Faver Cemetery


Faver Cemetery

AKA - Hendrix Cemetery

Located In Lonoke County on Highway 256, just before entering Jefferson County.  Cemetery is down the driveway behind several salvage car.



Abels T. B.

Bain, C.C.
Barnes, Horace Johnson
Barnes, Joseph S.
Barnes, Katherine Cecilia
Barnes, Lula F.
Baxley, J.H.
Baxley, Patsy Sue
Baxley, Prudy
Bostian, Baby Boy
Bostian, Faye Dale
Brantley, Alta Alice

Camp, J.M.
Chapman, Bro
Chapman, Mrs.
Chism, Bertha May
Culpepper, Betty
Culpepper, Infants of Mr & Mrs L.C.
Culpepper, Lawrence
Culpepper, Mattie P.

Darnell, Charlie
Dorrell, Delroad?
Dorrell, Lester L.
Dorrell, Unknown
Dorrell, W.E.

Faver, Aggie
Faver, Earnest C.
Faver, Joe Dee
Faver, Lizzie
Faver, Luther M.

Graves, Daughter of B.F.
Graves, Mary F.
Grist, Luther Carl

Henderson, James Arlin
Henderson, Mary Sue
Hughes, B.M. Jr.
Hughes, Iverson N.
Hughes, J.P.
Hughs, Pairlee P.

Jones, Albert W.
Jones, Ann M. ?
Jones, Marcelus W.
Jones, Sarah Zanona
Jones, Theodore M.

Kelley, Baby Girl
Kelley, Jimmie Ray
Kelley, T.J.

Maynard, Fannie Lou
Maynard, James P.
Maynard, Mildred
Melton, Bessie R.
Melton, William H.

Page, Henry D.
Pitts, Mr.
Powell, Roy

Riggs, Nolan F.

Saulter, J.A.
Smith, Leller
Stogner, Laura
Stogner, Robert

Tipton, Jimmy Dale


Waters, Alice
Waters, Dora
Waters, Julia
Waters, King L.
Waters, Matilda
Wilkinson, Baby
Wilkinson, Martha David
Williams, Walon W.
Wood, George H.
Wood, George W.
Wood, John H.
Wood, Johnnie E.
Wood, Viola M