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Burns-Ebenezer Cemetery
Union County, Arkansas

Established 1879

Burns-Ebenezer Cemetery is located at the end of Charlie Vance Road, off Highway 335 West, North Wyatt.  Nearby is the Ebenezer Baptist Church, about 6 mile northwest of El Dorado, Arkansas.
Original survey November 11, 2001; subsequent update April 2006.
*Updated from my collection of family info on many of those buried at Burns-Ebenezer Cemetery. February 2008 Janice Holzer

*Use of the symbol "and" indicates a double headstone (or multiple listings on one tombstone).

* WOW indicates Woodman of the World headstone.

* SSDI means the complete dates of birth and/or death were derived from the Social Security Death Index.

* MM means they have a small Mortuary Marker (small tin funeral home markers).

* + Use of this symbol by the name of a spouse or parent of a person buried at Burns-Ebenezer Cemetery indicates that person is also buried at Burns-Ebenezer Cemetery.

MYRTELLE ADAMS     d/o G. W. and BERTIE ADAMS     4/11/1921 to 1/30/1923

R. M. "TUFF" ANDREWS     9/7/1917 to 8/18/2001
md: Feb 12, 1936
EVA SLAUGHTER ANDREWS     6/1/1913 to 9/16/1982    D/of John Lindsey Slaughter + and Minnie Mooty +

LAEMONT AUGER     4-1-1911 to 2-15-1913     s/of ARTHUR and BERTHA    (not found in 1991)

FRED N. BALES     6/16/1900 to 9/5/1978
LELA J. BALES     9/18/1902 to 5/5/1971

DAVID MICHAEL "Yo Baby" BALL     3-15-1952 to 11-30-2005
*Youngs MM with partial dates.

*Triple headstone for Barmore
DAVID C. BARMORE     9/26/1935 - Nov/1984 and *SSDI Index
LUCIAN E. BARMORE     8/24/1903 - Dec/1980 and *SSDI Index
MARGUERITE BARMORE     7/16/1911 - Jun/1981 and *SSDI Index

*Triple headstone:
ROBERT BARRETT "Son"     5-9-1958 to 10-2-1994
WILLIAM BARRETT     3-20-1928 (one date)
BETTY BARRETT     1-7-1929 (one date)

J. FRANK BARRINGER     7/7/1920 to 3/25/1942

ELSIE SMITH BELL     1/9/1910 to 8/2/1981     D/of John Thomas "Tom" Smith + and Iva Ella Hall +; 3rd wife of Grady Bradford Bell

ALBERT H. (Hezekiah) BISHOP     2/10/1860 to 3/6/1931 S/of
EFFIE LEE BISHOP     2/26/1870 to 3/10/1952     D/of Cicero Jefferson Kelley + and Frances Ann Shelton

In Loving Memory
HEZEKIAH W. "KIA" BISHOP     1808 – ca 1881
and MARTHA MILLICAN     1809 – ca 1892
TERRY "LEROY" BISHOP     1830 – ca 1890
and CATHERINE JANE PUCKETT     1831 -1870
* All four on same headstone, erected by descendant, Helen Meeks (2005)

JOHN L. (Lee) BISHOP     3/20/1893 - Dec/1976     WWI Pvt. U.S. Army *SS Index    S/of Albert H. Bishop + and Effie Lee Kelley Bishop +

JOSEPHINE BISHOP     3/24/1881 to 4/24/1953     1st Wife, Josephine Baumgardner and THOMAS MID (Middleton) BISHOP     11/4/1890 to 3/25/1969     S/of Albert H. Bishop + and Effie Lee Kelley Bishop +

LOIS E. HUBBARD BISHOP     2/25/1892 to Jan 25, 1989
ROY C. (Ciscero) BISHOP     11/8/1897 to 7/30/1971     S/of Albert H. Bishop + and Effie Lee Kelley Bishop +
*** Ella Mae LaBeff, who first married Roy Cicero Bishop (marriage ended in divorce) and then she married in 1943, Roy's brother, Fred Albert Bishop. (Fred is buried at Rest Haven Memorial Gardens).
If these two Ella's are one and the same, the Ella Mae who married both of the Bishop brothers, was a descendant through the same Bishop line as her husbands.

Infant BRASHER     d/of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. BRASHER     d:5/23/1950

WILLIE DANIEL BROWDER     (67) 11-2-1932 to 7-17-2000     (Rumph-Owers MM)

BRENDA KAYE BUDISELICH     d: 12-20-1949 Age 1 mo-20 days   (from an old DAR listing--not found in 1991)

MARY EFFIE DUNBAR BURLINGAME    d/o JACK DUNBAR + and MARTHA "ZANA" DUNBAR + . Identical twin to Martha Jeffie Dunbar Stover +     1/22/1917 to 12/13/2003    Mary's 2nd husband, Stedman I. Burlingame is buried in Indiana. Mary never had any children.

Mrs. E. M. CARMAN    wf/o J. L. CARMAN     9/20/1835 to 8/18/1912  Age 76 yrs-10 mos-28 dys

JAMES BRYANT CLARK     9/17/1906 to 9/8/1979     TEC 4 US Army WW II
ITHA SMITH BELL CLARK     1/31/1906 to 12/6/1997     D/of John Thomas "Tom" Smith + and Iva Ella Hall + . 1st husband was Wm. Ross Bell, Sr. buried in Arlington;
Tommie Faye Bell Strickland,     D/of Itha and Wm. R. Bell;   wf/of Wallace S. Strickland +.

