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Mount Carmel Cemetery


Mount Carmel Cemetery

Cabot, Lonoke County, Arkansas

Completed April 11, 2001 by Pris Weathers

Graciously Provided by Arkansas Ties


Abbott, Floyd

Abbott, Marguerite

Abrams, Anna Marie

Abrams, Basil Larry

Abrams, George D.

Abrams, Hettie F.

Ackerman, Henry H.

Ackerman, Tokiko

Adams, A.

Adams, Baby

Adams, Capt. James G.

Adams, Charles Duren

Adams, Clarence

Adams, Elizabeth Gregory

Adams, James D.

Adams, James E.

Adams, Jeanette A.

Adams, Maggie

Adams, Martha S.

Adams, Rev. Charles

Adams, Sallie A.

Agee, Mary Ann

Agee, Mary Jo

Agee, W. Olen

Agnew, Pearl P.

Ahrens, John Darwin

Ahrens, John Hyde

Ahrens, Lillian Hyde

Alexander, B.F.

Alexander, Debbie

Alexander, Eloise B.

Alexander, Herman H.

Alexander, J. Clayton Sr.

Alexander, Jessica Harrell

Alexander, Lizzie

Alexander, Mary Bradford

Alford, Herschel Eldon

Alford, Mary Keathley

Allen, George W.

Allen, Hattie H.

Allen, Herman H.

Allen, L.

Allen, Levi J.

Allen, Lois M.

Allgood, Oda

Allgood, Russell

Anderson, Bettie J.

Anderson, Callye Mack

Anderson, Dora

Anderson, Dorothy L.

Anderson, Hardy

Anderson, Herbert D.

Anderson, Hugh J.

Anderson, Johnny F.

Anderson, Mattie

Anderson, Pauline F.

Anderson, Robert

Angus, Eleanor

Angus, Lester

Angus, Lester S.

Anseaume, Rachel Davis

Anthony, Peggy Gean Taylor

Apple, Allie Marie

Appleton, Don C.

Appleton, Ethel C.

Appleton, Ethel M.

Archer, Dale Wallace

Archibald, Johnnie

Armistead, Sidney O.

Armstrong, G. Clarence

Armstrong, Marcus F.

Asbille, Jessie B.

Asbille, Robert L.

Asher, Jewel D.

Atchison, Opal Estelle

Atterberry, Euel C.

Atterberry, Neva M.

Auldridge, Julia A.

Auldridge, William

Austin, Ella

Austin, Henry J.

Austin, John T.

Austin, Mary A.

Avis Family Marker

Avis, Ann Patterson

Avis, John H.

Badger, Jo Ann Nails

Bailey, Bertie C. Walters

Bailey, Bobby C. Jr.

Bailey, Dr. W.H.

Bailey, Elsie Laverne

Bailey, Emily E.

Bailey, Ernest L. Family

Bailey, Ernest Loyd

Bailey, Frederick M. Jr.

Bailey, Frederick M. Sr.

Bailey, Gladys Blair

Bailey, Grace

Bailey, Henry Atlas Sr.

Bailey, Hubert A.

Bailey, Leola F.

Bailey, Malissa Wilson

Bailey, Mary Freeman

Bailey, Maude L.

Bailey, Sam P.

Bain, Gwendolyn F.

Bain, Millard B. Jr.

Baker, Betty Jean McGraw

Baker, Emogene Sexton

Baker, Jesse M.

Baker, Mary Etta

Baker, Robert Edward

Baker, Willie

Baldwin, Ezra F.

Baldwin, Ezra F. Jr.

Baldwin, Mattie Lee

Ball, L.C.

Ball, Minnie

Ballou, Doris A. Bramlett

Banks, Edith Lucille

Banks, Thelma Blair

Banks, William Manuel

Barentine, Frank E.

Barentine, James R.

Barentine, Marie R.

Barentine, Vida M.

Barger, Bertha E.

Barham, Elsie M.

Barham, George Grandberry

Barham, Lofton H.

Barham, Orpha E.

Barham, W. Houston

Barham, William N.

Barker, Andrea D.

Barnes, John Curtis

Barnes, Shirley May

Barnes, Terry Lynn

Barnett, Bobby

Barnett, Elwanda

Barnett, Evelyn Moyers

Barnett, George M.

Barnett, Lenora

Barnett, Samuel

Barnwell Family Marker

Barnwell, Jack

Barnwell, Nell Barry

Barnwell, Neva T.

Barnwell, William Thompson

Barrentine Family Marker

Barrentine, Everett

Barrentine, Robert H.

Barrett, Wilma

Bartholf Family Marker

Bates, Frances A.

Bates, Jessie E.

Baugh, Carl A.

Baugh, Carl Aden

Baugh, Franklin F.

Baugh, George Elbert

Baugh, Rachel R.

Baugh, Sandra K.

Bauman, Mayselle M.

Bayliss, Mary Inez

Bazzell, M. Horace

Bazzell, Mary E.

Bazzell, Rev. J.W.

Beasley, Byron

Beasley, Carrie

Beasley, Chas Pierce

Beasley, Fannie Elizabeth

Beasley, Helen Francis

Beasley, Horace

Beasley, Robert H.

Beasley, Roselle A.

Beasley, Sarah E. Davis

Beasley, Thomas Tindell

Beasley, Varon E.

Beavers, Andrew D.

Beavers, Archie T.

Beavers, Billy Mack

Beavers, Buford

Beavers, Cassie M.

Beavers, Cynthia A.

Beavers, David D.

Beavers, Graydon

Beavers, James O.

Beavers, Laura Anna

Beavers, Mayme L.

Beavers, Rosa Alice

Beavers, Ruby

Beavers, Ruth N.

Beavers, Sherry Denise

Beavers, William E.

Beck, Cody Alexander

Beckett, Betty S.

Beckett, Emily Marie

Beckett, George A.

Beckham, Ruth Ann

Begeman, George F.

Begeman, Lena

Belamy, Johnie P.

Belamy, Lelia Ann

Belamy, Pleasant W.

Belamy, William

Bell, Anna

Bell, Flossie V.

Bell, Frances A.

Bell, Jo Ann

Bell, Nancy B.

Bell, Thomas J.

Bellamy, Carl A.

Bellamy, Effie Olean

Bellamy, Emma G.

Bellamy, Evalyn M.

Bellamy, Infant Son

Bellamy, Johnie P.

Bellamy, Lelia Ann

Bellamy, Lyda May

Bellamy, Marshall H.

Bellamy, Ruth Powell

Bellamy, William

Belveal, George Robert

Belyeu, Willie B. Fisher

Benedetto, Edwin L.

Benedetto, Elizabeth "Betty"

Benedetto, Phyllis G.

Bennett, Charley W. Sr.

Bennett, David Paul

Bennett, Joyce G.

Bennett, Karlton Lynn

Bennett, Murva H.

Bennett, Robert N.

Bennett, Willie Thomas

Benson, Bernice

Benson, James E.

Benson, Louisa

Benson, Luther

Bentley, Juel G.

Bentley, Lourenda H.

Besancon, Henry

Besancon, Hershel L.

Besancon, Howard

Besancon, Ila Jean

Besancon, Lillian V.

Betzner, Albert E.

Betzner, John

Betzner, Mary L.

Betzner, Pearl P.

Bishop, Carl Buddy

Bishop, Minnie Bell

Bishop, William "Bill"

Bishop, William Terry

Bissell, Harold Richard

Bissell, Jean Leslie

Blackwood, Walter

Blair, Dora H.

Blair, Dr. Frank P.

Blair, Infant

Blair, Pat H.

Blair, Robert Rex

Blair, Virginia E.

Blakeney, James Benjamin

Blakeney, James Benjamin

Blakeney, John Evins

Blakeney, John Evins Jr.

Blakeney, Sarah A. Lenz

Blakey, Edward A.

Bledsoe, Benjamin

Bledsoe, Joshua

Blessing, Mary Ann

Blessing, Robert "Bob"

Blount, A.M.

Blount, Infant Babe

Boas, Robert Lee Sr.

Bodie, Dorothy

Bodie, Harold

Bodie, Kile

Bodie, Matye

Bodie, Morgan Woodruff

Bodie, Pauline

Bodie, Sophie C.

Bodie, Woodruff

Boggs, Otis L.

Bogle, Dorothy Smith

Bogle, Dr. E.F.

Bogle, Homer T.

Bogle, Leona

Bolden, Dora Mae Pledger

Bolden, Jewel E.

Bolden, Richard

Boll, Howard Martin

Bolton, Bill W.

Bolton, Yvonne

Bonifant, Eric Monroe

Bostic, Anne Parker

Bostic, Bertha I.

Bostic, Dock

Bostic, Edward Harold

Bostic, Edward Homer

Bostic, Infant Son of W.H. & B.I.

Bostic, Jessie Toliver

Bostic, L. Louise Latta

Bostic, Maggie Turner

Bostic, Walter H.

Bostic, Walter H. " Bud "

Bostic, William Donald

Bostick, Daughter of D.M.

Botts, Alice

Botts, Earl Robert

Botts, Katie R.

Botts, Lane

Botts, Mary Alice

Botts, W.S.

Botts, William J.

Botts, William T.

Bouse, Chester Lee

Bouse, Eva L.

Bouse, Roy R.

Boyd, Baby

Boyd, Chas F.

Boyd, Clarence A.

Boyd, Clarence Anderson

Boyd, Clauda

Boyd, George W.

Boyd, Larry P. Jr.

Boyd, M.A.

Boyd, P.D.

Boyd, Pauline F.

Boyd, Sarah J.

Boyd, W.C.

Boyles, Dorothy M.

Boyles, Mearl E.

Bra?, Pearl

Bradford, Frankie L.

Bradford, Leven J.

Bradford, Mary Adams

Bradley, Charlie A.

Bradley, Floyd U.

Bradley, Joyce Mobley

Bradley, Martha E.

Bradley, Worley

Brame, A. Karl

Brame, Infant

Bramlett, Murrell Etta

Bramlette, Ada

Bramlette, R.C.

Brannen, Amanda Lou Weatherford

Brashears, Sallye E. Gardner

Brawley, J.

Breeden, Robert S.

Brennan, Connie Lynn

Brewer, Alice Mamie

Brewer, Beryl "Pete"

Brewer, Beryl E.

Brewer, Bessie Hicks

Brewer, J. Jerry

Brewer, Jefferson J.

Brewer, Jefferson J. Jr.

Brewer, Jerry Jeff

Brewer, Joe J.

Brewer, Mattie E.

Brewer, Oleta Reed

Brewer, Ruth Campbell

Brewer, Theodosia Sexton

Brians, Infant Gloria

Bridges, Durwood E.

