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Malvern Road (Highway 270 East)
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

Bassett-Belding-Gaines Cemetery, Hot Springs, Arkansas

GPS coordinates:  Latitude: 34.46855 Longitude: -93.97955

Directions: take Highway 270 East from Hot Springs approximately 5.5 miles (just past Westinghouse Drive).

One sign states it was established in 1824 and another shows 1833 - 1938. The cemetery is encircled with a chain-link fence and is surrounded by homes. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. The only known Garland County Revolutionary War soldier is buried in this cemetery.

The cemetery was read and photographed by Patti Vance Hays November 2008. The photographs are the property of Patti and cannot be used for publication in any medium without her permission.

Bassett-Belding-Gaines Cemetery sign Bassett-Belding-Gaines Cemetery sign

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Details on Marker Comments
Bassett, David 1797 04/04/1853
Bassett, Jane 07/05/1809 12/03/1873 Wife of David Bassett  
Bassett, Jonathan 05/24/1764 07/04/1833 Massachusetts Pvt Col Freeman's
Regt Revolutionary War
The only known Revolutionary War soldier
 buried in Garland County
Bassett, Temperance Crocker 01/02/1763 06/06/1833 Wife of Jonathan Bassett
Children Nathaniel, David
and Lydia Bassett
Belding, Ludovicus 1792 10/09/1833    
Belding, Mrs. Lydia 05/01/1799 1864    
Christian, Infant Daughter 1874 1874   marker very hard to read
Christian, Virinda   10/28/1874 aged 22 years; wife of Jos. Christian  
Gaines, Abner L. 1859 1900    
Gaines, Maria 04/1823 11/1890    
Gaines, Mary P. 02/18/1856 11/04/1938    
Gaines, William H. 06/30/1797 06/01/1884   one reading stated the year of death was 1894
Littler, Charles R. 01/20/1869 01/29/1889 son of A. D. & S.  
Littler, Susan Bassett 12/18/1834 12/12/1873   older marker
Judy       dates are buried underground; a prior reading indicates she died 05/29/1874 and states her surname was McCoy
S. P. [said to be Dr. Stephen Proctor]       all that is there is a footstone that reads "S. P"; the rest of the stone is broken; a prior reading by Inez Cline shows 07/06/1813-03/26/1869
Rogers, Marguerette Littler 1871 1953 In Memory Of this is a cenotaph; she is buried in Greenwood Cemetery
Simpson, Elsie 12/26/1889 01/03/1890 age 9 days  
Simpson, Louisa Jane 09/09/1851 10/08/1876    
Simpson, Thomas 1815 11/29/1879    
Stitt, Samuel H. 07/23/1878 08/04/1878 son of Sam'l H and Augusta  

Inez Cline's prior reading showed: Simpson, Mother, Father, Daughter and Son. I only saw three Simpson markers.

There is a stone that reads:

Husbands and Children of Susan Bassett Etchison Hays Littler

Giles P. Etchison 12 14 1826 - 2 1 1856

Son Junius Preston Etchison 9 12 1855 - 10 2 1862

A. J. Hays 12 12 1826 - 10 21 1861

Son William Clayton Hays 11 24 1858 - 10 2 1862

Daughter Eliza Lovetta Hays 11 5 1860 - 4 18 1861

It is unknown if they are buried in this cemetery or if it is a marker to show her spouses and children.