waid, Marilyn    01/27/1929-01/05/2002    Missionary

Kastel, Codi Leigh   10/02/1983-01/01/2000

Rows 2 and 3    (Read September 19, 2012)
Bennett, George W.    07/28/1848-02/25/1912

Bain Family Plot
Bain, Sarah L.
Bain, John K. Jr.
Bain, Georgia T.

Bain, Sarah L.    10/18/1842-02/12/1892    Wife of John K. Bain Sr.    Mother

Bain, John K.    02/08/1827-08/31/1915    Sumpter Lodge No 419 F&AM    Father

Bain, John K. Jr.    11/02/1874-02/21/1899    Pneumonia    Brother

Bain, Georgia T.    01/23/1873-03/10/1895    Smallpox    Sister

Schardt, Vivian F.    02/23/1906-04/01/1909

Greene, George A.    04/15/1891-07/19/1892    son of H. E. and F. E. Greene

Greene, Willie T.    08/20/1892-09/03/1892    son of H. E. and F. E. Greene

Greene, Infant son of H. E. and F. E. Greene    born 05/15/1890

Robinson, Jewell Louise    1920-1923

Green, Fannie E.    1862-1925

Green, Harley E.    1861-1931

Taylor, Sarah E.    -05/24/1917    Aged 69 Years

Parker Family Plot

Parker, Alfred

Parker, Albert

Parker, Martha A.    10/25/1872-12/02/1907

Slaight, Francis    Wife of Dr. J. L. Slaight

Slaight, Dr. John L.    01/16/1857-07/04/1936

Slaight, Sarah A.    01/10/1838-03/03/1919

Slaight, James    02/14/1825-02/09/1897    Co. F 4th Arkansas Cavalry

Turner, Malinda P.    06/07/1816-02/18/1895

Smith, Frank E.    1886-1932

Smith, Frances D.    1865-1951

Smith, Fred    -01/06/1897    Infant

Smith, Caroline    -06/06/1903    Infant

Smith, Lillian    -07/20/1900    Infant

Smith, Roy U.    1888-1953

Westfall, Fern    1898-1963

Westfall, Stella M.    1920-1995 1

Rows 4 and 5    Read September 21, 2012
Mills Family Monument

Mills, Gibson    04/29/1856-07/01/1927

Mills, Elizabeth    08/01/1860-12/26/1896    "Wife of Gibson Mills"

Beall, Jennie Mills    03/04/1892-11/21/1919

Mills, Margaret Leeanna    08/18/1870-06/29/1958

Parks Family Plot

Parks, J. C.    -07/25/1896    Aged 46 Years    [closeup]

Parks, Louise    -09/23/1917    Aged 21 Years

Parks, Cossie    02/23/1864-04/01/1931    Wife of J. C. Parks

Granger & Coates Family Plot

Granger, Alice Catherine    1862-1913

Henderson, Della    -05/26/1901    [closeup]

Reynolds, Sallie    08/09/1860-10/17/1932    Wife of A. S. Reynolds

Reynolds, Alonzo Sheridon    12/28/1868-09/11/1932

Grant, C. G.    07/04/1867-03/05/1913    [This marker was broken and unable to read all of it. The complete transcription was taken by Inez Cline's 1969 reading.]

Colbath, Iram E.    09/15/1861 in Wilson, NY - 08/31/1912    Son of John and Margaret

Watkins Family Plot    No markers were found in the plot. City of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Death Records, 1896-1917, compiled by Bobbie Jones McLane, shows listings for
Watkins, Emma, age 66, born in Arkansas, died 11/20/1915 of pelagra, buried in Greenwood Cemetery
Watkins, Mrs. W. B., age 32, born in Arkansas, died 10/30/1903 of slow fever, buried in Greenwood Cemetery
Neither of these ladies are listed in Inez Cline's 1969 or Gail Ashbrook's 2005 reading of Greenwood Cemetery. Perhaps one or both of them are buried in this plot.

Battles, Mary V.    Died 03/07/1895 Aged 33 Years    Wife of C. P. Battles   [closeup]     [broken marker]

Foote, Calla Granger    07/09/1897-12/17/1982

Granger, Ella    04/03/1861-08/01/1915    Wife of A. J. Granger

Granger, Augustus J.    02/03/1861-02/20/1952

Purinton, Olive Granger    12/22/1887-07/20/1980

Payne, Beatrice Granger    08/22/1892-11/13/1982

Wetzler Family Plot

Wetzler, Pearl Stella    07/24/1880-03/13/1889    Daughter of William H. and Mary

Wetzler, John Anthony    07/18/1941-11/27/1941

Wetzler, John F. Sr.    12/05/1892-02/24/1962

Wetzler, Margaret E.    01/23/1899-03/19/1970

Row 6    Read March 23, 2012
Berry, Minerva E.    12/25/1879-12/11/1938

Berry, Charles L.    Co. A 1 Arkansas Infantry Spanish American War

Fisher, Hannah M.    09/10/1875-04/01/1967

Fisher, Edwin W.    05/02/1874-02/13/1939

Fisher, Willie I.    01/01/1903-03/01/1984

Fisher, Otis Loren    04/15/1899-02/20/1976

Bagley, Mollie I.    08/28/1898-02/14/1939

Burnett, Edna Bell    07/20/1895-03/11/1939

Heintz, Joe F.    Died 11/01/1939    [Marker was lying face down; reading from Gail Ashbrook's 2002 transcription and Inez Cline's and Bobbie McLane's 1969 reading]

Reeves, Louis F.    08/12/1902-04/10/1967

Hill, Andrew Dave    07/10/1901-09/13/1971
    Hill Patton, Opal Mae    02/08/1911-06/10/2003

Reeves, Alfred Ray    02/12/1932-12/29/1938    [closeup]

Rows 7 and 8    Read September 21, 2012

Burrow, Mattie    07/02/1877-08/23/1913

Burrough, Edith    12/29/1904-05/23/1907

Burrough, Silas H.    11/17/1894-01/13/1901    son of S. A. and S. A.

Burrough, _____    05/22/1897-10/08/1897

Burrough, J. A.    Co. H 3 Missouri Cavalry [Union]

Bandy, Deloa E.    08/18/1900-02/19/1981

DeBruler, John Nathan    07/13/1898-04/17/1974
    DeBruler, Edora Stout    03/11/1903-06/28/1999

DeBruler, Norman P.    10/07/1885-01/20/1951

DeBruler, James E.    10/02/1929-06/07/1959

Lewins Plot

Lewins, Martin    10/13/1841-04/28/1913    Born in England    [closeup]

Nobles, Eugene M.    08/04/1857-09/12/1904
    Nobles, Josephine K.    10/12/1864-01/01/1931

Nobles, Mary Josephine    12/06/1932-12/08/1932

Leonard, Thomas J.    03/14/1846-06/16/1928

Leonard, Mary Anne    02/11/1846-06/25/1916    Wife of Thomas J.

Kearns, Thomas W.   [View 2]    10/15/1906-11/27/1923    Son of Charles F. and Florence K.    [The last two digits of the year of death were illegible and came from Gail Ashbrook's 2005 reading.]

Christmas, Nora D.    1895-1909

Christmas, Mary E.    1868-1909

Christmas, James E.    1856-1909    [His marker shows his name as James E. Christmas and that he died in 1909. I believe he was actually James Y. Christmas, a preacher from Jefferson County, Arkansas, in 1900 and, apparently, moved to Garland County after the 1900 census. I also believe he died in 1904 rather than 1909. City of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Death Records, 1896-1917, compiled by Bobbie Jones McLane, shows Christmas, Jas. Y., Age: 47, Born: AR, Died: 9-11-04, Cause: Pernicious anemia, Statistics: MUMR, Occupation: Minister, Physician: Slaight, J L, Cemetery: Greenwood, Undertaker: Lewis. It appears all three markers were placed at the same time and probably many years after the deaths.]

Rows 9 and 10    Read September 21, 2012

Terry, J. T.    07/26/1868-01/22/1898    [closeup]

Terry, Jerry    08/15/1876-07/23/1920

Lazrus, Mrs. Martha    02/12/1840-07/08/1898    Aged 57 years, 4 months, 26 days    [The dates do not add up according to the dates of birth and death shown.]

Wilcox, Albert    02/21/1864-06/14/1913    [closeup]

Wilcox, Lonnie    02/09/1873-06/25/1918    Wife of Albert    [closeup]

Wilcox, Roosevelt    09/28/1901-10/24/1906

Sanders, William B.    03/13/1864-11/11/1925    [closeup]    [second marker]

Sanders, Rosa P.    11/20/1867-03/07/1901    Wife of W. B.    [closeup]

Sanders, Clara M.    1876-1953

Neal, Ollie Lee    04/25/1883-07/22/1920

Neal, W. F.    1882-1934

Strow, Alice Neal    1887-1971

Neal, Joe    1912-1912    Infant Son

Brown, Joe H.    10/22/1888-12/31/1963
    Brown, Allie M.    10/13/1889-12/31/1952

Brown, Herald Andy Ree    1909-1911

Rice, Billy    -03/01/1902    Erected to the memory of Billy Rice, the minstrel; Died in Hot Springs, Ark.    [closeup]

Row 11    Read September 21, 2012

McClard, Richard C.    1881-1941
    McClard, J. M. "Dollie"    1882-1964

Lamb, Infant    09/18/1940-09/19/1940

Buck, James T.    06/21/1940-06/21/1940    [closeup]    [Gross FHM]
    Buck, Charles Franklyn    06/21/1940-06/23/1940    [Gross FHM]



King, Nancy Ann    1859-1940

Staley, Rose Pearl    01/12/1890-07/25/1939

Williamson, Robert Elza    06/18/1920-03/23/1939    Son of J. H. and Ruth

Rows 12 and 13    Read September 21, 2012

Burrough Family Plot

Burrough, James A.    12/18/1879-09/02/1906    [closeup]

Burrough, John H.    08/29/1850-09/15/1930

Burrough, Mary E.    11/11/1853-12/08/1939

Price, John W.    01/01/1862-06/05/1916

Wilcox, G. W.    Co. A 47th Missouri Infantry [Union]

Thomas, Viola Lucy    10/13/1907-04/17/1985    Daughter    [closeup]
    Thomas, Laura Annie    07/27/1879-08/16/1964    [closeup]

Thomas Family Plot

Thomas, Lucy A.    03/03/1854-07/25/1916

 Thomas, Edward G.    12/02/1874-08/23/1962

Polk Family Plot

Polk, H. C.    10/29/1886-11/28/1911    [closeup]

Depressed Place - could be another burial

Geurin Family Plot

Geurin, J. P.    06/21/1841-07/11/1913

Geurin, Clara Belle    09/12/1859-07/15/1937

Geurin, Andrew J.    11/19/1875-03/25/1962

Sims, Charles W.    06/06/1883-01/01/1932
    Sims, Edna G.    11/14/1893-05/27/1966

Rows 14 and 15    Read September 21, 2012

Larcade Family Plot

Buffington, Nellie    02/24/1898-05/27/1906    Daughter of H. S. and F. L.

Andresen, Winnie Mae    07/05/1894-12/24/1912    Daughter of H. S. and F. L. Buffington; wife of Arthur R. Andresen; born in Hot Springs, Ark., Died in El Paso, Texas

Lewis, Florence B.    02/24/1874-05/23/1927    Mother

Larcade, Gertrude    08/28/1843-06/28/1926

Larcade, Mildred A.    12/23/1880-06/06/1935    Mother, Wife of Barry Larcade

Larcade, Barry    01/27/1878-06/13/1958    Father

Masterson, John F.    05/21/1875-01/28/1917    Beloved Husband of Ethel    W.O.W.    [closeup]

Meslor, Mot M.    03/05/1836-12/29/1917    Born in Orange, N.J.
    Meslor, Maggie P.    08/10/1845-02/20/1927    Wife of Mot, born in Petersburg, Va.

Evans, J. W.    03/05/1881-01/31/1918

Bailey Family Plot - no markers

Brown Family Plot

Brown, Virginia C.    06/22/1850-01/22/1918

Brown, Andy L.    01/04/1860-11/04/1924

Brown, F. O.    Company F 4th Arkansas Cavalry [Union]

Cochran Family Plot

Cochran, Isac P.    05/04/1836-01/14/1918    Aged 82 Years

Unknown Ledger

Cochran, Margret E.    02/19/1847-12/25/1917

Campbell, George H.    1861-1938
    Campbell, Minerva H.    1864-1953

Campbell, Curtis R.    1902-1969

Poe Family Plot

Poe, W. R.    03/30/1878-04/20/1932
    Poe, Ella M.    -06/30/1943
    Poe, Anna L.    11/22/1871-03/27/1914

Poe, Margaret E.    -1943    [This marker is no longer there. The 1969 reading by Inez Cline and the 2005 reading by Gail Ashbrook both showed that she had a Gross Funeral Home marker.]

Greeson, Dr. William R.    1859-1938
    Greeson, Mary E.    1858-1937

Miller, Harrel L.    1914-1915

Goodman, J. E.    -04/11/1904    Aged 41 Years    Son of Bettie Johnson

Blocks 13 and 14    [Read February 24, 2013]
Row 1

Ware Plot
Collins, Rebecca Ware    03/06/1894-08/20/1965

Collins, E. G., Jr.    1924-1925

Conklin, Eloda Hicks    08/12/1886-08/31/1956

Ware, Henry Yancy, Jr.    09/25/1881-07/17/1909

Rowell, Napaleon    -06/30/1900    Aged 65 Years

Acre, Catherine    07/22/1880-11/29/1930    [This marker was not seen. It was listed in the 1969 and 2005 readings.]

Wells, James    04/07/1904-08/12/1918

Johnson, H. C.    06/18/1852-10/19/1901

Fort, Frederick, Sr.    12/20/1899-07/19/1957

Scott, Lena Stanley    05/19/1901-02/15/1972

Nolen, Odessa R.    09/26/1927-04/19/1969

Davidson, Roshell    10/02/1888-04/26/1969

Craven, Enola L. Davidson    02/27/1912-06/24/1990    [This marker was not seen. The 2005 reading showed it was a temporary funeral home marker.]

Johnson, Larry Gene    05/16/1945-05/31/1969

Row 2
Wooridge, Miss L.    02/18/1866-08/08/1890

Prince, Leon    -11/05/1886    Aged 1 Year    [A prior reading showed year of death as 1884; however, it looked like 1886 to me.]

Crews, Henry Harvey    1890-1952    Arkansas Cook Co. C 162 Depot Brig.

Seatts, James E.    06/01/1888-01/29/1969

Turrentine, Mary lee    03/29/1900-04/07/1969

Burdette, Noah B.    07/21/1901-04/08/1969

Row 3
Barron, Dennis G., Jr.    10/29/1979-07/06/2005

Haliburton, Christine E.    02/06/1925-10/09/1991

Row 4
Guinn, Jessie Jerome    09/09/1960-10/09/1982

Rosser, Tollie    12/28/1892-12/09/1968

Valentine, Virzella    12/15/1910-10/05/1968

Banks, Major, Sr.    12/12/1914-04/20/1968

Stuckey, Lucy Burton    01/11/1890-07/20/1968

Row 5

Gray, Edd    -06/07/1892   Aged 37 Years

Benson, Bessie C.    1900-1975
    Benson, Cordelia    1868-1945

Holt, Mary E.    12/15/1885-08/21/1972

Holt, Melvin    11/06/1897-05/28/1984

Graham, Mollie Pryor    07/31/1860-12/26/1906
    Wheeler, Sarah    -12/02/1900    Aged 68 Years

Birt, H. T.    -02/03/1893 Aged 50 Years    [I did not see this marker. It came from the prior 2005 reading by Gail Ashbrook.]

Curvin, Emma    08/15/1866-08/10/1902    Wife of H. W. Curvin

Johnston, Samuel S.    -10/12/1900    Aged about 50 years    Srgt Co H 127 Reg. Pittsburg, Pa.    [I believe his name is actually Samuel Johnson.]
    Johnson, Lizzie    05/04/1839-06/01/1905

Guinn, Janet    04/03/1958-04/10/1992

Evans, Jerry    1905-1966
    Evans, Irene    1910-1968

Richardson, Lula B.    01/28/1874-08/03/1967

Miller, Minnie Ellen    03/28/1879-02/08/1972

Harvey Gertrude Thomas    03/16/1904-04/09/1968

Harvey, Gilbert    10/22/1903-03/23/1989

Carr, Robie    10/10/1911-12/10/1970
    Carr, Rudolph M. "Pat"    12/22/1900-03/29/1968

Row 6
Britten, Bennie Kilgore    03/17/1930-03/25/1967

Torrence, Della    04/02/1900-05/07/1967

Porter, Amelia I.    10/20/1885-10/23/1967

Carr, Reginald E.    07/25/1894-01/30/1977

Scott, Rosa B.    10/11/1911-04/21/1996    Mother of Richard and David 1

Row 7
Finch, Martha    07/03/1890-05/21/1978
    Finch, Rev. D. M.    03/28/1889-10/10/1968

Russell, Viessa C.    01/23/1899-02/09/1978

Greene, Rev. Jesse J.    02/10/1898-11/27/1967
    Greene, Duffie O.    03/04/1902-07/30/1972

Banks, Katherine    11/04/1912-01/04/1996

King, William    02/25/1900-01/28/1968    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I

Smith, Richard    03/09/1908-02/04/1979    STM1 US Navy World War II

Housley, Charles Edward    05/08/1884-12/20/1918

Housley, Lucinda    02/24/1882-02/28/1971

Row 8
Bell, Florence    -03/23/1895  Aged 37 Years    [Marker is broken, and I could no longer see first name. It came from prior 1969 and 2005 readings.]

