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The mission of the Hot Spring County Historical Society is to promote the preservation, writing, publishing, teaching and understanding of the local history of Hot Spring County Arkansas and the surrounding area thru the publication of the Heritage as well as other activities.

We ask for the help of the people that have lived here and those that still live here to sit down and do some writing! You have many stories to tell, please tell them before it is too late, preserve them for your children, grandchildren and the many others that will find pleasure in the reading of them.

Also some old photos, with a caption, would be nice to have printed in the Heritage!

To jog your memory here are a few subjects to think about: farms and farming equipment, fishing in the river or a pond, your big deer kill, old tractors, schools and school teachers, old cars, churches, jobs you have worked, houses, old buildings, your parents, marriages, businesses, ancestors, genealogy, games played when young, hobbies, pets, old radios and radio programs, old TV sets and programs, music and musical instruments, and on and on.

We look forward to your writings and when you see them in the Heritage you will be glad that you took the time to write. Of course there is no charge to you for publishing your material!

Another way to help is to become a member of the Society and purchase the annual Heritage. Just write or call and ask for an application to join or ask for an order blank to purchase a Heritage. You may purchase the latest issue or a copy from past years. Also monetary donations are accepted.

Thanks in advance for your help.

The Staff

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