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Fifth and Greenwood Streets
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

Greenwood Map.

GPS Coordinates:  Latitude: 34.49448, Longitude: -93.06650

Greenwood Cemetery is divided into five pages:
Page 1:  Block 18, 19, 17, 16, Old Triangle, 30, 15, 13, 14, 22, 20, 21, 23, 29, 28, Lawn Block
Page 2:  Old Circle, 8, 9, 9 1/2, 10, 11, 12, Garden of Peace, 4, 3, New Circle (H, E)
Page 3:  Q, R, T, F, 7, 7 1/2, 5, 5 1/2, 6, Garden of Angels, P
Page 4:  A Annex, A, L, Greenwood Mausoleum-Columbarium, C
Page 5:  Block D
Page 6:  25, G Annex, G, Garden of Rest, Garden of Devotion Annex, Garden of Devotion, Sunset Gardens

This is a partial listing only. Patti Vance Hays has begun to take photographs of the tombstones at Greenwood Cemetery.  If anyone wants the tombstone photograph emailed to them, please email her, and she will be happy to provide it to you as long as you are using it for personal use and not for profit.

Some of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission. You may, however, use the tombstone photographs on your public [permission is not granted for private trees] family tree site as long as you type in the description field the following: Courtesy of Patti Vance Hays as posted on the Melting Pot Genealogical Society, Garland County, Arkansas, website:
If you use any of the photographs (and we will be adding more), we would love to hear from you. Let the webmaster know, and we will post on the bottom of this webpage the link to your family tree. Please make sure you type the following in the email subject: Greenwood Cemetery family tree

Please click on the photograph icon for a personal photograph. You may use the photographs for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission.

If any of the links do not work properly, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you are interested in a book of the tombstone readings in Greenwood Cemetery, Garland County Historical Society has published such a book.  At times, we have been following this book's listing as to the location of the stones.  In all cases, however, the stones have been read by Patti Vance Hays (as of 26 January 2015).  We have attempted to make this information as correct as possible.  If you see an error, please email!

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more.

Block 25
Row 1

Ledger, Minnie    died 04/22/1894

Williams, E. E.    died 07/03/1894 aged 31 years

Dollar, Harry    died 12/03/1897 aged 27 yrs, 2 mos, 26 days    son of Mrs W F Dollar

Cogburn, Nora and Babies    Jan 1924   [Arkansas Death Index indicates she died December 29, 1923, in Garland County]

Williamson, Odice    died 06/16/1897 aged 15 years    son of J C and & Williamson

Norris, Cherry E. A.    died 01/18/1897 aged 1 year    daughter of Thad Norris

Downing, R. W.    Co E 69th Ohio Infantry

Jordan, F. W.    1874-1916

Jordan, Rev. J. H.    1848-1916

Rogers, Rachel    12/02/1825-12/08/1904    [Her grave is now gone. A relative states she is buried here and also supplied these dates. There is a hole where the marker once was.]

Combs, Jewel Eugene    07/15/1891-01/30/1904

Secret, George    died 06/14/1883 aged 34 years

Kent, Josie    05/24/1899-10/02/1908

Moore, Alick    08/04/1861-01/22/1906    born in Rock Co, Illinois, died in Hot Springs, Arkansas   

McAllister, Silvia    05/02/1906-07/14/1906    Daughter of J. A. and Cleoria McAllister

Kent, John M    03/12/1852-10/21/1907

Cox, R P    06/06/1887-02/05/1915

Row 2
Williams, Irene    09/17/1903-05/05/1933

Acker, Infant    died 07/23/1903    son of C A and C T Acker

Row 3
Shelton, Wesley B    02/01/1935 [appears to be date of death]    Arkansas Pvt US Army

Gagnon, Louis    died 02/19/1936 aged 65 years

Row 4
Ledger marker    small appears to be a child

Row 5
Hood, Jessie    05/21/1878-05/10/1927

Risley, James W    05/13/1844-June 25, 1924    Pvt Co F 1 Arkansas Cav

O'Neal, William    02/1860-11/26/1920    Son of George O'Neal and Mary Owens O'Neal Blacklaw

James, Myrtle J    04/05/1887-11/15/1921    wife of Charles C. James

Ricardson, Margret An    dates illegible    Arkansas Death Index indicates that Margret Richardson died November 1, 1919, in Garland County

McKiney, Lesley    01/11/1911-02/28/1919

Daly, Eddie    died 04/22/1918 aged 48 years

Slattery, M    died 06/17/1917    Father of Buffalo, New York

Newton, A C    died 08/1915    L.U. 401 B.P.D. & P.ofA.

Row 6
Ballard, William C    01/10/1863-02/21/1922    son of S and C Ballard

Monto, Christ    died 10/24/1919 aged 74 years

Jefferson, Charles H    07/26/1889-12/08/1917

McSherry, William    Co D 2 Wis Inf Sp Am War

Henry, Mary    died 01/21/1918 aged 60 years

G Annex
Row 1

Richardson, Lemuel E.    07/13/1898-03/23/1976

Ferguson, Dorothy Lou    01/21/1931-11/12/1979

Row 2
Nicola, Roma    03/15/1884-06/18/1965

Smith, Eva    1880-1965

Ferguson, Terry O. K.    12/08/1957-12/28/1971

Sisney, Gary R.    08/24/1952-02/10/1972

Outler, Irvin Woodrow    02/09/1913-09/16/1965    Arkansas Tec 5 Co B 769 MP BN WW II

Turner, Verner D.    06/04/1902-12/31/1968
    Turner, Grace    01/09/1903-

Row 3
Frazee, Anna T.    1890-
    Frazee, Joseph L.    1878-1964

Shaw, Grover C.    07/25/1892-02/23/1965

Bell, Hubbard A.    05/10/1901-03/27/1965

Ward, Gregory Matthew    12/09/1960-04/06/1965

Ward, James Melton    01/27/1925-09/01/1974
    Ward, Mary Catherine    09/03/1928-06/06/1987

Ward, Nora A. Cummings    12/22/1905-02/02/1982

Clay, Edwin A.    11/26/1909-05/23/1965    Arkansas PFC 1867 SVC DMC Unit WW II BSM

Clay, Mary L.    07/06/1914-03/02/1973

Drexler, Adolph
    Drexler, Esther

Turner, Loyd W.    02/20/1922-06/10/1965

Row 4
Will, Charles D   01/04/1878-12/14/1963

Van Vactor, Charles B   10/06/1884-01/29/1964

Rebich, Vasil   01/02/1884-01/23/1964

Gray, Allen   12/20/1890-04/04/1964   Arkansas Cpl 20 Engineer Regt World War I

Gray, Edna S   07/05/1902-11/05/1983   Wife of Allen Gray

Ware, Ivan Carl   03/19/1900-09/24/1964

Ware, Mildred R   08/14/1902-09/02/1990

Row 5
McColl, Robert S.    05/01/1885-12/24/1963

Norman, Howell "Buck"    11/18/1925-07/04/1963    Texas S1 USNR World War II    married 11/10/1948
    Norman, Alice Lou    10/17/1926-10/24/2012 1

Blystone, Robert Maurice    05/06/1890-08/12/1968
    Blystone, Eddie Ruth    07/18/1896-10/26/1981

Huston, Donald G.   08/13/1894-04/16/1972

Huston, Sarah W.    03/19/1898-07/27/1963

Swanson, Hannah M.    07/13/1891-07/12/1964

Shannon, Lawrence C.    12/09/1892-01/30/1965
    Shannon, Ersie M.    02/15/1892-11/04/1973

Row 6
Bitiu, John Sam    01/07/1888-06/28/1963

Davis, Jesse    03/11/1891-10/12/1963

Vukobratovich, Michael    01/25/1881-05/06/1963

Parvin, Lee E.    07/08/1895-04/21/1970    [closeup]
    Parvin, Sterlie E.    03/02/1900-12/21/1987

Harris, Carrie Bell    1881-1963

Jones, Margaret P.    1924-2001

Row 7
Ariel, Ernest R.    1906-1996
    Ariel, Clara E.    1910-2004

Negovan, Louis    10/06/1891-06/07/1963

Stevenson, William    06/15/1881-02/21/1963

Ford, John William    1881-1963
    Ford, Richardine    1895-1985

Pool, Josephine    08/22/1883-03/15/1963

Douglass, Oliver    1892-1963
    Douglass, Beaula M.    1902-1985

Stansell, Bertha Mary Pool Topping    12/17/1904-11/01/2000

Stansell, Chester D.    1942-2003    [this one was in the book that Gail Ashbrook did for Garland County Historical Society - she showed it to be an Ashby Funeral Home marker - it is no longer there]

Row 8
McMillan, John G.    12/04/1877-07/12/1966

Marcu, John    09/08/1884-01/03/1963

Summerville, Willie T.    11/14/1892-02/15/1963    Arkansas Pvt 162 Co 162 Depot Brigade WW I

Bloys, Clara B. McCowan Summerville    02/23/1907-03/06/1997

Winkler, Mary Joe    1935-2008    Ashby Funeral Home marker

Row 9
Bickers, Blanche J.    10/03/1903-06/25/1962

Sokol, Vasilia (Charley)    03/15/1886-06/15/1962

Rohde, Otto    01/07/1883-08/09/1962

Cockrill, Ernest G.    04/25/1902-06/27/1962

Cockrill, Clara E.    11/23/1909-04/18/1975

Row 10
Atwood, Arthur S.    02/23/1876-08/18/1962

Block G
Row 1

Blair, Bertram R.    1878-1955

Purnell, Blanche B.    09/25/1873-06/15/1946

Skrivanos, James    1872-1945

Williams, Ora A.    02/14/1910-10/25/1945

Williams, Archibal Buel    07/31/1905-06/18/1993

Williams, Myrtle L.    12/20/1908-02/11/1985

Noble, Ada M.    10/31/1879-03/03/1946
    Noble, Charles A.    03/17/1866-12/02/1951

Greenan, James O'Brian    10/05/1922-08/22/1947    Arkansas Sgt 750 Tank Bn WW II

Wilkerson, Dozzier    1889-1948

Meinshenk, Charles J.    1875-1956

Tardy, Amanda Diles    03/10/1926-01/16/1949

Diles, Katherine "Kate"    02/08/1890-03/09/1979

Ashley, Bryan L.    [no date of death shown]

Johnson, Fannie Kemp    10/11/1884-04/13/1966

Kemp, U. G.    06/14/1880-05/09/1951

Coles, Cora A.    08/27/1862-06/01/1952

Spargo, Miss Hope D.    11/05/1881-11/06/1952

Stricklin, Lee    03/06/1900-02/19/1953    Arkansas Pvt Co A 9 Infantry Regt WW II

Porter, Elsa Blau    06/12/1893-12/17/1955

Taylor, Robert N.    1879-1961

Lowe, Peggy Ruth    08/31/1928-08/07/1961

Row 2
Young, John E.    05/05/1873-11/18/1960    Pvt Co D 2 Mo Infantry Spanish American War

Scott, Nannie    09/07/1873-06/05/1943

Scott, W. L.    06/14/1874-11/30/1933

Lindell, Gust    06/16/1862-07/09/1943

Bradfield, J. L. Jr.    12/24/1913-11/01/1943

Bradfield, Amy Pemberton    03/25/1874-01/12/1947

Stevens, Marion W.    1872-1944

Stevens, Roy L.    1902-1958

Prophet, Larry P.    04/20/1945-04/20/1945

Carr, Harold Wayne    09/04/1946-09/07/1946

Biggs, Margaret E.    11/21/1885-11/22/1946

Stokley, Infant Boy    03/29/1962    [appears to be date of death]

Biggs, Joseph F. Jr.    05/19/1908-02/27/1986    Pvt US Army WW II

Elam, Pence C.    1884-1947

Bivens, Infant    06/01/1949    [appears to be date of death]

Richard, Arby C.    03/05/1876-10/29/1949    Pvt Ohio Lt Arty Spanish American War

Hays, Maggie    07/03/1901-11/21/1949

Diles, John L.    11/10/1943-03/04/1980

Poulos, Katina    1896-1958

Ashley, Thomas E.    06/06/1915-02/14/1979
    Ashley, Ethel L.    [no date of death shown]

Fuller, Robert L.    02/08/1891-12/20/1950    Illinois Cook 342 Infantry 86 Div WW I

Rogers, Howard N.    01/30/1899-05/01/1951    Arkansas T Sgt US Air Force WW II

Palmer, Ernest J.    09/21/1897-12/01/1951

Richardson, Martha A.    08/24/1862-02/23/1952

Richardson, Preston N.    11/05/1889-12/10/1962    Arkansas 1st Sgt US Army WW I

Richardson, Marion A.    12/12/1893-01/18/1963    Arkansas Sgt Co F 153 Infantry WW I

Hicks, Frances E.    1902-1985
    Hicks, William D.    1880-1953

Kneisly, Blanche    03/05/1890-01/06/1973

Unknown    Gross Funeral Home temporary marker - letters missing

Thomas, Julius C.    1891-1955

Butler, Lester E.    1904-1956

Cagle, Charles Robert    04/11/1877-10/21/1957    [unmarked; buried there per descendant]

Cagle, Martha Beard    about 1886-12/10/1956    [unmarked; buried there per relative]

Kernal, Myrtle    1877-1959

O'Dell, Eva    05/12/1900-
    O'Dell, Leander    08/18/1885-08/23/1983    Pvt US Army WW I

