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Hot Springs High School 1943
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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This is not the entire annual -- just the pages with the senior and junior class photographs. If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email the webmaster us so that we may include that information. Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly.  We may have the obituary online.  Just click on the obituary link after the name.

This yearbook was donated to the Melting Pot Genealogical Society library by Mary Ann Carpenter McGowan and may be viewed in the library

1943 hot springs arkansas yearbook cover

Abell, Charles Shepherdson

Adamson, Norma

Alexander, Lois

Allman, S H   born 2 August 1923 and died 18 March 2005 and buried in Greenwood Cemetery

Ambers, Norma Jean

Antonio, Alex

Apple, Martha Ann

Apple, Martha Ann   Martha Ann Apple Jester Pearson was born April 1, 1926, and passed away April 6, 2009. Martha Ann Apple Jester Pearson Obituary

Ayers, Lucille

Baber, Celia

Baber, Celia

Bales, Dorothy Lorena

Bales, Emma Jo

Bankson, Jane Lee

Bankson, R L

Barentine, Wilma

Barry, Molly Ann

Beam, Curtis

Benton, Frances

Bethel, Dorothy Jo

Biles, L E

Black, Jeanette

Bledsoe, Shirley Irene

Bolton, Katherine

Bradford, Norma Dean

Branch, Mary Elizabeth    Mary Elizabeth was born January 26, 1925, and was married to James K. McCully. She died August 11, 2013. Mary Elizabeth Branch McCully Obituary

Bratcher, E E

Brazil, Gertrude

Breitenberg, Elizabeth

Brown, Florine Branch

Brown, Mary Frances

Bryant, John Thomas

Buchheit, Yvonne

Buck, Joe

Burch, Martha Jean

Burks, Juanita Janice

Burrough, Betty Anne

Burrough, Merl

Campbell, Ethelia Ann

Carpenter, Mary Ann

Carlisle, Mary Margaret

Cecil, Helen Elizabeth

Chern, Elaine

Chesser, Eloise

Chitwood, Kenneth

Christopher, Zoe Ann

Clark, Jimmy

Clarkson, Jean

Clifton, Mary

Clifton, Sarah

Clinton, Raymond

Coburn, Alva Warren

Coburn, Leona

Cohen, Leatrice Frances

Collier, G P

Collier, George

Collier, Marjorie

Collins, Alice Naomi

Connell, Jesse

Contos, Margaret

Cook, Charles Stanley

Cook, Stanley

Copelin, Dimple

Craigo, Ann

Crawford, Billye

Creighton, Milan

Creighton, Milan

Cross, Charles

Cross, Mary Helen

Crum, Peggy Lou

Curry, Kathleen

Dalton, Lona Jean

Davis, Joe

Davis, Marian

Davis, Mary Frances

Davis, Mary Lou

Davis, Maxine

Davis, Norman

Davis, Norman

Davis, Richard

Davis, Rosemary

Dean, Betty Lavern   married Ikey L Baldwin; she was born 12 November 1924 and died 22 October 2006 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery  Betty Dean Baldwin Obituary

Dent, W R

Dent, Walter and info

Diedrich, Mary Kathryn

Dodd, Raymond    Ray Dodd was born September 20, 1926, and died November 21, 2009. Ray Dodd Obituary

Donohue, Bonnie Jean    She was born December 31, 1924, and died January 26, 2009.  Bonnie Jean Donohue Stout Obituary

Donohue, Dorothy

Douglass, Edward

Driscole, Clara Louise

Elam, Doris Gibbs    Gibbs, Doris    Doris Gibbs was born July 29, 1924, and died July 31, 2012.    Doris Gibbs Elam Obituary

