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Following, you will find photographs of various Garland County, Montgomery County, and Saline County Schools -- both old and new.  You will also find class photographs.  If you can identity anyone who is not identified or if you know more about a particular school, please send the webmaster an email.

If you have a photo to include, please e-mail it to the webmaster and we will post it.

We have divided up the schools into four pages.  Be sure to visit all four pages.


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Park School. High Street School. Walnut Grove School.
Park School.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society High Street School once located in Hot Springs.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society Walnut Grove School, Cedar Glades, Garland County, 1920.  Bottom l to r:  Harrison Blocker, Raymond Bates, Ovell Phillips, Grover Blocker, Ollie Bates, Lester Bates; second row from bottom l to r:  Odie Bates, Mary Riley, R McDowel, Cora Halsell, Ozzie Kelly, Myrtle Halsell, Rosa Kelly, Parley Blocker; third row l to r:  Bertie Kennie, Martha Bates, Will Castleberry, Mary Blocker, Mable Miller, Bertha Bates, Martha Kelly, Lucinda Graves Hogue Tankersley (teacher); fourth row l to r:  Jim Bates, Robert Phillips, Hattie Moore, Willie McDowel, Harley Bates; fifth row l to r:  Ellen Kelly, Ruie McDowel, ?, Mary Phillips, Rosa Bates; top row l to r:  Nora Halsell (marked out), Ador Horton, Rullar Sharp, ?
Submitted by Jim Johnson
Ramble School. Ramble School 1944. Buckville Academy.
Ramble School located on Ramble Street in Hot Springs.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society Ramble School May 1944 -- sixth grade.  1st row:  Edward Green, Jimmy Hood, Walter Hatcher, Virginia Glasscock, Joann Kemper, Billy Randall, Dorothy Short, Verne Brock, Billy Allen, Joan Westmoreland, Danah Dale, Martha Sue Black, Frederick Dale, unknown; 2nd row:  unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Bill Bolton, Gerald Dodd, Mary Ann Orr, Patty Lloyd, Unknown, Amelia Kellar, Beth Rhiddlehoover; 3rd row:  unknown, Edward Barry, unknown, unknown, unknown, Bobby Whisenant, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Frances Vaughan; teacher is immediate behind this row; 4th row:  Kathleen Schaer (teacher), Bobby Waters, Frank Doster, unknown, unknown, Loretta Greenfield, Margaret Phillips, Joyce Ann Hankins, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Eloise Hardin, C L Payne.  Submitted by Virginia Glasscock Nichols Buckville Academy about 1910 left to right:  unknown, unknown, William Columbus "Will" Melton, unknown, unknown, Ernest L McElrath.  This was also the site of the Buckville Boarding House.  The home was owned by Virgil Shaw.  Submitted by Sue Nooner Brooks

Marble School about 1894.

Marble School.

Marble School 1908-1912.

Marble School located in eastern Garland County about 1894.  If you know who any of these people are, please email.  Submitted by Mary Lou Roberts Messersmith Marble School -- year unknown. Submitted by Mary Lou Roberts Messersmith Marble School between 1908-1912.  [Webmaster note:  Unless I am mistaken, Sarah White is on the first standing row (to far left) and Lizzie White is the eighth to the left.]  Submitted by Mary Lou Messersmith

Mount Nebo School.

Antioch School.

Antioch School, Roberts and Vance.

Mount Nebo School.  Lizzie and twin sister Sarah White are on top row second and third -- cannot tell which is which.  Submitted by Mary Lou Roberts Messersmith Antioch School, Saline County.  Second row, fourth, is Stanford Lee Roberts. Submitted by Mary Lou Roberts Messersmith Antioch School.  The little boy on the farm left of whom you can only see half of is Clayburn Vance.  Next to him is his grandmother, Mary Louisa "Polly" Houser Dickson Roberts.  Top row, left, is Ida May Bradfield Jorden; fourth (on top row) is Stanford Lee Roberts.  Front row, fourth little girl from left is Grace Roberts Clifford.  Submitted by Mary Lou Messersmith

Howard School.

