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Union Valley Cemetery Lonoke


Union Valley Cemetery Lonoke, County

Coy, Arkansas

Submitted by: Laura Coleman


Union Valley Cemetery is located just of Highway 31 about 1 1/4 miles north from the 165 intersection. There is a sign on highway 31.  Part of this list was copied from book published 1995 from England library.

England, Ar. Part from Personal knowledge.

I live 1/2 mile from the union Valley Cemetery. Work still in progress.

Laura Alice Coleman.

15055 Hwy 31 South                 

England, Ar. 72046


[email protected]


Aldridge, Arthur W. F/O Jimmy C. b. 7/03/1908---d. 10/1982

Aldridge, Jimmy C. S/o Arthur W. b. 3/23/1942---d.6/22/1963

Allison, Azalee Webb w/o Roy R. b. 7/14/1914---d. ND

Allison, Roy R. b. 1/07/1898---d. 3/17/1987

Archer, James "Jim" h/o Mary S. b. 5/20/1914---d. 7/9/1988 M. 2/03/1934

Archer, Kimberly Renee b. 12/1/1965---d.1/28/1966

Archer, Mary S. b. 3/10/1918---d ND

Ard, Emily Michelle, Robinson Funeral Home marker b. ND--6/9/1994

Armstrong, Dorothy Louise b.2/6/1944---d.6/20/1985

Armstrong, John C. H/o Ola B. b. 6/12/1898--d. 3/1/1971

Armstrong, Ola B. b.1/10/1904---d.10/4/1976

Atwell, Lee. H/o Vandy. b.1/10/1895---d.5/15/1971

Atwell, Vandy b. 8/28/1896--6/25/1989

Bailey, Alfred F. b.3/27/1874---d. 1/24/1932

Bailey Alyous Glenn b. 9/14/1920---d. 3/11/1981 M. 10/8/1938 WWII SI/CUSN h/o Della M.

Bailey, Della M. b. 2/7/1919---d. ND

Bailey, Everett C. b. 3/7/1898---d.6/22/1972 M. 8/24/1919 WWI, CPL HQ CO. 142 Field Atty.

Bailey, Glenn A. b. 9/14/1920---d. 10/8/1938 WWII, Sl/c,USN, h/o Della M.

Bailey, Infant ND

Bailey, Ruth M. w/o Everett C. b. 9/16/1901---d. 2/3/1979 M. 8/24/1919

Baker, Herman L. Sr. h/o Mabel I. b. 10/2/1909---d. 4/25/1975

Baker, Mabel I. b. 3/1/1915---d. ND

Bates, Joe O. b. 12/30/1904-d.8/21/1984 WWII, Pvt. USA. h/o Pauline

Bates, Lora b. 1/9/1901---d.9/11/1960

Bates, Pauline b. 8/25/1907---d.11/18/1980

Bearden, Maggie Holman. W/o S.W. b. 8/01/1929---d. 4/28/1992

Bearden, S.W. b. 1/7/1918----d. ND

Beavers, Gracie Dell. w/o John Britz b. 1905 ----d. ND

Beavers, John Britz b. 9/8/1904----d. 5/26/1993

Benfield, Myrtle b. 4/2/1915----d. ND

Bohannan, Bud h/o Izora b. 3/13/1906---d. ND.

