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Files Road
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

Files Cemetery in Hot Springs photograph.

GPS coordinates:  Latitude: 34.45608 Longitude: -93.06873

Directions: Take Highway 7 South (Central Avenue) out of Hot Springs (toward the Hot Springs Mall). You will travel about 4.8 miles from Central and Whittington. Take a right on Files Road (there is a traffic light there); go up the hill, and the cemetery is on the right in the curve.

The cemetery was photographed, read and transcribed by Patti Vance Hays March 30, 2010.

Patti has photographs of most of the markers. A few of them may be found on this page. They may be identified by the underlined names. Click on the underlined name for the tombstone photograph. If you would like a photograph of the marker emailed to you, send the webmaster an email with subject: Files Cemetery Photograph, then copy and paste the entry from this page into the body of the email. We have just begun to add personal photographs within the cemetery transcriptions. If you have a personal photograph of someone who is listed in Files Cemetery, please email it to the webmaster with complete information so that we may include it in the website. You should show in the subject line: personal photograph for Files Cemetery. The message should include the full name of the person whose photograph you are sending and dates shown in the transcription so that we will place it with the correct person. Please send only one photograph per person and only one photograph per email. Photographs may be used for your personal use but may not be published in any medium without permission.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996 through 2016, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more.

Rouse, Alice Ann    1925-2004    Wife  In Loving Memory

Rouse, Arvel M.    1910-1979    Husband  In Loving Memory

Rowe, Frances    03/25/1888-11/16/1970    In Loving Memory

Rowe, George F.    07/11/1865-12/10/1949    Father

Rowe, Florence D.    09/19/1865-04/15/1936    Mother

Downer, Elizabeth    02/24/1843-01/17/1927

Powers, Mark    1956-1990

Smart, Richard Paul    12/19/1960-10/04/1990    AB US Air Force

Gentry, Timothy Edward    04/13/1960-04/10/1992    [Funeral Home Marker]

Gentry, Raymond Nolan    09/18/1909-07/31/1991    [Funeral Home Marker]

Brock, Ruby A.    01/28/1905-10/18/1949    Mother  Her Memory Is Blessed

Brock, John D.    02/23/1897-03/15/1984    Daddy  Forever in Our Hearts

Brock, Ryan David    12/29/1980-09/13/2001    You Will Be Missed And Loved Always Forever In Our Hearts    Loving Son of Sheila; Grandson of Ruth and Joseph; Brother of Stevie Ann

Brock, Joseph E. Sr.    Lacy, Sheila Ann Brock    Brock, Ruth Ann    [These have no dates and are lined up behind Ryan David Brock's gravesite. It appears they are preneed markers.]

Gateley, Basil H.    -11/22/1936 age 38 years    Arkansas Corp 142 Field Arty 39 Division

Rogers, Harry T.    10/24/1877-10/29/1958

Rogers, Ela C.    05/05/1840-10/21/1924    Father
    Rogers, Margarett V.    04/29/1840-04/03/1926

McDaniel, Ada F.    10/01/1888-05/22/1976
    McDaniel, George F.    02/13/1889-01/17/1961

Smith, Hollis H.    12/24/1929-11/22/1932

Peters, Dalton    08/04/1860-04/23/1959
    Peters, Francelia    12/20/1856-03/26/1938

Hooker, Clarence    11/30/1903-03/15/1967

Hooker, Emsley    01/13/1898-05/13/1966

Hooker, Ona Bell    07/26/1879-11/22/1946
    Hooker, Nathan Sr.    08/15/1968-06/17/1944

Infant Twins of Nathan and Ona Hooker    11/01/1906-11/01/1906

Hooker, Luther    Son of Nathan and Ona Hooker    11/02/1907-07/23/1909

Hooker, Willie    Son of Nathan and Ona Hooker    04/13/1914-10/29/1917

Hooker, Howard Jr.    11/27/1924-01/17/1926

Sherlock, Mrs. Clara M.    1858-1918

Sherlock, Vinton    1853-1924

Lawler, William J.    In Memory of S/Sgt US Army Served in Europe, Asia, Pacific and Korea Punch Bowl, Honolulu, Hawaii

