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Hot Springs High School 1951
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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This is not the entire 1951 Old Gold Yearbook. We are showing the senior class and administration.
If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.  Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly.  We may have the obituary online.  Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to thank Ken Lambert and Don Short for scanning this yearbook and allowing us to use their scans.

The 1951 Old Gold Yearbook was dedicated to Mrs. Jesse Parks Connell and Mrs. J. Earl Housley.

The Board of Education included Guy E. Robbins, Howard Caldwell R. L. Bedwell, Roy Mitchell, Cecil Hubbard, Leland Weatherman, and L. A. Westmoreland.

The Superintendent was R. L. Bedwell, Business Manager and Treasurer was Guy E. Robbins, Secretary to Superintendent was Mrs. Jack Davis and Bookkeeper was Mrs. Arvis Brooks.

The Principal was Lewis H. Mahoney, Secretary was Mrs. Eileen H. Cazort, Clerk was Mrs. Ruby Leigh Meador. The office assistants included Jeanne Schweiter, Beverly Mayben, Barbara Floyd, Joyce Mitchell, Janice James, and Mary Lou Lankford.

The Senior Class Officers were: Frances Phillips, Secretary; Barbara Braughton, Treasurer, Larry Hubbard, President, Douglas Baber, Vice President.

Class of 1951 Seniors

Adkins, Nancy

Adkins, Nita Clare

Amick, Patsy Ruth

Amisano, Italo

Ariens, Erton

Atwood, Mary Jane

Baber, Douglas

Bailey, Mildred Ermagene

Bates, Betty Marie

Beach, Judith Ann

Beavers, Martha Jo

Bibb, Helen

Blocker, Harold Ray

Bone, Margaret

Boydstone, Joe

Bradford, Albert

Braughton, Barbara

Brenner, Charles

Brenner, George

Briggs, Frances E. Kidd

Bright, Bill

Brock, Margaret

Brown, Betty Ann

Brown, Jeanne

Brown, Russell

Cain, Loyd    Loyd C. Cain was born August 26, 1933, and was married to Bonnie Sue Overby. Loyd died May 5, 1978, and is buried in Lowe Cemetery, Garland County.

Cokes, Ellis

Collins, Martha Jo

Conly, Crit

Cook, Buddie Pat

Coombe, Elinor

Creason, Bill

Crone, Olene

Daniel, Barbara Annette

De Baca, Jimmy J.

Delph, Barbara

Dennis, Robert

Denton, Betty Sue

Dickerson, Audrey

Dodgen, Leon

Dowds, James

Eakin, Arthur

Eason, James

Edwards, Marjorie May

Ellison, Peggy

Evans, Barbara

Evans, Ruth

Finch, Fred

Floyd, Barbara

Forshberg, Paul Frederick    Paul Forshberg was born February 14, 1934, and died January 26, 1987, and is buried in Jewish Rest Cemetery, Garland County.

Franks, Tullos

Freeman, Katherine

Gaither, Nona Jean

Gillenwater, Price

Godwin, Vivian Marie

Gossett, Patsy

Gouy, Mary Beryl

Grant, Curtis

Graves, Wanda Lee

Green, Bill    William "Bill" Green was born January 19, 1933, and died June 13, 1999, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Garland County.    William W. "Bill" Green Obituary

Greenway, Ann

Griffith, Donald

Haggard, Bob

Hall, Almarie

Harper, Aleta Jo

Hatmaker, Lavenia

Hays, Garth

Henry, Joan Katherine    JoAnn Kay "Joan" Henry Carter was born September 22, 1932, and died July 21, 2008.    JoAnn Kay Henry Carter Obituary

Hopson, Ann

Horn, Dick

Hubbard, Larry

Huddleston, Virginia

Humphreys, Don

Humphreys, Sally

Hunt, Gerald

Hutchison, Barbara

James, Janice    Janice James was born April 4, 1933, and was married to Milton D. Peters. She died July 22, 2013, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.    Janice James Peters Obituary

Johnson, Margaret

Jones, Bill

Jones, Houston

Jones, Jo Ruth

Jones, Mary Hansford

Kelly, Caralyn

Kemp, Loweader

King, Albert

Knox, Maxine

Kunasch, Carol Ann

Lang, Tresa

Lankford, Mary Lou

Lawes, Bill

Livingston, Phil

Longinotti, Steve

Lowrey, Mary Jane Robison

Loy, Carol

Lynchard, Aliene

McAfee, Norma Jean

McClure, Elizabeth

McCormack, James

McDaniel, Frank

McGonagill, Darrell

Mahaffey, John

Marler, Dorothy

Martin, Barbara

Martin, Kathleen Alice

Melton, Presley

Meredith, Ida Faye

Messersmith, Robert Gene

Mickus, Jean

Miles, Warren

Miller, Burt

Minton, Emma Sue Rowland

Minton, Ralph

Mitchell, Mary Etta

Morris, Francys

Mosley, Dixie

Murchison, Linnie Lou

Osterloh, Edward

Overby, Bonnie    Bonnie Sue Overby was born July 22, 1933. She was married to Loyd Cain. Bonnie died January 29, 2012.    Bonnie Sue Overby Cain Obituary

Overton, Owen

Parker, Ralph

Peters, Audrey Ann

Peters, Suzanne

Peterson, Richard

Phillips, Frances

Phillips, Kathryn

Pittman, Don

Pollard, Patricia    Patricia Pollard was born January 31, 1934, and died August 6, 2012. Patricia Anne Pollard Wall Obituary

Porter, Pauline    Pauline "Polly" Porter was born May 18, 1933, and married John C. Smith. She died October 19, 2012. Pauline Porrter Smith Obituary

Poteet, Jerry

Price, Patricia

Prohl, Gene

Ramsay, Mary

Redden, Bobbie

Rhodes, Mary Lane

Ricks, Earl T. Jr.

Ridgway, Larry

Riggs, Elizabeth

Riley, Clarence

Robbins, Darrell

Robbins, Wayne    Wayne Robbins is the one marked with "Rouse" per dsg.

Rouse, Betty

Seiz, John Tyler    John "Tyler" Seiz is the one marked with "Seyl" per csc.

Seyl, Georgia    Georgia "Cookie" Seyl is the one marked with the first "Shaw" per csc.

Shaw, Helen

Shaw, Joe

Sheshane, Edward

Shirley, Bob    Bob was born January 21, 1934, and died October 8, 2012.   Bob Shirley Obituary

Shirley, Doyle

Shockley, Bob

Sigman, Connie

Simmons, Don

Smith, Gwendia

Smith, Nona M.

Smith, Roy Dale

Sparling, Jane

Spencer, Edith Lynn

Spencer, Edward

Springer, James

Standridge, Marion

Stanfield, Jo Ann

Stewart, Mary Ellen

Tate, Irene

Terrell, Wayne

Tidwell, Don

Tucker, James

Tucker, Lucille

Umphers, June

Volentine, Shirley

Wall, Joyce

Walters, Joyce

Watson, Billie Jacque

Whisenant, Gilbert

Whitted, Bill

Willis, Betty Lou    Betty Lou Willis was born April 14, 1933, and died January 5, 2009.    Betty Lou Willis Walker Obituary

Wilson, Jack

Wilson, Louise

Withrow, Bob

Wonn, Carol

Wunderlin, Mary Alice

Young, Arthur Thomas