Bohannan, Izora b. 12/25/1906--d. 6/27/1969

Bohannan, Mandy. W/o Riley b.7/14/1884---d.12/19/1970

Bohannan, Riley b. 4/5/1881---d. 6/19/1948

Boyles, Charley. h/o Velma b. 12/8/1896---d.3/1973

Boyles, Velma b. 7/19/1905---d. 6/1977

Bradley, Cora E. w/o Robert A. b. 7/20/1888----D. ND

Bradley, Jackson, T. Sr. b. 1/2/1916---d. 11/27/1989 WWII, Sgt. USA

Bradley, Robert A. b. 6/23/1877---d.7/22/1960

Brannon, Cora M. w/o Earnest W. b. 2/19/1902---d. 8/30/1992

Brannon, Earnest b. 7/15/1903---d. 10/20/1975

Brantley, Thomas I. b. 3/27/1907---d.11/12/1968

Brazell, Lisa Renee b. 4/28/1963---d.10/16/1991

Brewer, Donald Jr. b. 9/13/1965---d. 6/7/1991

Brewer, Patric Ryan s/o Donald Jr. b. 8/3/1990---d. 8/5/1990

Brown, Gertrude Z. w/o Mark H. b. 4/7/1907---d. ND

Browning, Captain M. h/o Effie M. b. 8/25/1900---d. 6/5/1944

Browning, Effie M. b. 3/20/1904--d. 10/10/1983

Browning, GeorgieMaeline w/o James Thomas b. 11/21/1943---d. ND

Browning, James Thomas b. 4/19/1940---d.1/3/1986

Brummett, Mizzie b. 8/22/1878---d. 11/3/1967

Bunyard, Melba b. 11/20/1915--- ND

Bunyard, Louis. H/o Melba b. 11/17/1910---ND

Bunyard, Polly Jo Ann d/o Louis& Melba b. 7/11/1940---d.11/10/1990

Camp, Florence Krisell w/o Harley b. 8/1/1917---d ND M. 4/11/1936

Camp, Harley Lee b. 1/31/1913---d. 4/5/1993

Carlock, William Henry b.6/8/1906---d. 8/14/1976 WWII, Pvt. USArmy

Carr, Hugh W. b. 3/7/1898---d. 5/28/1972

Carr, Toy M. b. 12/19/1902--d. 5/30/1979

Carson, Geneva w/o Clarence Vernon Wright b. 7/10/1926---d. ND

Carter, Robert A. Infant b. 1949----d. 1949

Castleberry, Ardith F. Y h/o Irma I b. 3/23/1919--d. 2/12/1986

Castleberry, Bernice C. Y w/o Garland M. b. 12/31/1919--d. 1/11/1991

Castleberry, Delmo h/o Joy E. b. 1/5/1925---d. 0/30/1984 M. 5/18/1944

Castleberry, Floyd D. Y h/o Voda M. b. 8/23/1912--d. 12/20/1978

Castleberry, Garland M. Y b. 1/4/1922---d. 7/8/1963 WWII 2 M Pfc. Co. B,1`21 Inf. BSM &O

Castleberry, Irma L. Y b. 2/3/1924---d. 1/29/1980

Castleberry, James Herbert b. 9/7/1882---d. 11/8/1968

Castleberry, Joy E. Y b.8/31/1927---d. ND

Castleberry, L.T."Ben" Y b. 12/23/1919--d. 1/22/1992 WWII, USMC

Castleberry, Robert B. Y b. 8/18/1914---d. 1/21/1987

Castleberry, Voda M. Y b.6/15/1918----d. ND

Cauley, Arlie "Dee" h/o Clara E. b.5/24/1915 ---d. 12/17/1993

Cauley, Clara E. b. 8/29/1916---d. ND

Cheek, Lee B. h/o Millie A. Lyons b. 10/10/1907--d. 2/25/1980

Cheek, Millie A. Lyons b. 11/27/1907---d. 7/18/1985

Cloninger Lee A. h/o Lillie M. b. 1874----d. 1943

Cloninger Lillie M. b. 1877----d. 1964

Cloninger, Lora Bates b. 1/1/1901--d. 9/11/1960 Possible daughter of Lee A. & Lillie M.

