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Aldridge Road and Amaryllis Place
Pearcy, Garland County, Arkansas

GPS coordinates:  Latitude: 34.42627 Longitude: -93.20651

Take 70 West Highway west of Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Just before you reach the Lake Hamilton School, turn left on Aldridge Road.  Cemetery is located at the end of road.  A sign at the entrance of this cemetery says “Aldridge Cemetery."  The land for the cemetery was donated by A. C. and Sarah Aldrich in 1892.   (Garland Co., AR Deed Record Book 14, pg. 523.)  In the cemetery readings of 1968, by Inez Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane the cemetery is listed also as ALDRICH.  I wish to thank Mary Johnson of Abilene, Texas, for information of the land record and clarification of the name of this cemetery.  Additional information noted under the tombstone reading , is taken from funeral home records, and marriage records.  Errors may be found in those documentations, please take this into consideration.  [Most marker photographs are on]

The Melting Pot Genealogical Society has archived most of The Sentinel-Record obituaries for 1997-1999, 2005-May 10, 2012, as well as some from other years. You may check our obituary section to see if they are listed. If not, please check back as we may be adding more. Some of those archived will be annotated on this page.

Copied by Debra Slater Garner in 1996, and updated August 12, 2003

Amick, Roy L. 1893 1935 s/o Joe and Judith Smith Amick m: Edith Perry 3-26-1916

Amick, Edith M. 9-5-1899 9-16-1968 d/o Caleb and Mary Wilcox Perry

Amick, Judith A.    12-03-1875 08-01-1941    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Andrews, James Lemual 1-3-1822 1900

Andrews, Samantha Ann 10-1-1826 1894

Braughton, Curtis Henry 2-26-1850 11-30-1935    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Braughton, Polly Ann 3-1-1846 [might be 1845] 2-27-1922 d/o John and Mary McElroy Parker w/o Curtis Henry Braughton

Braughton, John Thomas 12-11-1872 12-1-1906 [or 04-01-1906] s/o Curtis and Mary Ann Parker m: Frances Wilson (see Moncrief) [corrected by pvh]

Burgett, Claude 8-20-1924 4-9-1980 s/o Bill and Vera Campbell Burgett

Burrough, Sarah A. 3-26-1856 5-25-1912

Buttrum, Louis E. 5-22-1913 2-19-1938 s/o Lehman and Grace Gay Buttrum

Church, Sally Perry 10-15-1875 1926 d/o John C. and Rebecca Perry w/o Benjamin Church

Cozart, Hurley Leo 07-22-1943 12-29-1943 [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Cozart, James R. 4-15-1865 3-29-1938 s/o Wm. David and Sarah C. Parker Cozart m: Mollie Nolen

Cozart, Molly J. 1-15-1875 4-6-1950 d/o William and Martha Rives Nolen

Cozart, William Mason 6-14-1903 11-12-1981 s/o James and Molly Nolen Cozart m: Myrtice Buttrum 8-6-1929

Cozart, Myrtice 4-9-1909 4-6-1935 d/o Lehman and Grace Gay Buttrum

Cozart, William D. 4-7-1887 1-9-1936 s/o Wm. D. and Sarah C. Parker Cozart m: Effie Fisher 11-28-1919

Cozart, William David 6-20-1837 6-17-1918 s/o William P. Cozart

Cozart, Sarah Caroline 10-3-1844 3-25-1913 d/o John and Mary McElroy Parker w/o William David Cozart

Cozart, C. Santford 1861 1923 s/o Hiram and Minerva Armstrong Cozart m: Betty Cozart 9-4-1884

Cozart, Sidney C. 8-20-1889 6-4-1981 s/o Charles Santford and Betty Cozart m: Verdie Martin 4-6-1917

Cozart, Verdie 3-2-1900 4-26-1992 d/o John and Nellie Mae Ritter Martin

Cozart, Rev. Charles Santford 11-18-1922 12-3-2000 s/o Sid C. and Verdie Martin Cozart (a Minister of the Gospel for 50 years) hus/o Lois Marie Sorrell

Cozart, Lois M. 3-10-1924 Living Cozart, Hurley Leo 7-22-1943 12-29-1943 s/o Charles and Lois Sorrells Cozart

Cozart, Charles Coy   01-11-1945 08-08-2003  s/o Charles Stanford Cozart and Lois Marie Sorrell hus/o Carolyn______ 1

Crowell, Martha 5-22-1839 5-17-1932 d/o William and Lucy Rowland Loyd

Downen, Estelle Cozart 3-4-1913 9-11-1993 d/o James R. and Molly Nolen Cozart w/o Luther Rowland, James L. Jackson, H. J. Millsap & Bill Downen