RICHARD CLEVELAND     2/8/1913 to 5/31/1959     ARK PFC WW II
MARJORIE GUINN CLEVELAND     6/16/1919 to 3/27/1976   D/of John H. Guinn+ and Carrie R. Hubbard +

Infant CORLEY     1963-1963     (from old DAR list--not found in 1991)

JOHN R. COYLE     12/19/1874 to 1/3/1930     H/o Eliza Smith
ELIZA SMITH COYLE     6/9/1879 to 3/31/1957    D/o JAMES SMITH + and FRANCIS CORDELIA CLAWSON BURNS SMITH + (aka Fedelia, Delia)
Most of the people in this cemetery descend from these two or married into their lines.

JOHN P. COYLE     11/24/1898 to 6/8/1945
A. DEWEY COYLE     5/3/1903 to 1/28/1956     *Both John P. and A. Dewey were the sons of John R. Coyle + and Eliza Smith Coyle +

IDA MOOTY CRAWFORD     7/4/1876 to 5/8/1959     Wf/ of Scott Crawford    D/of Urbine Erskine Mooty + and Adaline Malinda Burns Mooty +

LORENE CUNNINGHAM     d/o SAM and CASSIE     born and died 5/27/1917
HELEN CUNNINGHAM     d/o SAM and CASSIE     6/21/1923 to 2/5/1927
Samuel I. Cunningham + and Cassie M. Mooty +

ROE EUAL / EVERT CUNNINGHAM     s/o SAM and CASSIE +     3/4/1910 to 12/10/1912

SAMUEL I. CUNNINGHAM     6/15/1881 to 9/23/1952     (Mason)
and CASSIE M. CUNNINGHAM     3/19/1882 to 9/28/1966    D/of Urbin Erskine Mooty + and Adaline Malinda Burns +

SAMUEL U. E. CUNNINGHAM     11/5/1914 to 5/31/1951   S/of Samuel I. Cunningham + and Cassie M. Mooty Cunningham +

WM. S. CUNNINGHAM     2/14/1912 to 6/30/1972     ARK CPL 729 Ry Opr Bn WW II     S/of Samuel I. Cunningham+and Cassie M. Mooty +

OSCAR MINOR DANIELS     12/17/1889 to 6/22/1966     S/of John Cyrus Daniels (Bethel Primitive Baptist Cem.) and Elizabeth D. Murphy (Rehobeth Cemetery)
NELLIE THULA DANIELS     12/4/1896 to 2/18/1992     (Maiden name BURDINE)

HENRY ALYMER DAVIS     3/20/1889 to 1/27/1969     S/of Peter D. Davis and Sarah Valena Ballard *Both buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
EVA (EVER) MOOTY DAVIS     7/17/1893 to 2/12/1986     D/of Urbine Erskine Mooty + and Adaline Malinda Burns Mooty; Gertrude May Darden, was 1st wife to Henry Alymer + Ever/Eve Mooty was twin sister to Eva Mooty who married Joseph M. Pounds; who are both also buried in this cemetery.

SALLIE DAVIS     8/15/1884 to 1/4/1965 Age 80
(*Speculation as to who this Sallie Davis is: she may a sister-in-law to Henry Alymer Davis – Sallie Jean (Jean (23) was her last name) Md: Doc Davis(22) 10/3/1909.

ALINE DUMAS DOERNER     9-22-1926 to 4-10-2001

LOUIS R. DONAHUE     9-19-1940 (one date)
and JEANE ANN TANKERSLEY DONAHUE     12-8-1944 (one date)

FLEETER (Lida D.) HARRELL DRIGGERS     11/25/1907 to 1/7/1970   D/of George B. Harrell +and Lula Lee Dumas +; Wf/of Hollie H. Driggers
HOLLIE H. DRIGGERS     6/14/1899 to 10/7/1981

MARVIN H. DRIGGERS     1927 - 1931     S/of Fleeter Harrell Driggers+and Hollie H. Driggers + Sister to Marvin, Elaine Driggers Tenery +


ALLEN M. DUMAS     10/15/1922 to 3/15/1991    S/of Rufus Marvin Dumas + and Lollie Green Whatley +
JOAN KING DUMAS     9/9/1924 to 5/18/1978    Wf/of Allen M. Dumas

(Louisa ) ELIZABETH DUMAS     1860 - 1930     wf/o Tom L. Dumas    D/of Wm. Alexander Burns and Sarah Jane Slaughter (both buried at Rehobeth)
and TOM L. DUMAS     1858 - 1934     "Gone But Not Forgotten"    S/of Benj. Marion Dumas + and Susan Catherine Rem +

GLADYS DeLOACH DUMAS     1-29-1948 to 12-28-2002

HENRY W. (Wesley) DUMAS     10/31/1891 - 11/2/1966     S/of Thomas L. Dumas + and Louisa Elizabeth Burns +
and SALLIE R. (Roberta) DUMAS     1/8/1892 - 3/15/1951    D/of Eli E. Mooty + and Martha (Mattie) Katherine Johnson +

JESSE LEONARD DUMAS     6-3-1933 (one date)     S/of Henry Wesley Dumas + and Sallie Roberta Mooty Dumas +
Md: 3-14-1981
and MARGARET ANETTE DUMAS     6-5-1936 (one date)

JOHNNY ALLEN DUMAS, JR.     8/19/1975 to 8/26/1975    S/of Johnny and Judy Dumas

JOSEPH AGEE DUMAS     11/11/1885 to 12/27/1885    S/of Thomas Lafayette Dumas + and Louisa Elizabeth Burns +

MAYRON L. DUMAS     12/8/1882 to 10/8/1886    S/of Tom L. + and Louisa Elizabeth Dumas +
(stone broken and unreadable by 2001)

O. MERIDY DUMAS     8/4/1886 to 10/8/1886     Child of Tom L. + and L. E. DUMAS +

PINKIE DUMAS     12/8/1892 to 6/18/1894  Age 1 yr-6 mos-10 dys (by 2001 dates no longer readable)    s/o Tom L.+ and L. Elizabeth Dumas +

