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Hot Springs High School 1928
Hot Springs, Arkansas

This is not the entire annual -- just the senior class and faculty photographs. If any of the students are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information. Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly. We wish to thank Ken Lambert and Donald Short (deceased) for scanning this yearbook and allowing us to use their scans.

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The school superintendent was Henry H. Haley and the school principal was V. E. Sammons.

The school board consisted of S. P. McKeehan, President; D. O. Sims, Secretary; Ben Johnson; Ed Bradley; Mrs. R. A. Chitwood; Floyd Thompson.

The faculty consisted of  Ms. Connell, Ms. Creason, Ms. Dunaway, Ms. Forrest, Ms. Hale, Ms. Housley, Mr. King, Ms. King, Ms. Oliver, Ms. Shrantz, Mr. G. W. Shrantz, Ms. Thomas, Mr. Thorsness, Ms. Waldstein, Ms. West and Ms. Adkins, Ms. Lois Alexander, Ms. Elizabeth Bowe, Ms. Clifton, Ms. Cumisky, Ms. Glass, Ms. Jackson, Mr. Lawson, Ms. Lowery, Mr. McCormick, Ms. Morris, Ms. Russ, Ms. South, Mrs. Hester Stall, Mr. Wilkins.

The Senior Class Sponsors and Advisors were Mrs. Hester Stall and V. E. Sammons, sponsors; Miss Elizabeth Bowe, G. W. Shrantz, and Miss Lois Alexander, advisors.

The Senior Class Officers were Louis Cash (yell leader), Jeanette Cravey (secretary), Ralph Delaney (vice president), Carl Medlock (president), and Virginia Steigler (treasurer).

Who's Who in Senior Class
Opal Winkler (most humorous girl), Curtis Gray (best dressed boy), June Jackson (class sheba), Louis Cash (most humorous boy), Verla Menard (best dressed girl), John Moseley (class sheik), Johnnie Melton (Mexican athlete), Dorothy Picchi (most talkative girl), Henry Robinson (most studious boy), Ralph Delaney (best boy athlete), Louis Person (class sleepy-head), Jeanette Cravey (most studious girl)

Senior Class Members

Please click on the name for the photograph:

Adams, Ruby May

Arnold, Mildred

Bateman, Hilda

Bateman, Mary

Billingsley, Thelma

Blackmon, Frank    Letter Club

Body, Paul

Boll, Jeanne

Bolten, Richard S.

Boyd, Robert

Brandenburg, Charles

Brown, Clyde

Brown, Gladys

Bunch, Catherine

Burgess, Blanche    Library Club

Burroughs, Freeda

Cargile, Sarah

Caruth, Jack

Cash, Louis    Most Humorous Boy

Cole, Gertrude

Collie, Clyde

Collins, J. H.

Conrad, Mary Elizabeth

Cooper, Bonnie Jean

Cornelison, Dorothy

Craig, Charles

Cravey, Cathalene

Cravey, Jeanette    Most Studious Girl    Quill and Scroll Society    Jeanette Cravey was born February 3, 1913, and died March 12, 1980. She is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Greer County, Oklahoma.

Davis, Catheline

Davis, Vara Mae

Delaney, Ralph    Best Boy Athlete    Student Council    Letter Club President

Disheroon, Rhea

Fentress, Catherine    Library Club

Fowler, Bennie

Frances, Mary Louise    Library Club Treasurer

Frazier, Gladys    Library Club Vice President

Gardner, Jeanette

Gardner, Willie

Gaugh, Florence

Grady, Carroll

Gray, Curtis    Best Dressed Boy

Greenway, Ralph

Harrill, Abe    Quill and Scroll Society Secretary    Abe Harrill was born February 1, 1911, and died November 26, 2001.

Hart, Wilson

Harwell, Bernice

Hays, James    Student Council    Letter Club    Quill and Scroll Society

Heineman, Melba    Melba Louise Heinemann was born October 9, 1909, and died February 16, 1982. Melba Louise White Obituary

Hibbs, Eugene

Houpt, Ailene

Howlett, Lynn    Quill and Scroll Society

Hummel, James    Quill and Scroll Society

Hummell, Eleanor

Johnson, Pauline

Jones, Jewel

Juneau, Charles

Kilgroe, Robert

Kimery, Wilson

King, Jennifred

Leonard, John Houston

Livensparger, Eugene

Logan, Allen Jack

Manning, Marie

Martin, Corinne

Mathews, Thelma    Library Club

Maynard, Paul    Most Popular Boy    Letter Club    Quill and Scroll Society

McCormick, Richard

McGue, Margaret

McKeon, Mary

Medlock, Carl    Student Council Vice President    Quill and Scroll Society President

Menard, Verla    Most Popular Girl    Best Dressed Girl    Student Council Secretary

Middleton, Adolphin

Moretsky, Belle

Mosely, John    Class Sheik    Library Club

Nickels, Lois

Nisbet, Helen Gertrude

Nobles, Lorena

Nunneman, Charles

Nutt, Sidney M., Jr.

