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Hot Spring County Historical Society
We meet at 7 pm on the 1st Monday of the month, except Sept. when it is the 2nd Monday. Not yet sure about July since the 4th is on Wed – will probably meet on the 1st Monday. The July and December meetings are typically “eating meetings” (pot luck) and we meet at 6 pm rather than 7 pm on those nights. Meetings will, from now on, be held at the building on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Next meeting is February 6.
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Concerning the New Building
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~~~ A New Home in Malvern, Arkansas! ~~~

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~~~Please Malvernites, We Need Your Help!~~~

(1-13-2012 AM) Info from Public Relations Person, Judy Butler
We have a brand new computer for the HSCHS and it has a terabyte of hard drive memory so we are hoping that gives us lots of opportunity for storing pictures, accessing geneaology info, and for a place to keep in touch with present, future and prospective members. We plan to have the office open on certain given hours for public access to the genealogy websites. (email excerpt)

(1-13-2012 PM) From Homer and Mary Evelyn Lawrence
We are very glad to obtain the new computer. We’re still trying the get everything fixed up so we can be fully operational – however it is going to take some time since most of us are old or fairly old and most work is from volunteers. However, when we get everything in shape we want to get on the internet and have someone manning the office part of the time. We have been very successful, so far, in obtaining donations of desks, chairs, bookcases, filing cabinets, etc. An important item, which will be publicized later, donated to us by the Malvern National Bank is the large mural of Malvern Through the Ages painted by Elizabeth Duffy Massey. This mural was displayed in the front window of the Malvern National Bank for many years. It is going to take time and money, but it looks like great things are in our future. (email excerpt)

(1-13-2012 PM)From our Public Relations Person, Judy Butler
The address is 118 West Second. Asessor's office shows it to be 2046 sq. ft. Front half is in very good condition and usable as it is. Back half west side is being worked on as it had some water damage on the walls and ceiling. East half is ORIGINAL boards--walls, floor and ceiling --large boards. It would be really neat if we could preserve it this way, but for many reasons--insulation, fire safety, etc, we will have to use something like sheetrock to finish everything. The walls in this area are tall enough to accomodate the large mural panels which were given to us by MNB. The building committee, Robert and Carolyn Ireton, Charles and Judy Butler and Dick Welch, along with Noreen Houpt (member) met this afternoon at the building to begin laying the plans for needed renovations. They will be requesting bids and will report to the general membership at the next regular monthly meeting. We already have a prospective new member from your and my conversation on MALVERN, AR: you grew up there. (email excerpt)

The Society has purchased a building at 118 W. Second Street – just off South Main - as it’s new home. See the above letter from our president which is to be included with The Heritage, when it is mailed out in the near future. It reflects the purchase of the building and our ongoing concern about costs of upkeep and operating the building. Although the building seems to be very sturdy, it requires some interior work before it is in top condition. We’re talking about holding our Christmas party and dinner in the new building IF we can get it in adequate condition by then – December 5th. It will probably take a few months before it is fully operational for business activities, meetings, etc. We need to get chairs and other furniture for the building. The front of the Historical Society’s building – the alley to the right of our building runs behind stores facing on S. Main. (email excerpt)

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