Row 3
Wilkinson, Lois Letha    05/15/1901-05/28/1976

Bozelle, George    died 01/20/1943

Wright, Nellie L.    09/22/1906-02/23/1943

Wisely, Dan W.    1864-1943

Bradfield, J. L.    04/11/1868-03/01/1935

Kelley, John Myron    12/18/1947-12/22/1947

Townsend, Everette A.    03/13/1877-03/28/1944

Wilson, Glenn L.    01/03/1912-05/02/1981    US Army WW II

Wilson, Corinne M.    06/24/1915-07/02/2007

Pate, Lowell    08/22/1920-12/23/1958

Pate, Ruth A.    01/07/1921-03/26/2000

Pate, Charles A.    12/16/1956-07/23/1997

Stricklin, Louella    [no dates]

Eichenberg, Max    1870-1951

Johnson, Lloyd Elmo    10/19/1880-07/27/1951

Johnson, Joseph M.    01/21/1882-11/12/1971

Wilder, Homer    1877-1952

Green, James E.    05/22/1889-02/18/1953    Oklahoma PFC Co B 22 Engineers WW I

Hawkinson, Eva L.    11/08/1872-06/12/1954

Hawkinson, C. E.    08/30/1873-07/23/1954

Bostic, John W.    03/19/1877-11/01/1954    Pvt Co H 158 Regt Indiana Infantry Sp Am War

Bradshaw, Maud    1880-1959

English, Cecil Dee    04/11/1916-05/07/1978

Duke, Herbert E   03/26/1899-10/24/1957

Riley [no last name shown], 05/1897-07/21/1961

Pyles, Opheia   1873-1960   [believe her name was Ophelia Pyles]

Row 4
Lane, Noah D.    07/29/1873-02/21/1960

Brooks, Noda A.    02/19/1888-03/31/1976

Nix, Karen Kay    born and died 11/23/1941

Goss, Harl S.    10/12/1905-06/10/1942

Peters, Pearl    06/15/1886-09/06/1948

Truitt, James G.    1856-1946    Miami, Florida

Truitt, Altha N.    1891-1959    Miami, Florida

Still, Nora    09/22/1891-

Still, Kansas M.    09/05/1865-06/06/1948

Still, Harry E.    08/02/1870-08/23/1954

Lyons, Cora Still    04/28/1894-08/13/1974

Tucker, Arrie L.    1880-19__    his wife
    Tucker, Edgar N.    1877-1950

McCloud, Howard    05/02/1879-06/22/1958

Kelly, Janette McCloud    07/17/1880-05/17/1978

Dawson, Theresa M.    born and died 10/17/1949

Ballowe, John Biscoe    02/21/1903-04/14/1994

Brookshier, Emma Ballowe    11/20/1877-11/18/1958

Ballowe, Josephus    08/18/1898-01/02/1959

King, Willie F.    03/18/1883-03/14/1953    Arkansas Pvt Medical Department WW I

Adkins, Ellen J.    1874-1963

Whitehouse, Nancy Ruth    04/24/1883-11/27/1957

Thomason, Robert S.    07/02/1893-06/01/1953

Janish, Andrew    1882-1954    from Milwaukee to Hot Springs 1948
    Janish, Ruth K.    1880-1953

Burnette, William H.    1901-1954

Burnette, Elizabeth E.    1906-1963

Keeler, Frank H.    1882-1954

Awalt, Charlie    05/27/1884-06/27/1955

Helminiak, Lawrence    08/07/1891-02/02/1957

Harper, Cherokee E.    12/31/1895-08/17/1982

Harper, John Barbour    02/20/1884-07/27/1957    Oriental Lodge 51 Topeka

Nichols, Ernest L.    10/23/1881-07/17/1959

Nichols, Sarah L.    04/17/1890-07/17/1959

Row 5
Stevens, Lou Edith    1873-1965

Stevens, Claud S.    1900-1964

Adams, Francis    11/16/1899-07/19/1975
    Adams, Loss    04/01/1870-06/06/1950

Coe, Victoria O.    02/19/1888-04/30/1974

Coe, William H.    10/14/1882-09/01/1956

Williams, James    02/18/1873-07/22/1950    Pvt 5 Ohio Infantry Sp Am War

Washko, John    1870-1950

Johnson, Bessie Daniel    01/20/1897-08/25/1954

Howe, James H.    1882-1962

Everitt, Oscar Ray    10/20/1896-05/01/1952

Dill, Neuner Wilson    06/21/1876-05/23/1952

Melson, Janice Lee    06/24/1952-06/27/1952    Daughter of Glenn and Pauline Melson

Osborne, Mary E.    1871-1953    This was in the book by Gail Ashbrook.  She stated it was a Gross Funeral Home marker in concrete -- I did not see it.

Muller, William A.    02/28/1869-06/12/1954

Beck, Rosa C.    11/22/1868-08/16/1958

Brown, Goldie    1895-1969

Brown, Jim    1886-1971

Melton, E. G.    1882-1955

Lott, Henry    11/30/1891-03/23/1960    Illinois PFC Co A 5 Machine Gun Bn WW I

Long, Benjamin F.    03/24/1875-11/17/1957

Kiriakos, Nicholas    08/08/1887-02/18/1960    Arkansas Pvt Co A Prov Cas Co WW I

Williams, Norah (Tommy)    11/06/1898-04/22/1963
    Williams, Billy Foyle    05/12/1923-07/04/1960

Row 6
Bassham, Claude R.    10/02/1920    05/04/1943    Lt (JG) USNR    Mizpah

Bassham, Claude R.    10/02/1891-05/09/1937    Mizpah

Roderick, Hazel E.    12/12/1900-04/26/1977    Mizpah

Roderick, Russell    07/06/1905-11/03/1970

Harrelson, William Billy F.    11/02/1917-12/27/1937

McLeod, Alexander    1866-1938

Cooksey, Reese H.    12/22/1938 [appears to be date of death]    Arkansas Corp 37 Infantry

Sims, Sidney Alice    1875-1982    Mother
    Sims, Samuel Wain    1873-1939    Father

Beam, Ish C.    11/07/1904-06/03/1991

Condon, Charles P.    02/11/1877-05/12/1947    Indiana Pvt 161 Infantry Sp Am War

Shackelford, John M.    08/17/1939-05/20/1960

Beam, Nettie    11/07/1886-11/18/1968

Armstrong, Arthur S.    08/12/1907-06/03/1948

Snell, Amanda    10/08/1876-03/23/1951

Richardson, Manda    1875-1949

Arnold, Paula Faye    11/07/1944-01/05/1950

Hendon, Bessie May    02/17/1883-04/24/1950

Hendon, Elcaney D.    04/28/1880-03/29/1959

Hartman, Elizabeth T.    01/15/1915-05/30/1986

Hartman, Wilmer S.    08/29/1907-05/10/1988

Siegrist, Lona Eleanor    12/29/1870-10/07/1959

Siegrist, James E.    08/09/1897-10/07/1951

Chapman, Newton S.    1898-1951

Conner, Sam    04/22/1870-03/22/1952

Anderson, Isaac T. (Jockey A. Tex)    1902-1952

Hughes, Arlie A.    11/02/1912-07/04/1997    T Sgt US Army WW II

Hughes, Pauline    08/02/1919-05/21/1996

Beason, Earl    08/13/1913-01/12/1954

Chandler, Charles W.    11/19/1884-10/28/1961    B.R.T. 935

Donnelly, James    1889-1955

Fuller, Charles E.    12/03/1911-06/18/1955    Arkansas SF1 USNR WW II

English, Leona    04/16/1882-02/16/1957

Lange, Paul B.    03/29/1880-06/14/1957

Sample, Clarence    05/04/1889-11/28/1957

Terry, Charlene Mann    06/26/1929-12/24/1965

Scott, Jessie L.    01/09/1905-09/17/1958

Stathis, Christ    1882-1959

Evans, Goldie L.    11/11/1893-05/23/1964
    Evans, Oliver B.    04/15/1883-01/20/1960

Row 7
Russum, Stella M.    09/10/1862-01/15/1948

Wright, Nellie Ruth    02/04/1933-09/27/1937

Bailey, Minnie Maude    10/13/1876-07/22/1939
    Bailey, Mathew Thomas    01/24/1880-10/11/1954

Boyd, M. Florence    12/31/1883-08/21/1939

Bauer, Jacob A.    07/23/1859-11/27/1939

Stanger, Jacob Elias "Jack"    1889-1947

Ayvazian, Ida J.    04/16/1865-02/03/1950

Higbee, Nellie    1873-1951

Higbee, Austin A.    04/18/1871-08/10/1947    Arkansas Pvt 45 US Vol Inf

Higbee, Myron A.    09/25/1905-12/25/1972    Deacon of Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Thornton, James M.    1877-1948
    Thornton, Erma P.    1888-1961

Davis, Darrell Claude    07/24/1950-07/25/1950

Davis, Claude Miller    07/14/1921-09/23/1970

Arkebauer, Walter P.    08/25/1876-08/08/1951

Thompson, Bettie    1885-1963
    Thompson, Joe Sephus    1882-1953

Owen, Annie    11/29/1880-11/16/1961

Owen, Herbert W.    03/14/1877-09/12/1964

Owen, Gladys Irene    04/03/1912-    [no date of death; SSDI shows 04/19/1999 but cannot be certain she is buried here]

York, James Perry    03/08/1875-12/29/1954    Illinois CWT US Navy WW I

Lemon, O. B. Doris    05/19/1896-03/14/1955

Lemon, Hazel L.    01/13/1894-04/17/1959

Unknown    Concrete base - formerly had a funeral home marker on it but removed

Branch, Carlos Eugene    03/06/1920-04/16/1955    Arkansas PFC Btry A 50 Fld Arty Bn WW II

Weidig, Mabel R.    1884-1960

Weidig, Charles C.    03/05/1884-03/17/1963

Jackson, Pearl M.    11/11/1907-09/07/1971
    Duckworth, Maude M.    02/01/1893-05/03/1970

Lee, Hattie M.    1900-1969
    Lee, Harry    1897-1958    [his middle initial was either a C or a G]

Hallar, Edwin R.    10/30/1884-03/10/1960

Row 8
Wichert, Nana May    05/19/1886-08/20/1974

Norsworthy, Janie W.    05/05/1881-12/31/1962
    Norsworthy, Alfred A.    08/04/1879-02/22/1937

Rife, Elbert Morris    03/13/1929-07/29/1937

Angell, Sallie M.    09/11/1879-08/05/1937

Smith, Richard Elwood    born and died 09/29/1937    son of Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Smith

Cooper, Sarah I.    01/21/1866-03/26/1938

Shick, Daisy M.    06/25/1877-05/30/1953

Shick, Alfred    11/30/1881-10/26/1938

Wattles, John Michael    07/11/1939 [appears to be date of death]    Illinois 1 Lieut 55 Tel Bn Sig Corps

Wattles, Alice Fowler    02/17/1895-01/14/1982

Burris, Dewey Burton    05/03/1898-12/15/1949

Gleason, William    05/07/1878-07/01/1950    Kansas PFC Signal Corps

Davis, Alice M.    08/09/1895-03/08/1979
    Davis, Claude M.    06/26/1897-08/27/1954

Venters, Rose    10/09/1877-05/07/1951

Brough, William George    1881-1954

Johnson, Harvey L.    08/16/1900-10/19/1954    Arkansas Pvt 1861 SVC Comd Unit WW II

McMahon, Charles H.    died 10/19/1955

Wilhelmi, Herman H.    09/26/1943-02/28/1957    Dutchman

Dick, Mildred (Biggs)    01/10/1906-08/05/1966

Johnson, Jessie M.    [no date of death shown]
    Johnson, Alvin L.    08/23/1919-09/17/1974

Storey, A. E. Seago    02/14/1887-08/12/1960

Row 9
Brown, Jessie Isane    09/15/1881-01/23/1960

Manning, Tom Jr.    1904-1957

Reese, Charles F.    12/12/1902-02/25/1937

Hudson, Alice Ashby    12/10/1894-03/04/1973

Angell, James N.    03/21/1869-03/29/1948

O'Carney, Ida A. Rogers Dacus    12/28/1880-02/20/1959

O'Carney, Julius    04/21/1937 [appears to be date of death]    Kentucky Sgt US Army

Mullen, E. Neal    03/27/1882-04/29/1937

Topolog, Anna    1880-1955

Baron, Alfred L.    1878-1941

Lester, Leo    died 11/25/1947

Risner, Mary    06/16/1876-01/27/1948

Risner, John    02/05/1876-05/12/1952

Hatch, James Robert    05/02/1871-04/27/1950

Chandler, Sam R.    10/15/1887-10/11/1951    Arkansas PFC Quartermaster Corps WW I

Zumbuehl, Joseph    1880-1953

Barham, Maude G.    1900-1960

Barham, Jesse R.    09/18/1896-06/21/1960    Arkansas Pvt Co A Inf Repl Tng Cen WW I

McLaughlin, Henry E.    04/04/1903-02/14/1973    Maine PFC US Marine Corps

Beard, Leroy    1932-1958

Beard, Margaret    1931-1990

Johnson, Alleia Evonne    07/09/1954    05/14/1959

Beckwith, Erma B.    02/25/1906-01/10/1978
    Beckwith, Gordon D.    09/20/1907-03/08/1960

Row 10
Manning, Sarah Estelle    1875-1962

Manning, Tom    03/30/1872-10/14/1936

Unknown    [there is what looks to be a round marker with no name]

Blankner, Sidney J.    08/13/1875-02/25/1937

Wilson, Frank    died 05/06/1935

Botsford, Charles C.    1865-1938

Silver, H. M.    1871-1955

Kowansky, Michael A.    1890-1957

Harrison, Henry H.    04/29/1913-01/28/1960    Arkansas Pvt Station Hospital WW II    [this stone was listed in the book by Gail Ashbrook for the Garland County Historical Society that is listed above -- I did not see the stone September 24, 2008]

McEarl, Frances    05/18/1912-08/21/1989
    McEarl, Herbert    06/17/1903-07/07/1959

Lake, Elinor McGrath    -06/05/1963    [We cannot locate a tombstone. Her obituary indicates she was buried in Greenwood Cemetery. A researcher has found that she is buried in Block G, Plot #669 and has supplied her full date of death.]

