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Following, you will find photographs of various Garland County, Montgomery County, and Saline County Schools -- both old and new.  You will also find class photographs.  If you can identity anyone who is not identified or if you know more about a particular school, please send the webmaster an email.
If you have a photo to include, please email it to the webmaster and we will post it.

We have divided up the schools into four pages.  Be sure to visit all four pages.


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Greenwood School teachers. Greenwood school. Greenwood School 51-52.
These are some of the Greenwood School teachers in the 1950s.  Bottom row:  Miss Riley (Mrs. Ponder after she married), Vera Lee Morrow (principal of Greenwood for many years).  Top row right right is Mrs. True.  Submitted by Mary Powell Booles Greenwood School during 1951-52 school year.  Teacher was Mrs. Haltom per Kathryn Jeffries Walker.  Front row:  Steve Davidson, unk, unk, Mary Powell, rest unknown; back row:  unk, unk, unk, Carolyn Kemp, unk, unk, Judy Robbins, unk, unk, unk, Henry Dembinski, Jackie Wall.  Submitted by Mary Powell Booles (with Kathy Jeffries Walker helping name people) Greenwood Elementary 1951-52 school year (first grade -- Mrs. Steuart teacher).  Tow row:  Mrs. Steuart, unk, unk, unk, Billie Ann Roberts, Donnie Byers, unk unk, Brenda McClard; second row:  Larry House, Virginia Holland; unk, Alan Jones, unk, Tommy Steuart; third row:  unk, unk, Bonita Powers, Tommy Deere, unk, Daniel L. "Danny" Briggs, unk, unk, Frances Abbott; fourth row:  unk, unk, Phillip Hays, Kathy Mixon, Texas Myers, Kathy Jeffries, Milton "Buddy" Cowart.  Submitted by Kathy Jeffries Walker
Greenwood School 52-53. Greenwood School 53-54. Greenwood School 54-55.
Greenwood Elementary 1952-53 school year (second grade).  Top row:  Mrs. Smith (teacher), Gary House, Lucretia Payne, Phillip Hays, unk, Larry Muncrief, Carolyn Rhodes, Tommy Smitherman, unk; second row:  unk, Kathy Mixon, unk, Tommy Steuart, Kathy Jeffries, Robert Morphew; third row:  unk, Craig Bass, unk, Donnie Byers, unk, unk, Mary Pyron, Mike McAvoy, Billie Ann Roberts; fourth row:  Jerry McCrory, Robin Russell, Larry House, unk, unk, Brenda McClard, Milton "Buddy" Cowart, Frances Abbott.  Submitted by Phillip Hays Greenwood Elementary 1953-54 school year (third grade).  Top row:  Bonita Powers, unk, unk, unk, unk, Frances Abbott, Tommy Deere, Kathy Mixon; second row:  unk, unk, Tommy Smitherman, Mrs Davis (teacher), Kathy Jeffries, Gary House, unk, Jerry McCrory; third row:  Lucretia Payne, unk, Robin Russell, Milton "Buddy" Cowart, Larry Muncrief, Rita Smith, Phillip Hays, Vera Jo Cook; fourth row:  unk, Billie Ann Roberts, Cynthia Lingo, unk, unk, Carolyn Rhodes, unk, Donnie Byers.  Submitted by Phillip Hays Greenwood Elementary 1954-55 school year (fourth grade).  Top row:  unk, unk, Brenda McClard Thomason, Phillip Hays, unk, Gary House, unk, Larry Muncrief, unk; second row:  Henry Dembinski, Carolyn Rhodes, unk, unk, Frances Abbott, unk, Donnie Byers; third row:  Connie Moore, unk, unk, unk, unk, unk; fourth row:  unk, unk, Judy Robbins Fields, Steve Davidson, unk, Tommy Steuart, unk.  Submitted by Phillip Hays

Greenwood School 55-56.

Greenwood School 56-57.

Mount Ida School, Montgomery County, Arkansas.