Pleasant Hill School.

Daniel School.

Howard School taken about 1916.  Back row l to r:  Herbert McEarl, Loyd Howard, Beulah Faulks, Marjorie Ross, Bertha Terry, Betty McEarl, Ruby Howard, Willie McEarl, Myrtle McEarl, Marie Faulks, Helen Jamison, Helen Keller, Harry Howard; third row:  unk, Gladys Rhiddlehoover, Alma Smith, Zadie Waldrop, T W "Mike" Pittman, ? Jamison, Hazel Terry, Lizzie Sargo, Roy Baggott, Frank Umphers, Jesse Bryant, Floyd Bryant; second row:  Robert Braughton, Frank Waldrop, Preston Terry, Ocie Rhiddlehoover, Gilbert Jamison, Roscoe Ross, Jim Keller, Mary Tee Smith, Agnes Faulks, ? Waldrop, Grace Jamison, Annette Sargo, Mildred Braughton; front row:  Cliff Bryant, Monk Braughton, unk, Dick Runyon, Paul Runyon, ? Faulks, ? Cates, Sam Bryant.  Submitted by Darcy Lee Howard Pleasant Hill School 8 September 1915.  Bottom row:  Arthur Garrett, Hollis Allen, Clyde House, Carol Donathan, Roy Kent, Earnest Pittman, Buster Thornton, Johnnie Thornton, Henry Mahan, Chester Beason Ruie Garrett, Aubry Hogue, Fred Myers, Louie Kemp, Wilmer Kemp, John Autwell, Clayton Weatherspoon; 2nd row:  Auston Pittman, Mable Weatherspoon, Edith Donaldson, Pearl Chambers, Lee Stokes, Vernie Byers, Rosie Garret, Francis Donathan, Ora Puckett, Tina Beason, Lena Kemp, Annie Bounds, Mike Pittman (teacher), Reed Pittman, Bessie Beason, Homer Puckett; third row:  Lee Pittman, Charlie Hobby, Rena Pittman, Ellen Byers, Opal Myers, Ruby Lawrence, Willis Pittman, Joe Autwell, Sarah Ballard, Thelma Hale, Hazel Hogue, Esther Ashcroft, Velma Pittman, Lucid Spivey, Earnestine Beason, Alvin Hobby, Mittie Mahan, Mary Thornton, Athie Phillips; top row:  primary teacher Floyd Louton, John Stokes, Ben Chambers, Tarp Pittman, Kenney Thompson, Ben Sanders, Carol Hobby, John M Kent.  Submitted by Ethel Bradshaw Cartwright.  [If you find any of these names incorrect, please email us.] Daniel School on Gardner Ferry Road in Garland County.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society

Greenwood School, Hot Springs, 2nd grade

Greenwood School, Hot Springs, 1944-1945

Greenwood School, 5th grade

Greenwood School 2nd grade; bottom step: Gary Williamson, Wade Spainhour, Barbara Jane Loyd (possibly),  ?, Yvonne House, Anna Pittman, ?, ?, David Hays; top step: Charles Slaughterback, Dickie Pool, Wayne Foshee, ?, Nancy Hand, ?, teacher - Mrs. Zimmerman, Bob Maddox, Clyde Moore (possibly), ?, ?, James Truby. [The one who is marked with the name of David on the photo is NOT David Hays.] Photo courtesy of David Hays Greenwood School, 1944-45; bottom row: teacher Vera Lee Morrow, Anna Pittman, Phyllis Schmus, Yvonne House, Barbara J. Loyd, Wade Spainhour, Charles Bright, ?; second row: Nancy Hand, ?, ?, ?, Louie Blackmon, ?, Collin McKinney, Bill McAllister; top row: Gary Williamson, Wayne Foshee, Bob Maddox, David Hays, Dickie Pool, Charles Slaughterback, James Truby. Photo courtesy of David Hays Greenwood School, 1947-1948, grade 5: bottom row: ?, Sammy ?, Gilbert Hawkins, Benny ?, Max Brown, Collin McKinney, ?, Gary Williamson; 2nd row: Billy Evans, Peggy ?, ?, ?, Joel Sutton, ?, Kenneth ?, ?, Virgil Adcox; 3rd row: ?, Donald Rash, Eutha Lee Tallant, Nancy Hand, Wayne Foshee, ?; 4th row: David Hays, Anna Pittman, ?, Bobby Kemp, ?, Bob Maddox; top row: teacher Mrs. Hull, Dick Pool, ?, Wade Spainhour, Carolyn Swaney, Louie Blackmon, Yvonne House, ?, ?. Photo courtesy of David Hays

