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Prosperity A. R. P Church

Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas

Index Page
Brief History of Prosperity Church — 1
Church events 4-5-6
A list of members of Prosperity Church — 66
Babtisms — — — — — 83
Members admitted by Cer by E?t and JSC — 53
In Memory of Y. U. Chesnut — 12
Clerks of Prosperity Session
Wm. R. Chesnut — 1859 to 1888 ( There appears to be a "5" above the last "8" )
J. C. Nisbett — 1888 to 1899
J. H. Paden — 1899 to 1902
W. L. Chesnut 1902 — 1907
W. H. Nisbett — 1907 to —
Page 1st
A Brief History of Prosperity Church in Fulton County Arkansas
In December 1850 Mr. James MtGomery Sr. came from Pisgah Church, Mecklinburg Gastony ( transcriber note; Gastonia ) County near crawford Mountain North Carolina, with his family, consisting of h(is) sons Joseph, James, and William, and his daughter Hannah; his wife died some years after he came here; his son John, & family, also moving with him from te same place. His son Samuel MtGomery moved from the same place in the spring of 1854, with his family.
These families settled on the North side of the Strawberry, and below the fork of Strawberry; and some 8 to 10 miles below where Properity now is.
In the fall of 1857 Mr. Thomas Cochran an(d) family, moved from Properity Church, Lincoln County Tennefsee. Mr. Luther Wyley, a single man, came from the above named church, at the same time. In the fall of 1858 Dr. James Cooper, and family, from Starksville Mifs., with his son Joh(n) and family, from the same place. The same fall William R. Chesnut, and family, with his son William L. Chesnut, and family from Pisgah, Pope County Ark. formerly from Cobb County Georgia. The same fall, 1858. Mr. John Wiley from Mifsifsippi, formerly from Prosperity, Lincoln County Tennefsee.

Page 2nd

In August 1859, Rev. Wm. L. Moffatt visited us & organized a church on the 12th of Aug. , at which time 32 names were entered on the records, with two ruling Elders, viz. Dr. James Cooper & William R. Chesnut, by certificate and examination; and called their place of Worship Prosperity; and on the Sabbath, Aug 14th the Lords Supper was administered.
About the first of December 1859 Rev. W. L. Moffatt settled with us and became our pastor.
From the organization of Prosperity, until the organization of Newhope, the history of Prosperity will be found in the records, which is in a statistical form, which includeds the members also of Newhope.
In the fall of 1865 Mr. Moffatt demitied the change of Prosperity to Presbytery, which was sustained. We were supplied after Mr. Moffatt left us by the brethrin Rev. John Patrick, & Rev. Monroe Oats, one month from each in the year, viz. Mr. Oats, July 1868 and Mr. Patrick Aug 1868. Each of them administered the Lords Supper. Rev. J. P. Marion probably latter part of Aug. and fore part of September 1870Rev. M. Oats April 1869 & Rev. John Patrick in Aug. 1869. The first holding of communion in the lower settlement and then in the upper settlement, Rev. J. P. Marion in June 1870, see ref???? of Presbytry in 1871 *******************
Rev. L. P. Davis, Synod Missionary, came into our bounds in the latter part of 1870 & continued his labours until after the 3rd Sabbath of july 1871, during which time he organized a church in the lower settlement, at their request, and concurrance of the upper settlement, on Saturday April 8, 1871 & calle dtheir church Newhope.


On Saturday April 1st 1871 John H. Paden and Thomas U Chesnut were each elected to the office of ruling Elder of Prosperity congregation, notice being previously given of said election; and on Saturday 15th of April 1871 said Officers elect were ordained and set apart by prayer.
On the 10th of November 1872 Synods Mifsionary Rev. Jay C. McDonald came in our county & continued his labours among us with acceptamce, until meeting of the Synod. The Presbytery of Arkansas met at New Hope Izard County ( once a part of Fulton County Ark. ) on the 26th of Sept,1873. At which time a call was presented to Rev. J. C. McDonald by the united congregation of New Hope and Prosperity, and accepted at the next meeting of te Presbytery, which met at Saline, Drew County Ark. and ordained on Monday 20th of July 1874. And installed on saturday 10th of October 1874, at Newhope Izard County Ark, August 1875. Rev.William A. Wilson of Drew County Ark. appeared in our bounds, and on the Sabbath Aug. 15 1875 preached to discourses, 1st on John 3 Ch, 16 verse, and 2 Luke 13th ch, 24th v. Tuesday evening 17th at Saline Matthew 11ch, 28 v. At Prosperity, Wednesday 18th( Thanksgivingday ) two discourses, 1st on P. 107th 1st v., 2nd Rom. 5th ch., 5 first verses inclusive. Sept. ( sabbath ) 5th by Rev. J. C. McD.1 John 3rd ch. inclusive. – of the advantages of being a christian. Sept. 5th, Romans 5th ch.28 v. we know that all things, Sept 17th – Hope, Heb. 6th 19 v. Nov 7th Heb– Contentment. Nov 21 Ps /8 this love of God. Dec 19th Jno 5, 30, search the scriptures.
At a meeting of the members of Prosperity Church on Dec. the 18th 1875. On motion Rev. J. C. McDonald was called to the chair and J. C. Nisbett chosen clerk.