White, Frances M.    01/01/1898-03/20/1976

Grubbs, Lillie    [no dates]

Herpin, John P.    10/14/1900-02/22/1969

Hicks, Leonard Jerome    11/24/1968-07/10/1997

Row 9
Brown, Jane    -02/19/1889  Aged 80 Years    Mother of Eliza Dickerson

Finen, Sol    -12/24/1890  Aged 47 Years

Hancock, Winnie E.    -03/09/1903  Aged 53 Years

Branche, John Henry    02/03/1888-05/08/1905    [closeup]

____, Rosebud    [from 2005 reading by Gail Ashbrook; was not seen February 2013]

Busey, J. B.    09/05/1862-06/01/1889

Hodge, Mary    06/30/1854-04/13/1890

Mayo, Mrs. Caroline Iredell    09/30/1817-02/11/1898    [closeup]

Level, Mary Emma    12/18/1867-12/23/1905

Level, Amarintha    11/02/1833-06/20/1896

Glasco, Bettie    1838-09/30/1900    Born in Tennessee    [The name "Dodd" is on the bottom of the marker. Her name may have been Bettie Glasco Dodd.]

Cummings, Kate    01/15/1880-12/04/1996    Star Victory Chamber 2556 - Hot Springs, Ark.

McKenzie, Laura    1874-1933

Deloney, Mary E.    09/24/1868-07/20/1902    Wife of P. F. Deloney

Rows 9 and 10
Westbrook, Sammey    1894-1937

Cunningham, Augusta    1864-1934

McCohnell, Bessie    09/18/1886-08/27/1915

McCohnell, James    1872-1924

Sanders, Jordon    09/29/1873-05/22/1897

Harrington, Amanda    01/1854-04/09/1914

Double curbed plot - no markers

Pearson Marker    [top part broken off and not there now]

Pearson, Ike    -10/03/1918    Member of Diamond of Hot Springs Circle No. 1180

Carpenter, William    12/15/1860-02/16/1925

The Kornegay Family Plot    [no markers except for the family monument]

Grissam, Della Mae    07/08/1902-11/07/1967
    Her marker is the only one in this uncurbed plot with a full name. The following names appear: Della Mae Grissam, George, Wife Lurenza, Queen Esther; then row in front of them: Livingston, Mother, Father, Edward

Row 11
Means, V. A.    05/11/1880-02/16/1884

Nelson, Nineveh    02/18/1851-11/01/1897

Unknown    [single curbed gravesite]

Henderson, E. D.    03/17/1855-07/16/1915

Coleman, H. D.    10/24/1881-06/22/1915

Thompson, H. T.    03/16/1873-02/18/1889    Son of Elnora Thompson

Allen, Luella V.    1868-1939    Mother
    Allen, Richard M.    1866-1945    Father

Allen, Marcellus R.    03/02/1895-07/15/1896
    Allen, Hermione Jewel    10/18/1901-10/19/1901
    Allen, Regina Hazel    08/12/1893-01/16/1897
    Allen, Lionel Victor    11/14/1918-11/14/1918
        Children of R. M. and L. V. Allen    [closeup]

Lewis, Sarah    1865-12/06/1914    Star of Victory Chamber 2556 - Hot Springs, Ark.

Wells, Carrie    04/06/1878-11/12/1917

Jordan, Amanda    12/25/1870-01/31/1958

Block 16
Rows 1 and 2
- read April 1, 2010
Harris, Henry H.    1872-1924
    Harris, Josephine A.    died 1895
    Harris, Ruth    died 1895

McClard Family Plot
Hill, Tena    Daughter of Victoria McClard
McClard, Victoria    03/1861-05/1918
McClard, Mary F.    02/07/1850-06/20/1906
McClard, Sarah J.    09/1824-10/21/1906
McClard, C. S.    02/15/1864-10/10/1931
Williams, Leatha Kimble    10/27/1884-08/23/1970    Beloved Aunt

Peavey, Harry Ray    05/30/1905-01/04/1912    [closeup]

Bull, Emma M.    06/08/1854-01/16/1918    Daughter of John E. Bull    [closeup]

Trainer, William    Born in England; Died in Hot Springs, Ark 02/13/1912 aged 64

Helfrich, Phillip A.    04/1835-07/1900    [closeup]

Upright, W. G.    Vet. Surgn. 25th N.Y. Cav.

McLeod, Norman E.    11/29/1853-10/05/1915    [closeup]    . .

Gittings Family Plot
Gittings, William T.    12/18/1851-04/04/1915
Gittings, Mary C.    12/30/1855-12/19/1936

Fowler, Ruby    10/31/1898-08/05/1899    Daughter of A. W. and M. S. Fowler

Taylor, Lottie E.    12/30/1844-08/06/1924

Byrd, Lula L.    11/10/1907-09/02/1908    age 10 months    Daughter of N. W. and L. L. Byrd

Rows 3 and 4 - read March 5, 2012

Plot with Gray on North Step and Richardson on West Step with no marked graves

Lane on step of curbed plot

Lane, Emma C.    11/18/1857-05/08/1927

Lane, Oscar B.    07/17/1844-03/21/1903

Lane, Infant    -08/14/1904    Daughter of W. Y. and N. C. Lane

Trip, Our Dog    Born in Georgia    Died 08/29/1904

Lane, Walton Y.    1875-1936
    Lane, Lenora E.    1890-1962

Brodigan, John    -07/12/1930    Aged 62 Years    Our Friend

Wheatley, Infant    -07/24/1924    Son of Ernest and May Wheatley

Heyman, Mrs. C.    01/09/1859-01/11/1912    Mother

Kiser, Mary H.    09/20/1851-09/16/1895    Wife of M. C. Kiser    43 Yrs 11 Mos 26 Das    [closeup]

Robinson, Carl W.    -08/07/1899 Aged 12 Years    Son of G. A. and M. E. Robinson    [Broken marker:    top    bottom]

Smith, Martha E.    09/10/1864-02/05/1923    [closeup]

Mott, Caleb    Co. E 2nd Wis. Cav.

Woodruff, Jim T.    08/27/1877-03/20/1901    [closeup]

Doran, Levi    10/12/1869-02/11/1901    [closeup]

Row 5 - read March 5, 2012
Hedgecock, Mary L.    08/17/1861-02/15/1946

Lambert, Silas    09/16/1946-09/16/1946

Mullins, Betty Ann    -07/22/1945

Murders, Ruby    1913-1945

Rows 6 and 7 - read March 5, 2012
Furr, Edward J. Sr.    01/18/1906-03/24/1928

Winther, Mrs. Peulline    Born in Danmark Died in Hot Springs, Ark. 08/11/1901 Aged 40

Englund, Mrs. Sophie    Born in Danmark Died Hot Springs, Ark. 02/27/1900 Aged 63 Years

Martin, Amalia    1863-1932

Stanley, Anna C.    07/13/1850-04/26/1927

Jensen, Johannes    Born in Denmark Died in Hot Springs, Ark. 09/04/1901 Aged 56 Years

Unknown    "Mother"     no marked graves in plot

Rohwer on step of curbed plot - no marked graves in plot

McClure, Thomas J.    Born in Pittsburg, Pa. 07/14/1838 Died in Hot Springs, Ark. 03/10/1903
    McClure, Matilda    Died 12/02/1918    His Wife

Frohock, Julien L.    11/08/1857-01/18/1924    [closeup]

Hays, Fred    Born Sep. _____    [This may be Fred J. Hays b. 1882 d. January 8, 1930; wife Viola Rudicil Hays b. Nov. 11, 1881 d. Feb. 6, 1948; from Gross Funeral Home Records Hot Springs Ar June 1, 1921 to Dec 31, 1957, compiled by Lewis Stephens]

Unknown    double curbed plot with no marked graves

Draughon, Amy I.    10/17/1838-09/10/1903

Harper, R. F.    02/08/1851-03/06/1903    W.O.W. Wilmar Camp No 192    [closeup]

Gilmore, M. A.    09/04/1844-07/16/1902

Hopkins, Richard J.    1848-1902

Oliver, Vernon    06/02/1883-09/01/1902    [closeup]

Row 8 - read March 5, 2012
Reading on north step of curbed plot

Reading, Samuel    05/09/1829-07/20/1896    Father

Reading, Sophia    06/28/1849-02/28/1915    Mother

Reading, Roy Reed    09/17/1876-01/04/1941

Barney, H. L.

Unknown ledger grave

Unknown Plot

Kraemer on step of curbed plot with Harman and Kraemer on large monument    [There were no marked graves in plot.]

Haddad, Ethel    Born 02/24/1906    [Date of death was underground]

McCullough, Annie    11/24/1860-07/21/1939

McCullough, Hamilton    09/19/1854-01/27/1915

Mays, Charley L.    10/11/1859-08/28/1902

Mays, Nancy A. C.    01/02/1857-11/14/1901

Denis, J. H.    11/14/1846-04/26/1902

Row 9 - read March 5, 2012
Windsor, Mary    12/21/1917-05/26/1988    Mother

Dennis, Fred G.    04/11/1912-02/13/1947

Griffith, Daniel L.    12/14/1924-12/23/1941

Rows 10 and 11 - read March 5, 2012

Wright, J. M.    Name on step of curbed plot



Unknown Child's Plot

Mann, Sybil Louise    03/02/1905-04/22/1906    Daughter of Frank and Bess Mann

Gill, Anna R.    08/04/1853-10/28/1942

Metz, Adelina R.    05/17/1873-08/06/1913    Marker is broken off its base and marker has been moved behind another marker

Spurgeon, Allen E.    05/31/1911-11/05/1913

Purdum, Margaret    09/21/1913-09/24/1913    Daughter of E. A. and Nellie Purdum

Taylor on step of curbed plot    [This plot has several one-named markers. The only one with a surname other than J. B., who is believed to be Joseph Taylor living in Union Township in 1900 census, is Pansy Graves. They are found this way:
Gilbert    Pete    Lena    Pansy Graves
Tillie    Mother    J. B.    Raymond    Lillian]

Taylor, Gilbert

Taylor, Pete

Lena    Beloved Mother of Dick, Pete, Milton and Jean    [Her last name when she was buried was Wagner, Waggner, or Wagoner]

Pansy Graves    [Her name when she was buried was Pansy Graves Mays]

Taylor, Tillie

Mother    [City of Hot Springs: Death Records 1896-1917 compiled by Bobbie Jones McLane states: Mrs. J. B. Taylor died July 3, 1889, of typhoid fever.]

Taylor, J. B.    Died 10/04/1914 Aged 57 Years    Father

Taylor, Raymond

Taylor, Lillian    [Gross Funeral Home Records 18 April 1874 to 30 May 1921; 6759 Records, compiled by Lewis Stephens, reads: Lillian Taylor died June 4, 1896, and casket was ordered by J. B. Taylor.]

Rows 10 and 11  - read March 5, 2012
Webb on step of curbed plot

Webb, B. J.    10/18/1826-06/28/1899    Mother

Webb, J. N.    02/11/1849-03/08/1895

Unknown Curbed Plot with no marked graves

Fisher on step of curbed plot

Fisher, Edwin    04/02/1840-11/10/1899    Co C ME Coast Gd Inf
    Fisher, Jennette M.    11/08/1856-02/28/1902

Battles, Infant    -06/22/1902    Son of W. L. and Maud S. Battles    [closeup]

Battles, Maud S.    1875-1953

Battles, Wilton Lamar    1860-1946

Smith, M. E.    04/10/1887-12/17/1903

Gibbs, John R.    1844-1930

Gibbs, Sarah Ann    05/06/1847-03/21/1942

Gibbs, Ernest F.    08/13/1873-12/16/1949

Gibbs, Annie Bessie    06/11/1885-11/05/1974

Gibbs, John R. Jr.

Gibbs, William O.    1875-1936

Row 12  - read March 5, 2012
Gocio on step of curbed plot

Vanloon, Ruth Gocio    12/10/1866-06/30/1940    Mother

Vanloon, A. W.    1866-1935

Gocio, Maria    12/27/1825-01/08/1907

Laughlin, Roland J.    06/22/1839-09/23/1898

Laughlin, Thomas J.    07/19/1856-02/14/1902

Hardy, Jennie    01/16/1876-07/12/1913    Wife of G. L. Hardy

McDonald Family Monument    [Closeup]
McDonald, Annie    11/24/1860-02/08/1897
    McDonald, Garrett    12/28/1883-04/22/1895
    McDonald, Maude    12/02/1887-12/23/1896
    McDonald, Iren    08/03/1895-08/02/1896

Lyons, Joe Anna Avant    07/08/1876-04/28/1915
    Avant, Permelia Angelene    07/07/1846-02/02/1919
    Trammel, James    1918-1929

Harrell, Geneva    1872-1915    [Ledger]

Unknown Curbed Plot    prior reading showed name of McNair

Coker, Floyd A.    1900-1977

Westphall, Charles O.    04/09/1922-02/08/1970    Arkansas Tec 5 US Army World War II

Westphall, Minnie Etta    04/27/1895-01/14/1945

Westphall, Frederick William    10/22/1875-01/30/1943

Westphall, C. C. F.    Died 07/06/1895 Aged 63 Years

Old Triangle Block: Southeast Section    [Read March 7, 2012]

Witt Plot
Witt, C. V.    06/26/1843-03/22/1890
    Witt, Lillian M.    07/07/1876-01/17/1894
    Witt, W. J.    09/08/1845-10/31/1893

Sims Plot

Sims, Fred A.    12/22/1889-02/22/1920

Reed, Helen Sims    10/17/1914-01/17/1989    Aged 74 Years

Sims, Mrs. M. J.    Died 03/08/1895    Aged 56 Yrs 9 Mos 25 Days    [closeup]
    Sims, Alleen    Died 02/13/1894    Aged 2 Yrs 12 Days    [closeup]

Howell Plot

Howell, John W.    1840-1925

Howell, Stella Rix    12/06/1905-08/08/1908    Daughter of John W. and Stella G. Howell

Howell, James Chaney    03/16/1806-03/16/1892    "For forty five years a preacher of righteousness"
    Howell, Susan A.    03/22/1806-06/29/1888    "in the same grave"

Kaufman, Amelia Alice    03/20/1869-12/11/1933    Born in Evansville, Ind.

Burton, Martha Gardner Johnson    11/26/1855-05/13/1914

Miller, Lieut. J. O.    Co. L 2nd Kans. Cav.

Unknown Marker

Wilson, Mary E.    08/01/1833-01/10/1892    Wife of J. N. Wilson
    Wilson, J. N.    01/04/1821-10/16/1900

Barnett, Flay C.    01/26/1892-09/15/1932    [His footstone has been moved and is lying against marker in the Sims Family Plot.]

Johnson, Burnie W.    06/02/1885-12/10/1899

Block 17

Rows 1 and 2

Schmich, Charles   02/21/1861-12/24/1905   W.O.W.