Garden of Rest    [photographed August 24, 2009]
Row 4

Hudspeth, Eldred Earl    07/13/1929-05/18/1998    ABHC US Navy Korea 1
    Hudspeth, Mamie LaRue    [no date of death shown]    married 09/22/1956

Hudspeth, Randall Lee    [no date of death shown]

Frazier, Rose Lorona    06/29/1929-12/30/2005    married 11/27/1956
    Frazier, Haskell Club    [no date of death shown]

Davis, Robert L.    1917-
    Davis, Ruth M.    1914-

Erskine, Robert Allen    11/22/1944-05/29/199    Pvt US Army Vietnam    Son

Angel, Winfred Lee Jr.    12/02/1961-02/17/2005

Spencer, Eleanor J.    [no date of death shown]
    Spencer, Willie    03/08/1935-06/28/2008

Row 5
Frazier, Rev. Earl Franklin    12/25/1911-11/05/1990    Minister Church of the Nazarene
    Frazier, Emma Clyde    02/23/1916-02/05/2004 1

Marquis, Cecil W.    1903-1982
    Marquis, Charlotte M.    1901-2000

Keane, John F.    02/22/1911-05/06/1982

Long, Lavern Kelly    03/31/1928-06/06/1979

Townsend, J. Paul    04/01/1908-11/06/1981

Schamota, Sofia    09/17/1895-01/19/980    [I missed this marker - it was listed in Gail Ashbrook's reading of 2005]

Moskowitz, Theodore Co.    10/21/1907-07/14/1982
    Moskowitz, Tamara    [no date of death shown]

Hersh, George R.    01/25/1897-12/13/1981
    Hersh, Esther O.    08/25/1898-08/28/1991

Kalnmal, Erika    1908-1987    Aus gnaden Selig

Wells, Glenn R.    02/19/1901-05/18/1979

Wells, Louise    08/09/1898-01/11/1984

Taylor, Gladys B.    03/28/1904-01/23/1980

Lepore, Donald    08/03/1891-02/22/1980

Bogosian, Mesak    03/05/1894-04/12/1980

Strock, Harry Agustus III    11/18/1899-06/02/1980

Strock, Winona Dawson    09/01/1913-06/14/1991

Welch, Charley C.    08/08/1892-07/13/1980

Gesek, John    07/24/1896-11/10/1981

Mason, Frank J.    05/14/1903-08/15/1980
    Mason, Josephine M.    05/14/1904-01/31/1984

Beale, John E.    12/10/1928-03/11/1998    US Army

Beale, Kaola B.    02/09/1925-05/28/1981

Neuhaus, Paul E.    04/21/1898-
    Neuhaus, Ernestine J.    03/02/1896-03/18/1982

Metzner, E. Joseph    05/08/1892-06/20/1981

Azich, Nick    11/03/1892-01/04/1982

Emory, Hughlas Jerry    06/26/1904-08/27/1983

Emory, Chloe B.    09/06/1914-08/26/1981

Thompson, Wanda L.    09/26/1911-01/22/1982

Hall, Darlene    04/25/1925-05/05/2000    Registered Nurse
    Hall, Virgil Jr.    08/17/1926-08/27/1999

Hall, Virgil A.    06/07/1896-05/26/1984    Sgt US Army World War I    [his veteran stone spells his name as Vergil and show his day of death as 27--SSDI shows Virgil but shows no day of death]

Hall, Dennis R.    06/08/1950-06/09/2003    US Army National Guard 212th Signal Battalion SSG E-6    [policeman badge]

Yorkison, Joseph J.    01/01/1905-09/08/1983

Benson, Marian E.    05/09/1919-02/26/1980

Row 6
Lawson, Ralph G   02/10/1922-01/01/2000   married 03/14/1943
    Lawson, Mary Louise   05/14/1928-12/24/2013    [dod from obituary]

Khan, Benny   08/17/1922-10/19/2003   (Dad and Grandpa)
    Smith, Helen K   10/10/1931-09/24/2003   (Mom and Grandma)

Simos, George   1892-1981   Pvt US Army World War I

McBrian, Ralph D   08/10/1898-03/09/1982

Sheets, Mary H   04/22/1925-09/08/1992   [wonder if she is not also Mary L Hicks]

Hicks, Mary L   04/22/1925-09/08/1992
    Hicks, Silas L Sr   03/21/1927-11/02/1982

Dorsey, Rita M   08/25/1925-05/27/1982

Dorsey, Charles A Jr   12/01/1928-05/14/1984   Cpl US Army Korea

Campbell, Virginia Tanner   07/31/1918-02/27/2002

Campbell, George Harold   08/31/1912-06/29/1981

Riordan, Edna L   10/11/1900-03/09/1995
    Riordan, William   01/17/1897-08/02/1998

Hill, Orville    08/22/1902-01/10/1988

Bertotti, William Christie    12/25/1925-05/03/1988    US Navy World War II

Row 7
Kinsey, Willie Pearl   07/17/1901-06/08/1980

Tsimitakis, Eliza M   11/30/1913-03/24/1985

Tsimitakis, Nikolaos J   06/18/1899-09/11/1980

Hermann, Elizabeth   10/28/1891-08/02/1980

Beaudoin, Joan Hermann   07/08/1925-07/28/1998

Beaudoin, Bluitt Joseph   03/10/1911-11/15/1999

Evans, Paul Martin   03/03/1918-01/26/1981   1st Lt US Air Force World War II

Harris, Selma   04/05/1893-05/26/1981

Roach, Anna L   06/23/1897-02/25/1983

Howe, Thelma O   07/22/1913-09/14/2000

Cain, Wardell "Bob"   11/24/1900-12/08/1981

Row 8
Sullivan, Blanche B.    03/12/1902-05/26/1992

Haire, Leslie    08/13/1905-11/23/1989

Arnt, William F.    1905-1983

Spencer, Juanita J.    06/03/1920-09/30/1988

Jarrell, Mildred E.    08/16/1907-02/01/1983

Haness, Aaron 'Bucky'    10/04/1907-01/08/1993

Haness, Charles    11/05/1903-07/16/1987

Fischer, Vera    1896-1983

Pappas, Kostaki Dan    03/11/1935-06/30/2007

Row 9
Carvolli, James M.    1918-1983
    Carvolli, Tony G.    1916-1983

Chowylko, Paraska Andrejvna    1900-1991    Bor Potlawa, Ukraina

Crawford, Warden D.    01/24/1928-07/27/1984

Crawford, Gloria N.    12/29/1926-12/28/1994

Haness, Catherine D.    09/15/1914-07/09/1983

Fulton, Robert Keith    12/30/1955-06/05/1984

Mitchell, Mamie G.    03/17/1906-02/05/1987

Hendrix, Larry D.    11/25/1961-12/11/1988

Hendrix, Charles Ray    10/12/1956-04/06/1999

Smith, Ola Mae    03/18/1932-12/27/2002

Hendrix, Jessie James Jr.    12/02/1957-06/05/2007

Hendrix, Debra Ann   11/20/1959-03/31/2008

Row 10
Ray, Adair    1920-1982

Ray, Dell C.    12/01/1919-08/27/1995    Sgt US Army World War II

Tomulet, John    11/20/1894-08/17/1987

Munos, Virginia Roebling    01/26/1919-08/22/2004
    Munos, Louis Sylvester    06/20/1914-01/04/1982

Henderson, Dorothy G.    1904-2002
    Henderson, Don L.    1904-1988

Dickerson, Benny    [no date of death shown]

Harris, James A. "Pap"    03/22/1950-12/11/1985

Garner, Donald M.    04/03/1948-07/29/1985

Garner, Flora B.    11/27/1911-05/26/1987

Row 11
Costner, Jane    1917-1986

Nichols, Alfred F.    01/01/1905-09/27/1985
    Nichols, Mildred M.    10/07/1908-08/24/2000

Billings, Fred W.    1913-2005
    Billings, Ora Mae    1918-1994

Callahan, Wilbur M.    03/28/1910-09/29/1988

Sonye, Martha E.    10/27/1904-08/21/1989

Sonye, Louis    12/19/1905-01/11/2000

Sisk, Cornelia Gladys    03/28/1908-09/01/1996

Zawitaj, Lena W. Walker    1912-1989

Henderson, Alberta    02/06/1896-08/26/1984

Cagle, Esther Crain    11/17/1906-03/29/1990

Sellers, Clifford Ralph    08/08/1907-12/16/1992    BKR1 US Army World War II
    Sellers, Betty L    [no date of death shown]    Beloved Wife

Row 12
Marks, Mack Louis    09/14/1898-09/11/1986    US Army World War II

Byerly, Mary G.    06/25/1918-01/06/2003
    Byerly, Smith H.    12/15/1921-06/19/2008

Lane, Dorothy L.    1924-1982    Loving Wife and Mother

Lane, Wililam J.    09/24/1925-12/03/2003    Sgt US Army World War II

Lee, Norance E.    08/02/1906-08/29/1981    Beloved Husband

Hardy, Lorene    06/17/1912-09/15/1986
    Gentile, Cleo    10/30/1907-04/22/1996

Spriggs, Alta Lee    [no date of death shown]

Row 13
Lucas, Harry A.    01/31/1900-02/10/1982
    Lucas, Betty L.    12/15/1902-06/23/1982

Weyland, Lois    05/16/1928-09/11/2004

Suskey, John Thomas    [no date of death shown]
    Suskey, Mary Bety    02/10/1952-01/18/1983

Norris, George D.    10/28/1900-10/04/1985

Pearson, William W.    11/20/1910-

Cox, Ruby Carolyn    02/22/1920-08/18/1993    Beloved Mimi

Cox, Brian Delaney    -05/15/1967

Cox, Robert Randolph    -02/12/1968

Reynolds, Ina Cortez    [no date of death shown]    married 01/17/1942
    Reynolds, Louis Delaney    04/28/1921-07/28/1984    Children Ina Louise, Barbara Ann, Larry Delaney

Row 14
Soncini, Darren    01/14/1965-09/22/1989    Beloved Son
    Soncini, Julie    [no date of death shown]    Loving Mother
    Merchant, John    [no date of death shown]    Dearest Friend

Hager, Mary E.    09/14/1899-08/06/1985

Hebert, Harry J.    01/27/1907-11/03/1986

Tucker, Betty J.    11/02/1932-01/12/1988
    Tucker, Warren J.    [no date of death shown]

Washington, Juanita H.    10/12/1917-09/18/2006

Manning, Ernest Ronald    06/01/1948-03/16/2008    [funeral home marker]

Williams, Ivan    08/04/1917-12/09/1985    Sgt US Army World War II

Row 15
Weyland, Lon H. Jr.    1921-2003    Sgt Air Corps So Pac 41-45
    Weyland, Marjory P.    1920-2008

Dickson, Tillman E.    11/03/1909-03/31/1986

Wright, Oren M.    10/20/1918-02/15/1992    US Navy World War II Korea
    Wright, Hilda E.    02/13/1925-10/12/2005    Beloved Wife

Owen, Onie B.    1911-2001

Hendricks, Orbra Graham    02/23/1927-02/16/1994

Row 16
Parson, Rebecca Elizabeth    02/19/1899-05/19/1987

Parson, William Kenny    03/11/1927-02/18/1993    US Navy

Reader, Betty Jean Owen    05/28/1922-05/12/2007

Reader, Robert Gordon    02/27/1921-04/23/1989    Tec3 US Army World War II

Row 18
Ross, Lucille I.    1907-1997    married 11/20/1929
    Ross, Jesse A.    1907-2004

Row 21
Stringfellow, William B.    04/27/1930-09/14/1982    US Army
    Stringfellow, Judith Tarvin    05/27/1941-04/01/2009    Wife and Mother

Row 29
Eliason, Henry V.    08/05/1910-04/21/1980
    Eliason, Elsie M.    05/06/1925-09/20/1994

Row 35
Kress, John Joseph Jr.    02/04/1921-03/28/2007
    Kress, Eleanor Jean    06/08/1926-09/21/1980

Kress, John J. "Jack"    1953-2006    Our Loving Papa

Row 36
McCandless, Patricia Ann    10/15/1943-08/04/1994    Beloved Wife and Mother

Newton, William    1877-1951    [This was included in Gail Ashbrook's 2005 reading of the cemetery. She wrote "(Temp. funeral home marker) By last Tree in Block." This last tree was blown down by a storm in 2008. The stump and part of the limbs are still there, and the marker is nowhere to be seen August 2009.]           