On motion, Wm. L. Chesnut and J. C. Nisbett was elected each by ballot to the Office of Deacon ( Elder above "Deacon" ) and th efirst day of January 1876 be set aside for their Ordination.
On motion that this church pay their part of the expenses of a delegate to Synod for th epresent year o 1875.
On motion, That the Endowment home– and foreighen Mifsion subject be left for each individual to contribute to teh collecting officers as he may feel able an his duty so to do.
On Motion, Thomas Cochran, W. L. Chesnut, and J. C. Nisbett be appointed a committee to value the produce or labour given to their pastor for his services.
On motion, That the procedings of this meeting be inserted in the church records.
Moved, that we adjourn. J. C. Nisbett, Clerk.

February 18th 1876
The members of Prosperity Church called a meeting and elected T. U. Chesnut chairman and J. C. Nisbett secretary.
While we the members of Prosperity Church esteem Brother J. C. McDonald highly as a man and christian brother, yet his services as a minister is not edifying. Therefore we think it to be for the good of the church to retain him no longer as our pastor.
Committee J. C. Nisbett
John H. Paden
Thomas Cochran
Wm. R. Chesnut, Clk.


On Saturday, April 2nd, 1887 J. C. Nisbettwas elected ruling elder and R. B. Parden, deacon.
J. C. Nisbett and W. L. Chesnut were ordained Ruling Elders and R. B.Paden Deaxcon on Saturday the 25th of June 1887. ( Said W. L. Chesnut was elected on the day of ordination )
J. C. Nisbett was appointed Clerk of thesefsion in September AD 1888. Rev W. H. Moffatt supplying us from Jamuary before until meeting of synod said year 1888.
Rev. J. C. McDonald preached in the New Asociate Reformed Church on the 10th day of February 1889, this being the first sermon in said house, and continued to preach for us until the 22nd day of Sept ( twice a month ) this closed out the synodical year.
J. C. Nisbett, Clerk
The sefsion of Prosperity Church Called a meeting on Saturday Sept. 21st 1889 and elected M. U. Chesnut chairman, at said meeting we unanimously agreed and did ak for W. H. Moffatt for a supply for the next synodical year.

This Sept. 21st 1889 J. C. Nisbett, Clerk


We held our spring Communion meeting on the second Sabbath in May. Preaching concerning on Saturday before.Sefsion met on Saturday morning and was opened with prayer by the moderator Rev. W. H. Moffatt. No special businefs coming before the sefsion it adjourned to meet from time to timeWe had no accefsions to the church and but one babtism. Meeting closed Sabbath evening.
Rev. Y. R. Presley held a meeting at prosperity concerning on friday before. The ssecond sabbath in July 1890 sefsion met and was opened with prayer by the moderator Rev. W. H. Moffatt. We had two accefsions to the church – preaching twice aday during the meeting which closed on Wednesday night.
We called a church meeting at prosperity on thursday evening October 16, 1890. W. L. Chesnutt was called the the chair at said meeting we asked for Rev. W. H. Moffatt to continue his labours with us as a supply for the next synodical year. No other businefs coming before us said meeting adjourned.


The arkansas presbytery met at prosperity church Fulton County Arkansas ( according to previous appointment ) on friday before the third sabbath in October ( 17th day ) 1890, preaching concerned on wedneday night before, meeting closed on sabbath night the 19th day.
We had a call meeting of the members at prosperity Church on March 16th 1891, at said meeting R. B. Paden was elected chairman and J. C. Nisbett secretary, at said meeting we elected three trusties viz A. V. Paden, H. C. Nisbett and H. P. McLain for prosperity Church/ No other businefs coming before the meeting it adjourned. J. C. Nisbett, Clerk
We held our Spring Communion on the fourth Sabbath in May A. D. 1891. preaching concerning on friday night before. Sefsion met and was constituted with prayer by the moderator W. H. Moffatt. No businefs came before the sefsion Meeting closed Sabbath evening.


