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Godwin Cemetery Road
Hot Springs, Arkansas

Godwin Cemetery Gate in Garland County, Arkansas.

Read and transcribed in 1996 by Debra Slater Garner and updated via obituaries. Additional burials and corrections added by Patti Vance Hays.  Please email with any corrections or additions.

Added information of parents and spouses is taken from sources such as funeral home records, census data, marriage records, family members, etc.  In using these records errors were found, so this posting should be used as a tool for research.  There is no verification of tombstones on these entries.  Click on underlined names for tombstone photograph.  Additional tombstone photographs may be found on

The photographs may be used for your own personal use but not reprinted in any medium without permission.

Directions: Take Highway 270 West (Albert Pike) out of Hot Springs; take a right on Mountain Pine Road (Highway 227); take a left on Clearcreek Road; right on Godwin Road. Cemetery is at the end of Godwin Cemetery Road.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1997-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more.

Adair, Horace Greely "Sonny"     2-26-1901 8-18-1985
    Parents: Horace Greely Adair and Cora Bell Morgan
    Spouse: Lelia Flesher married 7-23-1921
            Ruth E. Rife married 3-11-1927       

Adair, Roy     10-22-1898 6-17-1919
Spouse: Elnora Harvey married 1-13-1923

Adair, Linda     1931 1986

Adamathis, John     4-18-1905 -------

Adamathis, Marie     D. 3-11-1910 1-29-1969
    Parents: Joseph Dapkus and Maggie Stosis

Adams, L. E.     8-19-1875 7-29-1905

Anderson, Joy     8-10-1936 11-24-1999 (added per obituary)
    Parents: George E. Bascue and Leah Honea
    Spouse: Paul Anderson

Anderson, Dillard     3-28-1904 2-18-1937
    Spouse: Stella Neal married 3-17-1929
Anderson, Stella     10-16-1907 8-17-1989

Anderson, Floy A.     7-3-1910 4-24-1990
    Parents: Allen Neal Dunn and Laura Frances Reaves

Anderson, Frank L.     5-26-1911 2-2-1981
    Parents: Van Anderson and Maggie Roberts

Anderson, Paul Howard     7-24-1931 2-18-1993

Anderson, Van     1884 1961
    *Caruth Funeral Home records list him as Martin Anderson; b. 2-8-1884 d. 6-2-1961
    Parents: Taylor Anderson and Sarah Randall
    Spouse: Maggie Roberts
Anderson, Maggie     1882 1974
    Parents: George Roberts and Sara Watt

Anderson, Jimmie Paul     5-2-1955 2-4-1961
    Parents: Paul Howard Anderson and Mary Norris

Applegate, Howard     9-3-1910 1-8-1997
    Parents: Mose Applegate and Alice Huddleston

Applegate, Hazel B. S.     4-7-1908 3-6-2000 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Leroy Bagley and Mary Elizabeth Godwin
    Spouse: 1st. Arthur Scott
        2nd Howard Applegate

Arman, Phillip L.     4-6-1938 Living
    Parents: Roy E. and Geneva Arman
    Spouse: Barbara Montgomery married 7-10-1956
Arman, Barbara Montgomery     10-8-1938 3-15-1994
    Parents: Shannon and Sammie Montgomery

Arman, Gregory Keith     2-13-1957 6-27-2004
    Parents: Phillip Arman and Barbara Montgomery

Arman, Roy E.     2-18-1914 1-19-2000
    Parents: Bert Arman and Emmer Hisaw
    Spouse: Geneva Frazier
Arman, Jewel Geneva     3-20-1919 5-13-2007
    Parents: George W. Frazier and Mattie Lafont

Bagley, Leeroy     5-17-1887 9-20-1921
    Parents: William Bagley and ______Lynch
    Spouse: Mary Godwin married 12-19-1906

Bair, Jacky L.     03-26-1938 07-03-1967 1

Bettis, Braelynn Leigh    infant 09-07-2012
    Parents: Tony Bob Bettis III and BreAnn Nachelle Yates

Black, James     8-14-1924 10-10-1991
    Spouse: Loella Coker

Black, Ralph     12-23-1951 2-23-1981
    Parents: James Edward Black and Bessie Loella Coker
    Spouse: Linda________

Blake, Lillie Fay     6-27-1947 6-27-1947

Blees, Zettie E.     1-1-1910 2-10-1998

Blees, Pete     8-15-1902 12-16-1975
    Parents: Peter Blees and Rachel Dillon
    Spouse: Zettie Johnson

Blees, Melvin E.     12-16-1927 12-12-2008 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Pete Bleese and Zettie Johnson
    Spouse: Dorothy Crews

Blees, Dorothy Crews    09/11/1936-08/06/2010    (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Clint Crews and Edith Bardwell
    Spouse: Melvin E. Blees

Bond, Marie Esther Lavender     2-28-1914 11-12-2007 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Hiram and Dolly Lavender

Boone, J. ------- ------ (footstone)

Boone, Richard C.     4-21-1934 12-30-1950
    Parents: William L. Boone and Sadie Frazier

Boone, William L.     4-2-1900 10-12-1987
    Parents: John Boone and Sidney Lou Brown
    Spouse: Sadie Frazier married 12-1-1923
Boone, Sadie E.     7-22-1905 12-24-1980
    Parents: William Riley Frazier and Pearl P. Godwin

Box, Wilber     3-16-1921 2-15-1940
    Parents: D. T. Box and Annie Doler

Boyd, Lynne F.     11-10-1894 2-24-1956
    Parents: Presley L. Boyd and Florence E. Ligon
    Spouse: Mary E. Sullivan Clark married 9-4-1927
Boyd, Mary E.     5-19-1894 10-29-1943
    (listed at Gross Funeral Home Records as Mary E. Clark)
    Parents: Jack Sullivan and Mary Wootten


Brewster, Gorden H.     1898 12-25-1934
    Parents: James W. Brewster and Susan Ayers

Brewster, Susan S.     age 44 d. 2-11-1914
    *Caruth Funeral Home records-unmarked
    Spouse: James W. Brewster

Brewster, J. W.     5-18-1858 8-14-1937 (James Washington Brewster)
    Parents: Sam Brewster and Julia Wright
    Spouse: Susan Ayers

Broadhead, Floyd Eugene     5-25-1925 4-28-1927
    Parents: D. E. Broadhead and __________

Brown, Adrian Jennings    12/02/1947-02/24/2009    Sp5 US Army Vietnam Bronze Star Medal
    Parents: Andrew Jennings Brown and Patricia Soward Brown

Brown, Andrew Jennings     3-30-1921 7-29-2000    Sgt US Army Air Forces

Brown, Donald Austin "D. A."     7-6-1926 12-22-2009    BM2 US Navy World War II; Okinawa Invasion 1945
    Parents: Andy Brown and Janice Morris
    Spouse: Alma Nell Soward

Brown, Trixie     1915 1964
    Parents: George Redden and _______

Bruce, Edna F.     2-22-1893 7-3-1976
    Parents: Alexander Shadley and Mary Anna Mattox

Buckelew, Larry     1950 1983
    Parents: Raymond L. Buckelew and Vedith O. Brown

Burkes, Delvin B. Sr.     3-31-1939 4-5-2005 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Calvin Bradford Burkes and Dona Lillian George
    Spouse: Alice Culliver

Burkes, Alice Marie     11-7-1940 5-11-2009 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Vernon H. Culliver and Lillian Groves
    Spouse: Delvin B. Burkes

Burkes, Marquita     6-26-1960 6-26-1960
    Parents: Delvin B. Burkes and Alice Culliver
Burkes, Laquita     6-26-1960 6-26-1960
Parents: Delvin B. Burkes and Alice Culliver

Buttrum, Fannie     11-29-1908 6-20-1999 (added per obituary)

Buttrum, Clarence     1903 1991 1

Caldwell, Doyle F.     8-11-1911 1-26-1972
    Parents: William Caldwell and Emma Rinkle

Caldwell, Mary Ellen     10-27-1922 12-11-2002    (fhm)
    Parents: James William Stell and Mary Thomas

Callan, Glendon Alexander     9-17-1905 10-31-1986
    *Gross Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: Harry Callan and Gloria Biggers
    Spouse: Ruby Godwin married 4-18-1928

Callan, Ruby Marie     1911 1961
    Parents: Benjamin R. Godwin and Sallie Forsee
    Spouse: Glendon A. Callan

Callan, Eugene     1928 1930
    Parents: Glendon A. Callan and Ruby Godwin

Callan, Norman     1928 1987
    Parents: Glendon A. Callan and Ruby Godwin

Callan, Edmond E.     1956 1983
    Parents: Norman Pete Callan and Lora K. Forbes

Cannon, Robert Lee     7-13-1931 12-18-2009 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Curtis Cannon and Willia Wilson
    Spouse: Floy Bless

Cannon, Terry Lee     5-31-1950 5-31-1950
    Parents: Robert Cannon and Floy Blees

Cantu, Marcille Godwin     2-9-1923 11-18-1959
    Parents: Marvin Godwin and Bernice Marshall

Carol, Freda     4-23-1949 4-23-1949

Cass, Sadie     9-3-1907 12-19-1927
    Parents: George Thompson Godwin and Leona E. Jackson
    Spouse: Floyd E. Cass

Chitwood, George     1889 1910
    Spouse: Martha Godwin married 2-25-1906

Chitwood, Martha     1890 1908
    Parents: Finley Thompson Godwin and Sarah Jane McGrew

Chitwood, Oscar     1881 1910

Christenson, Lester G.     11-29-1917 10-5-1986
    Parents: James Christenson and Augusta Walmouth

Christenson, Nora Jones     11-30-1926 12-24-1993

Coburn, Charles Edward, Sr.     5-7-1857 1-6-1945
    *Caruth Funeral Home Records-unmarked
    Parents: Charles E. Coburn and Marcella _______
    Spouse: Ella Haskins married 4-13-1898

Coburn, Ella Haskins     7-15-1879 6-29-1954
    *Caruth Funeral Home Records-unmarked
    Spouse: Charles Edward Coburn, Sr.

