Martin Cemetery


Martin Cemetery


Completed April 8, 2001 by Pris Weathers

Graciously Provided by Arkansas Ties


From the interstate, going west out Kerr Road, the cemetery is located at the end of Kerr Road on the right hand side about 1000 feet off the road in the middle of a field.


Adams, John

Barnett, Rosey Lee

Bobros, Bobby Jr.

Brooks, Unknown

Brown, Booker T.

Brown, Lee

Burton, Celia

Charles, Bertha M.

Charles, Jessie Lee

Crawford, Hallie L.

Curren, Katherine Williams

Daniels, Ella

Daniels, Susie Holmes

Dryer, Henry


Fennell, Victoria Martin

Green, Trenton Jeffrey

Harris, Beauford Lee

Harris, Carrie Lee

Harris, Clarence

Harris, Clarence R. Jr.

Hill, Cleophas Martin

Hill, Rev. Elijah Sr.

Holden, Eva Mae Terry

Holmes, Alvin

Holmes, Bennie

Holmes, Berdie Mae

Holmes, Lucy

Holmes, Theodis

Jackson, Beatrice

Jackson, Bessie Mae

Jackson, Edmon

Jackson, Fred D.

Jackson, Robert

Jackson, Ronald

Johnson, Bertha

Johnson, Earnest

Johnson, George

Jones, Markiea Philmon

Josephen Martin

Martain, Alsey

Martain, Lucious

Martin, Al

Martin, Bestella E.

Martin, Carrie Jackson

Martin, Dennis

Martin, Earnest Jr.

Martin, Earnest Sr.

Martin, Gearldine

Martin, George W. Sr.

Martin, Hattie B.

Martin, Isaac

Martin, James

Martin, Lewis H.

Martin, Mary Lee Jordan

Martin, May Lillie

Martin, Rev. George W. Jr.

Martin, Samuel D.

Martin, Tennessee

Martin, Theodore R.

Martin, Viola Jackson

Martin, Willie

Martin, Willis B.

Medlock, Effie M.

Mitchel, Leander

Morris, Alma E.

Moseley, Georgia

Mosely, Lincoln

Robinson, Edward

Simmons, Adam "Yok"

Smith, Shanika Toya

Stanton, Annie L. Harris

Thomas, Delia Jackson

Unknown - Died September 8, 1969

Warren, Pearlie H.

Williams, Cabe

Williams, Garfield

Williams, Henry

Williams, Ioma

Williams, J. H.

Williams, Louise Jones

Williams, Maggie

Williams, Mary Martin

Williams, Robert

Williamson, Ellen

Young, Henry A.