Greenwood Elementary 1955-56 school year (fifth grade -- Mr Ira Henry teacher).  Top row:  Rita Smith, Tommy Steuart, Robin Russell, Mike McAvoy, Billie Ann Roberts, Wayne Whitecotton, Mary Powell Booles, Phillip Hays, Frances Abbott, Susan Hansen; middle row:  Jerry Turner, Tommy Deere, Larry Muncrief, Larry McDougal, unk, unk, unk, Larry House, Margaret Freeman; front row:  Jackie Wall, unk, unk, Steve Davidson, Connie Moore, Vera Jo Cook, Jerry McCrory, Kathy Jeffries Walker.  Submitted by Kathryn Jeffries Walker Greenwood Elementary 1956-57 school year (sixth grade).  Back row:  Judy Robbins, Larry McDougal, Brenda McClard, Larry Muncrief, Lucretia Payne, Allan Jones, Vera Jo Cook, Leslie Roach, Helen Golden, Jerry Turner, Virginia Holland, Mrs Doris Hull; middle row:  Norma Smith, Billy Scully, Robin Russell, Milton "Buddy" Cowart, Cynthia Lingo, Phillip Hays, Frances Abbott, Tommy Steuart, Dorothia Jackson; front row:  Gary House, Tommy Deere, Linda Reppo, Ronnie Erich, Sylvia Lunsford, Glen Branstetter, Kathy Jeffries, Mike McAvoy.  Submitted by Kathryn Jeffries Walker Mount Ida School about 1938; first row (l to r): # 1 and #2 Jean and Jo Guinn (twins), #3 Druzelle Black, #4 Dean Sekavec, #5 Geneva Stewart, #6 Jessie Faye Brakefield, #7 Royce Wright, #8 Elizabeth McDowell, #11 Bobby Campbell; second row: #1 Nagene Sheffield, #7 Edith Kinsey, #8 Assalie Johnston, #9 possibly Vernon Norman; third row: teacher M. T. Covington; #2, Loraine Radford, #5 Uva Kinsey, #6 Mary Jane Talley, #8 Mildred Norman, #9 Aleene Johnston, #14 Joe Brakefield, #15 __ Warneke. Photo courtesy of Uva Kinsey Breckling.
If anyone knows the names of others, please let us know. Some identification by Evelyn Sekavec Oates

Jones School.

Raymond Booles and Jones School.

Lake Hamilton Gym.

Jones School -- probably sometime between 1922-29.  If anyone knows who these people are, please email.  Submitted by Jane Ann Crone Jones School; front row center is Raymond Duddley Booles.  Raymond was born 23 May 1944 in England and died 29 May 2004 in Memphis, Tennessee.  He was the son of Jessie Duddley and Valerie Simkovitz Booles and the husband of Mary Powell.  This was a class of Mamie Ruth Abernathy--probably second grade.  Submitted by Mary Powell Booles Lake Hamilton Gym, Pearcy, Garland County in 1967.  Submitted by Linda Miller

Valley Elementary School.

Valley School Cafeteria.

Lake Hamilton Home Economics Cottage.

Valley Elementary School, Royal, Arkansas, in 1968.  Linda tells us the recess bell was a cow bell.  Submitted by Linda Miller Valley Elementary School, Royal with cafeteria in 1967.  The school was located off Highway 270 West on Sunshine Road on left where Erickson Construction is now located.  Erickson made the schoolhouse into a store house and the cafeteria into apartments.  Submitted by Linda Miller Lake Hamilton Home Economics Cottage, Pearcy, Garland County,  in 1967.  Submitted by Linda Miller

Lake Hamilton Elementary School in 1968.

Lake Hamilton Grade School 1968.

Lake Hamilton Middle School 1968.

Lake Hamilton Elementary Building in 1968.  Submitted by Linda Miller. Lake Hamilton Grade School in 1968.  Submitted by Linda Miller Lake Hamilton Middle School in 1968.  Submitted by Linda Miller

Lake Hamilton High School in 1968.

Fountain Lake 1949 Basketball Team.

Fountain lake 1949 graduates.

Lake Hamilton High School in 1968.  Submitted by Linda Miller Fountain Lake 1949 basketball team.  From left first row:  Clarence Shell, Jr, Bud Taylor, Jasper Cotnam, J D Nichols, Jackie Conrad; second row:  Dale Ward, Donald Dunnavant, Harold Standridge, Clifton Bearden, Ray Wallace.  Submitted by Virginia Glasscock Nichols Fountain Lake 1949 graduates.  Charles Cockman, Virginia Greene, Faye Lovel, A C Guest, Floy Hassell, Gene Hassell, Ann Turbeville Godwin, Gerry Ford, Junior Shell, Jack Conrad, Bernice Graves, Harold Standridge, Charles Welchman, Wilene Mann, Nathan Garrett, Clara Garrett, J D Nichols, Betty Glasscock Robinson (Virginia's sister--she had just married Leroy Robinson), Jasper Cotnam, Beatrice Howard, Donald Dunnavant.  Submitted by Virginia Glasscock Nichols

Pearcy School.

Pearcy School.

Jones School 1915

Pearcy School names unknown.  If you recognize any, please email the webmaster.  Submitted by Margie Hill Pearcy School names unknown.  If you recognize any, please email the webmaster.  Submitted by Margie Hill There is one picture of Jones Elementary School, first and second grades. Josie Sellers,  aunt of Jimmy Childs, is in the second row back with an X on her face in the middle. It was dated 20 April 1915. Photo courtesy of Carol Childs, wife of Jimmy Childs

Spring Branch School

Spring Branch School. Photo courtesy of Sue Wilson    

None of these photos may be copied from this website without the permission of the Melting Pot and the person who submitted the photo.