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Old Dallas Road
Bonnerdale, Garland County, Arkansas

photo of Crossroads Cemetery in Garland County, Arkansas

GPS Coordinates:  Latitude: 34.4625, Longitude: -93.3375

This cemetery was photographed and transcribed by Patti Vance Hays October 29, 2008.  Please contact Patti with any corrections or additions.

Most of the names are linked to their tombstone photograph -- click on the name to see the photograph.  If a link does not work, please email the webmaster as soon as possible.

The tombstone photographs are copyrighted by Patti Vance Hays.  You may use them for your personal use but not for publication in any medium without permission.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1997-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012 as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more.

Norman, Betty Lou    1941-1941

Weaver Baby    1935-1935

Reavis, Wiley A.    1874-1959
    Reavis, Annie    1881-1966

Montgomery, Karen Denise    Died October 25, 1963

Suddeth, Wilda

Burgess, Viola Ella    09/14/1895-09/27/1987

Burgess, Dolphas Clyde    03/09/1891-04/28/1980    PFC US Army World War I

Burgess, Virgil Morris    05/26/1934-11/06/1980    Pvt US Army

Jordan, E. H.    Died 05/01/1883    Aged 55 Years

Helms, R. L.    Died 10/01/1885    Aged 4 years, 8 months, 8 days

Helms, S. A.    Died 09/24/1880    Aged 6 years, 8 months

Helms, C. E.    Died 09/?/1880    Aged 3 years, 17 days

Wacaster, Janie    07/10/1873-05/22/1943

Helms, Mary I.

Helms, Abagal    07/21/1825-09/27/1897    Wife of L. Helms

Johnson, Mary I.    02/26/1855-03/24/1888

Johnson, Sarah Abbigil    03/17/1880-09/21/1888

Wyatt, Walter Wade    11/27/1895-09/09/1896    Aged 9 months, 13 days    Son of G. S. and Flora Wyatt

Wacaster, Clorinda Elizebeth    05/11/1873-11/04/1892    Wife of Jim Wacaster

Emory, Jerry Wayne Sr.    05/19/1947-04/21/2004

Burnett, Sarah D. Mathews    11/06/1860-09/26/1880
    Pitmon, Nancy E. Burnett    09/02/1858-09/14/1875
        Children of M. S. and B (or E) Burnett

Burnett, Mathew Small    10/07/1829-08/23/1923

Burnett, E. A.    Died 08/09/1894    Aged 67 Years

Wacaster, Dave    1880-1957

Priddy, J. R.    Co H 3 Mo Cav

Kelton, John Newton    1861-1931
    Kelton, Lula Ann    1878-1937

Boucher, William R.    10/13/1891-06/02/1906    Aged 15 Years

Boucher, Ira D.    10/06/1908-10/08/1908

Kelton, R. E.    04/14/1881-01/16/1939

Kelton, Effie    09/04/1887-11/24/1946

Kymes, Lottie Marie    11/28/1908-09/23/2000    Married 07/03/1934
    Kymes, Grady    05/30/1914    01/08/2007

Rouse, Robert H.    02/08/1901-07/29/1971

Rouse, Ellen    1867-1934
    Rouse, James D.    1872-1958

Marsh, Ludie Leona    09/23/1876-01/06/1956

Marsh, Thomas Turner    11/21/1867-12/14/1933

Marsh, Dora    11/29/1900-02/21/1975

Ketchum, Dora Mae    05/15/1921-05/16/1921

Rouse, Ruby Mildred    12/29/1933-08/07/1935

Marsh, William L.    08/26/1831-01/31/1891    Born in Burk Co, Georgia; died in Garland County

Marsh, Lizzie    08/01/1871-04/03/1895    Born in Montgomery County; wife of R. C. Marsh

Marsh, Robert C.    10/24/1861-03/24/1917    Aged 55 years, 5 months (closeup photo)