Bridges, Glen Dora

Bridges, Joyce Elmore

Brison, Cora

Brock, Blanche

Brooks, Buddy

Brooks, James

Brooks, R.H.

Brown, Alberta Georgia

Brown, Aline

Brown, B.J.

Brown, Charles L.

Brown, David M.

Brown, Ed. Rex

Brown, Eleanor P.

Brown, Eugene

Brown, Eula M.

Brown, Eunice

Brown, Gladys O.

Brown, Hattie M.

Brown, Henry V.

Brown, Ivy H.

Brown, J. Sidney

Brown, James M.

Brown, Jeanne R.

Brown, Jesse E.

Brown, Jesse M.

Brown, Judith C.

Brown, Levicey Standley

Brown, Louise B

Brown, Mabell

Brown, Marie

Brown, Marion

Brown, Penny D.

Brown, W. Frank

Brown, Willie Foster

Browne, Martha S.

Broyles, D.P.

Broyles, T.

Brumfield, Paul M.

Bryant, Ella E.

Bryant, Emma

Bryant, Horace

Bryant, Thomas A.

Bryson, Mrs. L.C.

Bryson, W.G.

Buchanan, Boyce O.

Buchanan, Janie A.

Buchanan, Ralph H.

Buchanan, Thelma M.

Buckingham, Billy E.

Buckingham, Phyllis I

Bullock, Neal

Bullock, Vivian

Burdick, Ruby J.

Burgess, Essie

Burgess, J.O.

Burgess, Julia Raines

Burkett, Carllee L.

Burkett, Pearl

Burkhead, Beulah Evelyn

Burkhead, Dorothy

Burkhead, Drucie V.

Burkhead, Georgie V.

Burkhead, James W.

Burkhead, John Benton

Burkhead, Ro Ann

Burkhead, S.M. Eldon

Burks, Charles B.

Burks, Elsie A.

Burks, Gertrude Fisher

Burks, John D.

Burks, Marjorie B.

Burks, Sallie Dyer

Burks, William M.

Burks, William M. Jr.

Burks, Woodrow W. "Babe"

Burns, Eleanor E.

Burns, Lewis L.

Burrows, Alfred H.

Burson, Hazel E.

Burson, James Richards

Busby, Henry Lee

Buser, Angeline A.

Buser, Raymond

Bush, Lonnie

Butler, Addie

Butler, Johnie F.

Butterworth, Ina B.

Byrd, Bennie Guy

Byrd, Beulah Edith

Byrd, Billy Joe

Byrd, Bulah Pearl

Byrd, Daniel G.

Byrd, Daryl Glen

Byrd, F.L. "Jack"

Byrd, Faber A.

Byrd, Faber Jr.

Byrd, Florence I.

Byrd, Hattie M.

Byrd, Mary Fry

Byrd, Millie L.

Byrd, Sandra Gail

Byrd, Thurman Ivy

Cabigtin, Elena Suba

Calder, Jack

Caldwell, Jack

Caldwell, James E.

Caldwell, Lillie B.

Callison, Billie Eugene

Campbell, Anna

Campbell, Clarence Walter

Campbell, Fred P.

Campbell, Fred Paul

Campbell, George W.

Campbell, Harry O.

Campbell, Infant Daughter

Campbell, John Edward

Campbell, Lena Jones

Campbell, Mary A.

Campbell, Mary L.

Campbell, Ruth E.

Campbell, W.H.

Canard, Charles F.

Canard, Marjorie L.

Cardin, Carroll L.

Cardin, Margie L.

Carlisle, Alison W.

Carnes, Louise Hall

Carpenter, Infant

Carpenter, Mary E. Hale

Carroll, Ethel Pettus

Carroll, Euna B.

Carroll, Florence E.

Carroll, Luther J.

Carroll, Marion "Rusty"

Carroll, Pansy

Carroll, Thos. P.

Carroll, Troy S.

Carter, Gulley Carter

Carter, Helen Johnson

Carter, Mary A. Perry

Case, Ella C.

Cash, Mary A.

Cash, Roscoe T.

Cate, Floyd

Cate, Lewis Miles

Cate, Susan A.

Cates, Hazel Mae

Caulder, Jack

Chambers, Barney W.

Chambers, Newton A.

Chambers, Norma E.

Chambers, Rosemary

Chance, Charlotte Ann

Chapman, Dr. Jerry C. Sr.

Chapman, Phylis Diane

Cherry, America

Cherry, G.W.

Cherry, George M.

Cherry, Infant Son

Cherry, Infant Son

Cherry, James M.

Cherry, Lloyd G.

Cherry, Margaret S.

Cherry, Marshal L.

Cherry, R. Jane

Cherry, Virginia

Chesser, G. Walter

Chesser, Mary E.

Childers, Guy J.

Choate, Augustus D.

Clayton, Martha Ann

Clayton, Ola Mae

Clayton, William Carel

Clement, James

Clement, James Elbert

Clement, Joe

Clement, Sarah C.

Cleveland, I.N.

Cleveland, Pearl

Clifton, Anna M.

Clifton, Audrey E.

Clifton, Charles J.

Clifton, Dorothy V.

Clifton, Elworth Erwin

Clifton, Frances L.

Clifton, Harold E.

Clifton, James W.

Clifton, Jeanne Marie

Clifton, John Tom

Clifton, Montine H.

Clifton, R. Winfield

Clifton, Robert Earl

Clifton, Rose W.

Clifton, Sallie F.

Clifton, Thomas J.

Clifton, Thomas W.

Clifton, Tom H.

Cobb, Helen

Cobb, John

Cobb, Lena

Cobb, Pearl

Cobb, Willie

Coble, Beulah M.

Coble, William E. Sr.

Coble, William Edward

Coggins, Mary Kathleen

Coggins, Thomas Newton

Cogwell, Georgia Earles

Cole, George W.

Cole, Mary M.

Cole, Melvin R.

Cole, Roger A.

Collins, Lillie A.

Collins, Ralph

Coman, Sallie J.

Combs, Rev. Wilton C.

Conard, Charles F.

Conard, Marjorie

Cone, A.P.

Cone, Belle

Conn, Lecil C.

Conrade, Brian Wade

Cook, Allie N.

Cook, Amelia E.

Cook, Anna

Cook, Arthur

Cook, Billie Mack

Cook, Cecil J.

Cook, Charley L.

Cook, Evie Lee

Cook, Helen

Cook, Hobert W.

Cook, Ida

Cook, Infant

Cook, Infant

Cook, J. Seth

Cook, James

Cook, James W.

Cook, John

Cook, Lerie

Cook, Linnie I.

Cook, Linwood E.

Cook, Loyal Audrey

Cook, Mack

Cook, Margaret K.

Cook, Mary T.

Cook, Nancy

Cook, Susan Aldridge

Cook, Thelma E.

Cook, William E.

Cooper, W. Marvin

Cory, Rosie W.

Cossey, Sammy "Brian"

Cossiboom, Ora V.

Cothran, Ester M.

Cothran, Jesse M.

Cotton, Clarence C.

Cotton, Jean P.

Coulson, J. Warron

Coulson, Jerry Wayne

Council, Festus O.

Council, Finis R.

Council, Laura E.

Covington, James C.

Covington, Patricia A.

Cowen, Bertha Parker

Cox, Carolyn

Cox, Freddie

Crabb, Elton

Craddock, Marie

Craig, Ida Jean

Craig, Robert E.

Craine, Berry Dean

Crawford, Flossie M.

Crocker, Artle

Crocker, Roy L.

Croisant, Fred A.

Croisant, Virginia C.

Crone, Bobbie Jean

Cross, A.B. Jr.

Cross, Albert F.

Cross, Allen B.

Cross, Allen B. Jr.

Cross, Athleen

Cross, Coramae

Cross, Ella V.

Cross, Ellen

Cross, Etta S.

Cross, Hiram

Cross, John

Cross, Joseph S.

Cross, Lula M.

Cross, Mabel G.

Cross, Mattie V.

Cross, Ruby

Cross, Samual

Cross, Wayne Anthony

Crumpton, Carl Green

Cryer, Nannie E.

Cullum, Jess O.

Cullum, Jessie O.

Cullum, Mary S.

Cunningham, Joe E.

Curtis, May

Dallas, Claude Lee

Dallas, Vivian F.

Danner, Barbara Ann

Darr, Alice Patton

Davidson, Larry Ray

Davidson, Marjorie Alice

Davis, Angela Renee

Davis, Arnold O.

Davis, Betty Sue

Davis, Clara L.

Davis, Corinne Murrell

Davis, Dollie

Davis, E.C.

Davis, Elizabeth

Davis, Evelyn Carol

Davis, Gary Dewayne

Davis, George D.

Davis, I. Arzella

Davis, J. Dewitt

Davis, Joe N.

Davis, June A.

Davis, Ralph

Davis, Sallie H.

Davis, Travis Wayne "Butch" Sr.

Davis, William Ralph

Davis, Zachary C.

Dawson, William T.

de Boer, Pearl Witcher

Deere, Imo B.

Deere, W. Louis

DeFoe, William Marion

Dehan, Dorethea Mills

Dehan, Glen Moss

Dennis, Arthur W.

Dennis, Charles R. Sr.

Dennis, Charles Ray

Dennis, Ferdinand D.

Dennis, Maggie L.

Dennis, Vola Ross

Derden, Helen Irene

Derden, Joann Cooper

Derden, John Earl

Derden, John Walter Jr.

Devens, Hugh A.

Devons, Ethelyn E.

Dickens, Lisa Dell

Dickens, Mildred Frances

Diederich, Velma Russell Hicks

Diehl, Georgie A.

Diehl, John E.

Dillard, Stephen E.

Dillon, M.

Dillon, Mrs.

Dobbs, Cleo Lee

Dobbs, Gladys Opal

Dobbs, Tommie C.

Dobro, Anna A.

Dodd, Calvin E.

Dodd, Edward R.

Dodd, Edward W.

Dodd, Josie C.

Dodd, Mary R.

Dodson, Genevieve Barnwell

Dodson, Hendrix M.

Dodson, James Wesley

Dodson, Lamar B.

Doerr, Anna Mae

Doerr, Ewell

Dollahan, Isaac

Donica, Ethridge E.

Donica, Olive B.


Douglas, Alliene James

Douglas, Richard E.

Dowds, Eva Tullos

Downs, Minnie R.

Drennan, Josie

Duck, Clyde Jr.

Duck, Horace Clyde Jr.

Duck, Lucille

Duckworth, June B.

Duff, James C.

Dulany, Leon

Dulany, Nellie A.

Dulany, O.O.