We had a church meeting at prosperity on the 24th of September 1895. Y. U. Chesnut was called to the chair, at said meeting we raised about 35 dollars towards paying Rev. M. T. Ellis'es perdieam for servises rendered us during two months, and also subscribed about $125 dollars for preaching by him– half his time for the next synodical year provided if we can get him. W. H. Nisbett was received and appointed Deacon here as he had previously been in New Hope Church. Meeting adjourned. ( perdieam raised since the above from 35 dollars to $38 ) J. C. Nisbett, Clerk
We held our fall Communion meeting comencing on Wednesday night the 2nd day of the month and ending on the following monday night Rev M. T. Ellis did all the preaching ( twice a day ) wxcept one sermon which was delivered by Re. J. C. McDonal. During said meeting we had three accefsions to the church. This October 8th 1895 J.C. Nisbett, Clerk
We had a Call meeting of the Arkansas presbytery at prosperity on Saturday January the 25th 1896. At said meeting Rev M. T. Ellis was installed pastor of property church ( and preached the next day–text 2nd corinthians 12 chapter and latter clande of 10 verce )


The Moderator being absent Rev W. H. Moffatt the oldest minister present took the chair and after singing constituted the presbytery with prayer. M. T. Ellis was chosen clerk protem. The following roll was made out and called, Ministers, W. H. Moffatt, J. C. McDonald, Elders, W. A. Gault, T. U. Chesnut, Rev M. T. Ellis was recieved from the second presbytery and his name enrolled. Rev W. H. Moffatt propounded the constitutional questions and addrefsed the pastor and Rev J. C. McDonald the people. J. C. Nisbett, Clerk

sefsion met at prosperity on the 15th of sept 1896 and recomended to change the time of synods meeting from fall until spring, also adopted the Revised Book of Worship with two ammendments. J. C. Nisbett, Clerk

Sefsion met on 13th if Sept 1896 and received W. H. Moffatt into the church by examination.

We held our Spring Communion comensceing on an Saturday–Our pastor Rev M. T. Ellis did all the preaching–two sermons saturday and two Sabbath. Meeting closed on Sababth evening May the 8th 1898. no accefsions to the church during the meeting. J. C. Nisbett, Clerk


On Saturday August 27th 1898 Mr. James Harris was elected ruling Elder and on the 11th day of September was ordained Ruling Elder.
We had Communion Meeting embracing the fourth Sabbath in Septmeber 1898, preaching saturday night by Rev M. T. Ellis Sabbath at 11 oclock Rev J. C. McDonal preached and Sabbath night Rev M. T. Ellis preached had a good meeting, no accefsions to the church. We also had Sabbath School Convention on Saturday the 27th of septemebr – had quite an interesting meeting. J. C. Nisbett, Clerk

We had Communion on Sabbath the 6th of November 1898 after presbytery adjourned. then we had a protracted meeting continueing until the next sabbath night, two sermons per day excepting monday, tuesday, and wednesday which had but one service, Brother G. G. Parkinson did the preaching. There was nine accefsions to the church and seven babtisms–a good meeting siners converted and christians revived. J. C. Nisbett, Clerk


In memory of T. U. Chesnut
Thomas Union Chesnut was born in Newton County Ga December the 16–1833. United with te church in 1859 and was elected to the office of ruling Elder in Prosperity A.R.P. Church in 1871 and served in this capacity until his death March the 28–1898. Therefore be it Resolved by the Sefsion 1st that recognizing the hand of God in his death we humbly bow to Him who worketh as he wills. 2nd That we hereby bear loving testimony to our brother as an honest upright citizen. As a concientious follower of the Lord HJesus and to his fidelity as an office bearer. 3rd that we endeavor to be more faithful as officers of the church realizing that the places which now know us will soon know us no more for ever. 4thThat we extend to the bereaved family our Christian sympathy and that These resolutions be inscribed in the sefsional record. Done by Prosperity Sefsion. May the 7th 1898


