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Hot Springs High School 1956 Old Gold Yearbook
Hot Springs, Arkansas

NOT the entire annual -- just the senior class photographs. If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.  Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly.  If the obituary is online, click on the link after the name.

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Old Gold Book 1956.

Abbott, Jack    deceased

Adams, Henry G.

Adcock, Floy Mae    Floyd Mae Adcock Seals is deceased per a classmate.

Aiken, Phyllis

Akin, Patsy

Anderson, Max H.    deceased

Anderson, Nancy Joy    Nancy Joy Anderson Coleman died July 6, 2013.    Nancy Joy Anderson Coleman Obituary

Anderson, Punch

Angell, Robert

Arman, Phil    Philip I. Arman was born April 6, 1938, and died May 21, 2014.    Philip I. Arman Obituary

Ashcraft, Shirley

Baker, Robert W. 

Barker, Anne

Barker, Anne

Barron, Mrs. Thomas

Bates, Jackie

Bearfield, Betty Lou

Beasley, Mrs. Jane

Beavers, Jackie

Beavers, Jackie

Beavers, Sammy Gene    Sammy was born January 9, 1937, and died November 9, 1989, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hot Springs.

Bibb, Donald Charles    deceased

Bigness, Carolyn

Black, Doyce

Bledsoe, Tommy

Boote, Cheryl    (Football Trojan Queen)    deceased

Boyet, Earnestine Yvonne

Brock, Dolores Elaine

Brooks, Sue

Brown, Bedford, Jr.    deceased

Brown, Max

Browne, Mrs. Lura Hudson

Buchanan, Tommy

Bunn, Travis    Travis Bunn was born November 7, 1938, and died March 10, 2006, and is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Hot Springs. He served during Vietnam with the Army and earned a silver star, bronze star medal, purple heart and OLC.

Burch, Horace

Burch, Jerry Don

Burchfield, Johnnie Lou

Byrum, Dick

Byrum, Richard    deceased

Campbell, Raye Evelyn  deceased

Canada, Lonnie    deceased

Cash, Margaret    Margaret Cash Maddox Obituary

Cash, Margaret Ann

Cash, Morris

Cash, Morris D.

Cash, Robert    Robert Nolan Cash was born June 20, 1938, and died February 23, 2014.    Robert Nolan Cash Obituary

Catlett, Billy

Caughman, Patsy    deceased

Childs, John Henry

Clinton, Daniel B.

Colwell, Ima Jean

Coonrad, Janette

Cooper, Rosalie

Corder, Jackie H.    Jack Harrell Corder was born June 26, 1939, and died May 1990 and is buried in Old Baptist Cemetery in Pope County, Arkansas.  He was first married to Eutha Tallent and then Carol Lynn Rains.  He was an Arkansas State Policeman.

Cox, Miss Desse

Creighton, Milan

Crume, Phillip    Phillip wilkes Crume was born March 16, 1938, and died October 11, 2013. Phillip Wilkes Crume Obituary

Culliver, Betty Ruth

Dale, Diana

Dale, Diana

Dale, Diana

Darnell, John Ed

Davasher, Darrell    Mr. Davasher was born February 12, 1937, and was married to Martha Sherrill. He died December 18, 2010. Darrell Davasher Obituary

Daves, Martha Isabel    deceased

Davis, Joyce Janet

Dickson, Rose Ellen

Dodd, Leon    deceased

Douglass, John

Dowling, Gary

Drilling, John

Droke, Theresa Marie

Dugan, Kathleen    Kathy Dugan was born June 30, 1938, and died September 24, 2012. Kathleen Dugan Kubitz Obituary

Duren, Don

Duren, Donald

Eberling, Charles

Elfter, Marilyn

Elfter, Marilyn

Elkin, Janice

Ellis, Kenneth Kenneth Ellis born December 30, 1937 and died February 6, 2017

Ellis, Kenneth D.

Englund, Dean

Englund, Dean

Fannin, LaVerne

Fincher, Larry

Fondren, Ronald    Ronald Fondren died September 9, 2014.    Ronald Fondren Obituary

Foshee, Barbara

Foshee, Lillie Mae deceased

Foster, Jimmy    (Band Major)

Foster, Jimmy

Fox, Alice Ann    Alice Ann Fox was born in 1938 and was married to Cletis Gerald Breckenridge. She died in 2001 and is buried in Crestview Cemetery.

Frazier, LaRue

Garrett, Ina Sue

Green, Billy

Grefig, Barbara

Gross, Nelda Ann

Grubbs, Charles Lynn    deceased

Hall, Adolph

Halsell, Franklin    deceased

Halsell, Harold

Halter, Charles

Harding, Mr. John Y.

Hardison, Beth

Hardison, Beth

Harris, A. Don

Harris, Don

Harris, Pat

Harrison, Don

Hays, David

Hays, Edward Lee

Heinemann, Martha    deceased

Henderson, William R.