Porter, Donnie Jane    01/29/1933-10/28/2004

Coker, James Isham    11/18/1900-11/27/1964    Arkansas Sp2 USNR World War I and World War II

Coker, Aline Lawler    04/17/1920-09/08/2000

Ferguson, Mary Jewel    07/22/1886-01/28/1948    At Rest

Smith, Roxie M.    05/05/1894-04/11/1984

Smith, Miles B.    04/10/1888-12/08/1955    Arkansas Pvt Base Hosp III World War I

Mooney, Atha Lena    1883-1953

Mooney, J. C.    1883-1948

Smith, Will    -04/12/1940    Arkansas Pvt US Army

Farr, Nellie R.    06/30/1906-04/12/1909    Little Daughter of Thomas and Lou Farr

Farr, Louise    04/11/1915-08/11/1917    Dau of Thomas and Lou Farr

Haney, James Harvell    10/23/1870-04/11/1925

Illegible Funeral Home Marker

Smith, J. H.    01/14/1822-07/23/1895

Farr, James I.    02/12/1873-12/20/1941

Mann, Arie Farr    1877-1961

Hart, Effie Irene    1906-1938    [Gross Funeral Home Marker]

Hart, Mary Jane    1873-1951    [Gross Funeral Home Marker]

Swearingen, Sarah M.    08/11/1833-05/17/1889    Wife of J. W.

Swearingen, Oscar L.    07/18/1895-07/16/1896    Son of C. W. and A. L.

Swearingen, Claud M.    02/28/1893-08/16/1894    son of C. W. and A. L.

Swearingen, Freddie    12/19/1897-04/03/1899    Son of C. W. and A. L.

Johns, Eugenia S.    1890-1947

Swearingen, Charles W.    1859-1943    Papa
    Swearingen, Annie L.    1872-1950    Mama

Meux, Joseph Henry    03/15/1885-12/31/1969
    Meux, Lela Pearl    10/20/1901-02/20/1988

Burrough, Emma L.    11/01/1875-02/01/1905    Wife of Ed. H. Burrough    As a wife, devoted; As a mother, affectionate; As a friend, ever kind and true. In life she exhibted all the graces of a Christian; In death her redeemed spirit returned to God, Who gave it.

Epperly, Eva Mae    1877-1944
    Epperly, Lant B.    1862-1937

Files, John H.    07/28/1868-04/19/1946

Farr, Harold W.    12/03/1914-05/09/2000

Farr, Daniel R. (Dick)    12/31/1906-09/16/1954

Ware, Mollie Farr    11/04/1882-11/07/1947

Farr, D. Jack    01/28/1879-05/25/1922

Reader, Sallie Farr    12/22/1849-04/12/1932

Farr, William    11/20/1834-04/06/1892

Gardner, Libby2    08/19/1854-08/05/1893

Gardner, George W.    1849-1898
    Gardner, Maggie    1886-1901

Borland, Almeadie Gardner    04/14/1882-02/16/1945    Beloved wife of Deloss Borland

Borland, Deloss    03/17/1880-01/20/1950

Hanson, Sackie Gardner    1878-1899

Gardner, James E.    1910-1913

Gardner, Novella M.    05/20/1901-11/23/1947

Gardner, Frank W.    1876-1933

Mestizo, Angel    01/06/1953-06/27/1955    [Hot Springs Funeral Home Marker]

Burton, Lannie O.    11/07/1897-10/11/1978    married 05/15/1921
    Burton, Effie M.    07/10/1901-11/23/1995

Simpson, Mollie    04/23/1861-12/26/1950

Langdon, Verney    08/18/1877-01/30/1961

Ross, Bennie D.    08/13/1879-03/28/1968    Mother

Wisener, Clifford L.    07/22/1906-06/13/1972

Rogers, Kenneth B.    -07/31/1942    Arkansas Pvt Q.M. Corps

Kellum, J. W.    1853-1922

Poulter, Edna J.    09/09/1921-10/30/1921
    Poulter, Edith I.    12/03/1871-09/29/1921

