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Hot Springs High School 1950
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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This is not the entire annual -- just the senior class and class sponsors.
If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.  Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly.  We may have the obituary online.  Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to thank Ken Lambert and Don Short for scanning this yearbook and allowing us to use their scans and Jane Maus Reynolds with her help in identifying those classmates who are deceased.

Adkins, Brown    Brown Adkins died August 25, 2011.  Brown Adkins Obituary

Agre, Joyce Smith

Alexander, Lois    Senior Class Sponsor

Allen, Clovis Bernie    Clovis Allen died April 9, 2007. He is buried in Forest Hills Memorial Park Cemetery in Saline County.  Clovis Allen Obituary

Anderson, Catherine Jane

Anderson, Delton    Delton Anderson is deceased.

Ashbridge, Sydney

Ault, Joanne    Joanne Ault was married to Ramon Blanco. She died November 16, 2008.    Joanne Ault Blanco Obituary

Avery, Helen    Helen Avery was married to the Rev. Forrest Frazier. She died March 1, 2005.    Helen Avery Frazier Obituary

Bailey, Sue Henderson    Sue Henderson Bailey died May 19, 2001.  Sue Henderson Bailey Obituary

Baldwin, Doyle    Doyle Baldwin is deceased.

Ball, Helen    Helen Ball is deceased.

Beach, Galen

Bell, Mary Inez

Bolton, William

Boston, Sally Barbara    Sally Barbara Boston is deceased.

Brewer, Ouldean    Ouldean Brewer is deceased.

Brooks, J. O.

Brooks, Mary Frances

Brown, James Allen    James Allen Brown was born March 21, 1933, and died August 17, 2012.  James Allen Brown Obituary

Browne, Laura    Senior Class Sponsor    [Her name is shown as Laura in the yearbook, but I am told her actual name was Lura Browne.]

Burch, Ladye Ruth

Burks, Tom

Buttrum, Verdell

Byers, Grace

Caldwell, Cynthia

Cannon, Margaret    Margaret Cannon Anderson died December 2, 2005.  Margaret Cannon Anderson Obituary

Chatterton, Carlyn Manning    Carlyn Manning Chatterton died April 17, 2013.  Carlyn Manning Chatterton Obituary

Clifton, Mary    Senior Class Sponsor

Clinton, Mary Angela

Coffman, Mary Louise

Cook, Guy

Cox, Desse    Senior Class Sponsor

Crittenden, Betty    Betty Crittenden Tucker was born November 12, 1932, and died January 12, 1988, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Hot Springs.

Crow, Thomas, Jr.

Cusick, George O.    George Cusick is deceased.

Cusick, Gloria Elaine

Dale, Danah

Dale, Frederick    Fred Dale died September 18, 2011. Frederick R. Dale Obituary

Dale, Frederick

Davis, Billie Jean

Davis, Charles

Davis, Marilyn    Marilyn Davis Martin died April 14, 2008.  Marilyn Davis Martin Obituary

Day, Nita    Senior Class Sponsor

Diggs, Willie Mae    Willie Mae Diggs Williams is deceased.

Dockery, Junior

Dodd, Jerry    Jerry Dodd is deceased.

Dodge, John M.    John Dodge was born August 28, 1932, and died July 31, 2013. John McLaurin Dodge Obituary

Doster, Frank

Drahouse, Nancy P.

Drilling, Marinette

Dugan, Lillian May

Duke, Doyle E.

Duncan, Glenn

Dunlap, Nelda

Ferguson, Joseph Elbert

Fleming, Sue    Sue Fleming Dolliver is deceased.

Fordham, Charlene

Fotioo, Gregory    Gregory Fotioo died December 29, 2006.  Gregory Fotioo Obituary

Frantz, Jane

Geurin, Joe    Joe Geurin is deceased.

Glover, Bill    Bill Glover is deceased.

Hall, Don

Hammond, Harry    Harry L. Hammond died February 1, 2010.  Harry L. Hammond Obituary

Hampton, Don    Don William Hampton was born March 12, 1932, and died June 5, 2010.    Don William Hampton Obituary

Hankins, Joyce Ann

Hardin, Jo Ann

Harmon, Sally    Elizabeth Ann "Sally" Harmon Hunt was born June 10, 1931, and died March 29, 2011.    Elizabeth Ann "Sally" Harmon Hunt Obituary

Harris, Harold

Harrison, Ella Faye

Harrison, Lorin    Lorin Harrison died August 26, 2002.  Lorin R. Harrison Obituary

Harvey, Frances Ann Ratliff

Hatcher, Walter Lee

Hill, Sam    Sam Hill is deceased.    Sam H. Hill Obituary

Hockett, Jeanne    Jeannette Hocket is deceased.