Eddington, Charles T. 9-5-1872 1-22-1958 s/o Samuel Eddington m: Mary J. Payne 1-25-1898

Eddington, Mary J. 8-6-1874 10-17-1936 d/o J.W. and Elvira Sword Payne

Fenton, Ellen I   1924 1998 (fhm) [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Fisher, Mary Frances 5-11-1881 2-16-1947 m: Fred Fisher

Freeman, Kathleen 6-28-1918 2-22-1987 d/o Oscar and Nancy Howell Bradley

Godwin, Ora E. 1877 5-7-1945 d/o Thomas and Margaret Ward Crouch m: Wm. H. Godwin 5-25-1907

Golden, Morlton "Cotton" 3-18-1920 5-17-1984 m: Joyce E. Rowland

Golden, Phillip Morlton 11-16-1950 4-24-1989 s/o Morlton Golden and Joyce E. Rowland Golden

Gray, Alice Naomi 1892 4-22-1924

Green, Hattie E. 9-12-1881 12-17-1947 d/o George Burrough   [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Green, Henry 10-12-1855 12-12-1927

Green, Elvina 12-7-1901 10-1-1917

Henson, David C. 4-20-1891 12-16-1938 s/o Frank and Edith Thorne Henson m: Rilla Winkle 7-26-1914

Henson, Rilla W. 1-17-1898 3-29-1985 d/o Wiley and Ada Caldwell Winkle

Henson, R. A. no dates

Henson, E. T. no dates (Edith Thorne Henson)

Henson, J. F. no dates ( John Franklin Henson) s/o Marion Henson

Holley, F. N. 5-15-1849 3-10-1929

Hunter, William   08-13-1897 02-10-1977 (fhm)   [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Hyde, Lona Mae Jordan 8-11-1923 2-7-1943 d/o Clarence and Ethel Jordan m: Thomas Hyde, Jr. 7-3-1941

Jackson, Albert J.  1867 1913 husband of Margaret   [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Jackson, James Franklin 7-15-1914 7-3-1946 s/o George and Frances Stemmie Jackson h/o Estelle Cozart

Jackson, Martha Ann 12-11-1940 10-5-1955 d/o James and Estelle Cozart Jackson

Jackson, Minnie Lee 12-18-1884 2-26-1954 d/o John and Georgia Spencer Queen m: Frank Jackson

Jackson, William Sidney 2-1-1865 7-28-1943 m: 1st. Susan Parker, 2nd. Rosa B. Lynch    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Jackson, Susan Emmaline 10-13-1865 7-31-1941 d/o Richard and Martha Wilson Parker    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Jester, Samuel D. 2-20-1846 2-10-1936

Jester, Eliza A. 1-22-1857 5-14-1940 d/o Thomas and Saphronia Lyman w/o Samuel D. Jester

Jester, David T. 9-2-1887 3-8-1893 s/o Samuel and Eliza Lyman Jester

Jester, Irene M. 6-13-1891 3-13-1893 d/o Samuel and Eliza Lyman Jester

Jester, Rachel H. 5-03-1898 9-30-1901 d/o Samuel and Eliza Lyman Jester    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Jordan, J. Clarence 1-17-1902 7-14-1945 s/o James and Della Cox Jordan m: Ethel Parker 8-20-1922

Jordan, Ethel Iva 5-31-1902 4-23-1963 d/o James M. and Betty Nolen Parker

Kastner, Irene Miller 9-20-1906 1-29-1926 m: Willis Kastner 9-11-1925

Kea, Virginia B. 1867 1941 w/o Vincent Kea

Kea, Vincent L. 8-3-1860 5-10-1932    [tombstone shows 1862-1932 per Patti Vance Hays.

Langston, Charlie L. 9-9-1904 6-1-1973 s/o Henry and Mary F. Caldwell Langston

Langston, Eva A. 10-11-1903 6-6-1991 d/o John F. and Laura E. Finney Jordan w/o Charlie Langston

Lyman, Thomas 9-25-1824 9-9-1904

Lyman, Saphronia 4-3-1834 2-1-1894

Lyman, Bertha L. 6-2-1869 10-14-1925 d/o Thomas and Saphronia

Maddox, Dewey 6-14-1900 8-18-1940 s/o John and Emma Speers Maddox

Mahaffey, Maudie 1882 1887 (buried next to Ora Godwin)

Mahaffey, Margaret Ann 1842 1931

Mahaffey, A. Thomas 1844 1897 m: Margaret Ann Ward

Mahaffey, Willett Eugene 5-24-1869 8-10-1950 s/o A. Thomas and Margaret Ward Mahaffey m: Nellie Alma McKelroy

