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Hot Springs High School 1953
Hot Springs, Arkansas

1953 Old Gold Yearbook cover

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This is not the entire 1953 Old Gold Yearbook. We are showing the senior class and administration. (This page is under construction and only a portion of the yearbook is listed at this time.)
If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.  Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly.  We may have the obituary online.  Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to thank Ken Lambert and Don Short for scanning this yearbook and allowing us to use their scans.

Dedication - The 1953 Old Gold Yearbook was dedicated to Mrs. Carl Buck


Bedwell, R. L., Superintendent

Davis, Mrs. Jack, Secretary to Superintendent

Whipple, Martha, Bookkeeper

Robbins, Guy E., Business Manager and Treasurer

Board of Education

Bedwell, Dr. R. L., Vice President

Blagg, Helen Ruth, Secretary

Hall, Raymond L.

Howard, Harry

Hubbard, Cecil M.

Leatherman, Leland, President

Robbins, Guy

Westmoreland, L. A.


Mahoney, Lewis H., Principal

Newkirk, Mrs. Jeff, Clerk

Cazort, Eileen H., Secretary to Principal

Office Assistants: Betty Diggs, Patsy Hall, Shirley Harrison, Shirley Houser, Geraldine Powell


The Senior Class Sponsors were Lura Browne, Elizabeth Buck, Sarah Clifton, Desse Cox, Helen Johnson, Una McCrory (not pictured), Myra Mosier, Mrs. W. W. Turner.

The Senior Class Officers were Charles Holt, vice president; LaVerne Littleton, secretary; Rex McMahan, president; Gwen Sanders, treasurer.

Adkins, Carolyn Kay

Adkins, Laurence    Laurence Brannan Adkins was born October 10, 1935, and died October 25, 2014.    Laurence Brannan Adkins Obituary

Alford, Mary Edna

Anderson, Ada Lou

Arnold, Bettye

Avery, Byron

Baker, Juanita

Batterton, Virginia

Baxter, Phyllis

Beatty, Gloria

Benedikt, Karin

Benson, Edward

Blackmon, Robert

Bosson, Paul Richard

Bowers, Clarice

Bowman, Duane

Braswell, Charles

Breitenberg, Edward

Brenner, Janis

Brewer, Cynthia

Brock, Tommy George    Tommy George Brock was born October 7, 1935, and died January 15, 1996. He is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Garland County.

Brooks, Joan

Brown, Grace Ann

Brown, Ina Mae

Burks, Helen

Capehart, Robert

Carter, Merion

Chambers, James

Clark, June

Clark, William 

Colwell, William

Cooper, Raymond

Corder, Bonnie    Bonnie Lou Corder was born November 5, 1935, and died March 1, 2006.    Bonnie Lou Corder Beckwith Obituary

Craig, Larry

Daniel, Beva Mae

Daves, Bertha

Dickson, Charles

Duke, Horace

Dunn, Rubert

Echols, Doyle

Emerson, Loyd

Erwin, Wayne

Ewing, Melba

Ferari, Charles

Fincher, Jerry    Jerry Fincher was born 1935 and was married to Nancy Hardin. He died in 2002 and is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Foshee, Mary Sue

Fox, Earle

Gardner, Patricia

Gibson, Jimmie    Jimmie Gibson was born April 25, 1934, and died August 17, 2005.    Jim Gibson Obituary

Grant, Huey

Gray, Janet

Grisham, Charlotte

Grisham, James

Habbaz, Renee

Hahm, Conway

Halford, Mary Ann

Hall, Gene

Hall, Patsy Ruth

Halliburton, Donna

Hamlet, Sue 

Hardin, Nancy    Nancy Hardin was born August 3, 1935, and was married to Jerry Fincher on February 19, 1960. She died April 11, 1999, and is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery.    Nancy Hardin Fincher Obituary

Harp, Travis

Harris, Pat

Harrison, Shirley

Hill, Bonnie

Hilton, Sara

Holder, Ann

Holland, Bobby

Holt, Carl

Holt, Charles    Vice President

Horner, Deborah

Houpt, Jimmy

Houser, Shirley

Hubbard, Edwin

Hudson, Carl B.