Hogue, Betty Mann    Betty Jean Mann Hogue Cunningham is deceased.

Holder, Kay

Holland, Vera    Vera died April 17, 2008.  Vera Holland Taylor Obituary

Holmes, Dorothy

Holt, Betty Joan    Betty Joan Holt Mogel died March 13, 2009.

Hood, Jimmy

Hoover, Mary Loyce    Mary Loyce Hoover Hignight died April 18, 2009.    Mary Loyce Hoover Hignight Obituary

Horner, Margaret Alma

Housley, Mrs. Elza    Senior Class Sponsor

Hughes, Marilyn Postlewate

Hughes, Ophelia

Humphreys, Mary Lee    Mary Lee died March 4, 2003.  Mary Lee Humphreys Mathews Obituary

Jones, Louise Davis    Louise Davis Jones is deceased.

Jennings, Mary

Johns, Loretta

Johnson, Patricia    Patricia Johnson was born October 25, 1931, and died September 19, 2010.    Patricia Johnson Crain Obituary

Jones, Everett Daniel

Keck, Don

Keith, Mary Anna

Keller, Amelia

Kemper, Joan    Joan Kemper Philo died March 18, 2001.  Joan Kempner Philo Obituary

Kimball, William

Kimbrell, Patty Carey

Langley, Lola

Leach, Betty    Betty Leach Lynch died February 5, 2009.  Betty Leach Lynch Obituary

Lee, Earle Sue

Lewis, David W.

Long, Ida Faye

McCammond, Theresa    Theresa McCammond Ingram died November 2008.

McGee, Bob

McGuire, Geraldine    Geraldine McGuire Parker Stahl died May 22, 2005.  Geraldine McGuire Stahl Obituary

MacLaughlin, Jimmy

McLeary, Joanne    Joanne McLeary Irwin is deceased.

McRae, Joe Ed    Joe Ed McRae is deceased.

Madden, Don

Mahoney, Peggy

Mann, Betty Jean    Betty Jean Mann Cunningham died October 28, 2006.

Martin, Jewell Dean

Maus, Mary Jane

Meeks, Nelson

Meek, Sada    Sada Meek died October 24, 2011.  Sada Meek Banfield Obituary

Merriott, Bobbie    Bobbie Jean Merriott Lucas was born in 1932 and died in 1997. She is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Messer, Constance

Miles, Winnie

Moore, Patricia Anes    Patricia Moore Turpin died December 27, 2002.  Patricia Ann Moore Turpin Obituary

Morgan, Opal    Opal Eglenna Morgan was born May 22, 1931, and was married to Harry Emerson Turley. She died April 15, 2011.    Opal Eglenna Morgan Turley Obituary

Murray, Virgil    Virgil Murray died July 22, 2003.  Virgil P. Murray Obituary

Neal, Elgean

Nicksic, Bonnie Dianne    Bonnie Nicksic Branch Black died July 3, 2008.  Bonnie Nicksic Branch Black Obituary

Nooner, Hattie Sue    Sue Nooner was born September 5, 1932, and died November 30, 2012.    Sue Nooner Brooks Obituary

Norman, Betty Ruth    Betty Ruth Norman Kirtley died February 5, 2007.  Betty Ruth Norman Kirtley Obituary

Obee, Marianne

Oliver, Edward Gene    Edward G. "Pete" Oliver died November 7, 2011. Edward Gene "Pete" Oliver Obituary

Orr, Mary Anne

Owen, Barbara

Page, Norma Lee

Palmer, Dorothye    Dorothye Palmer Ford was born in 1931 and died in 1936. She is buried in Crestview Memorial Park.

Pappas, Anna Jean    Anna Jean Pappas Gianakopoulos is deceased.  Anna Jean Pappas Gianakopoulos Obituary

Pate, Charles

Payne, C. L.

Pett, Irvine

Phillips, Dorothea

Phillips, Howard

Phillips, Margaret    Margaret Phillips Pakis died December 25, 2003.  Margaret Phillips Pakis Obituary

Phillips, Norwood    Norwood Phillips died September 1, 2008.  Norwood Phillips Obituary

Pittman, Rosemary

Plyer, John

Poe, Joe  Joseph Morton "Joe" Poe was born December 18, 1932, and died November 5, 2013.  Joseph Morton "Joe" Poe Obituary

Powell, Sue

Price, John    John Price died June 30, 2001.  John H. Price Obituary

Priddy, Ruth Elaine

Priddy, Jane Evelyn    Jane Evelyn Hickman died November 14, 2006.  Jane Priddy Hickman Obituary

Pride, O. J.    O. J. Pride is deceased.

