Arkansas Civil War Time Line


Arkansas Civil War Time Line


Arkansas Timeline: 1861  

February 8—US arsenal in Little Rock seized
February 12—US ordinance at Napoleon seized

April 18—US stores seized at Pine Bluff
April 22—Governor of Arkansas refuses to furnish militia quota to United States
April 23—Fort Smith seized

May 6—Arkansas Secession Convention


Arkansas Timeline: 1862


February 16—Action at Potts' Hill
February 17—Action at Sugar Creek
February 18—Action at Bentonville
February 23—Occupation of Fayetteville by Union troops

March 6-8—Battle of Pea Ridge or Elkhorn Tavern
March 13—Action at Spring River

April 19—Skirmish at Talbot's Ferry on the White River
April 21 —Skirmish at Pocahontas

May 2—Skirmish at Litchfield
May 3—Skirmish at Batesville
May 6—Skirmish at the White River
May 14—Skirmish at Cotton Plant
May 15—Skirmish at Chalk Bluff
May 17—Skirmish on the Little Red River
May 19—Skirmish at Searcy Landing
May 21—Skirmish at Village Creek
May 26—Skirmish at Calico Rock
May 27—Skirmish near Big Indian Creek
May 27—Skirmishes at Searcy Landing
May 28—Skirmish at Cache River Bridge
May 29—Skirmish at Kickapoo Bottom

June 2—Affair at Galloway's Farm
June 5—Skirmish on the Little Red River
June 7—Skirmish at Fairview
June 7—Skirmish at Little Red River
June 12—Skirmish near Jacksonport
June 12—Skirmish at Waddell's Farm
June 17—Engagement at Saint Charles
June 17—Skirmish at Smithville
June 19—Skirmish near Knight's Cove
June 25—Skirmish at Yellville
June 27—Skirmish at Stewart's Plantation
June 30—Skirmish at Adams' Bluff

July 6—Skirmish at Cache Bayou
July 6—Skirmish at Grand Prairie
July 6—Skirmish at Salem
July 7—Skirmish at Devall's Bluff
July 7—Skirmish at Bayou Deview
July 7—Action at Hill's Plantation on the Cache River
July 7—Skirmish at Round Hill
July 8—Skirmish at Orient Ferry on the Black River
July 14—Skirmish at Batesville
July 14—Skirmish near Helena
July 15—Action near Fayetteville
July 20—Skirmish at Gaines' Landing

August 1-2—Skirmishes atJonesborough
August 3—Skirmish at L'Anguille Ferry
August 3—Skirmish at Scatterville
August 11—Skirmish near Helena
August 15—Skirmish at Clarendon

September 6—Skirmish near LaGrange
September 19-20—Skirmishes near Helena
September 23—Skirmish at McGuire's Ferry

October 11—Skirmish near Helena
October 14—Skirmish near Trenton
October 16—Skirmish at Elkhorn Tavern
October 17—Skirmish at Mountain Home
October 17—Skirmish at Sugar Creek
October 18—Skirmish at Cross Hollow
October 18—Skirmish near Helena
October 22—Skirmish near Helena
October 22—Skirmish near Huntsville
October 24—Skirmish near Fayetteville
October 25—Skirmish near Helena
October 27—Skirmish at Fayetteville
October 27—Skirmish at Pitman's Ferry
October 28—Action at Oxford Bend on the White River

November 1—Skirmish at LaGrange
November 7—Skirmish at Boonesborough
November 7—Skirmish at Rhea's Mill
November 8—Skirmish at Cove Creek
November 8—Skirmish at LaGrange
November 8—Skirmish at Marianna
November 9—Skirmish at Boston Mountains
November 9—Skirmish between the towns of Cane Hill and Fayettille
November 15—Skirmish at Yocum Creek
November 25—Skirmish near Cane Hill
November 25—Skirmish at Pitman's Ferry
November 28—Engagement at Boston Mountains or Cane Hill

December 6—Skirmish at Reed's Mountain
December 7—Battle of Prairie Grove
December 9—Skirmish at Mud Town
December 14—Affair near Helena
December 20—Skirmish near Cane Hill
December 2—Skirmish at Van Buren
December 23—Skirmish on the Saint Francis Road near Helena
December 28—Skirmishes at Dripping Springs
December 28—Capture of Van Buren by Union forces
December 30—Skirmish at LaGrange