Mahaffey, N. A. 6-1876 1932 d/o Scott and Rebecca Moore McKelroy

Mahaffey, Una 1894 1897 d/o Willett and Nellie McKelroy Mahaffey

Mahaffey, F. A. 1902 1903 child of Willett and Nellie McKelroy Mahaffey

Mahaffey, E. P. 1905 1908 child of Willett and Nellie McKelroy Mahaffey

Mahaffey, Birchie 9-1-1896 8-29-1957 s/o Willett and Nellie McKelroy Mahaffey m: Mary Lou Risley

Mahaffey, Mary Lou Risley 10-12-1900 10-1-1979 d/o John W. and Alice Spears Risely

Mahaffey, Baby 1-13-1931 1-31-1931 child of Birchie and Mary Lou Risley Mahaffey

Manley, Fred d. 10-6-1918 Martin, John G. 2-26-1870 7-20-1925 m: Nellie Ritter 1-18-1893

Martin, Nellie May 5-27-1875 8-28-1961 d/o Phillip and Phoebe Billings Ritter

Martin, James E. 1895 7-6-1930 s/o John G. and Nellie Ritter Martin m: Eva A. Jordan 9-11-1921 (she later married Charlie Langston)

Martin, John G. 02-26-1870 07-20-1925   [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Martin, Nancy   06/02/1951 (fhm and only date shown)    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

McDaniel, Mittie 7-24-1878 5-20-1905

McFayden, Maude Lee 1-15-1885 12-17-1962 d/o Robert and Camaulia McElroy Nelson m: Joe McFayden

McGee, Marcola Gean b.d. 1937

Miller, Nettie W. 2-16-1873 6-6-1920

Moncrief, Frances 1-19-1876 7-9-1949 d/o Dr. D. M. and Louisa Fletcher Wilson m: 1st. John Braughton, 2nd. James I. Moncrief 5-23-1907

Moncrief, James I. 1875 1939

Moncrief, Garland 12-2-1918 4-25-1924

Moncrief, Ophelia 1877 1905 m: James I. Moncrief

Moncrief, Ossie b.d 1905 child of James I. and Ophelia Moncrief

Myers, Fannie Lankford 3-25-1879 6-30-1940 w/o Charles Myers

Naquin, Marie 7-8-1906 3-12-1927

Nelson, Jessie F. 4-26-1881 7-12-1965 d/o Frank and Edith Thorne Henson m: William T. Nelson 12-31-1905

Nelson, William T. 9-14-1880 1-16-1958 s/o Robert B. and Camella McElroy Nelson

Nelson, Robert B., Jr. 6-30-1886 5-12-1945 s/o Robert B and Camella McElroy Nelson

Newton, Lillie Mae 7-21-1895 11-2-1940

Nixon, Ida Marie 1-28-1894 12-26-1950 m: W. B. Windle    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Nolen, W. M. 7-22-1887 4-4-1932

Otwell, J. M. 11-21-1873 8-20-1891

Parker, John R. 8-28-1842 7-27-1902 s/o John Burl and Mary Cantrell Parker m: 1st. Elizabeth McElroy, 2nd. Elvira Mahan

Parker, Elizabeth 1841 1883 w/o John Riley Parker

Parker, Fletcher    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Parker, Elvira C. 3-16-1857 3-11-1937 d/o Henry and Emeline Readus Mahan w/o John Riley Parker

Parker, Leather  9-23-1885 1-4-1948 s/o John and Elvira Mahan Parker    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Parker, Ada 9-26-1889 9-15-1975 d/o John Riley and Elvira Mahan Parker

Parker, Oda B. 7-12-1897 12-24-1974 d/o John Riley and Elvira Mahan Parker

Parker, Wiley Buford 5-4-1871 10-18-1945 s/o John Riley and Elizabeth McElroy Parker m: Marilda Cora Braughton

Parker, Bettie Ann 3-18-1882 5-30-1968 d/o William and Martha Revis Nolen w/o James Madison Parker

Parker, James Madison 1-22-1873 2-28-1937 s/o John Riley and Elizabeth McElroy Parker m: 1st. Mary E. Roach, 2nd Betty Ann Nolen

Parker, James L. 12-14-1910 5-18-1999    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Parker, L. Jacquelyn 4-4-1917 7-5-1995

Payne, James W. 6-14-1838 7-19-1910 m: Elvira Soward

Payne, Elvira P. 8-19-1845 12-30-1910

Payne, Leonard N.   1885 1946 (fhm)    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Pennington, Ethel I. 5-31-1902 4-23-1963 d/o James and Betty Nolen Parker