Coburn, Charles E. Jr.     2-1-1899 9-17-1949
    Parents: Charles Ed Coburn and Ella Haskins
    Spouse: Nora Godwin married 4-27-1918
Coburn, Nora E.     10-9-1899 8-3-1972
    Parents: George T. Godwin and Leona Jackson

Coburn, Harry W.     3-31-1909 4-3-1945
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: Charles Ed Coburn and Ella Haskins
    Spouse: Winfrey Williams married 6-8-1935

Coburn, Paul Fredrick     3-6-1921 4-4-1938
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: Charles Ed Coburn and Ella Haskins

Cockman, Cecil     6-22-1956 6-22-1956
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: Willard Cockman and Dorothy Louise Ward

Cockman, Dorothy Louise     6-16-1929 6-19-1967
    Parents: John Ward and Mary Davis
    Spouse: Willard Cockman

Coker, Oliver Dayton     12-28-1902 3-17-1979
    Parents: Thomas Coker and Martha Lester
    Spouse Bessie Godwin married 11-26-1924
Coker, Bessie Godwin     7-27-1909 2-17-1979
    Parents: William H. Godwin and Orah Mahaffey

Coker, Oliver D. "O. D." Jr.    04-04-1926 02-26-2013    [from obituary]

Coleman, Judith McGrew     1-31-1947 Living

Coleman, Tracy W.     4-12-1945 Living

Collum, Clyde L. "Tiger"     6-30-1956 6-18-1973
    Parents: Johnny Collum and Jacqueline Candel

Collum, Leslie E.     7-28-1945 11-8-1958
Parents: Lewis Collum and Fronie Hibbs

Collum, Steve A.     2-9-1958 12-16-1986
    Parents: Johnny Collum and Jacqueline Candel

Covey, Lois M.     12-28-1922 4-26-1990
    Spouse: Sidney P. Covey

Covey, Sidney P.     8-2-1920 6-3-1976
    Parents: Will Covey and Cordia Clark

Covey, Tina Marie Dean     1966 1966
    Parents: David Covey and Patsy Dean

Cox, Letha     age 16 not readable
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    d. 11-10-1916

Cox, William Arthur     58 yr 9 mo 25 da 6-13-1941
    Parents: Asbury Cox and Maggie F. Callen
    Spouse: Lillie _______

Crabtree, Stonewall Jackson     6-6-1884 10-14-1975
    Parents: George Washington Crabtree and Adeline ______
    Spouse: Margaret Faught Kirkham married 10-2 6-1910

Crabtree, Margaret     9-4-1877 7-12-1936
    Parents: Taylor Faught and Syntha Jeeter

Crabtree, Leon     9-4-1907 10-14-1959
    Parents: Stonewall Jackson.Crabtree and Margaret Faught

Crabtree, Theodore     1911 1971
    Parents: Stonewall Jackson Crabtree and Margaret Faught

Culliver, Herman M.     11-4-1895 12-7-1934
    Parents: Franklin Culliver and Mary Vann
    Spouse: Lillian Groves married 12-21-1924
Culliver, Lillian C.     6-1-1904 5-13-1983
    Parents: Monroe Groves and Alice Varnell

Culliver, Stella M. Meeks     5-18-1893 4-21-1981
    Parents: Thomas B. Mitchell and Alma Caroline Nolen

Culliver, Vernon H.     10-4-1894 8-6-1972
Parents: Franklin P. Culliver and Mary Vann

Curnick, Esther Belle     4-18-1912 1-2-1978
    Parents: Oscar Hibbs and Georgia Ann Faught

Daukcas, Joseph Dan     2-3-1886 7-6-1961
    *Gross Funeral Home records- unmarked

Davenport, Clyde     age 42 11-1-1931
    *Gross Funeral Home records- unmarked
    Spouse: Anna _____________

Davenport, Milton     1839 11-29-1921
    *Gross Funeral Home records- unmarked
    Parents: E. Davenport and F. Haight
    Spouse: Harriett Hurd

Davenport, Harriett     age 59 d. 1-3-1914
    *Gross Funeral Home records- unmarked

Davenport, George     2-11-1877 6-1-1956
    *Gross Funeral Home records- unmarked
    Parents: Milton Davenport and Harriett Hurd
    Spouse: Emma K. _______

Davenport, Emma K.     2-12-1880 7-16-1956
    *Gross Funeral Home records- unmarked
    Spouse: George Davenport

Davenport, Ethel     5-19-1872 9-9-1960
    *Gross Funeral Home records- unmarked
    Parents: Milton Davenport and Harriett Hurd

Davis, Beth Lee     12-17-1958 1958
    Parents: Edward Davis and Helen Andry

Davis, Charles F.     1-6-1909 4-13-1975

Davis, Clyde E.     7-8-1949 8-13-1949
    Parents: Edward E. Davis and Geneva Wallace

Davis, Daniel Aaron     8-16-1986 8-16-1986
    Parents: Daniel Mark Davis and Sandra S. Edwards

Davis, Dora E.     8-10-1886 5-2-1970
    Parents: James McGill and Melissa ______

Davis, Edward Ernest     11-7-1923 4-24-1986    Private US Army World War II
    Parents: Sid Davis and Myrtle McAllester

Davis, Heather Christine     9-27-1983 9-27-1983
    Parents: Daniel and Suzanne Davis

Davis, Helen     6-26-1926 2-23-1997
    Spouse: Edward Davis

Davis, Richard     5-15-1863 10-10-1939
    Parents: Caleb Davis and Mary Blocher/Blocker

Davis, Mattie     7-10-1865 11-21-1957
    Caruth Funeral Home gives dates: 6-10-1874 11-21-1957
    Parents: Alexander Smith and ___________
    Spouse: Richard A. Davis

Davis, Sid Exodus     11-15-1900 2-10-1970
    Parents: Richard A. Davis and Mattie Smith
    Spouse Myrtle McAllester
Davis, Myrtle N. 12-1-1905 3-21-1999 1
    Parents: Charles David McAllester and Maggie McNeil

Davis, Rvle W.     03-25-1879 12-02-1960
    Parents: John E. Davis and Sena Ralph
    Spouse: Dora E. McGill
    [Parents and spouse provided by great-grandson Noel Davis.]

Davis, Terry Edward     36 yr 3 m 29d 4-12-1994
    Parents: Edward Ernest Davis and Helen ____

Davis, Thelma G.     11-1-1902 10-12-1934
    *Gross Funeral Home Records-unmarked
    Parents: Sol Godwin and Ollie Morgan

Davis, Wayne C.     11-10-1928 2-15-1987
    Parents: Sid E. Davis and Myrtle McAllester

Diggs, Buil Woodroe    11-14-1922 01-20-2014    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: Curtis Diggs and Mary Waldrop
    Spouse: Alice Mae Trammel

Diggs, Curtis A.     6-14-1882 7-15-1945
    Parents: Jim Diggs and Mary Howton
    Spouse: Mary Waldrop
Diggs, Mary C.     10-6-1881 10-24-1973
    Parents: Sam Waldrop and __________

Diggs, Almer L.     11-30-1904 7-13-1949
    Parents: Curtis Diggs and Mary Waldrop

Diggs, Sam E.     12-13-1905 3-18-1979
    Parents: Curtis Diggs and Mary Waldrop

Diggs, Carl Ray     10-18-1938 5-3-1983
    Parents: Odie Diggs and Ruby May Saunders

Diggs, John D.     5-12-1939 1-30-1996
   Parents:  Sam E Diggs and Velma Richardson

Diggs, Odie     01/19/1902-08/16/1938
    Parents: James Diggs and Emma Howton

Diggs, Wilmer Dudley 6-18-1917 4-26-1997
    Parents:Curtis Digga and Mary Waldrop

Dillard, G. D.     3-10-1873 2-5-1945
    Parents: Sam Dillard and Mary Scott
    Spouse: Mary E. McGrew

Dillard, Mary     10-17-1870 2-12-1945
    Parents: Daniel McGrew and Elizabeth Fulton

Dillard, Ruby Mae     12-12-1908 6-25-1910
    Parents: G. D. Dillard and Mary E. McGrew

Dillard, Virgil     1-11-1899 9-26-1904
    Parents: G. D. Dillard and Mary E. McGrew

Dillard, W. W.     age 71 1941
    *Gross Funeral Home records-unmarked
    Spouse: May Belle White married 3-26-1891

Dorris, Roy Clifton     4-2-1900 2-20-1978
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: James Davis and Dora Garrett
Spouse: Ruby Hibbs married 4-26-1927
Dorris , Ruby Hibbs     1-1-1908 --------

Dorris, Lester     05-01-1945 01-10-1991 1

Duncan, Dale Lee     10-23-1944 2-16-1986
    Parents: James C. Duncan and Glenna Melson

Duncan, Glenna Lavada Melson     8-19-1903 6-20-1993
    Spouse: James C. Duncan

Dunklee, James M.     1-29-1864 1-9-1943
    Parents: John A. Dunklee and Cloy Amanda Leach

Dunklee, Anna P.     3-27-1877 1-14-1955

Dunklee, Patricia M.     8-14-1931 7-7-1933

Echols, James     -------- 2-1-1880

Echols, William Franklin     9-15-1871 7-27-1930
    Parents: James Echols and Katherine Brook

Echols, John     1886 1886

Echols, Thomas W.     2-26-1887 12-1-1893

Echols, Willie A.     5-2-1882 9-11-1882

Eckard, Frank V.     8-10-1920 11-26-2002 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Charles O. Eckard and Winnie Trammel
    Spouse: 1st Ena Mae Meek
        2nd Dorothy (Owens)

Eckard, Ena Mae Meek     6-12-1917 8-9-1991

Eckard, Vernon, Jr.     2-7-1947 3-29-1947
    P: Frank Vernon Eckard and Ena Meek

Edwards, Edmond C.     6-17-1906 7-7-1984
    Parents: Wesley Edwards and Ida Gatlin
    Spouse: Rosie Kelly married 8-18-1929
Edwards, Rosie L.     8-12-1909 2-3-1986
    Parents: John Kelly and Louisa Merriott

Ellis, Roland     8-6-1890 6-13-1968
    Parents: John Henry Ellis and Mary Louise Blocker
    Spouse: Maggie Godwin married 10-15-1911
Ellis, Maggie Vera     6-25-1892 1-10-1946
    Parents: George Godwin and Leona Jackson

Ellis, R. C.     7-30-1915 8-9-1915
    P: Roland Ellis and Maggie Godwin

Ennis, Sylvia Frazier     8-21-1929 5-16-1990
    Parents: William Riley Frazier and Pearl Godwin

Evans, Ambress     11-27-1923 4-17-1973    [day of death corrected by pvh]
    Parents: John C. Evans and Mamie Roberts