Dulany, Rena

Duncan, Annie

Duncan, Calvin

Duncan, J.W.

Duncan, Joseph C.

Dunlap, Charles Audrol

Dunlap, Charles Wayne

Dunlap, Stanley Boyce

Dunnaway, Beatrice V.

Easley, Lila

Eberts, Edna L.

Eberts, John F.

Eberts, Marjorie H.

Eberts, Paul F.

Eberts, W.R. "Bill"

Eddy, David Lee

Eddy, Elsie M.

Eddy, Waymon

Edwards, Alpha O.

Edwards, Bertha M.

Edwards, Evelyn L.

Edwards, Fay F.

Edwards, Lee A.

Edwards, Lucille

Eggert, James W.

Eggert, Juanita R.

Elder, James D.

Elkins, Bertha

Elkins, Daisy E.

Elkins, Emma

Elkins, Frank

Elkins, Irene D.

Elkins, John W.

Elkins, Samuel E.

Elmore, Alma M. Russell

Elmore, Barbara

Elmore, Bertha E.

Elmore, Dorothy L.

Elmore, Elmer

Elmore, Fannie E.

Elmore, Harry E.

Elmore, James Edward

Elmore, Louis M.

Elmore, Lynn Terry

Elmore, Minnie M.

Elrod, Dewitt

Elrod, Gladys Gertrude

Emery, Helen Morgan

Emery, John Edward

England, Donald Curtis

Enloe, Brenda Kay

Eppler, C.E.

Erwin, Annie Laura

Erwin, Gay King

Erwin, James Marvin

Erwin, Jennie M.

Erwin, Jesse R.

Erwin, John R.

Erwin, Joseph Loyd

Erwin, Jossie J.

Erwin, Ovid H.

Erwin, Samuel Harvey

Este, J.A.

Eubanks, Byron

Eubanks, Maudie

Euler, Calvin G.

Euler, Karen Ruth

Euler, Mildred E.

Evans, Earle

Evans, Earnest A.

Evans, Kathleen

Evans, Kristin Tami

Evans, Margaret P.

Evans, Marie

Evans, Robert E.

Everett, Anna V.

Everett, Clarence W.

Everett, Dudley R.

Everett, Henrietta

Everett, James Mack

Everett, Jas. A.

Everett, John A.

Everett, Martha P.

Everett, Peola

Everett, Sarah A.

Everett, Zena M.

Fairfield, Mary M.

Farish, Fannie T.

Farish, Gladys Elder

Farish, John H.

Farish, Olin

Farish, Ralph E. Sr.

Farish, W.F.

Farish, William T.

Farmer, Eli E.

Farmer, Eli Eucta

Farmer, Mildred A.

Farrar, Hyacinth

Farrar, J.W. "Jack"

Farris, Carlis

Farris, Lula

Faubion, James L.

Faubion, Velma

Fellenz, Berniece M.

Fellenz, Edward A.

Felton, Alford

Felton, Annie K.

Felton, Emma E.

Felton, John

Felton, John N.

Felton, Louisa

Felton, Lucy J.

Felton, Sam L.

Felton, W. Jasper

Ferguson, Infant Children of J.T. & V.L

Ferguson, Theda B.

Ferreria, Josephine F.

Fesler, Edwin D.

Fesler, Linda Wetsell

Fesler, Mary E.

Fields, Burl

Fields, Fannie

Fields, James Cleo

Fields, James Lewis

Fields, K. Polly

Fields, Leonard M.

Fields, Lydia Catherine

Fields, Myrtle

Fields, Susie Ann

Fields, Virgil "Cub"

Fields, Wesley

Finch, Helen Marie

Fincher, Mark Lee

Finney, David Paul

Finney, Floyd Homer

Finney, James Leroy

Finney, John Everette

Finney, Maxine Bennett

Finnigan, Rosa Lee

Fitch, Billie Mae

Fitch, James Shirley

Fitch, Paula A.

Fitch, Thomas J.

Fix, Alton V.

Fix, Shelby J.

Forbess, Finis E.

Forbess, Infant

Forbess, M.W.

Forbess, Maud Lee

Forbess, Rev. J.C.

Forbus, Dorman E.

Ford, Daddy

Ford, Gertrude

Ford, Jessie W.

Ford, May H.

Ford, Russell K.

Ford, Sallie

Fortenberry, Henry Sherman

Foster, Alta B. Koonce

Fowler, Bettie E.

Fowler, H.G.

Fox, Ronald Christopher

Francis, Leona G.

Francis, Ray H.

Freeman, Addie Wylie

Freeman, Ben F.

Freeman, Bennie Smith

Freeman, Easter Ruth

Freeman, Ethel Patrick

Freeman, Jerry Lynn

Freeman, L. Milton

Freeman, Lee

Freeman, Lonnie M.

Freeman, Lucille R.

Freeman, Milton Smith

Freeman, Nathan A.

Freeman, Nathan Otis

Freeman, Oscar L.

Freeman, Sarah A.

Freeman, William B.

Fry, Alice Kay

Fry, Drew

Fry, Ida Tippett

Fry, Infant

Fry, Joshua

Fry, L.A. "Al"

Fry, L.W. "Pop"

Fry, Mary O.

Fry, P.

Fry, Susea B.

Fry, William O.

Fuller, Lillie Hinkson

Fuller, Myra Jean

Fuller, Patricia Blair

Fulmer, Katherine

Fulmer, Louie

Fulmer, Ralph W.

Fulmer, Sue

Galloway, C.C. Jr.

Galloway, Carl C.

Galloway, Ethel E.

Galloway, Lewis R.

Garcia, Arthur Joe

Garcia, Lucretia

Gardner, Alice W.

Gardner, Evie

Gardner, Lois R.

Gardner, Raymond E.

Gardner, T.C. "Coke"

Garlington, Bruce

Garlington, Father

Garlington, Fred B.

Garlington, Judith A.

Garlington, Lewis G.

Garlington, Lillian Clifton

Garlington, Louise C.

Garlington, Mary Ella

Garlington, Mother

Garlington, Pauline S.

Garlington, Sisters

Garlington, W.G.

Garner, D.C.

Garner, Martha E.

Garnett, Horace H.

Garnett, Mary E.

Garrett, Earlen J.

Garrett, Johnny W.

Garza, Barbara

Garza, John C. Jr.

Gateley, Ramona Parks

Gately, Buford Howell

Gately, Henry C.

Gately, Henry C. "Bill" Jr.

Gately, Hubert Austin

Gately, Infant Daughter

Gately, John M.

Gately, Lillie Mae

Gately, Martha L.

Gately, Martha Lee

Gately, Minnie O.

Gately, Samuel Joel

Gately, Samuel W.

Gately, Troy Alan

Gately, Willie L.

Geater, Terry Thomas

Geater, Velma Lois

Gentry, Clara Bell

Gentry, Theodore M.

George, Bunie M. Tyler

Germany, Elevy E.

Germany, Levi G.

Gibbs, James Ronald

Gibbs, Susan E. Alford

Gibson, Delila Josephine

Gibson, Edward Wayne

Gibson, James H.

Gibson, John Frank Sr.

Gibson, John Jeff Sr.

Gibson, Mamie Johnson

Gilbert, Almer E.

Gilcrease, Georgia J.

Gillespie, Don E.

Gilliam, Emma C. Melvin

Gilliam, Onis H.

Gilliam, Vera L.

Gilliam, William A.

Gingles, A.J.

Gingles, Bertie R.

Gingles, Callie K.

Gingles, Carrie

Gingles, E.L.

Gingles, Eliza

Gingles, Ella J.

Gingles, Hattie A.

Gingles, Infant Daughter of E.L.

Gingles, John M.

Gingles, Mamie E.

Gingles, O. Roy

Gingles, Oma?

Gingles, S.L.

Gingles, Sallie E.

Gingles, Thelma

Gipson, Alton

Gipson, Louella

Gipson, Mamie Johnson

Glass, James M.

Glover, A. "Ross"

Glover, Frances Edith

Glover, J. Clay

Glover, Merlie L.

Glover, Noris Cross

Glover, Robert A. Sr.

Glover, Thelma D.

Glover, Virginia L.

Glover, William T.

Goforth, Basil A.

Goforth, Lucille

Golden, Gladys G.

Golden, Lester H.

Goodloe, Robert H.

Goodloe, Tommie

Gordon, C.Edward

Gordon, Carlos

Gordon, Janice N.

Gordon, Nora L.

Gordon, Ulva G.

Gordon, William A.

Graham, Annie Lee

Graham, Charity J.

Graham, Claude W.

Graham, Eudie

Graham, Ramona A.

Graham, Robert W.

Granberry, Frank Pettus

Gray, Bruce A.

Gray, Edward H.

Gray, James B.

Gray, Lela Morton

Gray, Little Joe

Gray, Mamie Barnwell

Gray, Pearl Wright

Greene, Billie Pauline

Greer, Baby Boy

Greer, J. Doyle

Greer, Mildred Ross

Greer, Norma J.

Greer, William Hughes

Gregory, Dale W.

Gregory, Ernest Clifton

Gregory, Ola B.

Gregory, Pauline R.

Gregory, Susie Bell

Gregory, Thomas D.

Grider, Mack Carlton

Grider, Shirley Ann

Griffin, Danny E.

Griffin, Doyle G.

Griffin, Faber C.

Griffin, Faber C. Jr.

Griffin, George R.

Griffin, Georgia W.

Griffin, Jennie B.

Griffin, John W.

Griffin, Martha L.

Griffin, Raymond Leo

Griffin, Ronald S.

Griffin, Stephen Lynn

Griffin, Wanda L.

Grinstead, James V.

Groves, David Edward

Groves, Mary

Guess, Mary

Gunter, Foy

Guymon, Everett R.

Guymon, Lois D.

Hackler, John Arch

Hagaman, Crystal

Hagaman, Edgar

Hagan, Ben L.

Hagan, Della W.

Hagan, Joseph

Hagan, William

Hagan, William R.

Hagar, Jerold N.

Hahn, Dale R.

Hahn, Patricia A.

Hale, Ben

Hale, Brice

Hale, Frankie V.

Hale, James E.

Hale, Jean Fritts

Hale, Jess F. "Doc"

Hale, John Thomas

Hale, Louise A.

Hale, Price

Hall, Clarence W.

Hall, David W.S.

Hall, Delpha Chaffin

Hall, Edna A.

Hall, Eula

Hall, Florence E.

Hall, Gerald Leland

Hall, Hardy H.

Hall, Harry Gerald

Hall, Hazel Iva

Hall, Inez W.

Hall, J.D.

Hall, Jesse R.

Hall, John W.

Hall, Marvin Clyde

Hall, Mary

Hall, Nettie A.