Henninger, Luella

Henninger, Luella

Hildreth, Beverly Ann

Holden, Dick

Holland, Donald

Homard, Mrs. Richard

Homard, Mrs. Richard

Houpt, Betty Lorene

Housley, Mrs. Elza

Housley, Robert    Robert Franklin "Bob" Housley was born April 10, 1938, and died August 28, 2014.    Robert Franklin "Bob" Housley Obituary

Hudson, Earl

Hudson, Earl

Hughen, Bill

Hughen, Billy

Hughes, Arthur Ray

Hughes, Sammie

Huston, Rita Marie

Hutzel, Marilyn

Irons, Mr. Henry

Irwin, Noel    deceased

Jackson, Carolyn    Carolyn Geneva Jackson was born November 11, 1937, and was married to Bobby Joe Sanders. She died April 9, 2013, and is buried in Mazarn Chapel Cemetery.    Carolyn Geneva Jackson Sanders Obituary

Johnson, Doris Ann

Johnson, J. B.    deceased

Johnson, Jesse

Kayton, Janet Sonya    deceased

Kemp, Wallace

Kilgore, Don

Kindred, Jolean

Kinnaird, Jane Ann

Knee, Anita

Knight, Jimmy

Lamb, Kathy

Lawler, Bob

Little, John

Lovett, Harry Wayne    Harry Wayne Lovett Obituary

Lowder, Joyce    Joyce Lowder Graves Obituary

McCoy, Carol

McDougal, Pauline A.

McEarl, Curtis    deceased

McKinney, Don    Abner Don McKinney was born March 16, 1937, and died August 29, 2013.    Abner Don McKinney Obituary

McKinney, Doyal    Lum Doyle McKinney Obituary

Maddox, Tony

Maddox, Tony

Maner, Patty A.    Patty Maner Adams Obituary

Mann, Dale    deceased

Matson, Edward Gene deceased

Meek, Gary    Gary N. Meek was born March 5, 1938, and died November 7. 2014.    Gary N. Meek Obituary

Miller, LaVerne    deceased

Millich, Arvina P.

Mitchell, Glenda

Mohr, Barbara Jean deceased

Montgomery, Barbara    deceased

Mooney, Dave    David Palmer Joseph Patrick Mooney was born May 1, 1939, in Hot Springs and was married to Robbie Cloy Mooney. He died July 25, 2013.    David Palmer Mooney Obituary

Moore, Tommy

Morris, Joy L.

Muldoon, Joe

Muse, Pat    deceased

New, Sherilyn G.    deceased

Norman, Tommy

Norman, Tommy

Obee, Eleanor

Odom, Jo Ann

Pate, Donna

Peake, Robert    deceased

Peden, Vonda Lee

Pickering, Jeanette    Jeanette was born April 11, 1938, and was married to Donald Dorris. She died March 13, 2011. Jeanette Pickering Dorris Obituary

Plumlee, Sue

Poe, Barbara Jean

Poe, Joyce Marie

Pool, Barbara Lee    (Cheerleader Captain)

Pool, Jonny

Preuitt, E. C.

Puckett, Paul    (King of Hearts)    deceased

Rankin, Georgia Ann    deceased

Reed, Jerry Don    deceased

Reed, Jerry Don

Reeves, James    deceased

Reid, Susan    deceased

Reynalds, Sherrill deceased

Reynolds, Jimmie Nichols

Rice, Wayne

Ripley, Sylvianne

Robbins, Lanny    Lanny Robbins was born April 15, 1938, and died September 4, 2009. Lanny Sydney Robbins Obituary

Rowe, Rebecca

Sanders, Mrs. Franklin

Sanders, Sylvia    deceased

Scudder, Suzanne    (Football Wildcat Queen)

Searcy, Larry    Larry Searcy was born February 1938 and was married to Karla Ingrid Clinton. He died July 1992.

Selig, Larry Jo

Selig, Larry

Short, Danny

Sims, Virginia

Sims, Virginia

Skillern, Lorrene

Skyles, Larry

Slack, Mary Faith    Mary Faith Slack Digby passed away July 7, 2011.    Mary Faith Slack Digby Obituary

Small, David

Small, Doris

Smith, Jeff

Smith, Max

Smith, Max

Smith, Richard M. (Pete)

Spencer, Dale deceased

Spencer, M. Wayne

Staggs, Eddie Jean

Stokes, Johnnie

Stone, John David

Storey, Deloris

Sullivan, Ruby

Sweeney, Mrs. Ruth

Tackett, Bonnie

Terry, Donald Walter

Thelen, Wayne deceased

Thomas, Patsy Gwen

Thompson, Mary

Thrash, Bill

Tittsworth, Charles Ray

Todd, Richard S.

Tuttle, Nellie Jean

Venable, Carolyn

Walker, Ernestine

Weldon, Douglass

White, Mary Ann

Wibel, Nancy Suella    (Basketball Wildcat Queen)

Wilson, Floyd Elmer

Wulff, Mrs. Robert

Wulff, Mrs. Robert

Yelvington, Shari Ann

York, Florence Jeanette