RODELL DUMAS     7/15/1920 to 2/20/1976     (Roddell)     S/of Henry Wesley Dumas + and Sallie Roberta Mooty Dumas +
MELBA OLIVIA THOMAS DUMAS     10/7/1927 (only one date)
(other wife, OLA MAE R. “MACK” DUMAS     5-22-1925 to 9-30-1991 ck my files)

RUFUS MONROE DUMAS     9/18/1895 to 12/18/1925 Age 30 yrs-3 mos    S/of Thomas Lafayette Dumas + and Louisa Elizabeth Burns +
LOLLIE GREEN WHATLEY DUMAS     2/13/1899 to 11/21/1980     wf/ of Rufus M.
D/of Lewis G. Whatley and 3rd wife, Nancy Jane Leverett (both buried at Rehobeth)

SANDRA DUMAS     1-22-1950 to 2-23-2006     (? d/of Rodell Dumas)

SUSAN CAROLINE HARDIN DUMAS     11/16/1853 to 10/30/1885     (believe birth yr is 1859) D/of Elijah Marion Hardin and Frances E. Harrell     Wf/of Joseph Thomas Dumas (buried at Rehobeth) S/of Joseph Agee Dumas and Drucilla Margaret Murphy

THEA OLIVER DUMAS     9/22/1882 to 3/19/1883    S/o Joseph T. and Susan Caroline Hardin DUMAS +

THOMAS J. DUMAS     11/23/1888 to 3/9/1906
W. B. DUMAS     4/24/1897 to 1/14/1929     Sons of Tom L. Dumas + and L. Elizabeth Burns Dumas+

JAMES E. (ELbert) DUNBAR     S/o Jefferson Davis Dunbar, Sr. + and Cornelia S. Butler    9/28/1876 to 11/16/1940     Hit by car on Hwy. 82 East of El Dorado. Never married.

JEFFERSON (J. D.) DAVIS DUNBAR, SR.     3/14/1846 Copiah Co., MS to 5/18/1910     s/o JOHN DUNBAR and 1st wife, CLARINDA SHORT     C.S.A. Vet    Captured (5/16/1863) along with his father at the Battle of Champion Hill, MS; both were sent to Fort Delaware; transferred in Sept 1863 to Point Lookout, MD as prisoners. His father John Dunbar died in Oct. 1863 at Pt. Lookout and is buried there in a mass grave.

Md: 1st Henry Clay Brown 2nd Jefferson D. Dunbar, Sr. +

JACK DUNBAR     S/o J. D. Dunbar, Sr. + and 2nd wife, Mary L. Smith +     4/7/1890 to 3/6/1926 Died of Tuberculosis. H/of Martha "ZANA" Murphy +. Father of identical twins, Mary Effie Dunbar Burlingame +and Martha Jeffie Dunbar Stover +.

EVA GERTRUDE HANEY WILLIAMS DUNBAR     9/21/1884 to 5/1/1962     D/of James Ellison Haney and Louisa Ann Harrell (both buried at Rehobeth)
md: 1st A. D. (Arthur Dow)WILLIAMS+ 2nd JEFFERSON DAVIS DUNBAR, JR. "BOB" + Mother of Curtis Williams and Louise Dunbar Rosenbaum +.
J. D. (BOB) DUNBAR     2/23/1879 to 8/11/1944     s/o JEFFERSON D. DUNBAR, SR. +and CORNELIA S. BUTLER +.

MARTHA "ZANA" MURPHY DUNBAR (Aunt Zeke / Zake)     3/21/1890 to 4/27/1962
D/o George Quinney Murphy and Martha Eugenia Davis (both buried at Rehobeth)
M/of Mary Effie Dunbar Burlingame+and Martha Jeffie Dunbar Stover + Identical twins.

WILLIE WESLEY FULTZ     10/7/1911 to 6/19/1989
and INA R. JOHNSON FULTZ     12/28/1927 (one date)

ELLA FUTCH     2/16/1881 to 2/9/1965     (Sister)
LEWIS EDGAR FUTCH     8/26/1894 to 11/21/1970
MARY A. FUTCH     2/11/1880 to 1/22/1963     (Sister)

PADETTA AUGUSTA MARTIN FUTCH     7/5/1888 to 4/10/1973

MARTHA EUGENIA GARRETT     2/15/1892 to 3/18/1980

EMMA GIBBY     d: 5/3/192_ Age 7 yrs     (not found in 1991-frm old DAR list)

LEE ROY GREER     10/27/1914 to 10/10/1969
MAE GREER     3/9/1914 to 12/11/1990     "Mama Greer"

VIRGIL DERRELL GUINN "Pips"     10-20-1940 to 1-2-1999
md: REBECCA 12-12-1993
Cat sketch on marble "Sissy Bobo" Rooster sketch - EL-DO Club

JOHN H. GUINN     3/6/1886 to 3/22/1964
md: Dec 22, 1907
CARRIE R. HUBBARD GUINN     11/27/1890 to 6/5/1967    D/of W. F. and Elizabeth Hubbard

JOHNNY LAMON GUINN     3-23-1923 to 7-18-2000

VIRGIL C. GUINN     12/27/1913 to 1/31/1997 "Pips"     S/of John H. Guinn + and Carrie R. Hubbard +
md: Aug 16, 1938
GERALDINE GUINN     1/16/1920 to 8/10/1971    D/of Wm. Henderson Dearing and Pattie Hattie Murphy (both buried Rehobeth)

ARCHIE W. HAMMOND     5/3/1902 to 8/23/1977
and MARY L. ROGERS HAMMOND     8/22/1904 to 6/7/1980

A. T. HAMMOND     2/7/1869 to 2/27/1958     H/of Frances Smith    S/of Newton Gilbert Hammond and Marry Ann Wilkerson (Hammond Family Cem)
FRANCES SMITH HAMMOND    6/12/1872 to 7/6/1949     d/o James Smith + and Francis Cordelia Clawson Burns Smith +

JOHN ALDER HAMMOND     2/11/1929 to 11/3/1978

OHMER HAMMOND     s/o A.T. and FRANCES +     12/31/1908 to 7/22/1909

ALBERT F. HANEY     8/2/1887 to 10/30/1958     S/of David Ebenezer Haney and Nancy Elvira Hasty (both at Rehobeth Cem.)

