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Carlisle Cemetery


Carlisle Cemetery

Carlisle, Lonoke County, Arkansas

Completed August 12, 2001 by Pris Weathers

Graciously Provided by Arkansas Ties


Aber, Mary Sue

Abraham, Annese

Abraham, Frances

Abraham, Glen

Abraham, Lloyd

Abraham, Lloyd

Abraham, Netta M.

Adams, J.O.

Adams, Mary

Adams, Nettie L.

Adams, Reo Downey

Agnew Marker

Alexander, Annie

Alexander, Carrie Sue

Alexander, Dell C.

Alexander, W. Clyde

Alexander, William C.

Allain, Car?

Allain, Edwin H.

Allain, Elodie D.

Allain, Elwood

Allen, Alma Mae

Allen, Charles Alton

Allen, Charles O.

Allen, Clevon Sr.

Allen, Essie Mae

Allen, Minnie L.

Allison, Ernest H.

Allison, Faye B.

Almond, John A. Jr.

Amaden, Bernice

Amaden, Chas Gray

Amaden, Ward

Anderson, Amy E.

Anderson, Bertha

Anderson, Birdie

Anderson, Clyde W. Jr.

Anderson, Clyde W. Sr.

Anderson, Elizabeth

Anderson, Larry D.

Anderson, Percy G.

Anderson, Theodore

Andrews, Anna R.

Andrews, Claude R.

Archer, Earl D.

Archer, Zelma N.

Armbruster, Geo. F.

Armbruster, Ida

Armstrong, Ed

Armstrong, Everette L.

Armstrong, Mary

Arnold, Edward Jones

Arnold, L.P.

Arnold, Mary Renfro

Arp, Sallie E.

Arp, Samuel E.

Arseneau, Dellis K.

Arseneau, Pauline E.

Arthurs, Jim M.

Arthurs, Mai Lukers

Arthurs, Royce Guy

Atchley, Nettie M.

Atchley, Thomas W.

Austin, Mary E.

Bacus, Albert H.

Bacus, Amur C. Linton

Bacus, Eliza Crupp

Bacus, Harriet Chaney

Bacus, John

Baker, Albennie Dixon

Baker, Allen B.

Baker, Christena K.

Baker, Ed Willie

Baker, John Roy

Baker, Marnetta Nichols

Baker, Novella

Baker, Rennie W.

Baldwin Family Marker

Ball, Ethel Marie

Ball, James Taylor Sr.

Banks, Willie

Banzhof, Carl P.

Banzhoff, Bertha Elizabeth

Banzhoff, Casper Albert

Banzhoff, George

Banzhoff, Mary

Banzhoff, Paul O.

Barber, M.L.

Barlow, A. Lewis

Barlow, Lydia N.

Barr, Ethel M.

Barr, Eudora E.

Barr, H.D.

Barr, Hazel K.

Barr, Opal Wray

Barr, Paul P.

Barr, Paul P.

Barr, William A.

Barrett, Ralph James

Barrich, Anna M.

Barton, Louisa A.

Baxter, Verser C.

Beaty, Fern Stanley

Beaty, Joe S.

Beaty, John Varon

Beaty, Okla

Beaty, William Albert

Beebe, Fred

Beggs, Elmer H.

Beggs, Janice V.

Bell, Anna E.

Bell, Herman L.

Bell, R. Carolyn

Bell, William H.

Bennett Family Marker

Bennett Family Marker

Bennett, Bernice

Bennett, Bernice

Bennett, Bertha E.

Bennett, Carl R.

Bennett, Charles Earnest

Bennett, Clifford

Bennett, Cora Morrison

Bennett, Curtis Nathaniel

Bennett, Don Lewis

Bennett, Donald Kenneth

Bennett, Elizabeth Medendorp

Bennett, Ernest M.

Bennett, Frank C.

Bennett, Harry L.

Bennett, Helen L. Myers

Bennett, Kermit V.

Bennett, Lola Mae

Bennett, Lorene Boyette

Bennett, Lynn C.

Bennett, Mary

Bennett, Phebe May

Bennett, Phillip H.

Bennett, Robbie Carolyn

Bennett, Robert H.

Bennett, Ronald Ernest

Berry, James O.

Berry, Jennie

Berry, Nerva Ann

Berry, Willie Roy

Best, Francis Frederick

Best, Martha Perkins

Best, Mary F.

Best, William F.

Blackard, Dellie

Bland, Eddie

Bland, John

Bland, Ruthie

Bland, Will

Bogard Family Marker

Bogard, Bobbie Reid

Bogard, Cora Elizabeth

Bogard, Francis "Sonny"

Bogard, Jacob Elmer

Bogard, Jacob Hugo

Bogard, Leonard L.

Bogard, Roy Sr.

Bogard, Thomas Monroe

Bogard, Thomas Virgil

Bogard, Unknown Daughter of Jacob & Vera

Bogard, Vera V.

Boles, Robbie Elaine Hazelwood

Booe, D'arcy V.

Booe, Lena

Boone, Ruth S.

Bowers, George

Bowers, Johnnie

Bowers, Pearlie A.

Bowers, Wiley

Boyd, Louise Dixon

Boyette, Ava Louise

Boyette, Flo M.

Boyette, Joe D.

Boyette, John E.

Boyette, John E.

Boyette, Mattie V.

Boyette, Minnie

Boyette, Ralph M.

Boyette, Roy R.

Brainard Family Marker

Brainard, Charlene Major

Brainard, Charlie E.

Brainard, Clora S.

Brainard, Dan E. III

Brainard, David

Brainard, Edward A.

Brainard, Ellen

Brainard, Emma

Brainard, Eva Mae

Brainard, Gene

Brainard, Isaac Austin

Brainard, James Edward

Brainard, Loyd Milton

Brainard, Loyd Rutherford

Brainard, Mary Moore

Brainard, Nancy J.

Brainard, Thomas

Brainard, William

Brame, Geraldine

Brame, Hattie R.

Brame, J.L.

Branch, Erma L.

Branch, William H. Jr.

Brandt, Edith Jessup

Brandt, John Henry

Brandt, Odene Oliver

Brass, The Family Of Morris

Bray, Charles Thomas Jr.

Bray, Ida

Bray, Tommy

Brayman, John Leroy

Brayman, Mary Ruth Jessup

Breedlove, Pamela K.N.

Britt, Basil A.

Britt, Basil Adrian

Britt, Donald E.

Britt, Jewel K.

Britt, Vivian T.

Brown, Asa

Brown, Bobby G.

Brown, Ethel I.

Brown, G. Maxine

Brown, Geralding Stuart

Brown, James L.C.

Brown, Jewel G.

Brown, Osie C.

Brown, Steve H.

Brown, Virginia Grayson

Brown, Walker Lee

Brown, Willena S.

Bruce, Bernard C.

Bruce, David W.

Bruce, Doyne G.

Bruce, Ebb A.

Bruce, Lillie M.

Bruce, Pete P.

Brunson, Alice Burnett

Buckley, Baby Boy

Buckley, Dennis Dean

Buckley, Faye

Buckley, Florence

Buckley, Harold K.

Buckley, Jesse E.

Buckley, Marie

Buckley, Peggy

Buechely, Florence E.

Buechley, Belva

Buechley, Edward D.

Buechley, Henry Irvin

Buechley, Infant

Buechley, Minnie Susan

Buechley, Ruth Minerva

Buffalo Family Marker

Buffalo, Alta E.

Buffalo, Anna Chloe

Buffalo, Baby

Buffalo, Dorothy Lybrand

Buffalo, E. Joseph L. Jr.

Buffalo, Georgia Lee

Buffalo, Irene

Buffalo, Joe

Buffalo, John

Buffalo, Lydia

Buffalo, Mary E.

Buffalo, Robert

Buice, Peggy Buechley

Buice, Robert

Buntain, James A.

Buntain, Martha H.

Burks, Gabriel Kittler

Burnett, Carrie Bell

Burnett, Hosie Sr.

Bynum, Julia E.

Bynum, Lloyd C.

Caldwell, Beatrice

Caldwell, Beatrice Opal

Caldwell, E. Laverne

Caldwell, Fannie E.

Caldwell, Perry N.

Caldwell, Phillip M.

Caldwell, Viola A.

Caldwell, William R.

Caldwell, Wm. Richard

Callahan, Evelyn Buckley

Callahan, Ted R.

Cameron, Albert Burnett

Cameron, Clarence E.

Cameron, Grace L.

Cameron, John R.

Campbell, Leon H.

Caples, Kimberly L.

Carlley, John C.

Carter, Annie M.

Carter, Delward Elmore

Carter, Jim

Carter, John W.