Ewing (?) Glenna Darlene     3-5-1945 2-22-1987

Fairbanks, Maida Lois Miles     10-6-1894 9-21-1986
    Parents: J. M. Miles and Ada Callender
    Spouse: W. S. Fairbanks

Fairbanks, Paul Lee     1921 1967
    Parents: W. S. Fairbanks, Sr. and Maida Miles
    Spouse: Dorothy Downey

Fairbanks, Dorothy A. Downey     11-9-1925 10-28-2007 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Melvin Downey and Mary Richardson
    Spouse: Paul Fairbanks

Fairbanks, Jimmie Darrell     12-15-1946 1-17-2008 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Paul L. Fairbanks and Dorothy A. Downey
    Spouse: Jackie_____

Fairbanks, Donna Shelton     8-22-1957 11-25-1983
    Parents: Paul Lee Fairbanks and Dorothy Downey
    * Caruth Funeral Home records list last name as Shelton

Faught, J. J.    05/12/1874-04/17/1964    [date changed by pvh]
    Parents: Taylor Faught and Syntha Jeeter
    Spouse: Georgia Rosetta Bain married 2-23-1913
Faught, Georgia     1-30-1891 8-9-1982
    Parents: Clark Stanley Bain and Mary Pevyhouse

Faught, Floyd     2-2-1919 5-16-1923
    Parents: J. J. Faught and Georgia Bain

Faught, Gail E.     2-17-1914 6-26-1966
    Parents: J. J. Faught and Georgia Bain
    Spouse: Nadine Miller

Faught, Carl F.     8-30-1916 12-24-1982
    Parents: J. J. Faught and Georgia Bain

Faught, Charlie     ------- 2-10-1932

Faught, Taylor ------- ---------

Faught, Syntha     4-7-1844 11-27-1928
    Spouse: Taylor Faught

Faught, John T.     1853 9-12-1936
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Spouse: Martha Lavender

Faught, J. C. "Jay"    07/22/1930-12/04/2001    married 08/04/1950    SA US Navy  [added by pvh]
    Faught, Dorothy    03/10/1935-03/22/2011    [dod from obituary]

Faulkner, Harry C.     2-14-1899 10-14-1980
    Parents: Thomas J. Faulkner and Rosa Lee Godwin
    Spouse: Mary Jenson
Faulkner, Mary     8-30-1899 1-22-1971
    Parents: J. C. Jenson and Nina Bradley

Ferrell, Linda Kay     9-2-1961 6-6-2006 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Richard Woolard, Jr. and Parthenia Sheets

Fickle, Walter     3-12-1870 12-10-1938
    Parents: Walton Fickle
    Spouse: Leona Irwin
Fickle, Leona     3-27-1871 5-5-1948
    Parents: Hiram Irwin and Sarah Belaite

Fickle, Edgar E.     5-16-1895 10-3-1975    PFC US Army World War I
    Parents: Walter Fickle and Leona Irwin
    Spouse: Lillie Godwin married 9-29-1917

Fickle, Glen D.     10-30-1923 3-23-1981
    Parents: Herman Fickle and Mabel Jackson
Fickle, Thelma W. 3-14-1922 09-12-2012    [dod added by pvh]
    Parents: John Milton Ward and Emily Ann Baker

Fickle, Herman L.     2-2-1904 4-23-1951
    Parents: Walter Fickle and Leona Irwin
    Spouse: Mabel Jackson married 7-29-1922
Fickle, Mabel     12-30-1904 10-3-1981
    Parents: Tellie Jackson and Arminda Godwin

Fickle, Robert E.     1928 4-30-1929
    Parents: Herman L. Fickle and Mable Jackson

Fickle, Walter, Jr.     11-18-1901 12-16-1986
    Parents: Walter Fickle and Leona Irwin
    Spouse: Hattie Jackson married 1-20-1923
Fickle, Hattie E.     10-2-1901 8-25-1978
    Parents: Charlie Jackson and Radie Godwin

Fickle, Ray Harold     12-29-1913 11-4-1962
    Parents: Walter Fickle and Leona Irwin
    Fickle, Bonnie Louise     5-7-1913 8-25-1999

Frazier, Hilda     1907 11-13-2006

Frazier, William Riley     6-24-1880 12-14-1968
    Spouse: 1st Pearl Godwin
        2nd Dicie May
Frazier, Pearley P.     11-18-1885 7-23-1932
    Parents: Finley Thompson Godwin and Sarah Jane McGrew
    Sp: William Riley Frazier

Frazier, Albert Jefferson     10-9-1912 12-17-1986
    Parents: George W. Frazier and Maggie LaFont
    Spouse: Edna Lou Sword
Frazier, Edna Lou Sword     3-7-1916 Living

Frazier, Beverly E. Griffin     03-29-1937 12-02-2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

Frazier, Bud Johnson     3-16-1913 5-10-1917
    Parents: William Riley Frazier and Pearl P. Godwin

Frazier, Dicie May     8-20-1894 4-19-1960
    Spouse: 2nd wife of William Riley Frazier

Frazier, Fred Franklin     11-18-1907 1-15-1992

Frazier, George W.     12-1-1882 11-9-1965
    Parents: William Riley Frazier and Charlotte Robbins
    Spouse: Maggie Lafont married 12-3-1905
    Lillie Caldwell married 2-22-1920
    Mary Godwin Bagley married 2-11-1922
Frazier, Mary E.     8-21-1888 7-8-1969
    Parents: Finley Godwin and Sarah Jane McGrew
    Spouse: Lee Roy Bagley married 12-19-1906
    2nd wife of George W. Frazier

Frazier, Margaret C.     4-23-1885 7-27-1919
    Spouse: 1st wife of George W. Frazier

Frazier, Louis F.     3-24-1914 8-10-1922
    Parents: George Frazier and Maggie LaFont

Frazier, Hilda Montgomery     11-6-1913 Living

Frazier, Lena P.     3-5-1917 3-15-1917

Frazier, Leonard Franklin     03-17-1933 08-27-2012    married 08/09/1958    [dod from obituary] 1
    Frazier, Beverly E. Griffin    03-29-1937 12-02-2014    [dod from obituary] 1

Frazier, Nora     8-18-1906 8-26-1906

Frazier, Rena D. Meek     1-6-1909 11-28-1996

Frazier, Vanleer T.     8-9-1910 10-14-1997
    Parents: William Riley Frazier and Pearl P. Godwin

Freeman, Larry     10-1-1950 5-28-2005 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Ralph Clark Freeman and Helen Brooks

Freeman, Eddie J.     1951 1980
    Parents: Ralph Freeman and Helen Brooks

Freeman, Jerry     1949 1980
    Parents: Ralph Freeman and Helen Brooks

Furr, George L.     6-18-1907 4-20-1987

Furr, Markus T.     4-30-1898 4-30-1977
    Parents: Smith and Fannie Furr

Furr, Paul David     1968 1968

Geurin, Ernie     10-8-1900 7-8-1950
    Parents:Jack Cale and Margaret Faught
    Spouse: Gilbert Geurin

Godwin, Benjaman Franklin     died 1890s 17 mos    son of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Godwin  [corrected by pvh] 

Godwin, Benjamin Robert     1879 1959
    Parents: John Godwin and Leanor Tulfor
    Spouse: Sally Foshee

Godwin, Blanch Keener     6-18-1924 5-14-1987
    Parents: Odie H. Keener and Nellie Bell Sconce
    Spouse: Wilford Godwin

Godwin, Carroll E.     8-27-1908 1980
    Parents: Noah Esau Godwin and Della McGill
    Spouse: Velma Cosper
Godwin, Velma     9-22-1915 12-25-2009 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Joe and Viola Cosper

Godwin, Charles H.     8-28-1904 3-5-1975
    Parents: George T. Godwin and Leona Jackson
    Spouse: Gladys Brown
Godwin, Gladys B.     10-3-1910 8-1-1967
    Parents: Thomas Brown and Mary Loretta Brady

Godwin, Claud L., Jr.     7-13-1929 12-25-1930    [first name changed by pvh based on tombstone]
    Parents: Claude L. Godwin, Sr. and Lillian C. Story

Godwin, Noah Esau     8-16-1878 6-25-1964
    Parents: Finley Godwin and Sarah Jane McGrew
    Spouse: Della McGill married 7-2-1905
Godwin, Della M.     2-23-1889 7-1-1972
    Parents: J. P. McGill and _______

Godwin, Jay C.     4-16-1906 10-2-1979
    Parents: Noah Esau Godwin and Della McGill
    Spouse: Melphia Killian
Godwin, Melphia    08/17/1913-07/14/2004 (added per tombstone and SSDI)
    Parents: John R. Killian and Selia Ann Henry
    Spouse: J. C. Godwin

Godwin, Finley T.     9-17-1835 2-20-1922
    Spouse: Elizabeth Gardner 9-18-1855 Hot Spring Co., AR
    Sarah Jane McGrew abt. 1865
    Lizza Loomis married 7-22-1909
    Annie Call married 3-20-1912

Godwin, Sarah Jane McGrew     10-3-1850 2-14-1905

Godwin, George T.     9-8-1864 5-4-1953
    Parents: Finley Thompson Godwin and Elizabeth Gardner
    Spouse: Leona Jackson married 12-4-1887
        Mintia Groves
Godwin, Leona E.     7-31-1871 4-1-1938
    Parents: William H. Jackson and Ann Burkhead

Godwin, Thomas Dan     11-12-1882 12-2-1965
    Parents: Finley T. Godwin and Sara Jane McGrew
    Spouse: Mahalia "Haley" Chitwood
Godwin, Haley     8-18-1885 12-26-1958
    Parents: George Chitwood and Arena Wright
    Spouse: Thomas Daniel Godwin

Godwin, Hughey S.     12-31-1899 6-18-1970
    Parents: Solomon Godwin and Ollie Morgan
    Spouse: Lillie Spencer married 4-27-1922
Godwin, Lillie Mae     7-17-1905 10-4-1965
    Parents: Dr. C. M. Spencer and Nancy Caroline McMahon

Godwin, Imogene     12-23-1922 7-9-1994

Godwin, Tomy     11-15-1894 3-31-1978
    Parents: Finley W. Godwin and Katie Stevens
    Spouse: Ida M. Bain married 9-3-1916
Godwin, Ida M.     6-12-1900 11-1-1962 1
    Parents: Clark Sanders Bain and Mary Lee Pevyhouse
    Spouse: Finley Thomas "Tomy" Godwin