Arkansas Timeline: 1863


January 1—Affair near Helena
January 2—Skirmish at Cane Hill
January 2—Skirmish at White Spring
January 6—Capture and destruction of the steamer Jacob Musselman by Confederates
January 10-11—Engagement at Arkansas Post
January 10—Skirmish at Carrollton
January 11—Capture and destruction of the steamer Grampus No. 2 by Confederates
January 11—Skirmish near Maysville
January 12—Skirmish at Lick Creek
January 14—Capture of Saint Charles by Union forces
January 15—Burning of Mound City by Union troops
January 16 (or 17)—Capture of Clarendon by Union troops
January 16—Capture of Devall's Bluff by Union troops
January 17—Capture of Des Arc by Union troops
January 26—Skirmish at Mulberry Springs

February 2—Skirmish at Vine Prairie
February 2—Skirmish on the White Oak River
February 3—Skirmish near the mouth of the Mulberry River
February 4—Skirmish at Batesville
February 5—Skirmish in Pope County
February 5—Skirmish at Threlkeid's Ferry
February 10—Skirmish near Van Buren
February 12—Skirmish at Frog Bayou
February 15—Skirmish near Arkadelphia
February 17—Burning of the steamer Hercules by Confederates
February 19—Burning of Hopefield by Union troops

March 5—Skirmish near Fort Smith
March 6—Skirmish on the White River
March 8—Skirmishes at Big Creek
March 19—Skirmishes on Frog Bayou
March 22—Skirmish at the White River
March 30—Skirmish at Cross Hollow
March 31—Skirmish at Clapper's Saw Mill on Crooked Creek

April 1—Skirmish at Chalk Bluff
April 1—Skirmish near Clarendon
April 2—Skirmish on the Little Rock Road
April 8—Skirmish in Saint Francis County
April 9—Skirmish on the White River
April 18—action at Fayetteville
April 26—Skirmish at Elm Springs

May 1-2—Skirmishes at Chalk Bluff
May 1—Skirmish at LaGrange
May 11—Skirmish at Mount Vernon
May 11—Skirmishes Taylor's Creek (Crowley's Ridge)
May 15—Skirmish at Fort Smith
May 22—Skirmish at Bentonville
May 25—Skirmish near Polk's Plantation
May 26—Skirmish near Island No. 65 on the Mississippi River

June 4—Skirmish at Fayetteville
June 25—Skirmish in Madison County
June 28—Skirmish near Gaines' Landing

July 4—Attack on Helena by Confederate forces
July 25—Skirmish at Brownsville
July 30—Skirmishes near Elm Springs


August 6-11—Skirmishes at Spring River Mills
August 14—Engagement at West Point
August 15—Skirmish at Bentonville
August 16—Skirmish at Harrison's Landing
August 17—Skirmish at Grand Prairie
August 23—Skirmish at Fayetteville
August 25—Skirmish at Brownsville
August 26—Skirmish near Bayou Meto
August 27—Action at Bayou Meto
August 30—Skirmish at Shallow Ford on Bayou Meto
August 30—Skirmish in Washington County

September 1—Action at Devil's Backbone (Backbone Mountain)
September 1—skirmish at Jenny Lind
September 1—Union Forces occupy Fort Smith
September 4-5—Skirmishes at Bentonville, Flint Creek, Hog Eye, and Round Prairie
September 5—Skirmish near Maysville
September 7—Skirmish at Ashley's Mills
September 7—Skirmish at Bear Skin Lake
September 10—Engagement at Bayou Fourche
September 10—Capture of Little Rock by Union froces
September 11—Skirmish at Waldron
September 12 Brownsville
September 12—Skirmish at Dardanelle
September 16—Affair at Brownsville
September 22-October 26 Shelby's raid in Arkansas and Missouri
September 23—Skirmish near Bayou Meto
September 27—Skirmish at Moffat's Station in Franklin County

October 1—Skirmish at Elizabethtown
October 2—Skirmish at Vance's Store
October 6—Skirmish at Waldron
October 7—Skirmish at Evening Shade
October 7—Skirmish at Ferry's Ford
October 10—Skirmish at Tulip
October 12—Affair at McGuire's
October 12—Skirmish at Tulip
October 24—Skirmish at Buffalo Mountains
October 25—Action at Pine Bluff
October 26—Skirmish at Johnson County
October 27—Skirmish at Tulip
October 28—Skirmish at Clarksville
October 29—Skirmish at Ozark