Carter, Lena

Carter, Marvin James

Carthron, Fred D.

Carthron, Freddie Lee

Cartmel, J.H.

Cates Family Marker

Cates, Elizabeth

Cates, Ethel L.

Cates, Rob D.

Cates, Roy Jefferson

Cates, Roy Jefferson

Cates, William R.

Caviness, Larry Joe

Caviness, Larry Joe

Cazer, Evelyn F.

Cazer, Garland P.

Cazer, Joseph Edward

Cazer, Louis W.

Cazer, Louisa

Cazer, Mary E.

Cazer, Vinton H.

Cazer, William R. M.D.

Cellars, Annie Glahe

Cenac, James W.

Cenac, John Baptiste

Cenac, Mary S.

Chalk, Addie B.

Chambers, Bernice W.

Chambers, Charlotte

Chambers, Edward B.

Chambers, Hildred C.

Chambers, Irene

Chambers, Joe Henry

Chambers, Jos

Chambers, Joseph B.

Chamlain, Sybil

Chandler Family Marker

Chandler, Emma Dean

Chandler, Georgia L.

Chandler, Lester J.

Chesser, Charles L.

Chesser, Charles L.

Chesser, Hazel L.

Clark, Al E.

Clark, Henry B.

Clark, Mary Alice

Clark, Shelley Fletcher

Clark, Tilda B.

Clayton, Fay D.

Clyburn, James Patrick

Clyburn, Mary Buelah

Coats, T.B.

Cochran, Mary

Cochran, Mon

Colclasure, Ethel L.

Colclasure, Heber A.

Colvin, Amanda V.

Colvin, Elma

Colvin, Emma Manahan

Colvin, John Patrick "Pat"

Colvin, Lawrence Jr.

Colvin, Otis A.

Combee, Infant Twins of Marilyn and Robert Jr.

Combee, Russ

Conner, Josephine

Conrad, A. Maurine

Conrad, Clarence

Conrad, L. Mae Lee

Conrad, Lloyd L.

Conrad, Marie

Cook Family Marker

Cook Family Marker

Cook Family Marker

Cook Family Marker

Cook, A. Lucille

Cook, Ada B.

Cook, Albert

Cook, Alice Marie

Cook, Anna Lee

Cook, Beatrice

Cook, Belle

Cook, Bernie P.

Cook, Bert

Cook, Blanche V.

Cook, C.C.

Cook, Carl C.

Cook, Charles Edward

Cook, Charlie E.

Cook, Clarice Buffalo

Cook, Edwin J.

Cook, Estella

Cook, Fanny

Cook, Giles C.

Cook, Harry

Cook, Ina E.

Cook, Joe H.

Cook, Larry Edwin "Bo-Bo"

Cook, Leona

Cook, Leona Isbell

Cook, Ned J.

Cook, Orson W.

Cook, Paula Ann

Cook, Ralph

Cook, Robert L.

Cook, Robert Lee

Cook, Rosa M.

Cook, Sarah

Cook, William Lewis

Cooney, Jeromy

Cordell, Terry Joe

Corpier, Florine

Cothran, Bertha L.

Cothran, Walter B.

Covin, Michael D.

Cowles, Abbie Leonard

Cowles, Milton N.

Cox Family Marker

Cox, Chesley C.

Cox, Cloey V.

Cox, Cora M.

Cox, Gussie M.

Cox, Lillie V.

Cox, Mabel P.

Cox, Otis C.

Cox, Sue

Coyle, Doyle

Coyle, Myrtle

Craig, Arthur

Craig, Bessie

Craig, Wm. H.

Crail, Gaska S.

Crane, E.F.

Crane, Mary Jane

Crane, Will E.

Cranford, Alice B.

Cranford, Eugene Richard

Cranford, Richard W.

Cranston, Edith Jewel

Cranston, Emma J.

Cranston, Stephen C.

Crawford, Caroline Glaxon

Crawford, Dr. Charles Lee

Crawford, Dr. Chester Albert

Crenshaw, D.G.

Crow, Cora

Crow, Leslie

Crow, Lula Lee

Crow, William N.

Cunningham, Bill

Cunningham, Marie Savoie

Curtis, Arthur Clayton

Curtis, Lester

Curtis, Minnie Turrentine

Curtis, Unknown

Cyrier, Flossie E.

Cyrier, George Dewey

Cyrier, Henry A.

Cyrier, Margaret D.

Dabbs, Claude L.

Dabbs, Cora Ellen

Daniels, Ben F.

Darling, R.L. "Bob"

Davis, Wife of G.H.

DeBose, Grace Shoup

DeGinther, Carrie Morris

DeGinther, Fred W.

DeGinther, Fred William

DeGinther, John Koch

DeGinther, Katherine Elizabeth

DeGinther, Myra B.

Delp, John Jacob

Dempsey, Alberta K.

DeTar, Adda L.

DeTar, Julian Franz

DeTar, O.A.

Deutsch, Edward O.

Dick, Edward S.

Dick, Ida

Dillard, Mary G.

Dollar, Betty

Dooley, Lottie

Dooley, Lyman

Dorff Family Marker

Douglass, Annie

Douglass, William

Downs Family Marker

Downs Family Marker

Downs, Anna Belle

Downs, Annie Belle

Downs, Blanche E.

Downs, Ed

Downs, Francis E.

Downs, Russell H.

Downs, Yolande S.

Doyle, Belle

Doyle, Carrie B.

Doyle, Edith I.

Doyle, Floyd N.

Doyle, Virgil H.

Dragoo Family Marker

Dragoo, Dalton B.

Dragoo, Mary Elizabeth

Dragoo, Susie Young

Drye, Lanco D.

Drye, Minnie B.

Dubach, David M.

Dubach, Jennie May

Dudley, Arthur Lee

Dudley, Cornelia

Dudley, Eleanor M.

Dudley, Jane Belle

Dudley, Jewel E. Cates

Dudley, John D.

Dunn, Donald T.

Dunn, Henry

Dunn, Henry

Dunn, Robert Henry

Dunn, Tenna Magaline

Earhart, Clara

Earhart, David P.

Earhart, Roy P.

Easterling, Florence S.

Eastham, Mary Poffenberger

Eastham, Mary Poffenberger

Echlin, Chester Wood

Edmondson Family Marker

Edmondson, Baxter

Edmondson, Ethel

Edmondson, Flora M.

Edmondson, Geneva

Edmondson, Glyn G.

Edmondson, James A.

Edmondson, Jim T.

Edmondson, Kate

Edmondson, Mary Emma

Edmondson, Owen

Edward, Friend Sr.

Edwards, Hannah

Edwards, Henry C.

Edwards, J.P.

Edwards, John

Edwards, Ronald Dewayne

Edwards, Walter

Eiland, Leslie "Les"

Eiland, Maggie J.

Eisel, Elizabeth

Elcan, Frieda K.

Elcan, Marcus W.

Elder, Frank Edward

Elder, Pearl Odessa

Eldridge, Bessie Sooter

Elkins, Carrie M.

Elkins, Lelar Rettig

Elkins, Leo E.

Elkins, R. Bert

Ellingsworth, Henry

Ellingsworth, Mary

Elliott, Alice B.

Elliott, Robert

Elliott, Roy M.

Ellis, A. Grace

Emonson, Albert

Emonson, Amanda

Emory, Infant

Enz, Alice

Enz, John

Erwin, Era M. Grubb

Evans, Charles M.

Evans, Cora E.

Everton, Ben

Everton, E.

Everton, Jennie C.

Ewing, Estel C.

Ewing, Nellie C.

Farcher, John

Faurest, Floyd E.

Ferguson, Dorothy

Ferguson, Dorothy Mae

Ferguson, E.C. "Nick"

Fewox, Minnie E.

Finger, H.F.

Fitch, Dewey G.

Fitch, Genevieve Bacus

Fitch, Grant G.

Fitch, Lois E.

Fitch, Margaret

Fitch, Mary E.

Fitch, Mary F.

Fitch, Walter M.

Fitch, Wayman T.

Flynn, Blanche J.

Flynn, Boyd N.

Flynn, Daisy N.

Flynn, J.R. "Bob"

Flynn, Lottie R. Neil

Flynn, Oscar W.

Flynn, Robert

Flynn, Susie B.

Flynn, Walter A.

Flynn, Wayne M.

Flynn, Wayne M.

Flynn, William Alfus

Ford, Jewel M.

Ford, Thomas O. Sr.

Forest, Edmund John

Fornell, Myrtle Laster

Fowler, Dollie

Fowler, Elbert L.

Frankeberger, F.B.