Garden of Devotion Annex
Taylor, Louie O   12/12/1911-02/27/1982

Montgomery, Jim    07/15/1934-05/01/2007
    Montgomery, Libby    [no date of death shown]

Spruell, Clifton   08/28/1919-01/07/1983
    Spruell, Evelyn L   12/01/1918-10/09/2001

Lash, Coyd F   02/05/1921-09/09/2002   married 03/15/1946
    Lash, Edith N   11/19/1925-09/03/2003

Murray, Brenda K   06/21/1947-04/01/1981

Garden of Devotion K Block
Kaufman, Benjamin T   09/03/1903-03/24/1983

Kaufman, Effie Lee   09/18/1905-12/03/2001

Kaufman, Benjamin Lee    08/08/1928-

Kaufman, Catherine McNeill    09/23/1926-10/04/2011 1

Kaufman, Lisa Karol   03/06/1963-08/29/1980

Garden of Devotion Main Block
Row 1

Greenley, Robert D   04/20/1921-01/22/2011  RAF Pilot Instructor World War II 1

Greenley, Velma Hurst   09/12/1920-05/09/2002

Klusendorf, John "Jack" Jr   05/13/1912-05/28/1995

Morrison, Lucy Rachel   01/14/1919   [no date of death shown]

Cobb, Jesse   12/02/1930-01/27/2008
    Cobb, Lyda   02/06/1932-05/26/2003

Row 2
Lee, Esther Bernice   08/23/1913-10/14/2000
    Lee, Charles D "Bud"   07/04/1907-11/30/1986

Venable, Mary Lillyan   02/29/1916-05/11/1996   married 09/21/1936
    Venable, William Steel   11/25/1910-09/08/1986

Stitt, Brat   1909-1999   married 09/01/1929    [Her obituary is under Zida Stitt.] 1
    Stitt, Bert   1906-1986

Valentine, Elizabeth A   05/28/1901-06/24/1992
    Valentine, E V X Thomas   12/12/1902-07/30/1987

Nachod, Dorothy L   05/08/1896-03/25/1995
    Nachod, Henry J   01/04/1895-11/08/1988

Row 3
Scudder, Robert Hansford   08/29/1909-02/09/1993   married 12/24/1932
    Scudder, Vera M Williams   09/23/1913-04/10/2000

Ryan, Joseph J   02/28/1916-06/29/1988   married 11/01/1946
    Ryan, Iona M   05/18/1914-08/31/1995

Meyer, John E   07/06/1908-01/20/1989   US Army World War II

Whitehead, V "Rus"   11/05/1912-12/23/1994   married 09/22/1945
    Whitehead, Mickie F   04/26/1908-03/29/1988

Botzek, Kurt A   1912-1994   with love, Erica

Row 4
Williams, Edwin Paul   09/16/1920-03/05/1985
    Williams, Martha V.    11/06/1920-10/04/2010 1

Stivers, Ruth Alene   01/12/1918-05/28/1990   married 09/04/1938
    Stivers, Ishmael Loy   12/22/1914-07/03/2001

Foster, Violet Mae   10/13/1920-02/19/2012    [dod from obituary]
    Foster, Albert Raymond   12/20/1915-05/23/1986

Lingelbach, Ida B   12/04/1926-09/09/2006
    Lingelbach, William Mose   09/26/1917-06/04/1998   Pvt US Army World War II

Easterlin, Vonda M   07/01/1925-06/25/1985

Row 5
Bernard, Robert G   03/23/1923-08/02/2002
    Bernard, Laverne   07/03/1930-12/28/1984

Sublett, Howard H Sr   08/03/1918-10/29/2001   Sgt US Army World War II Purple Heart
    Sublett, Joy Hurst   [no date of death shown]

Aronhalt, Dale Bay   09/03/1906-05/25/1987

Chilton, Bernice Louise   02/04/1920-01/05/1986

Row 6
McDonald, Bob G   1932-1988 1

Bodemann, Adrea Nicole   02/27/1986   [appears to be date of death]

Mochel, Aubrey E   06/24/1905-01/04/1989
    Mochel, Jeanette O   09/26/1906-10/05/1995

Valow, Lynda Ann   08/10/1949-04/22/1988

Tucker, Virginia Lincoln   05/24/1939-07/18/2006   [Caruth-Hale FHM as of 09/27/2007]

Ivey, Patricia Ann   03/22/1931-06/30/2006
    Ivey, Craig   06/05/1958-07/16/2006
    Ivey, Glenn Edward   11/18/1924-11/12/1987   S1 US Navy US Coast Guard World War II

Row 7
Buck, J B   06/06/1922-12/14/1985   married 09/18/1948
    Buck, Lois   [no date of death shown]

A'Hearn, Carolyn R   10/05/1929-02/14/1989

Plumlee, Ralph Michael   05/22/1955-05/19/1994

Freeman, Dollye   06/23/1917   [no date of death shown]

Tooman, Murrell C   05/22/1930-02/04/1992   US Navy Korea
    Tooman, Patricia Ann   [no date of death shown]

Griffith, Samuel E   11/11/1933-09/15/1991

Griffith, Betty   11/07/1939-04/16/2004

Howell, Dean Joseph   02/28/1919-05/13/1991   T Sgt US Army AF World War II Distinguished Flying Cross
    Howell, Melba Wilson   [no date of death shown]   married 04/06/1960

Matthews, Robert Edwin P.D.   08/22/1925-10/19/1987   MM2 US Navy World War II
    Matthews, Becky   [no date of death shown]

Row 8
Maciejko, Wladyslaw   07/30/1901-06/17/1986

Hall, Charles Henry   11/09/1903-01/14/1991 1

Lowther, Avis   11/17/1918-12/20/1999
    Lowther, Edwin   12/21/1903-12/23/1989

Inman, Rose M   12/11/1906-09/14/2000
    Inman, Robert Lee   06/13/1904-07/30/1992   Pvt US Army World War I

Pendergraft, Shirley A   [no date of death shown]
    Pendergraft, Clyde L   12/24/1930-06/14/1997   SN US Navy Korea Vietnam

Smith, Hazelmarie   10/20/1919-09/16/2002
    Smith, Don C   08/09/1915-02/02/1987

Heins, Rosemarie   01/13/1925-01/16/1991 1

Row 9
Hayes, Homer W   02/19/1917   [no date of death shown]

Weldon, Harry Wesley   07/04/1917-12/06/2001   US Army World War II Purple Heart
    Weldon, Opal M   10/14/1924-03/06/2006

Ewing, Evalyn S   09/19/1906-12/17/1992   sister
    Smith, Susan   07/20/1910-01/12/1993   sister

Wharton, Chad "Buster"   1908-1995
    Wharton, Ida   1912-2001

Stone, Albert Edward   06/15/1925-08/10/1996   PFC US Army World War II 1st Regt Combat Team New Guinea-Lyzon
    Stone, Ann Caroline   03/06/1918-03/13/2002

Riggan, Doyle Rex   1922-2000   TEC 5 US Army World War II   married 06/27/1948
    Riggan, Florence   1930-2010

Cramer, Mae Smallwood   05/22/1910-04/08/1989

Smith, Franklin D   04/15/1948-06/08/1990   married 04/21/1972
    Smith, Elizabeth M   [no date of death shown]

Heins, William A "Pop"   05/23/1915-08/12/2002

Row 10
Cook, Margie V   07/09/1908-02/11/1986   married 01/02/1936
    Cook, J Otis   12/01/1908-02/20/2007

Boyd, Ella Louise   11/26/1926-10/22/1986

Boyd, R. V., Sr.   12/28/1920-06/14/2004   PFC US Marine Corps Cpl US Army World War II Korea

Burroughs   [no names or dates]   married 06/15/1958

Milic, Anica   1922-2004
    Milic, Dragolub   1925-1991

Fryar, Edna Stewart   07/05/1907-05/03/1992 1 

Ansardi, Helen C   1919-1995
    Ansardi, Edward P   1909-1995

Reynolds, Charles E   09/11/1933-08/28/2000   SN US Navy

Williams, John D   02/23/1965-01/11/1992

Fogle, W H "Dub"   03/17/1917-10/09/2003   Sgt US Army World War II Korea Bronze Star Medal   married 03/18/1942
    Fogle, Margaret L   01/30/1922-01/28/2014    [dod from obituary] 1

Sims, Ernest A., Jr. "Shorty"   06/14/1917-07/19/2005   born and died in Hot Springs, Arkansas
    Sims, Bobe Dene   02/29/1924-08/30/1997   born in Winthrop, Arkansas, and died in Hot Springs

Row 11
Myers, Loyce Lorraine   06/02/1916-07/01/2003   married 07/29/1939
    Myers, W W "Jimmy"   09/02/1914-02/05/2004

Myers, James W   10/27/1921-07/05/2000   Sgt US Army World War II

Smith, Walter Earl   02/04/1907-08/31/1988   married 07/19/1927
    Smith, Edna O'Neal   05/18/1905-12/26/1999

Del Re, Nich   04/11/1925-12/06/1991

Lacy, Ilander   12/18/1918-03/24/1994   US Army World War II

Tolliver, Jearline 'Jerri"    03/13/1947-07/21/2014    [Hot Springs FHM] 1

Bishop, James E.    1932-
    Bishop, Elnora A   1936-2001

Wilhelmi, Kerry Drew    09/18/1958-07/23/2009

Wilhelmi, Shirley J   01/09/1934-06/02/1999 1

Smith, George W   [no date of death shown]   married 06/30/1956
    Smith, Nelta "Jean"   06/25/1939-10/28/2000

Row 12
Lee, Daniel Eric   05/09/1960-10/08/2003

Lee, Emma Elizabeth   11/01/2006-11/01/2006   [fhm 14 October 2007]

Caldwell, Richard Jonathan   1937-1989

Featherstone, Sister Elizabeth G   08/07/1917-11/08/1991

Cook, Mary Jean   01/27/1960-03/11/2003  married 06/03/1977
    Cook, Lesley Paul   [no date of death shown]

New gravesite [unmarked]

Sheets, Billy Joe    05/15/1930-04/12/2012    Cpl US Marine Corps
    Sheets, Martha Evelyn    [no date of death shown]

Row 13
Jones, Robert E   05/15/1913-06/12/2003   married 10/20/1935
    Jones, Dorothy L   08/26/1918-12/25/1993

Murders, Fay   1929-2009   married 03/30/1946    [closeup]
    Murders, Wilburn   1925-2006

Vanderpluym, Saundra E   [no date of death shown]   married 03/29/1965
    Vanderpluym, Gayland D   09/09/1947-04/17/2003

Broyles, Brian Dean   08/18/1957-05/17/1993   Sgt US Marine Corps Vietnam

Broyles, Marian Lee   11/27/1930-07/13/2013    [dod from obituary]
    Broyles, Theron Lee   [no date of death shown]

Row 14
Petty, Frank   11/19/1912-06/05/1988   married 12/25/1937
    Petty, Gertrude Nisbet   01/26/1911-08/07/1999

Petty, J B   08/31/1924-04/02/1994

Moore, Mildred Petty   05/31/1914-10/11/1995

Meeker, Kelly Wayne   02/23/1966-02/02/1989

Gates, Woodie Vie   05/12/1927-02/19/1991

Gates, Owen F   07/06/1925-03/29/1994

Marinac, Radislav   10/18/1904-09/11/1992   born in Kumane Yugoslavia

Adcox, Cary C   04/15/1956-06/25/2001   US Air Force

Row 15
Nesich, Steve   05/12/1919-10/20/1996
    Nesich, Thais   03/10/1917-01/22/1999

Erceg, Stojan   11/13/1919-01/30/1993
    Erceg, Sofia   04/18/1920-05/27/1997

Gorbet, Glenn C   08/15/1911-04/07/2013   married 11/05/1938    [dod from obituary] 1
    Gorbet, Jessie M   08/14/1916-08/21/2006 1

Couch, Myrtle Lorene   05/18/1913-06/17/1998

Cinko, Robert D   05/18/1943-01/31/2000

Tomovich, Radomir   1922-2005
    Tomovich, Frances   08/16/1923-11/13/2010
    Tomovich, Peter   [no date of death shown]

Row 16
Zivanovic, Ratomir   08/28/1917-03/25/1991   husband
    Dennison, Therese   [no date of death shown]   wife   [not actually sure of her surname]
    Hintzen, Theresa   07/06/1903-07/01/1990   mother   [not actually sure of her surname]

Ostrowski, Valentina   06/15/1916-01/18/2003

Ostrowski, Mark Peter   1908-1991 1

Haney, Cecil A Jr   1931-1991
    Haney, Jean E   1946-1992

Tucakovich, Terezija   [no date of death shown]  born in Yugoslavia
    Tucakovich, Zivoin   07/15/1912-09/26/1992   born in Yugoslavia

Mudrinich, Djuro   11/28/1917 (Yugoslavia) -03/19/2007
    Mudrinich, Evelyn    04/1929-07/06/2013 Germany    [dod from obituary]
    Bernhardt, Josef    12/1920-M.I.A. 1945 Russia    [cenotaph]

Hunter, Lovell Frank Sr "L. F."    1936-2009

Troutman, Joyce    [no date of death shown]    Wife of Robert "Bob"; Mom to Bobby - Glenda - Lisa

Row 17
Topalovic, Bozo   01/07/1910-07/30/2002   born in Bosna   wed 07/25/1953
    Topalovic, Maria   08/16/1907-01/24/2008   born in Austria

Mathis, Roy Lee   04/30/1911-03/24/1992   US Army

Jarakovich, Dusan   05/18/1946-11/15/1992

Milosavljevich, Stanoje M   09/20/1920-03/18/1994   born in Jugoslavija
    Milosavljevich, Angelina V   01/07/1926-04/03/2007   born in Jugoslavija

Milosavljevich, Koviljka   09/24/1946 Aversa Italo-03/21/2002 Hot Springs, Ar

Mijajlovic, Svetislav   03/07/1931-09/23/1995
    Mijajlovic, Frieda   [no date of death shown]

Stanisic, Ruth A   07/10/1931-10/09/1995   born in Lithuania

Row 18
Burton, Frank M  M.D.   11/18/1907-05/05/2000

Burton, LaRue Williams   04/02/1915-11/1/2005

Jones, Loretta Mae   1940-1991

Heindl, Louise V   1924-1999   married 06/16/1956
    Heindl, Mike B   1916-2002

Hoops, Fern B   1911-1992
    Hoops, Robert W   1910-1998

Cowen, Jewel   03/25/1913-06/04/1999

Martinovic, Marija   [no date of death shown]
    Martinovic, Dusan   10/12/1923-03/15/1996

Row 19    [Reread Novemer 7, 2014]
Wood, Samuel Burton    02/19/2012-02/19/2012 1

Burton, Lily Roma    08/11/2008-08/11/2008 1

Main, William C., Jr.   08/29/1922-06/29/1996   S Sgt US Army World War II 1
    Main, Lou N.   02/13/1923-12/13/2012 1

