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Garland County, Arkansas

Highway 270 West from Hot Springs to Crystal Springs approximately 15 miles; turn left on Ragweed Valley Road and take the first left which ends at cemetery.

Copied by Debra Slater Garner 1997.  Additions past 1997 are from obituary notices.

Click on underlined names for tombstone photograph.  These photographs may be used for personal use only and may not be republished in any medium without permission.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1997-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more.

Adair, Oliver 12-18-1836 2-3-1929

Adair, Margaret 1-24-1843 8-27-1929

Adair, Horace Greeley 6-27-1872 11-27-1937, s/o Oliver and Margaret Fulton Adair

Adair, Jewell 1915 7-21-1934, d/o Horace and Cora Bell Morgan Adair

Baber, William Reginald 2-25-1915 5-12-1969, s/o Edward H. and Mary A. Smith Baber

Bauer, Florence 8-3-1912 3-28-1994

Beardsley, D. C. 2-8-1874 10-13-1934, m: Nettie Black 6-22-1905

Beardsley, Nettie 2-16-1875 7-30-1959

Bidwell, Hazel Talley 8-10-1921 2-1-1987

Black, William H. 8-16-1871 10-3-1940, s/o Marcus and Jane Fulton Black

Black, Willie Ann 6-26-1881 11-10-1973, d/o James H. Mooney

Black, Arthur E. 4-28-1905 4-12-1937, s/o Wm. and Willie Ann Mooney Black

Black, Sheridan F. 11-27-1913 12-1-2003 (added per obituary), s/o William H. Black and Willia Ann Mooney Black

Black, Peggy 6-2-1917 6-18-2001 (added per obituary), d/o Hugh Milliorn and Margaret Wells, M: 1st. Robert L. Thomas, 2nd Charles H. Conover, 3rd Sheridan Black

Boatman, Cecil Smith 10-18-1901 5-13-1975

Brown, Bennie 2-10-1912 11-29-2001 (added per obituary), s/o Felix Calvin Brown & Eliza Jane Cavender, M: Azzalee ?

Burge, Jeraldine Janice "Jerri" Evans    03-17-1932 06-09-2013    [added by pvh from obituary]

Burge, Jim 1920 1994

Butler, Sampson W. 9-12-1888 10-7-1955

Caldwell, Leda Verneal 10-5-1926 9-6-1999, d/o Leonard and Clara Prince Duniphan, w/o Roy V. Caldwell

Caldwell, Roy V.    01/27/1925-12/23/2008; son of Elza and Ruby Davis Caldwell; husband of Leda Caldwell    [info from obituary]

Conine, Henry Dale 05-15-1924 10-18-2006, s/o Henry LaFayette Conine and Effie Lee Bardwell Conie, h/o Bettye Jo Conine [pvh from obituary]

Cunningham, B. L. 10-11-1888 10-1-1889, s/o Asa and Tennesse Tucker Cunningham

Cunningham, Lillie M. 1-1-1890 7-2-1899, d/o Asa and Tennesse Tucker Cunningham

Cunningham, Benjamin 1-2-1875 4-3-1944

Curtis, John A. 9-12-1891 9-7-1973

Curtis, Ellen 11-30-1896 10-21-1967

Curtis, Kelson 1912 8-10-1927, s/o John and Ellen Curtis

Cox, Roy 1913 1987

Dalrymple, Barbara W. Terry    -08/17/2006    [added by pvh from obituary] 1   

Echols, Edward Ellsworth 10-15-1933 11-24-1991, s/o James H. and Nellie McConnell Echols

Echols, Nellie R. 9-13-1901 11-15-1950, d/o Sam and Martha Ella Smith McConnell, m: James Henry Echols 8-12-1917

Echols, Elmer J. 9-4-1935 1-19-1997, s/o James H. and Nellie McConnell Echols

Evans, Nathan N. 6-6-1859 8-5-1941

Evans, Martha Jane 6-20-1875 9-29-1964, d/o John and Nancy Bray Sutton

Evans, Marlow M. 8-28-1907 11-3-1999 (added by obit Gross F.H.), m: 4-26-1967, s/o Nathan and Martha Jane Evans

Evans, Ruby I. 4-28-1904 4-5-1979, w/o Marlow Evans

Evans, Johnie Oliver 4-29-1909 7-7-1931, s/o Nathan and Martha J. Sutton Evans

Garrett, Frank J. 2-28-1900 8-28-1950

Hunter, Billy F. 3-27-1936 6-21-1997, s/o Flave and Irene Woodall Hunter

Johnson, N. F. 3-15-1843 12-3-1905

Johnson, J. Wilburn 12-26-1854 1-27-1921

Johnson, Tenna C. 10-10-1866 11-18-1946, w/o J. Wilburn Johnson

Johnson, Walter 11-23-1898 12-2-1982, s/o J. Wilburn and Tenna Blackburn Johnson

Johnson, Wilburn 3-6-1927 7-15-1981

Johnson, Beulah 4-17-1913 9-16-1983, w/o of Wilburn Johnson

Johnson, Wyatt G. 2-7-1901 9-20-1965, s/o J. Wilburn and Tenna Blackburn Johnson

King, Andrew J. 1874 7-27-1954

Manus, Evan Cooper "Chic"    04/18/1934-03/28/2009    s/o Jesse and Marguerite Stephenson Manus; h/o Constance Sparkman    [added by Debra Garner from obituary]