Godwin, J. J.     12-22-1864 7-26-1933

Godwin, T. W.     7-18-1871 8-14-1904

Godwin, James A.     6-19-1897 2-2-1980
    Parents: George Thompson Godwin and Leona E. Jackson
    Spouse: Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Golden married 6-7-1919
        Frankie Unknown
Godwin, Mary Elizabeth     7-8-1900 8-2-1936
    Spouse: James A. Godwin married 6-7-1919

Godwin, James Nelson     1869 1904
    Parents: John F. Godwin and Leanor Tulfor

Godwin, Harriet Idella Lavender     9-5-1867 11-29-1940
    Parents: Thomas A. Lavender and Sarah Sumner
    Spouse: James N. Godwin married 11-11-1897

Godwin, John Wesley     11-20-1880 9-5-1958
    Parents: Robert Godwin and Martha Echols
    Spouse: Jennie Smith married 8-13-1905
Godwin, Jennie     3-1-1885 11-12-1968
    Parents: J. B. Smith and Eulalia Robertson
    Spouse: John Wesley Godwin

Godwin, Jewell     12-13-1907 1-20-1970
    Parents: T. L. Godwin and Hattie Childers

Godwin, Katie B.     11-13-1880 4-24-1956
    Parents: Samuel Stevens and Unknown
    Spouse: Finley Godwin married abt. 1893

Godwin, Leo B.     1-30-1922 1-30-1936
    Parents: Finley Thomas Godwin and Ida M. Bain

Godwin, Thompson Lee     8-16-1885 1-8-1952
    Parents: Robert Godwin and Martha Echols
    Spouse: Mary L Smith married 2-27-1910
Godwin, Mary Smith     12-11-1890 4-28-1955
Spouse: Thompson Lee Godwin

Godwin, Martha     1911 11-24-1928
    *Gross Funeral Home records-unmarked
    Parents: Thompson Lee Godwin and Mary Smith

Godwin, Robert Wesley     12-23-1854 6-24-1936
    Parents: Alexander Godwin and Jemima Echols

Godwin, Martha Echols     1-2-1855 1-7-1929
    Spouse: Robert Godwin

Godwin, Will     5-4-1891 4-22-1936
    Parents: George Thompson Godwin and Leona Jackson
    Spouse: Mona Soward married 11-26-1911
Godwin, Mona Soward     10-2-1891 6-1-1962
    Parents: James T. Soward and Mollie Giffs

Godwin, Soloman Mitchell     9-12-1875 11-10-1942
    Parents: Finley T. Godwin and Sarah McGrew
    Spouse: Ollie Morgan married 1-30-1898

Godwin, Ollie Ophelia     1-2-1881 11-10-1974

Godwin, Paul     4-12-1913 1-12-1976
    Parents: John Grover Godwin and Fannie Phillips

Godwin, Rena E.     ------- 1898

Godwin, Robert Marvin     1-3-1898 3-17-1948
    Parents: Solomon Godwin and Ollie Morgan
    Spouse: Bernice Howarth married 4-15-1921
Godwin, Bernice     2-3-1894 1-15-1959

Godwin, Solomon Hughey     1-24-1935 7-20-1968

Godwin, Ted Dallas     6-18-1910 4-1-1991
    Parents: George Thompson Godwin and Leona E. Jackson

Godwin, Thelma Davis     11-1-1902 10-10-1933
    Parents: Solomon Mitchell Godwin and Ollie Morgan

Godwin, Vanda Lou     10-11-1952 1-12-1971
    Parents: Vander L. Godwin and Mayme E. Scantlen

Godwin, Vander Drew     6-28-1905 7-8-1906
    Parents: Thomas Daniel Godwin and Mahalia Chitwood

Godwin, Vander Lavage     12-11-1908 7-2-1967
    Parents: Jeff Godwin and Betty Snyder
Godwin, Mayme E.     1-31-1923 10-9-2008 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Wayne Gentry Scantlen and Luella Posey

Godwin, Viola     12-15-1906 2-23-1989

Godwin, Walter F.     9-8-1898 3-20-1988
    Parents: William H. Godwin and Holly Rowan
    Spouse: Mamie Viola Meek

Godwin, Mamie     2-13-1906 2-23-1989
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked

Godwin, Wilford Elmer     11-25-1909 9-7-1993
    Parents: Benjamin Robert Godwin and Sally Fousee
    Spouse: Effie May Parker married 3-15-1930

Godwin, Willie Mae     1896 1898
    Parents: William Harrison Godwin and Holly Rowan

Godwin, William Harrison     12-23-1867 9-13-1948
    Parents: Finley T. Godwin and Sarah McGrew
    Spouse: Lula Benson married 6-12-1892
        Hollie Rowan abt. 1895    (first name changed by pvh)
        Ora Couch married 5-25-1907

Godwin, Hollie R.     1876 1905
    Spouse: William Harrison Godwin

Godwin, James Russell Sr.     7-11-1923 4-10-2004   
    Parents: James Andrew Godwin and Elizabeth Golden
    Spouse: Ocie Helm(s)
        Glenda D. Tart Buck married 08/20/1983

Godwin, Estell     10-25-1906 3-16-1964
    * Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: Calvin Cash and Ruth Ann Blakley

Golden, Dave C.     12-14-1866 4-20-1943
    Parents: Zeke Golden and Catherine Martin

Golden, Pearl     1902 6-23-1929
    *dates not on tombstone, Gross Funeral Home records
    Parents: David Campbell Golden and Mossie Wilson

Goode, Brently Aiden    07/07/2010 - 07/10/2010    [from obituary]

Gookin, Velma Jean Edwards    11/13/1930-06/14/2011    [added by pvh from obituary]

Graham, Zonia     1887 1954
    *Caruth Funeral Home records: b. 10-25-1866 d. 7-16-1954
    Parents: Henry Fickle and ______
    Spouse: A. A. Graham married 10-1-1906, she was 40 yr. old.

Graves, Charlie Richard     1922 1975
    Parents: Floyd Graves and Lydia Fox

Graves, Virginia Fay Maddon    09-16-1939 03-12-2012    [added by pvh from obituary]

Green, Alvin Dewey     11-2-1900 1-27-1976
    Parents: James Green and Lucinda Brimer
    Spouse: Sadie R. Jenson
Green, Sadie R.     1-24-1911 4-15-1981
    Parents: James C. Jenson and Nina Bradley

Green, Jerry Virgis     12-5-1870 11-17-1911
    Parents: E. A. Green and Leah Catherine Green
    Spouse: Ruthie Elizabeth Faught

Green, William James     8-31-1892 8-18-1895
    Parents: Jerry Virgis Green and Ruthie Elizabeth Faught

Green, Reathie Leemay     12-13-1911 8-30-1918
    Parents: Jerry Virgis Green and Ruthie Elizabeth Faught

Grigsby, Lillie J.     1900 1952
    Parents: James Estes and Ella Calico

Grigsby, Connie Ann     12-28-1939 1-2-1940
    Parents: Conway Grigsby and Mary Ann Reid

Grigsby, James M.     8-17-1884 8-7-1971
    Parents: John Thomas Grigsby and Elizabeth Shinn

Grigsby, Melvin L.     12-16-1921 8-21-1947

Grigsby, Myrtle Livingston     7-11-1892 2-27-1989

Grigsby, Reuben Y.     6-29-1890 8-13-1968

Groves, Madison Jewel    12-13-1906 4-18-1981   single stone  [pvh added middle name]
    Parents: James Monroe Groves and Alice Varnell
    Spouse: Winnie Mae Craft married 4-9-1928
        Nellie Parker married 10/06/1934    [added by pvh]

Groves, Jewel     12/04/1915-Living

Groves, James Monroe     2-13-1866 7-22-1945    Father
    Parents: Jake Groves and Frances Hood
    Spouse: Alice Varnell

Groves, Alice Varnell     11-11-1874 3-18-1936
Parents: Clayton Varnell and Sarah Henry

Groves, Frank W.     8-20-1909 10-8-1978
    Parents: James Monroe Groves and Alice Varnell
    Spouse: Cleo Nelson

Groves, Lewis A.     10-16-1901 8-6-1976
    Parents: Monroe Groves and Alice Varnell
Groves, Bertha D.     11-11-1903 7-17-1980
    Parents: Leroy Griffin and Ada Bell

Groves, Horace Monroe     3-10-1899 1-21-1917    Brother

Hall, J. H.     age 78 d. 3-16-1936
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked

Hall, Eliza E.     age 80 d. 3-20-1931
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    wife of J. H. Hall

Hall, Ted A.    04-15-1943 12-02-2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

Hammett, Emma     age 74 2-6-1914
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked

Hampton, James A. Jr.     2-20-1927 7-6-1974
    Parents: James A. Hampton and Annie Heller
    Spouse: Clida Maxine______
Hampton, Clida Maxine     4-17-1931 12-26-2011    [dod added by pvh from obituary] 1

Hampton, James A.     5-17-1896 7-24-1971
    Parents: John and Martha Jane Hampton
Hampton, Annie E.     7-2-1899 6-2-1987
    Parents: Francis Heller and Jane Hogan
    Spouse: James A. Hampton

Hampton, George     4-3-1969 10-7-1989

Hampton, John R.     12-27-1917 3-1-1991

Hampton, Robert F.     1920 1991

Hampton, Donald Clark     1-25-1957 4-11-2009 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Don W. Hampton and Anita Sue Frazier

Hampton, Don William    03/12/1932-06/05/2010    [added per obituary] 1

Harbin, Joseph G.     8-22-1895 6-3-1985
    Spouse: Janie P. Neighbors married 9-29-1912
Harbin, Janie P.     10-11-1894 9-5-1936
    Parents: Jeff Neighbors and Sarah Lee Godwin

Harbin, J. R.     9-8-1915 4-2-1918
    Parents: Joseph G. Harbin and Janie P. Neighbors

Harbin, Charles G.     1-6-1930 8-21-1968
    Parents: Joseph G. Harbin and Janie P. Neighbors

Hargis, Trannie E.     2-27-1826 4-3-1899

Harris, Wilber     12-2-1903 8-6-1925

Hayes, Donna Jean Postlewate    10-21-1940 07-30-2011    [added per obituary] 1
    Parents: Carl and Evelyn Postlewate
    Spouse: Thomas Hayes