Cooper, Cecil Olevia    08/18/1896-07/01/1985

Baldwin, Ruth M. Cooper    11/29/1923-08/10/1997

Geurin, Infant of Hilbert and Willie    07/21/1918-07/21/1918

Baldwin, Nathan E.    03/17/1922-01/30/1968    Arkansas Sgt US Air Force Res World War II

Hinsley, J. C. "Dick"    04/12/1917-02/18/1994    Dad
    Hinsley, Regina Yates    06/05/1928-12/04/1972    Mom

Hinsley, Della M.    04/04/1914-02/20/1977

Hinsley, Edgar L.    10/13/1899-03/19/1971

Hinsley, John L.    02/26/1875-02/20/1920    Father
    Hinsley, Sarah F.    05/26/1874-02/22/1920    Mother

Hinsley, F. Beatrice "Bea"    04/22/1906-01/21/1996

Hinsley, Sarah Ann "Annie"    01/02/1909    [SSDI shows she died 10/10/2009]

Hinsley, Gertrude "Gertie"    09/16/1911-09/07/1988

Files, Leola E.    03/13/1921-03/09/2009

Files, Hansel A.    04/08/1915-03/26/1930

Files, Cleo E.    08/03/1913-06/03/1914

Pryor, Ernest V.    12/01/1917-12/17/1979
    Pryor, Lelia Mae    08/12/1924-08/30/2005

Files, William H.    02/04/1887-10/22/1970
    Files, Vera A.    02/04/1898-12/19/1966

Batterton, Dennis    Judy    Dannie    [no dates - appears to be preneed]

McCorkle, The Reverend C. P.    1867-1941

VanPatter, Pauline Files    08/25/1905-06/13/1987

Files, Eugene C.    10/14/1899-02/03/1958

Dwiggins, Joseph Norton    08/30/1926-01/01/1969

Tucker, Rev. Robert G.    08/16/1925-06/18/1994

Tucker, Mitzi Jean Files    05/11/1926-07/03/2013    [from obituary]

Tucker, Theodosia N.    12/04/1906-07/11/2000

Tucker, Ruth Henley    [no date of death shown]

Tucker, James F.    10/22/1927-01/10/2011    [dates from obituary]
    Tucker, Mary Evelyn    05/14/1927-03/13/1992

Files, A. E.    03/26/1870-01/31/1911

McCorkle, Mittie Files    05/12/1877-94.19.1869

?, Joe Aaron    03/31/1940-_/04/1986    [this was a funeral home marker that was very faded and may be incorrect]

Norton, Ricky D.    07/20/1961-09/27/1994

Hudson, J. C.   06/19/1858-09/24/1886

Clay, W. W.    03/05/1868-01/05/1894

Files, Abner C.    02/14/1843-12/16/1925
    Files, Elizabeth    02/02/1850-09/09/1922

Illegible (166)

Ware, William P.    08/29/1893-02/09/1906

Clay, James Henry    03/27/1876-03/27/1937

Clay, Raphael Lee    07/01/1885-03/01/1965

Smith, Clara Ann    09/04/1887-05/01/1960

Lawler, Albert    04/04/1885-08/07/1967
    Lawler, Mary Clay    05/04/1887-01/30/1970

Lawler, Katie Louise "Peggy"    03/26/1918-02/05/2000

Clay, Ann    12/29/1859-12/12/1930    Wife of W. W. Clay

Clifton, Margaret Narcissus Compton Henson    08/04__-10/07/1907

Clifton, Josiah    01/01/1829-10/19/1907

Lawler, Paul Edward    01/07/1926-10/27/1928

Lawler, Lois    01/21/1913-06/20/1915    Dau of Albert and Mary Lawler

Clay, Mary Gardner    06/02/1845-02/04/1924    The Spirit Shall Return Unto God Who Gave It

Clay, W. L.    11/18/1843-04/10/1899    Co F 1 Arkansas Cav C.S.A.