Eldridge, Doris

Elliott, Verniece Lutheaia

Ellsworth, Tommy

Enright, Patty

Fason, Henry Lewis

Featherstone, Norma Ruth

Ferguson, May

Forgy, Mary Agnes

Fowler, Mary Frances

Fox, A C

Fox, Betty Lee

Franks, Bettie Jo

Gabriel, Frances

Gary, Wanda  her info

Gary, Wanda

Gibbs, Margaret

Glazner, Maxine

Glazner, Patricia

Glazner, Patty

Goldman, Grady

Goodwin, Ernest

Goslee, Charles Robert

Goslee, Charlie Bob

Gossett, Mary Elizabeth

Gossett, Naoma O'Neal

Gossette, Mary Elizabeth

Gullett, George

Gunter, Emogene

Gunter, Gladys Irene

Hadaway, Virginia

Hale, Gladys Katherine

Hale, Margaret  her info

Hale, Margaret

Hall, Betty

Harp, Modene

Harp, Modene

Harper, Billy

Harrell, Dorothy Mae

Harrington, Louise

Harris, Judy

Harrison, Natalie

Hartley, Thomas Franklin

Helms, Anna Donia

Highnight, Edith Pauline

Hingle, Pearl

Hinkle, Evelyn Annie

Housley, Charles Evander   born 1924 and died 1963 and buried in Greenwood Cemetery

Housley, Earl Stotts   born 20 November 1925 and died 31 March 1945; 9th Air Corps; lost in action over Magdeburg, Germany

Housley, Mary Anne

Howard, Marie Ann

Howery, Elizabeth

Huddleston, Gilbert

Hull, Idalou

Hull, Joyce

Hunter, Mary Frances

Hunter, Melba

Huskey, Jasper

Iacobacci, Helen    Helen Rose Iacobacci was born April 29, 1925, and was married to Forest Ray Wells. She died June 29, 2012.    Helen Rose Iacobacci Wells Obituary

Ivy, Ora Dell

James, Lorraine

Jefferies, Mary Lee

Jester, Samuel

Jett, Betty Jeanne

Johnson, Bobbie Jean

Johnson, Coralee

Johnson, Gilbert

Johnson, Jo San

Jones, Bobbie Lee

Jones, Wayne

Jordan, John

Jordan, John    John Thomas Jordan was born December 15, 1924, and died February 23, 1996. He and Mary Helen Kassaw married February 14, 1947, in Garland County, Arkansas. He is buried in Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.

Keith, Ruth

Kelly, Mary Lou

Kelton, Catherine

Kemp, Beatrice

Kemp, Irene

King, Robert Gibbins

Kirsch, Laura

Kniseley, James

Lee, Betty

Leach, William E

Lewis, Beverly

Lloyd, Donna Jean

Lockwood, Madeline

Love, Vivian

Love, Vivian

Lowery, Charlotte

McArthur, Bill

McCafferty, Mary

McCafferty, Mary

McCluney, Kate

McCowan, Jimmie

McCrory, Una

McCrory, Una

McCory, Virginia

McCrary, Mildred

McDonough, Augusta

McDonough, Marvin

McGee, Edward

McGlassion, Louise

McGowan, Johnny   born 23 April 1923 and died 24 July 2000 and buried in Greenwood Cemetery

Mahaffey, Helen

Mahoney, Lewis H

Marks, Bernard

Marks, Bernard

Martin, Mildred

Massey, Sidney

Massey, Sidney

Mattar, Louise

Mauldin, Ruth

Mazzia, Fred

Meador, Mamie Jean

Meadows, Betty

Medina, Rose Marie

Meek, Gene

Metcalf, Gene

Meux, Esther Blanch

Miles, Betty

Miles, Patsy

Miller, Wanda

Myers, Harold

Miller, Sturgis    J. Sturgis Miller was born July 2, 1923, and died September 21, 1999.  J. Sturgis Miller Obituary

Montgomery Bonnie Lee

Moore, June

Morgan, Dorothy

Morrill, Dorthea

Morris, Anne

Morris, Anne

Moscato, Charles

Muscowitz, Julie Sarah

Mulcare, Jack

Muldoon, Elwood John

Munford, Bessie

Munson, Grace

Murphy, George    George was born January 31, 1925, and died November 3, 2009. George Randolph Murphy Obituary