JAMES ADAMS HANEY     12/9/1877 to 9/18/1954    S/of David Ebenezer Haney and Nancy Elvira Hasty
RUTH HARRELL HANEY     8/27/1889 to 11/13/1965    D/of James Andrew J. Harrell and Ruth Elizabeth Wilson (both at Rehobeth Cem.)

JAMES RAYMOND HANEY "Pappaw"     10/18/1910 to 11/30/2000     WWII     S/of James Adams Haney + and Ruth E. Harrell +
md: May 7, 1933
EVALENA DAVIS HANEY "Da-Da"     8/18/1914 to 2/2/2004    D/of Henry Aylmer Davis + and Ever Mooty +

RUTH PRATT GARDNER HANEY     1-30-1923 to 5-27-1997
and THOMAS EMMETT HANEY     2-13-1912 to 1-14-2000    S/of James Adams Haney + and Ruth E. Harrell +

JAMES H. HARDAGE     d: 9/10/19__     (listed on old DAR list--not found in 1991)

A. B. HARDIN     3/23/1893 to 4/28/1959     (Adam Bell Hardin)    S/of Elijah Marion Hardin and Desdemona Inez Rogers    H/of Jennie Johnston Hardin +
JENNIE JOHNSTON HARDIN     2/20/1895 to 12/28/1935

EARLY MARION HARDIN     3/15/1897 to 7/21/1988    S/of Elijah Marion Hardin and Desdemona Inez Rogers
and GENIE LILLIAN BISHOP HARDIN     4/21/1901 to 6/11/1996    D/of Albert Hezekiah Bishop + and Effie Lee Kelly +

ELMO HARDIN     2/29/1908 to 11/15/1944    S/of Elijah Marion Hardin and Desdemona Inez Rogers

JUNE A. HARMON     May 9, 1907 to Mar 12, 1993
md: Dec 23, 1933     *Mason
ESTHER L. HARMON     Oct 29, 1914 to May 29, 1993

C. MARTIN HARRELL     Feb 21, 1914 to Sept 21, 1931

ARRA VASCO HARRELL     7/21/1893 to 1/26/1918    S/o Benjamin Franklin Harrell + and FLORENCE E. Hogg Harrell +

BENNIE V. HARRELL     3/9/1912 to 4/6/1924     s/o Roddy V. and ARTIE

BRUTUS R. HARRELL     8/25/1896 to 2/8/1977     S/of Thomas Edgar Harrell + and Minnie V. Tice +
*next to Brutus –MARY K. HARRELL YERBY + D/of Brutus and Ima/Ida Harrell
IMA M. ALLEN HARRELL     7/3/1902 to 9/25/1982     Wf/of Brutus Harrell +
VIRGINIA HARRELL     9-24-1921 to 8-6-1923     d/of Brutus R. Harrell + and Ida M. Allen Harrell +

BRYANT FRANKLIN HARRELL     6/3/1868 to 10/8/1930 Age 62 yrs    S/of Wm. Henderson Harrell and Levincy Williams
and wife, FLORENCE HOGG HARRELL     9/16/1880 to 5/22/1953 Age 72 yrs 8 mos    D/of Wm. Wallace Hogg and Mary Jane Houston

BURKELY R. HARRELL     11/2/1910 to 7/5/1983     WW II US Army    S/of George B. Harrell + and Lula Lee Dumas Harrell +

C. MARTIN HARRELL     2/21/1914 to 9/21/1931

CHARLIE ERNEST HARRELL     8/30/1905 to 12/18/1976    S/of Bryant Franklin Harrell + and Florence Hogg +
Wife THAULTON DUGAN HARRELL     8/4/1907 to 8/4/ 1940 Age 32 yrs

G. B. HARRELL     1897 to 1930    S/of Wm. Henderson Harrell, Jr., and Rena Maddox

GEORGE B. HARRELL     8/30/1874 to 12/10/1948    S/of Wm. Henderson Harrell, Sr. and Levincy Williams
LULA LEE DUMAS HARRELL     4/20/1884 to 9/22/1943    D/of Tom L. Dumas + and Louisa Elizabeth Burns +

Infant son of GEORGE and LULA HARRELL     no dates

MAGGIE HORNE HARRELL     1879 to 9/12/1936     (from old Dar list-not found 1991)    Maggie, 2nd wife of Wm. Henderson Harrell, Jr.