Cloninger Gladys M. w/o Gordon b. 8/12/1903---d. 4/24/1960

Cloninger, Gordon b. 4/16/1902---d. 3/10/1984

Cobb, Floyse E. w/o Larkie b. 8/19/1910---d. 2/1979

Cobb, Larkie L. b. 8/19/1910---d. 12/1963

Combs, Green Berry h/o Maidie Mae b. 4/16/1912---d. 11/19/1977

Combs, Harland "Joe" h/o Zady Bell b. 5/30/1910---d. 2/15/1975 M. 9/17/1932

Combs, Maidie Mae b. 8/2/1920---d. 10/3/1991

Combs, Zada Bell b. 8/19/1915 ---d. ND

Cossey, Arthur F. b. 8/19/1895---d. 1/26/1975 WWI, Pvt. U S ARMY

Cossey, Lenley M. h/o Sarah H. b. 12/20/1870--d. 7/28/1950

Cossey, Marshall N. b. 12/26/1890---d.11/12/1969 WWI, Pvt. U S ARMY

Cossey, Sarah H. b. 7/18/187- --d. 1/15/1955

Cothren, Chester h/o Ellen b. 3/24/1920---d 1/14/1985 M. 9/8/1936

Cothren, Ellen b. 9/25/1918---d. ND

Coulson, Issac h/o Minnie b. 1861----d. 1944

Clouson, Minnie b. 1871-----d. 1936

Clouson, Roy M. s/o Issac & Minnie b. 2/17/1912--d. 5/25/1963

Cox, Ada w/o John W. b. ND --d. 1947

Cox, Arley V. h/o Viola b. 3/9/1910---d. 2/14/1988

Cox, John W. b. ND ----d. 1952

Cox, Viola b. 5/25/1921---d. 2/9/1988

Cullum, Infant daughter of Coleman& Bessie b. 1/26/1948---d. 6/26/1948

Daniels, Ike h/o Lois b. 1907---d. 1963

Daniels, Lois b. 1914----d.. ND

Davidson, Vaye S. same marker as Mamie Gladhill b. 7/31/1912--d. ND

Davis, Annie L. b. 3/2/1862---d. 1/22/1953

Davis, Burl E. Sr.'Poppy" b. 9/12/1922---d. 2/24/1979 WWII, Pvt. USA h/o Iclle F.