Franklin, Laconia

Franks, William Harrison

Frazier, M.J.

Free, Alice

Free, Edward Edwin

French, Mable G. Reed

Friend, George

Friend, Mary A.

Fulcher, Dorothy Chedister

Fulcher, R. Wayne

Fulcher, Steve

Fulcher, Sunshine M.

Fulcher, William B.

Fuller, Addie I.

Fuller, John Elmer

Fuller, Mrs. W.H.

Fuller, W.H.

Galion, Clarabel Rose

Galion, George Albert

Gardner, Sebastian Lancelot

Gardner, Stella Mary Halford

Gayhart, Grant Sherman

Gayhart, John

George, Edna E.

George, Lynus B.

Getzendaner, Baby

Gibbons, Balzoria nee Gulden

Gillespie, Cora

Gillespie, Joseph F.

Gillespie, Joseph F. Jr. "Joe Bill"

Gilliam, Harl W.

Gilpin, Anna O.

Gilpin, Edwin Hugh

Gilpin, Grace Dorff

Gipson, Egbert Holden "Pug"

Gipson, Zelma Lois

Glahe, Frank

Glasson, Oliver P.

Glendon, John Jr.

Glover, Bruce D.

Glover, Hazel J.

Glover, J. Ethelle

Glover, Joseph Wayne

Glover, Minnie V. Quinn

Glover, Sarah W.

Glover, W.H. Jr.

Glover, W.H. Sr.

Glover, William H. III

Goacher Family Marker

Goacher, Elmer J.

Goacher, James L.

Goacher, Mary Y.

Gomillion, Emmateen

Gomillion, Harvey

Goodwin, Seth

Gould, Jeduthan A.

Graham, Frank

Grant, J.L.

Grant, Teddy

Grant, Teddy

Graves, Carl Oscar

Graves, Everett C.

Graves, Joy E.

Grayson, Clara

Grayson, Estella Johnson

Grayson, Fate Austin

Grayson, Loren

Grayson, Samuel

Grayson, Sandra L.

Green, Alvin C.

Green, Ora Lee

Griffin, Alice E.

Griffin, C. Roy Jr.

Griffin, Clifford Roy

Griffin, Geraldine

Griffin, James H.

Griffin, James R.

Griffin, James T.

Griffin, James Travis

Griffin, Nell Lucille Morrison

Griffith, James

Griffith, Jessie L.

Griffith, Lucy M.

Griffith, Russell Guy

Gripps, George

Groce, Nettie L.

Groce, Wm. Homer

Grubb, Carrie Mae

Grubb, Charlie W.

Grubb, George William

Grubb, Margaret

Grubb, Mary E.

Gunzburg, Essie Strahan

Gunzburg, Infant

Gunzburg, Jesse Ray

Gunzburg, Mary

Gunzburg, Mary M.

Gunzburg, Sigmond

Gunzburg, Sigmond

Haake, William D.

Hackney, Dock

Hackney, Edward J.

Hackney, Eunice

Hackney, J. Alvis

Hackney, Joe Elwyn

Hackney, Nina Alice

Hackney, Rachel

Hale, A.A. "Tater"

Hale, Booker T. Sr.

Hale, Clarice

Hale, Jennie E.

Hale, Juanita Kring

Hale, Walter E.

Hale, Walter Lynn

Halford, Alice M.

Halford, Arthur L.

Halford, Bert

Halford, Hattie C.

Halford, Laura M.

Hall, Ella Stovall

Hall, Rev. J.W.

Hamm, O.H.

Hand, John W.

Hand, Olive H.

Hankins, Gerald Jr. "Bubba"

Hanks, Alta A.

Hanks, Grover C.

Hardke, Carolyn

Hardke, Charles

Hardke, Charles A.

Hardke, Emil A.

Hardke, Ethel Fern

Hardke, Frank

Hardke, Frederick C.

Hardke, Herman A.

Hardke, Hermine

Hardke, Joey

Hardke, Lois H.

Hardke, W.F.

Hardke, William

Harpstrite, Geo.

Harpstrite, Sarah Ann

Harris, Allie

Harris, Deana V.

Harris, Will

Harrison, Effie

Harrison, Oma Mae

Harrison, William Ray

Harrolle, Carl

Harrolle, Carl

Harrolle, Clair S.

Harrolle, Dorothy

Harrolle, Grace

Harrolle, Paul B.

Harrolle, Ruby

Harrolle, Ruby

Harrolle, Samuel

Harston, Hattie M.

Hathaway, Dan'l

Hathaway, Minnie Mae Kuns

Hauk, Emma D.

Hauk, Evelyn V.

Hauk, Fred

Hauk, Lawrence A.

Hauk, Louise

Hauk, Myrtle E.

Hauk, William

Hauk, Wm. Walter

Hazelwood, Arthur E.

Hazelwood, Bertha Isabel

Hazelwood, Bertha Isabell

Hazelwood, Dorothy L. Deutsch

Hazelwood, Erwin D.

Hazelwood, Erwin Eugene

Hazelwood, George "Jack"

Hazelwood, George "Jack"

Hazelwood, George T.

Hazelwood, Horace W.

Hazelwood, Irene

Hazelwood, Irene

Hazelwood, Lois E.

Hazelwood, Maggie

Hazelwood, Robert F.

Hazelwood, Robert Franklin

Hedrick, Carol Dean

Hedrick, Carol Lee

Hedrick, Dwight C.

Hedrick, Dwight Carroll

Hedrick, Infant Son

Hedrick, Infant Son of Dean and Rosemma

Hedrick, Mazie Bell

Hedrick, Rosemma Morris

Heffner, Effie

Heffner, Inf

Heffner, John C.

Heffner, Johnie

Heffner, Maggie W.

Heffner, Ralph W.

Heffner, Ralph W.

Heffner, Unknown

Heiss Family Marker

Heiss, Bertha

Heiss, Charles C.

Heiss, Cheryl Joy

Heiss, Clarence

Heiss, Clarence W.

Heiss, Frances Evelyn

Heiss, Katherine Frances

Heiss, Pansy O.

Helms, Martin F. Sr.

Helms, Mary Frances

Helms, Pearl C.

Hemenway, George S.

Hemenway, Grace

Hemenway, Lena

Hemenway, Mary E.

Henderson, Billy E.

Henderson, Charles W.

Henderson, Effie P.

Henderson, Lorene G.

Henderson, Mary B.

Henderson, Robert A.

Henderson, William E.

Hendricks Family Marker

Hendricks, Edward

Hendricks, Leland F.

Hendricks, Minnie

Hendryx, J.E.

Hendryx, Lyman

Herring, Alberta

Herring, Charles W.

Herrington, Joe D.

Herrington, Sybil W.

Herron, Rachel

Herron, Willie

Hester, James E.

Hester, Rachel L.

Hicks Family Marker

Hicks, Catherine Skipper

Hicks, Robert E.

Hicks, Veda E.

Hill, Alex Edw.

Hill, Clea H.

Hill, Ella Herron

Hill, Emma

Hill, Eula Mae

Hill, Evelyn M.

Hill, Hampton

Hill, Henry C.

Hill, Houston

Hill, Mary M.

Hill, Rev. Hampton

Hill, Roy

Hill, Sol E.

Hill, Wm. Plez

Hillman Family Marker

Hillman, Evelyn A.

Hillman, Jacob Edwin

Hillman, John L.

Hillman, John William

Hillman, Paul

Hillman, Phyllis Gay

Hillyard, Della B.

Hillyard, Earnest M.

Hillyard, Juanita

Hillyard, Marshall E.

Hitchcock, Susanne

Hogan, Edward Leroy

Hogan, Harry Edward

Hogan, Samuel Patrick

Hogan, Zalma

Hollingshead, A.N.

Hollingshead, DA

Hollingshead, Gladys L.

Hollingshead, Maud D.

Hollingshead, Pearl J.

Hollis Family Marker

Hollis, Roe William

Holloway, Alma

Holloway, Paul

Holmes, David Leon

Holmes, Frank Dewey

Holmes, Martha Jennings

Holoway, Miles

Hopson, Verna Rochenbach

Houchens Family Marker

Houchens, Arthur Franklin

Housley, Baby Buffalo

Housley, Clara E.

Housley, Daniel E.

How, J.K.P.

How, Mattie

Hrovat, William "Bill"

Huff, Daniel Scott

Huff, Hubert

Huff, Hubert G.

Huff, Hubert Merrill

Huff, Katherine H.

Huff, Lauren Daniel

Huffer, Archie

Huffer, Davis

Huffer, Dora Grace

Huffer, Hortense Marie

Huffer, Jeff B.

Huffer, Lloyd C.