W. B. "BILL" HARRELL     6/9/1853 to 8/29/1929
and ELIZABETH MARIAH C. HARRELL     11/14/1857 to 2/17/1924    D/of James Smith + and Francis Cordelia Clawson Burns Smith +

MINNIE TICE HARRELL     7/31/1881 to 7/20/1981
THOMAS EDGAR HARRELL     1/15/1871 to 4/2/1940    S/of Wm. Henderson Harrell and Levincy Williams

R. M. HARRELL     born and died 1913 Age 1 month Gender unknown    Child of Wm. Henderson Harrell, Jr., + and Maggie Horne Harrell +

W. B. HARRELL     1897 - 1932 Age 34    S/of Wm. B. "Bill" Harrell +and Elizabeth Mariah C. Smith Harrell +

WM. HENDERSON HARRELL, Jr.     6/11/1863 - 12/31/1939 Age 76    S/of Wm. Henderson Harrell and Levincy Williams

MARTHA LORENE HARRISON     6/28/19__     (Speculation-Polly L. Harrison born 6-28-1911 and died 3/10/2003 IL)
md: Apr 2, 1934
SAMUEL CRAWFORD HARRISON     1/11/1904 to 2/5/1982

JOEL THOMAS HAY     1/11/1917 to 3/4/1999
md: Apr 15, 1939
ESTHER C. JACKSON HAY     4/18/1919 to 11/24/1995
Children of Joel and Esther Hay : Lynda Sue, Bobby, Johnny, and Annette

SANDRA DUMAS HENDRIX     (age 56) 1-22-1950 to 2-23-2006    D/of Rodell Dumas + and Melba Oliva Thomas Dumas *ob

ESTELLE KELLY HILL     2/22/1898 to 4/17/1966     Wf/of Emmett Hill    D/of John Middleton Kelley + and Emma Sarah Mooty Kelley +

JOHN LEE HOGG     4/8/1893 to 7/26/1943     S/of Wm. Wallace Hogg and Mary Jane Houston    Brother to Florence Hogg Harrell +    wf/of Bryant F. Harrell

O'NEAL HOGG     6/19/1922 to 12/14/1979     S/of John Lee Hogg and Dicie Dee Brasier
SALLY BEAVERS HOGG     10/30/1927 to 12/30/1996     Wf/of O'Neal Hogg

JEPPIE NEAL HOGUE (HOGG)     1/22/1920 to 5/13/1986 (Buried at sea)    S/of John Lee Hogg and Dicie Dee Brasier

J. R. HONEYCUTT, JR.     b: and d: 6/27/1934

ELIZABETH HUBBARD     6/5/1854 to 11/17/1926     Wf/of W. F. Hubbard

JAMES HENRY HUBBARD     3/19/1817 to 6/28/1966

JOHN B. HUBBARD     12/28/1872 to 8/15/1932
and NANCY E. LEWIS HUBBARD     10/19/1878 to 8/22/1958

JOHN FREDERICK IVY     9/8/1948 (one date)
and MARILYN ANNA IVY     9/27/1949 to 12/15/1985

BENJAMIN R. JACKSON     12/23/1881 to 11/20/1950
CORNELIA MEGGS JACKSON     1/11/1884 to 1/18/1975

DAWSEY WEBSTER JACKSON     6/25/1910 to 4/24/1967
GORDIE IDA JACKSON     7/27/1913 to 7/21/1965

HOSEA VICTOR JACKSON     5/2/1916 – 8/4/2001     U.S. Army WW II Korea    (Bailey Funeral Home marker) *SSI for complete details
VIOLET M. JACKSON     7-23-1922 to 2-19-2006     (*Bailey MM with only year)

DONALD J. KARCH     10/27/1925 to 6/21/1973     ARK Y3 US Navy
md: 9/25/1945
and GEORGIA M. KARCH     5/21/1926 (one date)

RANDALL CRAIG KARCH 9/16/1946 to 9/28/1984 PVT US Army Vietnam

ASA KELLY (KELLEY)     2/1/1906 to 10/28/1927     S/of John Middleton Kelley+ and Emma Sarah Mooty Kelley +

C. J. KELLEY (CICERO JEFFERSON )     10-18-1839 to 4-11-1918    S/of Middleton Kelley and Matilda M. Short of Copiah Co., MS    H/of Frances Ann Shelton (divorced)

EMMA MOOTY KELLEY     11/20/1871 to 5/15/1956     Wf/of J. Middleton Kelley    D/of Urbin Erskine Mooty + and Adaline Malinda Burns Mooty +
J. MID KELLY     4/3/1859 to 10/11/1927     (Mid on tombstone is for Middleton)    S/of Cicero Jefferson Kelley+ and Frances Ann Shelton (Woodlawn Cemetery)

JOE HARRY LAWRENCE     5/22/1916 to 9/29/1961     WW II    S/of Wm. Thomas Lawrence (Woodlawn Cem. wth 2nd wife) and Lena Idell Hall +
md: May 22, 1936
GLADYS PAULINE McMAHAN LAWRENCE     7/18/1918 (one date)    D/of John Edward McMahan+and Susie Elizabeth Marine +

LAURA LEE LAWRENCE     12/5/1944 to 12/7/1944

LENA IDELL HALL LAWRENCE     9/15/1897 to 7/12/1952    Wf/of Wm. Thomas Lawrence M/of Joe Harry Lawrence +

MARY KELLY LEE "KIT"     1/3/1893 to 7/28/1972     Wf/of Jesse Lee    D/of John Middleton Kelley + and Emma Sarah Mooty +

DEBORAH LYNN LONGING     6/8/1949    D/of Truett Jennings Longing and Ruby Hardin Longing

BONITA M. LINDSEY     1923-2002     *Bailey MM/     *SSDI 8/27/1923 to 10-29-2002
JAMES W. LINDSEY "Pee Wee"     Age 25 9-23-1952 to 7-5-1978

WM. A. MARINE     6/8/1869 to 9/5/1978
and SARAH E. MARINE     7/10/1871 to 11/3/1951

J. B. MARTIN     6/13/1856 to 6/28/1929

PENNY JANE McDOWELL     b: and d: 5/27/1969     (from old DAR list, not found in 1991)

J. B. McGILL     9/26/1922 to 11/20/1927

ANDY B. McMAHAN     5/11/1908 to 11/16/1974
CHARLOTTE C. McMAHAN     3/21/1912 to 4/25/1990

JOHN EDWARD McMAHAN     8/10/1892 to 5/10/1950    S/of Will McMahan + and Nancy J. McMahan +
and SUSIE E. MARINE McMAHAN     7/6/1892 to 4/8/1981    D/of Wm. A. Marine +and Sarah E. Marine