Mayberry, Thomas L. 10-11-1905 3-17-1954, s/o Frank and Idella Linderman Mayberry

Mayberry, Gertie I. 9-12-1902 1975, d/o J. Wilburn and Tenna Blackburn Johnson, w/o Thomas Mayberry

McConnell, Sam Alvin 11-24-1873 12-28-1938, m: Martha Ella Smith 1-26-1895

McConnell, Martha Ella 10-20-1880 1-1-1936, d/o Moses and Margaret Smith

McConnell, Maggie L. Stebnitz 7-24-1911 8-26-1944, s/o Sam and Martha Smith McConnell, m: Gaylord Stebnitz 5-24-1941

Medcalf, Mary Ellen 4-3-1912 12-26-1961

Morgan, Dudley W. 1-16-1929 7-28-1973

Morgan, Roy W. 1-9-1926 9-18-1974

Morgan, Nan Black 10-25-1904 4-16-1990

Neal, George Thomas 4-24-1894 9-30-1966, s/o Isaac and Sarah Ferguson Neal

Neal Rosida E. 5-1-1897 12-29-1949, d/o Andrew Loyd, m: George T. Neal 8-9-1914

Neal, Eva Salome 6-3-1885 10-27-1956, d/o George Rodabush, 2nd. w/o George T. Neal

Neal, William L. 4-18-1863 8-8-1941

Neal, Josie Catherine 8-28-1866 8-4-1932, w/o William Neal

Neal, Vander 12-25-1891 5-22-1963, s/o William and Josie Morgan Neal, m: Carrie Smith 12-21-1913

Neal, Carrie 11-29-1894 12-22-1959, d/o Adam and Rebecca Tucker Smith

Neal, Jeff 3-5-1899 1-29-1951, s/o William and Josie Morgan Neal, m: Ira Noles 10-31-1925

Neal, Hollis W. 6-5-1918 3-5-1972, s/o Vander and Carrie Smith Neal

Neal, Clyde A. 10-24-1925 11-17-1985, s/o George and Rosida Loyd Smith, w/o Hollis Neal

Randolph, Clara Irene 8-19-1930 8-24-1930

Randolph, William L. 5-12-1889 1-12-1974, m: Effie Butler 2-19-1911

Randolph, Mary Effie 9-11-1891 8-8-1963

Randolph, Belle 4-23-1888 5-8-1966

Rosenbaum, Howard 1-26-1962 12-8-1983, s/o Eunice and Barbara George Rosenbaum

Rosenbaum, Eunice 2-10-1928 2-5-1996, s/o George and Sarah King Rosenbaum, m: Barbara George

Ryan Plot: appoximately 12 unmarked graves

Rusk, Artie H. , Sr. 10-29-1898 1-28-1990

Rusk, Myrtle M. 3-2-1908 2-4-1988

Sexton, Oma L. 1-24-1908 7-2-1987, d/o Adam and Janie Neal Smith, m: Burt Sexton 4-13-1929

Shaw, Clarinda C. Trammell 1869 1938, m: 1st James Marion Trammel, 2nd John R. Shaw 2-23-1909

Smith, Precilla Holloway 8-28-1840 5-30-1898, d/o William and Polly Bradley Holloway, w/o Hiram Smith 1-31-1864

Smith, Hiram S. 1838 ----------(after 1900 census)

Smith, David A. 12-22-1879 3-21-1964, s/o Hiram and Precilla

Smith, Ruben W. 11-19-1882 2-21-1937, s/o Hiram and Precilla

Smith, Joe S. 7-18-1866 6-18-1953, s/o Hiram and Precilla, m: Emma McDonaugh 1896

Smith, Emma 2-4-1874 10-2-1950, w/o Joe Smith

Smith, Hazel Marie Taylor   08/19/1921-03/11/2008   [added by pvh from obituary]

Smith, Holly 6-10-1907 10-27-1918, d/o Joe and Emma McDonaugh Smith

Smith, Georgia 11-22-1868 12-19-1902, d/o Hiram and Precilla

Smith, Mary Matthews 12-15-1875 1-22-1904, d/o Hiram and Precilla

Smith, Tennie 8-19-1896 10-28-1896, d/o Adam and Rebecca Tucker Smith

Smith, Carrie B. 1900 8-24-1936, d/o Adam and Rebecca Tucker Smith

Smith, Rebecca Tucker 3-8-1867 3-14-1904, d/o Joseph and Mary York Tucker, w/o Adam Smith