Huffer, Lota B.

Huffer, Tommy Owen

Hummel, Carrie M.

Hummel, Clifford M.

Hummel, Clinton C.

Hummel, Hilda C.

Hummel, Ola Mae

Humphries, John A.

Humphries, John A.

Hunt, Alonzo Harris

Hunt, Blanche Craig

Hunt, Charles Harmon

Hunt, Robert Lindsey

Hunt, Stella Mae Beaty

Hutson Family Marker

Hutson, Charley A.

Hutson, Eunice B.

Hutson, Eunice D.

Hutson, Evelyn P.

Hutson, George L.

Hutson, Grover H.

Hutson, Henry L.

Hutson, James Wiley

Hutson, Joe D.

Hutson, John S.

Hutson, Louise

Hutson, Mary Susan

Hutson, Naomi C.

Hutson, Ray

Hutson, Robert A.

Hutson, Robert A. Jr.

Hutson, Roy

Hutson, Thomas Wylie

Hutson, Viola W.

Ingle, Lee Elik

Ingle, Lelia Bell

Inman Family Marker

Inman, Dr. Robert L.

Inman, Fred Clarence Sr.

Inman, Loretta G.

Inman, Mayme Hall

Inman, Robert L.

Irvin, Gernon

Irvin, Irene

Jackson, A. Douglas

Jackson, Clara A.

Jackson, Clarence

Jackson, Clarence

Jackson, Clarence M.

Jackson, Claude L.

Jackson, Eunice A.

Jackson, Grace Scott

Jackson, Jewell P.

Jackson, Lois

Jackson, Louise Hamilton

Jackson, Lucy Mae

Jackson, William F.

James, Earnest Bubba James

James, Edith C.

James, Elwanda

James, Florene

James, Jimmie Franklin

James, Orba W.

James, Presley O.

James, Will A.

James, William H.

James, William Hayward

Jefford, Lucy

Jenkins, Herley

Jennings, Carol T.

Jennings, Flora M.

Jennings, Nola Myers

Jennings, Terrell Q.

Jessup Family Marker

Jessup Family Marker

Jessup, Charles Albert

Jessup, Christine

Jessup, Edbert

Jessup, Edbert Ainsley

Jessup, Frank

Jessup, Frank A.

Jessup, Frank Sr.

Jessup, Ida May

Jessup, John M.

Jessup, John W.

Jessup, Mary Eva

Jessup, S. Eva Arp

Jessup, Vela

Johnson Family Marker

Johnson, Andrew R.

Johnson, Beverly Ann

Johnson, Chas J.

Johnson, Cora B.

Johnson, Dora Lee

Johnson, Elgin J.

Johnson, Elizabeth J.

Johnson, Farrar Best

Johnson, George

Johnson, George W.

Johnson, Goldie Perkins

Johnson, Hattie B.

Johnson, J. Worley

Johnson, Jacob M.

Johnson, James C.

Johnson, James K.

Johnson, Jennie L.

Johnson, Lee Roy

Johnson, Lena B.

Johnson, Lena M.

Johnson, Lillie M.

Johnson, Louise Craven

Johnson, Marie

Johnson, Marjorie Young

Johnson, Merrill Dean

Johnson, William A.

Johnson, William Chester

Johnson, Wm. Chester

Johnson, Worley Ishmael

Jones Family Marker

Jones, Audrey Jennings

Jones, Billye Jackson

Jones, Clarence Estes

Jones, Darrell Julian

Jones, Doyne Ray

Jones, Elsie L.

Jones, Henry "Ray"

Jones, Inez Cook

Jones, James Fletcher

Jones, Kenneth H.

Jones, Norma Gene

Jones, Verda

Jordan, Ethel N.

Jordan, Herman Charles

Justus, J.J.

Kaler, Slyvester

Kaler, Slyvester

Keaton, M. June Fitch

Keaton, Stanley Eugene

Kelly, Albert Stratton

Kelly, Albert Stratton

Kelly, Betty Ruth Oliver

Kelly, John T.

Kelly, Louisa T.

Kelsey, Josie E.

Kerr, Beulah A.

Kerr, Clinton

Kerr, Edd B.

Kersey, Henry

Kilgore, Elam R.

Kilgore, Harry Oscar

Kilgore, Mary Lou Scott

Kilgore, Pearl E.

Kilgore, Thomas Logan

Kilgore, Vernon J.

Kilgore, Victoria "Babe"

Kimery, Earlie L.

Kimery, Earlie L.

Kimery, Pairlee

Kimery, Pairlee J.

Kimery, Samuel J.

Kimery, Samuel J.

King, Betty Benge

King, Charles

King, Eunice

King, Lenora Virginia

King, Lester Hammond

King, Mary C.

King, Oscar

Kinna, John H.

Kinna, Samuel R.

Kinna, Sarah

Kinsey, Emma Louise

Kinsey, Gail W.

Kinsey, Lewis M. Family Marker

Kinsey, Lewis Monroe

Kinsey, Patricia Geraldine

Kinsey, Ronnie L.

Kinsey, Ruby S.

Kinsey, Thomas Dale

Kirby, Ella Mae

Kitley, Drucilla Chaney

Kitley, Elmeer Dale

Kitley, Hattie Joel

Kitley, John R.

Kitley, Maggie M.

Kitley, Thomas

Kitley, Thomas Albert

Kittle, Mary Edyth

Kittler Chester E.

Kittler Family Marker

Kittler Family Marker

Kittler Family Marker

Kittler Family Marker

Kittler Family Marker

Kittler, Albert Henry

Kittler, Annie

Kittler, Carl Anton

Kittler, Charles Eugene

Kittler, Doris Laverne

Kittler, Elva M.

Kittler, Henry

Kittler, Ida Catherine

Kittler, James S.

Kittler, Kenneth Kevin

Kittler, Kevin

Kittler, Ray Henry

Kittler, Walter L.

Kittler, Wilhelmine Koch

Knox, Barbara Jean

Koch, Caroline C.

Koch, Eva Arp

Koch, Florence B.

Koch, Fred W.

Koch, Gottlieb

Koehler, Betty O.

Koehler, Clarence W.

Koehler, George D.

Koehler, Julia A.

Kring, Jesse Alladene

Kring, Leah

Kring, Roy H.

Kring, Tom Henry

Krock, Emil G.

Krock, Georgia M.

Krshka, Antonette

Krshka, Frank J.

Kuns, Levi

Kuns, Martha

Lackie, Ethel Dell

Lackie, Infant

Lackie, Joe E.

Lackie, Raymond J. Sr.

Lackie, Sue Baldwin

Lackie, William A.

Lamb, Helen L.

Lamb, William T.

Lamb, William T.

Lambert, Blanche P.

Lambert, Charles

Lambert, Ruby

Lamson, Phebe Jane Nadoo Johnson

Lane, Cecil E.

Lane, Cuba A.

Lane, Lillia Almead

Lane, Malvin Henry

Larkin, Minnie E.

Laster, John H.

Law, Mary E.

Lawman, Albert

Lawman, Albert

Lawman, Mary S. Hula

Lee Family Marker

Lee Family Marker

Lee, Albert E.

Lee, Blanche M.

Lee, Charles E.

Lee, Chester J.

Lee, Chester M.

Lee, Cleo E.

Lee, Hattie L.

Lee, Inez Boyette

Lee, James E.

Lee, John M.

Lee, Johnnie E.

Lee, Mary E.

Lee, Pat Aaron

Lee, Paul M.

Lee, Robert

Lee, Slyvania

Lee, Thomas Watson

Lemon Family Marker

Lemon, Bud G.

Lemon, Florence

Leonard, Clarence G.

Leonard, Letha Lee

Letasky, John

Letasky, Lucy

Lewis, Dwight Vernon

Lewis, Johnny W.

Lide, John W.

Ligon, Maude A.

Ligon, Robert A.

Ligon, William B.

Lilly Family Marker

Lilly Family Marker

Lilly Family Marker

Lilly Family Marker

Lilly, Beulah M.

Lilly, C.H.

Lilly, Clarence A. Sr.

Lilly, Clarence Albert Sr.

Lilly, Evie Parkins Rogers

Lilly, Fern E. Morrison

Lilly, Frank E.

Lilly, Gladys R.

Lilly, Hazel

Lilly, Keller L.

Lilly, Miranda

Lilly, Pansy L.

Lilly, Perry E.

Lilly, Perry I.

Lilly, Rev. H.J.

Lilly, Robert Ross

Lilly, Thelma Marie

Lilly, Unknown Children of H.J. & M.

Lily, Fred

Linam, C. Doyle

Linam, Doyle

Linam, Edna

Lipe, Hazelle P.