Murphy, Harriet Jane

Murphy, Jane

Nash, Jack

Nash, Juan

Neimeyer, Frank

Newman, Rae

Newman, William Robert

Newton, Thomas Edward

Nix, Marilyn

Norris, Irene

Norris, Vernon

O'Neal Neita

O'Neal, Norma

Otwell, Ralph

Palmer, Clara Edna

Papoulias, Victor

Pappas, Lula

Pappas, Marguerite

Parker, James

Parker, Marie

Parker, Raymond

Patton, Earl

Payton, James Ellsworth

Pemberton, Katherine

Pender, Ruth

Perdum, Emily

Person, Helen

Poteet, Sally

Petrarca, Betty

Petrarca, Raymond

Piper, Bill

Poe, Pauline

Porter, Irene

Porter, Mary Elizabeth

Powell, Maxine

Radford, Margaret

Radley Jim Ida

Ramseur, Elizabeth

Ramseur, Mary Bland

Raper, Mary Fern

Rapley, Edith

Retherford, David

Reutz, Harold

Rhiddlehoover, Dorothy Belle

Rhodes, Carolyn

Robbins, Laverne

Robbins, Peggy Jean

Roberts, Anna

Roberts, Anna

Robison, Charles Richard

Rookard, Kathryn Morman

Rosamond, Lanelle

Ross, Dorothy Lucille

Rowe, Horace

Rowe, Lynn

Rowland, Eckel

Rowland, Eckel Wright

Rowland, Jay

Russ, Fannie Rayne

Russ, Fannie Rayne

Russell, Dougal

Rutledge, Mildred

Scarborough, Charlotte

Scarletta, Doris Ann

Schroeder, Frances Virginia

Scott, Daisy Lee

Scott, Kempner Rouse

Sharp, Carolyn

Shea, Abigail

Sheeler, Edwin

Sheppard, W C

Shook, William E

Simpkins, Mary Helen

Simpson, Evelyn

Simpson, Robert

Simpson, Robert Arris

Sindlinger, Rex

Skrivanos, Nicholas C

Sloan, Elizabeth

Sloan, Elizabeth

Smith, Betty Mildred

Smith, Donald Elton

Smith, Ida KathleenS

Smith, James

Smith, John Louis

Smith, Kathryn Ann

Smith, Virginia Doyle

Smith, William Young

Spargo, Beatrice

Sparks, Myrl Ruth

Sparling, Jerry

Stall, Hester

Standiford, Emma Lee

Stanley, Elbert James

Stauder, Richard

Steele, Colene Huddleston

Stevens, Jack W

Stone, T W

Stover, Betty

Stover, Verna Lee

Strong, Jimmy

Suitte, Cecil

Sullivan, Effie

Swearingen, Jack

Talley, John

Talley, Paul Robert

Thomas, Allan

Thornton, Bruce

Thornton, Dean

Thornton, Duval Coates

Thornton, Hannah

Thornton, Neil

Thornton, Robert

Thornton, Robert Bruce

Tillman, Guy Arvis Jr

Trotter, Chloma Jean

Tucker, Bonnye Kathryn

Tucker, Robert Gene    Robert was born August 16, 1925, and was married to Mitzi Jean Files. He died June 18, 1994, and is buried in Files Cemetery in Hot Springs.

Vanderslice, Melba Eugene

Vaught, Virginia Mae    Virginia Mae was born February 3, 1925, and married Gerald D. Sparling on June 18, 1950. She died in 2012.

Walker, L K

Walker, R E

Walker, R E

Walton, Robert W

Watkins, Helen Ruth

Watt, Rosalie

Welch, Arthur Joseph II

Westfall, Delphus

Westfall, Mary Sue

Wheatley, Carolyn

Wheatley, Kenneth   born 23 December 1924 and died 2 July 2002 and buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hot Springs

Wheatley, Kenneth

White, C W

White, Wanda

Whitesell, Leota

Williams, Betty Jane    Betty Jane was born September 1, 1924, and married David Rich Rapley. She died May 23, 2012.    Betty Jane Williams Rapley Obituary

Williams, Larry

Williamson, Dean

Williamson, Frances    Frances died March 20, 2010. Frances Ida Williamson Dever Obituary

Willis, Earline    Earline was born January 1, 1925, and was married to Clifford Short on August 14, 1943. She died June 24, 2014. (She was a junior in 1943.)   Earline Willis Short Obituary

Wilson, Laura Alice

Wilson, Hazel

Wilson, Omer

Wilson, Tom

Witherspoon, Jeannea Sue

Wootten, Caroline

Wootten, Majo

Young, Ernest

Young, John