Wheatley, Susie M.    11/04/1900-11/28/1905

Wheatley, Mary A.    08/14/1880-11/16/1918

Wheatley, Flora L.    11/25/1904-11/26/1918

Kelton, Roy Lee    01/05/1908-05/17/1927

Kelton, E. C.    11/15/1878-09/19/1914

Kelton, Infant Daughter    12/20/1906    Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kelton

Kelton, Samuel H.    08/30/1842-01/01/1918
    Kelton, Harriet    09/29/1850-05/12/1907

Kelton, Licenia    08/27/1855-06/28/1920    Aged 65 years, 10 months, 1 day

Kelton, Emma E.    1870-1903

Kelton, Emmet Eugene    1903-1903

Brown, Albert E.    08/14//1901-12/29/1907

Brown, Baby Boy    12/04/1906-01/28/1908

Menser, Sarah E.    02/07/1843-10/25/1926

Menser, J. F.    01/28/1864-07/04/1886

Reece, Ellen    ?-09/17/1890

Reece, Lee    02/15/1894-09/10/1904

Reece, Orlando    08/11/1904-10/02/1904

Reece, George W.    05/29/1861-05/29/1905

Reece, Mary Malissia    09/05/1867-06/05/1954

Reece, Lou Dora    07/12/1892-02/21/1968

Phipps, Truth Lee    07/20/2006-08/20/2006

Lanning, James L.    07/20/1885-11/10/1941

Lanning, Linda Reece    06/25/1896-06/01/1962

Goodnight, Karolyn Marie    12/15/1956-04/11/1997

Turner, L. W.    01/01/1884-05/10/1903

Burgess, Winbern D.    04/27/1928-02/07/1992

Burgess, Maudie M.    08/19/1907-10/27/1990

Menser, Jasper N.    03/07/1841-02/24/1927

Menser, T. S.    10/15/1865-03/08/1935

Kelton, Lydia    02/16/1896-09/30/1929

Kelton, Samuel H.    1894-1946

Knox, H. C.    06/22/1863-04/30/1928

Knox, Mary Frances    10/06/1862-05/05/1943

Knox, Loretta Lynn    06/28/1964

Knox, William O. (Lan)    12/17/1904-08/25/1966

Knox, James Floyd    01/10/1940-03/09/2000

White, M. A.    11/04/1844-10/24/1890

Anderson, A. C.    06/25/1862-10/30/1886

Anderson, S. A.    04/25/1859-05/01/1886

Anderson, George      This stone was broken and then attached to a piece of concrete. All that shows is the name. A previous reading of the cemetery by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cline in the book "Garland County, Arkansas, Tombstone Inscriptions West Volume II" compiled by Inez E. Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane shows he was born June 9, 1815, and died February 4, 1877.

Gold, Joel David    09/15/1967-06/04/2003

Gold, Kenneth F.    03/05/1935-05/25/2002    US Army Korea

Tackett, Jeff Davis    01/27/1904-10/12/1971

Tackett, Dr. J. J.    1858-1922

Menser, Imogene    1926-1927

Menser, Mavolene    1928-1930

Menser, Dan    1897-1973
    Menser, Gussie    1904-1983

These are people who were seen by prior readings but not when I visited the cemetery:

Kelton, Mickey Eugene    02/01/1947-02/13/1947    [seen by Debra Slater Garner when she read the cemetery in the 1990s and also included in the compilation of Caruth Cemetery's records by Lewis Stephens]

Lisenby, Henry    11/06/1882-03/03/1966     I did not see this tombstone. It was listed in a reading by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cline in "Garland County, Arkansas Tombstone Inscriptions Western Volume II" compiled by Inez E. Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane.

McReynolds, Samuel    Died 11/05/1913    Aged 81 years

Emory, Michael Eugene    04/23/1953-01/30/2010    [from obituary]

Gold, Betty Newsom    07/03/1936-07/14/2010    [from obituary]