PATTY A. McMAHAN     5/20/1932 (one date)
md: 6/22/1955
and STANLEY B. McMAHAN     8/26/1929 to 10/31/1980

W. A. "Dub" McMAHAN     3-4-1924 to 1-3-2002     (Mason)
md: 6-26-1943
and WILLIE JEAN McMAHAN     10-22-1925 to 9-30-2001

WILL McMAHAN     12/25/1872 to 3/28/1958
NANCY J. McMAHAN     3/14/1870 to 12/23/1951

ANNELIZA HYBBARD/HUBBARD MEGGS     2/21/1861 to 5/22/1931    (possibly daughter of W. F. Hubbard)
and HENRY MARSHALL MEGGS     3/24/1855 to 5/22/1924

JOHNNIE MEGGS     1886 – 1956
LENA SLAUGHTER MEGGS     4/25/1895 to Feb/1982 *SSDI    D/of John Slaughter and Lucy L. Mason

JAMES A. MILNER     June 1, 1857 to Oct 20, 1885    H/of Camilla Barksdale    S/of Merideth Milner and Martha Mariah Burns

JAMES M. THOMAS MILNER     2/4/1878 to 10/22/1879     (Jas. M. Thomasson)    S/of Jasper W. Milner and Mary Slaughter (both buried at Rehobeth)

ADELINE MALINDA (BURNS) MOOTY     2nd wf/of Urbin     1/28/1850 to 4/18/1928    d/o Henry Burns and Francis Cordelia Clawson Burns +
URBIN ERSKINE MOOTY     10/20/1835 to 5/27/1896    S/of Ebenezer Eli Mooty (buried Centre Point Cem.) and 1st wife, Elizabeth Gibson.

BRENDA KAY MOOTY     d: 12/20/1949 Age 1 mo 20 dys (not found in 1991)

CHESLEY D. MOOTY     9/91903 to 10/12/1915     (Chester Dover)    S/o Eli Erskine Mooty + and Martha (Mattie) Katherine Johnson +

CLARA MARGARETTE ELIA MOOTY     8/26/1912 to 5/14/1984
and ELVIE ELI MOOTY     12/1/1911 to 11/4/1970    S/of Eli Erskine Mooty + and Martha Katherine Johnson +

ELI ERSKINE MOOTY     2/5/1870 to 1/1/1940     wife Mattie K.    S/of Urbin Erskine Mooty and Adaline Malinda Burns
MATTIE (Martha Katherine) K. JOHNSON MOOTY     5/15/1874 to 6/24/1957    D/of James W. Johnson and Elizabeth Whatley Johnson

HERMON EVERETT MOOTY     8/7/1895 to 3/20/1999     WW I    S/of James Wesley Mooty, Sr. + and Mary Elizabeth Deason Mooty +
ULA DARDEN MOOTY     10/24/1895 to 2/22/1988     Wf/of Hermon    D/of George Washington Darden and Lizzie Beth Hogg

JULIUS BOYD MOOTY     3/17/1886 to 12/27/1931    WW I ARK Pvt. ICI 76 Field Arty 3 Div     Husband of Elmyra Gregory Mooty

J. W. MOOTY     8/24/1861 to 8/22/1925     (James Wesley Mooty)    S/of Urbin Erskine Mooty+ and Adaline Malinda Burns +
MARY ELIZABETH DEASON MOOTY     4/19/1863 to 11/2/1953     Wf/of J. W.

LONNIE ALONZA MOOTY     2/15/1888 to 3/24/1961    WW I CPL 62 CO Depot Brig.     Wife Georgia Duke    S/of Urbin Erskine Mooty + and Adaline Malinda Burns Mooty +

(Howard) MONROE MOOTY     7/4/1876 to 9/101949    S/of Urbin Erskine Mooty + and Adaline Malinda Burns +
and MYRTLE GOODWIN MOOTY     4/15/1887 to 10/19/1970    D/of Geore Walton Goodwin and Carrie C. Venable

SCOTT MOOTY     1884-1889     S/o Urbin E. + and Adaline M. MOOTY +
*Marker says 1889 but he was listed on the 1900 census.

"SIMMIE" SAMUEL MOOTY     10/4/1895 to 11/22/1964 Age 69 yrs 1 mo 18 dys     s/of Eli Erskine Mooty and Martha Katherine Johnson     (from old DAR list; not found in 1991)

ROBERT HUEY MOOTY     7/10/1889 to 6/26/1971
HATTIE DARDEN MOOTY     12/27/1893 to 9/24/1955    wf/o Robert    D/of George Washington Darden and Lizzie Beth Hogg Darden
* In Memory of Our Son, HUDIE HOYT MOOTY 12/12/1923 Killed in action on
Normandy Beach 6/19/1944 (Son of James Wesley and Mary Elizabeth Mooty +)

WILLIAM MATHAIS MOOTY     11/1/1887 to 3/8/1957     H/of Lucy M. Jetton    S/of James Wesley Mooty + and Mary Elizabeth Deason Mooty +.