Priest, Dena Mae  Dena Mae Priest Maner was born September 3, 1932, and passed away April 2, 2011.  Dena Mae Priest Maner Obituary

Pyle, Dorothy Ann

Ramseur Billy    William Henry Ramseur Jr. was born June 3, 1932, and married to Mary Gaylord Keator. He died February 13, 2013.    Rick Ramseur Obituary

Randall, Betty    Betty Randall Mulholland died June 1981.

Randall, Billy

Ray, Betty Ruth

Reed, Helen Joyce    Helen Joyce died December 7, 2008.  Helen Joyce Reed Newsum Obituary

Riddlehoover, Beth

Ridgeway, Charles

Robbins, Dale

Robbins, Don

Roberts, Joanne

Rogers, Gordon L.    Gordon L. Rogers is deceased.

Rothman, Martha

Scales, Leonora

Searcy, Marjorie    Marjorie Ann Searcy was born October 6, 1932, and died July 8, 2012. Marjorie Ann Searcy Middleton Obituary

Sharp, Norma Lee

Shipp, Sandra

Short, Frances

Slaten, Stanley    Jarrell Stanley Slaten was born to Freeman and Iris Priddy Slaten on June 26, 1932, and died February 5, 1979, and is buried in Avery Cemetery. He had been a writer for Field & Stream magazine.

Slates, Argie

Small, Harold    Harold Small is deceased.

Smedley, Ramona

Smedley, Ramona

Smith, Betty Jean

Smith, Daryl L.    Daryl L. Smith is deceased.

Smith, Emma Sue    Emma Sue Smith Ellis died April 7, 2004.  Emma Smith Ellis Obituary

Smith, Helen    Helen Smith Underwood died July 22, 2008.  Helen Smith Underwood Obituary

Smith, Thelma Vesta

Soncini, Dorothy Deane    Dorothy Deane Soncini O'Donnell is deceased.

Stafford, Helen

Stein, Harry

Stillwell, Mattie Lee

Stitt, Ralph

Taylor, Betty Lou

Taylor, Martha Jane

Thomas, Gladys    Gladys Thomas Dexter is deceased.

Thomas, William    William M. "Sonny" Thomas was born August 17, 1930, and died May 2, 2013.  William M. "Sonny" Thomas Obituary

Thomason, Linnie Lu    Linnie Lu Thomason Wilkerson is deceased.

Thompson, Jane

Thornton, Fayrol

Tilliard, Mary S.    Senior Class Sponsor

Tillman, Harold Joe    Harold Joe Tillman was born in 1932 and was married to Charlotte Vawter. He died in 1995 and is buried in Crestview Memorial Park.

Tillman, Vivian    Vivian Tillman Hoover died November 4, 2003.  Vivian Tillman Hoover Obituary

Traugott, Betty    Betty Traugott Reiter died October 12, 2003.

Tuggle, Nancy Sue

Umphers, John Randolph

Vaught, George

Wacaster, Clara Jane

Warren, Patience

Waters, Robert L.    Robert Waters Dickson died July 24, 2005.  Robert L. Dickson Obituary

Waterworth, Rosemary

Westermann, Roy

Westermann, Roy

Wheeler, Irene

Whisenant, Robert    Robert Whisenant is deceased.

Williams, Ronald E.

Williamson, Barbara    Barbara Williamson Lewis is deceased.

Williamson, Betty Sue    Betty Sue Williamson is deceased.

Wilson, Clarence M. Jr.

Wilson, Mary Lee

Wilson, Robin Dale

Woolard, John    John Woolard is deceased.

Wright, Barbara Coyce

Wright, LaVerne

Wright, Norton    Norton Wright is deceased.

Wynn, Emma Jean

Young, Georgia Ann

These are some additional 1950 classmates that are not in the yearbook.  We will to thank Jane Maus Reynolds for these additions:

Christian, Johnnie    Johnnie Christian is deceased

Clark, Jacqueline "Jackie"    Jackie Clark was born August 18, 1932, and was married to Ren Caldwell. She died June 10, 2010.  Jacqueline "Jackie" Clark Caldwell Obituary

Hokett, Jeanne    Jeanne Hokett is deceased

Lynch, Thomas    Thomas Lynch is deceased

Medcalf, Bill    Bill Medcalf died April 18, 2006.  William "Bill" Medcalf obituary

Nicklas, Kerry    Kerry Nicklas is deceased

Wilhelmi, Walter    Walter Wilhelmi is deceased

1950 20-year-reunion

Hot Springs High School 1950 20 year reunion

1950 55-year-reunion

1950 hot springs high school class 55th reunion

1950 60-year-reunion

60 reunion for hot springs high school 1950 class

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