Jackson, W. Ray   09/19/1922-12/18/2009   married 12/10/1940
    Jackson, Juanita M.   06/14/1921-06/04/2012

Jerinich, Vladeta V.    06/05/1921-03/28/2007 1
    Jerinich, Miljana    11/29/1925-04/30/2010 1

Jelisavcic, Brigitta H.   01/31/1926-07/11/2006 1
    Jelisavcic, Pavle V.   12/15/1916-01/24/1997 1

Owenson, John    10/14/1928-01/04/2011    married 12/17/1961 1
    Owenson, Barbara A.    12/19/1941-

Cook, Roger (Cookie)    1948-
    Cook, Bertha Glover    1960-2012

McIntosh, Ruth L.    06/25/1943-12/14/2013    [faded fhm] 1

Row 20    [Read November 7, 2014]
Harter, Jearldean    07/06/1926-
    Harter, Orris    06/06/1926-06/28/2010    PFC US Army World War II 1

Row 21    [Reread November 7, 2014]
Siegel, Patrick A.    06/15/1952-02/22/2003    Beloved Son of Francis and Henry

Bone, Nancy E.    03/07/1951-04/13/2003    Mother of Michael and Scott

Siegel, Henry P.    03/17/1928-12/03/2011    Beloved Father of Patrick, Eleanor, Walter    PFC US Marine Corps World War II 1

Bair, Doris Huggs    11/21/1938-

Holder, Glen Allen    08/06/1940-07/11/2009    married 09/01/1961
    Holder, Shirley Ann Smith    05/09/1941-

Briggs, Daniel (D. L.)   05/16/1920-    married 05/02/1942
    Briggs, Marie Archer    02/05/1920-01/21/2008

Sumalinog, Paulino L.    08/27/1942-03/03/2010 1
    Sumalinog, Sulfecia    08/14/1945-

Row 22    (Reread November 7, 2014)
Luke, Bernice   11/02/1923-06/24/2008

Kennach, Faigame H. "Hogan" (Elder)   04/15/1984-08/16/2003

Thornton, J. Marlton "Mart"    05/22/1940-    Married 07/22/1988
    Thornton, Sherri K. Witherspoon    06/15/1946-

Hinsley, Allen Carl   03/21/1940-06/27/1961

Hinsley, Arville M   09/15/1909-06/02/2006
    Hinsley, Carl B   02/21/1904-11/18/1977

Castleberry, Kenneth Ray    09/05/1938-
    Castleberry, Julia Ann "Judy" Holder    01/23/1940-

Schultz, Ralph A.    02/23/1941-
    Schultz, Frances J. Cook    04/23/1940-

Sunset Gardens
North End Section 1
Row 1
Coombe, Vivian R   11/16/1928-11/14/2002
    Coombe, Gene   [living]

Way, Gladys L   07/05/1920-12/06/1998   married 07/08/1942
    Way, Robert D   09/28/1919-08/16/1982

Garrett, Ellen R   08/01/1909-11/24/1977

Garrett, Rufus C   06/28/1903-06/06/1976

Carpenter, Irene Cash   10/15/1921-10/19/2012   married 07/28/1938 1
Carpenter, Claud L.   03/13/1915-03/05/2001
    Carpenter, Betty Lou    05/25/1942-05/25/1942

Carpenter, Iva Thomas   03/23/1913-05/29/1991
    Carpenter, Lawrence A   03/06/1917-02/14/1992

Neimeyer, Byron Lamott   11/07/1900-02/22/1977

Neimeyer, Agnes Young   01/25/1902-02/29/1996

Neimeyer, Frank II   09/14/1927-09/02/1990

Duncan, Ethel S   06/29/1911-09/19/2001

Duncan, John F   08/19/1909-03/29/1975

Vida, John   1907-1995
    Vida, Elizabeth   1920-2003

Copeman, Elizabeth Jane   10/28/1928-02/04/1980

Dwiggins, Elizabeth Latimer   10/22/1906-04/29/1991

Gibbs, Emma Christine   02/14/1910-08/20/1996

Hale, M T   1930-1983

McLarrin, James T   12/18/1914-06/14/1985

Row 2
Grace, Harold Byrd   03/09/1894-09/09/1978
    Grace, Marion Belky    1903-1990

Mitchell, Roy H   09/26/1900-07/03/1973
    Mitchell, Mary E   02/14/1903-06/12/1995

Mitchell, William R. "Bill"   03/14/1929-05/10/1990
    Mitchell, Margaret "Marge"   01/28/1930-08/12/2014 1

Noe, Arthur R.   08/04/1891-05/30/1975

Pearcy, H Oscar   05/30/1913-05/24/2004   married 04/01/1938
    Pearcy, Opal Marie   02/17/1909-09/23/1985

Howard, Harry B   02/14/1902-01/03/1984
    Howard, Louise M   12/12/1906-07/06/1974

Howard, Harry B Jr   06/16/1931-09/01/2008   49 Good Years
    Howard, Betty J  09/12/1930-05/17/2002

Howard, James Michael   [living]
    Howard, Darcy E Lee   [living]

Sheridan, John T   06/23/1888-07/27/1976
    Sheridan, Barbara   11/07/1888-08/23/1984

Bennett, L E "Shorty"   07/23/1910-06/16/1979   married 06/16/1945
    Bennett, Rosie G   03/28/1922-01/15/2002

Bennett, Robert Marcus   09/23/1956-02/16/2001

Row 3
Holder, Clois W   06/08/1911-09/19/2002
    Holder, John W   12/19/1906-12/06/1978

Ellis, Anna H   10/05/1899-06/22/1984
    Ellis, Leo C   03/04/1913-09/30/1980

Ellis, Zelma L   01/27/1919-10/23/2003
    Ellis, Hillery M   02/15/1917-06/11/1983

Berry, Gladys   1913-08/14/2013    [dod from obituary] 1
    Berry, Thomas P   1911-2002

Beck, Margaret E   07/07/1907-08/29/1985
    Beck, George E   02/19/1900-05/17/1976

Riley, Mary Lou   07/20/1919-01/01/1981   married 06/02/1944
    Riley, Jack W   06/15/1918-06/15/1993

Rasmussen, Alberta C Clark   09/07/1914-05/31/1996

Rasmussen, Sigun   12/21/1910-12/15/1983   SSgt US Army World War II

Wear, Edna L   01/25/1907-01/26/1982
    Wear, J Darrel   06/23/1909-07/01/1983

Row 4
Beyerink, Lambert J   07/27/1910-03/31/1990
    Beyerink, Mary Jane   [no date of death shown]

Hafner, Carmen Jean   12/15/1943-01/19/2003

Willoughby, Glayde J   1896-1984
    Willoughby, Faye L   1911   [no date of death shown]

Wilson, Judson M   11/07/1884-12/27/1973
    Wilson, Nelle Shaw   07/12/1891-07/30/1976

Hart, James M   03/24/1916-09/21/1995   PFC US Army World War II   married 06/11/1947  [charter member of MPGS] 1
    Hart, Lillian Noles   [no date of death shown]

Row 5
Wootten, Gilbert Hay Jr   [no date of death shown
    Wootten, Patricia Lowrey   [no date of death shown]

Section II
Row 1

Waples Charlotte Ella   05/10/1916-10/08/1974

Young, Maxine Davidson   09/01/1915-10/03/2002 1
    Young, James L Jr   08/01/1915-08/28/2003   Cpl US Army World War II 1

Row 2
Scott, Anna Evelyn   01/11/1917-02/08/1992

Foster, Marie McLain   01/25/1919-05/12/1999
    Scott, Emily McLain   11/07/1921-05/20/1983

Ness, Mary J   12/14/1898-06/30/1986
    Ness, Roy Edwin   08/24/1899-05/25/1985   Pvt US Army World War I

Row 3
Walden, Pearlie Fleming   1907-1995

Kaufman, Daisy D   02/10/1898-07/30/1989
    Kaufman, Ernest A   12/21/1890-03/07/1978

Kaufman, Bernie V   04/04/1904-10/03/1998

Burroughs, Betty J   [no date of death shown]
    Burroughs, Elster A   12/09/1920-10/31/1984

Row 4
Farrell, Nita R   1911-1997

Farrell, Edward C   1915-1999

Evans, Frances M   11/07/1912   [no date of death shown]
    Evans, Floyd P   02/16/1900-11/22/1986

Lackey, Betty A   11/19/1936-05/18/2008   [date of death from obituary]
    Lackey, William F   03/01/1934-02/12/1986   ADR 3 US Navy

Row 5
Smith ,Juanita L   11/22/1914-12/08/1995
    Smith, Thomas H   09/19/1909-02/10/2003

Clark, Pauline E   10/25/1904-11/10/1984
    Clark, Argus S   06/15/1902-04/11/1978

Row 6
Tappy, Elma A   03/31/1900-10/19/1992
    Tappy, Charles Willis   03/19/1911-02/24/2005   CWO4 US Navy World War II Korea

Hayes, Vivian C   01/18/1912-02/22/1991
    Hayes, H Brooks   12/16/1903-12/23/1982

Row 7
Clark, Violet L   1913-2004
    Clark, E Carter   1906-1990

Medlin, Sarah "Jac"   03/08/1904-07/03/1981   married 06/16/1923
    Medlin, Ernest   10/21/1903-06/05/1978

Ripley, Bertha L   [no date of death shown]
    Ripley, Lucius A Jr   04/21/1916-05/16/1985
    Ripley, Sylvianne   [no date of death shown]

Row 8
DeRosia, Edward W   05/31/1917-05/20/1975
    DeRosia, Shirley A   02/06/1923-06/13/1979

Sebastian, Barbara   11/02/1932-05/25/1994

Sebastian, Joan   03/12/1894-08/22/1982

Childers, Louise   09/01/1922-07/16/1976

Main Section III
Row 1

Mackey, Eddie   07/20/1901-11/22/1990   CBM US Navy World War II

Haggard, Rowena S   02/17/1901-05/14/1974
    Cecil, Norma H   09/17/1923-07/16/1990

Lowder, W L "Buster"   1910-1993   children: Phillip, Joyce, Judy
    Lowder, Lois Lucille   1916-1995

Rector, Henry Field "Harry"   10/17/1906-06/08/1975
    Rector, Mary Patricia "Pat"   04/21/1916-12/05/1982

Bankston, Fred   07/19/1910-11/24/1975
    Bankston, Jeanette   01/28/1911-01/16/1994

Vrbancic, John J   1911-1998
    Vrbanic, Agnes   1914-1977

Barger, George E   02/29/1912-02/04/1977
    Barger, Esther E   11/11/1904-05/03/1996 1

Peters, Arthur L   1905-1974
    Peters, Ethel Puls   1909-1985

Wallis, Mayme L   1889-1978

Harris, Donnie Lee   05/05/1948-07/21/1974

Row 2
Finch, Hazel   03/29/1909-09/20/1984
    Finch, Chester   06/11/1915-10/30/1973

Hutchison, Edna K   04/09/1904-02/09/1991
    Hutchison, Charles B   03/15/1899-12/20/1973

Micelotta, Rosario   09/02/1892-01/07/1978

Caristianos, Marjorie   02/21/1924-11/03/2004
    Caristianos, George   [no date of death shown]

Clemens, Mary Jo   09/25/1893-04/22/1973
    Clemens, Ira O   03/01/1891-11/24/1974

Snodgrass, Mary Geneva   02/16/1920-10/09/2014   married 09/09/1940    [dod from obituary] 1
    Snodgrass, Richard Garland   08/23/1916-08/31/1987

Works, David Frank   01/17/1906-08/20/1973

Goslee, Peggy Lou "Gundy"   [no date of death shown]   married 11/20/1945
    Goslee, Charles Robert   [no date of death shown]

Row 3
Tappenden, Richard S   05/10/1898-03/09/1977

Umphers, Ida S   [no date of death shown]
    Umphers, Ida L   08/17/1924-03/15/2011 1
    Umphers, John C   12/21/1916-10/18/1996 1

Matoga, Helen   03/31/1896-10/07/1976   sister
    Gluz, Emil   12/28/1898-08/22/1978   brother

Swanson, Edna L   05/21/1889-03/12/1979
    Swanson, Anton L   10/19/1892-05/31/1973

Gilliam, Mary E   02/08/1911-06/01/1982   wife of Charles

Gilliam, Charles R   05/03/1912-05/23/1974   Sgt US Army

Koch, Robert A   1893-1974
    Koch, Irene S   [no dates shown]

Hickman, Virginia Aglene   11/01/1895-10/31/1974

Djurickovich, Krsto   04/03/1893-10/11/1976

Row 4
Meyer, Bessie Lee   1902-1986
    Meyer, Karl A   1901-1974

Kelsey, May F   11/16/1894   [no dod shown but SSDI shows 01/13/1990 but not sure buried here]
    Kelsey, Dwight C   04/09/1894-03/18/1974

Berlinger, Lillian T   1916   [no date of death shown]
    Berlinger, Jerome F   1914-1973

Roberts, Lillian L   09/18/1905-02/17/1975
    Roberts, George C   12/29/1903   [no date of death shown so cannot be sure buried here]

Small, Little Ernest   1915-1975   Tech 4 US Army

Hickman, Thomas F   07/28/1897-03/02/1977   Pvt US Army World War I

Row 5
Pate, Timothy Carl   10/22/1974-05/08/2004 1

Yearby, Carl W.    09/21/1922-11/25/2009    SGT US Marine Corps World War II; Purple Heart

Yearby, Pqueta M   07/15/1925-03/11/1989

Swanson, Max M   11/16/1915-09/08/1988   Cpl US Army World War II

Row 6
Newcomb, J B   01/29/1915-10/27/2000
    Newcomb, Doris L Mayo   09/18/1927-02/11/1984
    Newcomb, Julia B   08/30/1950-01/18/2011