Heller, Kyle Wayne    11-22-1989 09-07-2013    [added per obituary] 1
    Parents: Billy Wayne Heller and Jamie Lee

Heller, Phillip J. ------------- -------------
    * Gross Funeral Home Records: b. 8-12-1891 d. 6-12-1956
    Parents: Francis X. Heller and Janie Hagan
    Spouse: Lucy Thomas married 1-15-1920

Heller, Phillip J.     -------- 8-24-1920 193 Ohio Inf. Co. K
    *Caruth Funeral Home records-unmarked
    Spouse: Lydia A. McDaniel married 7-24-1875

Henderson, Coyle D.     6-9-1898 4-23-1987
    Parents: Az Henderson and Elizabeth Milligan
    Spouse: Alice McGrew married 1-16-1926
Henderson, Alice     3-25-1906 1-12-1996

Henderson, Arthur James     10-21-1926 8-28-1985    US Navy World War II    [month of death  and name corrected by pvh 01/22/2010]
    Parents: Thomas Edward Henderson and Viola M. Schultz
    Spouse: Pearlie Lue Boone
    (Information about his parents and spouse from his daughter, Dolores La Reina)

Henson, Laverne     2-2-1923 8-2-1972
    *Gross Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: G. R. Chance and Frances Gardner
    Spouse: Loyd Henson

Hibbs, William E.     1-22-1847 12-31-1925
    *Caruth Funeral Home records-unmarked

Hibbs, Georgia     12-4-1882 2-19-1957
    Parents: Taylor Faught and Synthia Jeeter
    Spouse: Oscar Hibbs
Hibbs, Oscar 1885 1928

Hibbs, Earl     1-13-1914 7-7-1932
    * Gross Funeral Home records- Unmarked
    Parents: Oscar Hibbs and Georgia Faught

Hibbs, William H.     6-9-1904 8-15-1960
    Parents: Baus Hibbs and Cynthia Davis

Hibbs, Wilson Revel     8-18-1916 21-1-1979
    Parents: Oscar Hibbs and Georgia Faught

Hibbs, Infant     8-19-1921 8-19-1921
    *Gross Funeral Home records-unmarked
    Parents: A. L. Hibbs and Merle Mccarty

Hill, William R.     1866 1948
    Parents: Ben Hill and Lena Tackett

Hinshaw, Mittie     8-2-1871 1-13-1954
    *Caruth Funeral Home records-unmarked

Hiser, Grandmaw ------ ------

Hobbs, M. J.     1-10-1848 2-6-1914

Hubble, George A.     11-21-1873 12-9-1922
    * Gross Funeral Home Records-unmarked
    Parents: Green Hubble and Mary Blocker
    Spouse: Maggie Frances Cox married 7-13-1909

Hubble, Maggie Frances     12-15-1866 4-23-1936
    *Gross Funeral Home Records-unmarked
    Spouse: George A. Hubble

Huddleston, Flemon F.     8-27-1878 3-2-1942
    Parents: Pleas Huddleston and Bethy Ross
    Spouse: Minnie Swift married 1893
Huddleston, Minnie     4-14-1870 4-22-1942
    Parents: George Swift and Amanda McClure

Huddleston, Milton     3-20-1897 2-1-1898

Huddleston, Ralph F.     1-8-1901 1-30-1985
    Parents: Flemon Huddleston and Minnie Swift
    Spouse: Edna Swilley
Huddleston, Edna C.     7-14-1899 5-25-1972
    Parents: John C. Swilley and Esther Bivens

Huddleston, James Gilbert     11-5-1923 3-27-2008 (added per obituary) 1
    P: Joseph Huddleston and Mary Daniels
    Sp: Gusta Morris

Huddleston, James B.    04/17/1928-01/31/2011    [added per obituary] 1

Huff, Robert Vernon     04-29-1919 07-09-1997    married 06-12-1955
Huff, Joan     08-10-1934 08-17-2012    [added per obituary]

Inglett, Harvey W.     12-27-1923 3-17-1998
    Spouse: Ethel Agnes Smith married 7-20-1921
Inglett, Ethel A.     8-4-1895 6-20-1982
    Parents: J. B. Smith and Evellia Robertson

Inglett, John W.     3-27-1966 3-28-1966

Inglett, Sara Ann     3-5-1934 Living

Irwin, Dixie R.     12-12-1914 4-14-1969

Isom, Vickie Leigh     1968 1969
    Parents: George Edward Isom and Ida Rarie

Jackson, Charley O.     10-5-1873 1-29-1934
    Parents: William H. Jackson and Ann Burkhead
    Spouse: Radie Godwin married 1893
Jackson, Radie     1-9-1874 8-2-1959
Parents: John Godwin and Leanor Tulfor

Jackson, Baby     2-2-1895 2-11-1895
    Parents: Charley Otis Jackson and Radie Godwin
Jackson, Henry     2-2-1895 8-27-1916
Parents: Charley Otis Jackson and Radie Godwin

Jackson, Nettie     3-9-1899 8-28-1917
    Parents: Charley Otis Jackson and Radie Godwin

Jackson, William Odis     2-22-1908 5-2-1975
    Parents: Charley O. Jackson and Radie Godwin
    Spouse: Annabell McElroy married 5-21-1932

Jackson, Anna Bell     10-28-1910 7-6-1977

Jackson, Rita Mae     2-12-1942 2-12-1942
    Parents: Dallas Jackson and Letha Harbin

Jackson, Dallas     2-20-1916 9-22-1970
    Parents: Adolphus Jackson and Laura Smith
    Spouse: Letha Mae Harbin married 7-29-1937

Jackson, Letha Mae    04-02-1919 01-15-2012    (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Joseph Harbin and Janie Neighbors
    Spouse: Dallas Jackson and Roy Jackson    (per obituary)

Jackson, Darrell E.     3-14-1938 4-3-2000 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Dallas Jackson and Letha Mae Harbin
    Spouse: Ernie Lingelback
        Pat Bledsoe

Jackson, Dallas "Woody"     2-2-1943 2-22-1997
    Parents: Dallas Jackson and Letha Mae Harbin
    Spouse: Wilma Arline Graves
        Brenda Goza

Jeffers, Charles W.     5-10-1907 5-10-1969
    *Caruth Funeral Home records-unmarked
    Parents: Coleman Jeffers and Susie Markham

Jeffers, Augusta     8-24-1906 3-9-1985
    *Caruth Funeral Home record
    Parents: Solomon F. Brown and Hester Helen Lester

Jeffers, Randall Coleman    06-27-1935 04-19-2014    (added by pvh from obituary) 1

Jeffers, Rayburn     11-5-1930 3-16-1981
    *Caruth Funeral Home record
    Parents: Charles W. Jeffers and Augusta Brown

Johnson, Dewey C.     5-14-1911 3-14-1986
    Parents: Andrew Johnson and Rosa Lee______

Johnson, Elma J.     1-31-1918 4-24-1983
    Parents: John Ward and Emily Baker

Jones, Daniel Obert     2-15-1924 8-29-1969
    Parents: Berry Jones and _______
    Spouse: Nora Davis married 7-3-1942

Jones, Donald W., Sr.     6-5-1946 11-28-1998 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Daniel Jones and Nora Davis

Jones, Glendia Kaye     5-3-1949 7-29-1950
    Parents: Daniel Jones and Nora Davis

Jones, Louise Davis     10-01-1932 10-14-1998 (dod added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Sid Davis and Myrtle McAllester
    Spouse: Charles Jones (double marker with Charles)

Jones, Charles L.     12-17-1927 - 03/03/2014 (dod added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Thomas Jones and Oney Bell Garner
    Spouse: Louise Davis

Justus, Noel L.     1910 1983
    Spouse: Cleo Melson married 2-25-1932
Justus, Cleo M.     1914 Unknown

Keifer, Charles Willie     1-18-1931 3-13-1987

Keifer, Infant     3-27-1973 3-27-1973
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: Charles Keifer and Linda Davis

Keenom, Porter F.     10-6-1892 3-4-1973
    Parents: Gus Keenom and Nanny Linderman
    Spouse: Mable Johnson

Keenom, Mable C.     1895 1975
    Parents: Edward Johnson and Alice Mitchell

Kirkham, F. A.     1897 1964    (Farrell Alonzo Kirkham)
    Parents: William Kirkham and Margaret Faught
    Spouse: Annie Lynch married 12-14-1919

Lacken, Jim     1855 7-7-1928
    * Gross Funeral Home records-unmarked

Lacy, Betty Jo    06-27-1923 03-24-2012    [added per obituary]
    Parents: Emory and Maggie Lacy

Lacy, Emery S.     3-21-1884 9-5-1962
    Parents: George Lacy and ______Turner
    Spouse: Maggie Randolph
Lacy, Maggie R.     2-24-1887 11-10-1966

Lafont, Augustos     1855 6-29-1906
    Spouse: Theresa Godwin

Lavender, Marion Franklin     1866 1920
    Spouse: Charlotte Frazier
Lavender, Charlotte     1859 1914

Lavender, Hiram Forney     2-21-1910 2-11-1980
    Parents: Hiram Lavender and Dollie Belle Arman

Lavender, Armon Kadle     1-16-1908 8-1-2000 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Hiram Richard Lavender and Dollie Bell Arman
    Spouse: Tennie Marie Melson married 6-15-1929
Lavender, Marie M.     6-26-1910 6-10-2004 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Lewis and Cora Melson
    Spouse: Armon K. Lavender

Lavender, Kansas Marie     9-20-1905 5-25-1907

Lavender, Annie Nichols     12-2-1887 1-10-1909

Lavender, Ward E     9-21-1915 12-31-2002 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Hiram Richard Lavender and Dollie Bell Arman

Lavender, Fern Elizabeth McLaughlin     4-23-1908 3-26-2000 (added per obituary)
    Parents: McLaughlin (per maiden name)

Lavender, George     1861 1918

Lavender, Thomas Jefferson     1-4-1852 8-8-1919
    Spouse: Lydia Ann Godwin
Lavender, Lydia Ann Godwin     10-2-1851 3-22-1909
    Parents: Alexander Godwin and Jemima Echols

Lavender, Marinda L.     1875 1921
    Parents: Thomas Jefferson Lavender and Lydia Ann Godwin

Lavender, Noah Edward     8-9-1893 9-13-1893
    Parents: Thomas Jefferson Lavender and Lydia Ann Godwin

Lavender, Sarah Sumner     1834 1902

Lavender, Thomas A.     1820 1875

Lavender, Eldorado Raider     1872 1900

Lavender, Malinda Elizabeth     11-18-1895 2-12-1899

Lavender, Miles E.     4-4-1897 3-16-1967
    Parents: Marion Frank Lavender and Charlotte Robbins
    Spouse: Myrtle Smitherman married 5-14-1921

Lavender, Hiram R.     2-24-1879 10-27-1944
    Parents: Thomas Jefferson Lavender and Lydia Ann Godwin
    Spouse: Dollie B. Arman
Lavender, Dollie B.     4-24-1879 10-24-1946
    Parents: George Washington Arman and Rosilla Jane Hallam

Lavender, Scott B.     11-24-1911 01-21-1991 1
    Parents: Hiram Richard Lavender and Dollie Belle Arman
    Spouse: Ruby Sword
Lavender, Ruby Sword     08-29-1920 Living

Lavender, Larry Scott     12-17-1952 5-10-1966
    Parents: Scott Lavender and Ruby Sword

Lester, Charles F.     12-25-1937 ---------

Lester, Rhonda K.     7-15-1950 3-4-1986
    Parents: ______Ennis and Sylvia Frazier
    Spouse: Ray Newell, Jr.

