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Hot Springs High School 1960 Old Gold Yearbook
Hot Springs, Arkansas

These are from scans Don Short and Ken Lambert made and gave us permission to post on our website. If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.  Click on the underlined words and/or names for the photographs. It should be noted these are large files; and, if you are using dialup, may be slow to open. Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly or you find errors.  We may have the obituary online.  Just click on the obituary link after the name.

The 1960 Old Gold Yearbook was dedicated to Mrs. Johnnie Mae Mackey.

The Senior Class Sponsors were Mrs. Curtis Howell and Dick Duncan.

The Senior Class Officers were Jim Warring, president; Bob Atkinson, vice president; Doug Rather, secretary; Delores Roberts, treasurer.

Senior Class Members

Clara Jewel Anderson

Loretta Anderson

Wanda Lou Ashbrook

Bobby Joe Ashley    deceased

Bob Atkinson    deceased

Judy Atwood

Jim Austin

Bob Avant

Don Bain

Sally Lynn Baird    Sally Lynn Baird was born May 5, 1942, and was married to Ira Eugene Willett. She died February 1, 2012. Sally Baird Willett Obituary

David Baldwin

Robert C. Banks, Jr.

Lloyde Beam

Victor Beason    Victor Lee Beason was born July 9, 1942, and died June 13, 1987, and is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Carol Jean Beebe

Linda Bell

Danny D. Berry

Linda Berry    deceased

Linda Ann Black

Zona Mae Black

Terrell Bledsoe

Judy Bond

Gordon Bondurant

Melvin Bowen

Johnny Walter Breckenridge

Shirley Breshears

Kay Brian

Georgia Briggs

Joe Brooks    deceased

Bruce Brown

Marcia DeAnna Brown

Melinda Proctor Brown

Roger Lynn Brown

Arthur W. Bryant

Alberta Louise Bunch    deceased

Bill Butler

George Callahan

Charlotte Campbell

Richard Cartney

Jim Chesnutt

Carolyn Chessire

J. D. Chidester

Vickiann Clark

Bobby Dale Clift    He was born June 7, 1941, and died November 11, 2000, and is buried in Rock Springs Cemetery, Garland County.

Gary Paul Cochran

Carole Coffey

Margaret Sue Connelly    Margaret Sue Connelly was born September 15, 1942, and died May 5, 2007.    Margaret Sue Connelly Echols Dillard Obituary

Betty Corder

Roy Thomas Coulter

Elizabeth Ann Coutlee

Charles Richard Crone

Terry Dabbs

Shelvia Jean Daniels

Gwen Davis

Jerry V. Davis

Jim Davis    deceased

Sharon Davis

Bill Denney

Marcellyn Dickerson

Tillman E. Dickson, Jr.

Peggy Frances Dilliard

Jimmy Dorre

Steve Drazsnzak

Betty Lou Duncan

Billy Echols    Billy Martin Echols was born February 22, 1942, and died January 14, 1996, and is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Mike Ellison    deceased

Virgil English

Barbara Erwin

Mary Etzkorn

Joan Ewing

Gary Farmer

Grace Ferguson

Lynda Fikes

Becky Frazier

Joe Chris Freeman

Russell Wayne Freeman

Mary Alice Gaither

Marlyn Gallagher

Delbert Garner

Delvis Garner

Mike Garrett

Paul Godwin

Susan Goltz

Buddy Goodrum

Gene Goodwin

Paul Grover Goodwin, Jr.

Frances Graves

Irving Greenburg

Billy Greeson

Donna Groom

Linda Gross

Mary Ellen Groves

Jerry E. Gunter

Ronnie Hale

Grover Hall

Wayne Hamilton    deceased

John R. Harding

Sue Hardister

Wanda Sue Hardy

Phil Harnik

Douglass Harp

James Harrod

Bob Hatfield    deceased

Jerry Hatfield

Terry Haynes

Richard Helms

Nancy E. Henderson

Bettie Henry

Bill Herring

Ellen Hickey

Jolly Higdon

Tommy Hodges

Susan Holiman

Martha Holland

Roth Horner

Sharon Gail House

Marsha Hudlow

Harold Hughes

Richard Humphreys

Sue Belle Humphreys

Ronnie Hunt

Franklin Hurst

Jimmy Jackson

Linda Stewart Lewis Jester

Wanda Lou Johns

Kenneth Johnson

Danny Jones

Tommy Jordan

Alice Loretta Keith    Alice Loretta Keith was born February 15, 1942, and died December 7, 2014.    Alice Loretta Keith Collier Obituary

