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Hot Springs High School 1948
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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This is not the entire annual -- just the senior class and class sponsors.
If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.  Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly.  We may have the obituary online.  Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to thank Betty Parker Martin for donating her late husband's (Walter Joseph Martin, Jr., "Junie") yearbook to the Melting Pot Genealogical Society library.  The entire yearbook is at the library and may be viewed there.

1948 Hot Springs High School Yearbook Cover.

Albright, Jack

Anderson, Sammy

Anderson, Sammy

Arnold, Theodore

Atkins, Ray

Ault, Claudia

Ayers, Betty Jean

Bales, Jackie

Bates, Raymond

Beasley, Edward

Beavers, Eugene

Benton, James

Blees, Betty Jo

Bolin, Joe Al

Braughton, Eugene    Vernon Eugene Braughton was born June 9, 1931, and died October 11, 1990. Vernon Eugene Braughton Obituary

Brown, Betty Sue

Brown, J. O.

Brown, Kathleen

Brown, Sarah Lois

Brown, Temple

Buck, Mrs. Carl

Burford, Robert

Burrough, Jonnie May

Burton, Leon

Cain, Bill

Caldwell, Nellie

Caldwell, Renaford    He was born November 19, 1928, to Ford and Rena Stearns Caldwell and was married to Jackie Caldwell.  He died April 25, 2008.  Ren Caldwell Obituary

Cathey, Clyde

Cobb, Arthur

Coons, Mary

Crain, Leo

Cruse, Hugh

Culliver, Mary Jo

Danuser, Anna

Daves, Walter

Davis, Houston

DeBruler, James

Dickson, Irene

Diggs, Mary Lois

Edwards, Vernelle

Edwards, William

Elser, Rose Marie

Fisher, Leland

Freeman, Anne

Freeman, Paul Ernest

Freeman, Pauline

Freeman, Shirley Ann

Genero, Wanda

George, Charles

Gibbs, Janece

Gilliam, Dick

Glass, Ann

Glidewell, William

Glover, Wayne

Goff, Gene

Goggan, Patricia

Gore, Marilyn

Gravitt, Patsy Ruth

Green, Genevee    She was born July 1, 1929, and was married to Max Beasley. She died October 19, 1989. Genevee Green Beasley Obituary

Green, Marilyn

Greenleaf, Richard Edward

Grusmark, Sheila

Harrington, Barbara

Harris, Barbara Dare

Harris, Hawes C.

Hart, John

Henderson, Nora

Hodges, Virginia

Holt, James Eric

Hoover, Betty

Hopson, Carolyn

Horne, Natalie

Howard, Carolyn

Howard, Robert

Howard, Roy

Huddleston, Paul

Hudson, Helen Marie

Hunter, Shirley

Hurst, Joy

Johnson, Bernice

Johnson, Bradley

Johnson, Jesse

Jordan, Clarence

Keck, Harry

Keck, Robert

Keith, Jean

Kiersky, Louis

Kilgore, Louise

Lavendar, Christine

Lawes, Robert

Lingo, Dorothy

Livingston, Patsy

Love, Della Mae

Lowe, Mary Ann

Loy, Jewell

Lynch, Thomas

McDaniel, Frances

McMurry, Charlotte

Mace, Evelyn

Maner, Alfred

Maner, Robert    Robert was born August 7, 1929, and married Martha Ann Wood. Robert died February 19, 2013.    Robert Maner Obituary

Manire, Wanda

Mason, Zeita Mae

Mazander, Kenneth

Meggers, Joan

Mixon, Joanne

Mooney, James

Morris, Ida

Murphy, Bruce

Nation, Norma Lee

Nation, Norma Lee

Nichols, Gloria Jean

Nichols, Norma Jean

Norman, Clovis

Orrell, Emma Jean

Page, June A. Delle

Parker, Hazel

Parker, Walter

Pearcy, Wanda

Pendergraft, Jessie

Petersen, Loyola

Pettitt, Ruth

Phillips, Kathryn

Pittman, Warren

Pool, Patty

Porter, Gene T.

Queen, Margaret Ann

Raper, Doryes

Rasberry, Robert S.

Ratliff, Venola

Rhiddlehoover, Loyd

Riggs, Larry

Rood, Imogene

Rowland, Joseph

Sanders, Clinton

Schoeppey, Charlsie

Schrader, Jack    Jack was born 28 August 1930 and died 4 November 1979 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

Schran, Patsy

Sewell, Betty Lou

Shirley, Billy Gene

Skrivanos, Georgia

Slagle, Jean

Smith, Billy Jack

Smith, Gene

Smith, Ina

Smith, Ralph

Speer, Pauline

Spencer, Vivian Louise

Standridge, Harold

Stone, Willa Ann

Stonecipher, Claudia Sue    Claudia Sue was born July 6, 1930, and was married to Joseph Jendrysik. She died August 9, 2013.    Claudia Sue Stonecipher Jendrysik Obituary

Stover, A. C.

Thomason, George

Thompson, Aldon

Thompson, Aldon

Thompson, Ann

Tidwell, Lucille

Tillman, Richard

Traugott, Marie

Tucker, Wiklma

Turner, Nan

Voegel, Herman

Wade, Ann

Wade, Ann

Walker, H. V.

Walters, Pauline

Walters, Rena

Watson, Loujean

Wehunt, Rex

White, Lucille

White, Pearl

Wilhelmi, Donna Louise

Willoughby, Joe

Wilson, Billye June

Wilson, Hettie Lue

Wilson, William Rowan

Winkler, Thelma Jean