ELIZABETH MORGAN     died 6/6/1957 Age 85     (from old DAR list; not found 1991)

FRANKIE MAE MORGAN     died 195__?     (not found in 1991)

HERSCHEL H. MORGAN     1870 to 1944

Infant MORRIS     died 5/31/1938     (not found in 1991)

Baby Girl MURPHY     Born and died 12/10/1909    D/of Benj. Franklin Murphy and Rella Jane Haney

ERNEST ELMER MURPHY     9/22/1902 to 10/25/1978    S/of Jesse Len Baldwin Murphy+ and Blanche Pearl Haney +
MAYME M. TURLINGTON     1/10/1900 to 10/13/1957     Wf/of Ernest

FELIX ELTON MURPHY     9/13/1908 to 2/20/1995     S/of Jesse Len Baldwin Murphy + and Blanche Pearl Haney +
Md: Dec 29, 1928
MARGUERITE HARRELL MURPHY     8/3/1912 to 7/08/2007    D/of James Andrew Jackson Harrell and Ruth Elizabeth Wilson (Rehobeth Cem)

JESSE (Len) BALDWIN MURPHY     10/11/1874 to 10/5/1944    S/of Leonard Dekalb Murphy and Martha Ann Goff (both Rehobeth Cem)
and BLANCHE HANEY MURPHY     4/28/1880 to 8/23/1968 (Blanche Pearl)    D/of David Ebenezer Haney and Nancy Elvira Hasty (Both at Rehobeth Cem.)

MARTHA LAVONIA SMITH WILLIAMS MURPHY     12/11/1859 to 9/27/1923     d/o James Smith + and Francis Cordelia Clawson +.
Identical twin to Mary Smith Dunbar Martha "Mattie" Lavonia Smith
md: 1st Paul A. Williams     2nd Mial Gray Murphy, Sr.     Mother of Arthur Dow Williams and James W. "Jim" WILLIAMS.    Affectionately known as "Aunt Stump"

ELSIE SLAUGHTER NEW     1/11/1903 to 5/28/1988     (Eastern Star)    D/of Joseph B. Slaughter + and Margarett P. Mooty Slaughter +
and WM. T. "DICK" NEW     1/15/1898 to 5/21/983     (Mason)    S/of Nathaniel E. New and Belle E. Walker New

JAMES W. NEW     2/7/1925 to 1/4/1935     S/of Wm. T. (Dick) + and Margarett P. Mooty New +

PAUL J. NEWMAN     5-22-1928 (one date)
and RADA SUE NEWMAN     4-27-1931 to 10-11-1997

RICHARD M. OGLE     5/8/1897 to 11/27/1954     (Mason)
MARY M. OGLE     2/17/1897 to 9/24/1970

MAXINE BELL ORR     9-6-1929 to 12-3-1999

JOHNNIE WILSON OWENS     3/25/1936 to 3/26/1936     s/of G.B. and FREDDIE

ELLEN HUBBARD OSWALT     4/15/1915 to 4/15/1937

NORAH JACKSON OVERSTREET     7/24/1905 to 12/19/1993

JULIUS RAY PARKS     7-18-1926 to 5-11-2003     U.S. Navy WW II
and PANSY F. PARKS "Pat"     9-3-1935 (one date)

OTTIS E. PEMBLE, JR. "Buddy"     1-23-1927 to 8-20-1993     U.S. Army WW II
and LOUIS V. PEMBLE     12-23-1929 (one date)

Infant PEMPLE     d: 10/6/1954 Age 1 day     s/of C.E. PEMPLE (not found in 1991)

DEWITT PHILLIPS     7/13/1893 to 10/20/1968

OPAL PITTMAN     1/6/1931 to 1/29/1932

ARIE POINDEXTER     8/5/1893 to 1/6/1960

DOCK POINDEXTER     8/31/1895 to 4/6/1973     ARK PVT US Army WW I
ILA MARGARET DUMAS POINDEXTER     4/10/1922 to 11/17/1991    D/of Henry Wesley Dumas + and Sallie Roberta Mooty +

(Joseph) JOE M. POUNDS     5/30/1888 to 2/15/1942
EVA MOOTY POUNDS     7/17/1893 to 3/10/1970    D/of Urbin Erskine Mooty+ and Adaline Malinda Burns +

W. R. "BILL" RANDOLPH     7/20/1880 to 2/17/1933

JOSEPH BASCOM RAY     11/11/1909 to 7/30/1971    S/of John Howard Ray and Hazel Mae Mooty (both in Friendship Methodist Cem)
MAJORIE AMANDA THORNTON RAY     4/8/1917 to 4/22/1986     Wf/of Joseph B.

RAY REED     7/31/1928 to 2/23/1985

CLYDE HARRELL ROBINSON     7/24/1898 to 2/24/1929    D/of Thomas Edgar Harrell + and + Minnie V. Tice    Wf/of Howard Courtney ROBINSON

GLEN T. ROSENBAUM     8/27/1905 to 6/28/1973
and LOUISE DUNBAR ROSENBAUM     3/4/1917 to 5/29/1960    D/o (J.D., Jr.) Bob Dunbar + and + Eva Haney Williams Dunbar

MAELYNN SANDERSON     d: 3/12/1965 Age 4 mos 3 dys     (not found in 1991)

TYRONE R. SCOTT     12-28-1948 to 5-16-2004
md: 5-18-1977
and RADIE SUE SCOTT     5-14-1942 (one date)

BEVERLY A. EZELL SINCLAIR     12-9-1954 to 7-14-1982

HATTIE MEGGS SINCLAIR     7/10/1893 to 4/22/1940
md: July 4, 1910
ROBERT LEE SINCLAIR     2/2/1884 to 2/27/1986

MORRIS L. SINCLAIR     7-7-1930 to 4-8-2000
and FRANCES L. SINCLAIR     11-13-1941 (one date)

SAMUEL GARRETT SINCLAIR     10-19-1922 (one date)
and RETHA MAJOR SINCLAIR     4-7-1929 to 7-25-2003

TINA JO SINCLAIR     10/9/1955 to 12/10/1955 Age 2 mos 1 day

EMITT SCOTT SLAUGHTER     1/30/1909 to 1/12/1944 Age 34 yrs-11 mos-18 dys    S/of John Lindsey Slaughter + and Minnie Mooty+

