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Malvern High School
1948 Mirror Yearbook
Malvern, Arkansas

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This is not the entire annual. We are showing the senior's photographs and are including photographs of the "honors" section of the yearbook. Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly.

If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email the webmaster so that we may include that information. We may have the obituary online. Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to give a huge thanks to Mrs. Mary Edith Harper Daves for allowing us to scan and post her yearbook to our site!

1948 Malvern High School Mirror Yearbook

The 1947-48 Mirror was published by the Malvern Chapter of Quill and Scroll.

The Quill and Scroll Dedicated the 1947-48 Mirror to Miss Goza

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Smith Hughes Stadium Little Store Home Economics  Alma Mater

The Board of Directors for Malvern High School were Duncan Cothern, L. M. Mange, Robert Roland, Donald Sheldon, and R. E. VanDusen.

Mr. H. A. Brooks was Superintendent of Schools and Miss Ella Goza was the high school principal.

The high school faculty included Quinn Baber, Charles Baker, Sara Marie Baker, Eloise Bowen, Alice Mae Brooks, Virginia Cundiff, Gay Dildy, Jim Dildy, Lucy Finley, Christina Harris, Charles Myron Hughes, Pauline Jones, Olive Kyle, Bill Lindvall, Claudia Mason, Agee McCray, Algie Rena McFadden, Catherine Rutherford, Eldon Travis, Penn Tucker, and Virginia Witherington.

Campus Scene

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Ault, James Gilbert    Most Studious

Bailey, Verlon D.

Baker, Audra Dean    Best All Round

Ball, Marilyn

Bennett, Ruthie Mae

Birch Quick, Jane

Bowdle, Martha Lucille

Brooks, Wanda Joy

Brosell, Beverly Edith    Most Popular

Browning, Robert Oscar Jr.

Burton, Joe Ed

Carver, Charles Wilbur

Chambers, George William Jr.

Collie, Emogene Elizabeth

Collie, Morris Winford

Cruse, Melba Dean

Draper, Bobby

Dunlap, John Carlton

Fisher, Billie Frances

Fitzhugh, Dorothy Louise    Campus Sweetheart

Fitzhugh, Tommie Belle

Foster, Harold Wayne    Most Popular

Freeman, Norma Jean

French, Bobbie Lou    Football Queen

Gage, Elwood

Gephart, Joan

Glenn, Lou Venia Inez

Grant, Mary Eloise

Green, Bob    Cutest

Green, Carolyn Ruth

Green, Doris Elba

Gullett, Henry Auston

Hardin, Jack Edwin

Harper, Donald Doyle

Harper, Wallace Troy

Hedges, Stephen Depew

Henard, Gladys Lucille

Hibbs, Marilyn Louise

Hicks, Earl Ray

Hodges, Mary Delores

Inglis, Beatrice

Jones, Mary Anna

Jones, Mary Lee

Kight, Vivian

Koen, Doris

La Lumandier, James Delbert

Lester, Betty Jean

Lofton, William Thomas

Logan, Virginia Lee

McCray, Alice Perle    Best Dressed

McDonald, James Howard

McReynolds, Jean

Matlock, Tommy

Morris, Ara Lou

Morrison, Jim Bob

Ogletree, Richard Lee

O'Neal, Charles Wilbur

O'Quinn, Max Earl

Pate, Jack Edward

Patrick, Eugene

Phelan, Nettie Jean    Good Citizen

Phillips, Charles P.

Railey, Shirley Mae

Ray, Thelma Jean

Roberts, Herbert Edward Jr.

Rood, Herschel Ceulaine Jr.

Rowell, Judith Sue

Schmidtlein, Richard

Scott, James L.

Sessor, Stella Mae

Shairrick, James

Spheeris, George Andrew

Stanley, Sarah Estalene

Sulton, Betty Jean

Taylor, Earnest Harold

Taylor, James P.

Thomerson, Dorothy Elizabeth

Thornton, Willard

Welty, William

White, Mary Evelyn    Wittiest

Whitener, Bill

Williams, Marjorie Ann

Williams, Nancy Lee

Williams, Ouida Beth

Wright, Bill    Best Dressed

Junior Class Officers

Wilburn Cox, Mary Pearl Harbuck, Suzanne Hardin, Jimmy Faulkner. Sponsors: Mrs. George Kyle and Mr. Bill Lindvall

Sophomore Class Officers

Sara Lee Jernigan, Robert Jones, Burnell Bray, Joy Van Dusen, Jo Ann Caldwell. Sponsor: Mrs. Hillard Jones

Band Queen

Cole, Jane

Most Beautiful

Jernigan, Sara Lee

Most Handsome

Borland, James