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Hot Springs High School 1949
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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This is not the entire annual -- just the senior class and class sponsors.
If any of these people are deceased and you know the information (full date of death so that it can be verified), please email us so that we may include that information. Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly. We may have the obituary online. Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to thank Nell Soward Brown for allowing us to scan and use her yearbook!

1949 Yearbook Cover

Alexander, Lois    (class sponsor)

Baggett, Barbara

Baggett, Barbara Ann

Baldwin, James Thomas   

Banski, Mary Snow   

Bates, Juanita

Bayless, Lyndal

Bayne, Mary Beth

Bearfield, Imogene Arnold    She died May 20, 2007.  Imogene Arnold Bearfield Obituary

Beegle, John Montgomery     deceased; Social Security Death Index shows 03/17/1930-05/21/2008

Benson, Elizabeth

Boggess, Billy Gene

Bonner, Betty Marie    Betty Marie Bonner was born May 19, 1931, and died June 16, 2006. Betty Marie Bonner Obituary

Boone, Gnelle   

Brandt, Molly Sue    Molly Sue Brandt Cooper was born November 26, 1931, and died December 18, 2002, and is buried in Crestview Memorial Park.

Briggs, James I

Braughton, Nancy Owen

Brown, Belva Jean    She was born October 8, 1931, and died January 26, 2009.  Belva Brown Obituary

Castman, Betty Frances

Chambers, Bonnie Faye

Clark, Edgerley L

Coker, Dolly Jean

Cole, Clara Ellen

Coleman, Peggy Anne

Collier, Shirley Ann    Shirley Ann Collier Murphy was born January 12, 1932, and died March 28, 1987. She is buried in Crestview Memorial Park. Shirley Ann Collier Murphy Obituary

Cone, Lois Joan   

Cook, Bonnie Louise

Cook, Ray   

Cooper, Hiram W

Cooper, Thomas T.    Thomas Towell Cooper was born February 21, 1931, was married to Molly Brandt, and died October 23, 2014.    Thomas Towell Cooper Obituary

Cox, Desse    (class sponsor)    She was born August 17, 1903, and died May 12, 1992, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

Creason, Joan Muriel

Daniel, Charles Ray   

Daves, Luda P

Davis, Oneita Jean

Davis, Patsy Fern

Diamond, Beverly

Dickson, Nola Lee

Disheroon, Fred Russell

Dozier, Harold E

Durham, Lenos Anna

Eddy, Forrest    He was born May 9, 1931, and died March 24, 1976, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

Epperson, Everette Edward

Essman, Janice Aline

Evans, Eva Virginia

Fager, Betty

Fager, Dollie Laverne Childers   

Flowers, Royce Eugene    Royce Flowers was born November 10, 1931, and died May 5, 2011. Royce Flowers Obituary

Fowler, Norma Jean   

Freeman, Vivian

Gleason, Gene Keith

Glidewell, Margaret Ann

Godwin, Marion

Godwin, Marion R

Goessman, Faye

Goff, John Proctor    He was born December 6, 1929, and died March 11, 2004.  John Goff Obituary

Grantham, Mary Ann

Gray, Laura Ann   

Green, Billie Helen   

Gunter, Mary Delores

Halford, William Grant  

Hall, Phil

Hardin, Betty Ann

Hardin, George Donald

Hardy, Luther Harold

Harkness, Norma Jeanne

Harmon, Louise    Mary Louise Harmon Harrington was born December 15, 1929, and died June 9, 2009, and was married to Murl Harrington. Mary Louise Harmon Harrington Obituary

Harrington, Murl O

Harrison, Richard Gilford    He was born May 8, 1931, and died April 2, 2006.  Richard Harrison Obituary

Hart, Brymer James

Hassin, Jennie Lee

Henderson, Freda Marie

Higgins, John Edward

Higgins, Mary Frances

Hill, Doris Inez   

Hodges, Carl Louis

Holder, Ruth Alice    Ruth Alice Holder Lawrence Fleming was born October 10, 1931, and died May 27, 1999. Ruth Alice Lawrence Fleming Holder Obituary

Holland, Kenneth E

Horner, Shirley Mae   

Housley, Molly    (class sponsor)

Howard, Harry Boyd    He was born June 16, 1931, and died September 1, 2008, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Hot Springs.  Harry Boyd Howard Obituary

Humphreys, Bennie Jean

Huxtable, Joyce Lee   

Johns, Edward Lee

Johnson, Clarence Leo

Kallsnick, David L   

Keesee, Miriam Ann

Keeth, Harold Loyd

Keith, Blanche Irene    She was born June 10, 1931, and was married to Arthur Broadbent, Jr. She died February 24, 2011. Blanche Irene Keith Broadbent Obituary