McRee, Rosie Lee   1876-1905

Phenix, Herbert C   07/20/1907-01/27/1911   Son of S E and L E Phenix

Evans, W D   08/05/1882-02/24/1944

Evans, Ernest O   08/18/1904-12/10/1948

Evans, Celia A Hughes   08/10/1846-03/25/1905   wife of J S Evans

Metzelaars, James Henry   1911-1971
    Metzelaars, Hilda N   1909-2002

Gowdy, Princess Nouma   1877-1909
    Gowdy, Maurice A   1884-1961   In Memory Of

Hardin, Graves G   08/18/1900-12/27/1905   Daughter of Eld D C and E E Hardin

English, Ester   08/08/1905-06/21/1906   Daughter of H A and E D English

Johnstone, Diana B.    01/01/1812-06/06/1916    Mother of H. A. and E. D. English

Johnstone, Belle    12/25/1847-09/12/1919    Mother of H. C. Cadieux, sister W. F. Johnstone

Coppeak, Georgie    11/14/1903-01/29/1905

Conway, J. C.    11/02/1904    aged 44 years

Nichols, Walter B.    01/18/1850-09/26/1904

Unknown (single curbed grave unmarked)

Rows 3 and 4

Hale, Lona Allen   12/31/1888-05/24/1971

Allen, Mattie E   01/13/1856-04/15/1940

Allen, Elbert J   03/13/1858-05/01/1940

Allen, M Gertrude "Gertie"   06/05/1885-07/22/1974

Hale, John Weller   01/20/1886-01/24/1930

Chitwood, Mae Allen   01/02/1887-03/30/1914

Sims, Effie   -03/16/1905

Sims, Jeff D   -03/13/1904

Burton, Joe G   08/12/1895-01/02/1905   aged 10 years

Burton, Clara E   01/24/1868-07/26/1921   aged 53 years

Burton, Helen Jane   02/21/1908-04/23/1990

Burton, Thomas E Sr   07/19/1901-02/12/1985

Jasper   [name on step -- two unmarked ledgers]

Johnson, Mrs Lawrence   07/02/1899-02/17/1962   wife of O C Johnson

Baker, Sarah    08/07/1832-11/12/1913    wife of R. F. Baker

Baker, R. F.    02/05/1834-09/01/1910

Jackson, Cecil V.    01/29/1928-01/13/1957
    Jackson, Colleen    [no date of death shown]

Unknown    double unmarked curbed plot

Helms Family (marker) [the next two Mooney graves are in this plot]

Mooney, Thomas Bert    05/18/1892-04/05/1926

Mooney, Alice    01/26/1878-05/21/1926

Breckenridge, A. E.    08/14/1929-05/18/2007    [temporary marker]

Row 5

LeCroy, Ruth B.    04/16/1903-01/10/1986    daughter of J. K. and Rose

Rows 6 and 7

Kohlenberg on curbed step    [with next graves through Rosa Pierce]

Dunkelgod, Arlie Mae    1914-1961

Dunkelgod, Carl H. Sr.    1906-1972

Kohlenberg, H. T.    12/31/1845-01/30/1922

Dunkelgod, Henry    1870-1952

Dunkelgod, Lillie E.    05/30/1865-07/08/1918    wife of Henry Dunkelgod

Pierce, Rosa E.    12/31/1890-11/04/1903    daughter of Lillie Pierce

Ramoly, William F.    1872-1955
    Ramoly, Mattie S.    1877-1942

Buse, Charles G.    05/22/1843-01/19/1919

LeCroy, Roy L.    03/22/1905-04/08/1985    son of J. K. and Rose LeCroy

LeCroy, Mary E.    05/31/1900-03/01/1924    daughter of J. K. and Rose LeCroy

LeCroy, Rosa Ella    01/21/1874-06/17/1953    wife of Joshua K. LeCroy

LeCroy, Joshua K.    03/04/1874-11/04/1943

Thompson, Benj. F.    03/12/1832-08/01/1905

Thompson, Mary A.    01/15/1837-08/20/1918

LeCroy, Mary E.    12/31/1847-07/27/1929    Mother

LeCroy, John H.    09/12/1831-12/05/1916    Father

Hardy, Ella    02/10/1896-04/27/1906

Benson, Henry    1889-1947

Benson, Jack    1857-1919

Yoshida, Hiroshi    02/05/1933-03/01/2005    [Caruth Funeral Home marker]

Rows 8 and 9

McAdam on step    [graves through Robert M. McAdam in this plot]

Olsen, Elizabeth    12/22/1846-01/10/1914

Bowers, John L.    07/27/1833-08/19/1905

McAdam, Agnes    1819-1902

McAdam, Robert M.    08/10/1848-07/24/1934

Taylor, Thad    01/02/1829-12/06/1902

Taylor, Eliza    10/31/1891-05/31/1908

Taylor, Una    05/01/1872-12/03/1953

Taylor, Thad    04/09/1861-05/08/1921

Reed    [on curb - no markers in plot]

Ballard, B. F.    02/16/1832 Atlanta, Ga-07/06/1905 Hot Springs, Ar

Ballard, Eliza S.    01/12/1828-04/22/1928

Mooney, Russie B.    1868-1933    Mother

Unknown    unmarked ledger

Willey, William W.    04/05/1867-02/16/1913    W.O.W. memorial

Unknown    unmarked curbed plot

Burrough, Sena Ballard    12/1855-07/1918

Burrough, Harry    08/20/1890-10/08/1918    W.O.W. memorial

Ballard, Alphonzo    04/1881-10/11/1918

Ballard, John    05/11/1874-07/07/1941

Anderson, James T.    08/03/1902-01/13/1958    Arkansas PFC Co B 309 Infantry WWII

Smith, Iva A.    1898-1990    [Gross Funeral Home marker]

Adams    on curbed plot

Reece, Susie E.    07/08/1891-04/14/1951
    Reece, John H.    10/05/1868-05/15/1940

Row 10

Garnett Curbed Plot
Garnett, William Robert    06/13/1841-11/26/1922    [ledger]
    Garnett, Mrs. Sallie    06/22/1845-03/15/1915

Dennis, Cloyd S.    Died 1944

Dennis, Lizzie Mae    Died 1943

Evans, Eugene    1871-1942

Dyer, William J.    Died 03/28/1943

Gatterman, Herman    06/10/1881-02/03/1944

Sheppard, George Elmer    1882-1944

Emory, Frances E. (Powell)    11/21/1914-06/22/1944

Turner, Jeanette and Janice    07/31/1941-08/01/1941

Day, Olive E.    1891-07/14/1927

Smith, James    Died 12/31/1944

Halter, Mike William    08/14/1898-08/03/1944

Worley, Minnie Iva    05/14/1898-01/20/1945

Rows 11 and 12

Henson on step of curbed plot
Miller, Mary Henson    04/13/1857-03/17/1927

Fenced Plot:    Parry, Benson, Parks
Parry, James    11/06/1870-02/02/1905

Benson, Lucy F.    1883-1966    [Gross FHM that is partially destroyed and used reading by Inez Cline and Bobbie McLane of 1969 to establish name and dates]

Parks, Grace E.    03/08/1890-04/24/1965

Goins Plot

Goins, Dewey W.    10/30/1898-03/22/1940

Goins, Della G.    02/19/1879-09/19/1938

Goins, Dora Ethel    09/08/1901-04/03/1906

Goins, Thomas H.    08/28/1871-04/13/1915    W.O.W. Marker

Cook Plot

Morris, Harry J.    10/28/1883-04/02/1906    [closeup]

Cook, Sarrah E.    10/14/1856-03/21/1948    "Mother"

Cook, William D.    04/07/1855-02/22/1909    "Father"    Aged 54 yrs 10 mos 15 ds

Jones Plot

Jones, Walter    07/11/1880-06/23/1905

Cardel, George    03/08/1903-12/12/1903

Jones, Daisy J.    10/21/1888-04/20/1903

Jones, Gilbert    07/11/1894-08/04/1901    Son of G. and P. Jones

Jones, Sgt. Charles    Co. A 138 Pa. Inf.

Jones, Parcena H.    1853-1930

Ellis, Elmir A. J.    1880-1940    [This may be Elmira J. Ellis but written like Elmir A. J. Ellis]

Illegible    [Gross FHM: all that is legible is 1944 which appears to be year of birth and is found in Jones Plot]

Morris Plot - no marked graves

Row 13 and 14

Smith, H. G.    09/13/1866-03/22/1901    [closeup]

Moorman, Lucinda    01/30/1824-02/07/1907

Campling, Gertrude    05/11/1892-01/17/1976

Campling, Percy    12/29/1892-01/15/1970

Moorman, Mary A.    09/13/1859-06/06/1901

Moorman, Eugene    04/07/1879-12/13/1926

Moorman, John A.    10/07/1851-02/07/1904

Crosby, Ollie E.    06/23/1886-01/24/1919

Trammel on step of curbed plot

Trammel, Lora May    10/12/1881-06/17/1910

Mother - Father - Sister on curb of plot
Martin, James    Co. B 2 Ark. Inf.

Sykes, Harry F.    04/05/1911-07/19/1985

Sykes, Myrtle A. Burks    02/08/1912-11/30/1994

Johnson, Pearla Lou    08/23/1894-03/21/1971

Buckler, Bessie May    03/23/1904-08/10/1904    Daughter of John and Mary M. Buckler

Harris, Willie    08/21/1889-10/27/1911    [closeup]

Montgomery, William A.    12/21/1865-12/16/1900

Block 18

Row 1

Jones, Mary Adeline    02/09/1834-03/20/1904    Wife of W. C. Jones, M.D.

Richards, Mamie    02/17/1869-04/28/1907

Richards, Harry A.    01/19/1869-05/05/1907

Carlisle, Edward M.   11/1868-04/1907

Brandenburg, Robert    01/27/1907-03/10/1907

Weld, Courtney T.    died 01/25/1907 aged 32 years

Smith, W. O.    03/10/1855-05/04/1940
    Smith, Roxanna    12/11/1869-02/24/1908

Adams, Lew Joseph    12/22/1892-05/21/1988    US Army World War I

Kwasnicka, Frank    03/29/1861-01/29/1906

O'Bannon, J. P.    05/05/1849-01/10/1906

Davis, Leon    05/11/1901-11/04/1972

Gaspar, Nickalus    11/17/1879-

Harris, Boyd    08/24/1898-
    Harris, Harold    10/27/1894-01/04/1967

Lorentzen, Mildred F.    04/23/1912-06/02/1993

Row 2

Gibbons, James R.    04/22/1835-05/22/1904

Drobac, Milan    12/20/1892-06/05/1979

Smith, Jack    03/16/1858-05/02/1905

Olgin, Vlass Paul    02/10/1896-01/17/1961

Veranis, Vasil E.    06/07/1884-07/08/1965

Evans, Charles Ottie    1885-1961
    Evans, Mabel Irene    1902-

Little, Carrie E.    12/05/1888-10/01/1970
    Little, Charles E.    08/29/1886-05/03/1966

Jones, Nelson N.    04/07/1936-08/12/2000    In Loving Memory

Row 3

Johnson, Alex J.    02/09/1867-05/25/1906

Drobac, Stanley    10/20/1895-07/30/1971

Obradovich, Louis    01/09/1891-06/22/1971

Newstater, Ethel    12/15/1891-07/22/1961

Merrick, Reba Mozell    12/19/1909-12/07/1995

Merrick, Harley R.    09/26/1900-08/17/1965

Peterkin, Fred H.    04/24/1890-09/20/1968
    Peterkin, Effie    [no dates]

Row 4

Stanley, Capt. W. M.    Co. K 32 Ohio Infantry

Murray, Mary E.    Died 10/20/1904    Wife of John J. Murray

Plass, William    06/19/1859-10/14/1904    Son of Mathias and Frances Plass    [Date of death is partially underground and the day of death is hard to read.]

Peters, Christian    10/28/1838-09/25/1904    [photo 2]

Blagg, Jasper Hon    1925-1976    US Navy World War II

Caldwell, Anne B.    04/07/1904-06/03/1987

Caldwell, John S.    11/10/1900-05/05/1973    Maryland S1 US Navy World War I

Shortreed, Willie Ann    08/08/1895-12/02/1978

Shortreed, Louis T.    11/30/1880-03/27/1966    Arkansas Pvt Co 1 5 Regt Inf Spanish American War

Row 5

LeCroy, Lillian    11/22/1881-06/04/1960

LeCroy, John Henry    09/17/1888-07/27/1960

Aikin, Jean Campbell    10/05/1920-05/02/2002

Conradson, Ellona A.    01/05/1881-08/22/1986

Sparke, Peggy Y.    08/23/1907-11/02/1978

Putman, Ray Dell    01/31/1930-07/04/1989    CSSN US Navy

Murphree, Arthur J.    09/27/1879-04/09/1964
    Murphree, A. Lyell    11/01/1894-01/17/1961

Thornburgh, M. Ellen    12/23/1871-08/18/1962

Weeks, Ernest M.    10/16/1896-10/09/1961
    Weeks, Willie O.    02/03/1906-04/18/1997

White, Mae Horne    09/01/1898-12/05/1980

White, Sidney Cobb    01/30/1881-03/10/1961

Moldovan, Lulu    03/21/1886-11/03/1965

Goranson, George    10/22/1889-04/15/1976

O'Bannon, Priscilla Annie    03/08/1865-08/13/1908

Wacaster, Lula Maude    08/11/1884-09/08/1965

Clay, William C.    02/11/1905-04/05/1969
    Clay, Maude L. "Johnnie"    07/06/1910-

Pursley, Johnnie R.    11/01/1918-01/20/2001    Tec 5 US Army World War II

Ford, Isabella M.    02/00/1879-12/?

Ford, Dorthy D.    Died 02/13/1901 age 11 months

Row 6

Miller, Thomas Roland    08/03/1907-06/27/1961

Snyder, Lucille B.    10/03/1895-11/16/1972    In Memory of My Dear Sister

Andrews, M. Frances    05/24/1898-01/07/1982    Wife

Andrews, Harry G.    11/11/1889-12/06/1978    Husband

Case, Grace A.    09/21/1888-03/05/1962

Case, Daniel L.    11/23/1870-10/01/1960

Putman, Ricky Alan    08/24/1958-05/15/1960

Glascock, Ralph N.    07/22/1901-11/29/1992
    Glascock, Allie Cora    09/02/1907-02/05/1983

Graves, Luther D.    06/27/1898-09/16/1969
    Graves, Lillian B.    10/02/1890-01/23/1967

Parker, Fannie Mae    05/10/1912-01/07/2001    Momma

Parker, Arthur C.    06/11/1887-09/27/1971    Daddy

Spearman, James L.    01/02/1925-

Spearman, James R.    03/03/1896-08/03/1964
    Spearman, Ella V.    03/30/1907-01/07/1980

Henderson, James Calvin    06/04/1911-03/07/1964

Christensen, Christ E.    01/07/1885-09/10/1968
    Christensen, Anne Warren    08/21/1895-

Unknown    [Base of broken marker.]

Henery, John W.    12/23/1899-12/20/1964

Row 7

Dougan, Thomas J.    09/24/1892-11/05/1965
    Dougan, Willie E.    04/03/1894-06/25/1978

Callas, Frank    08/15/1883-12/02/1962
    Callas, Josephine    08/27/1886-07/04/1962

Rogers, Reginald R.    04/05/1890-01/18/1962
    Rogers, Louise    05/26/1890-03/01/1978

Hollowell, Augusta    08/27/1894-02/24/1963    In Memory Of My Mother

Graves, Duwayne O.    09/05/1950-09/19/1994

Graves, Othel L.    11/28/1913-06/08/1995    S1 US Navy World War II    [His military marker shows dod as June 8; double marker shows June 9; SSDI shows June 8.]
    Graves, Ilamae    02/26/1916-07/28/2003    [SSDI shows dob as February 22, 1914.]

McElroy, Frank    06/14/1883-08/29/1977

Peters, Raymond J.    04/02/1890-01/10/1971

Mogle, Herbert L.    03/18/1893-07/24/1985
    Mogle, Hilda B.    03/29/1898-08/12/1967

Shaw, Fannie Mae    10/15/1907-08/15/1978

Shaw, William R.    01/18/1910-01/10/1961

Littman, Bertha    1879-1965

Kamm, Hazel L.    06/19/1916-03/17/1961

Swift, Wilma    09/11/1900-12/02/1961

Bryan, Rufus Jasper    09/04/1884-04/11/1968
    Bryan, Addie Reaves    07/30/1887-10/05/1961

Crofoot, Willard H.    05/29/1890-12/30/1962    Ohio Cpl US Marine Corps World War I

Row 8

Dunlap, Sarah    1882-1973

Dunlap, Lewis E.    1882 - 1969

Hunter, Shawn Lynn    01/12/1966-01/14/1966

Worley, David Webster    09/26/1876-02/20/1967

Mastik, Nettie L.    01/29/1895-    [SSDI indicates she died 10/1971. Gross Funeral Home Records Jan 1, 1958 to Dec 31, 1992, published in 1993 by Lewis Stephens indicates she died October 23, 1971, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.]

Morford, Ira B.    10/31/1894-03/16/1966    Veteran of World War I
    Morford, Aldine J.    10/03/1907-11/17/1988

Owens, Zack V.    04/10/1881-10/18/1966
    Owens, Annie L.    03/14/1891-06/26/1973

Settle, William Earle    04/10/1881-03/19/1967

Carson, Simon P.   08/19/1891-11/04/1974

Weber, Nicholas    06/04/1895-04/01/1967

Janes, J. D. O.    07/20/1900-06/24/1966

Wrenn, Clarice J.    04/27/1916-12/15/1966

Ball, Robert Howard Sr.    12/12/1899-01/25/1967

Burns, Edna    1891-1966

Sims, Harry W.    1903-1987
    Sims, Angeline E.    1911-2003

Higginbotham, Mary J.    1911-1991

Sims, Evan Brewer    09/05/1908-10/28/1966

Block 19    (Read September 19, 2012)    There are many unmarked graves in this block.

Row 1

Harris, Webb Curtis    07/09/1916-03/07/1976

Miller, Princess C.    08/29/1886-01/21/1964

Curtis, Mabel L.    05/1884-11/1914

Curtis, James Webb M.D.    07/1856-04/12/1921    Faithful Member of Diamond Circle No 1180

Curtis, Mrs. Alice P.    07/04/1861-05/18/1928

McCollum Family Plot

McCollum, Edward    -09/02/1889    aged 40 years

McCollum, Bettie    -03/10/1928    aged 76 years

Carroll Family Plot

Carroll, Dorthula    12/10/1893-07/08/1901

Carroll, Willie James    10/30/1898-03/20/1899

Carroll, Randolph    04/02/1886-06/12/1901

Carroll, Katie    07/28/1888-04/28/1897

Pugh, Agnes    1844-12/04/1899

Carroll, Sarah    -05/24/1899    age 34

Row 2

Johnson, Sarah A.    06/26/1880-10/15/1907

Johnson, J. F.    10/31/1847-12/20/1922

Jackson, Patsy    -1911

Unknown    All I could read was the name Annie.

Taylor, Adelaine    08/15/1852-03/31/1910    Born Alexandria, Louisiana

Knight, Louisa    -01/01/1909

Row 3

Bennett, Lot of Rev. ___    (rusted metal marker lying up against a tree)

Bennett, William    8/1898-___1899    son of ___ J. R.

