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Hot Springs High School 1935
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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This is not the entire annual -- just the pages with the faculty and class photographs. (The seniors are listed along with the faculty.) If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.

This yearbook was donated to the Melting Pot Genealogical Society library by Mary Ann Carpenter McGowan and may be viewed in the library.

1935 Old Gold Book Cover

Alexander, Lois

Alexander, Lois

Alford, Marion

Alford, Richard Marion "Dippy"

Appler, Sue Delle    Sue Delle Appler Smith was born September 12, 1917, and was married to Eugene Larsen Smith. She died July 13, 1997, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Sue Delle Appler Smith Obituary

Austin, James Charles

Bailey, Edna

Baldwin, Harold W    Harold was born November 24, 1916, and was married to Yvonne Davis. He died April 27, 2013, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.  Harold Woodroe Baldwin Obituary

Barnes, Dorothy Rea "Dot"

Barnett, Kathryn Marie "Katy B"

Barnette, George Etta "Georgie"

Bearden, Edward Myers "Professor"

Biggs, Evelyn C "Red"

Biles, Loyce E

Bischof, Hedwig

Bischof, Hedwig "Hedy"

Boll, E R

Boll, Reva

Bowe, Elizabeth

Bowe, Elizabeth

Bradley, Edna Martha "Samanathy"

Braughton, Anita La Verne "Jennie"

Brooks, John H "Strawberry"

Brown, I G Jr "Iggy"

Burgess, Leonard "Tally-Ho"

Burke, Mrs D W

Burks, Marjorie Myra "Margie"

Campbell, Ercel Aliene "Blonde Venus"

Campbell, Bonnie Fay

Chappelle, Carolyn B "Caline"

Chitwood, Mrs R A

Clifton, Mary

Connell, Mrs Jesse

Connelly, Arthur "Joe"

Connelly, Joseph E "Art"

Conner, Hal Cheney

Cotham, Margaret

Cotham, Margaret "Grandma"

Cumiskey, Josephine

Dale, Sanford

Davis, Jewel "Dinky"

Demby, W P

Disheroon, Ralph C

Donaldson, R C

Dorr, Dorothy

Dunnaway, Margaret

Ellenbrook, Florence L "Ellenbog"

Forrest, Mrs T F

Fox, A C

Frasher, H Marshall

Friedman, Lorraine "Matildy"

Fulks, Watson Bryan "Doc"

Geurin, Helen Marie "Missie"

Gillen, Laura Isabelle "Pinkie"

Gillham, Clinton R

Gladson, Camille Elyce "Queenie"

Godwin, Tullis M "Tullie"

Greene, Wilbur

Groom, Barton

Groom, William Barton

Haley, Harvey H

Harp, D C

Harp, Hazel "Bubbles"

Harrell, Katie Sue

Harris, Hubert Dane "Snipe"  born September 4, 1918, and died June 9, 1981, and buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery.  He was the owner of the Vapors Nightclub in Hot Springs.  He was married to Marcella Sellers.

Harris, Ava Dell

Harrison, Mary Modine "Dean"

Hart, Gladys S "Glad"

Hoover, Mary Ann "Red"

Houghton, Ralph B

Houston, Evan G Jr

Hoxie, Edward Martin "Ted"

Hughes, L D

Hughes, William Doyle "Baby Doll"

Jackson, Dewell

Jacobs, Hazel

Jacobs, Hazel Betty "Bright Eyes"

Jefferson, Alyce Geneva "Jeff"

Johns, Robert Louis "Snooker"

Johnson, Fred

Johnson, Frederick Drewell "Fred"

Johnson, Leon "Soapy"

Johnson, Mary Louise "Annie"

Jones, Arline

Jones, Mildred Arline "Aunt Emma"

Kallsnick, Maurice

Kallsnick, Maurice Robert "Chevalier"