November 2—Skirmish at Bates Township
November 9—Skirmish near Huntsville
November 10—Skirmish near Kingston
November 11—Skirmish at Caddo Gap
November 11—Skirmish at Fouche-le-Faix Mountain
November 12—Skirmish at Roseville
November 13—Skirmish at Mount Ida
November 15—Skirmish in Newton County
November 19—Skirmish at Green's Farm
November 21—Affair at Jacksonport
November 24—Skirmish at Clarksville
November 25—Skirmish in Crawford County

December 1—Skirmish near Benton
December 1—Skirmish near Devall's Bluff
December 8—Skirmish at Princeton
December 12—Skirmish at Devall's Bluff
December 13—Skirmish at Meriwether's Ferry on  Bayou Boeuf
December 14—Skirmish at Caddo Mill
December 23—Skirmish at Jacksonport
December 23—Skirmish at Stroud's Store
December 25—Skirmish on the Buffalo River
December 29—Attack on Waldron by Confederates
December 31—Skirmish in Searcy County


Arkansas Timeline: 1864


January 7—Skirmish at Martin's Creek
January 10—Skirmish at King's River
January 17—Skirmish near Lewisburg
January 19—Skirmish at Branchville
January 19—Skirmish at Jacksonport
January 20—Skirmish at Lunenburg
January 22—Skirmish at Clear Creek
January 22—Skirmish at Tomahawk
January 23—Affair at Bailey's on Crooked Creek
January 23—Skirmish near Burrowsville
January 23—Skirmish on Rolling Prairie
January 23—Skirmish on Sylamore Creek
January 25—Skirmish on the Little Missouri River
January 25—Skirmish at Sulphur Springs
January 26—Skirmish at Caddo Gap
January 26—Skirmish at Sylamore
January 28—Skirmish near Dallas

February 1—Skirmish at Waldron
February 4—Skirmish at Hot Springs
February 4—Skirmish at Mountain Fork
February 4—Skirmish at Rolling Prairie
February 5—Skirmish at Crooked Creek
February 9—Skirmish at Morgan's Mill
February 9—Skirmish at Tomahawk Gap
February 9—Skirmish in White County
February 10—Skirmish at Lake Village
February 10—Skirmish at Pocahontas
February 12—Skirmish at Caddo Gap
February 14—Skirmish at Ross' Landing
February 14—Skirmish at Scott's Farm
February 15—Skirmish at Saline River
February 16—Skirmish at Caddo Gap
February 16—Skirmish at Indian Bay Island
February 17—Skirmish at Black's Mill
February 17—Skirmish at Horsehead Creek
February 19—Skirmish near Independence
February 22—Skirmish at Luna Landing

March 1—Skirmish near Buffalo City
March 1—Skirmish near Cedar Glade
March 2—Skirmish at Bennett's Bayou
March 6—Skirmish at Flint Creek
March 8—Skirmish at Cypress Creek
March 13—Skirmish at Carrollton
March 14—Skirmish at Hopeville
March 15—Skirmish at Clarendon
March 18—Skirmish at Monticello
March 20—Skirmish at Arkadelphia
March 20—Skirmish at Roseville Creek
March 23-24—Skirmishes on the Benton Road
March 24—Skirmish at Oil Trough Bottom
March 25—Skirmish at Dover
March 25—Skirmish near Rockport
March 25—Skirmish in Van Buren County
March 25—Skirmish near the White River
March 26—Skirmish near Quitman
March 27—Affair at Branchville
March 27—Skirmish at Brook's Mill
March 27—Skirmish near Cross Roads
March 28—Skirmish near Danville
March 28—Skirmish at Mount Elba
March 29—Skirmish at Arkadelphia
March 29—Skirmish at Long View
March 29—Skirmish at Roseville
March 29—Skirmish at Meffieton Lodge