Davis, Dora w/o Herman B. 7/15/1927---d. ND

Davis, Effie, B. Mother, w/o Jim H. b. 4/10/1899---d. 2/19/1992

Davis, Herman D. h/o Dora b. 10/19/1925---d. 2/15/1980

Davis, Icelle F. b.3/12/1925-----d. ND

Davis, Jim H. father, h/o Effie B. b. 9/20/1893---d. 8/8/1950

De La Rosa, Karen Lynn b. 1/24/1959---d. 8/10/1980

Dell, Gracie w/o John Britz Beaver b. 6/6/1905---d. ND

Dreskell, Carlee w/o Wilson C. b. 12/2/1911---d. 2/27/1991 M. 10/6/1928

Driskell, Harvey V. b. 1911----d. 1945

Driskell, Wilson C. b. 2/16/1905---d. ND

Dupree, A. Horace h/o Beatrice b. 11/18/1880---d. 4/14/1949

Dupree, Beatrice b. 7/23/1887---d. 4/12/1963

Dupree, Cleo. See also Cleo D. Neal b. 4/10/1911---d. 1/26/1993

Dupree, William Oscar b. 3/15/1878---d. 11/9/1955

Durham, Annie w/o George R. b. 1886----d. 1959

Durham, Diana Gail b. 9/19/1948---d. 1/28/1969

Durham, George R. b. 1868-----d. 1950

Earnheart, Exie B. w/o Oscar b. 7/5/1901---d. 8/11/1977

Earnheart, Oscar b. 7/14/1889---d. 8/12/1968

Enoch, James Jr. b. 8/1913---4/28/1975

Fittinger, Cleo w/o Roy b. 3/30/1920---d. ND

Fittenger, Roy b. 1/21/1900---d. 6/1/1976

Fielder,Hester"Sis"w/o Woodrow b. 4/1/116---d. ND. M.12/14/1935

Fielder, Nealey A. w/o W.T. (Elder) b. 1896----d. 1965

Fielder, William C. b. 3/24/1913---d. 2/10/1989 WWII, USN

Fielder, W.T. (Elder) b. 8/20/1892---d. 6/1972

Fielder, Woodrow W. b. 10/21/1916---d. ND

Finley,Franklin L. h/o H.A. b. 4/17/1928---D. ND

Finley, H.A. b. 12/28/1915---d. 9/30/1976

Fortner, Dan Walton b. 2/5/1936---d.7/16/1993 Korea, Pvt. U S ARMY

Fortner, Elmereta b.1920--- d.1970

Fortner, John H. b. 11/11/1920---d.9/5/1987 WWII Sgt.U S Army,h/o Elmereta

Freeman, Ada D.w/o clayburn b. 1/6/1886---d.5/9/1964

Freeman, Athel (Sic) E. h/o Velma West b. 6/25/1919---d.8/7/1988

Freeman, Carl Eual s/o Clayburn & Ada b.11/27/1908---d.3/14/1986

Freeman, Claburn B. b.7/9/1879---d. 11/22/1941

Freeman, Henry b. 1894-----d. 1943

Freeman, James A. b. 9/21/1916 d. 4/27/1983 s/o Clayburn & Ada. WWII S. Sgt. U

Freeman, Jesse H. s/o Clayburn & Ada b. 9/3/1921---d. 5/30/1983

Freeman, Tona w/o Henry. B. 1897----d.1989

Freman, Velma West b. 9/15/1922----ND

Gammel, Marty Gale b. 3/6/1963---d.3/6/1963

Garrison, Claudine w/o Woodrow W. b. 2/11/1926d---ND

Garrison, Woodrow W. b. 11/18/1918---d. 9/3/1976 WWII, pfc. USA Married 12/24/1941

Gash, Arlin C. h/o Elva Lee b. 5/20/1905---d. 12/4/1987

Gash, Elva Lee b. 2/12/1906---d. 7/24/1976 Married 10/28/1923

Gash, Pearl w/o M.A."Jack" Tipton b. 5/2/1911---d. 8/31/1992

Gladhill, Mammie M. Same stone with Vaye Davidson b. 2/3/1906-d. 4/26/1972

Gordon, Carrie Tucker w/o John Bruce Gordon b.11/15/1884-d. 10/9/1975

Gordon, John Bruce b. 12/26/1886-d. 2/11/1969

Grimmett, Infant twin girls b. 11/6/1965--d. 11/6/1965

Guinn, Donald H. (Don) s/o Hollie & Eurice b. 1930---d. 1945

Guinn, Eurice R. b. 7/4/1905---d. 7/25/1988

Guinn, Hollie D. b. 3/19/1905 --d. 4/1973

Haggard, Darrell Lynn b. 6/4/1947---d. 12/20/1968 Vietnam, WO 108 ATTY. GP

Hamilton, Clarence h/o Hattie b. 6/18/1905---d. 5/1971

Hamilton, Hattie b. 2/19/1908---d. 9/1972

Handley, Paul R. b. abt. 1923---d. 9/9/1994

Hall South Funeral Home Mkr.

Harden,Cannie W. w/o Emery L. b. 1895 ----d, 1962

Harden, Elizabeth w/o Woodrow A. b. 8/7/1917--d. 3/10/1983

Harden, Emery L. b. 1/22/1895---d. 3/1969

Harden, Woodrow A. b. 11/27/1916---d. ND

Harp, James David b. 11/29/1935---d. 1/30/1967

Harris, Brenda J. b. 1944-------d. 1974

Harris, Hubert L. b. 1907-------d. 1958

Hatfield, Carrol Edward b. 9/9/1933---d. 3/18/1987, Korea, AB,USAF

Hatfield, Julie b. 10/23/1904---d. 1/22/1988

Hatfield, Julian Dale U.S. Navy

Hawthorne, Lester N. b. 8/22/1920----d. 8/4/1947

Hillis, Ruby w/o Othel Webb b. 1/28/1913---d. ND

Hodge, Joe E. b. 11/8/1907---d. 10/16/1988

Hoggard, Bert Z. h/o Nepha b. 8/11/1897---d. 11/5/1969

Hoggard, Nepha b. 7/12/1904---d. 3/4/1991

Hoggard, Orton Emerald b. 11/10/1901---d. 11/20/1989

Hoggard, Viola Irene b. 1/28/1914----ND

Hollingshead, Arnold E. h/o Montean b. 3/16/1916---d. 2/16/1974

Hollingshead, Montean G. b. 10/23/1922---ND

Hollingshead, Perry G. b. 9/8/1879---d. 9/1/1964

Holloway, Rebbeca Kay Twin of Teresa Diane b. 6/9/1971---d. 6/10/1971

Holloway, Teresa Diane b. 6/9/1971---D. 6/11/1971

Holman, Maggie w/o S.W.Bearden b. 8/1/1929---d. 3/28/1992

Holt, Curtis Earl Vietnam, US Army b. 9/7/1949-----d. 11/21/1985

Holt, Earl Curtis "Dock" b. 10/21/1930---d. 6/25/1984

Holt, Pearl w/o Earnest P. Rochell b. 1/27/1905---d. 1/10/1980

Houser, Lucian Ray b. 6/4/1908---d. 8/16/1969 Married 2/21/1940

Houser, Verna Lou w/o Lucian b. 2/6/1922---d. ND.