H. S. Gill Family Lot

Gill, Rubie O.    04/08/1896-02/25/1984

Gill, Harry S. Jr.    08/26/1909-04/30/1921

Gill, Katie    03/29/1869-02/01/1935

Diggs, Thearressa    12/05/1885-___    [the day may be 12/15/1885- ]

Row 4



Gill, Roy C.    10/05/1894-07/05/1899

Hanley, Thomas    -1903

Jones, Steve    -1905

Row 5

Haynes, Emma    -11/03/1893    Aged 39 Years

Burton, Molinda    -11/05/1891    Aged 36

Row 6

Blakley, M    -02/25/1895

Criner, Charles    -08/01/1900    age 51

Mann, Amelia    -05/11/1892    aged 55 years    Wife of Albrt Mann

S. W.    [Those are the initials that appeared to be etched into a concrete curb.]

Jones, Caroline    -12/10/1899    aged 93 years

Harris, Roger W.    09/23/1883-02/03/1899    Son of D. H. and Annie Harris

Johnson, Julia F.    -02/16/1892

Row 7

Lane, Alex    05/16/1841-05/16/1887    Husband of Mary Lane

Unknown Brick Curb

Mann, Thomas Jefferson    1858-02/17/1888    Son of Mrs. L (or E.) Mann

May, Lillie B.    07/04/1890-02/___

Harris, Hattie B.    -06/02/1890    aged 5 months 11 days    Infant Daughter of D. H. and Annie Harris

Brown, Hykeem    05/19/1990-05/07/2000    son of Eddie Jr. and Jackie Brown

Between Blocks 18 and 19

Green, William    12/16/1898-    [dod is broken off]    Son of R. E. and J. R.    This broken marker is lying under a tree between Blocks 18 and 19. It is fairly obvious that it is not where the gravesite actually is. I was not able to find the part that had the date of death.

Block 22

~ to be continued ~

Row 7

Pleasants, Gertrude   died 05/25/1911
    Holloway, Emerald P   died 01/14/1970

Jackson, Clara P   06/13/1895-06/30/1980   Aunt

Pleasants (cannot read name)   11/22/1891-11/08/1898   daughter of R H & G Pleasants, born in Huntsville, Alabama; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas   [do not have this photograph]

Pleasants, Robert H Jr   05/08/1897-07/08/1973

Pippens, Maria   died 10/19/1888 aged 69 years

Row 8

Palermo, Clara Dyess   01/31/1922-10/19/2004   Mother

Lane, Betty J Smith   08/30/1932-04/30/2004   married 03/22/1950
    Lane, Herbert M Sr   10/17/1924-11/24/2010 1 2

Teeples, Monty A   06/27/1948-07/08/2003   SP4 US Army

Malzahn, Autumese "White" Summers   09/04/1919-12/22/2005   Beloved Mother

Summers, Russell K   04/19/1946-09/28/2006   CTO1 US Navy

Williams, Calvin L   12/03/1952-11/02/2002

Batts, Roy Lee   [no date of death shown]
    Batts, Parlee   09/30/1932-03/02/2006

McAvoy, Edward John   1891-1957   [his marker was previously in Block A]
    McAvoy, Delcie Hughes   1909-2006

Hodge, David H   08/31/1953-05/10/2006   PFC US Marine Corps
    Shelton, Cathy Hodge   09/23/1954-04/25/2006  
        In loving memory of our brother and sister; Cathy, loving wife of Jerry Shelton

Fields, Ben Travis    2007-2009

Hudson, Trelane A   07/14/1972-04/01/2003

Littlejohn, James    1907-2008

Babtist, Hank Bob   11/14/1928-01/09/2002

Dugan, Clarence Joseph    03/16/1928-05/07/2008    Cpl US Army Korea
    Dugan, Jacquelyn Corrigan    [no date of death shown]

Poland, Parilee    1938-2008

Bryant, Juanita Grisham   08/11/1924-08/27/2007

Bryant, Walter W   11/14/1918-04/20/2004   Tec4 US Army WWII

Bryant, Gail Nanette   [no date of death shown]

Block 23, Part I

This section has numerous unmarked curb graves and some broken gravestones - read September 24, 2008

Row 1

    Dixon, Elizabeth (names written on curb marker)

Nolen, A. Geraldine    04/29/1918-03/04/1964

Greene, W. G.    1890-1954

Green, Dan    03/28/1905-01/29/1983
    Green, Christine    08/19/1905-05/14/1988

Banks, S. B.    12/06/1893-07/05/1993

Wiltfong, Bailey Darlene    05/14/2006 [date of birth and death]

Jones, Mrs. Luler (No. 5338)    I did not see this marker.  It was included in Gail Ashbrook's book for Garland County Historical Society (see above).

Row 2

Benson, Willie Cobb    1858-1945

Rodgers, Commetta B.    11/07/1901-02/12/1950

Benson, Annie

Unknown    5878    [no names or dates]

Porter, Mary A.    Apr. 3, 1910-Dec. 3, 1995
    Porter, Charles Ralph Sr.    Sept. 24, 1912-Jan. 24, 2000

Ruffins, Lillie Mae    09/24/1917-09/14/1995

Ruffins, Johnson    03/07/1907-02/28/1993

Banks, Ruther Reed    01/01/1922-05/20/2008

Washington, Mrs. Eliza J.    died 02/28/1891    aged 49 years

Dickens, Isaac    06/10/1878-08/15/1890

Hunter, Estella Scott    04/17/1935-10/15/1996 1

Funeral Home Marker -- illegible

Washington, Vincent 'Money'    11/05/1969-12/06/1999

Row 3

Hardin, Albert    [name on curb grave]

Miller, M    [name on curb grave]

Jackson, Leonidas    1888
    Jackson, Bascon    1890
    Jackson, C. Spurgeon    1893
    Children of R. A. and E. H. Jackson

Johnson, Rufus A.    11/26/1886-11/03/1892    son of R. P. and L. A. Johnson

Huff, Birdie    died 03/11/1900 aged 30 years    wife of Rolly Huff

Batts, W. B.    02/15/1932-10/12/1999    married 10/27/1958 [no wife marker]

Hudson, Teela Lynn    12/06/1979-08/31/1997

Wiley, Tom Albert    03/09/1927-09/05/2000

Row 4

Petigrew, George    Died Feb. 26, 1889    G 4 Years    [it does look like G 4 Years]

Seatts, Ruth V.    04/01/1906-06/10/1979

Hoskins, Carrie    1886-1923

McNeal, Anderson    died Sept. 29, 1924    Hot Springs Circle No. 169

McNeal, Ella    08/04/1878-10/07/1933

Davis, Fannie    died 05/14/1920

Long, Frank Cornelius    03/02/1857-11/15/1928    Pioneer Educator

Hatcher, Gussie    died 08/21/1929    son of Sarah Long

Davis, Mattie    died 07/27/1917    mother of Sarah Long

Green, Thomas J.    11/16/1876-03/13/1897

King, Annie Elizabeth    12/18/1917-09/12/2000

Prescott, Martha Jean Moore    06/04/1929-10/05/2000

Craig, Mary    06/10/1859-09/29/1916    Vapor City Chamber 2024, Hot Springs, Ark.

Row 5

Singleton, Anderson    died 05/24/1923    Supreme Royal Circle of Friends

Jackson, Virginia    died 02/27/19?    [broken gravestone]

Brown, Robert    1935-1999

Walker, Sarah E.    01/06/1900    age 49 years

Barrenger, Calley    died 02/14/1899    age 38 years    wife of W. S. Barrenger

Green, Elviry    died 10/24/1895    age 41 years

Washington, Jno    Co 8 (or B) 29th U.S.G.T.

Row 6

Lockhart, Elias    11/19/1865-06/05/1923

Greenwood, Tina    1958-2008    [funeral home marker -- obituary shows Greenwood, Tina Rochelle    07/06/1958-07/18/2008]

Long, Lillie Bevelyn    12/28/1943-05/25/2008

Cunningham, Ella J.    08/25/1875-01/26/1904    wife of James Cunningham

Hart, Emily    04/05/1852-10/21/1915

Row 7

Graves, Ward R.    02/26/18?-06/05/1923    [broken gravestone]

Hunter, Joseph    died 07/04/1921    born in Mississippi

Hill, Boston 'Bos'    06/07/1898-10/25/1980

Warren, Lear Dinah "Jim"    06/25/1900-10/10/1986

Warren, Jennie Lee    10/02/1894-07/27/1976

Flemmings, Patsy    1835-06/14/1920    Vapor City Chamber 2024

Faulkner    curb marker with nothing else       

Simpson, Allie Mae    1933-2001

Greenwood, Earnest R.    1938-2001
    Greenwood, Mable L.    1939    [no date of death shown]

Buffing, Troy Lee    07/05/1951-04/16/2002

Poland, Bertha Lee    12/17/1944-09/26/2002

Kidd, Odelia E.    09/22/1958-07/18/2003

Garcia, Gabriela Estrada    [All that was found was a plate that had the name Gabriela on it - when Gail Ashbrook read the markers, she found a temporary funeral home marker with the name Gabriela E. Garcia on it.  That FHM is no longer there.]

Burkes, Brenda Faye    11/18/1963-02/27/2004

Stevenson, Linda    11/29/1972-04/11/2005    RMS, CSS, CLS, SCC, LMC, BSS

Childs, John Jr.    1956-2005    [Brandon Funeral Home temporary funeral home marker]

Bailey, Beatrice    1929-2006    [Brandon Funeral Home temporary funeral home marker]

Row 8

Murray, Marie    died 05/27/1922    Faithful member of Vapor City Circle No. 2000

White, Ellen    died 12/10/1922    Faithful member of Vapor City Circle No. 2000

Harding, Charles A.    died 04/08/1923

Price    [on step]
    Price, Alex A.    08/22/1870-05/15/1923

Ellett, Nancy A.    age 73

Guy, Mary    [no dates]

Row 9

Ford, Juarlen R. R.    06/15/1945-05/14/2008    married 12/25/1963
    Ford, James H.    [no date of death]

Adams, Ora Lee "Mike"    01/05/1912-07/16/2005

Reed, Elvance Sidney Jr.    07/05/1978-01/04/2007

Wakefield, Marsha D.    05/26/1950-12/16/2006

Banks, Alvin J.    05/20/1983-10/20/2005

Giles, Christopher Ray Jr.    06/13/1980-03/07/1999

Giles, Christopher Sr.  1956-2008    [Brandon Funeral Home temporary funeral home marker -- his obituary shows 11/02/1956-08/20/2008 -- Christopher Ray Giles, Sr.] 

Scott, Geneva    1903-1997

Row 10

Barnett, Alonzo    10/15/1867-09/10/1923    [This tall marker is leaning over]

Scroggins, Edna    07/09/1852-03/31/1924

Wheeler, Sarah    11/09/1900-04/28/1924    Williams Chamber 3969, Kansas City, Kansas

Henderson, Rainey Butler    1876-1936
    Henderson, John Harris    1872-1936

Love, Amanda    01/01/1854-09/20/1926

Benson, Henry C.    died 1932

Henderson, Leona Bee    10/12/1905-07/03/1989

Row 11

Island, Iona    1932-1995
    Island, Jack 1935-2005

Lomax, Anthony Lovejoy    10/28/1963-04/19/1999 1

East, Margarite Louise

Row 12

Jones, Georgie    12/25/1888-03/03/1919    wife of Forest Jones

Cloak, Jennie    01/07/1890-11/29/1918    Star Victor Chamber 2556 Hot Springs, Arkansas


Block 23, Part III

~ to be continued ~

Row 7

Woods, Malissia   03/25/1890-11/13/1942

Woods, Florance M   06/18/1919-05/08/2004

Row 8

Munica, Avery   02/14/1891-07/24/1967
    Munica, Mable   08/20/1901-03/02/1978

Woods, Mrs. Queen Esther Norton   07/29/1901-11/18/1966

Row 9

Webb, John Lee   09/17/1877-08/30/1946
    Webb, Carrie Eleane   09/24/1883-02/22/1953
    Markoe, Emma Elease Webb   05/14/1906-10/21/1943   Daughter of John L. and Carrie E. Webb
    Horton, Mary F   1869-1957

Coulter, Ferd   11/26/1895-06/30/1946

Coulter, Ada Frances   02/17/1898-11/14/1982

Wilkins, Lewis   07/02/1891-02/09/1959   Arkansas Sgt 591 Co MTC World War I

Row 10

Jamison, Ada   07/15/1888-01/19/1968

Coleman, Juliette   02/01/1901-04/02/1973

Row 11

Johnson, Clarence W   08/24/1908-02/14/1949   Arkansas PFC 278 OM BN WW II

Johnson, Fannie L   04/25/1914-09/29/1968

McKay, Ethel R   10/11/1893-09/12/1960

Eve, H Janet   1923-1998
    Eve, Henrietta R   1893-1978
    Eve, John E   1894-1950

Block 28    [photographed and transcribed September 3, 2009]

Row 1

Pettigrew, Roy    02/07/1931-02/11/2003    ADCS US Navy

Saltzman, Morris    09/06/1892-01/10/1971

Krasnowolska, Albina    02/24/1899-12/25/1967

Douglas, William    05/04/1891-01/10/1969

Horne, Clarence W.    10/19/1888-01/19/1968

Horne, Margaret C.    10/10/1883-01/30/1980

Heizer, William O.    02/08/1890-03/11/1972
    Heizer, Ethel M.    12/25/1898-03/31/1972

Schermeier, Phil H.    05/15/1898-01/10/1968

Schermeier, Isla R.    02/01/1899-07/02/1998

Crutcher, John P.    02/14/1914-01/16/1968
    Crutcher, Zola C.    07/14/1919-11/03/1999

Walker, Frances O.    02/13/1904-07/12/1985
    Obee, Jennie E.    04/07/1890-11/23/1967

Brenton, Pauline H.    09/05/1912-04/08/1988

Cooper, Jacob Green    11/13/1900-11/19/1967    Arkansas Pvt 728 Sig ACFI WNG Co World War I

Oliver, John L.    08/17/1891-02/01/1967    Arknasas Pvt Co D 2 Corps School World War I

Oliver, Ollie B.    09/18/1901-05/09/1969    Wife of John L. Oliver

McAllister, Ralph H.    02/14/1909-10/13/1967

Browne, William F.    06/10/1887-12/01/1966

Aasen, Olaf    04/10/1898-
    Aasen, Chris    12/14/1899-11/13/1966

Councille, Loyce D.    05/25/1890-10/08/1966
    Councille, Mary R.    12/03/1897-02/15/1995 1

Janke, Fred    06/27/1878-10/09/1967
    Janke, Mary    10/14/1881-01/26/1983

Brand, Otto F.    03/28/1897-01/30/1966

Brand, Ethel G.    10/10/1892-04/05/1980

Gregory, Homer Franklin    09/13/1925-12/27/2008    Sgt US Army World War II Korea Vietnam

Gregory, Birttie    08/23/1921-06/08/1963

Welchman Family Monument    (individual markers are on next row)

Ashley, J. D.    01/10/1885-12/21/1962
    Ashley, Leslie    04/29/1917-09/06/1997
    Ashley, Elsie    10/04/1922-04/10/2005    [on back of J. D. and Leslie's marker]

Davis, T. Sharron Knight    07/13/1944-01/19/1967

Knight, Fred    01/09/1912-05/30/1969
    Knight, Pauline    08/29/1916-04/12/2006

Davis, Helen Chambers    12/07/1897-02/13/1967

Davis, William Ray Jr.    10/21/1922-07/29/1967    LDR

Shaw, Frank Ervin    06/22/1898-08/10/1983    Pvt US Army World War II

Busick, Eva Shaw    04/13/1902-10/27/1986

Koran, Frank    11/19/1893-01/19/1987

Castle, Fred J.    08/04/1898-12/21/1979
    Castle, Frances P.    12/22/1901-09/21/1967

Garner, Toy Eldon    01/04/1894-09/25/1987    Pvt US Army World War I

Lathram, Chester    05/26/1890-
    Lathram, Edith    11/07/1900-12/22/1967

Cummins, John C.    08/17/1888-01/18/1973
    Cummins, Lula T.    04/27/1890-07/17/1972

Row 2

Umphers, Lena    09/11/1873-08/25/1930

Allen, Henry W.    05/28/1911-03/19/1978
    Allen, Louise T.    10/10/1899-08/25/1979

Tatum, Ruth W.    1903-1968

Baumgardner, Norene E.    1953-1991

Campbell, Carroll G.    05/21/1914-06/09/1966
    Campbell, Frona L.    11/16/1917-10/04/1980

Jones, Minnie V.    05/15/1901-12/24/1966

Franklin, Herman F.    11/05/1916-04/13/1966    Member Printers Local No. 401

Hagen, Alfred G.    05/13/1879-01/26/1966

Burke, James Harry    09/04/1920-11/25/1965    Illinois Sgt US Army World War II
    Burke, Vareta E.    07/16/1923-04/12/2003

Brown, Billy Joe    1927-1981    US Army World War II Korea

Brown, Glen C.    08/03/1915-04/15/1987    Cpl US Army World War II

Breckenridge, Eugene    02/24/1882-11/24/1966
    Breckenridge, Vern    04/18/1893-05/12/1972

Hunter, George H.    10/08/1922-02/05/1983    Merchant Seaman Radio Officer

Myers, Howard A.    10/20/1892-01/12/1978
    Myers, Anna M.    03/26/1894-06/26/1970