Hall, Olivian C.

Hall, Ophie Mae

Hall, Rachel S.

Hall, William D.

Hammett, Ray

Hamrick, Betty S.

Hamrick, Cecil L.

Hamrick, Jeffrey L.

Hamrick, Meranda S.

Hancock, Edwin Yonkin

Hand, Gene F.

Hand, Loy

Hand, Loy E.

Hannah, Jesse Paul

Hannah, Patricia Ann

Harbage, Judith Ann

Harn, Frederick Donald

Harn, Susie

Harness, Jack A.

Harness, James A.

Harness, Mildred

Harold, Dorothy Vernon

Harper, Beatrice Whitaker

Harper, M. Movalene

Harper, Nan

Harper, William R.

Harrell, Catherine Tipton

Harrell, Patricia

Harrell, Ronald

Harris, Camilla A.

Harris, Edward T.

Harris, Elva "Billie"

Harris, G.R.

Harris, Kenneth Alfred

Harris, Laura Eveline

Harris, Ora Lee

Harrod, Lillian M.

Harrod, Mike

Harrod, Wilbur

Harry, Sarai Diane

Hartupee, Marie M.

Hartwell, Ray

Harvey, Christopher "Michael"

Harvey, Effie B.

Harvey, Fred Christopher

Harvey, Joseph M.

Hatcher, Jason Douglas

Hatcher, Katherine Jean

Hatcher, Mark Douglas

Hatfield, Eunice Croker

Hawks, Jennie Clyde

Hawks, Johnnie Roy

Hay, Erma Waren

Hay, Fred Rosser

Hayley, Eleanor Knox

Hayley, Homer Lee

Hays, Laura D.

Hays, Lena A.

Healea, Dale T. Sr.

Healea, Evelyn M.

Heard, Lillian Edna Parks

Hefener, Pearl

Heffner, Earl

Heffner, Elva

Heffner, John C.

Heffner, Sallie

Helms, Carl

Hemingway, Harold E.

Hemingway, Patricia A.

Henderson, Clyde Donald

Henderson, Dallas L.

Henderson, Jeff D. Jr.

Henderson, Lottie L.

Henderson, Ruthie

Hendrickson, Evelyn

Henry, Chester Lucian

Henson, Hubert J.

Herold, Dorothy Vernon

Hickey, Zora D.

Hicks, James J.

Hicks, Lottie

High, Ben A.

High, Cora F.

High, Geri L.

High, James Wesley

High, Odean Webb

High, Wade D.

Hill, John R. "Randy"

Hill, Martha

Hill, P.F.

Hilton, Berdie S.

Hilton, R. Frank

Himes, Elmer Hersel

Himes, Willie Myrtle

Hinds, George B.

Hinkle, Hattie R.

Hinkle, Ida L.

Hinkle, William C.

Hinkle, William H.

Hinson, Donald M.

Hinson, Doris

Hinson, Robert C.

Hinson, Robert C. Jr.

Hodges, Freeda E.

Hodges, Winfred R.

Hoffman, George W.

Hoffman, Madie King

Holdin, ? Edward

Holdin, Patricia Marie

Holland, Baby Boy

Holland, C. Leon

Holland, Cliffton L. Jr.

Holland, Darcus E.

Holland, Erna Helen

Holland, George C.

Holland, Gordon L.

Holland, Lonzo C.

Holland, Lottie Fry

Holland, Martha M.

Holland, Murriel D.

Holland, Othal E.

Holland, Paul V.

Holland, Raymond E.

Holland, William

Holland, William A.

Holland, Willie V.

Holland, Wilma C.

Hollingshead, Fredia L.

Hollingshead, Jimmy Dean

Hollis, Ronald Gerane Sr.

Holt, Alida Anna

Holt, Jack L.

Holt, John

Holt, Lewis Monroe

Holt, Mary T.

Honea, Elizabeth A.

Honea, Mary Elizabeth

Honea, Melvern B.

Honea, Ruby M.

Honea, William Walker

Horn, Billie

Horn, Fred

Horn, Frederick Donald

Horn, Leon

Horn, Susie

Horness, Ben D.

Horness, Bettie

Horness, Clora C.

Horness, Jack A.

Horness, James A.

Horness, Mildred L.

Horness, Willie A.

House, Claude Edward

House, Edna M.

House, Fannie James

House, James B.

House, Martha Mae

House, Woodrow Sr.

Howard, Blake E.

Howard, Delbert

Howard, Geneva M.

Howard, H. J.

Howard, Hayes S.

Howard, Mary Lou

Howard, Rose E.

Howell, Emmett A.

Howell, G.D. "Bro"

Howell, Paula Jeanette

Howell, Sarobia Ann

Huckeby, Dorothy

Huckeby, Marion

Huckeby, Marion Robert

Huddleston, Elizabeth M.

Huddleston, Geraldine J.

Huddleston, Jewell

Huddleston, Mamie

Huddleston, Myrtle

Huddleston, Orville D.

Huddleston, Robert M.

Huddleston, Ruth

Huddleston, Sam T.

Huddleston, Viola P.

Huddleston, William H.

Huddleston, Winnie V.

Hudson, Anne Rudell

Hudson, Charles Ross Sr.

Hudson, Edna F.

Hudson, Ivah F.

Hudson, James M.

Hudson, Leola

Hudson, Mildred Leola

Hudson, Winfield M.

Huett, Dana Sue

Huffman, Anna M.

Hughes, Cornelia

Hughey, John Nelson

Hunt, Charles

Hurst, Charles Edward

Hurst, Diane J.

Hurst, Zell B.

Hyde, Cynthia June Moring

Hyde, Frank Gerald

Hyde, James Minter

Hyde, William Thomas

Hysell, Robert E. Lee

Imhoff, Charles L.

Imhoff, Mary R.

Imhoff, Victor L.

Isaac, J.

Ivey, Richard

Ivy, Lottie E.

Jackson, Ella

Jackson, Jeanette E.

Jackson, John B.

Jackson, Lemuel Sr.

Jackson, Lessie L.

Jackson, Opal J.

Jackson, Samuel M.

Jackson, Savanna F.

James, Annie M.

James, Celey M. Wilson

James, Dorothy J.

James, Ethel Parks

James, Florence

James, Glendene R.

James, Infant Girl

James, James Tommy

James, L.C. "Kirk"

James, L.C. Jr.

James, Nora Walker

James, William A.

James, William H.

James, Wm. Hugh

Jeans, Troy R.

Jenkins, Benjamin D.

Jenkins, Bertha Mae

Jenkins, Charles Franklin

Jenkins, James D.

Jenkins, Marguerite B.

Jenkins, Mikki

Jenkins, Porter O.

Jenkins, Unknown

Jenkins, Wife of E.W.

Jenson, Leroy Chris

Johnson, Aaron B.

Johnson, Baby Girl

Johnson, Billie D.

Johnson, Clyde

Johnson, Della P.

Johnson, Dena

Johnson, Dena Moore

Johnson, Dovie Archer

Johnson, Emily

Johnson, Emmett

Johnson, Eva Alice

Johnson, Freddie Lee

Johnson, Garland E. Sr.

Johnson, Heriot W.

Johnson, Hubert H.

Johnson, J. Garland

Johnson, J.L. "Sonny"

Johnson, James

Johnson, James Ondus

Johnson, James R.

Johnson, John P.

Johnson, Lee Andrew

Johnson, Lizzie W.

Johnson, M. Guinevere Morgan

Johnson, Mae Lee Brewer

Johnson, Maggie Farish

Johnson, Marilyn A.

Johnson, Mary R.

Johnson, Merle Milo

Johnson, Milo M.

Johnson, Mollie E.

Johnson, Nellie James

Johnson, Rena

Johnson, Vivian

Johnston, C.D.

Johnston, James

Johnston, Malinda G.

Johnston, Unknown

Jolly, Cynthia E.

Jolly, Henry D.

Jolly, Illis

Jolly, John M.

Jolly, Mar?

Jolly, Martha

Jolly, Sallie Janie

Jolly, Unknown

Jones, Clara M.

Jones, Cora Beavers

Jones, Dorothy M.

Jones, Edward

Jones, Ella J.

Jones, Frances C.

Jones, George S.

Jones, Harold E.

Jones, Horace L.

Jones, Hubert

Jones, Ida L.

Jones, Iris Lee

Jones, James A.

Jones, John Carl Wright

Jones, John H.

Jones, John H. Jr.

Jones, Joyce M.

Jones, Kenneth R.

Jones, Lafayette

Jones, Leola Stephens

Jones, Marc A.

Jones, Marilou

Jones, Mary E. Kerr

Jones, Mary L.

Jones, Nellie N.

Jones, Otha E.

Jones, Pommie E.

Jones, Ronald Keith

Jones, Ruby A.

Jones, Sarah D.

Jones, Sarah J.

Jones, Tristan Drake

Jones, Van H.

Jones, Wiley C.

Jones, William Ralph

Jones, William T.

Jones, Wm. Ray

Jones, Wm. Woodson

Jordan, Agnes D.

Jordan, Ida Marie

Jordan, Sybil L.

Joslin, Billy D. Sr.

Joslin, Buddy J.

Joslin, Carma R.

Joslin, Geneva A.

Joslin, Ned D. "Wimpy"

Joslin, Willie J.

Judkins, O.C. "Curley"

Jumper, Merle E.

Jumper, William P.

Justice, Amanda V.

Justice, Arthur

Justice, B. Irene

Justice, Hubert T.

Justice, J.M.

Justice, Pearl Cook

Justice, R.L. Jr. M.D.

Justice, Robert Lee

Kaden, Geraldine

Kaden, Roy E.

Kanas, Thelma R.

Keathley, Lester C.

Keathley, Veda P.

Keck, Dwain

Keck, Velma Annette

Keener, Inez

Keener, Shelby

Keister, Jerry Dean

Keister, Shaun Allen

Kelley, G.W.

Kelley, Irl

Kelley, J. W.

Kelley, Louise J.

Kelley, Lucy

Kelley, Luke E.

Kelley, Nellie B.

Kelsey, Cynthia Ann

Kelsey, Delaine L.

Kelsey, Thomas B.

Kelsey, Thomas Bryan

Kemp, Billy Vic

Kemp, Delton Vic

Kemp, Donald T.

Kemp, Mildred

Kemp, Ruth A.

Kemp, Terry W.

Kendrick, James Fred

Kendrick, Marsha

Kendrick, Wilson

Kerr, A.D.

Kerr, Finis C.

Kerr, Imogene

Kerr, Maud

Kerr, Maxine

Kesler, Mabel M.

Kesler, William S.

