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Malvern High School
1949 Mirror Yearbook
Malvern, Arkansas

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This is not the entire annual. We are showing the senior's photographs and are including photographs of the "honors" section of the yearbook. Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly.

If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email the webmaster so that we may include that information. We may have the obituary online. Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to give a huge thanks to Mrs. Mary Edith Harper Daves for allowing us to scan and post her yearbook to our site!

1949 Malvern High School The Mirror

The 1948-49 annual was dedicated to Miss Emogene Dunlap.

The Board of Directors included Duncan Cothren, J. H. Faulkner, Robert Roland, Donald Sheldon, and R. E. Van Dusen, Jr.

The Mirror Staff included Wanda Gene Hardy, Editor; Milton Baker, Assistant Editor; Jimmy Faulkner, Business Manager; Mildred Elliott, Picture Editor; Virginia Knauts, Music Editor; Vonceil Dougherty, Sports Editor; Mrs. Virginia Cundiff, Sponsor.

Mr. H. A. Brooks was the Superintendent, and Miss Ella Goza was the Malvern High School Principal.

Instructors included Q. M. Baber, Charles Ray, Baker, Mrs. R. P. Bowen, Mrs. H. A. Brooks Mrs. Virginia Cundiff, Jim Dildy, Mrs. W. E. Finley, Charles Myron Hughes, Mrs. R. H. Jones, Mrs. George Kyle, Bill Lindvall, Mrs. J. W. Mason, Algie Rena McFadden, Mrs. C. H. Rutherford, E. J. Travis, Virginia Witherington.
Quin Morton Baber, Sr. died April 7, 1998, and is buried in Shadowlawn Cemetery, Malvern.

Class of 1949

Cundiff, Virginia R. (sponsor)

Ainsworth, Jamie Dell

Allred, Marion

Ashcraft, Helen

Atchley, Homer Clea Jr.

Ault, Robert Franklin

Baber, Quin Jr.    Dr. Quin Morton Baber, Jr., was born in 1931 and died in 2005. He is buried in Pinecrest Memorial Park and Garden Mausoleum in Saline County.

Baker, Charles Milton

Bass, Mary Maye

Batts, Judson

Baxter, Martha Sue

Behrens, William Clem

Bennett, Harold Lee

Blair, Carolyn June

Borland, James

Boyett, Bennie

Boyle, William Robert

Bray, Norma Jean

Bray, Olen

Bullock, Bobby

Caldwell, Agee

Carr, Christine

Cole, Jerry H.

Cooper, Patsy

Cox, Vera Fae

Cox, Wilburn Wayne (Senior Class Treasurer)

Davidson, Ann (Goza)

Davis, Gerald

Dougherty, Alice Vonceil

Eason, Jack

Elliott, Mildred Eileen

Embrey, Eldon

Faulkner, James Herschel (Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer)

French, Marguerite

Goessman, Willie Pearl

Green, Mary Ellen "Meg"

Griffin, Herbert K.

Gullett, Jackie

Halbert, Carolyn

Hammond, Vivian LaVonne

Harbuck, Mary Pearl

Hardin, Suzanne

Hardy, Wanda Gene

Harp, James

Harper, Mary Edith

Heard, James "Dock"

Helms, Jimmie

Henard, Martha "Mart"

Holmes, Gladys Inez

Hopper, Charley Merle

Hossfeld, Billie E.

Howe, Florence

Hutto, Cherie La Vone

Jacks, Raymond Harold

Jones, Edward

Knauts, Virginia Ann

Langley, James R.

Lashlee, Jimmie

Merryman, Wanda

Mitchell, Kathryn Malee

Morton, Bill

Murry, William Thomas

McHenry, Jane Anna

Neighbours, Dorothy LaVerne

Patrick, A. B. Jr.

Patrick, Ellen Louise

Patrick, Richard Douglas

Richardson, Joy "Ish"

Robertson, Donna

Rood, Billy Dock

Rowe, Louise

Sesser, Bobbie

Shuffield, Peggy (Senior Class Secretary)

Stembridge, Dorothy

Sullivan, Jerry L.

Sullivan, Mildred

Tallant, Geneva Louise

Van Dusen, Sarah Louise 

Vaughan, J. Alvin "Little" (Senior Class President)

Vaughan, T. Calvin

Walters, Flora Lou

Williams, Charles Lloyd

Class of 1950

Bowen, Mrs. R. P. (Sponsor)

Brewer, Wanda (Class President)

Nichols, Durrell (Class Treasurer)

Parrish, Doris Jean (Class Secretary)

Van Dusen, Joy (Class Vice President)