Warren, Vernon    11/24/1885-04/15/1965
    Warren, Dolly    01/20/1879-09/17/1968

Eitzer, Henry John    12/29/1891-02/27/1965    Iowa PFC Co K 34 Inf World War I

Eitzer, Hazel D.    07/10/1900-12/12/1990 1

Taylor, G. Wesley    10/16/1907-07/03/1995
    Taylor, Floy Amy    08/20/1908-04/06/1990

Welchman Family Plot
Welchman, Ernest Creed    1899-1963
Welchman, Bonnie Rea    1906-1991
Welch, Charles R.    1930-2007
Welch, Barbara J.    [no date of death shown]

Obee, William S.    09/15/1892-07/29/1963    Arkansas Sgt 153 Amb Co VII Corps World War I

Obee, Clara Stute    05/03/1901-09/24/1978

Freund, L. Wright    12/07/1898-06/04/1967

Hall, Raymond L.    1911-2001
    Hall, Sarah J.    1910-1996

Ryan, James P.    06/08/1890-12/17/1962
    Ryan, Bessie E.    04/01/1894-

May, David O.    05/31/1898-06/03/1969
    May, Ethel M.    10/05/1906-

Cochran, Temperance M.    -01/19/1937    Arkansas Pvt 162 Depot Brig

Cochran, Ida H.    1855-11/1944

Cochran, ___    1884-1929    [still trying to obtain correct name - illegible marker]

Smith, Eddy E.    1910-1977

Clem, Buster    07/29/1919-07/02/1977

Sullins, Heiz    04/22/1905-07/10/1980    Born in Harrisburg, Arkansas, and died in Hot Springs

Row 3

Houston, Harlan E.    08/27/1905-05/11/1986
    Houston, Ruth V.    01/22/1918-10/11/1996

Houston, William G.    01/19/1882-08/17/1977

Houston, Julia May    10/03/1886-12/16/1973

Mitchell, Mae    06/06/1909-05/25/1982

Cotnam, Lee Lana    03/22/1947-01/17/1965

Lannholm, Gerald Victor    04/20/1906-09/26/1982

Lannholm, Evelyn Hoff    10/09/1906-09/04/1996

Myers, Harold A.    02/03/1925-
    Myers, Martha J.    01/17/1924-11/20/2012

Hooper, Silas Henry    11/14/1884-06/15/1964
    Hooper, Gertrude Ruth    03/17/1899-03/30/1985

Crumbaugh, Alice E.    08/05/1929-06/10/1963

Smith, Pete    10/18/1881-07/07/1961
    Smith, Ora    09/24/1890-03/06/1974

Brinley, John B.    07/17/1889-10/20/1963

Brinley, Hazel V.    07/21/1888-12/27/1965

Boatman, H. Allen    10/24/1892-09/07/1960    His Wife Cecil Smith Boatman; their children Vera, Opal Allen Jr., Vivian, Euell, Marvin

Boyle, Herman Edward    departed 1962

Vasilos, George    1898-1962

Terry, Elbert L.    12/06/1899-02/15/1970
    Terry, Jessie B.    03/26/1899-10/03/1981

Dick, John P.    1878-1964

Browne, Velma Martin    10/14/1898-06/04/1978

Lee, Bonnie    1912-1930

Wetzstein, Prof. A. H.    03/11/1844-03/17/1929

Page, John S.    09/23/1922-
    Page, Celesta Terry    06/02/1920-08/14/1977

Row 4

Sears Family Plot
Sears, David Frank    02/22/1892-11/26/1970    married 05/13/1913
    Sears, Lena    02/22/1896-11/08/1984

Hicks, Jules Loyd    06/26/1891-11/17/1952

Graham, Dosee Hicks    1907-
    Graham, Wiley J.    04/29/1894-08/17/1977    Pvt US Army World War I

Jameson, Mary Lou    07/15/1902-05/28/1972

Malone, Avery    04/08/1900-09/11/1969

Malone, Geneva L.    12/08/1900-06/24/1980

DeWitt, Basil L.    06/23/1886-03/11/1968
    DeWitt, Marguerite E.    04/08/1899-10/03/1987

Lockemer, Willard E.    1893-1965
    Lockemer, Kate L.    1884-1972

Hartman, Donald S.    04/23/1909-03/11/1989

Hartman, Mabel S.    04/23/1877-12/05/1964

Lewis, Marjorie    10/15/1905-09/20/1986

Goodwin, Aylmer C.    12/12/1885-11/02/1964
    Goodwin, Anna H.    04/07/1878-12/02/1964

Cheville, Edmund    1885-1969
    Cheville, Sarah    1880-1964

Koran, Ray F.    02/03/1926-07/12/1992    Pvt US Army World War II

Mory, Winifred Coyne    02/12/1922-09/03/1964

Horne, Robert L.    05/11/1927-09/12/1976

Ford, Richard C.    1895-1962
    Ford, Laura Ann    1892-1974

Smith, Robert Gene    08/01/1926-10/25/1986    Cpl US Army World War II

King Family Monument    [markers on next row]

Davis, William Ray    03/22/1897-12/20/1967

Maughan, Elmer A.    01/05/1893-07/04/1967
    Maughan, W. Mae    05/23/1898-08/02/1979

Rogers, Mary Opal    04/10/1905-09/25/1987

Stoltz, Rose W.    09/13/1892-03/15/1960

Strickling, Raymond    12/29/1892-05/08/1966    Loyal Order of Moose

Jackson, Margaret Jo    01/29/1925-02/22/2009

Jackson, Roy Monroe    10/24/1897-04/28/1959
    Jackson, Lula Pearl    06/08/1902-11/13/1980

Humphreys, William Bill    1909-1985

Row 5

Sears Family Plot (rest of)
Perry, Charles E.    1894-1952
Perry, Pearl Sears    1898-1918
[Empty Space]
Sears, Nancy Jane    1869-1934
Sears, Andrew B.    1857-1929
Sears, Cynthia    There is a stone lying in front of Andrew B. Sears and believe it probably should be in the empty space. The name is illegible to me but someone told me the name was Cynthia (Andrew's mother) and that she was born in 1854 in Texas and the dates look like 1854-10/17/1895

Hicks, Vera    1929-1929

Temporary funeral home marker with letters missing

Meredith, Nell Levern    10/10/1918-05/14/1919    Daughter of L. K. and Pearl V. Meredith

Meredith, Pearl V. Hicks    08/08/1893-10/27/1918    Wife of L. K. Meredith

Redding, Merle S.    02/03/1904-11/16/1968
    Redding, Lucille    10/12/1906-

Hurd, Jaston T.    02/18/1889-02/01/1981
    Hurd, Zula M.    10/10/1910-05/13/1997 1

Ethridge, Walter B.    1922-1964
    Ethridge, Emogene    1924-10/23/2014    [dod from obituary] 1

Bunch, James Walker    09/02/1900-02/11/1965
    Bunch, Lee Stubbs    06/30/1913-09/27/1996 1

Smith, J. Watt    1900-1963
    Smith, Eula    1908-1985

Olson, Fred L.    1887-
    Olson, Alice K.    1883-1964

Johnson, Lola L.    05/31/1903-07/13/1985
    Johnson, H. B. "Slim"    04/20/1908-03/17/1997

Hood, Henry B.    05/31/1894-12/01/1918

Gower, J. Shannon    07/07/1882-12/20/1960
    Gower, Lillie    04/15/1888-

Warrington, Everett W.    06/11/1891-10/15/1918

Millsaps, Minnie Florence    05/12/1872-06/23/1918

Millsaps, Corliss    12/18/1903-07/24/1918

King, Beula Faye    05/07/1908-05/02/1960

King, Albert E. "Duck"    08/29/1911-09/05/1994

King, Bernice L.    02/01/1912-10/07/1996

Worth, Herman Karl    03/01/1898-01/27/1961

Lowe, Cecil Mayberry    03/15/1919-12/06/1986

Lowe, Wash M.    01/14/1882-03/03/1960
    Lowe, Clara B.    09/21/1886-06/02/1963

Milan, Thomas W.    10/08/1859-08/02/1918

Milan, Mary Ivy    11/09/1851-12/13/1930

Conroy, Mary Brockway Gesner    09/20/1894-04/05/1980 1

Dozier, William A.    08/12/1894-12/25/1968    Arkansas Pvt 314 Aux Rmt Dep OMC World War I

Dozier, Tompie A.    09/15/1904-09/09/1978

Gray, William E. M.D.    01/31/1905-07/11/1969
    Gray, Jennie V.    08/06/1905-11/22/1973

North, George    1856-1941

North, Mittie    1862-1956

North, Cora    1889-1959

North, Arthur    1900-1918

Pauli, Carl O.    10/27/1877-07/11/1924

West, Harry B.    05/13/1885-01/14/1962

Teske, August H.    1855-1925

Teske, Rosa S.    1857-1938

Row 6

Moody, Nicholas M.    05/31/1836-03/31/1918
    Moody, Jessie M.    05/30/1858-08/21/1922

Goodwin, 02/07/1921-02/07/1921    Son of Dr. and Mrs. B. B. Goodwin

Sims, John Milton    -1920
    Sims, Laura Estelle    -1947

Sims, Violet

Watkins, Victoria A.    -10/1945

Cooper, Katherine V.    10/04/1894-04/17/1918    Wife of A. G. Cooper, Jr.
    Thornton, Virginia L.    06/09/1856-08/11/1948

Watson, M. K.    1869-1949
    Watson, Edna    1881-1965

Steigler, Juliet Grace Hite    10/25/1855-01/02/1918    Wife of Charles O. Steigler

Benson, William W. "Bill"    [no date of death shown]
    Benson, Ethel L. "Sue"    02/24/1936-08/22/1998

Needham, Thomas E.    04/26/1888-04/25/1969
    Needham, Pearl    06/29/1893-11/02/1972

Atwood, Buck    1909-19961
    Atwood, Mattie    1914-1988


Collins, William Virgil    1945-1945

Geurin, Charlene Estelle    -06/14/1928

Hays, Emma M.    07/23/1850-06/06/1919

Hays, Jefferson J.    01/17/1837-01/16/1917    Corp Co A 15 Mississippi Inf C.S.A.

Sharp, Marion Jasper    12/15/1866-03/07/1916    Sumpter Lodge #419 F&AM

Calvert, Alice Edith    died 11/23/1915 aged 46 years    wife of W. L. Calvert

Howell Family Marker    [no names]

Eiler, Emelia S.    03/08/1892-08/23/1915    wife of John Eiler

Smith, Clara T.    12/15/1882-02/10/1936    Royal Neighbor of America

Row 7

Henson, W. R.    01/22/1856-02/06/1917

Broken marker looks as if the last name is Chitwood - born _ 2, 18_7 died _ 30, 19_4    It is believed this is an older stone for this person

Haley, Hiram    08/08/1897-10/03/1916

Havard, W. T.    12/27/1849-02/18/1918

Thomas, William N.    Co B 114 Ill Inf

Hallagan, John T.    02/12/1905-03/22/1970

Willoughby, Maryell    07/08/1914-10/13/1917    daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. ? Willoughby

Miller, Pearl Ballew    03/30/1897-08/12/1969

Campbell, Eugene K.    10/05/1895-
    Campbell, Christina    04/23/1896-01/27/1969

Steigler, Eddie    12/08/1914-02/03/1921

Steigler, Cecil    02/25/1919-02/26/1919

Steigler, Edward E.    09/12/1882-05/04/1952
    Steigler, Hazel C.    07/27/1889-01/17/1982

Davis, Jeff Emmett    07/13/1900-01/22/1980
    Davis, Mary Thompson    10/06/1903-07/15/1992

Tittle, Maggie M.    09/30/1889-11/21/1970    wife of
    Tittle, Arthur J.    11/10/1888-03/22/1925

Pamplin, Lawrence E.    07/03/1897-05/07/1931    Arkansas Pvt SATC Tulane University

Pamplin, Minnie B.    04/01/1871-08/28/1942

Pamplin, W. A.    04/15/1856-08/08/1919    [this one was very hard to read and may be incorrect]

Watson, Martha Josephine    11/08/1862-11/27/1918

Geurin, Samuel M.    07/11/1875-09/05/1930

Geurin, Naoma Ellen    12/06/1874-11/07/1944    wife of Samuel M. Geurin

Geurin, Charles E.    09/04/1899-12/14/1936

Geurin, Virgil R.    06/13/1901-11/21/1918

Ogier, T. W.    1860-1916

Ogier, George D.    1856-1925

Ogier, Fannie    1876-1932

Snyder, Nicholas Smith, M.D.    07/21/1847-06/02/1913

Snyder, Nelly Latham    1871-1931

Latham, Ellen Whittier    02/16/1839-01/05/1910

Oberg Family Plot with no marked graves

Houser, Barbara Ann Bunn    10/30/1937-02/25/2011

Winchell, Don A.    06/30/1886-11/17/1923

Moore, Mary    03/15/1858-04/--/1914    [this one was very hard to read and may be incorrect]   

Block 29    (photographed and transcribed November 10, 2014)

Row 1


Page, W. M. "Bubba"    04/16/1907-08/28/1966

Briggs, Irene Page    10/08/1912-10/18/1986

Briggs, Chester    1910-1916    [Marker was not there November 10; this came from a 2005 reading by Gail Ashbrook.]

Page, Shiyonga Bertina Marche    07/12/1987-03/28/1988

George, Lillian    1913-1975    Daughter
    Moore, Oscar E.    1889-1975    Father
    Page, Lawrence    1935-1991    Grandson

Jones, Annie Lue    -07/25/1972

Jarrett, Trudie Roach    09/30/1898-09/14/1970

Jefferson, Phillip    02/17/1899-12/20/1982

Williams, Rubye J.    01/10/1938-02/15/1971

Williams, Margaret Lee    04/17/1932-07/09/1980    US Navy

Swift, Margaret    01/15/1900-04/04/1971    [I did not see marker November 10; this came from a 2005 reading by Gail Ashbrook.]

Lewis, Lealer W.    1909-   
    Lewis, Cleo    1910-1973    [This marker had a very high ant hill, and I could not read it; came from Gail Ashbrook's reading.]

Lewis, Bobby    01/05/1947-11/08/1971

Latson, Catherine    12/24/1941-07/04/1974

Berthia, Marvin G.    05/29/1955-09/10/1972    Brothers
    Berthia, Kerry D.    11/17/1956-09/10/1972

Owens, Ollie Mae    09/04/1928-01/01/1975

Armstrong, Joanna R.    1903-1991

Riddley, Raymond T.    1938-1995

Thomas, Louella    02/06/1916-11/13/1985
    Thomas, Fred    09/21/1900-04/28/1981
    Thomas, Linda    08/12/1948-04/23/1988

Row 2

Rudd, Mrs. Alice    03/31/1888-03/20/1920

Unknown Ledger

Unknown Ledger

Unknown Ledger

Kilgore, Michael Ware    01/07/1956-08/12/1983    PFC US Army

Brown, Ada Kilgore    04/26/1932-01/02/1974

Jones, Margaret L. Davis    02/13/1959-05/17/2003

Davis, Cleo Perry    02/04/1929-01/22/2009 1

Perry, Annie    10/11/1888-06/09/1973

Green, Prince Lee    08/10/1916-09/10/1973    Father
    Green, George Lee    08/13/1958-10/26/1989    Son

Adair, Kenneth    07/20/1904-02/03/1988

Jefferson, Priscilla    01/17/1900-04/26/1995    [Date of death from obituary which does not state where she was buried.] 1

Jefferson, Sylvester    08/23/1935-10/12/1988

Kountz, Delphia    08/23/1884-10/26/1973

Jones, Mary Keith    09/21/1900-01/28/1975

Stuart, Ollie B.    03/22/1896-01/07/1981    Mother
    Stuart, Melvin    05/14/1914-01/14/1987    Son

Stubbs, Irma L.    05/31/1930-03/02/1983

Shumpert, J. Lucius    08/21/1909-02/10/1994
    Shumpert, Jean D.    03/09/1910-06/09/1995
    Shumpert, Nathan Darnell    05/03/1951-09/19/1977    AN US Navy

Kolheim, Fred    1916-1979    PFC US Army

Butler, Maceo L. "Papa"    10/21/1902-10/11/1981
    Butler, Roberta H. "Bunny"    08/12/1929-    [She died October 30, 2014, but it is unknown if she is buried here as gravesite did not appear disturbed November 10, 2014.]