Perry, Caleb C. 1-1-1872 6-20-1916 m: 1st. Mary Ann Wilcox 10-5-1898 2nd. Lizzie Norris 2-25-1909 3rd. Lillie Booth 6-27-1912

Perry, John C. 2-12-1852 2-26-1907

Perry, Rebecca A. 1852 1900 w/o John C. Perry

Perry, Rodger 11-19-1919 10-29-1921 s/o Andrew J. and Della Couch Perry

Price, Effie Cozart 12-24-1896 9-1-1961 d/o William Owen and Myrtie McCaslin Cozart m: 1st. Wm. D. Cozart, 2nd. C. T. Price

Price, Dollie M. 8-7-1902 6-24-1937 w/o C. T. Price

Raley, Harlowe Teal 6-1-1897 6-22-1944 d/o Milton and Bell McLendon Teal, Sr. m: Thomas E. Raley 10-3-1920    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Rascoe, Billie Ruth b.d. 10-9-1967 child of George and Doris Rascoe

Rascoe, Billy Joe    02/26/1949-03/11/2010    son of J. D. and Nellie Rascoe    [added by pvh from obituary]

Rascoe, James Dale 5-31-1917 2-17-1982 s/o Joseph and Frances Martin Rascoe m: Nellie Marie Martin 9-5-1941

Rascoe, Nellie M.    03-20-1926 - 08-21-2012   [dod added by pvh from obituary]

Rascoe, George H. 11-14-1923 4-2-1996

Rascoe, Joyce Darling b.d. 1-6-1944 d/o James and Nellie Martin Rascoe

Rascoe, James D., Jr. b.d. 7-9-1945 s/o James and Nellie Martin Rascoe

Rascoe, Billy J.  2-26-1949 - 03-11-2010   s/o James and Nellie Martin Rascoe    [added from obituary]

Riter, Lorenzo H. 9-18-1866 7-14-1908 s/o Phillip and Phoebe Billings Ritter m: Martha Ashbrook 2-22-1891

Baby Riter no date

Baby Riter no date

Baby Riter no date

Baby Riter no date (all Baby Riter’s are children of Lorenzo and Martha Ashbrook Ritter) (Correct spelling of Riter was submitted by Sharon Otis)

Riter, Philip 10-17-1832 5-29-1887 h/o 1st. Martha Billings 2nd. Phoebe Billings (sister to Martha Billings)    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Roach, Doyle Baxter 2-10-1913 12-31-1979 s/o Carroll and Cora Reynolds Roach m: Gracie Amick    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Roach, Gracie 5-28-1920 5-24-1980 d/o Roy and Edith Perry Amick

Roach, Leslie Baxter    08-30-1945 09-22-2006    double with Elizabeth Ann Hammock Roach (no dod)    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Rachilla, Margret 8-2-1908 10-29-1932 d/o J. E. and Frances Jane Wilson Moncrief w/o Alexander Rachilla

Roberts, Wallace b.d. 4-10-1918    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Robertson, Judson W. 11-15-1888 12-24-1940

Rondeau, Joseph 1-23-1896 7-22-1965 s/o Noe and Anna Lesperance Rondeau

Rondeau, Myrtle 1908 1932 w/o Joseph Rondeau

Sakowsky, Walter    03-06-1947 05-31-2006 (fhm)    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Shellito, Thoydis June    02/07/1939-05/25/2010    (cremation)    [from obituary]
    Parents: Ira Edward Mann and Hazel Doris Parker
    Spouse: John Joseph Shellito

Stokes, Regina K.    06-30-1948   09-13-1996    [added by Patti Vance Hays]  1

Stroope, John C. 1-21-1886 10-9-1921
    Stroope, Bertha Z. 11-19-1889 10-5-1921

Sutton, Essie    1903 1914
    Sutton, Mamie    1896 1914
    Sutton, Nola    1909 1914
    Sutton, Jeff    1912-1914    "children of Henry Isaac Sutton and Cora May Hobgood Sutton"     [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Sutton, Ester 1-19-1920 1-20-1920    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Sutton, Henry I. 11-13-1872 12-3-1952 s/o Benjamin and Amanda Perry Sutton m: Eva Parker 11-5-1914

Sutton, Eva 8-30-1887 11-3-1979 d/o John Riley and Elvira Mahan Parker

Sutton, Cora May 1874 1914

Teal, Lindon Lewis 8-15-1893 8-28-1975 s/o Milton and Bell McLendon Teal m: Susie Reece 12-24-1915

Teal, Lucy Elizabeth 7-29-1910 8-25-1970 d/o Henry and Docie Sheets Thacker

Teal, William Preston 12-25-1900 9-21-1949 s/o Milton and Bell McLendon Teal m: Mary M. Collier 2-21-1934