Lipe, J. Harry

Lipe, Julius J.

Lipe, Nell C.

Lipe, Sarah M.

Lipe, W. Maxine

Lipe, Willard E.

Lipe, Willard R.

Lisenby, Sally

Lively, Flora May

Lively, Henry Bryant

Lively, Samantha Wilma

Lofton, Ella

Lofton, Henry

Lofton, Irene

Lofton, Louis

Lofton, Maggie

Lofton, William C.

Long, Charles S.

Long, Charlie

Long, Clyde C.

Long, James O.

Loretz, Jack E.

Loretz, Johnnie L.

Loretz, Michelle Dawn

Loretz, Michelle Dawn

Lorince, Raymond L.

Louis, Roy A.

Love, Cordee R.

Love, Paul Alex

Love, Robert F.

Love, Shirley Phifer

Love, Sophia

Love, Truman

Lowe, Calvin

Lowe, Dorothy C.

Lowe, Ernest Sr.

Lowe, Grant

Lowther, Godfrey Blaine

Lowther, Jolly Alexander

Lucetta, Warner Eva

Madar, Carl D.

Madar, Cora E.

Madar, Joe C.

Madar, Peggy L.

Major, C.E.

Major, Cornel Edward

Major, Neverta G.

Malone, J.M.

Malone, M.A.

Manahan, Emma Kelly

Manahan, Ethel Mamie

Manahan, John J.

Manahan, John R.

Manahan, Lew

Manahan, Lois Irene

Mann Family Marker

Mann, Annie J.

Mann, Carolyn

Mann, M. Mae

Mann, Mary G. Nichols

Mann, William H.

Mann, William H. "Billy" Jr.

Mann, William Y.

Manson, J.H.

Manson, Mrs. J.H.

Marble, Cora N.

Marble, Elizabeth B. Vance

Marble, Frank Edna

Marble, Fred E.

Marble, Frederick E.

Marble, Mabel Clair

Marble, S.W.

Marcotte, Carl P.

Marcotte, Daniel Edward

Marcotte, Daniel Edward

Marcotte, Daniel Joseph

Marcotte, Elvie A.

Marcotte, Hector G.

Marcotte, Leo A.

Marcotte, Mae

Marcotte, Natalie Elizabeth

Marcotte, Natalie Elizabeth

Marcotte, Sophie A.

Marsh, Alex

Marson Family Marker

Marson, Katherine

Marson, Mary E.

Marson, Thomas

Martin, Billy L.

Martin, Eleanora M.

Martin, Eloise Way

Martin, John A.

Martin, Mary J.

Martin, Roscoe James

Mason Family Marker

Mason, Dorothy P.

Mason, Ollie O.

Mason, Rosa Jenkins

Mason, William Archie Sr.

Massie, Mary E.

Massie, Paul E.

Massie, Paul E.

Matthews, Agnes L.

Matthews, Virgil L.

Maurer, E.H.

Maurer, Ida Parolee

Maurer, Joseph Lee

May, Commie D.

May, Commie D.

May, Lora Highfill

May, Martha Potts

May, Martha Potts

May, Rachel Ann

May, Rachel Ann

May, Wellman D.

McBurnett, Ronald Artemus

McBurnett, Ruth Ward

McClure, Maudie

McDonald, Geneva

McElwaine, Virginia

McFarlin Family Marker

McFarlin, J.A.

McFarlin, Jean

McFarlin, Junior Aaron

McFarlin, Junior Aaron

McHerron, Birdie Hall

McHerron, Theodore

McKinzy, Dwight

McKinzy, Fredrick

McKinzy, Patrick

McLaughlin, Barbara

McLaughlin, Ben F.

McLaughlin, C. Edward

McLaughlin, Charles

McLaughlin, Jerry

McLaughlin, Letha T.

McLaughlin, Tommy Don

McLaughlin, Will

McLauglin, Mary A.

McLauglin, Sarah

McMurry, Eliza

McMurry, Nettie

McMurtrey, Emeline Cole

McPherson, Mary James

McRae, Alex

McRae, Clara

Measels, Doris E.

Medendorp, Frances

Medendorp, Frank

Medendorp, Robert

Meek, Cora

Meek, John

Melzer, Emma S.

Melzer, Robert L.

Merrell Family Marker

Merrell, Etta E.

Merrell, Frances E.

Merrell, Inf. Dau. Of Lowell P. & Etta

Merrell, James L.

Merrell, Lowell P.

Merrell, Michael Eugene

Merrell, Pearl I.

Merrell, Unknown

Metcalf, Cleola Nicholus

Metcalf, William

Metts, Ruby Mae

Miller Family Marker

Miller, Bruce O.

Miller, Carroll

Miller, Charles Clint

Miller, Edna R.

Miller, Florence E. Coats

Miller, Forrest B.

Miller, Henry A.

Miller, James

Miller, Jessie A.

Miller, Lena M.

Miller, Lera

Miller, Linda M.

Miller, Nina M.

Miller, Patsy N.

Miller, Paul

Miller, Rebecca M.

Miller, Rosie L.

Miller, William

Miller, William B.

Milligan, Harrell E.

Milligan, Jimmie V.

Milligan, Julious W.

Milligan, Lela Mae

Milligan, Mary Audie

Milligan, Mary Reiff

Mitchell Family Marker

Mitchell, James E.

Mitchell, Mrs. William A.

Mitchell, William Arthur

Mize, Annie P.

Moad, Isabella Itha

Moery Family Marker

Moery, Beatrice F.

Moery, Clarence B.

Moery, John Robert

Moery, Katie Ulrich

Moery, Roger R.

Moody, Emmett

Moody, J.C.

Moody, Unknown

Moore Family Marker

Moore Family Marker

Moore, Dorsie Rose

Moore, Edison P.

Moore, Grace M.

Moore, Harold Hartwell

Moore, Jerry Don

Moore, Lillian Rice

Moore, Pauline C.

Moore, Thomas William

Moore, Thurman

Moore, Thurman

Moore, Twila L.

Moore, William T.

Morris, Anna J.

Morris, Anna J.

Morris, Arlo R.

Morris, Beulah Mae

Morris, E.I.

Morris, Edith Bell

Morris, Edward L.

Morris, Elizabeth A. Martin

Morris, Elmer L.

Morris, Emma C.

Morris, George H.

Morris, Georgia Mae

Morris, H.A. "Dink"

Morris, Helen L.

Morris, J. Hamp

Morris, John

Morris, Mae Bland

Morris, Merlin Guy

Morris, Mildred F.

Morris, Miron G.

Morris, Miron G. Family

Morris, Parl B.

Morris, Rachel V.

Morris, Rebecca Marcile

Morris, Roscoe T.

Morris, Rosie Ice

Morrison, Arthur J.

Morrison, Eddie

Morrison, Eddie

Morrison, Edgar D.

Morrison, Edgar D.

Morrison, Ella

Morrison, Ella

Morrison, Ella M.

Morrison, Emily P.

Morrison, Essie M.

Morrison, Essie M.

Morrison, Infant Son

Morrison, Johnie

Morrison, Joseph E.

Morrison, Julia M.

Morrison, Milan A.

Morrison, Rebecca Elizabeth

Morrison, Selina P.

Morrison, Unknown

Morrison, W.C.

Moss, Stephen

Mounce, James A.

Mounce, Neelie E.

Murray Family Marker

Murray, Frances

Murray, Leona Frances

Murray, Loyd

Murray, Maude E.

Murray, Minia E.

Murray, Roy

Murray, Ruth T.

Murray, W.H.

Murray, William Leon

Muzzy, Don J.

Muzzy, Harlan

Muzzy, Hattie F.

Muzzy, Jed E.

Muzzy, Mary A.

Muzzy, Mary J. Parkin

Muzzy, Orlan T.

Muzzy, Unknown

Myers, Clarence E.

Myers, Dorothy Jane

Myers, Mabel Wilson

Myers, Roy Clarence

Myers, Tina A.

Nadoo Family Marker

Nadoo, Martin

Neel, Harry

Neel, John C.

Neel, Mary Ann

Neel, Maude

Neil, Emmett V.

Neil, Joseph Charles

Neil, Joseph Charles

Neil, Pheby N. Rouse

Neil, Pheby N. Rouse

Nelson, J. Marvin

Nelson, Katherine

Nelson, Keatts

Nelson, Meisha Shunta

Nelson, Stella

Nichols, Allen

Nichols, Ann W.

Nichols, Arthur

Nichols, Bertha

Nichols, Calvin

Nichols, Calvin

Nichols, Carrol

Nichols, Charles Boyd

Nichols, Chester L.