Corrigan, John   08/09/1900-02/27/1973
    Corrigan, Bertha   01/25/1902-10/15/1974

Bulik, John Sr   04/10/1892-09/16/1974

Parnell, Jess L   09/03/1909   [no date of death shown]
    Parnell, Coy I   11/30/1911-09/25/1989

Bates, Joe R   03/31/1904-09/19/1974   Pvt US Army

Burch, Floyd   12/20/1896-10/09/1981
    Burch, Annie   07/11/1902-04/30/1975

Searcy, John R.    02/04/1921-11/25/2008    POW World War II Purple Heart
    Searcy, Angela K.    [no date of death shown]

Seargeant, Carolotta Dale   daughter   [no date of death shown]

Row 7
Towells, Sir Walter E   06/26/1880-03/29/1974
    Towells, Mary Alice   09/20/1896-04/15/1988

Stanley, Ted J   03/04/1899-03/05/1973
    Stanley, Susie F   07/25/1909-05/14/1980

Keef, W   1900-1975

Keef, M   1904-1985

Watt, Henry Clay   1898-1973

Gann, Beverly Mayben   [no date of death shown]

Kochurka, Jacob   1889-1973
    Kochurka, Tillie   1894-1978

McMurrian, Danny M   07/13/1951-02/28/1974

Maner, Willie Mae   08/11/1907-12/25/1979

Bigness, Helen Maner   11/21/1924-03/31/1996 1

Bigness, Raymond J   09/17/1915-09/04/1981

Seargeant, Milner J Jr   09/20/1915-04/19/2004   father   happily married 67 years 1

Seargeant, Sama Lea (Cantrell)   09/12/1914-05/24/2011  mother   happily married 67 years    [dod from obituary]

Row 8
Snodgrass, Albert E   05/07/1922-12/22/1994   Pvt US Army World War II

Ashabranner, Samuel N   04/14/1910-03/15/1973
    Ashabranner, Willie   05/27/1907-06/29/2001

Fry, Nelle Mayer   10/31/1896-09/13/1988 1

Van Landingham, Otis C   03/21/1913-02/18/1973
    Van Landingham, Mildred   09/07/1909-03/16/2005

Rowe, William O   10/30/1894-10/03/1973
    Rowe, Juanita L   09/30/1911-07/31/1975

Butler, Charles Patrick   05/04/1953-06/05/1975

Butle, James Edward   07/18/1923-05/14/1981

Harms, John   08/31/1898-11/12/1973
    Harms, Mollie Hammock   01/25/1905-05/01/1984

Stevens, Arthur   04/15/1901-05/06/1986 1
    Stevens, Nora M   01/12/1905-03/04/1974

Row 9
McAdams, O C "Babe"   02/22/1908-10/04/1989
    McAdams, Ruby P   08/19/1909-09/09/1979

Hausman, Sarah Amlin   1909   [no date of death shown]
    Hausman, Frank Jr   1908-1973

Cole, Helen P   07/22/1900-01/23/1977
    Cole, William J   08/05/1896-04/04/1978

Quarles, Fred E   09/07/1900-10/31/1984
    Quarles, Daniel Wise   03/10/1894-03/19/1973

Yager, Stella   09/30/1903-02/18/1981
    Yager, Sam   09/10/1895-03/08/1984

Small, Hazel Looper   10/21/1919-07/24/2000
    Small, Chester Allen   10/30/1908-01/23/1974

Small, Chester Allen Jr "JR"   12/27/1948-12/25/2005

Hooper, Zora B   10/22/1907-11/09/1988
    Hooper, Alford P   03/11/1899-03/20/1975

Row 10
Searcy, Duffie N   10/25/1903-07/12/1972
    Searcy, Ethel H   01/21/1909-11/07/1991

Stephens, Albert Charles   04/30/1909-04/09/1973   married 04/01/1954
    Stephens, Edna O   10/16/1922-06/26/1987

Shoffner, Della A   07/08/1904-09/11/1976

Allbee, Porter   05/27/1894-11/01/1973
    Allbee, Alice   03/20/1905-11/16/1977

Augello, Louis Paul   03/31/1912-03/17/1972
    Augello, Alice Jean   07/01/1914   [no date of death shown

Stewart, Juanice   06/19/1924-07/01/2006

Stewart, Edgar Allen "Jack"   02/19/1924-04/21/1973   Arkansas PFC US Army World War II

Barnard, Foster G   12/06/1895-03/10/1974   Colorado Cpl US Army World War I
    Barnard, Sarah L   11/07/1904-06/07/1995 1

Chablaix, Anne J   04/16/1890-02/11/1977

Birkland, John E   01/05/1932-05/08/2001   MSgt US Air Force Ret Korea
    Birkland, Joyce B   [no date of death shown]   wife

Coleman, Sadie Mae   02/11/1940-04/28/1983

Row 11
Hansford, Una   02/18/1903-11/06/1994
    Hansford, Frank M   10/09/1895-05/20/1989

Sheets, Delona   10/23/1911-09/13/1994
    Sheets, Andrew T   10/04/1901-10/28/1972

Story, Lucille Dehaan   1900-1973
    Story, Melvern E   1896-1987

Funk, Emmett L   09/19/1895-04/01/1973   Kansas AS US Navy World War II

Moore, Ouida F (Cobb)   09/03/1892-01/28/1977

Taylor, Louise   09/10/1912-02/01/1972
    Taylor, J W "Bill"   01/13/1911-02/11/1977

Wilson, Willie Dell   09/13/1921-02/11/1977

McWhorter, Josephine Hill   06/28/1902-01/21/2001
    McWhorter, Percie B   08/08/1900-07/05/1973   Arkansas CCM US Navy World War II

Sims, Louise C   11/08/1916-06/02/2003
    Sims, John   11/08/1904-02/11/1998

McCroskey, Margie C   03/18/1923-03/31/2010   married 11/04/1940    [dates from obituary]
    McCroskey, Morris E   01/27/1914-02/10/1997

Row 12
Byrd, James L   08/12/1917-01/31/1973
    Byrd, Billie Ann   08/19/1918-12/24/1981

Cruise, Julius J. M.D.   06/05/1885-12/05/1972
    Cruise, Helen E   11/09/1902-02/22/1978

Spencer, Philip M.   06/13/1953-08/14/1972   Arkansas Sp4 US Army Vietnam

Spencer, Virginia Ruth   01/27/1929-03/04/2006

McDowell, Virgil R.   06/18/1908-06/18/1972

Szappon, Alex   05/11/1910-09/25/1975   married 06/16/1945
    Szappon, Lucille A.   08/18/1908-04/25/1972

Jackson, George L.   07/21/1892-06/13/1987
    Jackson, Mabel A.   05/04/1904-01/31/1994

McKenna, Jean D.   1909-1985
    McKenna, Frank J.   1905-1976

Smith, Lee Albert   07/05/1900-06/25/1972
    Smith, Lala Mae   06/15/1916-10/12/1996

Row 13
Dykes, Ella H.   1911-1974
    Dykes, Samuel H.   1905-1972

Homko, Roman   09/28/1895-06/02/1974

Morris, Nannie B.   1904-1985
    Morris, John S.   1906-1995 1

Goldston, Yorla   12/25/1902-01/21/1973   married 10/22/1921
    Goldston, James Roy   07/07/1894-01/23/1976

Moore, Daphne   01/31/1922-10/29/1978   married 05/08/1963 1
    Moore, William   06/04/1910-12/03/1973 1

Hetzel, Odetta   05/10/1901-01/02/1986
    Hetzel, Arthur L   08/12/1901-04/16/1984

Meinken, Marie E   01/09/1906-04/18/1997
    Meinken, Herman J   02/01/1903-11/09/1978

Zipf, Berta   03/11/1887-08/04/1979

Clark, Charley M   1883-1976
    Clark, Lena S   1895-1980

Edds, Verlin L   1915-01/28/2010    [dod from obituary]
    Edds, Chester O   1898-1973

Row 14
Reedman, George H   03/30/1907-07/16/1972   California Pvt Co C 559 Sig AW BN World War II

Reedman, Ruth Mildred   04/14/1910-07/10/1998

Romine, David H   01/13/1894-12/31/1971
    Romine, Maude B   01/22/1890-11/19/1979

Angelich, Rodosav   01/25/1903-10/28/1993

Schwirath, Albert F   10/10/1905-08/23/1972
    Schwirath, Helene M   06/20/1906-03/11/1985

Pendergraft, Albert R Sr   01/23/1902-06/23/1976   married 05/13/1923
    Pendergraft, Myrtle   05/13/1906-01/27/1983

Borgman, Chestr Conrad   02/12/1901-03/11/1979
    Borgman, Alice Agnes   10/17/1897-04/06/1985

Patton, Paul   02/06/1910-03/02/1994   
    Patton, Hazel   02/10/1912-02/13/2004

Richards, Sam J   02/12/1892-11/09/1974
    Richards, Lucille W   10/31/1895-05/18/1974

Pirkeey, Herbert M   08/07/1889-03/09/1981   PFC US Army World War I

McInerney, Joseph J   05/15/1894-01/15/1975
    McInerney, Edna C   11/22/1889-02/05/1977

Row 15
Brown, Barbara A   12/19/1933-09/09/1973

Medvede, Louis   1895-1974

Elarton, Hazel M   08/31/1910-09/15/1980

Belogradsky, Tamara K   01/23/1899-10/19/1971   born in Russia
    Belogradsky, Paul B   06/26/1897-09/03/1976

Marchuk, Stella   1900-1987
    Marchuk, Dimitry   1891-1983

Lincoln, Mae S   01/03/1909-11/03/1978
    Lincoln, Tivis J   04/24/1902-10/29/1971

Kachalo, Valentina Voloshkevitsh   05/15/1897   [no date of death shown]  born in Kiev-Ukraina
    Kachalo, Dimitri   03/05/1899   [no date of death shown]

Dudnyk, Theodore A   03/12/1903   [no date of death shown]   professional engineer born in Ukraine

Harrison, Margaret E   11/07/1918-05/28/2004
    Harrison, Robert William   10/25/1916-11/17/1972

Wieseke, Arthur   10/24/1900-12/01/1973

Row 16
Nix, J D "Mule"   09/08/1924-08/25/1979

Nix, Marie A "Weezie"   10/01/1927-08/15/1971

Howard, William J "Bill"   11/30/1932-09/25/1983

Newton, Lila E   11/16/1908-08/27/1985

Ford, Thomas T   05/30/1912-06/27/1973
    Ford, Blanche L   05/25/1909-05/26/1972

Lawrinovich, Stefan   11/05/1890-12/12/1972
    Lawrinovich, Pelagia   05/07/1894-03/19/1973

Stepovy, Anatol   02/25/1913-08/29/1993
    Stepovy, Paula Severyn   [no date of death shown]

Ellis, Carl D   05/23/1915-03/25/1982
    Ellis, LaDelle Page    02/24/1906-02/25/1974

Row 17
Lavalle, Lorretta   1918-1973
    Lavalle, Samuel   1914-1985

Windhaus, E Ruth   06/1898-12/28/1973

Windhaus, Frank H   01/29/1894-03/14/1973   Kentucky Cpl US Army World War I

Bozenko, Nikolay   02/23/1913-07/31/1974

Searcy, Irene L   01/11/1916-12/08/1999
    Searcy, Herman H   08/16/1903-07/01/1991

McBurnett, Martha Sue Searcy   03/31/1935-01/11/1974
    McBurnett, Leslie Hollis   02/19/1959   [appears to be date of death]   son

Silsbee, Vere M   02/01/1895-12/05/1975
    Silsbee, Harry S   03/03/1893-04/23/1972

Ratican, Ruth Eleanor   04/23/1897-09/23/1989   sister of Harry Silsbee

Dunphy, John R   10/03/1903-03/25/1973

Curran, Agnes Josephine    10/19/1890-12/08/1974

Curran, William D   07/23/1896-06/16/1978    husband of Agnes

McQueeny, Viola L   01/13/1920   [no date of death shown]
    McQueeny, James H   11/26/1918-12/03/1974

Row 18
Burch, Henry Alfred    07/24/1889-07/01/1977   PFC US Army World War I 
    Burch, Mary Katherine   07/21/1899-03/11/1991

Hart, Thomas Clyde   09/11/1903   [no date of death shown]
    Hart, Erma Lee   10/18/1905-11/26/1974

Payte, Joel Dewitt   12/24/1920-03/21/1998   father
    Payte, Doris Nichols   01/27/1927-01/20/1998    mother
    Payte, Joel Earl   09/03/1948-07/22/1972   son

Baker, Jacob O   02/07/1891-01/21/1972
    Baker, Laura M   05/13/1902-01/06/1987

Boone, Elzie E   11/16/1919-06/13/1974   Capt US Air Force
    Boone, Emogene Tittle   06/01/1916-07/20/1977

Walker, Billie M   11/12/1922-01/29/2002

Stachmus, Anthony Peter   06/10/1910-10/13/1994 1
    Stachmus, Virginia Marie   11/04/1919-08/23/1974 1

McCarron, Robert Frederick D.D.S.   08/24/1905-06/01/1974   Maj US Army World War II
    McCarron, Susie Irene   09/10/1917-10/08/2008    [dod from obituary]

Row 19
Lane, Earl J   11/25/1912-04/11/1989
    Lane, Evelyn Davis   05/15/1919-08/26/1976

May, Lt Col Alva Harlan   02/11/1913-09/26/2001   US Air Force
    May, Violet D    02/08/1909-09/08/2008    [dates from obituary]

Jones, William Hardy   09/15/1902-09/07/1974

Jordan, Irene Larue   02/11/1908-06/21/1988

Korybut, Eugenia   1902-1974
    Korybut, Ivan   1892-1972

Younggren, Joanne M   05/29/1906-07/25/1997
    Younggren, Carl W   03/13/1895-10/06/1974   Cook US Army

