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Located in Sulphur Springs area Southwest of Pine Bluff and Watson Chapel.

Name                                            Birth                            Death
Thomas DUNNINGTON                       1818                            1892
        (County Judge from 1868 to 1874)
Sarah Elizabeth Seils DUNNINGTON        1823                            1862
        Wife of T. Dunnington, an infant child is buried with her
Mary Virginia DUNNINGTON                1851                            1904
        Dau. of T. & S.E. Dunnington
Sarah Francis DUNNINGTON                1847                            1909
        Dau. of T. & S.E. Dunnington
Baby                                            1856                            1856
        Child of T. & S.E. Dunnington, lived one month
William Augusta DUNNINGTON              1861                            1882
        Son of T. & S.E. Dunnington
Lucie Gorce Dunnington DYER             1858                            1914
        Dau. of T. & S.E. Dunnington
William DYER                            1856                            1932
        Husband of Lucie D. Dyer
Thomas T. DUNNINGTON                    1862                            1938
        Son of T. & S.E. Dunnington
Anna Byson DUNNINGTON                   1830                            1872
        Second wife of Thomas Dunnington (the father)

Cemetery read and donated by Jane Mullikin, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Submitted by Linda P. Smith   [email protected]