Page One: Joel Day Adams, Elma Glyn Allman, Mary Etta Bailey, Patsy Ruth Bailey, Shirley Bailey, Daniel Beason, Garland Beason, Donald Beem, Lanice Bennett, Norman Billings, Burnell Bray, Betty Browning, Laurice Burks, Betty Bryan, Joan Caldwell, Armagene Carr, Rodney Coston, Dewayne Davis, Mary Sue Deere, Maxine Draper
Page Two: Jeanette Ethridge, Bob Garrett, Charles Griggs Lou Ann Hale, Norma Hibbs, Leon Hicks, Stanley Hicks, Darlene Hill, Billy John Holloway, Jackie Hudson, Geneva Jackson, Sara Lee Jernigan, John Paul Jones, Robert Jones, Elizabeth Ledbetter, Patsy McCoy, Floyd McDonald, Patsy McMillan, Mildred Moore, Lou Ada Nutt
Page Three: Billy Jo Paul, Mary pierce, Betty Pounders, Jo Ann Rhodes, Doyle Riley, James Roswell, Shirley Rowell, Pauline Scott, Rheta Speakman, Janet Scrimshire, Marjorie Sulton, Wanda tull, Frances Van Dusen, Catherine Wallis, James Wetherington, Louise Wheatley, Margaret Willmon, Sarah Womble, Kathryn Woodall.
Not Pictured in the Yearbook: J. Albey, J. Bailey, L. Bayes, S. Boshears, B. Brumley, I. Burnett, D. Cates, L. Crenshaw, B. Gray, B. Green, M. Gullett, M. Helm, T. Holiman, I. Jones, B. Lewellyn, E. Mathews, J. Morris, C. Nowalk, F. Nugent, L. Nugent, E. Parker, P. Peterson, M. Pierce, C. Phipps, B. Stroupe, F. Tallant, J. Thomason, L. Wade, L. Wynn

Class of 1951

Jones, Mrs. R. H. (Sponsor)

Brown, Karl (Class President)

Browning, Betty (Class Treasurer)

Hardin, Joe (Class Vice President)

Wheatley, Joyce (Class Secretary)

Page One: Shirley Baber, Henrietta Ball, Patsy Brown, Melva Burris, Emogene Campbell, Rosa Jean Canada, Jane Cole, Sylvia Coleman, Wanda Eason, Elwood Elkins, Gloria Golding, Joyce Green, Beaula Hathcock, Bertie Hohrine, Betty Holiman, John Hughen, Maurice Hughes, Nellie Jo Jacobs, Juanita Johnson, Billy Duke Knight
Page Two: Harold Lawrence, Patsy Lipe, Judy McCoy, Joan McElroy, Mary Sue Murry, James Neighbours, Irene Patrick, Mary Lou Pumphrey, Bobby Purdy, Emma Ruth Robertson, Frankie Robertson, Joan Robeson, L. C. Robinson, Linda Robinson, Ikey Roland, John Rubly, Joan Stuart, Modine Wilcox, J. C. Williams, Bobby Joe Wilson, Dorothy Young
Not Pictured in the Yearbook: F. Albey, W. D. Allen, S. Apple, S. Ashcraft, W. Bailey, A. Bayes, E. Bengoa, O. Bray, J. D. Briner, C. Brooks, D. Carter, W. L. Castle, W. Collie, C. J. Cook, C. Currington, C. Felty, C. Francis, J. Gage, B. Goodman, J. Halama, W. Hall, G. Hamilton, D. Hammond, L. Hazelwood, M. Hendrix, C. Houston, J. M. Johnson, J. P. Jones, M. King, N. Morris, A. J. Nichols, V. A. Norwood, L. Nugent, J. Nichols, J. Robbins, C. Robertson, B. J. Scott, D. Sherwood, J. Singleton, S. Singleton, E. Spear, B. Spencer, F. Treadaway, J. Vantrease, M. Wallace, R. Walton, J. Whitner, H. Williams, P. Williams, B. J. Woodall

Band Queen and Maids

Vantrease, Joyce (Queen)

Allman, Elma Glyn

Golding, Gloria

Hardin, Suzanne

Holloway, Mary Lene

Football Queen and Maids

Boyett, Bennie Mae (Queen)

Allen, Willie Dale

Bailey, Patsy Ruth

Hamilton, Georgia

Robertson, Donna

Wallis, Catherine

Campus Sweetheart

Murry, Mary Sue

Hi-Y Sweetheart

Caldwell, Joan

Who's Who

Bailey, Mary Etta    Most Popular Girl and Most Beautiful

Vaughan, Calvin    Most Handsome

Harbuck, Mary Pearl    Cutest Girl

Murry, Tom    Most Popular Boy and Friendliest Boy

Howe, Florence    Friendliest Girl

Nichols, Durell    Cutest Boy

Vaughan, Alvin    Most Versatile Boy

Hudson, Jackie    Best Groomed Girl

Cundiff, Mrs. Virginia    Most Understanding Teacher

Jernigan, Sara Lee    Most Versatile Girl

Baker, Milton    Best Groomed Boy

Cooper, Patsy    Good Citizen

Who's Who in Classes

Hossfeld, Billie    English

Elliott, Mildred    Latin

Mitchell, Kathryn    Commerical

Hardin, Suzanne    Speech

Ashcraft, Helen    History

Vaughan, Alvin    Science

Canada, Rosa Jean    Home Economics

McConnell, Ted    Argriculture

Harbuck, Mary Pearl    Band

Coleman, Sylvia    Piano

Dougherty, Vonceil    Voice