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Beaudry Circle, Jessieville
Garland County, Arkansas

Beaudry Circle, Jessieville, Arkansas, Submitted March 11, 2004; updated May 23, 2005, by Carlotta Ragsdale and Brenda Johnson
Directions to cemetery: Turn right off of Highway 7 North at Jessieville School on Beaudry Circle stay straight 5.5 miles.
Cemetery will be on the left on Beaudry.

We wish to thank Carlotta Ragsdale for allowing us to use her cemetery transcriptions on the MPGS website.
The Ragsdale site may here

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Roy Ermie Cosby Jr. b. March 20, 1955 d. July 28, 1955
son of Roy Cosby and Tessie Ragsdale

Teressa Rose Cosby b. July 3 1952 d. Oct. 1 1958
    daughter of Roy Cosby and Tessie Ragsdale

Bobby Gene Cosby b. May 22, 1948 d. June 1, 1959
    son of Roy Cosby and Tessie Ragsdale

Roy Ermie Cosby b. April 19, 1911 d. April 5, 2003
    son of Jim Cosby and Jo Johnson
    father of Edith, Etta Faye, Linda Sue, Jerry, Shirley, Bobby, Jimmy,
    Joretta, Teressa, Mary, Roy, David, and Sheila
    double marker w/
Tessie Mae (Ragsdale) Cosby b. Nov. 11, 1918 d. Dec. 6, 2003
    daughter of Andrew Ragsdale and Rena Baldwin
    mother of Edith, Etta Faye, Linda Sue, Jerry, Shirley, Bobby, Jimmy,
    Joretta, Teressa, Mary, Roy, David, and Sheila
    married Nov. 11, 1933



A. T. Beardsley b. Jan 26, 1837 d. Jan. 20, 1911

Hugh Cash b. July 18, 1829 d. Jan. 29, 1916
    double marker w/,
Sena Cash b. July 22, 1826 d. March 17, 1910

Hugh Morris b. Nov. 22, 1910 d. June 17, 1912
    son of C. L. and Rhonda Oates

Myrtle Jane Weber b. June 26, 1909 d. Sept. 21, 1996

James A. Johnson b. 1930 d. 1961

Herbert Lee Johnson b. April 10, 1911 d. April 30, 1978


Betty S. Hamilton b. 1933 d. 2002

Raymond Hamilton  Open

Bill H. Thomaston b. July 8, 1938 d. July 1, 1991

Wanda Shumaker b. 1931 d. 1989

Roy Shumaker b. 1927 d. 1994

Stacey L. Ragsdale b. June 8, 1971 d. March 12, 1972

Marked but unreadable


Joseph Crawford Cozby no dates
    Co. H 4ALA CAV CSA

Coleman Cosby b. March 7, 1886 d. July 29, 1909

W. A. Cosby b. Jan. 1, 1883 d. Jan. 27, 1935

Clarence W. Johnson b. 1916 d. 1961



Al Unreadable

William Green Johnson b.1850 d.1921
    married Martha Cosby
    son of William Johnson and Sarah Jane Green
Martha Cozby Johnson b. abt. 1865 d. no date
    married William Green Johnson
    married: Dec. 16, 1883

Robert E. Johnson b. Dec. 24, 1888 d. Sept. 24, 1935

Thomas E. Johnson b. 1885 d. 1944

Pete Genero b. Nov. 22, 1988 d. Dec. 2, 1972
    husband of Opal Virginia Johnson

Barbara Ann Genero b. Jan. 28, 1941 d. Jan. 16, 1954
    daughter of Pete Genero and Opal Johnson

Nancy Jane (Dickson) Johnson Jones b. Sept. 2, 1895 d. July 20, 1981
    mother of Linnie, and Opal

Opal Virginia (Johnson) Genero b. Jan. 14 1921 d. Feb. 11 1989
    daughter of Nancy Jane Dickson Johnson Jones
    sister of Linnie Johnson Ragsdale

John Freeman Ragsdale b. Jan. 3, 1927 d. May 16, 1991
    son of Wiley Edgar Ragsdale and Ollie Cosby
    husband of Mary E. Ragsdale
    double marker w/
Mary E. Ragsdale  Open
    wife of John Freeman Ragsdale

Geneva Dorthia Cosby b. 1919 d. 1944

Ollie Dimple Cosby b. 1906 d. 1941
    first wife of Wiley Edgar Ragsdale
    mother of John Freeman Ragsdale
    mother of Rickie Ragsdale

Wilbert Lee Cosby b. 1910 d. 1932

James Enoch Cosby b. Dec. 9, 1871 d. 1944
    son of Dee Cosby and Mary Louisa Arkansas Merriott

Minnie Cosby b. 1883 d. 1942

Mary Louisa Arkansas Newkirk b. Sept. 12, 1853 Age 96
    daughter of James Wesley Merriott and Susan Geurin
    married first Dee Cosby
    mother of James Enoch Cosby
    married second Hiram Newkirk
    back of stone reads Placed by sister Lorena Frier

Richard Cozby d. July 10, 1942 Age 0

James O. Cozby b. 1947

Clifford Cozby Jr. b. Nov. 17,18, 1949 d. Nov. 19, 1949 Age 1 day

Walker Lee Cozby b. Nov. 27, 1952 d. Nov.19, 1973
    Back of stone reads
    Brickmasons Local # 11 U.S. ARMY Reserves Co. A 489 ENG BTN

Clifton Cozby Sr. b. Dec. 8, 1915 d. May 18, 1986
    40 years of love
Lillian W. Cozby
   b. May 20, 1928 d. Oct. 9, 2013    [added by pvh from obituary]

Herman Willis Cosby b. 1917 d. 1961

John Cosby b. 1902 d. 1957

William Emery Cosby b. Sept. 7, 1913 d. July 4, 1993

Lorena Frier b. July 9, 1903 d. July 30, 1989
    wife of Donald Frier
    sister of Mary A. Newkirk

Donald P. Frier b. Oct. 2, 1911 d. Dec. 15, 1961
    Tec 4 9201 Tech SVC Unit World War 11
    husband of Lorena Frier

Cora E. Fleener b. May 24, 1900 d. Oct. 1, 1950

George Leatherbury b. Dec. 9, 1929 d. July 30, 1985
    A Friend of the Cosbys

There are 59 graves in the Cosby Cemetery

Cosby, Jimmy Dean    10/04/1949-11/20/2014; son of Roy and Tessie Cosby    [from obituary--pvh] 1

Cosby, Lance Alan   06/25/1976-01/31/2008; son of Jimmy and Linda Cosby   [from obituary--pvh]

Johnson, Tommy    03/11/1967-06/13/2012; son of James Johnson and Betty Thomaston    [from obituary--pvh]

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