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Hot Springs High School 1952
Hot Springs, Arkansas

1952 Hot Springs High School Old Gold Book

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This is not the entire 1952 Old Gold Yearbook. We are showing the senior class and administration. (This page is under construction and only a portion of the yearbook is listed at this time.)
If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.  Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly.  We may have the obituary online.  Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to thank Ken Lambert and Don Short for scanning this yearbook and allowing us to use their scans.

Senior Class Officers

President: Jimmy Phillips
Vice-President: Joe Thomason
Secretary: Peggy Stone
Treasurer: Billy Joe Oliver


Abbott, Shirley Jeanne

Amisano, Gloria Anette

Anderson, Della Mae

Anderson, Judy

Ausley, Yvonne

Austin, Dedette Carol

Avaritt, Gordon

Barentine, Everett

Barnes, Marjorie Ann

Bartgis, Dorothy Sue

Bates, Leon

Birmingham, Dick

Black, Martha Jean

Blackmon, Charlene

Bollmeier, Della Lee

Bowman, Jean

Boyd, Howell

Boydstone, Jim

Branstetter, Wanda

Braughton, Thurman

Brazil, Martha Jean

Brazil, William

Brenton, Marilyn

Brooks, Don

Brookshire, Ramona

Brown, Warren

Bryant, Nadine

Buchanan, Glynet

Bunn, Bobbye

Buroker, Charlotte Ann

Caudle, Sara

Chapman, Glenn

Christian, Bobby

Chote, Lucille    Carrie Lucille Reynolds Chote was born May 25, 1933, and died December 14, 2012.    Carrie Lucille Reynolds Chote Obituary

Clinton, Roy

Coker, James F.

Cook, William Prince

Cooper, Katherine Jane

Copeland, Betty Sue

Corrington, Billie Jo

Craigo, Richard Warren

Culliver, Allan

Culps, Thelma Jean

Davasher, Bobby

Davis, Gilbert    Gilbert L. Davis was born July 20, 1934, and was married to Janet Withrow. He died August 2, 2014.    Gilbert L. Davis Obituary

Disheroon, Mary E.

Dodd, Jeanne

Dunn, Billy Joe

Dyer, Betty Jane

Eby, John

Edwards, Shelby

Floyd, Johnny

Folbre, Tom

Ford, Charles

Forgy, Jack

Fowler, Ann

Gardner, Robbie Joe

Garrett Doyle

Gattenby, Conrad

Geurin, Jim

Gilham, Bessie

Godwin, Margaret

Goggan, Elizabeth Ann

Golden, Jimmy

Gore, Joan

Granger, Richard

Graves, Billy Eugene

Graves, Gene

Griffith, Billie Ann

Grizzard, Mary Jean

Hagy, Sigma Kelly

Hammond, Frank

Harrell, Robert Paul Joseph

Harris, Billy Joe

Harris, Jolene

Harris, Wanda Reta

Harrison, Sam

Hart, Clyde, Jr.

Harvey, William V., Jr.

Hebert, Gaston

Henderson, Ivah Nell

Herring, Betty Jean

Herron, Elva Dean

Hickey, Tom

Hildreth, Barbara Ann

Hill, Connie

Hill, William Lloyd

Holiman, Bobby

Hoover, Ingrid Roberta

Howard, William Joseph

Howell, Jimmie

Hurst, Ivan Kenneth

Hurst, Overton

Hutchison, Jeanne Westwood  Deceased 2009, Richmond, Virginia

Jaskot, Joycelynn Lee

Jett, Jo Ann

Johnson, Robert

Johnston, Carolyn June

Jones, Donna Wickoff

Jones, Nancy Catherine    Nancy Jones was born August 22, 1934, and died November 16, 2013.  Nancy Catherine Jones Moore Obituary

Joplin, Charles B.

Kaufman, Phyllis Jean

Keil, Barbara Ann

Keith, William M.

Keller, Norma Jean

Kelley, Carlene

Kemp, Glena Lee

Kemp, Jo Ann

Kidd, Dolores

Kimball, Don

Kimbrell, Kathleen

Kuechenmeister, George Paul

Lawler, Sara

Lowe, Royce

Lowery, Dorothy Jean

Lowery, Patricia Ann

Lynas, Charles

Lyon, Joe

McBride, Martha

McGuire, Martha

McKnight, Stoyette

McMahan, Jack

McManus, Ray    Charles Ray McManus Jr. was born in 1934 and died in 1993. He is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Garland County, Arkansas.

McVay, Martha Annette

Martindale, Jeanette

Mayben, Beverly Ann 

Maynard, Creston Earl

Maynard, Garland

Melton, James

Melton, Shannon

Menser, Rowland

Messersmith, Dorothy Dean

Midkiff, Edwin

Miller, George

Mitchell, Joyce

Mitchell, Retha Mae

Montgomery, Jimmy

Moore, Carol    Carol Moore was born December 29, 1933, and died October 4, 2013.  Carolyn Moore Schran Obituary

Morgan, Virgil

Murray, Pat

Muse, Bill    William "Bill" Muse was born November 24, 1934, and died October 27, 2013. William "Bill" Muse Obituary

Musil, Rosemary

Myers, Roger

Nichols, Maurice Edward

Norman, Glenna

Oberfell, Bob

Oliver, Billy Joe

Orr, Bob

Osborn, Fred

Otwell, Mary Ellen

Palmitter, Nancy

Pappas, Deno    Deno Peter Pappas was born June 27, 1934, and died November 1, 2004.    Dr. Deno Peter Pappas Obituary

Parker, Inez

Patrick, Louise Marie

Pennington, Melton Vernon

Pearrow, Elizabeth

Phillips, Jimmy

Phillips, Lemand

Pittman, Dosia Juanita

Posey, Mona Faye

Postlewate, Jack W.

Powell, Greta Ann

(to be continued)