April 1—Skirmish at Arkadelphia
April 1—Action at Fitzhugh's Woods
April 2-3—Skirmishes near Okolona
April 2—Skirmish at Antoine Creek (Terre Noir Creek)
April 2—Skirmish on Wolf Creek
April 3-4—Engagement at Elkin's Ferry on the Little Missouri River
April 3—Affair near Clarksville
April 4-5—Skirmish at Roseville
April 4—Skirmish near Charlestown
April 5—Skirmish at Marks' Mills
April 5—Skirmish at Whitely's Mills
April 6-7—Skirmishes on Arkansas River
April 6—Skirmish at Little Missouri River
April 6—Skirmish at Pemiscot Bayou
April 6—Skirmish at Pine Mountain
April 7—Skirmish at Osceola
April 7—Skirmish near Prairie Grove
April 9-12—Skirmishes on Prairie D'Ane
April 11—Skirmish at Richland Creek
April 12—Skirmish at Van Buren
April 13-14—Skirmishes around Richland Creek
April 13—Skirmish at Indian Bay
April 13—Action at Moscow
April 13—Skirmish on Spring River
April 14—Skirmish at Dutch Mills
April 14—Skirmish at White Oak Creek
April 15—Skirmish at Camden
April 15—Skirmish at Roseville
April 16-18—Skirmishes around Camden
April 16—Skirmish at Liberty Post Office
April 16—Affair on the Osage Branch of King's River
April 17—Skirmish in Limestone Valley
April 17—Skirmish at Red Mound
April 18—Engagement at Poison Spring
April 19—Skirmish on King's River
April 20—Skirmish near Camden
April 20—Attack on Jacksonport
April 21—Affair at Cotton Plant
April 22—Affair near Cotton Plant
April 23—Affair at Swan Lake
April 24—Skirmish near Camden
April 24—Skirmish near Jacksonport
April 25—Skirmishes at Moro Bottom
April 25—Action at Marks' Mills
April 26—Skirmish near Little Rock
April 28—Skirmish near Princeton
April 29—Skirmish on the Ouachita River
April 29—Skirmish near Saline Bottom
April 30—Engagement at Jenkins' Ferry
April 30—Skirmish at Whitmore's Mill

May 1—Skirmish near Ashton
May 1—Skirmish at Lee's Creek
May 1—Skirmish near Pine Bluff
May 3—Skirmish near the mouth of Richland Creek
May 5—Skirmish near the mouth of Richland Creek
May 8—Skirmish at Cherokee Bay
May 8—Skirmish near Maysville
May 9—Skirmish at Eudora Church
May 10—Skirmish near Dardanelle
May 13—Skirmish at Cypress Creek
May 13—Skirmish at Spavinaw Creek
May 15—Skirmish near Dardanelle
May 17—Confederates capture Dardanelle
May 18—Skirmish at Clarksville
May 18—Affair at Searcy
May 19—Skirmish at Fayetteville
May 19—Skirmish near Norristown
May 20—Skirmish near Stony Point
May 21—Skirmish near Pine Bluff
May 22—Affair near Devall's Bluff
May 24—Engagement with the steamer Diana
May 24—Skirmish near Little Rock
May 24—Engagement with the gunboat Romeo
May 25—Skirmish at Buck Horn
May 25—Engagement with the U.S.S. Curlew
May 25—Capture of the Union steamer Lebanon by Confederates
May 28—Skirmish near Little Rock
May 28—Skirmish in Washington County
May 30—Capture of the steamer Clara Earnes by Confederates

June 1—Engagement with the U.S.S. Exchange
June 2—Engagement with Union gunboats
June 3—Skirmish at Searcy
June 6—Skirmish at Bealer's Ferry on the Little Red River
June 6—Engagement at Old River Lake (Lake Chicot)
June 7—Skirmish at Sunnyside Landing
June 10—Skirmish at Lewisburg
June 16—Skirmish at West Point
June 17—Skirmish on the Monticello Road
June 19—Skirmish at Hahn's Farm
June 22—Skirmish at White River Station
June 24-25—Engagement with Union gunboats
June 24—Affair near Fayetteville
June 24—Confederates capture and destroy the gunboat Queen City
June 26—Skirmish near Clarendon


July 4—Skirmish in Searcy County
July 6—Skirmish near Benton
July 7—Skirmish at Van Buren
July 8—Skirmish near Huntersville
July 10—Skirmish near Little Rock
July 10—Skirmish near Petit Jean
July 14—Action an Des Arc
July 19—Skirmish on the Benton road
July 20—Skirmish near Maysville
July 22—Skirmish near Pine Bluff
July 24—Confederates attack on the steamer Clara Bell
July 25—Affair at Benton
July 26—Action at Wallace's Ferry on Big Creek
July 27—Action on the Massard Prairie (near Fort Smith)
July 28—Skirmish at Scatterville
July 30—Skirmish at Hay Station No. 3 (near Brownsville)
July 30—Skirmish near Pine Bluff
July 31—Action near Fort Smith