Kessler, Luther Paul

Kessler, Mary E. Hagan

Kessler, Paul W.

Key, Emma

Key, Isabel

Kilbany, William S.

Kilgore, Cecil

Kilgore, E.J.

Kilgore, Roscoe H.

Kilpatrick, Lucille

Kimbrough, Bobby M.

Kimbrough, Thomas Lee

Kinder, Steve Paul

King, Betty L.

King, Billy Eugene

King, Carl

King, Dennis F.

King, Dennis Ray Sr.

King, George

King, James C.

King, Jim Jr.

King, Joe

King, John Roy

King, Lee Ella

King, Mabel Hall

King, Mable A.

King, Melvin L.

King, Melvin L. Jr.

King, Ora Belle

King, Zachary

King, Zula L.

Kingery, Sue Beth

Kinley, Annie Lee

Kinley, Jessie Rich

Kinley, John J.

Kinley, Lillie F.

Kinley, M. Ester

Kinley, Otha C.

Kinley, Raymond John

Kirkland, Cora E.

Kirkland, G.W.

Kirkland, James O.

Kirkland, Joe S.

Kirkland, Mary Edna

Kirkland, Merle L.

Kirkland, Sam Park

Kirkland, Stephen

Kirklane, Edwin

Kittredge, Jennifer Ann

Knox, Daniel D.

Knox, Infant Daughter

Knox, James A.

Knox, Lewis E.

Knox, Maxine M.

Knox, Ruth E.

Koonce, America Lee

Koonce, Darthula E.

Koonce, Henry J.

Koonce, Mary P.

Koonce, Sarah E.

Koonce, William H.

Koonce, William H. Jr.

Koonce, William P.

Kovich, Marie Fay

Kramer, Julie Michele

Krus, Love E.

Krus, Peter R.

Kyzer, Nolan T.

La?ne, Aude

Lackey, Dorothy Thomason

Lackey, William O. Jr.

Lackey, William Rann

LaFave, Anthony Martin Rock

Lanthier, Mary Ann Ringgold

Lashute, Hazel Langford

Lasiter, Carrie Russell

Lasiter, Jacob Christie

Lasiter, Mary M.

Lasiter, Samuel B.

Lavoie, Dylan Joseph

Lavoie, Lynsey Marie

Lawrence, Mary Ann

Laws, Lottie B.

Laws, William H.

Lazenby, Vera Hawkins

Lear, Elizabeth J.

Lee, Edith Mae

Lee, Marion Jr.

Lee, William Henry

Leeds, Austin

Leeds, Lillie

LeFlay, Calvin L.

Leggett, C.W.

Leggett, Earl J.

Leggett, Geneva

Leggett, Infant Son

Leggett, Jewel Hinkson

Lemay, Alta Mae

Lemay, Captola M.

LeMay, David W.

Lemay, Janice Ann

LeMay, Jennie M.

Lemay, Maggie E.

LeMay, Margaret Ann

Lemay, William Oric

Lemay, Wilson M.

Lentz, C. Pearl

Lentz, Chas W.

Lentz, Infant

Lentz, J.P.

Lentz, Joe Ellis

Lentz, John T.

Lentz, Joseph Ivan

Lentz, Mabel Hixon

Lentz, Nellie L.

Lentz, Pearl

Lentz, Thomas W.

Lentz, Willis W.

Leon, Porter

Lester, George Willard

Lester, Mary Alice

Lewis, Clemmie

Light, Earnie L.

Light, Louise C.

Liles, Azalie

Liles, Jas. H.

Lipford, Dorothy B.

Lipford, Herman L.

Liston, Marion C. McCain

Liston, Mark L.

Lockard, Bessie

Lockard, Harold

Lockard, Mary Ellen

Loe, Lula

Loftis, Melinda V.

Long, Annette Lee

Long, Charles Thomas

Long, Ernest Elmer

Long, Gary Boyce

Long, Geneva Harper

Long, Jess M.

Long, Russell Scott

Looney, Dorothy L.

Lowman, Jake W.

Lowman, James W.

Lowman, Lillian P.

Lowman, Louise

Lowman, Mary E.


Lukehart, Benjamin F.

Lukehart, Benjamin J.

Lukehart, Genevieve L.

Luker, Mae Pearl

Lundy, Edie

Lundy, George R.

Lyons, Hazel Dean

Lyons, Joseph Henry

Magness, Cleo E.

Magness, James E.

Magness, Lorene

Magness, Vernon

Mahoney, Mable

Mann, Ethel M. Witcher

Mann, James W.

Manry, Calvin E.

Marcotte, Geraldine

Marcotte, Henry J.

Marella, Fe F.

Marella, Jose C.

Marlow, Michael Dean

Marshall, E. Dale

Marshall, George E.

Marshall, Gladys Fern

Marshall, Lola A.

Marshall, Mabel M.

Marshall, Mary C. Richards

Marshall, William Edgar

Martin, David L.

Martin, David Samuel

Martin, Earl R.

Martin, George L.

Martin, Grace B.

Martin, J.A. MD

Martin, John W.

Martin, Katherine G.

Martin, Martha Jane

Martin, Minnie Mae

Martin, Ollie J.

Martin, Rosemary

Martin, V.H. "Sonny"

Mashburn, Amelda

Mashburn, Gary S. Sr.

Mashburn, Jack S.

Mashburn, Jeffrey Chase

Mason, Owen D.

Mason, Ruth V.

Matthews, Jesse S.

Matthews, Jinnie B.

Maxwell, Malinda Sue

McAlister, C.W. Jr.

McAlister, Callie Thompson

McCain, Anna M.

McCain, Knotley O.

McCarty, Virginia W.

McClain, Mary F. Stewman

McClendon, Tera Lynn

McCollum, Arlis D.

McCollum, Harlis H.

McCorkle, Children of J.W. and A.A.

McCormick, Clarence R.

McCuin, E.L.

McCuin, Flora

McCuin, Geneva B.

McCuin, Horace Leroy

McCuin, John T.

McCuin, Nettie

McCuin, Pummie

McCuin, Viola E.

McCuin, Volmer L.

McCuin, W.T.

McDaniel, Lillie M.

McDaniel, Luther J.

McDonald, Alvin

McDonald, Arles Dewitt

McDonald, Eula

McDonald, Gordon W.

McDonald, Leather

McDonald, Lewis F.

McDonald, Marvin

McDonald, Tennie Kinley

McElrath, George Mel II

McFadden, Lester

McGloflin, Lela

McGloflin, Lois K.

McGloflin, Nathan A.

McGloflin, Samuel B.

McGraw, Luvenie

McGraw, Samuel J.

McGrew, Travis R.

McIntyre, Eric Allen

McKay, Agnes B.

McKay, Bess

McKay, Catherine

McKay, John C.

McKay, John N. Sr.

McKay, John Neely Jr.

McKay, Mary Frances

McKay, Patricia

McKay, Rebecca Jane Wilson

McKay, Rev. R. W.

McKee, Hugh S.

McKee, J.A.

McKee, Sarah

Mckernan, Doris Gail

Mckernan, James Robert

McKillop, Daniel M.

McKillop, David Nathaniel

McKillop, Thelma

McLean, W.J.

McLean, William J.

McMahon, Martha "Marty" M.

McMahon, William "Bill" L.

McMaster, Nora

McMaster, Oric

McMasters, Dermot R.

McMasters, Eddie C.

McMasters, Jenna M.

McMasters, Leroy A.

McMasters, Sarah J.

McMillan, Alma B.

McMillan, Deborah Marie

McMillan, Frederic Howard

McMillan, Garland C.

McMillan, Grover C.

McMillan, Marie C.

McMillan, Mary I.

McMillan, Mary Mollie

McMillan, Norean A.

McMillan, Paul Glen

McMillan, Rufus F.

McMillan, Thomas J.

McMillan,Otis Jeff

McMillen, Grover C.

McMillen, Harlan A.

McMillen, John D.

McMillen, Robert

McMillen, Sam J.

McMillen, Sarah C.

McMillen, William P.

McMulen, Infant Son

McMullen, Lula

McNaughton, Aline V.

McWilliams, Alma Lois

McWilliams, Bernard Franklin

Mear, Jerry Allen

Meek, John

Meek, Mary

Meeks, Corrie McAlmont

Meharg, Verdie E.

Melder, Barbara Bess

Melton, Dora

Melton, Floy P.

Melton, Gertie Rebecca

Melton, Ray S.

Melton, Tom

Merrill, Ila

Middleton, Gladys

Middleton, Henry P.

Middleton, Lila Edna

Middleton, Samantha Rhena

Milburn, Ernest

Miller, Infant

Miller, Nettie

Miller, Parolee

Miller, Richard Dean

Mills, Debra Ann

Mims, Magdalene

Mims, Oliver

Miner, Raymond S.

Misenheimer, Murner Lee Lawson

Misenheimer, Randy W.

Misenheimer, Steve J.

Misenheimer, William James

Misenheimer, Willie James

Mitchell, Wm. Oliver Sr.

Mize, John R.

Mize, Nettie Baker

Mizes, Paul

Mobbs, Elmer Milton

Mobbs, Etta L.

Mobbs, Georgia

Mobbs, Gladys Ann

Mobbs, H.J.

Mobbs, Linnie E.

Mobley, Clytie P.

Mobley, John E.

Monk, Arlie M.

Monk, Azile L.

Monk, Bascom D.

Monk, Billye Sue

Monk, Dale

Monk, Daughter of Arlie and Ora

Monk, Donald Gene

Monk, Gladys

Monk, Hallie Jean

Monk, Harry Jr.

Monk, Harry Sr.

Monk, J. Aubrey

Monk, Jean

Monk, Jewell C.

Monk, Joyce

Monk, Laura Emma

Monk, Lillie F.

Monk, M.A.

Monk, Maggie M.

Monk, Mary Elva Thomas

Monk, Mary M.

Monk, May Bell B.

Monk, Myrtle

Monk, Ora H.

Monk, Rev. Bascome

Monk, Rev. F.M.

Monk, Robert E.

Monk, Simeon

Monk, Thomas B.

Monk, Thomas B.

Montgomery, Essie Thompson

Mooney, Charles R.

Mooney, Mary Jo Hembrock

Moore, Albert H.

Moore, Ara M.

Moore, Bessie T.

Moore, Bettie Harris

Moore, Dewey A.

Moore, G.R. "Johnny"

Moore, James H.

Moore, Joe Thomas

Moore, John Franklin

Moore, Kuynoise

Moore, Louis R.

Moore, Maggie F.

Moore, Martha

Moore, Mary Ann

Moore, Muriel

Moore, Pauline

Moore, Prue Monk

Moore, Robert Emmett

Moore, Theodore H.