Winn, Bedie Phelps   01/16/1913-01/25/1974

Caldwell, Mildred   03/19/1926-05/27/1983
    Caldwell, Dan P   05/28/1917-10/15/1999   Sgt USAAF

Bentley, Florence M   12/01/1905-12/31/1977
    Bentley, Emmett A   04/16/1904-09/13/1975

Row 20
Raef, Roy C   10/22/1896-11/30/1971
    Raef, Vinnie   03/15/1899-01/27/1976

Reihman, Louis W   01/20/1893-12/01/1971
    Reihman, Lillian E   03/04/1896-08/28/1996

Lindsey, Mary Coppens   1893-1983

Jolliff, Clyde Lee   01/04/1908-07/16/1974
    Jolliff, Erma Lee   08/14/1924-03/28/2005

Kinnaird, Louis E   01/19/1916-06/02/1974

Kinnaird, Mildred I   01/02/1916-11/11/1993

Row 21
Kelly, Selma   08/16/1901-04/26/1984
    Kelly, Herbert   12/10/1896-06/08/1986

Kelly, Wanda R   02/11/1923-06/29/1985
    Kelly, Rex E   10/04/1920-02/23/2011    [dod from obituary]

Smith, Mary Lou Kelly   02/10/1926-11/08/1976

Ashley, Hazel V   06/26/1914-12/04/2006
    Ashley, Robert E   10/17/1915-05/03/1980   World War II Veteran

Hardin, Vera   12/04/1907-12/18/1989
    Hardin, Elbert R   09/23/1904-02/27/1995

Williamson, Lee Carlisle   06/14/1946-09/21/1975   A3C US Air Force Vietnam

Walker, Francis   02/14/1893-10/21/1972   S/Sgt Signal Corp Canadian Army World War I
    Walker, Idell   02/08/1905-07/09/1992

Campbell, Pearl A   [no date of death shown]
    Campbell, Robert V   10/14/1920-12/19/1974

Smith, Euphie B   12/05/1900-09/16/1987
    Smith, Ora E   09/12/1896-03/04/1976   World War I Batt B 137th Field Artillery

Row 22
Lee, Billy Horace   04/11/1924-10/27/1974   Maj US Army
    Lee, Mary Elizabeth   [no date of death shown]

Cook, Lexie Wade   03/20/1917-02/04/2000   Capt US Army World War II Purple Heart
    Cook, Betty Lee   04/11/1924-07/14/2005

Compton, Henry   05/19/1898-12/16/1976   SEA US Navy World War I
    Compton, Myrtle LaRue   02/27/1899-09/07/1985

LaRue, Lelia E   03/12/1882-02/06/1978

Flickner, Eugene Earl  02/22/1931-03/03/1978   Pvt US Army Korea

Miller, Mable LaRue   01/07/1901-11/23/2002

Rogers, James E., Jr.    10/18/1922-09/10/2014    [dod from obituary] 1
    Rogers, Demple Elizabeth   04/04/1927-12/15/2014    [dod from obituary] 1

Rogers, James E., Sr.   09/29/1897-03/26/1975
    Rogers, Jessie Z.   09/14/1892-10/02/1979

Row 23
Rowan, Floss Lee   09/25/1910-06/19/2004
    Rowan, A I "Del"   07/20/1905-04/16/1988

Lee, Lewis Calvin   1883-1938
    Lee, Ora Welch   1892-1978

Lee, Wanda Jean   02/17/1929-10/09/2007
    Lee, Lewis Calvin Jr   11/23/1915-09/24/1989   CSF US Navy World War II

Lee, Margie V   [no date of death shown]
    Lee, Jack R   10/16/1920-05/11/1980   CSC US Navy World War II

Williamson, Mary Carlisle   [no date of death shown]
    Williamson, EArl Ray   04/06/1918-07/06/1976

Kirchner, Myrtle   1892-   [Her death certificate shows she died September 5, 1986, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Her marker does not show a date of death.]
    Kirchner, Samuel   1884-1975

Grady, Victoria   06/13/1905-11/06/1976

Lumpkin, Augustus E   06/21/1936-03/26/1991   EM 3 US Navy

Wilson, Charles Larry   09/05/1940-12/01/2000   AT2 US Navy

Calhoun, John   1909-1989

Wright, Ruby C   09/17/1924-05/29/1992

Counts, Walter   1905-1983

Row 24
Brazil, Leonard Alwin   06/22/1909-06/11/1980
    Brazil, Gertrude Cole   12/26/1912   [no date of death shown]

Hardin, Lonnie B   09/29/1904-08/06/1991
    Hardin, Hazel N   12/23/1908-01/16/1978

Zarte, Fritz   06/12/1906-03/21/1979
    vonBehren, Florence E Zarte  03/01/1915-11/25/2008  [dod from obituary]

Lynch, Maurice F   1910-1994   married 10/29/1938
    Lynch, Audelle F   1916-2001

Bailey, Edward A "Puz"   06/08/1929-07/11/1975

Zarte, Peter Owen   10/04/1942-09/01/1991   US Air Force Vietnam

Coffman, Wilma Jean    01/31/1935-01/18/2013    [Caruth-Hale FHM]

Coffman, Betty Sue   09/08/1932-03/17/1978

Coffman, Walter L "Butch"   09/21/1952-07/27/1975

Lienemann, Fred R   1903-1978
    Lienemann, Magdalene H C   1911-1997

Summers, Emily Rose   12/19/1982-02/26/1984

Campbell, Robert V Jr   12/05/1950   08/09/1976   husband to Judy

Row 25
Housley, Horace M   07/23/1908-11/09/1981
    Housley, Kate Valentine   02/14/1908-08/14/1975

Marcum, Hedvig E   08/27/1898-10/04/1975

Siefert, Harry E   12/31/1906-12/29/1975
    Siefert, Gladys W   05/23/1907-03/09/1992

Scott, Aileen   10/19/1911-03/05/2012    [dod from obituary] 1
    Scott, Fordyce   07/13/1912-08/30/1976

Hethcox, Della M   05/07/1902-08/30/1985   [she has another marker which shows 08/31/1985]
    Hethcox, Omer D   10/11/1896-02/16/1978

Hethcox, Albert L   1923-1986   S Sgt US Army Air Corps World War II

Davis, Jimalene   1921-2002
    Davis, Lewis Woodrow   1916-1988  [another marker shows 1915-1988]   S Sgt US Army Korea Vietnam
    Davis, James A   1942-1980   US Army

Payte, Stella K   04/15/1924-07/25/2005
    Payte, Richard H   08/04/1918   [no date of death shown]

Powell, Devia L   02/05/1909-10/14/1987

Blanton, Audrie   05/25/1918-02/24/1983

Blanton, Lee David   08/27/1917-05/03/1980   Pvt US Army World War II

Row 26
Stell, James William   1894-1975   US Army World War I

Stell, Mary Odessa Thomas  [unmarked]

Obee, Arthur S   109/09/1899-10/31/1976
    Obee, Alice Rose   02/04/1907-11/15/1999

Sanders, James Oscar   08/06/1901-03/05/1985
    Sanders, Pearl H   08/13/1905-06/27/1977   wife of J O Sanders, born Wister, Oklahoma

Mitchell, Mitch   03/07/1909-06/30/1977
    Mitchell, Billie   11/29/1904-10/21/1981

Leipzig, Peter   1890-1976

Leipzig, Rachel   1896-1978

Cook, Frank L   09/26/1899-07/03/1977
    Cook, Rose L   11/21/1907-03/25/1991

Horn, Frank J   09/11/1902-01/22/1980

Allen, Mary Etta   09/24/1904-04/22/1984

Wilson, Hugh C   12/23/1916-10/14/1984   PFC US Army World War II
    Wilson, Leola R   07/01/1912-07/21/2008

Row 27
Gunter, Ollie B   02/13/1902-03/26/1982
    Gunter, P Mart   08/20/1898-09/24/1991

Covington, Katherine P   11/20/1919-06/05/1987   married 07/10/1942
    Covington, Charles H   02/10/1918-12/25/1985   1st Sgt US Army World War II

Hardy, Minnie Belle   12/09/1896-11/26/1986
    Hardy, Luther Lee   09/21/1892-02/11/1976

Cox, Shirley J   [no date of death shown]   married 08/05/1961
    Cox, George W   02/05/1907-10/10/1988

Daugherty, Annie Odell   09/22/1916-04/12/1976

Lelempsis, Louis   1886-03/03/1977

Johnson, Clyde E   11/28/1893-02/26/1978

Jones, Rose P   10/10/1912-08/09/1993

Hethcox, Bobby Joe   02/04/1929-07/01/1985   S2 US Navy

Collier, Jo Ellen   07/04/1930-12/12/1985

Collier, Roscoe F   01/03/1922-01/19/1986   US Army World War II

Wilson, Roddy Scott   09/25/1945-05/14/1986   L Cpl US Marine Corps Vietnam

Wright, Martin R   03/04/1912-10/26/1990   US Navy World War II

Row 28
Lowrey, Orvis J   04/03/1907-10/25/1981
    Lowrey, Ruby I   07/13/1913-11/18/2010

Phillips, Eunice Blanche   04/20/1897-11/26/1979

Jones, Henry F   06/24/1910-09/09/1976   (father)
    Jones, Thomas P   02/13/1937-11/03/1984   (son)

Miles, Orla O   04/18/1892-03/14/1977
    Miles, Lenolia   03/23/1896-11/23/1980

Luu-Nguyen, Thi Nho   1929 Vietnam-10/11/1988
    Luu-Nguyen, Quan Huy   05/18/1918-04/17/2007

Becker, Otto   07/03/1900-07/30/1979
    Becker, Frances C   06/09/1904-10/21/1987

Pender, James A   08/13/1917-10/21/1988   Tec 4 US Army World War II
    Pender, Freda M   05/07/1916-03/15/1978

Burbridge, Shannon Lynn   04/21/1967-10/20/1981

Row 29
Smith, Anne Laura   11/15/1917-12/30/1983
    Smith, James Yates   04/29/1907-11/02/1975

Smith, Jerry Yates "JY"   12/05/1948-10/16/1996

Matthews, Billie M   01/25/1906-2007
    Matthews, Edgar D   02/14/1904-1990

Ison, Anna   1898-1980
    Ison, Ira E   1907-1978

Hogaboom, Era Dell   12/29/1917-05/31/2000

Hogaboom, Gilbert M   12/01/1915-01/02/1995   Capt US Army World War II Medical Doctor

Bowman, John Carlos   06/25/1934-12/06/1978

Provine, Imogene   1908-1987  (Daughter)
    Van Meter, Ethel   1884-1985   (Mother)

Smith, Nell W   11/24/1923-10/13/1990
    Smith, William T   03/04/1921-01/31/1987

Jackson, Ethel E   03/11/1906-02/21/1996

Row 30
Gullett, Ruby Pearl   1908-1990

Santage, Susan McGowan   10/05/1954-02/04/1976   wife of James

Nichols, Hershel L   05/12/1904-06/24/1976
    Nichols, Lela B   01/02/1906   [no date of death shown so cannot be sure she is deceased or buried here]

Taggart, Kenneth E.   07/13/1917-03/13/1977   1st Lt US Army World War II   married 1940
    Taggart, Ada O.   08/30/1918-08/25/1999 1

Corse, Paul McClure   07/01/1920-06/27/1977   father of Helen Pamela

Burnem, Retha Mae   05/24/1920-12/28/1997

Dillman, Conrad   04/11/1908-08/29/1977

Dillman, Marie I   10/05/1926-03/25/1979

Steinmueller, Carma M   08/01/1924-02/18/1979

Ferestad, Arnold C   09/25/1903-11/07/1979

Salela, John Stanley   03/13/1911-02/10/1992
    Salela, Anna M   12/29/1904-08/23/1989

Cheatham, Frank C   05/30/1902-11/03/1983
    Cheatham, Allie M   10/14/1908-11/23/2004

Row 31
Rutledge, Chesley Arthur   09/17/1894-01/03/1983
    Rutledge, Flora   12/20/1896-12/21/1997

Abbott, Johnie R   07/19/1930-06/28/2004   PFC US Army Korea

Livay, Margaret   09/23/1895-09/06/1984

Pennington, Luella E   08/04/1911-09/27/1987
    Pennington, Milo A   06/25/1906-12/31/1981

Moose, Mary Edna   03/15/1897-12/17/1979

Morgan, Ada Miree   10/27/1899-04/10/1979   married 12/26/1924
    Morgan, George V   03/09/1895-03/21/1983

Morgan, James M   1932-1989   Sgt US Army Korea

Row 32
Melson, Glenneth C   03/22/1925-08/10/2003
    Melson, Edith Pauline   09/05/1925-07/26/2003

McNutt, Cecil   03/01/1901-03/03/1986
    McNutt, Christine Tycz   07/12/1904-04/25/1977

McNutt, Charles Cecil   no date of death shown
    McNutt, Bernice Pierce   no date of death shown

Pollard, Jesse "Pat"   02/16/1895-01/08/1977
    Pollard, Kathryn Bertha   03/05/1895-01/06/1977

Wischnewsky, Fred W   08/26/1902-04/10/1996
    Wischnewsky, Celia M   10/16/1907-03/12/1978

Bain, Hiram Louis   10/04/1896-11/05/1982   Pvt US Army World War I
    Bain, Lillie Bell   03/09/1892   [no date of death shown so cannot be certain she is buried here]

Rutledge, Sarah R   10/19/1900-01/11/1992

Ward, Magness S   1910-1989
    Ward, Corene   1924-2000

Gibson, Jimmie L   04/25/1934-08/17/2005   married 08/30/1957
    Gibson, Nancy N   [still living]