In Memory of J. C. Nisbett
Born April 24th 1837 In Releford County Tenn. Was elected Ruling Elder, twenty first of January Eighteen Hundred and Eightyseven. Appointed Clerk of the session, Sep, Eighteen and Eighty Eight. Resolved by the session; first that recognizing the hand of God in his death we humbly bow to him who worketh as he will. Second; that we hereby bear loving testimony to our brother as an honest upright citizen, a conservative conscientious follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and to his fidelity as an office bearer. Third; that we endeaver to be more faithful as ( an ) oficirs of the Church, ralizing that the places which know us now will soon know us no more forever. Fourth; that we extend to the bereaved family our Christian Sympathy


And that these resloutions be inscribed in the sessional record.
W. Q. Chestnut
Jas. Harris
J. H. Paden, Clerk

The session of Prosperity Church was called together on the fourteenth day of May Eighteen Hundred ninety nine by the Rev. M. T. Ellis. At this meeting letters of recomendation were granted Mr S. O. D. Nisbett who was desir(ous) of uniting with the A. R. P. Church at Chicoba, Terx. J. H. Paden, Clerk


Election of elder
On thursday-night October the fifth, Eighteen Hundred and ninety nine Rev M. T. Ellis began preaching a series of sermons which lasted till the the Tuesday-night, following. Having as a result, two professions ( Albert and Leona Hall ), and two accessions to the church, ( Mrs. Ida Tyley and Mr S. G. Johnson )The former by letter, the latter by profession. Mr. Johnson had made a profession over weeks previous at Saleui, Ark. At a meeting conducted by the methodist evangelist, Rev. John Andrews. On the last night of the meeting it was announced by Bro Ellis, that every one in the housde was a profession ( An unusual occurance for so large a congregation. ) On this same night every one in the house, excepting some very small children, testified of the benefits they had received from the meeting.
On Saturday of this meeting Bro. R. P. Johnson was chosen elder, by a unamous vote. to fill the vacancy made by the death of our late Brother, J. C. Nisbett. J. H. Paden, Clerk


Congregational Meeting
24 Dec 1899

Salary promised $121 25
    "    paid –  "092 50
Balance Due 028 75
Dill Church Extension 3 50
Home and Foreign Mission 034–65
Report of Treasurer
Resolved that we the congregation express our thanks to Bro Ellis for his faithfulness during the past year.
Resolved that the paint on hands be placed in the custody of Mr. J. H. Paden.
Resolved : that we hold our congregational meeting on Saturday before the second Sabbath on Dec 1900.
James Harris
John H. Paden


July 14th 1901 Baptized

William Ernest Nisbett and Robert Burnnall Tylen
July 12th 1902 Dismissed F. M. Wallace
Aug 23 1902 Dismissed J. S. White

January 10th 1903
A. V. Paden and W. H. Nisbett elected Elders and J. H. C. Nisbett Deacon.
Officers ordained and installed Jan 25th 1903
W. L. Chesnut elected Clerk of session Feb 22 1903
James Harris released from Eldership August 23 1903
Wheeling ark(?) Dec 28th 1901
The congregation of prosperity met in annual sesion. J. R. P. Johnson was elected chairman
J. S. White was chosen Sec.
R. B. Paden read his report as Treasurer which was on motion received as information and orderd in confserated in the minits it is as follows   see page 22


Salary $182.50 Paid 77.50
Due 25.00 1900
1900 5.00
1900 H. M. F. 24.50 Paid 22.50 Due 2.00
F. M.   "   15.00      5.00
C. E.   "   5.00   5.00
Total   $147.00    120.00    32.00
On motion Deacons were instructed to raise the H. M. assessment at their discretion.
on motion the Deacons proceeded to take a subscription from pastors salary from 1902
Minwites were read & adopted
Congregational meeting adjourned to meet Dec 1902
session of closed
R. D. Johnson Chair

with prair
J. S. White sec


session opened with prair
Dec. 27th 1902
Prosperity Church
Chairman W. H. Nisbett
sec J. C. Harris      Wheeling ark
Amount of salary promised for the year 1902$89.25
F. M. 15.00
Rev J. A. Smith7.25
The motion was made and second that this account be accepted the motion carrie. A motion was made and second that the Deacons take up a subscription for Home M, this motion was carried. A motion was made that the subscription be taken up for pastor salary the coming year.
The motion was carried.
A motion was made that he deacons make an effort to raise what is behind of the assessment of the past year the motion was carried.
A motion was made & second that Saturday before the second sabbath in Jan there will be a congregatinal


meeting to elect church officers.
A motion was made and second that we adjourn. The motion carried.
J.C. Harris, sec