Unknown Lester

Lewis, Robert L.     10-12-1872 11-9-1959
    *Caruth Funeral Home records-unmarked

Loft, Jetta Diggs     3-6-1905 8-18-1965
    Parents: John and Emma Diggs

Loft, Richard P.     1-17-1893 9-9-1974

Lowrey, Lorene S.     11-10-1928 8-10-2007 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Clarence Edward Lowrey and Ruby Edna Herring

Lowrey, Benjamin Franklin    10-6-1864 6-12-1940    [day of birth changed by pvh 01-22-2010]
    *Caruth Funeral Home records birth as 8-6-1855
    Parents: Abraham Lowrey and _______
    Spouse: Ercie Gatlin
Lowrey, Ercie Gatlin     2-16-1875 3-30-1962

Lowrey, Clarence E.     12-11-1892 8-28-1970
    Parents: Benjamin Franklin Lowrey and Ercie Gatlin
    Spouse: Ruby E. Herring
Lowrey, Ruby E. Herring     3-15-1893 1985

Lowrey, Lois     6-13-1921 1-29-1945
    Parents: Clarence E. Lowrey and Ruby E. Herring

Lowrey, Bernice     7-15-1917 6-23-1918

Lowrey, Louise     7-30-1914 12-24-1916

Lowrey, Donie     10-21-1895 8-12-1907

Lowrey, Sue     1-4-1903 11-28-1988
    Parents: Benjamin F. Lowrey and Ercie Gatlin

Lowrey, Edna     2-6-1930 7-30-1976
    Parents: Clarence Lowrey and Ruby Herring

Lowrey, Leon     10-1-1924 10-19-1983
    Parents: Clarence Lowrey and Ruby Herring

Madden, Frank     1912 1963
    Parents: William and Julia Madden

Madden, Hazel M.     1917 1985

Mahaney, Freda Carrol     5-23-1949 5-25-1949
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: Glenn Mahaney and Margaret Fickle

Marshall, Bernice     2-1-1891 1-15-1959
    *Caruth Funeral Home records-unmarked

Mason, Johnnie Marie     7-28-1916 6-1-1970

Mathews, Miral     8-13-1913 5-7-1984
    Parents: Alfred David Mathews and Meg Roberts
    Spouse: Susie Hampton married 7-8-1940
Mathews, Susie Marie     5-19-1922 2-18-2003 (added per obituary)
    Parents: James Hampton and Annie Elizabeth Heller

Maxey, Joan     12-1-1942 11-12-2005 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Dewey Johnson and Elma Julia Ward
    Spouse: Donald Maxey

Maxey, Donald Wayne    04/04/1938-02/26/2010    [added by pvh from obit]
    Parents: Frank and Edna Maxey
    Spouse: Joan Johnson

Mayberry, Loyce Lavender     11-4-1938 Living

Mayberry, Howard James     6-1-1930 Living

McAllester, Charlie     4-18-1873 12-9-1930    [spelling of surname corrected by pvh 01/22/2010]

McClain, Berkie     no information

McClenahan, Margaret Jane     9-27-1876 11-28-1960
    *Caruth Funeral Home records-unmarked
    Parents: Benjamin York and Adeline McCan

McDaniel, Sarah Lee     6-22-1891 6-10-1973
    Parents: Samuel Carson and_________

McDaniel, William F.     6-3-1889 10-5-1971
    Parents: James McDaniel and __________
    Spouse: Sarah Carson

McDaniel, Ira Culiford     7-12-1880 9-8-1901

McElrath, Mary     4-1-1873 2-18-1940
    *Caruth Funeral Home records-unmarked
    Parents: John A. Outler and Katherine Moore
    Spouse: Jourghan McElrath married 1-5-1890

McGill, Anderson     age 76 yrs 8-30-1925
    Parents: William McGill and __________

McGill, Barney G.     6-10-1894 10-22-1911

McGill, Booker D.     4-6-1890 12-5-1914

McGill, James H.     9-24-1872 8-?-1915

McGill, James K. P.     6-22-1850 1-21-1924
McGill, Melissa     10-26-1858 8-31-1933

McGill, John R.     12-4-1877 9-6-1917

McGill, Manima C.     11-23-1846 1-7-1884

McGill, William P.     1-10-1840 6-?-1883

McGrew, Linda M.     2-17-1948 5-17-2003 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Elton P. and Helen Mitchell
    Spouse: Jerry McGrew
McGrew, Jerry Garland     10-31-1948 Living

McGrew, James Alexander     4-17-1862 4-27-1940
    Parents: Daniel McGrew and Elizabeth Fulton
    Spouse: Rosa VanSickle married 9-23-1892
McGrew, Rosa     3-24-1876 5-23-1952
    Parents: John VanSickle and Martha Rough

McGrew, Sallie     4-1-1854 12-4-1926
    * Gross Funeral Home Records-unmarked

McGrew, Ben     ------ ------- (lost FH marker)
    *Caruth Funeral Home records: b. 4-20-1884 d. 8-16-1968

McGrew, Claude     8-19-1911 2-9-1993
    Parents: James Alex McGrew and Rosa VanSickle
    Spouse: Marie Anderson married 12-17-1933
McGrew, Marie     5-19-1917 12-27-1995
    Parents: Van Anderson and Maggie _____ 2

McGrew, Loyd Dwain     8-29-1934 12-25-1954
    Parents: Claude McGrew and Marie Anderson

McGrew, Daniel H.     1828 1890
    Spouse: Elizabeth Fulton
McGrew, Elizabeth     1832 1897

McGrew, Don     1-15-1922 7-19-1987
    Parents: Elza N. McGrew and Lillie Brady
    Spouse: Dora Ellison
McGrew, Dora H.     1925 1990
Parents: John Ellison and Dora Johnson

McGrew, Eliga N.     11-26-1897 9-6-1985
    Parents: James Alexander McGrew and Rosa Vansickle
    Spouse: Florine Robbins married 12-11-1920
McGrew, Florine T.     2-19-1900 7-18-1980
Parents: Henry Robbins and Ruth Webb

McGrew, Edith     61yr 2m 25d 2-28-1998

McGrew, Elza N.     2-8-1896 11-7-1984
    Spouse: Lillie Brady married 4-8-1916
McGrew, Lillie Brady     3-10-1898 7-13-1982
    Parents: Samuel Brady and Delia Ross

McGrew, Willie Brady -------- ---------

McGrew, Floyd     10-31-1908 1-23-1996
    Spouse: Thelma E. Burnett

McGrew, Thelma E. Burnett     6-22-1912 10-11-1996
    Parents: Henry Calvin Burnett and Susan Letetia Grigsby
    Sp: Floyd McGrew married 4-22-1934

McGrew, Sherman Eugene     6-7-1935 12-19-1963
    Parents: Floyd McGrew and Thelma Burnett

McGrew, Garland     6-23-1926 5-28-1993
    Parents: Eliza McGrew and Lillie Brady
    Spouse: Thelma Coward
McGrew, Thelma L.     7-30-1925 4-12-1995
    Sp: Garland McGrew

McGrew, Sherman Eugene     6-7-1935 12-19-1963

McGrew, Sterling A.     03/10/1921-09/25/2010    [dod from obituary]
    Parents: Elige N. McGrew and Florine Robbins
    Spouse: Margaret Zuber

McGrew, Margaret A.     1-31-1924 Living

McGrew, Vernon D.     10-21-1929 9-23-1980
    Parents: William D. McGrew and Helen Turner

McGrew, William D.     12-17-1890 9-3-1974
    Spouse: Ellen Murphy married 4-15-1921

McGrew, M. H. Dock     10-12-1859 3-4-1924
    Parents: Daniel McGrew and Elizabeth Fulton
    Spouse: Martha Robbins
McGrew, Martha     3-27-1862 2-13-1936

McKee, Johnnie Ray     4-14-1941 6-1-1941
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: John Smith McKee and Lorena Cortez Martin

McKelroy, Joseph Van     3-31-1879 4-19-1956
    Parents: Scott McKelroy and Rebecca Moore

McKelroy, Susan E.     12-19-1879 10-25-1964

McMahon, Lewis W.     9-16-1920 12-7-1998    (Req Obituary)
    Spouse: Virginia Redford married 10-1-1939

McMahon, Samuel H., Sr.     9-21-1891 11-12-1957
    Parents: Lewis and Fannie McMahon
    Spouse: Amy Lightfoot
McMahon , Amy Ernest     12-16-1897 5-99-1966
    Parents: J. L. Lightfoot and Willie Bingham

McMahon, Irene M.     6-27-1923 12-15-1991

McMahon, James M.     10-17-1922 3-19-1986
    Parents: Samuel Henry McMahon and Amy Ernest Lightfoot

McNeill, Dolly Sue     7-31-1928 7-8-2007
    Parents: John C. Trammel and Arah E. Groves

Melson, Clarence     3-10-1898 10-6-1980
    Parents: Lewis Jefferson Melson and Cora Louise Suddeth
    Spouse: Ethel Lynch married 6-24-1924
Melson, Ethel May     3-25-1903 1-31-1964
    Parents: J. H. Lynch and ________