Howard, Elizabeth L. w/o Homer(photo) b.8/11/1914--d. 7/20/1971

Howard, Foil A. h/o Mamie "photo" b. 9/11/1887---d. 1/7/1970

Howard, Homer F. b. 11/30/1914---d. ND

Howard, Mamie R. b. 3/5/1898 ND

Ingram, Alton b. 11/23/1921---d. ND

Ingram, Beaulah H. w/o James F. b. 8/13/1889---d. 6/9/1970

Ingram, James F. 3/3/1887---d. 4/11/1960

Ingram, Minnie w/o Alton b. 9/23/1915---d. 5/22/1981

Irving, Beaulah L. w/o L.Z. b. 1/30/1908---d. 9/8/1983

Irving, L.Z. b. 8/17/1903---d. 8/30/1952

Jackson, Bessie Lee w/o George J. b. 3/8/1930---ND

Jackson, George J. b. 8/28/1922---d.87/8/1960

Jackson, Victoria b. 1/27/1896---d. 6/23/1963

Jeans, De Witt R. b. 1905------d. 1960

Jeans, Lenora b. 1952 ND

Jeans, Mildred E.w/o De Witt b. 1909------d. ND

Jones, Cora Lou b. 10/31/1943---d. 1/12/1972

Jones, Polly Joann Bunyard b. 7/11/1940---d. 11/10/1990

King, Annie A. w/o Charles H. b. 3/14/1892---d. 8/29/1987 Married 8/21/1910/

King, Bernice w/o L.D. b. 10/25/1933 nd

King, Charles E. b. 7/19/1936---d. 12/7/1982

King, Charles H. b. 9/12/1891---d. 2/17/1969

King, L.B. "Bill" b. 10/15/1912---d. 7/7/1970

King, L.D. b. 2/23/1935----d. 6/27/1987

King, Norma Marie w/o L.B. [bill] b. 3/30/1918---d. nd

King, Thomas Calvin b. 12/6/1922---d. 2/6/1988 WWII, Cox, USCG

King, Walter Jr. b. 7/1/1923---d. 1/27/1985 WWII, Pvt. USArmy

Knops, Mary Francis b. 4/2/1933---d. 5/13/1984

Kuykendall, William T. [Bill] b. 11/10/1908---d. 1/15/1993

Kuykendall, Vealie Ann w/o Bill. b. 3/6/1914---d.9/16/1992

Langrell, Virginia b. 12/17/1898---d.10/16/1985

Lee, Dovie w/o Wiley Boston Nipps b. 6/11/1899---d.6/1/1987

Lee, Elva w/o Arlin C.Gash b. 2/12/1906---d. 7/24/1976

Lemons, Alfred T. h/o Emma J. b.1/30/1894---d. 12/13/1985

Lemons, Charles Wesley b. 6/9/1939 ---d. 9/18/1983

Lemons, Emma J. b. 8/26/1900---d. 9/17/1981

Lindsey, Charlotte E. b. 2/16/1940---d. ND

Loftis, Cecil E. Jr. b. 6/14/1946---d. 6/14/1946

Loftis, Clarence h/o Elmo Maurine b. 3/8/1908---d. 11/22/1992

Loftis, E.L. b. 4/6/1943----d. 7/3/1943

Loftis, Elmo Maurine b. 5/26/1911----d. ND

Loftis, J.L. b. 5/23/1915----d. 11/23/1956

Lucas, Marcus b. 2/11/1909----d. 1/26/1975

Lynch, Robert Earl b. 3/27/1911---d. 2/2/1982

Lyons, Millie B. w/o Lee B. Cheek b. 11/27/1907---d. 7/18/1985

Marshall, Pearl A b. 9/5/1897---d. 10/26/1979