Moore, Thomas H.

Moore, Vida

Moran, M.K.

Moran, Venecia Leggett

Morgan, Eugene

Morgan, Henry E.

Morgan, James R.

Morgan, Louise

Morgan, Mamie G.

Morgan, Millie E.

Morgan, Omar T.

Morgan, Rose A.

Morgan, Rose A.

Morgan, Sarah Rebecca

Morgan, William A.

Morphew, Darrell Blaine

Morphew, Jesse D.

Morphew, Jesse D.

Morphew, Rosemary

Morphew, Rosemary D.

Morris, Lawrence

Motes, Helen Juanita

Motes, John Franklin

Moyers, Alice M.

Moyers, Dorothy H.

Moyers, Marina W.

Moyers, Rev. W. Roy

Moyers, Robert M.

Moyers, William C.

Munholland, Ruby Mell

Munson, James R.

Munson, Mary Lou

Murphy, John W.

Murphy, Lillie B.

Murphy, Rella S.

Murphy, William

Murphy, William

Murrell, Alice J.

Murrell, George A.

Murrell, George P.

Murrell, Louie Marvin

Myatt, Hunter B.

Myers, Jessie Ruth

Nails, Bob

Nails, Buster L.

Nails, Edith M.

Nails, Gloria L.

Nails, Richard

Nails, Richard

Nails, Thelma M.

Nalls, Jean Smith

Nedorolik, Andrew Louis

Nedorolik, Betty Jean

Neely, Fred Garland

Neely, Infant Daughter

Neely, Infant Son

Neely, J.W.

Neely, James

Neely, Margaret

Neely, Matie

Neely, Oglesey Hughes

Neely, S.E.

Neely, S.S.

Neely, T.B.

Nethercutt, Ophelia Wilson

Nettles, Andy Hugh

Nettles, Sheila Kaye

Newton, Clara Elizabeth

Newton, Clarence Deloss

Newton, Geo. W. Jr.

Newton, J.H.

Newton, M.J.

Newton, Maud

Newton, William Arley

Niswonger, Melissa Bailey Wilson

Noble, Alma J.

Noble, R.E.

Nolan, Earl D.

Nunley, Menton N.

O Cain, Beulah A.

O Cain, George C.

Oakes, Lon M.

Odom, Mary Ann

Ogburn, Joyce M.

Ogburn, Leonard M.

Oglesby, Blanche

Oglesby, Jay R.

Oglesby, Livonia Koonce

Oglesby, Rose Marie

Oglesby, William L.

Oliver, C. Ertie

Oliver, Charles Edward

Oliver, Ople

Oliver, Robert

Oliver, Topsy Edwards

Oneal, Harold E.

O'Neal, William Barton

Orr, Mary J.

Orr, Rev. W.D.

Osborn, Charles

Osborne, Alexandra

Osborne, Alexandra Nicole

Osborne, Allison Lee

Overturf, B.L.

Overturf, Inez

Overturf, Tennie

Overturf, Tom

Owen, Allison N.

Owen, Cora J.

Owen, J.L.

Owen, Learnie C.

Owen, Learnie C.

Owen, Maggie Thomas

Owen, Vida M.

Pace, Allie Lee

Pace, Mabel S.

Pace, R.M.

Pack, Martha E.

Pack, True E.

Padgitt, John Roy

Padgitt, Lois Thomason

Palmer, Cody W.

Palmer, G.J.

Palmer, Ruby M.

Parchman, Philip J.

Park, Andrew

Park, Arrie

Park, Caroline J.

Park, Delia A.

Park, Ione M.

Park, James Marvin

Park, Katherine Sheppard

Park, Mary Harris

Park, Matthew

Park, Paschel J. M.D.

Park, Ruth

Park, Sue Worthington

Park, W.R.

Park, Walter Brown

Park, Willi?

Parker, Emma

Parker, Isac

Parker, James M.D.

Parker, John

Parker, John

Parker, Johnnie Smith

Parker, Samuel

Parker, Will H.

Parks, Alice Marie

Parks, Alma V.

Parks, Arthur

Parks, Ava B. Edwards

Parks, Bobbie B.

Parks, Callie

Parks, Charlie H.

Parks, Clarence

Parks, Coy E.

Parks, Edna R.

Parks, Fannie Griffin

Parks, Frances L.

Parks, Infant

Parks, Infant Daughter

Parks, Infant Son

Parks, James

Parks, John Clements

Parks, Josephine Edna

Parks, Lillian L.

Parks, Mary A.

Parks, Preston

Parks, Ralph A.

Parks, Richard P.

Parks, Richard Walter

Parks, Robert R.

Parks, Rufus H.

Parks, Vera Mae

Parks, Virginia Sue

Parks, Wallace Calvin

Pate, James T.

Patterson, Harold F.

Patton Family Marker

Patton, Emma Mitchell

Patton, J.E.

Patton, J.E.

Patton, Mary

Patton, Mary

Patton, Thomas Newton

Patton, W.M.

Patton, Wm.

Pavlovic, Jenny

Pavlovic, Rudolph

Payne, Cathy D.

Payne, Frances J.

Payne, Lucille

Payne, Ralph C.

Pearle, Fred W.

Pearle, Horace D.

Pearle, Lola A.

Pearle, Mary E.

Pearson, Curtis Gene

Peeler, A.D.

Peeler, Beulah

Peeler, George T.

Pendergrass, Baby

Pendergrass, Baby

Pendergrass, Elizabeth

Pendergrass, Elizabeth

Pendergrass, Pierce

Pendergrass, Pierce

Pendergrass, Rev. W.A.

Pendleton, Ethel M.

Pendleton, Louis Edward

Pennington, Dewayne

Pennington, Dewey R.

Pennington, Ella M.

Pennington, Ellie M.

Pennington, Fannie

Pennington, J.A.

Pennington, Mattie

Pennock, Mason A.

Pepper, Donald C.

Pepper, Mary L.

Perkins, Mary Warren

Perkins, Richard

Perkins, Shirley S.

Perrette, Jerry Lynn

Perry, Adeal P.

Perry, Alice M.

Perry, Anna Louise

Perry, Baby

Perry, Cleo S.

Perry, Clinton Taylor

Perry, Eva

Perry, Frank M.

Perry, George

Perry, H.D.

Perry, Infant Daughter

Perry, James Edward

Perry, Lemuel L.

Perry, Lernest

Perry, Louis "Buddy"

Perry, Mary Edna

Perry, Mary Frances

Perry, Mary Frances

Perry, Mattie

Perry, Mrs. R.H. Sr.

Perry, Odes V.

Perry, Robert H. Jr.

Perry, Robert H. Jr.

Perry, Robert H. Sr.

Perry, Rosa A.

Perry, Ruth

Perry, Sallie J.

Perry, Sam McDowell

Perry, Vera M.

Perry, W.M.

Perry, Walter E.

Peter, Longley J.

Peter, Permlia Kate

Peters, Claude M.

Peters, Gladys

Peters, Mable M.

Peters, Mattie M.

Peters, Monroe David

Peters, S.A. "Dock"

Pettey, Infant

Pettey, Infant

Pettit, Dwight

Pettus, Ethel

Pettus, Frank S.

Pettus, Jennie M.

Pettus, Samuel S.

Petty, Lue Sexton

Petty, Nancy C.

Petty, Thomas F.

Phillips, Alfred L.

Phillips, David

Phillips, Vera M.

Pickard, C.A.

Pickard, Charles A.

Pickard, Evie Mable

Pickard, Gerald

Pickard, Hattie

Pickard, Herman

Pickard, Lawson L.

Pickard, Lucy Mae

Pickard, Mary Ann

Pickard, Max

Pickard, Minnie S.

Pickard, Sam Aubrey

Pitcock, Randy K.

Pitts, Dorothy

Pitts, George Edwin

Pitts, James E.

Pitts, Laura Jean

Pitts, Richard Allen

Pitts, Robert

Plaisted, Hallie A.

Pledger, Aiva C.

Pledger, Catherine C.

Pledger, Dell H.

Pledger, Elmer G.

Pledger, Lewis C.

Pledger, Marcus Anthony

Pledger, Nora Fay

Pledger, Nora Pearl

Pledger, Ottis L.

Pledger, Rev. Louis K.

Pledger, Unknown

Pledger, Willie W.

Plummer, Cecil

Plummer, Elihue O.

Plummer, Mamie E.

Plummer, Pauline

Poage, Alex

Poage, Iona M.

Poage, Mary

Poage, Violet M.

Poage, Will

Poage, Will

Poe, Andrew A.

Poe, Martha G.

Pollnow, Daniel L.

Pollnow, Edna E.

Pollnow, Lester K.

Poole, Frances Hudson

Porter, Audrey L.

Porter, Garner

Porter, Jewel

Porter, Willis B.

Powell, Billy Gene

Powell, Eutokah B.

Powell, Jennie R.

Powell, John L.

Powell, Mary Ann Shields

Powell, Oma Pauline

Powell, R. Luther

Powell, W.N.

Pownall, Mary Lou Erwin

Prescher, Martin E.

Presson, Luther H.

Presson, Luther H.

Presson, Minnie A.

Prettyman, Bernice

Prettyman, Harry

Priest, Marcia Ann

Pritchett, James Neely

Proctor, Nora Elizabeth

Pruett, Robert L.

Pruitt, Elsie M.

Pruitt, Gladys R.

Pruitt, Otis D.

Purnell, Allie Jones

Purnell, Soloman W.

Quinn, Homer Hugh

Radak, Bonnie Jo

Raff, Jessie Clayton

Raff, Ruth Nadine

Raff, Tommy Eugene

Rand, Charles H.

Rand, Della M.

Raney, Frances Ann

Raney, Walter Ernest

Ray Family Marker

Ray, Bernard

Ray, Bessie

Ray, Bessie F.

Ray, Charlie Robert

Ray, Gearldine Catherine

Ray, Imogene

Ray, James Edward

Ray, Lucy Shoffner

Ray, Mayor Willie

Ray, Pauline

Ray, Willie P.

Rea, Frances Benson

Rea, Samuel Luther

Rea, Wilma Jones

Reagan, James Stuart

Reagan, Laura

Reagon, James

Reed, Elma H.

Reed, Everton G.

Reed, Henry A.

Reed, Josephine Buchanan

Reed, Nadine P.

Rexer, Frank

Rexer, Gladys Fay

Reynolds Family Marker

Reynolds, Jack H.

Reynolds, Mayette

Reynolds, S.C.

Rhodes, Mary Park

Riales, John E.

Rich, A. Dean

Rich, John N.

Rich, Lula Mildred

Rich, Susan

Richard, Billy Charles

Richard, Frank B.

