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Lonoke County Arkansas



  1. Andrew J. Colclasure 2/27/1856-3/25/1931
  2. Martha Colclasure (Wife of Andrew) 3/13/1878-1/16/1933
  3. Clara Colclasure (daughter of Andrew and Martha) 12/26/1910-5/21/1912
  4. Peter a Colclasure 1963-194?
  5. Alice L Colclasure (Wife of Peter A.) 1969-1946
  6. Arrie Colclasure(Tombstone reads "Wife of Clarence Co. Colclasure) 1887-1972
  7. W. B. "Jake" Colclasure (Tombstone reads"Husband of Arrie Colclasure) 1884-1969
  8. Mrs. M. A. Colclasure 2/20/1862-9/14/1900
  9. Burl Colclasure 7/11/1888-12/5/1921
  10. Earl D. Colclasure 11/4/1898-8/2/1989
  11. Etta M. Colclasure 8/4/1918-12/9/1898