Smith, Louisiana Clay    10/20/1845-05/06/1922

Batterton, James W. "Billy"    06/02/1919-08/15/2009

Batterton, Clyde L.    09/26/1920-11/30/1980

Ford, Mary B.    09/19/1913-11/20/1985

Ford, Clinton W.    05/07/1907-06/24/1977

Foster, Anna Mae    10/09/1909-01/22/1968

Files, Thomas L.    12/02/1879-11/14/1937
    Files, Lonia M.    05/06/1887-01/12/1951
    Files, Ruby L.    07/31/1904-05/03/1922

Berry, Genevieve Files    1907-2005

Arnold, Eugenia Mae    05/05/1884-08/28/1947    Wife of Elder C. D. Arnold

Olive, Roy Richard    12/01/1932-04/03/2003

Flowers, Billy T.    08/06/1942-09/12/1942

Olive, John William    02/28/1899-07/31/1947
    Olive, Nellie G.    09/24/1897-04/14/1986

Turbyfill, Floy Mae    02/05/1922-12/05/1990

Flowers, Thomas C.    09/08/1919-06/06/1996
    Flowers, Annette    08/12/1920-10/30/1994

Connelly, Eva Green    12/10/1875-09/17/1951

Connelly, W. B. "Pat"    1906-1985    [Gross Funeral Home Marker]

Kindred, Joseph D.    05/30/1902-09/07/1940    [old concrete marker]

Kindred, Adolphine Rebecca    05/07/1910-06/23/2000
    Kindred, Joe Daniel    05/30/1902-09/07/1940

Middleton, Howard Julian    12/06/1908-03/14/1982    US Coast Guard World War II

Jackson, Julia D.    07/30/1894-10/14/1992

Ritter, Mary Jane    10/17/1853-01/30/1923

Ray, Ada    06/18/1877-03/01/1968

Frantz, Jessie Roper    07/30/1894-08/16/1995

Avery, W. H.    01/06/1844-02/23/1914

Atnip, Maudie Viola1    1886-1924

Beckham, Gwineth    age 82-07/30/1996 3 4

Collier, Rosa Lee2    died 09/16/1954    age 26 yrs 5 mos 18 days    [Caruth Funeral Home Marker]

Farr, Infant2   Son of J. L. and M. E.    08/20/1897-10/28/1897

Carnes, Isa Leota2    -10/02/1895 age 8 mos 20 days    Daughter of W. L. and K. E. Carnes

Hart, Mark I.1   1911-1912    [Gross Funeral Home Marker]

Hinsley, Allen Curl2    03/21/1940-06/27/1961

Hooker, Jesse1    09/22/1918-09/26/1991    SSgt US Army Air Corps World War II

Kissellburg, G. W.1    died 10/14/1921 aged 77 years

McDaniel, Thomas1    1909-1961

McDaniel, William C.1    1857-1925

Smith, Infant2   Son of R. P. and N. E.    11/02/1896-01/25/1897

rotenberry, Allissa Grace "Allie"    age 1-04/10/2011    [from obituary] 4

Rotenberry, Michael "Lee"    age 36-04/10/2011    [from obituary] 4

Rotenberry, Sheena Reene Batterton    age 29-04/10/2011    [from obituary] 4

1   Patti did not see this marker; obtained the information from

2   Patti did not see this marker; obtained the information from Garland County, Arkansas Tombstone Inscriptions Eastern Volume I compiled by Inez E. Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane in 1969. Files Cemetery was read April 26, 1967, by Pat Brown and Inez Cline for that publication.

3  Patti did not see a marker; information about burial from an obituary in The Sentinel-Record.

4  The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has the obituary archived. You may go here to find out how to request an obituary. After reading the instructions on requesting, please be sure to find the obituary in the listings so that you may copy and paste the entire line in your e-mail.