Richard, Gordon

Richard, Olivia M.

Richard, Ray P.

Richard, Sandy

Richard, Viola Beavers

Richardson, Hildreth W.

Richardson, Maude

Richardson, Rachel Marie

Rickett, Joshua Aaron

Rideout, Auvergene Johnson

Rideout, Richard Ewart

Rider, Charles H.

Rider, Charles H. Jr.

Rider, Pearl C.

Ridgway, Connie

Ridgway, Sherri A.

Rieffer, Eva Leona

Rieffer, Roy Earnes

Riley, F.F.

Riley, Mrs. Ford

Ringgold, Arnold Othel

Ringgold, Bessie E.

Ringgold, Frances L.

Ringgold, Gordie A.

Ringgold, Grover C.

Rinke, Glenette Carmical

Roach, Don W.

Roach, Janet M.

Robbins, Baby

Roberts, Lela Sue

Roberts, Loretta

Roberts, Melvin R.

Roberts, William Allen

Robins, Billy D.

Robins, Lillie Irene

Robins, Melvin Otis

Robins, Willie Otis

Robinson, A.B.

Robinson, Alice M.

Robinson, Bernice Burks

Robinson, Freda McGann

Robinson, Jessie C.

Robinson, Luther F.

Robinson, Lydia K.

Robinson, Mamie

Robinson, Marvin L.

Roe, Annie Lee

Rogers, Alfred L.

Rogers, Charles L.

Rogers, E.M. "Dock"

Rogers, James A.

Rogers, James Hinton

Rogers, Joshua Derek

Rogers, Lillie Esther

Rogers, Olin C.

Rogers, Olin C. Jr.

Rogers, Ova L.

Rohr, Charles R.

Rohr, Nancy L.

Rook, Carl Grant

Rook, John W.

Rook, Leone Grant

Rook, Ollie S.

Rook, Stanley Wirt

Rose, Elmer I.

Rose, L. Marie

Ross, Charlie V.

Ross, Claud

Ross, Gertrude

Ross, Juggortha A.

Ross, Loulo McDaniel

Ross, Mary C.

Ross, Norman N.

Ross, Ray

Ross, Robert M.

Ross, V.V.

Royal, Shirley Ann

Rucker, Dorothy L.

Rucker, Joseph G.

Ruffin, Maxie James

Ruffin, Wilma Russell

Ruminer, Edgar Terril

Ruminer, Euna Fay

Russell Family Marker

Russell, Amanda L.

Russell, Betty Ann

Russell, Charles Hubert

Russell, Charles M.

Russell, Charlie W.

Russell, Elijah

Russell, George B.

Russell, Gertrude M.

Russell, James P.

Russell, M.L.

Russell, Mary Ellen

Russell, Mollie S.

Russell, Polasky M.

Russell, Rev. J.E.

Russell, S.P.

Russell, Samuel A.

Russell, Willie Zachary

Rye, Andrew

Rye, Betty Joann

Rye, Eunice


Saenger, Hedwig J.

Sanders, Esther M.

Sanders, Fannie Redden

Sanders, Isaac A.

Sanders, Lewis H.

Sanders, Linda L.

Sanders, Mattie R.

Sanders, Mayme Smith

Sanders, Owen I.

Sanders, Riley

Sarrett, Vivian

Sayler, Alma Walker

Sayler, Schuyler C.

Schoonover, Clark Leroy

Scott, Clemmie L.

Scott, Earl L.

Scott, Lawrence Earl

Scroggin, Emma W.

Sears, Atheline M.

Sears, William H.

Seaton, Mary Emma

Seaton, William A.

Sebastian, Cheryl Lynn

See, Arlene

See, Arlie T.

See, Geoffery Benjamin

See, Jack F.

See, Lewis Thompson

See, Mary Emma

Seemann, Marie Brewer

Self, Dean

Self, Mary

Self, Myrtle Lee

Self, Robert H.

Self, Robert W.

Sellers, Henry C.

Sellers, Marie McKay

Sexton, Allene M.

Sexton, Annie

Sexton, Blair Frank

Sexton, D.B.

Sexton, David Eugene

Sexton, George D.

Sexton, Grover F.

Sexton, Jessie S.

Sexton, John S.

Sexton, L.L.

Sexton, Lucious Marion

Sexton, Marian L.

Sexton, Mattie H.

Sexton, Mona Jean

Sexton, Ransom Jesse

Sexton, Sam T.

Sexton, Viva D.

Shannon, Cecil

Shannon, Debra E.

Shannon, Ida Mae

Sharp, Dollie E.

Sharp, Felix A.

Sharp, Judith Lee

Shaw, Jeff D.

Shaw, Joyce R.

Sheaffer, Lulu E.

Sheaffer, Paul

Shelby, Roy Ellis

Shelley, Eloise D.

Shelley, S.E. "Buster"

Shelton, Sharron Sue Pettey

Shepherd, Robert Eugene

Shinn, John Spencer

Shirley, Alma

Shirley, L. Vivian

Shirley, R. Alton

Shirley, T. Orr

Shirley, Willard W.

Shive, Maggie H.

Shive, Neely M.

Shock, E. Pauline

Shock, Harry R.

Shock, Russell Jr.

Shoffeitt, Al

Shoffeitt, Elsie

Shoffner, Julia Bell

Shoffner, Michael L.

Shoffner, Midian Davis

Short, David Franklin

Short, Mary Alice

Shurley, Clayton S.

Shurley, Floyd A.

Shurley, Jeffie E.

Shurley, Mary Louise

Shurley, Maxine L.

Shurley, Nilah R.

Siders, Frances M.

Siewert, Herman

Siewert, Jessie Maude

Simpkins, Ellen G.

Simpkins, Thurman L.

Simpson, Alice E.

Simpson, Benjamin P.

Simpson, Daniel G.

Simpson, Edna J.

Simpson, Gilbert Gerald

Simpson, Kenneth W.

Simpson, Lawrence T.

Simpson, Louis G.

Simpson, Sarah J.

Skillern, Anna Mae

Skillern, Baby

Skillern, Cordella

Skillern, James S.

Skillern, John W.

Skillern, Malcolm A.

Skillern, Ornelle C.

Skillern, Thomas W.

Slack, Dorothy V.

Smith Family Marker

Smith, Albert T.

Smith, Bessie Wood

Smith, Billy Wayman

Smith, Dellia Allice

Smith, Ella Peola

Smith, Elsie Stone

Smith, Emma J.

Smith, Ernestine

Smith, Grover B.

Smith, Gulie E.

Smith, Harriett

Smith, Inez B.

Smith, J.H.

Smith, J.M.

Smith, James Ocie

Smith, Jessie

Smith, John P.

Smith, John R.

Smith, Joshua Paul

Smith, Keith "Smitty"

Smith, Kenneth J.

Smith, L. Blanche

Smith, Lewis E.

Smith, Louise

Smith, Maggie M.

Smith, Mattie Mae

Smith, Oscar

Smith, Raymond E.

Smith, Roy R.

Smith, Sam

Smith, Sarah P.

Smith, Velma Finney

Smith, William A.

Smith, William D.

Smith, William H.

Smothers, Mrs. W.A.

Snow, Henry R.

Snow, W.G.

Snyder, Charles William

Soloman, L.E.

Soloman, Mattie

Soloman, W.M. M.D.

South, Earl

South, Mary Eveline

South, Pearly

South, W.A.

Sowell, Ellen

Sowell, Harmon

Spangler, Keith

Sparks, Tina Bailey

Speed, Irene E.

Speed, Robert Lee

Speer, Edward Taylor

Speer, Flossie Langford

Speer, Mattie Langford

Speers, Harley P.

Speers, Isabell L.


Spires, Amos Lee

Spires, Henry B.

Spires, Levi M.

Spires, Matthew

Spires, Naomi A.

Spires, Viola M.

Staggs, John H.

Staggs, John S.

Staggs, Lillus M.

Staggs, Martha L.

Staggs, W.E.

Standsberry, Ida

Stane, Mary Jane

Starke, Dennis Jr.

Starke, Jeff

Stauber, Addie J.

Stauber, Edward M.

Stauber, Edward M.

Stauber, Emmett

Stephens, Cora Estella Turner

Stephens, Delton D.

Stephens, Dr. Mollie Marie

Stephens, Emma B.

Stephens, Ethel E.

Stephens, Frank D.

Stephens, George T.

Stephens, Joyce Kirkland

Stephens, Judson Pierce

Stephens, Kathleen E.

Stephens, Linton O.

Stephens, Marion L. Sr.

Stephens, Maurice L.

Stephens, Monta E.

Stephens, Ruth Estella

Stephens, Samuel Alexander

Stephens, Woodrow Wilson

Stewart, Asa D.

Stewart, Ursa

Stiarwalt, Eleanore R.

Stiarwalt, James W.

Stokes, Peggy Jo

Stone, Chelsea Nicole

Stone, Gordon Perry

Stone, Hassie P.

Stone, Martha Eileen

Stovall, Archie

Stovall, Archie Ferrill Jr.

Stovall, C.V.

Stovall, John

Stovall, Lassie Hundley

Stovall, R.A.

Stovall, W.H.

Strain, Patricia L.

Strain, William B.

Strauser, Frank S. F.

Stringfellow, Betty C.

Stringfellow, Rickey A.

Sullivan, Minnie

Sullivan, Willie

Sutton, David P.

Swan, Lucille

Taggart, Ruby Hazel Taggert

Talley, Crockett L.

Talley, F.G.

Talley, Frances L.

Talley, Gladys Freeman

Talley, James Doyle Sr.

Talley, James W.

Talley, Loyce W.

Talley, Mae Patrick

Tanner, Billy

Tanner, Janice Mize

Tanner, Jean

Taylor, Alfred A.

Taylor, Aubrey

Taylor, Brent Lee

Taylor, Brent Lee

Taylor, Callie T.

Taylor, Dura Mae O'Quinn

Taylor, Edna Self

Taylor, Frank W.

Taylor, Grady V.

Taylor, Ida

Taylor, Isa O.

Taylor, Lillie M.

Taylor, Thomas W.

Taylor, William T.

Teague, Ferrell D.

Teague, L.G. Jr.

Teague, Laura J.

Teague, Leonard

Templeton, Betty

Templeton, Charles

Terrell, Hugh L.

Terrell, Shirley A.

Terry, Cora Burton

Terry, Everett Sr.

Terry, Infant

Thomas, Alice Blanche

Thomas, Boyce

Thomas, William W.

Thomason, Floy L.

Thomason, Geneva J.

Thomason, Geneva J.

Thomason, Issie F.

Thomason, Mayme E.

Thomason, Milton O.