Mitchell, Mildred R.    08/06/1939-09/12/1988

Row 3

Kilgore, James C.    05/02/1928-12/16/1988

Kilgore, Ruth B.    10/11/1910-03/09/1993

Williams, Edna Davidson    1913-1976

Davidson, Aubin    1890-1974
    Davidson, James    1888-1973

Perry, Susie K.    02/26/1903-04/20/1974

Kelley, Beulah Jackson    1890-1979
    Kelley, Betty Jo
    Kelley, Rev. Joseph Fulton    1890-1974

Wright, Ruth E.    12/30/1904-09/12/1999

Wright, Phelix H., Sr.    06/28/1903-09/11/1974

Nichols, Alexander    11/17/1944-07/20/1982    SP5 US Army

Thomas, Josephine    05/15/1905-11/15/1975

Paschal, Sarah (Greene)    01/22/1903-09/07/1997

Hildreth, Barbara Paschal    02/18/1935-02/01/2002

Paschal, Louis F.    04/11/1924-07/05/1976    2nd Lt US Army World War II Korea

Carroll, Lillie Paschal    09/18/1925-02/13/1998

Williams, Sarah Paschal    10/27/1930-01/05/1999

Carrigan, Princelee Stuart    06/04/1917-09/25/1976    Married 08/17/1930
    Carrigan, Joe Melven    11/13/1914-09/25/1976

Washington, Cathleen Stuart    03/18/1921-09/25/1976

Logan, Emmet W.    03/03/1901-05/05/1977

Riddley, Julius D.    09/15/1917-03/14/1999

Henderson, Clarence    08/16/1900-05/06/1977

White, Mable Louise    03/18/1945-07/09/1982

Newton, Leedell    04/18/1908-08/27/1983

Newton, Louise D.    05/05/1913-07/03/1996

Curry, Flora Dean    11/27/1932-08/08/2000

Row 4

Nichols, Dr. Alex L.    12/22/1909-06/11/1988
    Nichols, Bennie J.    09/10/1914-11/03/1998

Jackson, Davye Mae    09/12/1928-09/27/1979

Taylor, Beulah W.    12/08/1905-01/26/1979

Gisher, Savannah    11/22/1888-03/18/1976

Mason, Cedric Pierre    02/21/1961-03/26/1979

Wright, Josephine    02/10/1907-06/20/1976

Nichols, Cecil    07/12/1943-04/12/1977

Stevens, William Augustus    1886-1979

Hilliard, Clarence    09/23/1915-06/02/1977

Perry, Ethel E.    08/19/1903-09/03/1977

Powell, Irene B. Smalley    07/16/1924-08/21/2000
    Davis, Todd LaRon    12/19/1982-08/21/1986

Pruitt, Alex    12/13/1907-10/14/1977
    Pruitt, Sarah L.    01/22/1917-

Scott, Sallie    12/28/1905-05/27/1979

Sims, Willie L.    1913-    Married 06/26/1972
    Sims, Elson A.    1897-1980

Lee, Mabel Stevens    1905-1992

Clay, James    02/26/1914-09/15/2006 1
    Clay, Easter    03/22/1914-09/15/1986

Row 5

Grigsby, Rev. Ben J.    12/25/1897-06/07/1985
    Grigsby, Lois M.    11/19/1914-06/12/2003

Rector, Eleanor Jones    09/02/1913-12/15/1977

Jackson, David    02/16/1901-09/04/1994
    Jackson, Marcille    10/05/1912-01/15/1985
    Jackson, Davye Mae    09/12/1928-09/27/1979    [She also has a single marker on Row 4.]

Block, Mary H.    06/24/1911-03/23/1997

Perry, Robert, Jr.    07/27/1931-04/09/1980

Perry, Millie Mae    03/06/1908-06/24/1994

Barron, Rose Marie "MeMe"    03/14/1927-01/31/2013 1

Kidd, Era    07/31/1903-01/22/2000

Davis, James Edward "Dudney"    05/31/1916-06/17/1980

McGinnis, Annie L.    02/20/1909-11/18/1982

Calvin, Roscoe    04/01/1914-04/21/1981    [2005 reading by Gail Ashbrook showed a military marker that read PFC US Army World War II; military marker was not there November 10, 2014.]
    Calvin, Florene    03/27/1923-06/09/2007

Burton, Mary Scott    05/16/1906-01/07/1990

Scott, Mary McLain    07/29/1903-01/12/1990

Willis, Willie James    03/11/1904-04/06/1990

Easter, Willie Mae    1923-2014    Brandon's FHM 1

Washington, Ardella N.    02/10/1937-10/12/1984

Hardin, Beverly S.    04/18/1931-02/15/1990

Row 6

Ward, Ramona D.    06/18/1959-05/24/1992

Locke, Ira D.    09/15/1931-03/12/1995    Names inscribed: Kevin, William, Paula, Mitchell, Anthony, Richard, Dortheia, Ramona, Ronald, Walter, Mamie, Miles

Willis, Doris Green    05/27/1929-03/27/1993

Terry, Mary Ellen    03/15/1935-12/30/2003

Nichols, Charlie, Sr.    02/05/1917-09/01/1997

Nichols, Winnie O.    04/08/1920-02/26/1992

Stewart, Opal    04/12/1925-12/01/2001

Hayes, Mattie    1909-1993

Paschal, John Andrew    11/03/1939-01/15/2001

Paschal, Greene L.    11/27/1937-01/04/2001    HM3 US Navy

Crudup, Christopher    05/30/1975-05/07/2009    Son 1
    Crudup, Odis E.    08/15/1949-    Father
    Crudup, Erika M.    07/04/1971-06/13/2009    Daughter 1
    Crudup, Barbara J.    02/07/1949-04/09/2009    Mother 1

Mosley, Marva L.    09/22/1962-10/15/1995    Kiyonia, Jalecia, Billy With Love We Will Miss You

Row 7

Ross, Jesse A.    05/10/1910-04/08/1999 1

Washington-Ross, Justine    06/12/1925-02/18/2009 1

Williams, Bernice Cornelia Watson    07/09/1909-08/02/1974

Raymond, Lucille    09/01/1878-12/10/1973

Evans, Delcy    08/22/1883-02/15/1972

Adams, Clarence J.    07/18/1902-06/07/1972

Butler Marker
Bailey, Omega Ann    11/16/1935-04/30/1991    Beloved Daughter
Butler, Gwendolyn R.    01/23/1957-05/13/1973

Johnson, Harold Tracy    12/17/1900-05/13/1996
    Johnson, Gertrude Rife    01/03/1903-06/02/1973

Washington, Andrew    08/31/1903-07/07/1973

White, Sylvester    10/20/1954-11/17/1979

Block 30 Old Triangle Block - Southwest Section    (photographed and transcribed September 19, 2012)

Row 1

Richards, Mrs. Mary Ann    01/19/1880-06/24/1899

Palmer, John A.    1871-1925
    Palmer, Mary E.    1871-1929

Green Family Plot

Green, LeRoy Alfred    11/04/1902-03/29/1952    New Jersey Pvt 18 Infantry 1 Div. World War I

Green, Rosemay    07/03/1907-06/11/1908    Daughter of John and Willie Green

Green, Elizabeth W.    05/23/1830-05/01/1910    Wife of J. M. Green

Green, John M.    10/12/1828-12/28/1902

Akers Family Plot

Akers, William A.    09/25/1900-08/19/1967

Akers, Nan I.    08/25/1903-11/10/1960

Akers, William A. Jr.    -04/10/1925    Aged 3 days

Akers, Otis L.    -01/19/1899    Aged 10 Years 8 Months 28 Days

Akers, Mary M.    -04/23/1926    Aged 66 Years 6 Months 15 Days

Akers, B. T.    -01/26/1907    Aged 59 Years 26 Days

Unknown    Base with no marker on top of it

Mattar Mausoleum    [unknown as to who is buried inside]

Rows 2 and 3

Felts Family Plot

Felts, J.

Unknown    Marker removed from its base

Felts, F. C.    12/09/1837-05/11/1909

Felts, Roy    09/28/1904-09/11/1907

Felts, S. D.    06/15/1846-01/01/1915    Wife of F. C.

Felts, Preston    09/23/1909-08/15/1916

Base only with no name

Impression where marker may have once been. Greenwood Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions 2005, compiled by Gail Ashbrook, states Cora A. Pruett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Felts, 03/11/1871-05/25/1912, is buried in this plot. I did not see a marker for her September 19, 2012; perhaps, this is where her marker once was.

Ross, Lela May    11/18/1888-03/07/1980
    Ross, L. Nathaniel    11/02/1877-10/23/1950

Behind Mattar Mausoleum

Haynes, Willard L.    02/28/1880-01/18/1949

Larcade, Gertrude    08/28/1843-06/28/1926    [This marker is leaning on the mausoleum. Greenwood Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions 2005, compiled by Gail Ashbrook, indicates Ms. Larcade is buried in Block 15. This is where she is actually buried.]

Haynes, Alice H.    09/13/1892-06/07/1946

Westbrook, Sharon Deon    09/03/1957-09/21/1957

Truesdale, Beatrice D.   12/29/1905-07/27/1980

Murphrey, Evalyn M.    03/29/1922-11/30/1989

Murphrey, James A.    11/13/1889-04/26/1962

Murphrey, Ola Mae    05/22/1896-02/25/1978

Pastor, Hazel Ruth    11/21/1929-12/06/1971

Rows 4 and 5

Shelton Family Plot

Shelton, Charles    1855-1918

Shelton, Kathryn    1855-1927

Behind Mattar Mausoleum

Ellenbrook Family Plot

Ellenbrook, Myrtle Shelton    -01/18/1955    Mama

Ellenbrook, George Joseph    -07/12/1958    Dad

Jordan, Lorraine Ellenbrook    12/16/1913-12/14/1978

Walker, Georgia Ellenbrook    12/16/1911-04/05/1996

Lawn Block Section 1

Row 1 [read rows 1-3 10 April 2013]

Turman, Helen Bernice    01/05/1921-01/19/2007

Turman, Milton A.    01/09/1912-11/01/1988    US Army Air Corps World War II

Jackson, Monroe    11/22/1875-12/19/1959

Jackson, Margaret    02/13/1873-04/08/1946

Jackson, Lillie Mae    06/27/1907-09/13/1995

Jackson, Raymon A.    09/22/1899-03/23/1997

Jackson, Maggie    07/15/1900-01/27/1929

Whittington Plot

Whittington, Virginia Belle    12/08/1877-10/02/1960
    Whittington, Hiram Alfred    09/14/1869-07/08/1954

McDaniel, Cecile Whittington    09/09/1899-07/26/1964

Sauls, Clara Whittington    06/27/1896-09/08/1921

Whittington, Granville L.    08/06/1898-01/26/1901    Son of H. A. and V. B. Whittington

Housley Family Plot

Housley, James R.    02/05/1926-09/14/2008
    Housley, Norma J.    09/10/1928-06/02/2006

Housley, Dora Adair    01/03/1875-07/15/1927

Housley, James M.    01/25/1863-02/10/1935

Housley, Lue    02/16/1866-05/10/1900    Wife of J. M. Housley Jr.

Row 2

Pattan, Julia C.    11/17/1885-04/13/1911    Wife of Eugene L. Pattan

Patton, Sallie E.    11/24/1855-02/24/1933

Patton, W. O.    10/24/1849-06/01/1921

Patton, Gene    1882-1934

Patton, Gertrude    1885-1959

Rivas, Hazel Maree    1904-1976

Shepherd, Perry W.    1857-1938

Smith, Basil T.    1887-1916

Smith, Dottie C.    1892-1965

Brown, Mrs. Delphia K.    -04/28/1894    Aged 58    Died in Hot Springs, Arkansas    Sister of Mrs. Harrington and Mrs. Wentz    [closeup]

Row 3

Crosby, W. E.    05/03/1850-08/23/1918

Glass, W. Arliss    06/15/1888-03/01/1941

Casada, Harrett    12/10/1849-03/03/1925

Casada, Altha    06/23/1890-12/23/1914

Glass, Lorena    04/23/1914-04/23/1914    Daughter of W. A. and Ava Glass

North, Ardesd Eloise    05/24/1908-06/21/2004

North, Linnie Marie    07/28/1900-11/18/1979

North, Emma Anna    09/03/1879-04/14/1956

North, Leona    10/11/1897-03/24/1903

North, Hazel    08/21/1894-09/17/1894

North, Ethel    10/28/1895-01/02/1903

North, Phillip W.    1864-1909    [A prior reading showed a marker was seen for Phillip W. North, husband of Emma A. North, 05/20/1864-10/15/1909. That marker was not seen.]

Young, E. C.    11/12/1853-03/25/1917

Young, Mary Ann    06/14/1861-06/07/1919

Farress, Flora H.    -07/22/1895    Aged 46 Years    Wife of Robert Farress

Alexander, G. H.  M.D.    01/27/1842-10/05/1905

Row 4    [Rows 4-13 read 13 April 2013]

Smith Plot

Smith, Mary Louise    09/01/1848-02/04/1901

Smith, Mary Dickson

Smith, Louis Lowrance

Woodcock Family Plot

Woodcock, Fannie Hardin    -04/16/1892    Aged 38 Years
    Woodcock, Ezra Fairchild    -12/08/1889    Aged 2 Years 5 Months
    Fairchild, James T.    -02/22/1890    Aged 74 Years 7 Months    [Closeup]
    Woodcock, Fairchild    04/02/1892-05/31/1892    Aged 2 Months    [Closeup]

Woodcock, E. E.    05/13/1856-01/31/1949

Phelps, Charles Sumner    Son of Homer and May Phelps    [The marker reads: Charles Sumner, son of Homer and May Phelps. I think this means the child's last name was Phelps. The last reading showed it to be Charles with Sumner as last name.]    [Closeup]

Reed, Ed. L.    -09/1890    Age 31 Years

Row 5

May, Jeanette    -09/17/1909    Wife of John P. May    [Closeup]

Smith, Dr. Levi W.    04/13/1871-06/29/1956
    Smith, Willie E.    1866-1949    Christian Wife of L. W. Smith

Smith, Mildred Evalyn    -09/23/1903

Connelly, Jackson M.    09/12/1871-01/12/1927
    Connelly, Jeannette M.    11/30/1880-09/15/1963

Crawford, William H.    1875-1893    [This marker was turned over, and I could not read it. The transcription is from a former reading by Gail Ashbrook.]    [second photo]

Hatch, Alice Smith    1873-1953

Alexander, Verena    07/05/1890-09/19/1891    Daughter of F. R. and L. Alexander

Harrison, Ben John    1924-1984
    Harrison, Doris Sue    1931-1996

White, Earl    1915-1983    CM3 US Navy World War II
    White, Annie M.    1917-2000

Stovall, Fred    10/28/1908-07/01/1987

Bonnette, Billy Gene    11/21/1924-12/26/1983    Sgt US Army World War II

Bonnette, Benjamin Caleb    03/27/1990-03/17/1991

Woodcock, John H.    08/05/1897-12/02/1968    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War II

Woodcock, John H., Sr.    09/30/1854-11/05/1936    Born in Hovingham, England, and died in Hot Springs, Arkansas    [Closeup]

Woodcock, Blanche Elwood Kelly    09/30/1861-05/08/1925    Wife of John H. Woodcock, Sr.    [Closeup]

Woodcock, Corrine

Woodcock, Charles Edward

Woodcock, Hazel

Row 6

Lakenan, Zachary Winfield    1850-1943
    Lakenan, Martha Jewell    1852-1899

Connelly, Joseph Earl    10/22/1916-04/28/1959

Woodcock, Fred    1857-1946
    Woodcock, Icelene    1864-1953    His Wife
    Woodcock, Robert    1884-1892    Their Son

Woodcock Plot

Woodcock, S.    Mother

Woodcock, William Alfred, Jr.    09/19/1918-08/19/1973

Woodcock, William Alfred    06/19/1850-11/28/1943    Born in Dorset, England, and died in Hot Springs, Arkansas
    Woodcock, Clara E. Loyd    08/28/1884-09/19/1976

Woodcock, Loretta E.    10/05/1857-11/15/1914    Wife of W. A. Woodcock    [Closeup]

Beasley, William Goodloe    08-31-1912-06/28/2006

Beasley, Jane Woodcock    01/08/1917-03/13/2001

Butterfield, Lucretia    09/12/1833-11/18/1923

Woodcock, Thomas A.    12/13/1860-06/27/1908    [Closeup]

Woodcock, Lou    01/31/1862-11/22/1955

Maynard, Paul    07/14/1911-06/08/1987

Maynard, Estelle C.    03/07/1910-06/20/1998

Browne, Stanley C.    1906-
    Browne, Lura H.    1908-1984

Cook, J. Frank    06/22/1910-06/21/2000    Married August 20, 1933
    Cook, Lona L.    04/29/1910-10/25/1983

Row 7

Newsom, Clarence E.   10/05/1917-02/06/1994    Tec 4 US Army World War II

Newsom, Eva Jean    1919-2007

Woodcock, William Kelly    10/04/1881-11/12/1958

Siratt Family Monument

Siratt, Waldon E.    05/08/1897-07/05/1969    Arkansas Cox US Navy World War I

Siratt, Edith Lucille Felts    06/30/1902-09/01/1895    Wife of Waldon E. Siratt

Row 8

Beavert, Myrtle    12/13/1886-08/07/1919

Newsom, Delores Kaye    1944-1964

Smith-Ward Family Monument

Ward, Ann S.   1814-02/27/1880   wife of John H. Ward

Ward, Job E.   -03/28/1882   Aged 28 years

Ward, John H.   02/15/1807-08/15/1870

Smith, Jennie A.   11/01/1841-05/29/1888   wife of James A. Smith

Smith, Lewis G.   01/15/1849-02/12/1880

Smith, Ward A.   07/05/1880   still born son of James A. and Jennie Smith

Siratt, Edward H., Sr.    1923-1964    Arkansas Sgt 42 Rainbow Division World War II

Matthews, Charles H.    -09/22/1882    Aged 37 Years
    Matthews, Marian B.    -08/27/1878    Aged 7 Months

