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Off River Oaks Drive
Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas

Directions: Take Highway 270 West from Hot Springs, Arkansas; turn right on Treasure Isle Road; go approximately 1.5 miles and turn left on River Oaks Drive; drive about .02 miles and cemetery will be on the right.

Avery Cemetery was transcribed by Debra Garner January 10, 1996, and has been supplemented by obituaries, funeral home records, marriage record and by tombstones. Debra has researched and found full dates and names. Those may be shown in the Name field with the actual reading on Details on Marker when available. The comments are made by Debra or Patti Vance Hays.

The cemetery is still active with at least thirteen unmarked graves.

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1996-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more. Some of those archived will be annotated on this page.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Details on Marker Comments
Avery, Elmer L. 10/22/1922 10/30/1965 Arkansas Sgt 343 QM Depot Co
World War II
p: George and Minnie Young Avery
sp: married Verdie Jane Hughes 06/01/1947 
Avery, Frances M. Wheeler 03/09/1916 08/25/1993 [double with Jesse]  
Avery, George W. 03/03/1876 06/04/1960 G. W. Avery
1876 -
[double with Minnie]
Avery, Geneva Williams 2 08/27/1923 02/18/2009   sp: John H. Avery
Avery, Jesse Leon 11/24/1911 09/05/1963 Jesse L. Avery;
married 03/23/1932
[double with Frances]
p: George W. and Minnie Young Avery
sp: married Frances Radford 04/26/1932
[stone has incorrect dom]
Avery, John H. 08/22/1915 11/02/1974   p: George and Minnie Young Avery
sp: Geneva Smith
Avery, Minnie Rose 05/30/1890 07/15/1946 Minnie Avery
1846-1946 [incorrect yob]
[double with George]
p: Henry and Margaret Weems Young
sp: George Avery
Black, Clarence Z. 02/12/1925 09/04/1925    
Brewster, Charles "Buddy" Powell 05/25/1940 01/03/1990   p: Charles Lee and Georgia Avery Brewster
Brewster, Charles Lee 11/27/1905 06/07/2003 [double with Georgia]  
Brewster, Georgia Irene 11/29/1913 04/21/1986 [double with Charles Lee] p: George and Minnie Young Avery
sp: married Charles Lee Brewster 03/29/1930
Brewster, Stephen Powell 10/15/1968 10/16/1968 Stephen P. Brewster  
Burroughs, Lester James 09/27/1919 02/09/1997 married 12/29/1964
[double with Opal Marie]
Burroughs, Opal Marie 09/10/1919 01/05/2008 married 12/29/1964
[double with Lester James]
p: Robert J. and Birtie Bain Scott
Cass, J. B. 12/22/1912 04/02/1913   p: Joel and Mary E. Avery Cass
Cass, James C.   07/13/1943 age 77 yrs 4 mos 26 days p: James Alex and Margaret Braughton Cass
sp: Elizabeth Blackburn 10/02/1892
sp: Victoria Brown 06/28/1912
Cass, Joel (Joe) Abner 08/31/1877 03/31/1956   p: James Alex and Margaret Braughton Cass
sp: Mary Elizabeth Avery
sp: Mrs. Viola Thomason 04/18/1936
Cass, Mary Elizabeth 12/03/1878 03/04/1932   p: George and Elizabeth Plunk Avery
Durden, Raymond Stewart 11/24/1925 09/15/2000   added by pvh
Eckard, Charles Marvin 04/10/1913 01/10/2002 Children:
Janice Lavonne Ewing
Doris Mae Finch
Roger Dale
[double with Vada]
Eckard, Charles O. 08/27/1880 01/12/1959 1880-1959
[double Winnie]
sp: Winnie Trammel
Eckard, Elmer Lee 11/09/1906 08/27/1989   p: Charles and Winnie Trammel Eckard
Eckard, Lorena Deliah 12/20/1915 06/30/2001   p: Charles and Winnie Trammel Eckard
Eckard, Norman Carroll 10/09/1909 11/25/1921   p: Charles and Winnie Trammel Eckard
[currently illegible]
Eckard, Roger Dale 1954 1960 Our Darling  
