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American Environmental Photographs Collection, [AEP Image Number, e.g.,
AEP-MIN73], Department of Special Collections, University of Chicago Library.

The home of homesteader C. M. Bourland two miles north of
Blytheville, Arkansas

* Featured Photos of the Month *


Shops and Businesses of Mississippi County

If you have any photos of shops or businesses (exterior or interior views)
you would like to submit please email

to Vita444@aol.com

Wilson Tavern

Title: Interior Wilson Tavern
Photographer: Jack Pavoa
Publication Date: 1939

Courtesy Arkansas History Commission

Barbershop Wilson Arkansas

Title: Barbershop Wilson, Arkansas
Photographer: Jack Pavoa
Publication Date:1939

Courtesy Arkansas History Commission

Do you have a barber in your family tree? The Arkansas History Commission
has many photographs of men from Mississippi County who applied for
a Barbers license. You can access these photos online. If you need more
information email me Vita444@aol.com

Interior John Deere Farm Implements Store
Wilson, Arkansas

Title: Interior John Deere Farm Implements Store
Wilson, Arkansas
Photographer: Jack Pavoa
Publication Date:1939

Courtesy Arkansas History Commission

Quotations of the Month






Mark Twain and Mississippi County

As we approached famous and formidable Plum Point, darkness fell, but that was nothing to shudder about--in these modem times. To read more about Mark Twain's experiences
near Plum Point click here
NOTE* Most historians believe Mark Twain was referring to the Osceola area when he referred to Plum Point in his writings especially in Life on the Mississippi.


Highlights from Goodspeed's


At the commencement of the Civil War the people of Mississippi County, though loyal and patriotic, finally decided to go with the State, and were a unit in favor of the cause of secession. The war spirit ran high, affecting rich and poor alike. If there was any Union sentiment in the county (and there was at first), it soon succumbed to the influences in favor
of a separate Confederacy

Three companies of nearly 100 men each were immediately organized, being commanded by Col. Charles Bowen, Capt. Elliott H. Fletcher, and Capt. Robert Hardin, and were at once placed in active service. Only a few of the men forming those companies were alive at the end of the [p.457] war. Of Capt. Fletcher's company, some twelve or fourteen are now living, mostly around Chickasawba, and all are men of character and well to-do citizens. One of these, Hon. James F.Ruddle, was representative of the county in the legislature of 1875. Capt. Elliot H. Fletcher and his brother, Thomas, a youth of sixteen years, were killed in the battle of Shiloh.

There were no regular battles fought in this county, though it suffered greatly from predatory raids by Federal cavalry from Missouri and Kansas. Business of every interest was suspended, and people lived in constant apprehension of being raided, captured and killed.

In 1864 Col. Burris, in command of a regiment of Kansas cavalry (Federal), made a dash through this country, taking several prisoners, among whom were Capt. Charles Bowen and Col. Elliot Fletcher. This company was pursued by Capt. McVeigh, in command of some seventy men, but they escaped to Missouri and no engagement was fought.

Thomas O'Day Smith and Albert Fletcher Smith are descendants of the Fletchers and McVeighs. If you are also researching these surnames or have any information about these surnames please contact them.
Thomas O'Day Smith oday@tri-lakes.net
Albert Fletcher Smith afsmithsr@hotmail.com


Mississippi County Families

This was a "picture postcard". Written on the back is: Lizzie Mills,
Carsons, Ark. If anyone knows who is in this photo, please contact me.
It is probably members of the Mills family from Mississippi County, AR.

Contact: Vernon DuBar

The Creamery Float for the Blytheville Industrial Parade c. 1912
All riders on this "float" are unknown to me except for the little girl
second from left at rear of cart. She is Mattie Dell Westbrook Fletcher at
age 10. Mattie Dell is my Great Aunt
Submitted by Jim Walden click to enlarge photo (large file)

Lindsey Burchells mother was Lillie (Mills) and Emily(Stamps) parents were Symantha Stamps and Elijah Weldon. Anyone with information on these familes please email Hope

James E.C. Maxberry and his grandson Lloyd Maxberry.

They lived around the Chickasawba townhip area in the late 1800's. James was a farmer and is listed in Desmond Walls Allen's Arkansas Land Donation Records: 1 May 1880 - 30 June 1882 for Mississippi county, Arkansas.



Everyone has a Story
A Mississippi

County Oral History Project

First Installment-CHILDHOOD-
The family home

Did you or a loved one spend all or part of your/their childhood in
Mississippi County?
Would you like to contribute some memories to the Mississippi County
Oral/Epistolary History Project?
Or read some oral history accounts of Mississippi County?
Please do!
click here

Second Installment-CHILDHOOD-Family income and livelihood
click here



Arkansas Razorback

"Livestock in the early day were a constant source of trouble between
the railroads and the farmers. Stock would be killed and it was, of
course, always the fault of the railroads. In one case a farmer had a
hog killed by a train and since he believed himself to have some ability
as a poet, wrote the railroad claim agent as follows:

My razorback strolled down your track,
A week ago today.
Your #29 came down the line,
And snuffed his life away.
You can't blame me; the hog you see,
Slipped through a cattle gate;
So kindly pen a check for ten,
The debt to liquidate.