Oglesby, Francis [might be Frances]    Student Council Reporter

Palmer, Rosalie

Patterson, Jane

Person, John    Quill and Scroll Society

Person, Louis    Class Sleepy-head

Picchi, Dorothy    Most Talkative Girl

Pittman, Velma

Randall, Paul    Letter Club

Retherford, Bernice

Reynolds, Preston

Riley, LaVerne

Rivard, Lavina

Robinson, Henry    Most Studious Boy    Student Council President    Letter Club Secretary    Quill and Scroll Society

Rowland, John Elton

Rutherford, Lillian    Library Club

Schuyler, Dorothy

Scott, Robert, Jr.

Searcy, Lola

Seay, Henrietta

Settle, Una Blanche

Short, James

Spears, Helen

Speer, Laurel

Steele, Pat    Letter Club

Steigler, Virginia    Student Council    Quill and Scroll Society

Stewart, Murriel

Stonecipher, Ruth

Sykes, Harry    Letter Club

Teague, Johnnie Dee

Thomas, Wade

Trussell, Ruth

Williams, Vera

Winkler, Opal    Most Humorous Girl

Wright, Martin

Best Looking Boy and Girl and Most Popular Boy and Girl

McMath, Sidney    Best Looking Boy (Class of 1931)

Pitney, Sarah    Best Looking Girl    (Class of 1930)

Maynard, Paul    Most Popular Boy    (Class of 1929)

Menard, Verla    Most Popular Girl    (Class of 1929)

Student Council

V. E. Sammons (sponsor), Henry Robinson (president), Carl Medlock (vice president), Verla Menard (secretary), Frances Oglesby (reporter), Ralph Delaney, Elizabeth Benton, Roth Horner, Carl Edwards, Clarice LaRoe, Sidney McMath, Louise Milham, Paul Mann, Ina McKeehan, Virginia Steigler, James Hays, Oliver Miller

Letter Club

Coach C. M. King (sponsor), Ralph Delaney (president), Henry Robinson (secretary), Paul Maynard, Allan Williamson, Harry Sykes, Bryan Searcy, Frank Blackmon, James Hays, Nathan Schoenfeld, Paul Randall, Rufus Kilgore, Manuel Godwin, John Adkins, Cecil Wright, Ed Sullivan, Otis Livingston, Pat Steele, Harry Jackson, Floyd Clardy

Quill and Scroll Society

Mrs. L. B. Thomas (sponsor), Carl Medlock (president), Abe Harrell (secretary), Charles Mosely, Paul Maynard, Virginia Steigler, James Hummel, Harold Fox, Artie Cotham, Allan Williamson, Henry Robinson, Lynn Howlett, James Hays, John Pearson, Jeanette Cravey, Nathan Schoenfeld

Library Club

Mary Clifton (sponsor), Elizabeth Benton (president), Gladys Frazier (vice president), Leona Mixon (secretary), Mary Louise Francis (treasurer), Leola Campbell, Virginia Coleman, Eugene McFarland, Leota Slaten, Sidney McMath, Thelma Mathews Elizabeth Achley, John Branch, Catherine Fentress, Blanche Burgess, John Mosely, Janette Lowery, Helen Rothman, Lillian Rutherford, Elizabeth Pettyjohn

Girls Glee Club

Rivard, Menard, Howlett, Miss Bowe, Darwin, Martin, Cotham, Campbell, Nickels, Davis, Williams, Manning, Williamson, Pitney, King, Hall, Spears, Billingsley, Nickelson, Achley, Oglesby, Housley, Jackson, Burton, Watson, Blakeley, Pettyjohn, Parker, Dodson, Strain, Paul, McCue, Spears, Lewellyn, Weiss

Boys Glee Club

Sykes, Blackmon, Mathews, Branch, Harmon, Person, kempner, Clardy, Boyd, Hummell, Robinson, Reynolds, Livingston, Rowe, Godwin, Grady, Hays, Schoenfeld, Gibbs, Hedrick, McCormick, Juneau, Short, Cotham, Johnson, Randall, Robbins, Brown, Wright, Logan

Dramatic Club

Rowe, McMath, Godwin, Cash, Miss Alexander, Miss West, Thomas, Cooper, Bateman, Braughton, Hibbs, Edwards, Lewins, Williams, Branch, Juneau, Williams, Blackmon, Jackson, Williams, Persons, Womack, Johnson, Johnson, Howlett, McCormick, Billingsley, Smith, Delaney, Randall, Glass, Speers, Greenway, Lewallyn

Haley Home Economics Club

Cooper, Thomas, Mrs. Shrantz, Achley, Cargile, Allilngton, Boll, Boll, Billingsley, Houpt, Jones, Fowler, Campbell, Dodd, Trammell, Maddox, Davis, Bunch, Swaim, Chitwood, Howard, Spear, Bateman, Fleming, Dunlap, Smith, Simpson, Lewis, Lee, Pittman, Gardner, Lowery, Pettyjohn, Winkler, Rivard, Moretsky, Duncan, Rivard, Parker, Williamson