Eagle-Wheat Cemetery


Here is the information about the Eagle-Wheat Cemetery.  It is located about 10 miles south of Lonoke.  Take Hwy 31 So. about 8 miles then right on Bevis Road.  Bevis Road runs East & West and connects Hwy 31 with Hwy 15.  About 3 miles West on Bevis Road you will see the Lilburn "Sonny" Chivers farm on the left.  The cemetery is located about 1/4 mile left of Bevis Road and a 1/4 miles East of the Chivers home in the edge of a wooded area.

Some of the information couldn't be read from grave markers.  Many of the
grave markers were broken and scattered but these graves could be identified as of October 1999.

Submitted By
Philip Cole

Burials include:

Pat H. Whitaker
b. 12-22-1913
d. 11-16-1914

Pearlie E. Whitaker
b. 10-21-1913
d. 10-18-1914

The previous 2 are children of J. O. and Bertha Whitaker

W. Taylor Whitaker
b. 6-14-1847
d. 11-25-1905

Ceo Trickey
b. 5-23-1891
d. 3-1-1901

Frank E. Smith
b. 2-8-1904
d. 7-7-1908
Son of D. W. & M. E. Smith

D. W. Smith
b. 2-8-1901
d. 7-24-1909

Lesley C. Smith
* no dates *
Son of D. W. & M. E. Smith

J. J. Davis
b. 3-27-1853
d. 2-4-1904

M. M. Skinner
d. 1902
age 68

W. F. Skinner
d. 1903
age 76

Mrs. M. E. McLean
b. 10-18-1870
d. 11-11-1905

D. H. McLean Jr.
b. 12-29-1896
d. 12-12-1902

Maggie V. McLean
daughter of M. M. McLean

Hattie McLean
b. 7-22-1892
d. 11-10-1905

Mattie Allen
b. 3-1-1851
d. 11-16-1897

S. Rogers
b. 12-14-1874
d. 1-11-1893

John C. Rogers
d. 10-58-1897

Maggie Waller
d. August 1896
Daughter of M. M. Waller

Asero Waller
b. 1-24-1885
d. 11-8-1896
son of M. M. & E. V. Waller

Elmer Dickerson
b. 3-8-1907
d. 5-13-1907
Son of W. M. & Josie Dickerson

John P. Waller
b. 2-18-1878
d. 9-7-1900
son of M. M. & E. V. Waller

Maggie V. Higgenbotham
b. 4-5-1901
d. 7-3-1901
daughter of J. D. & M. E. Higgenbotham

Annie Dickerson
b. 7-13-1871
d. 11-17-1894
wife of William Dickerson

Birtus Dickerson
b. 4-18-1874
d. 11-28-1894