Mc Lemore, Bill J. b. 8/27/1933---d.6/1979

Miller, Luther h/o Maggie Lucy b. 4/14/1881----d. 10/24/1942

Miller, Maggie Lucy b. 11/27/1894---d. 2/16/1972

Mobbs, Bernice w/o Lee E. b. 7/31/1939----d. ND Marriage 10/22/1955

Mobbs, Donnie G.s/o Lee & Bernice b. 7/9/1959-----d. 12/7/1984

Mobbs, Lee E. b. 3/15/1925---d. 2/6/1987

Morgan, Grace Elizabeth w/o Lucian Fay b. 8/25/1915---d. ND Marriage 10/8/1938

Morgan, Kenneth Earl b. 8/20/1944---d. 12/20/1990 Sp.4, US Army. S/o Lucian & Grace

Morgan, Lucian Fay b. 7/25/1918----d. 3/12/1977

Morrison, Curtis W. h/o Sammy H. b. 10/25/1923---d. 10/27/1971

Morrison, Sammy H. b. 10/25/1923---d. ND

Motsinger, Gilbert b. 1917---D. 1941

Murchison, Alice b. 3/22/1881 ---d. 1/25/1973

Murphy, Melvin O. b. 10/7/1918---d. 9/14/1992 Boyd Funeral Home marker

Neal, Cleo Dupree b. 4/10/1911---d. 1/26/1993

Neeley, Ethell (Sic) w/o William J. b. 8/14/1900---d. 12/18/1962

Neeley, William J. b. 9/11/1887---d. 8/22/1946

Nelson, Carl L. h/o Mildred B. b. 7/29/1910---d. 8/8/1981

Nelson, Charlie M. h/o Roxie Ann b. 1881 ---- d. 1953

Nelson, Mildred B. b. 12/1/1909-----d. 5/22/1986

Nelson, Roxie Ann b. 1886 ----d. 1957

Nipps, Charles W. h/o Dorothy Tipton Nipps b. 10/27/1926---d. 7/3/1975

Nipps,Dona Sue baby b. 1/18/1961---d. 1/23/1961

Nipps, Dorothy Tipton b. 12/11/1930---d. 5/10/1982

Nipps, Dovie Lee w/o Wiley Boston Nipps b. 6/11/1899---d. 6/1/1987

Nipps, Wiley Boston h/o Dovie Lee b. 10/9/1893---d. 10/22/1985

Parnell, Ethel Josephine b. abt. 1928---d. 12/13/1992

Parnell, Robert Daniel h/o Ethel Josephine b. 8/10/1926---d. 2/14/1985 WWII, Tec. 5, USA,

Pegrum, Tom B. b. 3/28/1912---d. 8/30/1969

Perry, Kenny J. b. 1/14/1951---d. 4/27/1974

S/o William J. & Pearl W.

Perry, Pearl W. b. 1921------d. ND

Perry, WilliamJ. b. 4/25/1925---d. 3/1974

Pichard, Betty w/o Horace b. 1905-----d. 1975

Pichard, Horace b. 1901----d. 1968

Quintanilla, Shanny Deon b. 6/6/1985---d. 6/6/1985

Reddick, H.h/o Mary M. b. 1/27/1883---d.9/8/1951

Reddick, Harry A. h/o M. Ethel Reddick b. 7/8/1910---d. 7/3/1973

Reddick, James David s/o Roy & Mary b. 10/31/1949---d. 3/19/1952

Reddick,M. Ethel w/o Harry A. b. 4/14/1905---d ND.

Reddick, Mary M. w/o H. Reddick b. 1886-------d. 1958

Reddick, Mary Sue w/o Roy Freeman Reddick b. 4/17/1927--d. 4/9/1993 Married 8/31/1946