Thomason, William Worth

Thompson, B.F.

Thompson, Benjamin Farmer

Thompson, Clayton

Thompson, Dr. W.A.

Thompson, Emma Adams

Thompson, Martha Lelia

Thompson, Unknown

Thompson, William

Thompson, Willie M.

Tiler, Mary E.

Tiller, Anna Mae

Tillery, Anna Mae

Tiner, Bennie

Tiner, Maxine

Tipton, Bonnie Rhea Loyd

Tipton, Densial Owen Sr.

Todd, George H.

Todd, Vivian E.

Toler, Jacob

Toler, Robt. C.

Toler, Vernie L.

Trawick, Ethel R.

Trawick, Noel E.

Trawick, Pamela K.

Trawick, Pamela K.

Trewitt- Downey, Ruth E. Adams

Trickey Family Marker

Trickey, Evelyn Elworth

Trickey, Gedie

Trickey, Imogene

Trickey, Jocelyn Marie

Trickey, Olive

Trickey, Thomas

Trotter, Aubry Garland

Trotter, D.H. wife of J.H.

Trotter, Dr. J.B.

Trotter, Estelle

Trotter, Ida Mosella

Trotter, J.H.

Trotter, Joe S.

Trotter, Minnie Joe

Trotter, Mother of Joe S.

Trotter, Mrs. S.J.

True, Charlie

True, Julia

True, Mattie

Tuchek, Dora Mae

Tucker, Agnes Cross

Tucker, Bonnie Mareva

Tucker, Oral Lee

Tucker, Vance

Tucker, Vance

Tullos, Andrew J.

Tullos, Betty Sue Roberts

Tullos, Earl W.

Tullos, Lela M.

Turley, Corene B.

Turley, Rubin W.

Turnbo, James Alan

Turner, Eliza C.

Turner, Ethel Marie

Turner, Jerusha V.

Turner, M. Allie

Turner, Mervin Verl

Turner, Sarah Elizabeth

Turner, Susan

Turner, Thos H.

Turner, William Thomas

Twining, Timothy Eugene

Tyler, Rotha Agnes

Ursery, Andrew Dexter

Ursery, Annie Ruth Perry

Utley, B.J.

Utley, Etoile

Utley, Frances E. M.D.

Utley, Keith

Utley, Mamie Lee

Utley, Mary Lee

Utley, Rosa Lee

Utley, William B.

Valentine, Mary E.

Van Dyke, Maude Mae Evans

Van Pelt, James D.

Van Pelt, Maycel E.

Vandevier, George

Vann, Robert Lee

Vann, Tom C.

Vann, Winnie G.

Verkler, Barbara S.

Verkler, Jay Willard

Vernon, John M.

Vernon, Myrtle May

Verser, Jerold Walker

Vise, Murrell D.

Vise, Ronald J.

Voss, Dorothy Grace

Voss, John P.

Voss, Rachel C.

Waddell, Clyde

Waddell, Irene

Waddell, James E.

Waddell, James L.

Waddell, Jewell E.

Waddell, Robert E.

Waddell, Thelma L.

Waddell, William T.

Wade, Alma Blackstock

Walker, Angelene M.

Walker, Lucille

Wall, Jane

Wallace, Jessie

Wallace, Mary E.

Wallen, George

Waller, Julius C.

Waller, Mary S.

Waller, Wilton M.

Wallick, Josie Niles

Walters, Ewell W.

Walters, Norma M.

Walthall, Henry L.

Walton, Elizabeth

Walton, Mary A.

Walton, T.J.

Wamock, Bobbie Gail

Wamock, Edgar "Ed" Jr.

Ward, Drake Logan

Ward, Drew William

Ward, Ralph Edward

Ward, Unknown

Warner, Chloe H.

Warner, George W.

Warner, Guy W.

Warner, Lovie M.

Warner, Luther L.

Warner, Meda E.

Warner, Rosa Jaunita

Warren, G.W.

Warren, Infant

Warren, Martha A.

Washburn, Zoe Maxine

Watts, Harold Tex

Watts, La Delma B.

Watts, Nan

Watts, Ralph H.

Watts, Ralph S.

Waymack, Gaylon Eugene

Weatherford, Harold W.

Weatherford, Muriel B.

Weatherford, Neawassa J.

Webb, Albert R.

Webb, Alvis Gene

Webb, Nicholas Gene

Webb, Sharon Donnette

Webb, Thomas Deal

Webb, Zora Boyd

Webber, BoWebber, James H.

Webber, Mavis A.

Webber, Patricia A.

Webber, Victoria

Weeks, Mary Lee

Wells, Betty C.

Wells, Lorene

Wesson, Dorothy M.

Wesson, Luther R.

Westlake, Mary R.

Westlake,Noble E.

Wetsell, Harry Orlis

Whayne, Coleman W.

Whayne, Eudora B.

Wheatley, E.M.

Wheeler, Cecil Wayne "Buddy"

Whitaker, Lane A.

Whitaker, Samuel H.

White, Emma J.

White, John A.

White, John H.

White, Joyce

White, Maggie

White, Newton H.

Whitley, Carol Ann

Whitley, Frances P.

Whitley, H.A. "Chick"

Whitmon, Eugene

Whitmore, Florence

Whitmore, Frederick

Whittle, Inez R.

Whittle, John C.

Whitworth, Ella S.

Whitworth, Wm. Guy

Whitworth, Wm. W.

Wiggins, Harold V.

Wilbourn, Ruby E.

Wilbourn, Simpson S.

Wilcox, J.A.

Wilkerson, Edith Alma

Wilkes, Bessie L.

Wilkes, Lula E.

Wilkes, Rev. Jessie J.

Wilkins, Doris Marie

Wilkins, Thomas Felan

Wilkinson, Alice Ann

Wilkinson, Rev. William Thomas

Wilkinson, Richard

Willard, Eva J.

Willard, M.D. "Lafe"

Willard, Murney

Williams, Baby

Williams, Bessie

Williams, Cora L.

Williams, Edward

Williams, Flora A.

Williams, Glenda Sue

Williams, Henry A.

Williams, James E.

Williams, James H.

Williams, John W.

Williams, Mandy E.

Williams, Raymond

Williams, Thomas W.

Williams, Vernell

Williford, Earl G.

Williford, Mabel O.

Wills, F.E.N.

Wilson, Andrew J.

Wilson, Arthur Lee

Wilson, Azoras H.

Wilson, Brittie W.

Wilson, Cecil

Wilson, Frank A.

Wilson, Gary Heffner

Wilson, Hattie Lee

Wilson, James W.

Wilson, Jeanette Krieg

Wilson, Jimmy M.

Wilson, Joseph W.

Wilson, Mable M.

Wilson, Manda C.

Wilson, Narcissus

Wilson, Odell

Wilson, S. Wayne

Wilson, S.W. "Bill"

Wilson, Samuel Wayne Jr.

Wilson, Wanda L.

Wine, Eric Paul

Wingfield, Lillie

Wingfield, W.O.

Winn, Brandy Michelle

Winn, Francis

Winn, Francis O.

Winn, Francis Utley

Winn, Nellie M.

Wise, Randy Lynn

Witcher, Clara

Witcher, Doyle Nathan

Witcher, Harold Gene

Witcher, John R.

Witcher, Macy May

Witcher, Otha Lee

Witcher, Roy

Withrow, Charles Henry

Withrow, Christine F.

Withrow, Edward J.

Withrow, Katie

Wittenburg, Edward

Wittenburg, John H.

Wittenburg, John R.

Wittenburg, Pauline L.

Wittenburg, Sophia B.

Wittenburg, William Henry

Wold, Linda Jean

Womack, Corinne Teague

Womack, Eunice M. Stephens

Womack, Grace R.

Womack, H. Harvey

Womack, Harvey Eldon

Womack, Karen J.

Womack, Paul

Womble, Forest G.

Womble, John David

Womble, Lucy M.

Womble, William R.

Wood, Ada B.

Wood, Elva R.

Wood, Fred H.

Wood, Fred Herrod

Wood, G. Ruth

Wood, George W.

Wood, Jerrell

Wood, Johnie M.

Wood, Juanita S.

Wood, Lena

Wood, Sammie D.

Woodall, James F.

Woodall, Norma L.

Woodiel, Edward

Woodiel, Enos C.

Woodiel, Etta M.

Woodiel, Geraldine "Jo" Cullum

Woodiel, Melvin Edward

Woodiel, Nadine

Wooley, Adeline Perry

Wooley, Bruce L.

Wooley, Children of J.N. and M.E.

Wooley, Dora A.

Wooley, J.R.

Wooley, Mary Jane

Wooley, William Crowder

Wooten, Charles C.

Wooten, Charlotte Ann

Wooten, Euleda A.

Wooten, Icie Mae

Wooten, John

Wooten, Myrtle

Wooten, Naomi

Wooten, Samuel B.

Worthington, Dr. S.M.

Worthington, Maud F.

Worthington, Minnie E.

Wright, Annie Bell

Wright, Carrie Park

Wright, Earl

Wright, Elizabeth

Wright, Frank

Wright, Lois Imhoff

Wright, Marjorie

Wright, Mary J.

Wright, Robert Andrews

Wright, William Park Sr.

Wry, Unknown

Wylie, Afton E.

Wylie, Alta Grace

Wylie, Alta R.

Wylie, Bathsheba

Wylie, Cassie Gateley

Wylie, Chloe Francis

Wylie, Clyde

Wylie, Dave P.

Wylie, David Paul

Wylie, E.W.

Wylie, Earl

Wylie, Florence

Wylie, Franklin Elihue

Wylie, Gracie P.

Wylie, Homer

Wylie, Infant

Wylie, Infant Son

Wylie, J. Edward

Wylie, James F.

Wylie, James M.

Wylie, Jennie

Wylie, Jennie

Wylie, Joh?

Wylie, John C.

Wylie, Lottie M.

Wylie, Mack

Wylie, Maggie E.

Wylie, Mamie C.

Wylie, Marth?

Wylie, Mary

Wylie, Mattie Craig

Wylie, Mattie E.

Wylie, Milton Alvea

Wylie, Rev. R.T.

Wylie, Thaddeus C.

Wylie, William A.

Wylie, William D.

Yielding, Charles Todd

Young, Eddie Mae Ross

Young, Edna L.

Young, Janie Russell

Young, S.R.

Young, William Blount

Yu, Antonyo

Yu, Chong Sun

Zaner, Audrey B.

Zaner, Gordon Bailey

Zaner, Macel L.

Zegler, Ethelena "Kiki"

Zegler, Joseph E.

Zellner, Martha Adeline

Zellner, Thomas Clyde

Zimmerman, Evelyn M.