Keller, Ruth

Keller, Ruth Standiford "Ruthie"    Ruth was born August 11, 1917, and was married to Houston Alexander. She died January 25, 2013.    Ruth Standiford Keller Alexander Obituary

King, Cyrus M

Knox, Martha Louise "Leise"

Lawson, Gilbert "Gil"

Lenz, Virgil Augustus "Pete"

Levinger, Olivia Sybil "Libby"

Lockwood, Bernice E "Becie"

Longinotti, Louis

Lotz, Maxine Elizabeth "Mac"

Lovell, Kenneth "Ken"

Lucas, Johnnie Katherine "Red"

McCrory, Una

McEntee, Jean Elizabeth

Mann, Jenie Thedoise "Tuga"

Meir, Wilma Victoria "Ducky"

Miller, Marvin Claiborn "Chicken"

Moore, Gilford "Buggs"

Miller, Margaret Ruth "Ruthie"

Morris, Anne

Morris, John E

Moye, Virginia "Ginnie"

Muldoon, Alfred E "Al"

Murphy, Mary Ruth    Mary Ruth Murphy Chesnutt was born June 3, 1917, and died June 12, 2010.

Murphy, Mary Ruth

Murphy, Mary Ruth

Nance, James H "Nancie"

Neighbors, Glen Reed

Newton, Pat

Overton, Havis H "Curly"

Owen, Sammie Herbert "Sam"

Parker, Mary Virginia

Parvin, Bernice Marguerite "The Runt"

Parvin, Bonita

Parvin, Bonita

Parvin, Bonita Carolyn "Flair"

Perry, Merving E  born 1901 and died 1964 and buried in Greenwood Cemetery

Pittman, Henry Thomas

Potter, Pearl Elizabeth "Sis"

Prichard, Dorothy

Rhiddlehoover, James E "T Bone"

Rhine, Dr A B

Riles, Sara Topaz "Topsy"

Riles, Topaz

Rivers, Franklyn Musser "Spiritual"

Rogers, Dorris Evelyn "Gracie"

Rudolph, Mildred

Russ, Fannie R

Sammons, V E  born January 24, 1892, and died November 4, 1969, and buried in Greenwood Cemetery

Sammons, V E

Schrantz, G W

Schrantz, G W

Schulman, Harriet

Schulman, Harriet Pearl "Il Penseroso"

Scully, James Paul

Shay, Joseph David "Yussel"

Sigman, Bobby "Siggie"  born October 27, 1917, and died October 1, 1993, and buried in Greenwood Cemetery

Sims, Fred Amos "Philbert"

Sims, Thelma Louise "Honey"

Smith, Betty

Smith, Hazel

Smith, Mary Ernestine

Smith, Nancy Margaret

Smith, Nancy Margaret

Smith, Ordis Clayton "Speedy"

Smith, Virginia Evelyn "Betty"

Stall, Hester

Stall, Hester

Stitt, Mary Lillian "Scrub"    Mary Lillyan was born February 29, 1916, and died May 11, 1996, and was married to William Steele Venable. Mary Lillyan Stitt Venable Obituary

Swaim, Mary Juanita "Red"

Wallace, Portia Farris

Weston, Vashti Isabelle "Ti-Ti"

White, Joyce Quinn "Cis"

Wilkins, Billy Joe "Dr Wilkinson" born September 1, 1916, and died March 8, 1977, and buried in Greenwood Cemetery

Wingo, Carolyn

Winter, Frances Ellis "Fran"

Woodall, John Ray "X-Ray"

Woodcock, Jane

Woodcock, Jane

Wright, Annette

Junior Class

Junior Class Sponsors: Miss Josephine Cumiskey and Mervng E. Perry

Junior Class Officers: Charles Steigler (president), Henry Canaday (vice president), Almeda Jackson (secretary), Harold Jackson (treasurer), Marguerite Balesh (program chairman), Mildred Davis (finance chairman), Billy Ann Phillips (social chairman), King Wade Jr. (publicity chairman)