Melson, Lewis     4-26-1874 1-14-1941
    Parents: Larkin Melson and Martha Tucker
    Spouse: Cora Louise Suddeth
Melson, Cora     3-30-1874 12-22-1966
    Parents: George Suddeth and Alwilda McDaniel

Melson, G. Ray     10-14-1896 8-2-1965
    Parents: Lewis Melson and Cora Suddeth

Minton, Clyde Edythe Lavender     7-5-1906 2-26-1993

Minton, Floyd    01-10-1932 01-24-2012    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: Monroe Minton and Lizzie Cass
    Spouse: Wilma Lorene

Minton, Michael Clifton     11-28-1970 2-28-1976
    Parents: Larry Minton and Mary Henson

Mitchell, Marshall M.     1-14-1912 11-24-2000 (added per obituary)
    (cremated- Hot Springs Funeral Home)
    Parents: Jasper Richard Mitchell and Alma Ameda Green
    Spouse: Ellen Ray Faulkner married 12-22-1936

Mitchell, Ellen Ray    age 74 10-18-1991    [added per obituary] 1

Mitchell, Rebecca Lynn     7-18-1952 8-24-1952
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: Marshall M. Mitchell and Ellen Ray Faulkner

Mitchell, Infant     8-21-1946 8-22-1946
    *Caruth Funeral Home records-unmarked
    Parents: Marshall M. Mitchell and Ellen Ray Faulkner

Mitchell, Elton John     8-9-1912 1-13-1985
    Parents: Willie Ervin Mitchell and Ada Hooper
Mitchell, Helen Marie     9-9-1922 7-22-2005 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Fred Fore and Margaret Sutton
    Spouse: Elton John Mitchell

Mitchell, Bernice M.     11-24-1943 7-26-1982
    Parents: Miles McClain and Maevella Moore
    Spouse: Alvin D. Mitchell

Mitchell, Rhiannon N.     3-3-1982 7-26-1982
    *Gross Funeral Home records her as Rhiannon Fordyce
    Parents: Richard Lee Gildersleve and Annette Fordyce

Mitchell, Tom B.     1867 8-30-1932
    * Gross Funeral Home Records-unmarked
    Spouse: Alma Nolan married 10-9-1890

Mitchell, Marshall Wayne    06-27-1944 06-08-2012    (added by pvh per obituary)
    Parents: Marshall Marce Mitchell and Ellen ___
    Spouse: Katie ___

Morgan, Jimmy M.     1871 7-5-1900

Morgan, Martha K. ------ --------

Morgan, Robert D.     1869 1933
    *Garland Co., AR marriage reocords:
    R. D. Morgan 53 to Uneeda Bean 19 3-24-1923
    *Caruth Funeral Home records dates: 7-5-1868 4-28-1936
    Parents: Samuel Morgan and Martha McBride

Morgan, Sam William ------ -------
    *Garland Co., AR marriage records:
    S. W. Morgan 59 to Louise J. Bishop 59 3-16-1909

Mount, Phrona O.     4-25-1909 4-7-1987
    Parents: Oscar Hibbs and Georgia Faught
    Spouse: Hal Lexie Mount

Neal, Willie     3-10-1890 8-9-1965
    Parents: Frank Neal and Tiny Morgan
    Spouse: Mary Belle Harris married 12-9-1925
Neal, Mary Belle     7-22-1904 7-21-1970
    Parents: Clayborn Harris and Jeanie Reed

Neal, Zoie     2-2-1912 2-6-1992

Neal, Milton     12-27-1905 7-1-1998 (added per obituary)
    Spouse: Minnie Anderson married 4-10-1933
Neal, Minnie     2-28-1908 10-25-1998 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Van Anderson and Maggie ____ 2
    Spouse: Milton Neal

Neighbors, Carrie Ethel     11-02-1891 08-30-1892
    Parents: Jefferson M. Neighbors and Sarah Lee Godwin

Neighbors, Jefferson Michael   1869 09-15-1899 (homemade marker)
    Spouse: Sarah Godwin

Newcomb, Vincent E.     age 1  11-03-1924
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked

Newell, Wesley Ray     8-7-1916 8-6-1981
    Parents: Ebby Newell and Nellie Clayton
    Spouse: Doris Johnson

Nichols, Earnest     -------- 1909
    Spouse: Annie Lavender married 3-4-1905. Earnest was age 23
    Lena Lavender married 3-26-1910 Earnest was age 28
Nichols, Annie Lavender     12-2-1887 1-10-1909

Nichols, Thurston     -------- 1909

Nobben, Ruth     11-21-1899 1-27-1970
    * Caruth Funeral Home lists her as Ruth Ernestine Adair
    Parents: William Nobben and Nellie Gibbs

Nobles, Luel Eldred     3-9-1927 7-8-1928
    Parents: E. L. Nobles and Exie Tucker

Nobles, Paul Markus     11-25-1931 5-31-1933

Noles, Lincoln M.     12-12-1913 11-7-1975
    Parents: Leroy Noles and Dixie Ratliff
    Spouse: Evalee Jordon married 12-20-1932
Noles, Evalee     1971 2-20-1973
Parents: Willie B. and Nellie Jordon

Noles, Roy K.     2-10-1940 1-9-1972
    Parents: Lincoln Noles and Evalee Jordon
    Spouse: Vera_______

Outler, Daniel G.     6-13-1874 10-16-1935
    Spouse: Rosetta Speer married 6-2-1899
        Effie Lamb married 5-4-1919

Outler, John W.     1906 8-15-1930
    * Gross Funeral Home Records-unmarked
    Parents: Daniel G. Outler and Rosetta Spears

Outler, Daniel George     7-29-1905 4-30-1943
    * Caruth Funeral Home Records-unmarked
    Parents: Daniel George Outler and Rosetta Speer

Outler, Ottie     8-19-1903 2-13-1977 (Caruth FH record)
    Parents: Daniel Outler and Rosetta Speer
    Spouse: Alta Lois Lacy married 8-5-1934
Outler, Alta Lois     11-26-1913 1-21-2007 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Emory Sphere Lacy and Maggie Randolph
    Spouse: Ottie Outler
    Children: Belva (Buttrum), Carolyn (Jeffers), Martha (Morgan), Donald Outler

Outler, Donald Freeman     12-12-1941 3-15-2002 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Ottie and Alta L. Outler
    Spouse: Audrey_____

Outler, Joseph     7-2-1910 5-12-1950
    *Caruth Funeral Home records-unmarked
    Spouse: Dossie M. Noles married 91-1929
    Alyine Wisdom married 10-21-1941

Outler, Mary Bell     4-1-1872 2-18-1940

Padgett, Allie D.     3-15-1891 9-2-1967
    Parents: Taylor Padgett and Mandy Brewington

Padgett, Allie D., Jr.     1-29-1923 Living

Padgett, Gertrude     9-12-1895 7-29-1977

Padgett, Imogene     11-18-1928 11-19-1929

Padgett, Oma O.     9-23-1926 Living

Padgett, Sidney J.     1-14-1925 4-14-1990

Palmer, Roger D.     2-17-1965 6-2-2009 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Argus Doyle Palmer and Velma Jean Edwards
    Spouse: Lisa____

Parker, William D. , Sr.     8-10-1931 6-21-1998 (added per obituary)
    Parents: William Henry Parker and Laura Wells Berry
    Spouse: Dorothy Louise Owens

Parker, Johnny D.     5-14-1918 3-28-1983 1
    Parents: William H. Parker and Laura Wells Berry

Parker, William Henry     12-28-1891 10-18-1962
    Parents: Davis Parker and Effie Melton
    Spouse: Laura Berry
Parker, Laura Wells     10-14-1890 4-30-1970
    Parents: John Berry and Lue Ritchey

Parker, Mildred E.     3-20-1914 3-30-1996

Parker, William H.     2-14-1921 6-13-1996

Pendergraft, Billie Joe     1-14-1934 6-30-1935
    *Gross Funeral Home records
    Parents: A. R. Pendergraft and Myrtle Harper

Pennington, Billy Joe     1 yr 5 mon (I believe that this the above Billie Joe Pendergraft.)

Pennington, Nettie L.     8-22-1934 10-2-1983
    Parents: Albert Sexton and Ruby Hale

Perkins, Luna     age 66 yr 11 m 22 da 10-15-1957

Perry, Frank Jr.     1914 1981
    Parents: Frank Perry and Grace Edington
    Spouse: Margaret I. __________

Peterson, Lois     12-28-1922 4-26-1990
    Parents: J. J. Faught and Georgia Bain
    Spouse: Howard Peterson

Philpott, Unknown     1890 1966
    *Gross Funeral Home records:
    Benjamin Harrison Philpott b. 5-18-1890 d. 4-26-1966

Postlewate, Wilkie H.     9-30-1930 5-22-1972
    *Gross Funeral Home Record:
    Eilkie H. b 9-30-1911 d. 5-22-1971
    Parents: Raleigh H. Postlewate and Nelle Soward

Postlewate, Carl Russell     5-4-1916 10-29-1964
    Parents: Raleigh H. Postlewate and Nelle Soward

Postlewate, Evelyn Jane Gleason    08/31/1919-01/30/2010    [added by pvh from obituary]
    Parents: Clifford A. and Frances Gleason
    Spouse: Carl R. Postlewate, Sr.

