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Hot Springs High School 1924
Hot Springs, Arkansas

1924 Yearbook

This is not the entire annual -- just the senior class photographs.  If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.  We wish to thank Alex Baer for this annual that belonged to his mother Winifred Greenway Baer.

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Annen, Ardeth

Brown, Henry

Birnbaum, Katherine

Bensberg, Billie

Blakely, Flora

Bohnen, Jane

Browne, Stanley

Burnell, Harry

Cassell, Ernest

Christian, Carroll

Crowson, Estelle

Curl, Bessie

Darch, Anna

Davis, Elmer

Deaderick, William

Disheroon, Esther    Senior Class Treasurer

Du Vall, Clair

Ellison, Bernice

Ellsworth, Kathryn

Elrod, George

Erickson, Hazel

Evans, Cecil

Fewkes, Charles

Gage, Edward

Gage, Vincent

Goodwin, Mary Frances

Green, Ralph

Hall, Le Roy

Hanor, Bertram

Harrison Floyd

Head, Beulah

Helms, Hazel

Hill, Hazel

Hotchkiss, Allen

Hoy, Olive Grace

Huddleston, Ralph

James, Gladys

Jamison, Frances

Johnson, Ruth

Jones, Leila    Senior Class Secretary

Kaufman, Jennie

Keller, Jim

Kimbrell, Robert

Knoefel, William

Lanning, Eunice

Lewis, Helen

Mason, Mildred

McKeehan, Sue

Medlock, Ivan

Mendel, Effie

Mendel, Spiro

Merritt, Robert

Merry, Frances

Mills, Ruby

Nix, Susie

Norton, Elizabeth

Orr, San

Paugh, Edith

Peters, Bernard

Peters, Constance

Peters, Ruth

Posey, Wilson

Pratt, Louise

Reamey, Charlotte    Senior Class Vice President

Reedman, George Herbert

Reynolds, Lula Mae

Rigsbee, Kenneth    Senior Class President

Rushing, Diamonde

Sammons, Floyd

Sammons, Fred

Schrader, Laura

Schultz, Genevieve

Smith, Lyle

Searcy, Herman

Smiley, Florence

Speer, Hopkins

Stearns, Fred

Sullivan, Mabel

Sutherland, Mary Jane

Tisdale, Gladys

Townsend, Martha

Turk, Haver

Uhrmacher, Ralph

Van Dusen, Helen

Walsh, Claude

Warren, Pearl

Watts, Sadie    Sadie Watts was born June 1, 1906, and married Roy H. Nickels June 12, 1940. She died March 13, 1993, and is buried in Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Mississippi.

Williams, Pearl

Wood, Harriet

Woodcock, Blanche

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