Irwin, Lucille

Jackson, Bobbie

Johnson, Barbara

Johnson, Jimmy

Kassaw, Lillian

Keel, Jimmy

Keith, Millard

Keith, Jimmy

Keller, William

Kight, Lola

Knight, Marie

Knight, Yvonne

Koppersmith, Nina

Larson, Tuttan

Lingo, Jeriel

Littleton, LaVerne    Secretary

Luebben, William

Martin, Thomas

Martindale, Ora

Mattar, Philip    Phillip Selim Mattar was born November 24, 1934, and died March 13, 2005.    Phillip Selim Mattar Obituary

Mathews, Marion

McClung, Beth

McDonough, Shirley

McGrew, Doyle

McMahan, Rex    President

McMullen, Charles

McNeil, Mary

Meredith, Gary

Meredith, Wendell

Merritt, Betty June

Messer, Douglas

Meyers, Alice

Milholen, Alta Aleta

Miller, Bettye Ruth

Miller, Harold

Miller, James

Mitchell, Bob

Mixon, Louise

Mixon, William

Montgomery, Shannon

Morgan, Lewis

Mott, Martha Jane

Muller, Karleen

Nichol, Nancy

Nichols, Glenn

Nichols, Marjorie

Nickels, O. A.

Norman, Barbara

Obee, Rosemary

O'Neal, John

Orrell, Shirley

Pappas, Kostaki

Pappas, Socrates

Parker, Harold

Pennington, Jerry

Peterson, Larry

Pettit, Harrell

Phillips, Don    Don A. Phillips was born March 21, 1935, and died August 8, 2014.    Don A. Phillips Obituary

Pierce, Bill

Poulter, Glen

Powell, Betty    Betty was born April 21, 1934, and was married to Richard A. "Skip" Hill. She died March 11, 2014.    Betty Powell Hill Obituary

Power, Allene

Prichard, Pauline

Radley, Don

Reid, Sylvia

Roach, Betty Jean

Robbins, Leon

Roddie, Jack

Rogers, Archie

Rogers, Evelyn

Rollins, Ruth

Rood, Shirley

Rowell, Patsy

Sanders, Delano

Sanders, Gwen    Treasurer

Sanders, Shirley    Shirley Ann Sanders was born February 2, 1935, and died October 8, 2014.    Shirley Ann Sanders Gibson Obituary

Scott, Barbara

Searcy, Martha

Selig, John

Selvidge, Doris

Sheets, Ralph

Short, James

Sims, Carolyn

Skates, Murlene

Smith, Betty

Smith, Bobby

Smith, Bruce

Smith, Emma Garland

Smith, Eva

Smith, Jerry

Smith, Lynwood

Smith, Mary Ann

Smith, Virgil

Stafford, Bobbie

Standridge, Allen

Steinberger, Barbara

Stephens, Larry

Stevens, Bill

Struble, Mary Jean

Sullivan, Judy

Sussman, Carol June

Taylor, Ira

Tedder, Bobbie Jean

Thomas, Arnette

Thornton, Howard

Tucker, Betty Jean

Tucker, Jack

Veazy, Alma Lee

Wallman, Naoma

Walters, Georgian

Washam, Virginia

Weldon, Barbara

Weston, Laura

Whisenant, Frankie

White, Lucy Lee

Wike, Nathaniel

Williams, Joan

Williamson, Elma Sue

Windham, Lyndal

Winston, James

Wright, Cecil    Cecil Greye Wright was born September 16, 1934, and died September 27, 2014.    Cecil Greye Wright Obituary

Wright, Constance

Zoeller, Charles