Taylor, Doris Mavel    09/15/1916-04/01/1996

Bole, Charlotte Iona    06/09/1878-03/23/1961

Weber, Michael    12/25/1890-01/18/1959    Arkansas S2 USNRF World War I

Weber, Vivian V.    09/16/1900-02/17/1990

Row 9

Bowden, James L.    03/17/1897-11/08/1984    Veteran World War I    Married 12/21/1924
    Bowden, Gladys M.    09/02/1906-01/03/1990

Fell, Harry C.    1896-1962

Fell, Edith West    1883-1976

Terrell, Wilkins Warren    12/30/1904-04/06/1964
    Terrell, Nina Romans    10/11/1909-

Stuber, Mildred    12/16/1904-11/05/1965
    Stuber, Henry    12/31/1886-02/15/1981

Row 10

Romans, Leo M.    12/20/1881-04/26/1966

Green, J. Henry    10/01/1885-11/13/1962
    Green, Susie M.    06/20/1882-01/18/1971

Green, C. Elizabeth    09/08/1921-06/01/1993

Moscato, Emma A.    03/28/1898-

Boyd, George    03/16/1888-08/16/1965

Beldin, Hallie    09/15/1873-08/30/1877    Son of Z. and J. Beldin

Foy, Tilford M.    04/13/1897-05/22/1983    F3 US Navy World War I

Row 11

Ashley, Mr. R. A.    05/29/1891-09/02/1978
    Ashley, Mrs. R. A.    02/03/1898-03/13/1964

King, Earl

Row 12

Wright, Charles Fagan    12/10/1864-03/04/1945

Jones, Charlott    10/03/1823-07/24/1900    [Closeup]

Backer, Charles W.    -07/09/1882    Aged 1 Year 5 Months 5 Days    Son of E. and E. Backer

Row 13

Purdom, Lyda Lovett    11/05/1891-10/06/1966

Lovett, Infant Daughter of Herman and Mary Lovett    -03/26/1942

Lovett, Herman E.    06/23/1915-12/08/1950

Lovett, John    09/15/1888-04/01/1941

Lawn Block Section 2

Row 1

Hunter, William Hugh    05/21/1866-02/22/1939
    Hunter, Alice Mahala    04/05/1873-12/31/1965

Hunter, Carolyn P.    11/09/1892-01/20/1982
    Hunter, Alvah "Al"    05/12/1894-

Watkins, James L.    1903-1993    Married 12/08/1931
    Watkins, Lois E.    1906-1998

Loyd Family Plot

Loyd, John Robert    11/13/1855-05/23/1944

Loyd, Sally    09/07/1860-10/30/1936

Bulkley, David Loyd    01/19/1918-09/30/1918

Loyd, Othel Anna    04/04/1898-06/04/1917

Clay, Raymond    10/24/1910-05/06/1911
    Clay, Helen    02/26/1912-12/10/1918

Row 2

Campbell, John A.    09/09/1876-07/18/1917

Campbell, Emma Pearl    09/02/1882-06/02/1947

Campbell, James Oslin    03/03/1916-03/08/1987

Campbell, J. O.    -04/10/1917    Aged 36 Years

Campbell, Eloise    08/06/1908-04/04/1912

Tillery, Gladys Frances    09/04/1906-02/28/1931

Knous, Daniel    Company A 106 Illinois Infantry

Knous, Henry H.    Company A 106 Illinois Infantry

Knous,    1842    [I did not see this marker. It was shown in a prior reading by Gail Ashbrook. All I saw 15 March 2013 was a marker that was severely damaged and broken.]

Scully, James Patrick    08/15/1876-07/05/1942

Pound, Theodore F.    05/15/1884-01/29/1916

Pound, Dr. May F.    06/02/1884-07/15/1956

Humphreys, Jonell Vickers    06/06/1959-06/08/1959

Humphreys, James Douglas    12/31/1955-12/31/1955

Row 3

Oliver, Lydia    -08/12/1926    Aged 75 Years

Henderson, Anna M.    04-15-1845-05/06/1932

Henderson, Charles H.    -04/21/1910    Aged 64 Years

Hickman, John Wesley    02/20/1836-01/05/1922    Pvt 6 Mississippi Infantry C.S.A.    Company D Arkansas Infantry C.S.A.

Hickman, Martha Jane Adams    1839-1916    [second marker]

Row 4   [Read Rows 4-5 April 5, 2013]

Obee, Elizabeth B.    12/24/1868-11/17/1941

Obee, George F.    05/20/1861-06/05/1948

Boddy, William    -01/30/1915    Aged 69 Years

Wilson, Fannie    05/07/1872-01/14/1947

]Wilson, Joe S. "Little Joe"    -12/23/1923    Aged 21 Years

Stone, Sue E.    12/10/1835-01/31/1916    Wife of Barton W. Stone    [This marker was turned over and could not be read. This transcription is by a prior reading by Gail Ashbrook.]

Howard, Lena    08/12/1862-05/11/1903

Fatherree, Tomie K.    03/16/1927-09/12/1927

Fatherree, Billie    11/12/1925-12/15/1925

Knowles, J. Roscoe    04/01/1853-08/02/1915

Knowles, Lavina L.    02/25/1853-03/09/1912

Hickson, Jesse Edward    1881-03/28/1917
    Hickson, Alberta    1878-04/09/1915

Moore, Sallie A.    03/17/1844-11/20/1913

Moore, John A.    09/08/1841-02/18/1908

Hildreth, Jennie Lee    -11/13/1931

Row 5

Smith, Henry Clay    09/17/1827-01/24/1912
    Smith, Rozanah W.    10/04/1829-01/19/1903

Etchevarne, Sophia    1842-1919

Etchevarne, Nicholas    1843-1904

Remington, W. H.

Remington, George T.

Etchevarne, Frank "Jap"    09/15/1879-05/29/1910

Etchevarne, William    08/06/1867-09/18/1911

Nobles, Fla Remington    1890-1923

Nobles, Aline D.    Baby    1921-1924

Weir, Loudy    Mrs. Saddine's darling angel boy    12/23/1875-10/08/1884

(Cooper), Nellie    11/06/1894-08/15/1906

Cooper, Etta    12/27/1870-06/07/1896    Wife of L. D. Cooper

Cooper, Lewis D., Jr.    -11/08/1937    Arkansas 1 Lieut. Cavalry

Cooper, Eugenia Towell    07/31/1902-12/23/1989

Row 6    [Read Rows 6 and 7 10 April 2013]

Smith, J. M.    -05/27/1887    Aged 37 Years

Goslee, Thomas Ferdinand    12/13/1851-03/16/1899
    Goslee, Henry Samuel    08/10/1897-06/06/1899    Son of Thomas Ferdinand and Rose Smith Goslee

Goslee, Sarah Elizabeth Smith    02/12/1824-01/14/1879    Born in Shelbyville, Kentucky; died in Hot Springs, Arkansas    Wife of Samuel Goslee    [Marker shows she died in 1879; however, she is listed in 1880 census in Missouri. She died in 1897 according to City of Hot Springs, Arkansas Death Records 1896 - 1917, compiled by Bobbie Jones McLane.]

Buffington, Sam G.    -01/25/1891    Aged 24 Years

Golden, Charles D.    10/03/1862-08/23/1897

Greer, Rev. ?? (possibly L. L. or J. J.)    01/09/1825-05/26/1891

Greer, William Jones    03/14/1871-01/19/1914    Beloved husband of Pearl W. Greer

Adams, H. N.    -07/30/1895    Aged 38 Years

Williams, Minnie    08/03/1871-08/17/1883

Humphrey, Harriett N.    -08/1885    Aged 53    Wife of E. W. Humphrey

Row 7

Prichard, Harriet Mitchell    02/19/1879-05/05/1962
    Prichard, Benjamin Franklin    1880-1953

Prichard, Lucretia B.    04/11/1884-02/04/1957

Prichard, Penelope Elizabeth    04/07/1829-04/04/1919    Widow of Benjamin F. Prichard    Born Haywood County, Tennessee

Prichard, Alice B.    06/22/1852-11/17/1921

Prichard, William E.    11/03/1855-10/05/1925

Riley, Mattie    09/27/1879-04/14/1919    Beloved wife of C. A. Riley

Riley, Charles A.    11/09/1871-09/06/1961

Clinton, Allen W   08/26/1880-06/14/1965
    Clinton, Eula   05/29/1882-10/10/1975

Ellis, George Washington    1856-1919

Robert    There is a marker with only the name Robert on it (part is broken off). It lies between Harriett Humphrey and George Ellis.

Lawn Block Section 3

Row 1
Smiley Family Plot

McAuley, Florence Smiley    12/27/1906-02/15/1994

White, Alice Jean Mason    07/09/1929-05/19/1995

Mason, Jean Smiley    04/17/1903-03/31/1971

Mason, John C.    01/08/1893-12/06/1962    Illinois Pvt Co E 314 Engineers World War I

Smiley, Alice Hendley    02/05/1870-04/09/1941    Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Smiley, Robert H.    06/13/1859-02/15/1938    Born in Connersville, Indiana, and died in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Smiley, Robert Hendley    10/09/1909-03/25/1937

Smiley, Thomas Rawlins    06/09/1910-06/14/1910

Felts Family Plot

Felts, Joseph F.    1876-1955
    Felts, Sarah E.    1878-1961

Neighbors, J. L.    10/15/1849-10/17/1917

Lock, Howard B.    1909-2004
    Lock, Helen Felts    1913-1996

Felts, G. Harold    1905-1966

Felts, J. Leslie    1906-1970

Felts, H. "Dunnie"    1900-1918

Felts, Elmer H.    1907-1908

Felts, Jo    1911-1977

Howe-Erwin-Rhodes Plot

Howe, John William    11/20/1894-08/07/1963    Pvt Co 29 World War I Base Hosp. Camp Dodge, Iowa

Howe, Edna Lee    02/20/1903-10/15/1992

Erwin, Lela F.    04/06/1877-12/01/1972



Rhodes, James W.    1840-1912    Co. 1 3rd Regt Arkansas Vol. Confederate States of America

Rhodes, Mary A.    09/02/1862-04/19/1910

Gibson-Draughon Family Plot

Draughon, Genevieve Gibson    03/23/1902-08/17/1903    Infant Daughter of W. M. and C. Draughon

Harris, Alton B.    Husband of Catherine Draughon Harris    [Dates are underground. The reading by Gail Ashbrook in 2005 has a date of 12/09/1904 with no other date.]

Draughon, Waldron Sr.    04/23/1877-11/10/1941

Draughon, Waldron Jr.    05/22/1906-10/16/1940


Gibson, Carrie E.    11/23/1841-02/10/1900    Wife of J. A. Gibson



Row 2

Sangster Family Plot
Moore, Ada Sangster    09/02/1889-01/30/1918

Pixley, Maude S.    05/03/1896-10/04/1922

Sangster, Robert F.    09/30/1888-04/06/1961    Arkansas Pvt US Army World War I

Sangster, Nettie May Cook    09/09/1895-06/15/1953

Sangster, Grover T.    07/17/1891-06/08/1953

Sangster, Tom    02/04/1852-03/15/1938

Sangster, Margaret A.    10/21/1856-02/01/1913    Wife of J. T. Sangster

Sangster, Harriet A.    1857-18??    (wife of ___)    [I have no idea if a Harriet Sangster is actually buried here. Inez Cline performed a reading of Greenwood Cemetery in 1969 and did not list a Harriet Sangster. Another reading was done in 2005 by Gail Ashbrook. Ms. Ashbrook listed it the way I have shown it.]

Turner Plot

Turner, Samuel    02/05/1835-03/30/1912    Co. D 7th Ind. Vols. 1861-1865

Turner, Amanda    1837-11/10/1911   

Joiner, J. J.    [All that exists is a long piece of concrete with "J. J. Joiner" inscribed on it. City of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Death Records, 1896-1917, compiled by Bobbie Jones McLane reads: Joiner, James J., age 52, died October 28, 1907, of Bright's disease and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.]

Suddeth Family Plot

Suddeth, George W.    03/05/1840-03/31/1911    Co. G. 28th Ill. Vol. Inf.

Green, Horace J.    -03/07/1943    Arkansas Pvt. 52 Am Tn

Green, Wynona Suddeth    02/26/1888-01/22/1957

Suddeth, Rice D.    04/08/1846-05/01/1908    Member of Co. G. 28th Reg. Ill. Inf.

Suddeth, Mary J.    10/04/1866-01/24/1929    Wife of R. D. Suddeth


Burton, Flora    11/27/1894-10/04/194    Daughter of R. D. and Mary J. Suddeth

Black Family Plot

Black, Nannie E.    04/02/1837-03/17/1909

Black, James Marcus    1907-1923

Asher, Margaret Black    1911-1927

Row 3

Murry, Fredrick Noble    02/1885-12/1918

Murry, Frederick    08/19/1843-01/24/1907    Husband of Lucinda M. Murry and father of D. B., Rose E., Grace, Fred and Leo Murry

Taylor, Elizabeth    [This is from a 2005 reading by Gail Ashbrook. I did not see the marker September 8, 2012.]

Parvin Plot

Parvin, Frank   buried 1951   (unmarked)

Parvin, C C   12/20/1898   (aged 33 years)

Parvin, E A   Band 103rd Ill Inf    [closeup]

Williams, Lenora Ann   01/22/1903-01/25/1972

Greeson, Annie   11/19/1872-10/28/1941
    [It is believed that the graves are:  Parvin Plot -- Eastern section: Annie Greeson, William Parvin, Infant Parvin, Lenora Williams; western section:  Anna Parvin, E A Parvin, C C Parvin, Frank Parvin]

Lanham Plot

Lanham, Ruth Fern    06/30/1911-08/30/1919

Lanham, Infant    11/20/1907-11/25/1907    Infant Son of R. C. and Annie Lanham

Lanham, Anna    11/27/1878-06/06/1923    Wife of R. C. Lanham

Lanham, Roscoe C.    07/15/1882-06/18/1924

Randall Plot

Randall, Charles    1867-1933
    Randall, Margaret    1871-1939

Randall, Dewey Judson    10/22/1897-01/27/1951

Randall, Edwin A.    1899-1959

Rows 4 - 7

Hanna, Walter W.    07/30/1918-02/11/2012    SSG in U.S. Army; Veteran of World War II and Korea

Prey, Anna Belle    09/27/1903-06/13/1984

Greene, Al    05/19/1867-10/05/1919

Mayberry, Lee    10/15/1872-04/20/1918

Isom, John P.    04/17/1869-01/03/1907

McElrath, George W.    12/05/1862-03/28/1904

Jackson, George Catlett    12/10/1872-08/08/1916

Gillenwater, S. G.    09/02/1860-04/23/1915

Lankford, Daniel W.    04/16/1870-01/03/1913

Runyan, James H.    01/02/1870-10/16/1912

Carroll, Tony    11/15/1862-07/06/1906

Tarkington, Dr. A. R.    06/29/1869-02/04/1905

Wilkes, Samuel I.    04/17/1861-01/18/1906

Hall, W. W.    08/04/1906    Aged 28 Years 5 Months 14 Days

Parrish, Dr. J. C.    12/31/1858-08/15/1908

Acker, Charles A.    12/03/1860-03/25/1911

Hagberg, Andrew    1859-1910

Row 4

Bishop, Julia B.    11/25/1878-08/27/1899    Wife of J. W. Bishop
    Bishop, James Bosley    Aged 12 Days

Jensen, N. A.    -04/13/1901    Aged about 35 Years    Birth Place and Family Unknown

Jones, Dora Lee Tucker    09/13/1875-07/06/1901    Wife of W. A. Jones

Railsback, Alvarado    01/01/1864-06/28/1903

Holmquist, E. O.    -01/26/1903

Marks, Orah Grace    -08/09/1913    Wife of T. P. Marks

Rows 5 and 6

Johnson, Frank W.    -04/18/1895    Aged 22 Years    Son of Cyrus and A. R. Johnson

Johnson, Sgt. Cyrus    Company H 27th Ohio Infantry    [His marker shows his surname spelled Johnston, but everything looks as if Johnson is correct.]

Johnson, Alice R.    01/22/1840-02/14/1911    Wife of Cyrus Johnson

Johnson, Cary    10/13/1864-12/05/1947

Johnson, Mary Brooks    04/23/1870-08/06/1949

Johnson, Cary Frank    10/24/1894-07/09/1921

Johnson, Margaret Rebecca    12/27/1897-12/27/1897    Daughter of Cary and Mary Johnson

Hatch, Clarence    1905-1912
    Hatch, Elzie G.    1883-1948

Stephens, Priscilla C.    02/06/1814-01/15/1892

Foote, Wilburt W.    -05/31/1935    Arkansas Pvt SATC Tulane University

Stephens, William    [I did not see. He was listed in a prior reading by Gail Ashbrook.)