Nichols, Dollie

Nichols, Edward

Nichols, Edward Sr.

Nichols, Elizabeth

Nichols, Elizabeth

Nichols, Floyd Brown

Nichols, Gladys B.

Nichols, Henrietta

Nichols, J.C.

Nichols, Lucy

Nichols, N. Hutson Sr.

Nichols, Naomi Bland

Nichols, Ocie C.

Nichols, Ralph

Nichols, Ray

Nichols, Rosevelt

Nichols, Vester L.

Nichols, W. Hutson

Nichols, W. Hutson Sr.

Noble, John

Noble, John Henry

Nobles, Sophia

Northcutt, Mildred M.

Northcutt, Rex R.

Oakley, Charles W.

Oakley, Charles Wesley

Oakley, Marilyn A.

Oliver, Al G.

Oliver, Hubert Herston

Oliver, Mary Rogers

Oliver, Obe

Oliver, Opal

Oliver, Ralph L.

Osborn, A.L.

Osborn, Angie M.

Osborn, Charles H.

Osborn, Effie E.

Osborn, Gridget

Otey, Ruth

Otey, William Nathaniel


Palsa, Andrew

Palsa, Carra Johnson

Palsa, John Edward

Palsa, Mildred

Paradise, Rosie B.

Parker, Agnes

Parker, Billy

Parker, Elton

Parker, Odean

Parkin, Anna G.

Parkin, Ella

Parkin, H. Cleo

Parkin, John

Parkin, Johnie

Parkin, Katie B.

Parkin, Lizzie

Parkin, Margaret

Parkin, Samuel B.

Parkin, Silas H.

Parnell, Alberta M.

Parnell, Jewell

Parnell, Robert Earl

Parnell, Robert R.

Partain, Bessie E.

Partain, J. Otis

Partain, Marion M.

Pasley, Doris C.

Pasley, Raymond Lloyd

Pasley, Raymond Lloyd

Patterson, Annie L.

Patterson, Bernie D.

Patterson, Dorcas

Patterson, Helen B.

Patterson, James H.

Patterson, M.

Patterson, Tommy Arlis

Patterson, Tori Aleece

Patterson, Vera Brown

Patton, Alice J.

Patton, Dorothy F.

Patton, Hubert R.

Patton, Robert E.

Patton, Robert R.

Patton, Rosie W.

Pauschert, Albert

Pauschert, Albert Jr.

Pauschert, Amy K.

Pauschert, Charles

Pauschert, Christian A.

Pauschert, Gene

Pauschert, Hattie W.

Pauschert, Iva Dean

Pauschert, Lee

Pauschert, Nellie

Pauschert, Unknown

Pauschert, Unknown

Pauschert, Zeffie

Payne, Andrew J.

Payne, Ida Jane

Payton, Jonathon H.

Payton, Martha Edith

Payton, Mary

Pearson, Dorothy J.

Pearson, Paul H.

Pearson, S.P.

Percefull, Alma E.

Percefull, Everett D.

Percefull, Omer

Percefull, Ruth

Perkin, Earl Ellingsworth

Perkins, Charles E.

Perkins, Charlie C.

Perkins, Chester C.

Perkins, Cora E.

Perkins, David B.

Perkins, Earl Chester

Perkins, Family of Earl C.

Perkins, Fred M.

Perkins, Harry L.

Perkins, Jennifer Lyn

Perkins, Kathryn S.

Perkins, Lloyd

Perkins, Marguerite B.

Perkins, Mary C.

Perkins, Mary Z.

Perkins, Merlin E.

Perkins, Mrs. M.A.

Perkins, Pearl Ellen

Perkins, Robert A.

Perkins, Unknown

Perkins, Unknown Wife of R.A.

Perkins, Vernon Z.

Perkins, Vernon Z.

Perkins, Weecona

Perry Family Marker

Perry, Bessie Thorlton

Perry, Bessie Thorlton

Perry, George A.

Perry, George A.

Perry, Henry Dawson

Perry, Henry Dawson

Perry, Raymond

Perry, Raymond

Petrus, Addie H.

Petrus, Angeline D.

Petrus, Elizabeth G.

Petrus, John M.

Petrus, John R.

Petrus, Matilda G.

Petrus, Vincent V.

Peytan, Deborah D.

Peyton, Charlie A.

Peyton, Odell G.

Pfeiffer, Ruby L.

Phaup, Steve

Phifer, Ida Lee

Phifer, Walter

Phifer, Walter L.

Phifer, Walter Lee

Phillips, Bessie

Phillips, E.L. Cook

Phillips, F. Jane V.

Phillips, Willie A.

Piggins, Watson

Pinson Family Marker

Pinson, Cuma L.

Pinson, Frances H.

Pinson, George Austal

Pinson, George David

Pipkin, Virginia Stuart

Pitcher, "Tennie" Stokes

Pitcher, Elsie A.

Pitcher, Hattie Mae

Pitcher, Jacob Lynn

Pitcher, L. Henry

Pitcher, Leonard H.

Pitcher, Lincoln Henry Sr.

Pitcher, Myra Rose

Pitts, Carl Franklin

Pitts, Nona Rochelle

Plafcan, David R.

Plafcan, Katherine L.

Plafcan, Miranda Cate

Plegge, Frona Jane

Plegge, John

Plegge, John Lee

Polk, Leona Burnett

Polk, Lucy Bogard

Powell, Edna Hill

Powell, Sherman

Powers, Charles J.

Powers, Undene

Prible, B.R.

Prince, Charlie A.

Prince, Ella P.

Prince, Luther Brady

Proctor, David P. M.D.

Proctor, Edward Milton

Proctor, Susan Frances Forsythe

Proctor, Virgil Lee

Pryor, Agnes Boles

Pryor, Luther W.

Purdue, Luther V.

Purdue, Margaret N.

Purdum, Leslie

Purdum, Mary E.

Purdum, Nora Edna

Raborn Family Marker

Raborn, Baby

Raborn, Carl W.

Raborn, Clifford A.

Raborn, D. Bruce

Raborn, D.A. Jr.

Raborn, Edward

Raborn, Elsie L.

Raborn, George E.

Raborn, Grace E.

Raborn, Hugh E.

Raborn, Lillian

Raborn, Lois E.

Raborn, Nancy B.

Raborn, Nellie

Raborn, Olive E.

Raborn, Pearl Comer

Rambo, John T.

Rambo, Marie

Raprich, Fred A.

Raprich, Freddie

Raprich, Katie

Rasor, Fernando

Rasor, Fernando

Rasor, George G.

Rasor, Minnie M.

Ray Family Marker

Ray, Dorus

Ray, Elizabeth Howard

Ray, John Marion

Ray, Paul

Raycraft, Doris Lipe

Reagan, Sallie E.

Reaves, Alice

Reaves, Shirl

Redwood, Lee

Reed, Alma

Reed, Arnetta Jean

Reed, Della Mae

Reed, Edward

Reed, Harold Duane

Reed, James Edward

Reed, W.J. Jr.

Reeves, Tommy Loraine

Reiff, Ada S.

Reiff, Susanna B.

Reinsch, Charles A. Sr.

Reinsch, Francis O.

Rettig, Daisey M.

Rettig, Effie M.

Rettig, Emma A.

Rettig, Florence Marie

Rettig, G. Albert

Rettig, Helen E.

Rettig, Joe D.

Rettig, Leonard

Rettig, Mervin D.

Rettig, Neal Wilson

Rettig, William Daniel

Rettig, William F.

Richey, John Earnest

Richey, Nancy L.

Richter, Mary Ann Henderson

Rickey, Little Eddie

Rickey, Loyd

Riley, Joan Moery

Riley, Joan Moery

Risenhoover, Winfred C.

Risenhoover, Winfred C.

Rittman, C.F.

Roberson, Lillie M.

Robertson, Ethel M.

Robertson, James L.

Robertson, William E.

Robinson, Charlie

Robinson, Maud

Rochenbach, John W.

Rochenbach, Pearly T.

Rockenbach Family Marker

Rockenbach, Alvin Lynn

Rockenbach, George

Rockenbach, Gladys Faye

Rockenbach, John

Rockenbach, Myrtle

Roe - Enloe , Reba D.

Roe- Enloe, James H.

Rogers, B. Dee

Rogers, Charles Michael

Rogers, Clinton Eagle

Rogers, Dorothy

Rogers, Gwen A.

Rogers, Jerry T.

Rogers, John Lenard

Rogers, Leannar B. Martin

Rogers, Marion F.

Rogers, Pearl Ray

Rose, Charles L.

Rose, Edna McLaughlin

Rose, Edward A.