August 1—Skirmish at Lamb's Plantation
August 2—Skirmish at Osceola
August 5—Skirmish near Remount Camp
August 7—Skirmish at Bull Bayou
August 7—Skirmish at Hickory Plains
August 9—Skirmish at Hatch's Ferry
August 10—Skirmish at Augusta
August 11—Skirmish in Crawford County
August 11—Skirmish on White Oak Creek
August 12—Skirmish at Van Buren
August 13—Skirmish at Searcy
August 15—Skirmish at Carrollton
August 16—Skirmish on Richland Creek
August 17—Capture of the steamer Miller by Confederate forces
August 18—Skirmish at Benton
August 18—Skirmish at Pine Bluff
August 22—Skirmish in Yell County
August 24—Action at Ashley's Station
August 24—Skirmish at Gerald Mountain
August 24—Action at Jones' Station
August 24—Skirmish at Mud Town
August 27—Skirmish at Fayetteville
August 28—Skirmish at Fayetteville
August 30—Skirmish near Dardanelle

September 1—Skirmish near Beatty's Mill
September 1—Skirmish near Fort Smith
September 2—Skirmish at Little Rock
September 2—Skirmish near Quitman
September 3—Affair at Kendal's Grist Mill
September 4—Skirmish near Brownsville
September 4—Confederates attack on the Union steamers Celeste and Commercial
September 6—Skirmish at Norristown
September 6—Skirmish at  [4?] Richland
September 6—Skirmish at Searcy
September 8—Skirmish near Glass Village
September 9—Attack on the steamer J. D. Perry by Confederates
September 10—Skirmish near Monticello
September 11—Skirmish at Brewer's Lane
September 13—Skirmish near Searcy
September 14—Skirmish at Roger's Crossing on the White River
September 23—Affair near Fort Smith
September 26—Skirmish near Vache Grass
September 28—Skirmish at Clarksville
September 29—Skirmish at White Oak Creek

October 3—Skirmish near Mount Elba
October 5—Skirmish near Saint Charles
October 9—Skirmish at Clarksville
October 11—Attack on the steamer Resolute
October 19—Skirmish in Crawford County
October 20—Skirmish in Benton County
October 23—Skirmish at Hurricane Creek
October 25—Skirmish at Half-way House (halfway between Little Rock and Pine Bluff)
October 30—Action at Mount Elba
October 31—Skirmish near Arkadelphia

November 2—Affair at Hazen's Farm         
November 6—Skirmish at Cane Hill
November 6—Skirmishes near Cincinnati
November 20—Skirmish at Buckskull
November 24—Skirmish near Saint Charles
November 29—Attack on the steamer Alamo

December 1—Skirmish near Cypress Creek
December 3—Skirmish in Perry County
December 5—Skirmish near Lewisburg
December 13—Affair near Devall's Bluff
December 16—Skirmish near Dudley Lake
December 19—Skirmish near Rector's Farm
December 24—Skirmish near Fort Smith


Arkansas Timeline: 1865


January 1—Skirmish at Bentonville
January 6—Skirmish at Huntsville
January 7—Skirmish in Johnson County
January 8—Skirmish near Ivey's Ford
January 9—Skirmish near Pine Bluff
January 12—Affair on Sugar Loaf Prairie
January 14—Action at Dardanelle
January 15—Skirmishes in Madison County
January 17—Action at Ivey's Ford
January 18—Skirmish at Clarksville
January 20—Skirmish at Marion
January 21—Skirmish at Marion
January 22—Skirmish on the Benton Road
January 24—Skirmish at Boggs' Mills
January 24—Skirmish near Fayetteville
January 26—Skirmish at Mount Elba
January 26—Skirmish at the Saline River
January 28—Skirmish near Camden

February 11—Skirmish near Pine Bluff
February 12—Skirmish near Lewisburg
February 12—Skirmish near Madison
February 17—Skirmish near Bayou Meto
February 17—Skirmish in Washington County
February 22—Skirmish near the Douglas' Plantation
February 24—Skirmish at Bayou Meto
February 27—Skirmish at McMilley's Farm

March 4—Affair near Pine Bluff
March 11—Skirmish in Washington County
March 20—Skirmish at Talbot's Ferry

April 2—Skirmish near Hickory Station
April 2—Skirmish near Van Buren
April 11—Skirmish at Saint Charles
April 25—Skirmish at Rodgers' Plantation

May 11—Confederate forces under Brigadier General M. Jeff Thompson surrender at Chalk Bluff
May 16—Skirmish on the Monticello Road
May 24—Skirmish at Monticello
May 25—Part of Brigadier General M. Jeff Thompson’s Confederate Army        paroled at Wittsburg

June 5—The rest of Brig. General M. Jeff Thompson’s Confederate Army       paroled at Jacksonport