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West Godwin Place
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

GPS coordinates:  Latitude: 34.53847 Longitude: -93.11119

Directions: From US Highway 270 and Mountain Pine Rd, Hot Springs, Arkansas, go 3.1 miles north; turn right onto Cederglade Road; go 1.9 miles east; turn left onto Meeks Loop then go north for .4 mile; turn left on West Godwin Place. [Most marker photographs are on]  Go here for map.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1997-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more. Some of those archived will be annotated on this page.

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Copied by Debra Slater Garner in 1996, and updated August 12, 2003, with some additions and corrections by Patti Vance Hays

Name    Date of Birth    Date of Death    Remarks

GRAHAM, Florence    60 years    09/18/1927

Unmarked/Illegible    2

Surrounded by wrought iron fence
BAIN, Cosmo    66y, 0m, 14d    05/24/1940    Caruth Funeral Home Marker
BAIN, Rosilla    02/20/1842     09/06/1903     Having finished life’s duty she now sweetly rests

FRENCH, Violet Goldie     04/03/1892-     Mother    [only date on marker]

FRENCH, Rosa Jean     09/02/1922     11/28/1922

FRENCH, E. Gurley     09/01/1919     08/25/1924

FRENCH, Karl L.     04/04/1921     10/07/1924

FRENCH, J. Hillstrom     12/06/1925     10/14/1929

FRENCH, Wayland M.     03/22/1924     01/15/1946     Arkansas T Sgt 3704 Base Unit AAF World War II AM and 2 OLC

BOYD, Bud     1880     1952

ROACH, Will     04/15/1896     04/03/1950     Arkansas PFC 154 Infantry 39 Division World War I

ROACH, Dave C.     05/28/1887     02/23/1948     Arkansas Pvt 103 Infantry 26 Div World War I

Baby (Probably Bain - stonework is same and next to) BAIN

BAIN, Ida Mae     1899     1975     Remember friends as you pass by, as you are
BAIN, James A.     1892     1965    Now so once was I, as I am now soon shall be -- prepare for death and follow me.

SMITH, Uless Clifton     10/21/1921     11/04/1999     US Army Air Forces

SMITH, Lillian Bain     07/01/1929     03/26/1963

BAIN, David C.     05/01/1923     06/21/1925

BAIN, Mitchel E.     35y, 11m, 7d     04/25/1943     Caruth Funeral Home Marker

BAIN, Rural Cleveland     04/04/1919     05/05/1977     Pvt US Army; Death is only a shadow a cross the path to heaven; married 05/04/1950
BAIN, Jessica Christner     (no date of death shown)

SMITH, Wilburn Joey     11/09/1979     12/05/1979

DALEY, Robert A.     12/02/1926     02/28/1983

DALEY, Melba Dean     07/25/1931     07/24/2002     [Parents: Leslie Rorie and Melissa Gray; Spouse: Robert A. Daley]

HADDOX, Effie May     – 07/19/1957     Caruth Funeral Home Marker

PECK, Josephine     1904     1971     Mother

RILEY, James Franklin     10/00/1898     06/00/1916

Unmarked - 5

RALSTON, James A.     1856     1910

HOWELL, Malissie Norabell     07/13/1885     05/25/1953

HOWELL, George Ernest     08/23/1881     10/18/1941

HOWELL, Chester Ray     09/21/1918     02/26/1996     In Memory Of    US Army World War II 1

HOWELL, Roy     11/02/1908     07/10/1919     Jesus is, giveth and taketh, and I am safe in His arms today .

HOWELL, Ruby     06/22/1906     01/06/1919     A precious one from us is gone, a voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our hearts which never can be filled .

HOWELL, Raymond L.     09/09/1915     09/11/1968

Unmarked - 4

GILCHRIST, Nellie I.     07/18/1901     03/24/1937     A devoted wife and mother

BAIN, Henry D.     1815     1897     3 Serg Co C 1 Batt Tenn Inf - Confederate States Army

BAIN, Mary Boland     1825     05/16/1893

Unmarked - 3 TRAMMEL

TRAMMEL, Austin     22y, 3 m, 7d     07/23/1910     Caruth Funeral Home Marker

TRAMMEL Roy     23y, 11m, 19d     05/31/1952     Caruth Funeral Home Marker

TRAMMEL, Vera     19y, 0m, 23d     09/10/1919     Caruth Funeral Home Marker [Vera's dod is 1919 per Arkansas Death Index and 1920 per Caruth Funeral Home Marker]

Unmarked and/or Illegible 10

TRAMMEL, Deliah J.     74y, 9m, 6d     02/17/1931     Caruth Funeral Home Marker

TRAMMEL, John Croash     02/22/1881     03/10/1942

MORRIS, Charlene     1955     1992     Gross Mortuary Marker

GREEN, Eligh     04/04/1868     12/10/1941     [A Paul-Heady FHM shows Elija L. Green 1866-1941]  1

Unmarked - 1

BOYD, Margaret (Green)   1903-     [There is only one date; appears to be date of birth.]

BOYD, David     1856     1925

Unmarked - 3

BELMAY, Lenard     07/04/1900     09/27/1900

BELMAY, Mary     10/11/1874     07/01/1948     Rest in Peace

BELLAMY, Fay Neal     11/25/1869     06/19/1946     [Also a Gross Funeral Home Marker that shows 1870 for birth]

WALL, Henry L.     1859     1928     funeral home marker

WALL, Lelah A.     1865     1907

This Family area chained off together
PIXLEY, Lois Marie     10/18/1913     10/03/1993

BOYD, Mattie     11/15/1889     10/24/1965     Our loss is heaven’s gain

BOYD, Willie     12/24/1891     07/08/1961     Arkansas Pvt 44 CO 162 Depot Brigade World War I

BOYD, Anna     1898     1952     Rest in Peace

BOYD, Jess C.     1894     1953     Peace

BOYD, William David     10/03/1924     10/22/1977     S2 US Navy WWII

BOYD, Infant     07/07/1948     07/07/1948

BOYD, Lokey Richard     03/19/1900     09/23/1970     Forever in our hearts; Footstone - DADDY

BOYD, Hazel Della     12/16/1903     09/09/1991    Mama  1

BROCK, Rena Boyd     [no date of death shown]     Footstone - MOM; married 10/06/1946
BROCK, John Charles     03/03/1925     05/07/1983     Army Navy World War II; Footstone - DADDY

BOYD, Gladys Gene     08/00/1947     01/00/1948     4 months

BOYD, Infant     04/27/1943     04/27/1943

ROWLETT, Richard Adam Sr.    02/28/1954    01/23/2005    Caruth Funeral Home Marker [Parents: Robert Rowlett and Inez Williams Spouse: Ronda Singleton] 1

BOYD, Ernest Franklin    -12/08/2000     Caruth Funeral Home Marker     [SSDI shows dob 12/24/1944 as does obituary] 1

GRAHAM, Kenneth L.     06/02/1917     02/20/1997     [added by pvh from obituary] 1

SINGLETON     [no other information]

RHODA, Mary Louise Boyd    11/23/1934-09/25/2011    [added by pvh from obituary]

SMITH, Imogene "Jean" Faught    03/31/1933 - 07/24/2011    [added by pvh from obituary]

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