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Highway 270 West (Albert Pike Road) and Fleetwood Road
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 34.5094, Longitude: -93.1524

This cemetery is in two sections, Patton-Jones on the left hand side and separated by a fence from Fleming Cemetery.

This land was donated by Elisha Fleming in 1900 per Scarlett Fleming Donahue.

Copied by Debra Slater Garner in 1999.

If the words (Req Obituary) appear at the end of the listing, click on it. You may request the obituary from the Melting Pot Genealogical Society.

Ashcraft, Henry M.     1904     1934    m: Hazel Smith 9-5-1925

Austin, Betty Jane    07/04/1928-09/12/2004    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Back, George H.     10-18-1879     2-4-1949

Cooner, Daisy A.     3-4-1891     3-31-1965    d/o Colubus and Delia Caulie Bondy

Costello, Kenneth W.     12-24-1916     4-13-1974    Arkansas US Marine Corps World War II; s/o Al and Antonette Hodak Costello

Donahue, Ronald Stephen     10-7-1959     4-10-1994

Ellis, Bill Ulyssees     12-14-1904     10-9-1966    s/o John and Mary Blocker Ellis

Ellis, Oweeda     8-19-1914     9-13-1956    d/o Charles and Lillie Blackburn Mayberry, w/o Bill Ellis

Fields, Keith Allen     1-10-1960     1-23-1965    s/o Billy C. and Martha Hibbs Jones

Fleming, Mary Ozell     4-12-1916     11-26-2002    d/o J. B. and Addie Cheek McPeak, w/o Peyton Fleming

Fleming, Robert Wade     4-21-1935     2-29-1992    s/o Peyton and Mary McPeak Fleming, m: Jolene Harris 3-7-1957

Fleming Ronnie Allen     5-23-1944     4-20-1945    s/o Peyton and Mary Ozell McPeak Fleming

Fleming, Thomas Riley     1-1-1886     3-5-1938    s/o Elisha and Jane Brandon Fleming

Fleming, Jane     3-5-1850     10-23-1912    w/o Elisha Fleming

Fleming, Infant     --------- 8-17-1891    child of Elisha and Jane Brandon Fleming

Fleming, Hugh Alex     10-19-1880     6-19-1945    s/o Elisha and Jane Brandon Fleming

Fleming, Willard     2-11-1920     1-12-1921    s/o H. A. and Nora Jones Fleming

Fleming, Baby     b.d. 9-1-1922

Fleming, Dorothy     5-6-1914     1-19-1916    d/o Hugh A. and Nora Jones Fleming

Fleming, Cecil S.     3-11-1912     8-3-1972    s/o Hugh A. and Nora Jones Fleming

Fleming, Susan E.     7-2-1912     5-16-1964    w/o Cecil S. Fleming

Fortier, Emalee     6-3-1928     4-19-1937    d/o Arthur and Effie Jones Fortier

Fuller, James W.     3-9-1924     3-10-1985

Hisaw, John Henry     7-8-1884     5-26-1974    s/o Thediath and Mary J. Duncan Hisaw, m: Mary Jane Foster 11-29-1905

Hisaw, Mary Jane     9-23-1882     5-1-1943    w/o John Henry Hisaw

Holmes, Floyd R., Jr.     2-15-1924     1-25-1997    s/o Floyd and Lillie Fleming Holmes

Holmes, Mary Ida     06/23/1925     12-6-1996 age 71    w/o Floyd R. Holmes, Jr.

Holmes Jack C.     3-23-1928     4-17-1975    s/o Floyd and Lillie Fleming Holmes

Holmes, William A.    06/28/1950-10/19/2007    [son of Floyd and Mary Ida Holmes; cremated; added per obituary]

Holmes, Clinton B.     3-8-1894     9-17-1980    s/o A. B and Mary Gullet Holmes, m: Myrtle Wood 3-9-1918

Jones, Thomas     8-5-1856    4-23-1929    m: Margaret Sutton 1901

Jones, Margaret     4-16-1879     7-11-1938    d/o John and Malinda Bray Sutton

Jones, Sarah Watkins     4-21-1899     7-21-1959    [this date may be incorrect; a relative states the correct dates are 07/21/1859-04/21/1899]