We held our spring Communion on the 2nd sabbath of May May 10th 1903. No business came before the session W. L. Chesnut, Clerk

Prosperity March 13th 1904 session met and adopted the standing order of the Arkansas presbytery. Session closed with prair
W. L. Chesnut clerk

Prosperity March 27th 1904
Session met and Received W. H. Moffatt in to the church by letter.
July 24th 1904 session met & was opend with prair by Rev M. T. Ellis. Jane L. Lerowch requested a letter from the church witch was granted by order of the session.
W. L. Chesnut clerk


We had our summer communion 2nd sab of Aug 14th1904. No business came before the session. meeting commenced Friday night before 5 sermons of a high order & intertaining no large congregations & attentive to the word our pastor done all the preaching
W. L. Chesnut clerk

Session met opened with prayr by the pastor
Prosperity Jan 15th 1903 By order of the session Miss Anna Moffatt ( lowrry ) dismiss by letter
W. L. Chesnut clerk

On this 13th day of October 1904
session met & opened with prayer
1st order of business was voting on the bacis of the union. The vote was unanimos for.2) Electing a Delegate to attend the meeting of the Presbytery witch will meet at Prosperity Church Fulton leo Arly, A. V. Paden Delegate
3rd W. L. Chesnut excuse for not attending the meeting of last spring Presbytery was herd by the session & excused. Closed with prayr. W. L. Chesnut clerk


Presbytery met at Prosperity October 14th 1904 The Reiring Moderator Rev Y. W. Mcleain preached the opening sermon Rev J. A. Smith elected moderator The Presbyterial community on sessional records Reported tha were kept in good order and satisfactory. On Sabbath day 16 Rev J. A. Smith preached had communion at night Rev G. W. Hanna preach, 2 accession that night Miss Geneva Bell Proctor by papers and Miss M. E. Flowers by letter
Preaching began on sabbath night before Presbytery every night by Rev M. T. Ellis until wensday by Y. C. Holeman a Baptist minister by Y. A. Smith Y. W. McClain G. W. Hanna
W. L. Chesnut clerk


On the 26th of July 1905
Rev T. P. Presely came to us and conducted a protracted meeting his preaching was uplifting to the christian and edifying and convinceing. The meeting closed the 2nd day of Aug. Preaching twice a day 8 days and nights.
No conversions one accession Mrs. Hanna Proctor from Cumberland Presbyterian Church our pastor Rev M. T. Ellis was present & was faithful in helping the meeting.

July 31st 1905
The session met after public worship and recd Mrs Hannah Proctor by recommendation from the Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Closed with prayer by Mod.
W. L. Chesnut, Clerk

Prosperity A. R. P.
Church Dec 23rd 1905
The congregation in nnual session after a sermaon by the pastor. and was organized by election of W. L. Chesnut as chairman and Rev M. T. Ellis secretary the report of the treasurer was read & is as follows
Salary Promised $109.40
Paid 96.15
Bal Due 13.25
Amt Due Home Mission 20.00
Paid 16.25
Bal Due 3.75
Due for Mission $15.00
Paid 15.00
Paid on Sal 1904 $24.00
Total paid on Salary 120.15
Amount Paid by Sabbath School $6.00
Amount paid other purposes $33.00
Total Paid all Purposes $194.15


Average Per Capita 4.33
Bal Due H. M. and Pastors sa 17.00

On motion the Deacons are called to take up subscriptions for salary for 1906

On motion the meeting adjourned to meet on Saturday before the 4th sabbath of Dec 1906

closed with prayer by the pastor
W. L. Chesnut clerk
M. T. Ellis sec.

During the year three communion meetings were held and at each the session was called together but no business came before hence no note is made of these
W. L. Chesnut, clerk


Little Rock Ark
April 7th 1906
The sessional Records of Prosperity were presented and examined and approved Presbyteries Committee on sessional recods.
S. J. Patterson Mod
M. T. Ellis clerk

Rev O. G. Brockett came in our midst Dec 1911 and is laberon at New Hope and Prosperity until Dec 1912
W. H. Nisbett clerk

Wheeling Ark Prosperity Church
we held our protracted meeting Imbracing the 4 Sabbath in Sept and continueing one week
Rev O. G. Brockett did all the preaching
No accession to the church
W. H. Nisbett, clerk


