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Garland County, Arkansas

(From Melting Pot February 1986 issue)

Transcribed by Lewis Stephens, January 1986

I located Chambers Cemetery and found it to be very grown over and probably soon to be a lost burial ground.  It is located near the end of Shady Grove Road, about a mile down Gillham Lane.  There is a grown up, unused road on the right,  just after the large brick house on the left, or drive on just past the bend and bear right on the dirt road, and just up at the first bend, you will see the other end of that unused road, and right there at the junction is a small fenced off area that is the cemetery.  It is grown up with underbrush and small trees.  I could only locate two memorial stones.  One was for John Smith, 1888-1957.  A marker from Gross Funeral Home. The other was

W J Chambers born 4 Sept 1875 died 15 May 1927

'Twas hard to Give thee up But they will, O God, be done

There were many mounded areas to show where there were many graves, and some areas that were caved in, but no more markers could I find.  We know that William M. Lott, born 1844, is buried there, unmarked.  Mr. Earl Lott told me of a Bill Pearson, other Pearsons, some Sanders and I would assume other Chambers.  Who can tell us of those that are buried there?