Teal, Mary M. 4-30-1910 5-22-2001 (added per obituary) d/o Claude B. Collier & Ida Victoria Bloomingburg wife of William Preston Teal

Teal, Clarence 1904 1905 s/o Milton and Bell McLendon Teal

Teal, Annis 1891 1905 s/o Milton and Bell McLendon Teal

Teal, Milton A. 1855 3-29-1928

Teal, Belle C. 10-17-1869 1-12-1942 w/o Milton A. Teal     [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Thacker, Clarence    05-18-1927 01-19-2012 [added from obituary] 1

Thomason, Marlie M. 1910 1975 s/o Oscar an Delphia Cozart Thomason

Thomason, James M. 7-22-1917 8-7-1973 s/o Oscar and Delphia Cozart Thomason    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Thomason, Ozra 12-7-1919 9-6-1967 s/o Oscar and Delphia Cozart Thomason

Thomason, Albert M. 2-16-1896 3-23-1978 s/o James M. and Etta Griffith Thomason m: 1st. Anise Cozart 2nd. Vanna Caldwell McGrugh 7-16-1931

Thomason, Vanna 9-6-1890 5-30-1988 w/o Albert Thomason

Thomason, Anise Cozart 6-17-1896 11-30-1929 d/o James and Molly Nolen Cozart w/o Albert Thomason

Thomason, Wm. Cleborn 3-18-1925 5-18-1947 s/o Albert M. and Anise Cozart Thomason

Thomason, Oscar 1-9-1882 3-24-1942 s/o James and Liza Hillman Thomason m: Delphia Cozart

Thomason, Delphia Ann 7-21-1879 4-16-1967 d/o Wm. D. and Sarah C. Parker Cozart    [corrected by Patti Vance Hays]

Thomason, L. B.(Lottie) no date d/o Oscar and Delphia Cozart Thomason

Thomason, L. B.( Lewis Belia) no date s/o Santford and Betty Cozart m: Lottie Cozart 5-28-1929

Thomason, Wayne 4-30-1908 12-28-1977 s/o Oscar and Delphia Cozart Thomason m: Hazel Buttrum 4-7-1929

Thomason, Hazel M.   05-24-1911 03-01-2003  1

Thomason, Robert Lee 5-25-1904 1-4-1956 s/o Oscar and Delphia Cozart Thomason m: Fannie Martin 5-28-1922

Thomason, Frances M. 3-30-1904 2-15-1992 d/o John and Nellie Ritter Martin

Thomason, James Barney    01-09-1918 05-21-1997    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Thomason, John H.    09-22-1927 04-08-2003    [added by Patti Vance Hays]

Whitfield, Lena 9-19-1908 3-9-1999 w/o Johnie M. Whitfield

Williams, Clifford Arnold 12-24-1968 8-14-1989 s/o Billy E. and Patricia Rascoe Williams

Winkles, R. R. no dates

Winkles, W. W. no dates

Wright, R. Alexander 6-21-1880 1-26-1953 s/o John Lewis and Martha Deadwiley Wright m: Cora Braughton

Wright, Cora Ann 9-3-1881 2-6-1959 d/o C. H. and Mary Ann Parker Braughton    [Ann added by Patti Vance Hays - from fhm]

Wright, Rev. W. W. 7-8-1835 2-2-1892 (grandfather of R. Alexander Wright)

Young, Ida L. 3-3-1883 2-23-1925 d/o J. W. and Elvira Soward Payne m: Albert L. Young 10-8-1908 (he is buried Newkirk Cemetery)

Young, Floy L. 8-25-1912 2-25-1925 d/o Albert and Ida L. Payne Young

The following is from Mary Johnson of Abilene, Texas:

(My father)
HENSON, DAVID CANFIELD 4- 20-1891 12-16-1938 m. RILLA WINKLE 7-26-1914 s/o JOHN FRANKLIN and EDITH THORN [not Thorne] HENSON

(My mother)

(My brother)
HENSON, RAY ADELBERT 2-24-1915 3-3-1922 s/o DAVID C. and RILLA W. HENSON

(My paternal grandfather)

(My paternal grandmother)

(My uncle)
HENSON, MARION WHITNEY 1879 - 1936 s/o JOHN FRANKLIN and EDITH THORN HENSON (My maternal grandfather) The name was WINKLES and he used it. The grown children dropped the "s". WINKLES, WILEY WALTER 9-20-1862 1-15-1937 s/o JEREMIAH and TEMPY SAUNDERS WINKLES

(My uncle)

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