Betty Bailey, Edith Bailey, Evelyn Bailey, Marguerite Balesh, Imogene Barnes, Evelyn Beckham, Everett Black, Dale Boswell, Darrell Boswell, Robert Borman, LaRue Braughton, Mary Lou Brewer, Barnetta Brown, Leonard Brown, Edythe Buchanon, Mary Burgess, Zena Burgess, Marjorie Burton, Frances Callan, Aldine Caley, Helen Canaday, Henry Canaday, Gray Carpenter, Harman Carpenter, Billie Carter, Lois Chapman, Wayne Chitwood, Ethel Clemens, Henrietta Cook, Thelma Cook, Pauline Corbin, Eddith Craig, Ada Virginia Dallas, Roy Danuser, Ernest Davis, Mildred Davis, Lucille Eastlack, Cephas Edwards, Virginia Evans, Frances George, Orvis Gillham, LaVerne Godwin, Aileene Hanna, James Hart, Juanita Henderson, Helen Hollenbeck, Norween Hopson, Ruth Hitchkiss, Evelyn Hughes, Byrum Hurst, Almeda Jackson, Harold Jackson, Esther Jaurequi, Tom Jefferson, Kathleen Jester, Lucille Jester, Nettie Johnson, Zetha Johnson, Thell Joplin, Hetty Kilgore, Louise Kimery, Charlotte Knox, M C Lewis, Jake Livingston, Paul Longinotti, Ruth Longinotti, Pauline McGee, Bonnie McGuire, Bernice McTigrit, Bonnie Mann, Dorothy Marting, Lorraine Marting, William Meir, Jewell Moore, George Murphy, Ernest Muse, Eugene Neighbors, Vera Nelson, Eva Nichols, Helen Nickels, Margaret Orfanos, Billy Orr, Johnnie Patching, Leonard Peters, Billie Phenix, Billy Ann Phillips, Paul Pittman, Mary F Plemmons, Marion Pool, Mary Pride, Ruth Rigsby, Lynna Vee Rogers, Nelle Roher,  Ben Rorie, Vernon Sammons, Elizabeth Scarborough, Grace Scudder, Dorothy Jean Sevier,  Gloria Simpson, Sidney Sims, Iris Smith, Jack Smith, Charles Steigler, Mamie Stranburg, Mabel Truth Talley, Ella Pearl Teague, Wayne Tisdale, Lura Trantham, King Wade, Molly Waller, Margaret Warwick, Samuel Weil, Doris Whisenant, Alfred Woodcock, John Woolridge, Sarah Yarbrough, Ernest Young

Sophomore Class

Sophomore Class Sponsors: Miss Dorothy Dorr and Miss Mary Cumiskey

Sophomore Class Officers: Edward Russell (president), Tommy Dodson (vice president), Max Hickman (second vice president), Eleanor Klugh (treasurer)

Edward Appler, Mildred Atchley, Louise Balesh, Eura Barnett, Emily Bayliss, Ray Bell, Rudolph Bischof, Mary E Brewer, Paul Brown, Charlotte Burks, Isabelle Chappelle, Evelyn Davis, Tommy Dodson, Margaret Ellison, Mary Fowler, George Fotioo, Paul Francis, Emily Frazier, Ralph Gillham, W. B. Harris, Julia Mae Hart, Evelyn Herritage, Max Hickman, Vera Jacobs, Jeanne Jamison, Eleanor Klugh, Imogene Layton, Bobbie Lee, Dorothy Jean Leise, Cecil Lowe, Alfred Lynch, Udell Marshall, Clara Moriarity, Margaret Nichols, Bessie Otwell, Aleene Pearcy, Elizabeth Pittman, Mary Rector, Oscar Rigsby, Edward Russell, Evelyn Rutledge,  LaVaughan Smith, Pauline Stampfli, Mildred Stute, Ruth Sullenberger, Dorothy Sun, Franklin Young, Frank Zimmerman

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