Greenwood School, Hot Springs, Grade 6

Rachel Kuechenmeister, Agnes Neimeryer, Joyce Stonecipher, Shirley Shepherd, Molly Brandt, Shirley Collier, Nancy June Ricks, Caroline Seiz

Ramble School Attie Lee Orr teacher

Greenwood School, 1948-1948, grade 6: bottom row: Eutha Lee Tallant, ?, ?, ?, ?, Carolyn Swaney, Yvonne House; 2nd row: ?, Billy Evans, ?, David Hays, ?, Charles Chunn, ?, ?; third row; top row: teacher Mrs. Watson, Gary Williamson, ?, ?, ?, Louie Blackmon, ?, Clyde Moore. Photo courtesy of David Hays Following are some of the members  of the 1946 Hot Springs Junior High graduation class: Rachel Kuechenmeister, Agnes Neimeyer, Joyce Stonecipher, Shirley Shepherd, Molly Brandt, Shirley Collier, Nancy June Ricks, and Caroline Seiz. Photo courtesy of Joyce Stonecipher Thornton Ramble School with Attie Lee Orr, teacher. Dates and students are unknown. Photo was in family photos and history of Frances Marcile Carson Dillard that was donated to the Melting Pot Genealogical Society by her daughter

Shady Grove School

1970 Saint Joseph LPN Class

Ramble School 1944

Shady Grove School, date unknown. Some of the students were Joe Swindal, Eva Swindal, Mildred Sparlin, Etta, Sam, Millard, Una Sparlin, Ada, Bill Childs, Farris Merritt, Mary Rookard, Chester Hender--, John Childs, Mabel Hill, Carmen Hill, Ethel, Adriene Williams, Becky, Ray Merritt, Jodie Merritt, Myrtle Young, Ed Hill, Lillie Merritt, Hattie, Bernice. Photo courtesy of Louis Brodrick 1970 LPN St. Joseph School of Nursing Class. Front row: Mrs. Arnholtz, teacher, Lannie Blocker Johnson, Cheryl Loy, Laura Elder, Betty Matthews, Unknown, Priscilla Emerson, Patsy Crumpton (now Director of Nurses at National Park), Mrs. Elenor Stewart, teacher; second row: Sylvia Weatherford, Ester Williams, Mary Vetro, Vera Cockrell, Polly Robins, Ira Lock; top row: Unknown, Nancy Redding, Maxine Sigman, Fannie Goings, Unknown, Pat Redleaf. At least six are deceased along with both teachers. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Johnson Miss Ermine Knoeful’s 1st and 2nd grade class at Ramble School. Photo taken in the fall of 1944
Standing. left to right: Billy Jack Freet, Nancy Carroll, Norma MacInvaile, Charlotte __________?, Bobby Ball, Matt Selvage, Ruth Black, Peggy Carroll, Mildred Thurman, Gary Edwards, Lloyd Gentry, Carolyn Cunningham, Peggy Graham, George Klee, Joyce Hendricks, Wesley Trott.
Seated, left to right: Frances King, Fred Phillips, Eugene Brown, Robert Hunt, Don Neighbors, Rose Ann Helms, Mona Carroll, Shirley Short, Pauline Godwin, Kenneth Biggs, Janette Russell, Kenneth Tillery, Claude Hensley, Monya Reed, Billy Jo Ritter. Photo courtesy of Susan Muckle

None of these photos may be copied from this website without the permission of the Melting Pot and the person who submitted the photo.