Keller, David Lee    He was born July 14, 1932, and died November 25, 2006, and is buried in Crestview Memorial Park.  David Lee Keller Obituary

Kennedy, Betty Jane

Kennedy, Elsie Rosa

Kidd, Alta Sue

Kiker, Jerri   

Kilgore, Joseph Jr   

Kinard, Marquetta Jo

Kincaid, James   

Kirkman, Dortha Mae   

Knee, Katherine E

Kuechenmeister, Rachel Ann

Lanham, Robert L Jr

Lawrence, Bonitajo

LeCroy, Richard Jan

Ledgerwood, Dora Jane    (class sponsor)

Lingo, Kathryn Dale

Lykes, Robert E   

McClelland, Ernest S   

McClure, Elizabeth Ann

McDonald, David R

McHenry, Don Hugh   

McKee, Martha Rebecca   

McMahon, Samuel H Jr

Maddox, Edsel Dean    He was born February 4, 1931, and died May 10, 2007.  Edsel Maddox Obituary

Maddox, Frances Joyce   

Mahoney, Lewis Augustus

Manning, Foster Thomas Jr

Martin, Barbara Gay

Martin, Walter Joseph Jr    He was born August 29, 1931, and died June 11, 2000, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

Mendel, Suzanne Kempner

Midkiff, Patricia Ann

Miles, Nance Irene

Miller, George Thomas

Miller, Janet Louise

Moore, Billie Jo

Muncrief, Charles H

Murchison, Benjamin Franklin Jr

Neal, Rebecca   

Neimeyer, Agnes Ann

Pappas, James John

Parker, Bettie Jane    Bettie Jane was born June 10, 1931, and died April 9, 2011.    Bettie Jane Parker Morgando Obituary

Parker, Juanita    Juanita Billie Parker Slezak was born August 29, 1931; married to James W. Slezak, Sr.; died July 1, 2011.    Juanita Billie Parker Slezak Obituary

Poe, Edgar Allan   

Posey, Arnold   

Posey, Arnold Dean  

Queen, George Paul    Dr. Queen was born July 30, 1931, and died October 7, 2007, and is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery.  George Queen Obituary

Radley, Alma Louise   

Ray, Mary Kathryn    Mary Ray was born June 7, 1931, and died November 20, 2013.  Mary Kathryn Ray Campbell Obituary

Reid, Melba Kathleen

Roberts, Farrell

Roberts, Frances Yvonne

Roddie, John

Rouse, Patricia Ann    She was born April 17, 1931, and died August 18, 2008, and is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Hot Springs.  Patricia Ann Rouse Ross Obituary

Russell, John Paul

Sears, Arthur

Sears, Arthur Lee

Seaton, Evelyn Dolores

Seiz, Frances Caroline

Sheppard, Shirley Yvonne   

Shirley, Patsy Lee

Smith, James Deane   

Smith, Pauline   

Soward, Alma Nell

Sparling, Joslyn Hope

Spearman, Stephen Eugene   

Spiva, Fern Anita

Spurlin, Jewell M  

Standiford, Melba Louise

Stanfield, J Edwin

Stingley, David J

St John, Nora Francis

Stokes, Margaret Lillian

Stonecipher, Mary Joyce

Stough, Marcella

Sutherland, Robert Willard

Tallant, Mary Helen

Talley, Billy Fred

Talley, Joe Edd   

Taylor, Ella Mae Fuselier    Ella Mae Fuselier Taylor was born June 30, 1931, and died September 15, 2006. Ella Mae Fuselier Taylor Obituary

Taylor, Melba

Terrill, Joyce Lorraine    

Thrash, Dorothy Alice     Dorothy Thrash Murray was born June 21, 1932, and died April 22, 2006.

Thrash, Pennix M Jr

Trammel, George Lewis     George Trammel was born October 3, 1930, and died June 14, 2005.

Underwood, Gene Eldon    

Vandusen, Marylou H   

Vawter, Charlotte Ann    Charlotte was born January 13, 1932; married to Harold Joe Tillman; and died June 24, 2012.    Charlotte Ann Vawter Tillman Obituary

Volentine, Cleo   

Walker, "Butch"    (class sponsor)

Walters, Hubert Nathan    He was born May 27, 1931, and died April 5, 2008, and is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery.  Hubert Walters Obituary

Ward, Sarah Beth

Watson, Rosemary M

Weston, Glenda Iverna

Wilson, Joe Clark

Woodall, Donald Loyd

Wootten, Gilbert Hay III

Zebrak, Mary Ann

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