He was surprised a few days later to receive the following:

Old #29 came down the line,
And killed your hog, we know;
But razorbacks on railroad tracks,
Quite often meet with woe.
Therefore, my friend, we cannot send,
The check for which you pine,
Just plant the dead; place o'er his head;
'Here lies a foolish swine

Previously published in RootsWeb
Review: Vol. 5, No. 12, 20 March 2002 and written by
[Thanks to Nancy Lambert nlambert@pdnt.com].

Robert E. Lee Wilson

for more info click picture

New Projects


Mississippi County Class Reunion

Class of1938 Manila High School

May 26, 1938

Eighteen Manila high school seniors will receive diplomas at commencement exercises to be held at the Baptist church Thursday, one of the largest groups in the history of the school.

Graduates are Bernice Evans, Lucille Parks, Veda McDonald, Vallee Cook, Milda Reed, Ruby Grimes, Pauline Butler, Anna Belle Threlkeld, Douglas Lawson, Ottis McCain, Leonard McCain, Robert Statler, Billy Price, Junior Thompson, D. B. Jolliff, William Schockley, General Mobley.

Source: Looking Back: Fifty Years Ago

Can you contribute any class rosters from old yearbooks, newspapers, autograph books, old photos? If so, send to

1943 - 1945
Diary entry of Vivian Counts
Dyess High School
1945 Student - Vivian Counts
Principal - Mr. John B. Mason
Graduating Teacher - Mrs. John B. Mason
Date of Graduation - May 18, 1945
Vivian Counts - Daughter of John H. and Margy Bass Counts who, by the way, were chosen to go to Dyess Colony, Arkansas to help clear the land. Vivian had many friends. Some of those listed in her autograph book were: Polly Funk, "Nett" Metcalf, Edith Hargett, Louise Dodd, Melvia Jane Gladdin, Loreine Vest, Evelyn Anderson, Mayme Conatser, Willie Bea House, Marjorie Wells - these were listed under Class Cheer. The autograph book was given to her on December 17, 1943 by a friend, Emogene Sornson. The Class Officers (1943-1944) were: Harry Darby, President; Ruby McHann, Vice President and Vivian Counts, Secretary/Treasurer/Reporter. The teachers of 1945 were: Elsie Tarpley, Library; Juanita Thompson, Study Hall; Mrs. Browning, Guidance/Lunch Room; Miss M. Autrey, American History/Study Hall and Mrs. J.B. Mason, Study Hall.
On December 17, 1943 in Dyess, Arkansas, Emogene Sornson wrote, "Dearest Vivian, When Heaven draws it Curtain and pins them with a Star Remember that you have a friend No matter where you are." Lovingly, A Classmate & friend Emogene. Others who wrote in this book were: Clara B. Brown; Pauline Williams - Dyess, Arkansas, Road 9; Nelda - February 24, 1944; Mayme; "Mike" Mattie Nell Eubanks; March 9, 1944 - Miss Camilla Statt - teacher; James E. Thorne - March 15, 1944; Elevanda Staley; Alma Lee Dallas - May 15, 1944; Mayn Evans - September 5, 1945; Ginnie Smith - March 16, 1944; Ollie (Gene Eudy) - March 16, 1944; Lurly Phillips - May 5, 1945; Marjorie Wells - May 4, 1945; Willie Bea - February 24, 1944; Alex Hazelwood; Laverne wrote, "When the golden sun is setting and the Path no more you trod may your name be written in the autograph of God." - Laverne, Vivian Counts Clark went to be with the Lord, March 1978. March 16, 1943 - H. Eudy; Louise Layton - teacher; Mary Edith - classmate; Katherine Williams; Polly Funk; George Hudson, J.L. Sornson; Walter Harry Darby; Robbie Ruth; Louise Dodd - classmate and friend; Helen Fields wrote, "We're All Americans", class song; Sarah Brown wrote: "I thank you very much for letting me write in your book and when you leave here an gone a way, all ways remember me back home praying for you. Be sure and get Saved, So we can meet in Heaven some sweet day. May God Bless you from a loving friend, Sarah Brown" written on May 9, 1945. Miss Brown - she did get saved and went to be with Jesus 25 years ago. Loraine Vest, Junior - 1944; Rosie J. Brown; Grace Thorne; Clara Jenkins; Kirk Walker Junior; Nina Lou Harris; Eunice; Velton Kimbrough; Decema Minor; D.E. Blackmon; Mrs. Gene RobertsLeora Woodral; Elsie Tarpley; part of what Mary Faye Hiblong wrote, Down in the meadow carved on a rock three little works "Forget me not." Nina Scott; Marilyn Autrey; Mozelle Williams; Johnnie H.; Maude Alice; Maxine Robertson; Lena Phillips.
Note from submitter: If anyone reads this and you know any of these folks you may e-mail Vivian Counts Clark's daughter, Dorothy Lynn Clark Lamkins at: dlamkins@hsnp.com











click here


On April 1, 2002 the 1930 Census wil be released and there is a soundex index for Arkansas. For more information Click Here

"What is now Mississippi County once formed a part of Arkansas County, then of Phillips and next of Crittenden, and was finally erected into a separate county by the Territorial legislature November 1, 1833."  Excerpt from The Goodspeed Historical and Biographical Memoirs of Northeastern Arkansas, published in 1889.

Mississippi County has TWO county seats, 
Osceola and Blytheville
Arkansas Counties Map

Mississippi County

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