Rose, James A.

Rose, Myrtle A.

Rose, S.

Rose, Seth Anna

Rose, Versa G.

Rose, William J.

Ross, Bertha M.

Ross, Birdie E.

Ross, Carl A.

Ross, Charles L.

Ross, Irene

Ross, Nora Anne

Ross, Thomas M.

Ross, Tresie Mae

Rowland, Claude

Rowland, May

Russom Family Marker

Russom, Bobbie Lee

Russom, Hallibess

Russom, Robert Lee

Rutherford, Albert S.

Rutherford, Anna J.

Rutledge, William A.

Sadler Family Marker

Sadler, Alton A.

Sadler, Fern Leona

Sadler, Mildred Smith

Sage Family Marker

Sage, Margaret E.

Sage, T. Raymond Sr.

Sailers, Laura Gertrude

Sallee, Hershel

Sallee, Ona Ramsey

Sample, Edward M.

Sanford, Hunter

Sarita, Margaret

Saunders, Charles C.

Saunders, Colie A.

Saunders, Walter K.

Savage - Watkins - Ligon Family Marker

Savage, James G.

Savage, James Shelby

Savage, Mary Grady

Schafer, Betty C.

Schafer, Edward B.

Schaffer Family Marker

Schaffer, Benjamin L.

Schaffer, Lois A.

Schenebeck Family Marker

Schenebeck Family Marker

Schenebeck, Baby Boy

Schenebeck, Bulah B.

Schenebeck, Henry W.

Schenebeck, Jewel P.

Schenebeck, Mary C.

Schenebeck, Russell L.

Schenebeck, Russell Lawrence

Schenebeck, W. Russell

Schenebeck, Willford

Schenebeck, William J.

Schroeder, Dorothy Lee

Schroeder, Raymond August

Scott Family Marker

Scott, Carmela

Scott, Cleo B.

Scott, Cleo B.

Scott, Douglas

Scott, Emmett J.

Scott, Ida N.

Scott, Letha J.

Scott, Louise Rouse

Scott, Martha M.

Scott, Robert B.

Scott, Robert J.

Scott, Roberta

Scott, Ruby Lemon

Scott, Sue H.

Scott, Tom

Scott, Tommy R.

Scott, William R.

Screeton, Beulah Leah

Screeton, Callie

Screeton, Dr. George T.

Screeton, Geo? Jr.

Screeton, Norman

Screeton, Norman T.

Screeton, O'Lena

Sears, Christine

Shaw, Almira

Shepherd, Helen Alexander

Shepherd, W.T.

Shirkey, Celia B.

Shirkey, Roy

Shoup, Clarace M.

Shoup, Harod M.

Shoup, Harold M.

Shoup, Henrietta I.

Shoup, Leigh Ann

Shoup, Lillian

Shoup, Oliver William

Shoup, Thelma M.

Shoup, William M.

Shy, Anna B.

Shy, Samuel L.

Simmons, Ann

Simmons, Charles

Simmons, Danny Lynn

Simmons, Katherine

Simmons, Laurence

Simmons, Stephen Darren

Simmons, Viola

Simmons, Wils E.

Simpson, Olive B. Morris

Skillern, Edgar

Skillern, Edgar

Skillern, Estelle

Sloan, ?ount Marcus

Sloan, Missouri

Sloan, Raymond Herbert

Small, Beulah H.

Small, Robert E. Jr.

Smart, Babe Cook

Smart, Billy A.

Smart, Cordie D.

Smart, Joe Dan

Smart, William Maurice

Smiley, Homer E.

Smiley, Kathleen

Smith Family Marker

Smith, A.J. Sr.

Smith, A.W.

Smith, Andrew J.

Smith, Anna Mary

Smith, Charles E.

Smith, Charlie

Smith, Dale Cauffman

Smith, Dean Leroy

Smith, Flossie O.

Smith, Frances M.

Smith, Fred R.

Smith, Gladys I.

Smith, Howard

Smith, Ida Florence

Smith, Isiac

Smith, Joe T.

Smith, K.C.

Smith, Lee Roy

Smith, Lester E.

Smith, Lois L.

Smith, Mandy

Smith, Marjorie M.

Smith, Martha

Smith, Mary

Smith, Mary E. Walker

Smith, Maude E.

Smith, May Etta N.

Smith, Milton

Smith, Minnie M.

Smith, Nora A.

Smith, Perry Monroe

Smith, Perry W.

Smith, Rosa Lee

Smith, Rosie L.

Smith, Virney W.

Smith, Zem T.

Snell - Cenac Family Marker

Snell, Mark

Snell, Mary Carmody

Snell, Thomas

Snider, Charles Raymond

Snider, Cora Roach

Snider, Emmett

Snider, Frank B.

Snider, Lloyd E.

Snider, Thelma Raborn

Snider, Walter "Bob"

Snow, Albert Roy Jr.

Snow, Albert Roy Sr.

Snow, Edward J.

Snow, Edward Jackson

Snow, Helen

Snow, Lula Maxine

Snow, William

Snow, X.O. Pendall

Spencer, Adryan G.

Spivey, Eunice C.

Springer, Rella J.

Staggs, Shuford H.

Stainton, Audrey Young

Stainton, Robert Milam

Stanley Family Marker

Stanley, Beatrice

Stanley, Lawrence H.

Stanley, Martha Jean

Stanley, Sophia J.

Stanley, Willie P.

Staples, Dan M.D.

Staples, Etha M.D.

Staples, John D.

Staples, Sue M.

Starr, Adam

Starr, Emilice M.

Staten, Effie L.

Staten, Kansada

Staten, Leon

Staten, Levi A.

Staten, Levia

Stauber, Alfred R.

Stauber, Alfred R.

Stauber, Bert M.

Stauber, Callie E.

Stauber, Clarence Leroy

Stauber, Delcie E.

Stauber, Dorene

Stauber, Elizabeth

Stauber, George

Stauber, Ida May

Stauber, J.A.

Stauber, J.P.

Stauber, Mabel L.

Stauber, Mamie Nell

Stauber, Martha Jane

Stauber, Melvin A.

Stauber, Minnie

Stauber, Monte N.

Stauber, Monte N.

Stauber, Nettie J.

Stauber, Novene

Stauber, Pearl Beatrice

Stauber, W. Jennings

Stauber, Yeoland M.

Stauffer, Albert Allen

Stevens, Halbert Eugene

Stevens, Jerry D.

Stigall, Henry A.

Stigall, Sophie L.

Stigall, Woodrow

Stills, Juanita E.

Stout, Dollie

Stout, Malissa Hendryx

Strain, Susie Bliss Dillman Paige

Stratton Family Marker

Stratton, H. Corder

Stratton, Lucy B.

Strickland, Alice

Stuart Family Marker

Stuart, Carl C.

Stuart, Cecil G.

Stuart, Charles

Stuart, Garland V.

Stuart, Louie

Stuart, Lucyle A.

Stuart, Wayne H.

Sullivan, Emma L.

Sullivan, Ernest E.

Sumner, James R. "Cootie"

Swears Family Marker

Swears, Andrew

Swears, Bret Stephens

Swears, Clarence W.

Swears, Earl R.

Swears, Earl R.

Swears, Emeline

Swears, Fred

Swears, Grace L.

Swears, Grace L.

Swears, Harry

Swears, Mary T.

Swears, Myrtle

Swears, Roy

Tait, John L.

Tait, Pearl Benson

Tanner, Edward Vernon

Tanner, John E.

Tanner, Lilah Paige

Tanner, Lorena

Tarter, Alice

Tarter, Arthur C.

Tarter, Gabriel

Tarter, George Dewey

Tarter, Inf. Dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. Keith

Tarter, J. Keith Sr.

Tarter, James U.

Tarter, Keith Jr.

Tarter, Ruby G.

Tarter, Susie A.

Tarter, Virginia Nelson

Tears, Mattie

Tears, William H.

Terry, Evelyn Nichols

Thomas, Arey Bell Carter

Thomas, Betty Linam

Thomas, Charley

Thomas, Geneva

Thomas, Julia

Thomas, Vivian S.

Thompson, Unknown

Thrasher, Celister I.

Thrasher, Thomas E.

Thrasher, William M.

Thrift, Helen

Thrift, Russell Jr.

Throw, Malinda Dixon

Tilbury, E. Myrtle

Tilbury, H. Wilson

Tintsman, Ella M.

Tintsman, John A.

Tolbert, Samuel Raymond

Tomme, Rev. L.

Tosh, Infant Son of Archie and Minnie

Tosh, Minnie B.

Tosh, Sarah E.

Townsend, Mary

Trubey, Daisy M.