Reddick, Roy Freeman b. 1/26/1920---d. 7/27/1986

Risner, Charles H. h/o Cordie b. 1879---d. 1946

Risner, Cordie b. 2/28/1885---d. 1/1980

Risner, Earnest Edward b. 12/18/1925---d. 12/17/1993

Boyds Funeral Home Marker, Lonoke

Risner, Jimbo "photo" on marker b. 6/14/1950---d. 1/16/1968

Rochell, Earnest P. h/o Pearl Holt b. 3/13/1905----d. 8/25/1974

Rochell, Pearl Holt b. 1/27/1905---d. 1/10/1980

Russel, Jackie Allen son b. 7/30/1943---d. 3/5/1953

Rye, Cora Bell b. 8/5/1890---d. 12/7/1978

Shadron, Annie L. w/o George J. b. 1904----d. 1966

Shadron, George J. b. 1895----d. 1967

Shannon, Bryan Kieth"Our Son" b. 5/28/1972---d. 5/29/1972

Shelton Nora M. b. 2/21/1938-----d. 8/19/1968

Sladen, Harold L. b. 4/9/1930---d. 9/28/1989

Smith, Elizabeth b. 2/5/1870----d. 10/31/1957

Smith, Emma F. mother & grandmother b. 12/20/1887----d. 6/20/1982

Smith, Florence w/o Laverne(Putt) b. 11/26/1923---d. ND

Smith, Gary Wayne s/o Laverne & Florence b. 7/14/1956---d. 8/27/1988

Smith, James W. s/o Emma F. b. 2/20/1921---d. 2/16/1973

Smith, Jessie J.h/o Louise Vernell b. 2/7/1919---d. 6/15/1990

Smith, Laverne (Putt) b. 8/15/1922---d. 5/7/1990

Smith, Louise Vernell b. 12/18/1919---d. ND

Smith, Thomas C. s/o Emma F. Smith b. 6/12/1924---d. 10/17/1982

Spangle, Blair infant b. 4/26/1949----d.4/26/1949

Spangle, Terry L. b. 2/16/1949----d. 5/1/1950

Starr, Infant Boy b. 1949-----d. 1949

Strawn, R.H. "Red" b. 4/1/1923----d. 1/16/1974

Stults, Emma b. 8/12/1873----d. 8/2/1946

Sullivan, Douglas E. b. 1/3/1966----d. 6/7/1991

H/o Judy Sullivan, F/o Kayla

Sullivan, James Thomas infant b. 5/20/1970---d.5/20/1970

Sullivan, Noal b. abt. 1911----d. 11/18/1994

Willson Funeral Home marker, England

Sullivan, Patricia S. m/o Simmons Patrick b. 9/3/1939---d. 8/19/1976

Sullivan, Simmons Patrick infant son b. 6/19/1976----d. 6/19/1976

Swint, Allen b. abt. 1954----d 10/19/1994

Wilson Funeral Home marker, England

Swint Clarron A. h/o Ruth b. 12/9/1904---d. 11/20/1961

Swint, Ruth W. b. 11/27/1908---d. 9/1/1988

Talbert, Virgil "photo " b. 6/11/1899----d. 3/3/1970

Temple, Roy husband b. 3/19/1911---d. 4/7/1993

Thomas, J. Clyde h/o L.Cecile Thomas b. 1/9/1906---d. 8/4/1974

Thomas, L. Cecil b. 12/13/1916---d.ND

Tipton, Archie A. h/o Mary Idas b. 1/15/1906---d. 4/7/1979

Tipton, Brad h/o Vena b. 10/16/1896----d. 5/7/1972

Tipton, Darrell h/o Patricia b. 9/2/1920---d. 12/7/1988

Tipton, Dorothy Nipps b. 12/11/1930---d. 5/10/1982

W/o Charles W. Nipps

Tipton, J.F. b. 4/22/1874---d 3/20/1948

Tipton, Luther W. [photo] b. 1/19/1925---d. 7/17/1959

Tipton, M.A. "Jack" h/o Pearl Gash b. 6/20/1908---d. 4/23/1973

Tipton, Mary Idas w/o Archie a. Tipton. B. 10/31/1913---d. 2/13/1990

Tipton, Patricia w/o Darrell, "photo" b. 4/19/1944---d. 12/23/1970

Tipton, Pearl Gash b. 5/2/1911----d. 8/31/1992