Eckard, Vada Isabell 1 10/18/1912 06/14/1996 3 Children:
Janice Lavonne Ewing
Doris Mae Finch
Roger Dale
[double with Charles Marvin]
Eckard, Winnie 11/06/1883 06/12/1962 1883-1962
[double Charles O.}
p: Robert and Deliah Bain Trammel
sp: Charles O. Eckard
Fortanelli, Dante Eustacio 10/29/1998 02/10/2007   p: Filiberto and Glenda Jasper Fortanelli
Fortanelli, Sebastian 02/09/1999 03/29/2007   p: Filiberto and Glenda Jasper Fortanelli
Hammil, Daisy Lee Scott 12/03/1924 11/25/1994   p: Robert and Birtie Lee Bain Scott
Hardin, Brandy Lynn 06/24/1975 06/27/2007   p: Jerry and Linda Hardin
Hardin, Jerry       a rock with name on it
Hughes, Stella Vennelia 10/15/1927 10/15/1927    
Jarrell, Gladys Elsie Cass 02/23/1916 05/20/1989 Gladys E. Cass Jarrell
[double Johnathan Prentice]
p: Joel and Mary Avery Cass
sp: married Johnathan Prentice Jarrell 11/06/1934
Jarrell, Johnathan Prentice 1 09/20/1907 09/29/1999 [double Gladys E.] sp: married Gladys Cass 11/06/1934
Jasper, Helen Minnie "Tiffany" 08/26/1952 07/18/1998   p: Charles and Betty Walters
sp: Jack Jasper, Jr.
Jasper, Jack Arnold 1 10/16/1931 08/15/2002   p: Jack Lloyd and Lorene Tucker Jasper
sp: Jean Herron
LeCompt, Betty Graves 08/09/1950 10/18/2011   p: Woodrow Graves and Opal Graves Burroughs
Lillard, Harold E 2 04/30/1935 11/20/2010   p: Robert and Lorene Tucker Lillard
sp: Norma Dean Lillard
Lillard, Lorene 04/08/1909 01/01/1977   p: Everett and Ida Mae Revis Tucker
McCaskill, Pauline 08/19/1929 11/01/1929    
McClendon, Granvel Ray 2 08/08/1926 11/23/2012   p: Patrick and Cleo McClendon
sp: Helen Davis
McClendon, Thomas "Tommy" 1 2 05/16/1953 03/17/2011   p: Ray and Helen McClendon
McCormack, Kale Michael 04/09/1980 01/25/2007 Loving Son, Brother, Husband, and Father p: Michael John and Raye Ann Hatch McCormack
sp: Marcie Davis
Father of Mya, Kylie, and Skyla
Mejia, Angelita 12/15/1981 12/16/1981   p: Jose and Glenda Jasper Mejia
Scott, Birtie Lee 01/14/1894 02/05/1986 [double Robert] p: Clark and Mary Lee Pevehouse Bain
sp: Robert J. Scott
Scott, Robert J. 02/17/1892 04/29/1964 [double Birtie] p: James and Sarah Avery Scott
sp: Birtie Lee Bain
Scott, Sarah       no dates; 1900 Garland
County, Arkansas, census
states 05/1862
p: George and Elizabeth Plunk Scott
sp: James Scott (died before 1900 census)
Short, Joe Bailey, Sr. 1 2 age 75 08/07/2014   added by pvh
Sindlinger, Charles 11/12/1871 02/02/1964 [double Nellie]  
Sindlinger, Nellie H. 09/09/1877 03/11/1960 [double Charles]  
Slaten, Freeman Cecil 09/12/1906 12/24/1996 [double Ivis]
Children: Stanley and Charles
sp: Ivis Priddy
Slaten, Ivis Irene 04/14/1912 01/22/2007 [double Freeman]
Children: Stanley and Charles
dod from obituary
p: Joshua and Lakey Vanderburg Priddy
sp: Freeman C. Slaten
Slaten, James C. 04/15/1842 10/01/1909 Co E 3rd Ill Cavalry  
Slaten, Jarrell Stanley 06/26/1932 02/05/1979 Children: Chris, Rex, Kim p: Freeman and Iris Priddy Slaten
writer for Field & Stream magazine
Steinhoff, Johnnie R. Avery 07/20/1943 02/20/1993   p: John and Geneva Smith Avery
Thacker, Joseph Breamer 08/20/1920 01/05/2007   p: Rinalda and Effie Couch Thacker
sp: Lorece Lillard
White, Frank A. 11/06/1888 07/12/1944 Frank White
[double Leila]
sp: Leila Eckard
White, Leila 09/14/1902 02/08/1980 Leila White
[double Frank]
p: Charles and Winnie Trammel Eckard
sp: Frank White
Williams, Geneva Lorene (Avery) 08/27/1923 02/18/2009   dod from obituary

Some of the tombstone photographs may be found on

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