Trubey, Elsworth N.

Tucker Family Marker

Tucker, Joseph E.

Tucker, Mary Myrtle

Tuller, Carolyn Sears

Tuller, Isaac Milton

Tunis, Daisy B. nee Deroundstone

Tunis, Joseph

Tunis, Joseph E.

Tunis, Juanita E.

Tunis, Leona M.

Tunis, Lillie

Turner, Cynthia Kaye

Turner, Patricia Cox

Turrentine, Chas W.

Turrentine, Martha Jane Cox

Turrentine, Pearl E.

Turrentine, Unknown

Turrentine, Walter C.

Underwood, Henretta



Unknown Tomb

Unknown, Emma

Unknown, Kenny

Unknown, Willie

Urton, Ellen S.

Urton, Harry Eugene

Urton, Harry Lincoln

Urton, J. Roscoe

Urton, M.Erma

Urton, Ralph L.

Urton, Rose E.

Urton, Roydon Myers

Urton, Samintha Ann

Vail, Alvern Bailey

Vail, Cora Bell Nation Vail

Vail, Harvey Benjamin

Vail, Ray M.

Vail, Unknown

VanWinkle, Unknown

Vassar, Viola

Veach, Eva

Veach, J.W.

Vent, Frank

Vent, Lizzie

Waddie, Annie

Walden, Brenda D.

Walden, Mabel H.

Walker, Bessie A.

Walker, Floyd J.

Walker, James

Walker, John Martin

Walker, Lawrence

Walker, Pearl

Walker, Robert

Walker, Syrelia E.

Wallace, James G.

Wallace, James W.

Walls, Emma Mae

Walls, Joe A.

Walters, Allie N.

Walters, Harvey

Walters, Leroy A.

Wanner, Rupert Johann

Ward Family Marker

Ward, Allie G.

Ward, Artemus

Ward, Artemus Jr.

Ward, John Elbert

Ward, Madge Stuart

Ward, Marie L. R.N.

Wardwell, Irene R.

Wardwell, Robert E.

Ware, Ethel H.

Ware, Rogers M.

Warner, Francis F.

Warren, Callie

Warren, Ethel M.

Warren, Nancy

Warren, Otha

Warren, W.W.

Warren, Walter W.

Washington, Alex

Washington, Sarah

Washington, Theodore "Buddy"

Washington, Vivian

Waters, Herbert Carroll

Waters, J. Owen

Waters, Pearl White

Waters, Rachel Marie

Watkins, Opal Frances Savage

Watson, Jessie

Watson, Mrs. S.E.

Wawak, James

Wawak, Louise

Way, Darrel E.

Way, Earline M.

Way, Edna Tina Raborn

Way, Elmer William

Way, Elsie Hutson

Way, Emory C.

Way, Kenneth M.

Way, Milton Lacy

Way, Nathan Henry

Way, Oleta McGarity

Way, Oscar F.

Way, Rachel M.

Way, Ruby R.

Way, Theodisa

Way, William

Weare, Arthur

Weare, Clarice

Weems Family Marker

Weems, Jessie M.

Weems, Merlin O.

Weiers, Mary M.

Weiers, Maud

Weiers, Unknown

Weiss, Doshie

Weiss, E. Ross

Weiss, Fannie R.

Weiss, John M.

Welch, Flossie G.

Welch, Frank

Welch, George Edwin

Welch, Mattie Viria

Westbrook, Alphia G.

Westbrook, William R.

Westerfield, Myrtle

Westrope, Birdie Marie Thomas

Whaley, Naomi S.

Wheeler, George A.

White Family Marker

White, Earl E.

White, Geo. M. Jr.

White, George Mann

White, Irene M.

White, Mary Irene

Whitehad, Harvey

Whitehead, Howard M.

Whitehead, Lizzie Graham

Whitehead, Savannah A.

Whitener, Jolly Ann Lowther

Whitley, Mary Ann Long

Whitman, Josephine

Whitsell, Robert L.

Whitsell, Vivian

Whittenburg, Sgt. Scotty Lynn (Click for more Information)

Wiggins, Ina Crow

Wilcus, ?.C.

Williams, Arthur James

Williams, Destiny Nicole

Williams, Dora Doyle

Williams, Elnoria Dixon

Williams, Ernie

Williams, Ethyl P. Doc

Williams, Harnetta R.

Williams, Herbert A.

Williams, Ida Belle

Williams, Iva Mae Parmele

Williams, June H.

Williams, Leona

Williams, Marjorie L.

Williams, Mattie May

Williams, Otho S.

Williams, P.A.

Williams, Poe A.

Williams, Rebecca A.

Williams, Samuel J.

Williams, Stella

Williams, Thelma

Williams, Thomas Gaston

Williams, Wallace

Williamson, Charles R.

Williamson, O. Otto

Williamson, Susia Anna

Willis, Leroy

Willmann, Mary Zimmerman

Willmann, Walter M.

Wilson Family Marker

Wilson, Edgar A.

Wilson, Ever H.

Wilson, Frank

Wilson, Hazel

Wilson, Henry A.

Wilson, Millie G.

Wilson, W.E.

Wolfe, Bobbie J.

Wolfe, Eldo C.

Wolfe, Gladys P.

Wolfe, Harvey A.

Wolfe, Jesse

Wolfe, Mary C.

Wolfe, Rebecca E.

Woodcock, Bertha Lee

Woods, Crystal Louise

Woods, George A.

Woosley, Byron

Woolsey, Carrie R.

Woolsey, Gordon M.

Woosley, Joe Curtis

Woosley, Ruby Turner

Woosley, Irene King

Woosley, Jasper L.

Wright, Jesse Dalton

Wright, Olen

Wright, Shellah Carlene

Young Family Marker

Young, Alonzo

Young, Amy Weiss

Young, Betty S.

Young, Buddy

Young, Carol F.

Young, Charles Curtis

Young, Charles O.

Young, Donald Preston

Young, Elizabeth Young

Young, Floyd

Young, George N.

Young, German P.

Young, Hazel

Young, Ila Rhea

Young, James Edward

Young, James R.

Young, Josephine C.

Young, Lark

Young, Lewis Young

Young, Mamie D.

Young, Mamie Lee Jones

Young, Martha Earlene

Young, Mary F. "Tince"

Young, Mary Virginia

Young, Moton B. Family Marker

Young, Moton C.

Young, Nolen Norris

Young, Robert

Young, Ruby Henderson

Young, Timmy Ray

Young, Tom

Young, William Ray

Zimmerman Family Marker

Zimmerman, Albert

Zimmerman, Augusie

Zimmerman, Charles H.

Zimmerman, Eliza H.

Zimmerman, Geo. Lee

Zimmerman, George

Zimmerman, George Jr.

Zimmerman, Glendon J.

Zimmerman, Harold

Zimmerman, Jacob

Zimmerman, Johann Georg

Zimmerman, Johannes

Zimmerman, Lulu Linn

Zimmerman, Mabelle M.

Zimmerman, Rose K.

Zimmerman, William Chad


 Carlisle Cemetery

Partial Cemetery Transcription


      NAME                   BORN           DIED                REMARKS

BENNETT, Carl R           About 1910      1 Mar 1998

BRAINARD, Mary Moore      About 1910      6 May 1998      Wife of Lloyd BRAINARD

BUFFALO, Lydia Maude      About 1913     16 Feb 1998      Wife of Joe BUFFALO

CHESSER, Charles          About 1922      5 Aug 1998      Husband of Hazel CHESSER

COOPER, Allen Roshun      About 19782     2 May 1998

COX, Mabel P                             24 Apr 1998

HUNT, Stella Mae          About 1928     25 Mar 1998      Wife of Charles HUNT

INMAN, Robert L           About 1926     19 Nov 1997

JARRETT, Nathaniel Lee    About 1950     27 Nov 1997

KOEHLER, Betty Q                         22 Jul 1998

LOVE, Cordee Roach        About 1914      4 Apr 1998

MILLER, Florence E        About 1909     16 May 1998      Wife of Clint C MILLER

MILLER, Linda Marie       About 1937     17 Dec 1997

REED, Della M             About 1902      2 Jul 1998

RODGERS, Elnora           About 1919     16 Jul 1998

SCHAEFER, Berry           About 1932     10 Jan 1998      Wife of Edward SCHAEFER

SEARS, Ethel              About 1909      4 Jun 1998

SPRINGER, Rella Johnny    About 1931      1 Aug 1998      Wife of Clement J SPRINGER

STRATTON, Homer Corder    About 1911      5 May 1998      Husband of Lucy STRATTON

STRICKLAND, Alice         About 1935      2 Jan 1998