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Hot Springs High School 1954
Hot Springs, Arkansas

NOT the entire annual. The annual is actually shown on another website: Kerry's Class Pictures & Yearbooks. Some deceased notices have been listed.  If the obituary is online, click on the link after the name.

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Under construction - incomplete

Breshears, Evelyn

Briggs, Bobby

Briggs, Morrell

Brooks, Charles

Brooks, Gene Houston

Brown, Eldon

Brown, Jane    Jane Brown was born October 16, 1936, and was married to Allen Edwin Gluck. She passed away July 1, 2014.  Jane Maclin Brown Gluck Obituary

Bryant, Loretta

Caldwell, Elsie

Caldwell, Mike

Carney, Elizabeth Ann

Cates, Pat

Cook, Laverne

Couch, Peggy Jo

Duren, Carolyn Carolyn Duren was born Jan 11, 1936 and died Aug 18, 2004.  She married (1) Charles A Rhoden (2) Bobby D Marks

Edwards, Corine Dolores

Ellison, Virginia June

Emerson, Donnie Mae    Donnie Mae Emerson Meredith died October 17, 2013.  Donnie Mae Emerson Meredith Obituary

Faye, Barbara Ann

Finch, Ralph W., Jr.

Fitzgerald, Mary Ann

Ford, Carol Sue    Carol Sue Ford was born August 8, 1936, and was married to Jerry Thompson. She died September 13, 2013.  Carol Sue Ford Thompson Obituary

Freeman, Norma Jean

Friend, Carl

Glasscock, Kenneth Lee

Glynn, Marilyn Irene

Godwin, Dannie Lee

Golden, Bobby Eugene

Maddox, Ann

Maddox, Paul Thomas

Mahaffey, Ted

Marks, Bob Bobby D Marks was born April 6, 1936 and died October 1, 2003, married Carolyn Duren

Melton, Sharon Lee

Meredith, James

Merryman, Bobby Dyer    Bobby Dyer Merryman was born February 19, 1936, and died November 29, 2014.    Bob Dyer Merryman Obituary

Miller, Darlene

Miller, Jane

Mitchell, Shirley Jean

Montgomery, Harold

Mooney, Shirley Jean

Poe, Don

Poole, Orville

Porter, Geraldine

Post, Julian    Julian Walter Post was born September 20, 1935, and died July 30, 2014.  Julian Walter Post Obituary

Powell, Geraldine

Powell, Josephine

Preuitt, Mildred

Priest, Mary

Pullen, Betty

Rainwater, Jennifer Lee    Jennifer Lee Rainwater Hughes was born March 20, 1936, and died December 16, 2009.    Jennifer Lee Rainwater Hughes Obituary

Rasberry, Carl

Rhoden, Charles Charles A Rhoden born August 9, 1935 and died September 2, 1968, married Carolyn Duren