Smith, Adam K. 1-24-1865 9-18-1939, m: 1st. Rebecca Tucker 1893, 2nd. Janie Neal 1907

Smith, Janie N. 2-20-1889 7-31-1938

Smith, Kelly A. 11-3-1912 7-19-1924, s/o Adam and Janie Neal Smith

Smith, Mose L. 1843 1898, born in Atlanta, GA Physician, Minister, Soldier and Mason, m: Margaret A. Smith

Smith, Margaret A. 1845 1909, born in Marion Co., TN

Smith, Edward R. 4-3-1873 11-21-1941

Smith, Maggie Ryan 5-17-1891 9-26-1976, w/o Edward R. Smith

Smith, George C. 4-10-1885 10-5-1956

Smith, Martha N. 3-30-1893 9-25-1983, w/o of George C. Smith

Smith, William Vell "Boog" 1-20-1916 4-18-1991, s/o Edward and Maggie Robbins Smith, m: Hazel Taylor 3-25-1940

Smith, Artie M. 6-28-1915 11-10-1989, d/o George and Rosida Loyd Neal, m: Hiram Smith 10-31-1933

Smith, James Hiram    11/12/1911-01/08/2010    son of Edward Randolph and Magnolia Robbins Smith    married Artie

Smith, James Franklin 4-15-1942 4-30-1991, s/o Hiram and Artie Neal Smith

Smith John 12-30-1863 11-11-1930

Smith, Inez Fikes 9-18-1908 10-23-1989, m: Guy D. Smith 11-5-1927

Smith, Guy D. 5-17-1897 5-3-1976, s/o Joe and Emma McDonaugh Smith

Smith, Carry Lee 1-15-1898 5-2-1926, w/o Guy D. Smith (Carry McDonaugh)

Springer, Francis M. 8-6-1842 10-11-1912, s/o John and Albina Springer, m: Mary Ann Standifer (buried in Tulsa, OK)

Talley, Anna Dell 12-28-1900 10-26-1987, d/o Ely and Ella Pemberton Robbins, m: James Samuel Talley 9-19-1920

Tharp, Jessie L. 3-28-1855 8-3-1928

Tharp, Delilah Bonner 9-13-1823 5-3-1906

Thompson, Worley "Junior" d. 12-22-1991 age 54, M: Margarette Ann Tucker

Thornton, Wade 6-26-1912 10-28-1973, s/o Charles and Catherine Sharp Thornton, m: 1st Odie Sorrell 12-24-1933, 2nd Audrey Lewis

Thornton, Audrey Lewis 9-23-1909 12-2-1989, d/o John and Rosa Lee Lewis

Thornton, Clem 1-3-1903 5-13-1987, s/o Charles and Catherine Sharp Thorton

Thornton, Charles L. 9-24-1870 8-9-1963, s/o Freeland and Angeline Blackstock Thornton, m: Catherine Sharp 8-21-1898

Thornton, Catherine 6-24-1876 12-30-1967, d/o George W. and Sarah Poore Sharp, w/o Charles L. Thornton

Tibbs, Brenda K no date 1

Toon, Howard D   07/30/1924-01/26/2008, s/o James Lewis and Josephine O'Hearn Tool; m:  Dorothy; 2nd m:  Lillian Thornton Baber 22 April 1977  [pvh] 1

Toon, Lillian Thornton Baber    02-20-1922 08-03-2011, d/o Charles Lafayette Thornton and Katie Catherine Sharp; m: William Reginald Baber and Howard Toon    [added by pvh from obituary] 1

Trammell, James Marion 9-27-1861 1-2-1908 (Woodsmen of World marker)

Tucker, Louis 1859 5-30-1889, s/o Joseph and Martha Cearley Tucker, m: Martha Peden 12-24-1882

Tucker, Solomon 3-4-1872 5-24-1925, s/o Joseph and Martha Cearley Tucker, m: Lila Hagler 1897

Tucker, Lila 6-5-1877 2-1-1973

Tucker, George E. 11-30-1898 5-24-1969, s/o Solomon and Lila Hagler Tucker, m: Nadine Sharp 12-22-1917

Tucker, Nadine 8-31-1900 12-20-1988, d/o George W. and Mary Speer Hawkins Sharp

Tucker, M. Aubrey 3-25-1921 7-25-1946, s/o George and Nadine Sharp Tucker, m: Rosa Mary Wilson 10-26-1940

Weaver, Allen E. 2-30-1906 7-17-1987

Weaver, Juanita B. 5-28-1916 8-6-1997, w/o Allen Elliott Weaver

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