Row 33
Vaughan, Ernestine   10/20/1923-01/29/2006
    Vaughan, Charles G   06/11/1918-05/12/1986

Chamberlain, Clyde L   07/13/1918-04/05/1993

Chamberlain, E Rhea   07/08/1922-05/12/1994

Chamberlain, Jerry L   12/27/1949-07/08/1976

Wilson, Ruth K   06/23/1903-08/24/1982

Ensminger, Joe M   1910-1993
    Ensminger, Odelone S   1922-2007

Mooney, Alden Palmer   02/06/1904-05/29/1980

Mooney, David Palmer   05/01/1939-07/25/2013    [dod from obituary]

Meeks, Glenda S   08/20/1932-04/03/2008   [dates from obituary]
    Meeks, Malcolm M   06/20/1914-04/14/1988

Row 34
Bryant, Richard Theodore   06/18/1923-10/12/1976   US Army World War II

Black, James Cyrus Jr    06/08/1928-02/01/2008

Black, Marion Seigler   09/15/1900-03/29/1984
    Black, James Cyrus   09/12/1896-06/24/1986

Grissam, David Quentin   02/07/1902-07/03/1978   married 03/07/1969
    Grissam, Katherine Fernandez   07/10/1904-10/28/1995

Wright, Clark L   04/25/1912-11/10/1996
    Wright, L B   03/19/1917   [no date of death shown]

Radlow, Eva M   02/23/1908-07/21/1998

Bergstrom, Lydia Marie   01/19/1914-01/17/1984

Smith, Terry F   09/09/1905-02/25/1992   married 11/08/1929
    Smith, Edna L   09/24/1904-01/26/1996

Durst, Helen A   05/16/1908-03/20/1985

Malobabich, MIlos Roden   03/21/1930-08/19/2006
    Malobabich, Anka Rodena   [no date of death shown]

Row 35
Moore, Wilma Evelyn   07/06/1918-04/10/1987
    Moore, Lois Evelyn   04/23/1942-11/28/2002

Spencer, Gladys Louise   10/03/1908   [no dod shown so cannot be sure if she is deceased or buried here]
    Spencer, Robert Earl   05/27/1904-03/11/1977

Greenway, Vera J   07/29/1894-01/23/1978

Kokoska, Vera   05/07/1928-01/01/2007
    Kokoska, Jerry   02/07/1916-05/22/1978

Rackauskas, John W   1913-1985

Robbins, Dorothy P   10/09/1914-11/08/2001
    Robbins, Guy E   03/06/1910-01/18/1985

Moscatelli, Antonio   02/18/1889-07/18/1987
    Moscatelli, Norma   06/05/1905-03/13/1981

Henry, Darfus R   01/20/1912-07/09/1989
    Henry, Alma L   07/07/1912-02/13/1998

Row 36
Lambert, Erwin C   01/05/1896-01/15/1977   married 10/17/1915
    Lambert, Gusta   06/01/1899-12/17/1996

Lambert, Clyde   04/23/1917-07/18/1996

Monsen, Roy A   07/23/1899-03/26/1980

O'Connor, H Daniel   08/18/1993 [dod]   married 1946
    O'Connor, Pauline   11/21/1995 [dod]

Radlow, Fred E   08/19/1901-03/15/1978

Malobabic, Predrag   Roden 01/23/1959-Preminuo 04/20/1996

Horne, George A Sr   09/10/1901-03/18/1980   married 01/07/1954
    Horne, Ester   07/30/1915-01/24/1982

Damron, Lee V   09/03/1903-03/07/1981
    Damron, Nell M   04/15/1909-04/11/2003

Bansner, Erich   11/05/1918   [no date of death shown]   married 10/03/1946 in Germany
    Bansner, Elfriede O   05/27/1929-11/24/1990

Row 37
Hill, Hazel Louise   12/26/1915-03/17/1984   children Shirley Marie, Brenda June, Carolyn Sue
    Hill, Edward James   08/26/1912-08/30/1977

Coomes, Anna D   07/26/1917-04/10/1990

Coomes, John E   06/02/1923-03/08/1995   US Marine Corps World War II 1

Dusanich, Erika   [no date of death shown] Germany
    Dusanich, Milutin   01/09/1918 Jugoslavija-11/15/1990

Radulovich, Milica   U Jugoslaviji Petrov Grad B Rodjena [no date of death shown]
    Radulovich, Ugljesa U Jugoslaviji Milicevci SR   Rodjena 04/21/1906-Umro 09/02/1977 Hot Springs, Ar

Cholich, Mildred   08/15/1918-12/22/2004
    Cholich, John   07/30/1910-11/22/1995 1

Myronenko, Hordij   01/01/1898-03/17/1984   Ukraina

Petrovich, Emma   [no date of death shown]
    Petrovich, Stojan   08/18/1918-07/03/2002

Kestner, Gloria M   1904-1989
    Kestner, Wheeler B   1901-1987

Locklear, Emma E   1906-1979
    Locklear, Clyde   1906-1978

Row 38
Lawrence, Peggy J "Cyril"   12/27/1903-02/25/1978

Francis, Barbara   08/24/1932-11/20/1980

Harwell, Jewel C   06/27/1909-12/25/1978
    Harwell, Delphia F   01/07/1914-02/07/1998

Mooney, Rose M   1892-1984   (sisters)
    Kestner, Anna M   1898-1992

Cooley, Clyde Ira   11/08/1889-07/08/1979   married 10/09/1923
    Cooley, Della B   11/26/1901-11/08/1986

Howard, Arnold J   1915-1979
    Howard, Etta M   1919-1995

Rice, Bobbie Sue   07/12/1939-08/31/2009   married 06/08/1961    [dod from obituary]
    Rice, Billy Wayne   04/23/1929-05/18/1991

Rice, Maude   05/16/1903-10/28/1979

Rice, Marland   12/24/1921-04/18/1996   US Army World War II   We love you Shirley, Gary, Marcy, Shelia, Craig

Rice, Arthur O   03/19/1920-08/11/1981
    Rice, Imogene   [no date of death shown]

Row 39
Benton, Nora E   09/29/1906-10/11/1978
    Benton, Bennie F   02/12/1894-02/26/1989

Fullbright, Helen L   05/01/1917-02/20/1997
    Fullbright, Vernon E   06/07/1917-08/17/1998

Mathews, Emma O   10/06/1915-03/22/1986
    Mathews, John M   04/22/1915

Brice, Viola M   11/15/1917-02/02/1987
    Brice, Daniel P   04/03/1907-12/03/1979

Blankshain, Elsie Miller   11/11/1907-01/02/1996 1
    Blankshain, Harold H   03/07/1907-08/24/1980   Tec3 US Army World War II

Mills, Jo E   11/12/1919-09/24/1994
    Mills, Lloyd J   02/28/1905-11/06/1990

Kostic, Maria M   10/06/1917
    Kostic   Milutin M   03/26/1905-04/22/1984   Art Major

Perkins, Sidney A   01/07/1912-09/28/1983

Perkins, Dessie Willine Reid   05/21/1918-07/22/2007   married 12/28/1940
    Perkins, Noel W   06/23/1916-08/25/1986   SSgt US Army World War II

Deweese, Ida B   11/15/1901-09/11/1995

Row 40
Carroll, Leo V   11/24/1891-09/10/1978

Carroll, Ora C   08/13/1896-06/02/1987

Clark, Richard Vernon III   08/03/1945-12/28/1980

McElroy, George A   05/30/1900-03/05/1979
    McElroy, Livilla M   08/24/1912-01/13/1998    (Req Obituary)

Bruton, Oscar L   1909-1994
    Bruton, Angele M   1907-2001

Pukalla, George   05/10/1904-12/16/1982
    Pukalla, Alma   01/19/1902-05/20/1988

Walz, Stanley C   02/20/1910-07/15/1980   Tec4 US Army World War II

Walz, Etta G   08/28/1919-05/12/1994

Cook, Lobomira T   [no date of death shown]

Hoops, Mercedes V.   06/15/1907-06/26/1985

Lubinkovick, Branko   05/29/1907-11/22/1991
    Lubinkovick, Anka   [no date of death shown]

McNeely, Lee Jester   06/20/1924-10/01/2005   married 03/16/1946
    McNeely, Thelma Juanita   [no date of death shown]

Row 41
Smith, Jessie L.   07/27/1909-02/13/2006   married 03/16/1946
    Smith, Vern J.   01/17/1913-12/12/2001

Ellison, Olga E.   05/26/1916-02/26/1992   1st Lt ANC
    Ellison, Carroll   06/30/1911-05/04/1995   Capt USAC

Jarymowycz, J. Roman   03/15/1910-06/30/1979

Collier, Dr Torrence J., Jr.   09/03/1932-11/29/1984
    Collier, Mattie L.   05/26/1906-06/24/1990
    Collier, Dr. Torrence J., Sr.   07/14/1901-04/04/1979

Huskey, Virgil O.   08/31/1913-01/05/1981

Savich, Chedomir S.   08/03/1925-10/29/1988

Wicker, Emma M.  12/17/1890-01/13/1983

Jovanovic, Dusanka   05/14/1915-03/23/1998   Srbija
    Jovanovic, Desimir   10/14/1910-06/16/1988   Srbija

Newell, Virginia L. "Ginny"   1926-2005
    Newell, Michael B. "Mike"   no date of death shown

Taylor, Tommy J., Jr.   12/13/1956-07/11/1979

Frye, Dovie Blanton   03/28/1906-12/26/1983
    Frye, Clinton George   10/12/1909-11/18/1984

Row 42
Richardson, Ernest K   02/18/1902-08/07/1997   married 10/19/1925
    Richardson, Margaret E   03/09/1903-03/18/1979

Till, Henry B   02/17/1907-12/28/1983
    Till, May S   05/07/1905   [no date of death shown so not sure if she is deceased or buried here]

Walker, David D   10/31/1908-05/08/1981
    Walker, Louise   06/05/1911   [no date of death shown so not sure if she is deceased or buried here]

Hicks, Sadie A   07/03/1896-03/29/1995

Hicks, Jesse D   04/04/1923-04/06/1979

Banks, Alberteen H   05/21/1914-10/27/1994

Baxter, Addie   12/21/1905-06/02/1989

Rodgers, Michael Eugene   12/15/1957-02/06/1986   (son)
    Rodgers, Martha Virginia   [no date of death shown]   (mother)

Wakefield, Leonard Jr   [no date of death shown]   married 04/04/1947
    Wakefield, Mary (Patsy)   12/27/1930-04/21/1987

Richmond, Stella   02/22/1917-07/10/1996

Row 43
Geer, Johnny Vance   02/05/1947-01/10/1979

Dugan, Nora   09/14/1920-05/20/1980

DuBois, Elizabeth   07/07/1914-05/02/2003
    DuBois, Theodore R   08/03/1908-05/31/1983

Ashcroft, William Louis Maloch "Willie Lois" (mother)   [no date of death shown]
    Ashcroft, Herman Lawrence Jr (father)   [no date of death shown]

Gibson, Marie H O   06/12/1916-01/24/1991   married 06/11/1933
    Gibson, Andrew M   07/28/1910-08/13/2003   Vet World War II

Breazeal, Barry G   12/18/1950-02/20/2004
    Breazeal, Tinia E   06/26/1922-05/10/2002
    Breazeal, Francis Walter   01/02/1920-01/27/1983   PFC US Army World War II

Weaver, Myrtle Hammock   10/07/1914-08/07/1986
    Weaver, Melvin   02/13/1917-12/16/1992

Stewart, Emma Green   06/29/1901-11/03/1995

Brown, Wilma C   01/23/1915-02/01/1997
    Brown, C Floyd   02/13/1905-11/22/1994

Row 44
Moore, Coy L   1912-1997
    Moore, Vera I   1910-1989

Edwards, Alva C   12/22/1896-10/26/1988
    Edwards, Callie O   10/11/1895-02/06/1980

Franks, Tullos L   09/25/1898-10/21/1982   married 02/17/1925
    Franks, Iona H   09/22/1901-04/18/1986

Randall, L Paul "Bud"   1934-2006 1

Randall, Paul E   01/30/1910-10/24/1980
    Randall, Emma N   10/30/1913-05/01/2006

Beckwith, Gordon D   07/22/1938-09/27/2002   Sp4 US Army

Row 45
Harris, Loweta   12/14/1918-01/07/2005
    Harris, Little Joe   06/29/1914-04/02/1991

Childress, Letha M   09/30/1914   [no date of death shown]
    Childress, Clarence M   06/26/1912-02/15/1983

Robberts, James Harol "Pee Wee"   03/16/1912-12/05/1983   US Navy World War II

Hurt, Raymond   08/17/1936-06/11/1982

Sharp, Brian Michael    11/16/1972-03/24/2013    A1C US Air Force 1

Sharp, Vontella Fay   11/01/1927-03/02/2014 1
    Sharp, Clarence Eugene   08/26/1928-10/29/2003    S1 US Navy

Sharp, Viola M   11/05/1906-08/24/1987
    Sharp, Walter C   09/03/1910-03/30/1985

Row 46   [This row runs parallel to St. Louis Street and perpendicular to 7th Street]
Frazier, Warren G   02/05/1921-01/19/2003
    Frazier, Jewell A   08/30/1923-03/12/2000

Thorn, Milton L.   1913-1992
    Thorn, Opal Q.   1917-2010 1

Stanphill, Julia V   1900-1992

Grisham, J D   06/01/1925-03/08/1997   married 03/04/1944
    Grisham, Lucille   03/10/1927-09/19/2007

1  The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has the obituary archived. You may go here to find out how to request an obituary. After reading the instructions on requesting, please be sure to find the obituary in the listings so that you may copy and paste the entire line in your e-mail.