Tipton, Vena w/o Brad b. 7/17/1902---d. 5/12/1992

Tucker, Carrie w/o John Bruce Gordon b. 11/15/1884----d. 10/9/1975

Tyler, Joe C. h/o Nancy b. 10/25/1910----d. 7/25/1988

Tyler, Nancy b. 10/3/1911----d. 3/19/1983

Tyson, Virginia Langrell b. 12/17/1898----d. 10/16/1985

Vail, Nettie b. 12/12/1902---d. 2/4/1992

Vernell, Louise w/o Jessie J. Smith b. 12/18/1919----d. Nd

Marriage 11/22/1941

Walker, Gladys J. w/o Jesse B. b. 4/23/1916- d. 3/19/1990

Walker, Jesse B. b. 2/27/1904---d. 5/21/1963

Ward, Annie Elizabeth w/o Richard b. 2/3/1888----d. 9/17/1974

Ward, Richard Ashley h/0 Annie E. b. 2/23/1887----d. 11/14/1943

Watson, Lonora Jeans b. 1952 -------d. ND

Weaver, Cora M. w/o J. Tom b. 1885-----d 1967

Weaver, J. Tom b. 1874--------d. 1948

Webb, Avest WWII, Pfc. US Army b. 2/4/1916---d. 3/21/1989

Webb, Azalee w/o Roy R. b. 7/17/1914---d. ND

Webb, Carrol "Jody" b. 9/15/1923----d. 3/5/1987

WWII, Tec. 4, US Army

Webb, Charles H. h/o Idell b. 4/11/1885---d. 8/29/1966

Webb, Idell b. 8/5/1890---d. 11/28/1975

Webb, Othel, h/o Ruby Hillis b. 4/23/1909---d. 11/24/1987

Webb, Ruby Hillis b. 1/28/1913---d. ND

Webster, Badie w/o Charlie R. b. 8/29/1893---d. 9/15/1945

Webster, Charlie R. b. 7/16/1889----d. 10/3/1965

West, Lloyd J. b. 12/21/1926---d. 7/7/1987


West, Velma w/o Athel E. Freeman b. 9/15/1922----d ND

White, Bill h/o Pat b. 7/27/1929---d. 3/24/1992

White, Johnnie Lee b. 7/20/1915----d. 12/26/1976

WWII, Corp, USArmy

White, Pat. B. 1/24/1941---d ND

Wiggington, Adna E. w/o Claude C. b. 3/29/1907----d. 5/19/1989

Wiggington, Claude C. b. 12/28/1908---d. 12/24/1974

Marriage 8/19/1928

Williams, Carlus M. s/o M.C. & Thelma J. b. 8/11/1948---d. 4/15/1967

Williams, Charlie O. daddy b. 6/22/1896----d. 9/1/1966

Williams, Columbia S. mother b. 5/11/1876----d. 3/14/1957

Williams, Gladys L. w/o J.B. b. 11/14/1925---d. 1/12/1976

Williams, J.B. b. 4/6/1923---d. 2/20/1969


Williams, Katie Rochell d/o Kevin M. b. 1/14/1985---d. 11/12/1985

Williams, Kevin M. f/o Katie R. b. 7/6/1963---d. 1/17/1985

Williams, M.C. h/o Thelma J. b. 1/4/1921 ---d. ND

Williams, Myrtle V. w/o Willie A. b. 6/24/1905---d. 4/13/1975

Williams, Thelma J. b. 10/14/1922---d. 9/17/1991

Williams, Willie A. b. 7/5/1894----d. 2/11/1964

WWI, Pvt. 41 Co, 162 Depot Brig.

Wood, Azalee b. 3/3/1880----d. 8/10/1967

Wood, Carl L. b. 11/10/1912---d. 4/14/1956

Wood, Jimmy V. husband, daddy,& Papaw b. 11/5/1940---d. 10/28/1991

Wood, Vascar V. b. 8/2/1914---d. 1/5/1964

Woosley, Billy Roy b. 10/21/1930---d. 7/2/1966

Photo, USAF,A2/C, Ark.

Woosley, Charlis R. h/o Thelma E. b. 12/27/1901---d. 7/2/1983

Marriage 1/27/1930

Woosley, Francis s/o James M. & Lona K. b. 3/23/1919----d. 10/2/1990

Woosley, James M. h/o Lona K. b. 7/21/1898----d.8/7/1981

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