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Pat Howell Cemetery


Pat Howell Cemetery

(aka Howell Cemetery, Wall Cemetery)

Located on Gun Club Spur Road. Nice, Well kept cemetery.


Completed March 3, 2002 by Pris Weathers, Randy Picard,

Christina Head, and Dillon Picard.

Graciously Provided by Arkansas Ties


Brannon, Infant

Brewer, Bamie Waddell

Brewer, Jennie L.

Brewer, Martha Louise

Brewer, Nicholas A.

Brewer, Thos W.

Brewer, William M.

Elmore, H.G.

Elmore, Mary E.

Felix, Nargaret A.

Felix, Norris B.

Fetter, George W.

Frisby, J.E. Jr.

Furlow, Thomas Jefferson

Garrett, J.G.

Garrett, Martha E.

Glover, Aileen

Glover, Albert R.

Glover, G.W.

Glover, Genita

Glover, Hazel

Glover, Kathlene

Glover, Kenneth

Glover, Leona A.

Glover, William

Hicks, John Glen

Horness, Doyle E.

Howell, F.J. Jr.

Howell, John L.

Howell, John R.

Howell, Marian B.

Howell, Rebecca J.

Howell, Sarah J.

Howell, Wyatt P.

King, Amos S.

King, Susie M.

Milam, Howard M.

Milam, Loraine

Newby, J.J.

Newby, Leo B.

Newby, Minnie H.

Nolley, Lorden Ray

Pennock, Barbara

Pennock, Charlotte F.

Pennock, Charlotte Gosha

Pennock, Ha Vera

Pennock, J. Gilbert Junior

Pennock, Robert E.

Pigott, Cumi Glover

Pigott, Thomas R.

Rambo, Donald A.

Rambo, Nellie M.

Robinson, Annie Walls

Robinson, Bertie Howell

Robinson, F.A.

Robinson, Leslie A.

Spires, Gerald Dean

Sullivan, Alford R.

Sullivan, Clara Edith

Sullivan, Daniel Woodford

Sullivan, Ralph

Sullivan, Ralph

Swaim, Ed R.

Swaim, Loyd

Swaim, Mary J.

Swaim, Vera

Thomas, Doris M.

Thomas, Joe L.

Thompson, Deloris

Thompson, Louie E.

Thompson, Richard

Thompson, Thomas Wils Sr.

Thompson, Tommy

Thompson, Violet E.

Unknown, Annie

Unknown, E? A.G.

Unknown, Letha

Unknown, Lois

Unknown, Mad?

Waddell, E.W.

Waddell, Eugenia

Waddell, Eva

Waddell, Grace

Waddell, Reland C.

Waddell, William

Walls Family Marker

Walls, Andrew Jackson

Walls, Carmaleta

Walls, Infant

Walls, Lillie Howell

Walls, Mollie A. Robinson

Walls, William H.

Walls, William H.

White, Deb

White, Ernestine M.

White, Hazel L.

White, Homer

White, Jeremiah F.

White, Martha N.

White, Mary M.

White, Owen Hugh

White, Paul S.

White, Ronald Lynn

White, Virgil

Williams, Clifton E.

Williams, Thomas A.