Postlewate, Nellie     3-17-1889 9-24-1963
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: James T. Soward and Mollie Jeffs
    Spouse: Raleigh H. Postlewate

Potter, Oscar     age 27 11-4-1914
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked

Powell, William A.     age 50 1-8-1937

Powell, George A.     12-3-1911 4-28-1954
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: William Powell and Luna Owens

Rankin, Infant     1-6-1938 1-6-1938
    Parents: George Ogae Rankin and Evelyn Alice Dickson

Ratliff, Arlie     6-30-1913 10-17-1943
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: Neal Ratliff and Sarah Sharp

Ratliff, Foster     1-31-1915 8-18-1983
    Parents: Neal Ratliff and Sarah Sharp

Ratliff, Lonnie     3-29-1917 7-12-1967
    Parents: Neal Ratliff and Sarah Sharp

Ratliff, Marion     6-30-1918 9-23-1962
    Parents: Neal Ratliff and Sarah Sharp

Ratliff, Sarah     10-25-1879 6-5-1965
    Parents: Jim and Barbara Sharp
    Spouse: Neal Ratliff

Redden, Dewitt T.     1-16-1905 9-25-1967
    Parents: George Redden and Effie Jordan

Redden, Imogene Lou Vail Clark    12-24-1918 03-02-2012    [added by pvh from obituary]  1
    Parents: John Anderson Clark and Martha Roseanna Christie Clark
    Spouse: Dewitt T. Redden1

Reid, Roy     11-19-1911 6-6-2002 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Charlie Reid and Cora Southern
    Spouse: Irene Jackson married 5-16-1934
Reid, Irene     12-29-1915 8-27-1989
    Parents: Charley O. Jackson and Radie Godwin

Roach, Eva Mae     1892 1979
    Parents: Monroe Groves and Alice Varnell
    Spouse: Leland Roach married 7-19-1940

Robbins, Darlene Blees     6-18-1955 9-29-1995
    Parents: Melvin and Dorothy Blees

Roberts, Hunter     7-31-1946 3-19-1995

Roberts, Nancy     11-5-1951 Living

Robertson, C. A.     2-8-1906 6-9-1976
    Spouse: Alva Caldwell married 10-3-1929
Robertson, Alva A.     10-20-1911 12-15-1993

Rogers, Euna     11-27-1908 8-5-2001 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Charles Clayton Montgomery and Rebecca Chambers
    Spouse: Jake Rogers

Rosenthal, Charles lance; 85; -; Boles; -03/03/2012; SR 03/04/2012

Rowton, Billy Joe     1-4-1945 1-13-1945
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-unmarked
    Parents: Joe W. Rowton and Cleo Godwin

Sanders, Richard     4-6-1883 1-11-1962
    Spouse: Sarah Powell

Sanders, Sarah     9-21-1883 4-15-1951
    Parents: George A. Powell and Julia Williams

Sanders, Levi Francis     5-3-1889 10-23-1934
    * Gross Funeral Home records-unmarked
    Parents: Wm. J. Sanders and Elizabeth Dickerson
    Spouse: Viola Hinshaw married 7-22-1917

Scott, Arthur Lawrence     2-26-1896 10-15-1959
    Parents: John Scott and Laura Martin
    Spouse: Hazel Wren married 10-22-1925
Scott, Hazel     4-7-1908 3-6-2000
    Parents: LeRoy Bagley and Mary E. Godwin

Scott, Fate     1878 1923
    Spouse: Blanche McGrew
Scott, Blanche McGrew     1880 1924
    Parents: Miles H. McGrew and Martha Robbins

Scott, Martha     ----- ----- (infant)

Sexton, Albert N.     9-8-1910 9-25-1983
    Parents: Frank Sexton and _________
    Spouse: Ruby May Hale married 10-4-1932

Sexton, Ruby M.     3-21-1910 11-18-1992

Sheffield, Joyce E.     11-12-1934 10-11-2000 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Richard Woolard and Eula Mae McDaniel
    Spouse: Gerald Sheffield

Sheffield, Carolyn Lynn     12-9-1958 12-31-1965
    Parents: Gerald Sheffield and Joyce Woolard

Sleeper, John Thomas    03-21-1941 01-21-2014    [added by pvh per obituary]

Smith, Mildred Lee     4-10-1912 11-23-1951
    Parents: Roy Forester and Mary Golden
    Spouse: William Newton Smith

Smith, Infant     11-23-1951 11-23-1951
    *Caruth Funeral Home record-buried with mother, Mildred
    Parents: Wm. N. Smith and Mildred Forester

Smith, Minnia A.     10-12-1900 6-21-1982
    Parents: Charles Coburn and Ella Haskins

Smith, Ruby Gladys     6-16-1916 9-7-2008 (added per obituary) 1
    Spouse: Glen Smith

Snyder, Dillie V.     1884 1943
    Parents: W. S. Stevens and Sarah Jane Sumner

Soward, Guy Michael     9-29-1878 3-18-1958
    Parents: Michell and Rose Soward

Soward, James Guy     9-17-1902 12-16-1969
    Parents: James Thomas Soward and Mollie Jeffs
    Spouse: Ruth Lavender
Soward, Ruth A. Lavender     9-24-1904 9-6-1956
    Parents: Hiram Richard Lavender and Dollie Bell Arman

Soward, James Thomas     1853 1917
    Spouse: Mollie Jeffs
Soward, Mollie     1868 1935

Soward, Nelle     3-17-1889 9-24-1963

Standiford, J. J.     1898 1900

Stevens, William S.     1836 1927

Stevens, Mollie     9-13-1853 2-17-1914
    Spouse: A. A. Stevens

Stevens, Sara J.     ------- ---------

Stout, Earl B.     4-15-1887 5-31-1950
    Spouse: Cora Morgan Adair married 8-27-1921

Stout, Cora     1-25-1879 4-18-1958

Stout, Earl Vernon     3-18-1923 1-1-1979
    Parents: Earl Stout and Cora Morgan Adair

Stroud, Addie E.     1905 1927
    *Gross Funeral Home Records: age 25 b. 1905    d. 8-28-1930
    Parents: R. A. Davis and Mistie Davis
    Spouse: Clarence Stroud

Sturgis, Franklin     3-18-1827 1-9-1903

Sturgis, Mary Anna     4-9-1848 9-27-1916

Swift, Amanda M.     1840 1934
    Parents: Andrew McClure and__________
    Spouse: George D. Swift

Taylor, Dora Lena Otwell    03-13-1933 11-18-2014    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

Taylor, Ernest     7-26-1904 9-7-1977
    Parents: Zachary Taylor and Virginia Williams
    Spouse: Ester Marie Frazier married 10-18-1925

Taylor, Ester Marie     10-18-1908 12-5-2004 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Wm. R. Frazier and Pearl Godwin
    Spouse: Ernest Taylor

Taylor, Rosie Marie     9-29-1926 1-18-1927
    Parents: Ernest Taylor and Ester Frazier

Taylor, Jim L.     8-30-1884 12-31-1931
    * Gross Funeral Home record-unmarked

Thompson, Bernice Groves    12-04-1915 12-03-2014    [added by pvh from obituary]

Threadgill, Twin Girls     1971 1971
    Parents: Carl Threadgill and Vickie Diggs

Thornton, J. R.     9-4-1921 9-4-1921
    Parents: Clyde Thornton and Nora Green

Trammel, Arah Etta     08/27/1896-05/10/1978    [month of death corrected by pvh 01/22/2010]
    Parents: Monroe Groves and Alice Varnell

Trammel, Calvin S.     12-19-1923 8-1-1995
    Parents:John C Trammel and Arah Etta Trammel

Triplett, Teresa J. Harbin    08/19/1954-09/29/2012    [from obituary]

Tucker, Danny D.     age 52 7-17-2007 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Joseph Dell Tucker and Nilla Jean ____
    Spouse: Anna Mae _______

Turner, Paul Clark     3-26-1971 3-26-1971
    Parents: Silas Turner and Gwen Smith

Turner, Rebecca Gale     3-3-1970 3-3-1970
    Parents: Silas Turner and Gwen Smith

Turner, Timothy Silas     6-9-1972 6-9-1972
    Parents: Silas Turner and Gwen Smith

Turpin, Ray E.     1943 1980
    Parents: James Turpin and Faye Casto
    Spouse: Mary Asbury

Turpin, Tammy Louise     1967 1973
    Parents: Ray E. Turpin and Mary Asbury

Varnell, Benjamin F.     10-1-1877 3-30-1965
    Parents: Claburin Varnell and Sarah Ann Henry
    Spouse: Mary Ault DeLee married 5-30-1931

Varnell, Martha Debora     6-27-1964 6-27-1964
    Parents: Norman Varnell and Loraine Irons

Varnell, Norman Franklin    08-27-1933 12-02-2012
    Parents: Walter Varnell and Allie Harrison

Walters, Ocia G.     5-12-1919 2-13-1983
    Parents: William Powell and Luna Owens
    Spouse: Leon Walters married 7-27-1936

Wandezura, Mykola "Mike"     8-24-1911 3-23-1988
    Spouse: Louise W. _________

Watkins, Parthenia Sheets     11-16-1938 12-8-2007 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Hermon M. Sheets and Ida Lura Allen
    Spouse: 1st Richard Woolard, Jr.
        2nd Harlon Watkins

Weaver, Margaret May     7-2-1925 2-8-2006 (added per obituary) 1
    Parents: Sid Davis and Myrtle McAllester
    Spouse: Haskell Brown; ? Weaver   

Whisenant, Louis     9-23-1888 1-8-1961
    Parents: John Whisenant and Mary Scott
    Spouse: Margaret Johnson married 2-20-1918

White, Ida Mae     11-13-1901 9-25-1968
    Parents: James A. Cathell and Georgia Ann Faught

Williams, Infant Son     ------- 1893
    Parents: S. J. and Jannies Williams

Williams, Doris V.     10-23-1971 10-24-1971
    Parents: Jerry Don Williams and Bertha Vezell Smith

Williamson, Warren C.     10-8-1901 7-29-1983

Wilson, Cordia     10-19-1913 2-8-1942
    Parents: William Harrison Godwin and Ora Couch
    Spouse: Lawrence Wilson married 9-10-1932

Wilson, Doris Aleen     6-10-1928 9-18-1928
    *Caruth Funeral Home records-unmarked
    Parents: Fred Wilson and Minnie Davis

Woods, Addie Bell     12-21-1888 9-14-1967

Woods, Charles C.     9-5-1845 1-10-1927

Woods, David E.     12-23-1882 1-15-1970

Woolard, Richard N.     8-19-1908 10-5-1971
    Parents: Marion Woolard and Mary Ann Browning
    Spouse: Eula M. McDaniel
Woolard, Eula M.     4-18-1912 1-13-1985
    Parents: William F. McDaniel and Sarah Lee Carson

Woolard, Richard N., Jr.    2-1-1931 9-24-1976
    Parents: Richard N. Woolard and Eula McDaniel

Woolard, Tommy Neal     12-9-1942 7-21-1998 (added per obituary)
    Parents: Richard Woolard and Eula Mae McDaniel

Wright, Rueben H.     1866 --------
    Spouse: Arrena Chitwood married 4-24-1891
    Wright, Arrena 3-4-1866 2-27-1931

Wright, Jesse     7-27-1897 1-9-1938

Wright, Hazel May     3-29-1917 7-26-1985
    * Caruth Funeral Home records

Yates, Paula Ann Eckard     7-24-1970 7-14-1996

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2  Clark Hill