Jones, Charles H.     5-1962 (only date on stone)    s/o Billy and Lillian Jackson Jones

Jones, Preston Howard    10/25/1938-12/30/1938    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Jones, Walter Edward    06/07/1948-06/17/1948    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Kemp, Wilmer T.     9-17-1907     1-16-1992    s/o Simon and Susan Pittman Kemp, m: Louise L. Holmes 9-9-1945
    Kemp, Louise L.     8-28-1916     2-12-1996    d/o Floyd and Lillie Fleming Holmes

Koonce, Charles Devon    10/26/1971-09/05/2003    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Koonce, Orland W., Sr.     08-19-1913     3-3-1999    Sp: Helen Holmes    (Req Obituary)

Koonce, Orland W., Jr.     8-29-1940     6-13-2003    s/o Orland Koonce and Helen Holmes, h/o 1st: Linda Doane, h/o 2nd Kitty_________

Lager, Francis M.     4-18-1918     10-22-1972

Lambert, Belle     9-5-1888     10-8-1956    d/o Elisha and Jane Brandon Fleming, m: 1st. Tom Mays, 2nd Hobson D. Lambert 11-29-1924

Marrow, Marlen J.    03/23/1947-06/14/2007    [parents:  V. W. Marrow and Muriel Fryer; added per obituary]

Mayberry, Charlie T.     1-10-1885     11-14-1952    s/o John and Melissa Dick Mayberry, m: Lillie Blackburn

Mayberry, Lillie M.     7-12-1894     9-4-1964    d/o William and Mollie Brown Blackburn

Mays, Tom     3-25-1887     7-7-1921    m: Belle Fleming 1-31-1912 (see Belle Lambert)

McPeak, Hope Edward     2-28-1902     12-20-1965    s/o J. B. and Addie Cheek McPeak

Miller, Charley     1-27-1892     5-30-1975    s/o Richard and Mary Porter Miller

Miller, Madge B.     11-6-1911    1-27-1974

Piracci, Pamela Copeland     7-17-1959     10-21-1980

Roberson, Eva     9-20-1883     11-25-1913

Roberson, Twins     b.d. 11-23-1913

Robison, Harold O.     3-1923     11-1924    s/o Joseph and Betty Jones Robison

Robison, Imogene N     3-1927     3-1928    d/o Joseph and Betty Jones Robison

Rowan, Gary Lynn     9-11-1958     5-12-1983     s/o Kenneth and Martha Hibbs Rowan

Sanders, Floyd     8-25-1910     10-23-1959    m: Jessie Hampton 10-29-1930

Sheffield, W. D.     2-14-1893     6-17-1963    s/o Joel and Sarah Loyd Sheffield

Sheffield, Cora     4-5-1893     12-15-1962    d/o Elisha and Jane Brandon Fleming

Sheffield, William C.     9-7-1912     3-4-1935    s/o Wm. and Cora Fleming Sheffield

Sheffield, Louie E.     b.d 1918    s/o Wm and Cora Fleming Sheffield

Short, Nora L. Fleming     10-23-1891     9-16-1958    d/o Thomas Jones, m: 1st. Hugh A. Fleming, 2nd. Richard Short

Shortreed, Lillie Holmes     8-3-1898     7-10-1981    d/o Elisha and Jane Brandon Fleming, m: 1st. Floyd Holmes 8-16-1915, 2nd. Thurston Shortreed

Smith, Annie     4-22-1880     12-21-1973    d/o Columbus and Mary Sanders Cheek, m: 1st. J.B. McPeak

Thomas, I. W. "Ish"     4-16-1908     12-18-1983    s/o Jesse and Pearl Farmer Thomas, m: Pearl Lanham 12-24-1930

Thomas, Ollie M.    01/01/1926-02/17/2006    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Turner, Homer A.     11-27-1943     11-25-2001     (added per obituary), P: Homer Adrian and Dorothy Elizabeth Hancock Turner, Sp: Frances_____________

Wilson, Paul L.     2-7-1924     1-29-1969    s/o George and Rebecca Griggs Wilson

Wilson, Frank N.     2-9-1917     1-29-1969    s/o George and Rebecca Griggs Wilson