Darby, Ann J.    -06/28/1891    Aged 60 Years    Wife of B. W. Darby
    Darby, B. W.    -08/30/1905    Aged 71 Years

Lawn Block Section 4

Row 1

Hays, Viola L.    11/01/1882-02/06/1948    "In Loving Memory"

Prichard, Dorothy N.    07/03/1903-04/02/1958

Prichard, Allen C.    12/12/1883-07/12/1947    Arkansas 1 Lieut Med Corps World War I

Prichard, Kate Dempsy    06/10/1859-01/17/1917   

Dean, Lonnie Jean Daniels   04/09/1928-01/02/1996 1

Baldwin, Ikey L   01/18/1919-08/10/1999
    Baldwin, Betty L Dean   11/12/1924-10/22/2006

Dean, E A   06/27/1857-02/21/1932

Dean, Lida M   12/28/1872-10/19/1928

Lenard, Bettie C   08/10/1854-July 24, 1928

Fisk, Mary   12/11/1856-01/22/1911

Dean, Joseph Earl   12/09/1904-01/28/1906

Dean, Fulton L   01/16/1897-04/05/1983   married 03/05/1922
    Dean, Elsie Mae   06/15/1904-08/11/2002

Row 2

Halliburton, John G.    08/09/1883-06/30/1942

Halliburton, Marie C.    09/16/1891-06/10/1971

Halliburton, John G. Jr.    12/08/1909-07/21/1916
    Halliburton, William H.    06/06/1918-06/10/1918

Warnock on step of curbed plot without markers

Sanders, James Myrl "Jimmy"    1933-1957

Siratt, Guy Clarence    11/15/1915    [not sure if this is a dob or dod]

Siratt, Clarence L.    1888-1955
    Siratt, Flora Ann    1889-1952

Sanders, Christine    1913-1942

Siratt, George W.    01/02/1858-07/24/1915

Siratt, Arvin Clifford    03/11/1900-11/06/1905

Siratt, Elender C.    09/16/1860-06/28/1909

Row 3

Nichols, Glynn W.    01/24/1924-08/21/1924

Nichols, Marjorie E.    07/16/1921-10/31/1923

Nichols, M. Alene    12/16/1912-06/03/1923

Nichols, J. Clyde    11/18/1910-11/14/1917

Nichols, E. Marie    09/10/1903-08/12/1906

McClard, J. A.    1862-1944

McClard, Mary E.    1866-1937

Morehead, Effie McClard Nichols    03/21/1886-11/27/1964

Nichols, J. Raymond    10/04/1908-04/29/1931

Brock Family Monument

Brock, George Rex    09/14/1883-04/05/1951

Brock, Margaret A.    12/26/1885-03/15/1975

Sturdivant, Charles Francis    02/13/1862-11/18/1957    [Chas. on marker]

Sturdivant, Cora M. Brock    11/17/1875-09/30/1936

Brock, Lillie    09/08/1871-05/30/1907    Wife of Gus R. Brock

Brock, Gus Reid    12/06/1872-05/01/1952

Brock, Valeria Ruth    02/22/1889-03/26/1962

Young, Freddie J.    06/09/1920-12/28/1974

Young, Flora C.    11/26/1890-08/19/1975

Young, Fred W.    01/11/1887-08/28/1956

Young, Frances E.    08/02/1865-07/03/1919

Wylie Family Plot

Wylie, James    1826-1909

Wylie, Mary J.    1837-1916    Wife of James Wylie

Dixon, Marion Wylie    03/21/1859-03/24/1932    Wife of G. R. Dixon

Kline, Nannie A.    03/02/1863-08/07/1937

Sullenberger, Hollie Kline    02/24/1884-07/21/1911    Wife of A. G. Sullenberger    [closeup]

Sullenberger, Hollie Aline    07/16/1911-07/17/1911    Infant Dau. of A. G. and H. K.

Diffee, George W.    11/03/1878-08/05/1909
    Diffee, Sarah A.    07/21/1859-05/18/1922

Row 4
______, Iva    11/19/1877-06/09/1906    [Marker is in a curbed plot and surname is no longer visible. All it shows is the first name.]

Burke, Vera May    03/15/1904-07/25/1908    Daughter of W. J. and M. B. Burke

Burke, W. J.    06/04/1882-06/04/1918

Clark Family Plot

Clark, Lula    07/01/1871-06/17/1917    Wife of George F. Clark

Clark, George F.    01/05/1877-12/15/1926

Clark, Minnie L.    10/17/1884-01/02/1929    Wife of George F. Clark

Diehl Family Plot

Diehl, Anthon    04/30/1839-05/24/1910    Born at Vienna, Austria
    Diehl, Mary W.    08/27/1840-09/03/1910    Born at Vienna, Austria

Kirkland, James H.    07/27/1860-08/20/1905    [closeup]

Gebhart, Dr. J. C.    -06/24/1913 Aged 56 Years    [closeup]

Row 5

Diggs, Elmer F.    04/10/1872-01/25/1906

Diggs, Florence L.    09/13/1880-03/18/1923    Wife of Elmer Diggs

Dickson, Elenora E.    12/27/1860-09/05/1911

Clark, Mary J.    11/29/1847-04/13/1908    Wife of G. W. Clark

Jones, Nancy S.    -12/12/1906 Aged 87 Years

Row 6

Alford Family Plot

Alford, Mary    Died 04/06/1922    Wife of Warren

Alford, J. Warren, Jr.    03/26/1886-06/13/1953 1

Kenney, Daniel E.    02/09/1879-12/08/1930

Kenney, Nancy Jane "Aunt Jane"    10/23/1878-12/10/1971

Alford, Nancy Matilda    05/16/1857-08/28/1938    Wife of J. W. Alford, Sr.

Alford, Joseph W.    05/14/1857-05/21/1922

Powers, Pearl Alford    09/21/1889-09/07/1933

Powers, Joe T.    08/26/1922-04/28/1980    US Army World War II

Alford, Edna M.    12/23/1910-11/19/1987
    Alford, Robert W.    02/25/1909-02/21/1973

Alford, Lee V.    07/28/1882-07/14/1940

McVay, J. Van B.    12/05/1833-09/29/1909    [closeup]
    McVay, Martha J.    11/22/1842-07/25/1912

Mickey, Otis C.    06/18/1863-05/10/1915    [This one had the name broken off, and the information came from Garland County, Arkansas Tombstone Records Volume 3 City of Hot Springs, compiled by Bobbie Jones McLane and Inez E. Cline.]

Wilson, George Midwood    01/05/1856 (on the Isle of Man) - 12/14/1906 Hot Springs, Ark.    Back reads: Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Wilson, No 7 Clifton Road, Crouch End, London, Eng.

Lester Family Plot

Martin, Herbert C.    12/16/1903-06/10/1956

Row 7

Magness, J. M.    11/09/1871-04/02/1908

Lambert, Kate    02/17/1889-06/06/1962
    Lambert, Ira C.    07/16/1883-12/22/1954

Tuttle, Frank    07/11/1848-11/13/1905

Mackey, W. A.    1842-1909

Reynolds, Manerva    03/24/1853-03/18/1917    Wife of J. B. Reynolds

Haumant, Joseph    02/22/1858-03/27/1911

Haumant, Priscilla    03/22/1854-03/07/1909

Jibb, William P.    June 21, 1870 Marencie, Mich. - 03/05/1915 Hot Springs, Ark.    [closeup]    [This one is very hard to read and may be incorrect.]

Wheatley, Thaddeus    11/08/1837-03/16/1930    Co K 13th Georgia Regiment

Wheatley, Mary J.    11/08/1849-07/09/1921

Wheatley, Lucius Walter    09/13/1871-10/03/1957

Wheatley, Arritta Tee    03/21/1876-04/10/1934

Wheatley, Bobie    10/29/1922-02/09/1930

Wheatley, Henry Ervin    04/21/1897-02/09/1969

Wheatley, Dolly Belle Arman    08/20/1897-10/20/1994

These are listings from obituaries since it is possible that they may be buried in a section that was already transcribed.  It is also possible that you may find them in a transcribed section.  Since they are from obituaries, it is also possible that the obituary is incorrect. The Melting Pot Genealogical Society probably has these obituaries in their archives.

Abbott, Annette Rutledge    11/10/1929-01/27/2013

Adams, Nellie Mae Burch    08/29/1918-11/14/2013

Aunspaugh, George E.    01/30/1931-05/15/2011

Bachmann, Ervin Paul    01/25/1916-05/02/2009

Baldwin, Harold Woodroe    11/24/1916-04/27/2013 1

Barkemeyer, Janice Evelyn    10/16/1926-10/04/2011

Batts, Dora Jean Samuel    age 73-11/08/2010

Batts, Kenneth "Trenty" Jr.    09/19/1983-10/13/2011

Benson, Frances   12/22/1927-02/06/2008

Berry, Horatio Leon    05/03/1912-02/12/2013

Block, James Earl    10/24/1955-07/13/1996 1

Bolton, Dolores Claire Wells    02/02/1931-04/14/2012 1

Bolton, William James "Bill" Sr.    09/22/1930-03/22/2012 1

Broomfield, Mary Ellen Webster    06/08/1936-12/12/2013 1

Broyles, Clyde A.    11/22/1919-05/12/2010

Broyles, Elsie May Stockard   age 87 at dth-05/10/2008

Burkes, Jerry Wayne, Sr.    age 55 - 01/05/2013

Burkes, Justin Michael    12/15/1984-10/22/2011 1

Burrough, William P.    -06/00/1953    [probably unmarked]   1

Campbell, Dorothy H. Griese    11/15/1922-08/07/2013 1

Clayborn, Albert Jack II    01/23/1960-04/02/2012 1

Cobb, Jesse A   12/02/1930-01/27/2008

Coffman, Wilma Jean Holt Henson    01/31/1935-01/28/2013

Cole, Jessie Wadsworth Townsend    01/12/1942-02/09/2012 1

Cooper, Ida Ruth Haywood    09/23/1914-12/22/2011 1

Cooper, Ontonio Lyron    02/09/1981-07/14/2010

Crary, Bobbie Jean Arnold    07/14/1928-01/11/2012 1

Crawford, Betty Jo Germany Hendershot    08/22/1930-10/08/2013 1

Crowe, Mona  Florence   03/25/1913-04/05/2008

Davis, Audrey Fern Coffelt    10/16/1924-03/14/2011

Davis, Freeman E.    08/13/1923-04/19/2012 1

Davis, Jack H., Jr.    01/02/1925-10/02/2013

Dean, Leonard Norman "Buddy"    09/03/1927-03/29/2013

Dever, Frances Ida Williamson    02/06/1926-03/20/2010

Douglas, Nettie P Cline    02/17/1923-10/28/2008

Dugan, James Patrick    02/24/1918-08/29/2012

Duncan, Betty L. Beasley    04/13/1930-07/17/2009

Eastburn, Betty Ann Wilson    01/11/1930-12/11/2008

Eberling, Carol    07/28/1930-06/08/2012

Elliott, Rena Lou Disheroon    11/04/1923-12/10/2010    [It is assumed she is buried in Greenwood Cemetery since her husband, H. G. Elliott Jr., and her parents are buried there.]

Ellis, Trice Jr.    02/08/1922-05/31/2011

Farmere, Martha Gene Elliott   09/16/1924-03/01/2008

Flowers, Delores Henderson    08/31/1950-01/22/2011

Fraley, Clarence Eugene "Gene"    09/06/1934-06/13/2013

Gasbarre, H. G.    10/15/1920-09/21/2012

Gibson, Bessie Lee Keeter   02/14/1932-03/24/2008   [one obituary shows Crestview Cemetery but second shows Greenwood]

Gillham, Ralph    05/17/1920-02/18/2010

Glover-Cook, Bertha Mae Bonner    06/20/1960-02/24/2012  1

Goldston, Edith Ellen Burris    09/13/1913-01/26/2009

Goosby, Lonnie    04/23/1953-04/30/2009

Gossett, Naoma Marvin O'Neal    age 86-02/27/2011

Grant, Jean White    11/14/1927-11/28/2012

Green, Herbert F. "Preacher"    07/19/1940-01/18/2013

Hamby, Richard    07/16/1951-05/28/2011

Hanna, Walter William    07/30/1918-02/11/2012

Hassin, Bruce    09/05/1926-04/26/2012

Hassin, Susan    04/02/1951-04/26/2010

Hill, Jesse Lee, Sr.    01/22/1944-06/24/2014 1

Hogaboom, Edwin Dell    05/14/1937-09/10/2013

Hollyfield, Frances L. Stacks    age 61-01/14/2011

Hoffman, Bettye Petrarca    03/04/1928-09/24/2010

Hughes, Clara Belle Works    09/19/1928-08/20/2011

Hunter, Jean Yarbrough    04/17/1930-01/09/2012

Jackson, Robert Lee Jr.    02/25/1965-11/24/2010

Jarymowciz, Wira    04/15/1921-08/30/2008

Jennings, Eugene    08/30/1937-09/08/2008    [believe it is Greenwood Cemetery in Hot Springs]

Karber, Annette Boyd   09/03/1917-10/18/2007

Keck, David Harry Jr.    09/08/1926-02/15/2011

Keck, Joan L. Westmoreland    08/10/1932-05/01/2011

Kemp, Joshua James    12/02/1980-06/13/2011

King, Sharon Fay Merriott    09/01/1945-06/07/2011

Lambert, Bobby Fay    10/07/1925-05/14/2012

Lewis, Tequina La'Faye "Candy" Crew    09/11/1980-02/12/2010

Lingelbach, Randy W.    09/09/1957-12/16/2011 1

Litherland, Christina Buroker    age 91 at dth-09/16/2008

Little, Julia E.    12/12/1916-12/01/2011

Lynas, Dorothy Allene    09/20/1925-01/21/2009

Lynas, Eugene "Gene"    03/18/1920-06/12/2011

Marshall, Antonio Montwon Jr.    12/28/1990-07/11/2009

Martin, Kennedi Leah    06/16/2003-12/07/2008

Matthews, Bernita Mae Binns    12/07/1916-02/11/1999 1

Meadows, Frankie M. Evans    05/16/1923-03/27/2009

Mitchell, Robert B.    03/17/1935-01/12/2011

Mullins, Franklin Paul    11/14/1949-01/24/2013

Newton, William Carroll "Bill"    04/21/1931-01/14/2014 1

Newton, William Jeffrey    07/27/1970-10/04/2014

Noe, Froy M.     06/02/1910-02/07/2004 1

Parks, Roy Marvin    01/17/1921-02/16/2014

Payne, Mary Agnes Forgy    04/09/1926-11/23/2009

Percy, Robert Henry III    06/29/1982-08/10/2011

Perry, James Edward "J. P."    10/29/1946-12/25/2011 1

Phillips, James L.    age 75-08/22/2009

Pinson, Clara Lou Campbell    04/29/1921-10/11/2009

Poole, Charlotte Elaine    10/07/1962-12/16/2014

Putman, Thelma Rice    01/27/1930-08/10/2011

Reed, Foster Elton, Jr.    age 82-04/21/2009

Riddley, Vernetta Jean    age 54-10/07/2014

Roberts, Gladys Herron    09/09/1925-11/27/2014 1

Searcy, John R.    02/04/1921-11/25/2008

Seay, Fayetta Marie Seversen    07/13/1914-10/19/2012

Sims, James Kenneth    10/31/1931-07/28/2014 1

Skoog, Faith Riley    04/10/1949-09/08/2009

Skrivanos, Ted    06/02/1924-07/15/2011

Smith, James Archer "Jim"    11/21/1949-08/10/2009

Stepovy, Paula   10/12/1922-05/28/2008

Stough, D. Bluford    08/02/1927-10/07/2008

Strickland, Ardis Faye Miller    03/21/1924-03/27/2011

Stringer, William    age 13-06/02/1938    [His grave appears to be unmarked. Obituary shows his last name as Stringer, but it could have been Kugel.] 1

Swartzbaugh, Harold Edward    07/25/1941-03/16/2012 1

Talley, Elizabeth Cecile Hays    -08/22/2010; SR 08/24/2010

Talley, Magnolia L.    02/01/1931-06/21/2011

Talley, Raymond    01/30/1928-04/06/2010

Terry, Rhonda McCandless    04/29/1963-04/15/2013

Tucker, Andrew Lee    02/12/1924-02/18/2011

Turner, Albert Bryan, III   08/30/1975-04/18/2008

Turner, Albert Bryan, Jr.    08/09/1950-06/03/2009

Tyler, Erma Dean    02/08/1937-04/10/2010

Van Fossin, Lee Lloyd    12/07/1919-06/08/2010

Vise, A'lice Brionne "Ali"    07/09/2007-09/16/2014

vonBehren, Florence Engelgenjohn    03/01/1915-11/25/2008

Wadkins, Billy Jo    02/11/1933-08/11/2014

Waid, Reed W.    age 85-11/08/2011

Ward, J. D.    01/17/1931-02/14/2009

Werner, Loren Anton, Sr.    09/18/1946-10/06/2010

Whitworth, Sidney G.    05/15/1932-11/29/2013

Wiley, Derrick "Jimbo"    06/25/1972-01/16/2010

Williams-Brown, Sharon L.    09/19/1946-10/15/2011

Willis, Alex "Bo"    04/24/1924-11/30/2012

Wilson, Helen Baird    01/23/1922-04/26/2012

Wilson, Leola Reed    07/01/1912-07/21/2008

Wilson, Mary Ella Ermey    07/15/1937-09/05/2013

Wisely, H. Ross    06/27/1928-12/02/2013

Wisely, Marian Ruth Lewallyn    03/31/1928-11/25/2009

Witcher, Vera Iris Boatman    06/05/1922-08/10/2012

Wolfe, Glenn Eugene    12/27/1929-09/18/2010

Wood, Samuel Burton    infant-02/19/2012

Yearby, Carl Wallace   09/21/1922-11/28/2009

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