Vic Kemp    deceased

Helen Kidd

John C. Kimery

G. David Kingery

Joyce Kirchner

Suzanne Kirsch

Mary Kniepkamp

Charlotte Frances Knight

Joanna Kuklinski

Phyllis Renee Lambert

William Clifford Lambert

John Lancaster    John H. Lancaster was born January 23, 1943, and died November 17, 2014.    John H. Lancaster Obituary

Virginia Lane

Pat Langford

George Lee

Kenneth Leipper

Martha Lewis

Marion Dyanne Line

Judy Livingston

Mary Lloyd

Judy Loy

J. O. Lucy    deceased

Jimmy Magness

Joan Mahoney

Elaine Massey

John Massey

Judy Lynne McAlister    deceased

Ronnie McGaugh    deceased

Robert McKinney

Violette McMoran

Yvonne Meggers

Henry William Meinecke

Jeanne Melton

Don Messersmith

Edna Miles

Denzil Milholen

Mickey Miller

Suzanne Miller

David Millich    deceased

Robert Mitchell    deceased

Karen E. Moeller

Ronald Mooney

Ronnie Moore

Betty Carol Morgan

Bill Morris    deceased

Nancy Lee Moss

Merlyn E. Muldoon

Charles Murphy

Billy Murry    deceased

Fred Musil

Elwin Myers    deceased

Jim Myers

William Delmar Neilson    deceased

Barbara Lee Nelson

Darrel Newkirk

Ronnie T. Newton

Bill Nichels

Doris Nichols

Terry Nix

Diane Nobles    deceased

Eddie Olds

Ruth Elizabeth Oliver

Kurt A. Oswald

Jim Overton

Robert Page   deceased

Dick Parker

Nancy Parr    deceased

Bill Pate    deceased

Mary Linn Payne    Mary Lenn Payne was born February 10, 1943, and died August 26, 2014.    Mary Lenn Payne Obituary

Jim Peden

Joe Neil Pender

Nevada Diane Penny

Barbara Penson

Marcus L. Phillips

Walton Powell

Anne Quinn

Sue Rachilla    Sue Rachilla Miller Sorrells was born December 9, 1942, and died April 1, 2005.   Sue Rachilla Miller Sorrells Obituary

Arzella Rader

Marzella Rader

Linda Kay Ragsdale

Douglas Rather    Walter Douglas "Doug" Rather was born January 17, 1942, and died August 5, 2014.    Walter Douglas "Doug" Rather Obituary

Len Ray

Gwen Redd

Jackie Richardson

Don L. Rigsbee, Jr.

Freeman Riley    deceased

Herbert Riley

Delores Roberts

Melba Roberts

David Robinson

Peggy Rogers

Mike Rothman

Frances Rowland

Trenda Rucker

Margaret Ruiz

Dot Rushing

Pat Sanders

Sara Jayne Sanders

Ricky Saunders

Mike Sexton

James Donald Short    James was born February 17, 1942, and died November 18, 2009.    James Donald Short Obituary

Sharon Short

Elizabeth Ann Simpkins

Martha Jane Simpson

Bill Sloan    deceased

Coy Richard Smith

Ronald Dale Smith

Stephen Smith

Wayne Smith

Ann Sowell

Eddie Springs

Mike Spruell

Janet Marie Spurlock

Pat Stephens

Sharon Stephens

David Lewis Stewart

David Stone

Betty Sullivan

Ed Sullivan    John Edward Sullivan Jr. was born November 5, 1942, and died September 10, 2013.    John Edward Sullivan Jr. Obituary

Sandra Swain

Harold Swartzbaugh    Harold Edward Swartzbaugh was born July 25, 1941, and died March 16, 2012. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hot Springs.    Harold Edward Swartzbaugh Obituary

Joe Tart    Joe F. Tart was born October 12, 1942, and died August 19, 2003.

Betty Jean Taylor

Larry Teague

Linda Teal

Leroy Terry

Alice Thompson

Kay Thompson

Roger Thornton

Robert Titlow, Jr.

Idalene Trott

Jessie Wadsworth    Jessie was born January 12, 1942, and died February 9, 2012.    Jessie Wadsworth Townsend Cole Obituary

Jim Warring

Danny Watts

Lester Weaver

Mary Ellen West

Katherine Ann Whitebook

Gene Willett    Ira Eugene Willett was born July 13, 1940, and died April 15, 2012. Ira Eugene Willett Obituary

Vernon Williams

Bud Wilson

Mary Jo Wilson

Hettie Alice Windham

Nina Wing

Joe Woods

Carol Wright

Joe David Young