HARVEY SLAUGHTER     12/25/1902 to 1/12/1903    S/o John Lindsey Slaughter + and Minnie Mooty Slaughter +

HARDY H. SLAUGHTER    10/28/1846 to 7/26/1924    S/of John Kimbrough Slaughter and Louisa Harrell (Both at Rehobeth Cemetery)
MARY ELLEN MARTIN SLAUGHTER     wf/o H. H.     9/6/1852 to 12/16/1919  Age 66 yrs-3 mos-10 dys

JOHNNIE (John) L.(Lindsey) SLAUGHTER     2/13/1875 to 5/27/1933    S/of Hardy H. Slaughter and Mary Ellen Martin
and MINNIE MOOTY SLAUGHTER     1/30/1879 to 5/11/1971    D/of Urbin Erskine Mooty+ and Adaline Malinda Burns Mooty +

JOSEPH B. SLAUGHTER     5/30/1878 to 11/9/1953
MARGARET "MARVIE" P. SLAUGHTER     11/11/1887 to 1/3/1954

TOMMIE SLAUGHTER     5/30/1878 - 1880    S/o Hardy H. Slaughter and Mary Ellen Martin Slaughter

WILLIE E. SLAUGHTER     11/7/1883 to 8/20/1930    D/o Hardy H. Slaughter and Mary Ellen Martin Slaughter

DOROTHY SMITH     8/6/1904 to 9/1/1955     D/of John Thomas "Tom" Smith + and + Iva Hall Smith

HAZEL SMITH (SWILLEY)     (90) 6/16/1914 to 8/18/2004    D/of John Thomas "Tom" Smith + and + Iva Hall Smith    Wf/of James Buster Swilley

J. S. (JAMES) SMITH     died 11/13/1906 Age 83yrs.     Born in MS
Died June 21, 1926 age 87 yrs. Born in Mississippi.
"Delia" md: 1st Henry Burns , who was the younger brother of her step-mother,
Aramitta Burns. Aramitta and Henry Burns were the children of John and Rutha Burns from MS. After John P. Clawson's death, Aramitta md: Newton J. Smith.
2nd James Smith Very little is known about James Smith. Some say he was from LA, but most records give his birth place as Mississippi. He did serve in the Confederate Army and filed for a pension in 1901.

J. TOM SMITH     9/14/1874 to 12/15/1957     (John Thomas but known as Tom)
Tom was the baby of the family.     S/o James Smith and Frances Clawson and IVA HALL SMITH 9/25/1883 to 5/19/1961

RUBY SMITH    d/o J. Tom and Iva Smith     Mar 24, 1903 to Feb 16, 1918

JERRY PAUL SOLET     1-18-1982

MABLE GUINN STINSON     3/2/1921 to 4/3/1984

MARTHA "JEFFIE" (nee DUNBAR) STOVER     1/22/1917 to 7/13/1999     D/o JACK and ZANA DUNBAR
Md: July 31,1938
JOHN H. STOVER    born England, AR 7/31/1902 to 4/25/1986    s/o Daniel Jackson Stover and Callie Angelina Higginbotham
Jeffie and John Stover, parents of one daughter, Janice C. Stover Holzer

WALLACE S. STRICKLAND     (78) 8-27-1927 to 5-28-2006     *ob   S/of Everett Lee and Trudie Moore Strickland     H/of Tommie Faye Bell Strickland

WALLACE RANDALL STRICKLAND     12-31-1948 to 10-27-2004    S/of Wallace S. Strickland and and Tommie Faye Strickland     H/of Rosemary Farias F/of James Lee and John Michael Strickland

HOWARD EUGENE TATE     9/29/1919 to 9/2/1921

ELAINE DRIGGERS TENERY     2/25/1930 to 7/12/1964    D/of Hollie H. Driggers +and Fleeter (Lida D.) Harrell Driggers+

JAMES M. THOMAS     2/14/1878 to 10/22/1879    S/o J. W. Thomas and M. Milner Thomas

JOE B. THURMAN     2/25/1905 to 3/28/1979
GLADYS WISE McCANN     wf/of Joe Thurman    9-24-1911 to 12-12-2002

MARCUS WEBB     d: 5/20/1940     (not found in 1991)

VIOLET WESTMORELAND     2/14/1909 to 5/25/1961

TERRY LYNN WILKERSON     d: 2/1/1968     (from old DAR list--not found 1991)

A. D. (ARTHUR DOW) WILLIAMS     6/5/1879 to 3/17/1906     1st H/o EVA G. HANEY Williams Dunbar +, killed in logging accident. Father of Curtis Williams.     S/o Paul A. Williams and Martha L. Smith Williams Murphy +

CALVIN C. WILLIAMS     12/8/1920 to 5/30/1921    S/o James Winton Williams + and Agnes Eloise Crawford Williams +

DOVIE LEENORA WILLIAMS     11/2/1910 to 6/22/1912    D/o James Winton Williams + and Agnes Eloise Crawford Williams+

JAMES "JIM" WINTON WILLIAMS     11/14/1880 to 6/23/1953    S/o Paul A. Williams + and Martha Lavonia Smith Williams Murphy +
and AGNES ELOISE CRAWFORD WILLIAMS     6/29/1884 to 6/22/1978    D/of Johnson and Louise Crawford

JOHN PAUL "SLIM" WILLIAMS, SR.     5/19/1929 to 2/24/1988    S/of James Winton Williams + and Agnes E. Crawford Williams +

THURMAN WILSON     11/5/1907 to 11/26/1980

MARY KATHERYN WONDER     11-14-1938 to 1-10-2003

MARY K. HARRELL YERBY     6/18/1925 (one date)    D/of Brutus R. Harrell + and + Ima M. Allen