Wheeling, Arkansas
Our protracted meeting began on the first Sabbath in Aug (4 1906)
Our pastor Rev M. T. Ellis was assisted by Rev. S. L. Cochran of the Methodist CChurch. He preached from Sab till Thursday night. There were four joined the church under his preaching. Then our pastor took up the work and preached on through Sab. seven were added to the church under his preaching. Their names will be found in the propper roll.
W. L. Chesnut Clerk

Mr. Sherman Geen and wife Mrs Bell Crouch & Miss Fanny Proctor were from the CP Recommended

Rev M. T. Ellis resigned his work at prosperity abd new Hope in the spring of 1907 and being us without supplies Rev J. C. Mcdonald held communion services at prosperity the fourth Sabbath in May 1907
W. H. Nisbett Clerk

at a meeting of the session W. H. Nisbett was elected clerk of the session Nov the 10th 1907


Wheeling ark Nov the 6th 1907
Rev M. T. Ellis of Daranville Ga–came and held a protracted meeting Said meeting commenced at 11 o clock Nov the 6 1907 and continued untill the following Sabbath night With four accessions to the church three by profession and one by certificate we also had communion services on this occasion.
W. H. Nisbett clerk

By order of Synod R. L. Pressley came in our midst January the 16, 1908 and preached for us half the time untill the meeting of the Synod the next fall.
W. H. Nisbett clerk

Feb the 23/1908 the Session was caled to gether and opened with Prayer by the pastor we gave Mrs Larue a letter from the church at her request
no other business came before the Session
W. H. Nisbett clerk


We held our meting august the 6th
Rev E. E. Strong done the preachen it lasted from the 6th untill 10th
no accessions to the Church
W. H. Nisbett clerk

Prosperity Ark. Dec– the 8th 1908
Rev J. B. Pearson came in our bounds by the order of the home mission and staid two years with us
W. H. Nisbett clerk

Prosperity ark August the 6th 1909
Rev R. W. Carson came and held our protracted meeting for us it lasted five days no attions to the church
W. H. Nisbett clerk

we held our Spring comunion meeting the Second Sabbath in May 1911
W. H. Nisbett clerk


[ Transcriber Note - the last two numerals on the far right margin of the year were clipped during the scanning process. ]

Resident Roll Sept. 25:1909
Miss. Roener Cochran. Removed by Death Mar 27 ....
Mrs. Ellner Chesnut.
Miss. Ella Chesnut.
Mrs. Jane H. Paden Removed by Death Oct 13, 19..
Miss. Nancy Belle Paden
Mr. A. V. Paden Removed by Death aug the 19 19..
Mrs. Elizabeth Paden.
Mrs. Nona Paden
Mr. R. B. Paden.
Mr. J. H. C. Nesbit.
Mrs Minnie [ Nesbit ] Removed by Death Feb 12 19..
Mr. J. B. Cochran
Mrs. Mary L. White
Mrs. Maggie J. Johnson
Mr. John O. Tyler
Mrs. Jennette Moffit
Mrs. Nancy Harris
Mrs. Susan Ella Ussery
Mr. W. S. Chestnut
    W. H. Nesbit
Mr. R. M. Paden
Mrs. Rosa Cochran dismissed by letter
Miss ??????? Cochran dimissed by letter
Mr. James R. Paden
Mr. R. P. Johnson Removed by Death Feb the 8 19..
Mrs. Ida Tyler
Miss Geneva Bell Proctor.
Mrs. Hanna Proctor
Mr Clerence Nesbit


Continued Roll. Sept 25, 1909
Mrs. Fannie Humfhries
Miss Jennie Proctor
Mr. Sherman Green
Mrs Lora Green

Non Resident Roll

[ Transcriber Note - names enclosed in parenthesis ]

Mrs. Sarah Josephine Scribner
Mr. W. R. Chestnut
Mr. W. S. Paden
Mrs. Laura Bill Burr
Mrs. Nettie ?henette
Mrs Ruth Olelee

Resident Roll Con.

Mrs. Bell leroich
Miss Bernice Nesbit
Miss Elsie Nesbit
Mr. Noel Nesbit
Mrs. Ada Chestnut
Mrs. A. E. Nesbit


on June the 11th 1910
Rev J. B. Pearson preached for us and on Sabbath rthe next day We had our communion service
no accessions to the church
W. H. Nisbett Clerk

Our Protracted meeting be gan Aug. 26; 1910. Rev M. T. Ellis came to us and did the preaching twice a day until the following Wednesday night four accessions to the church
W. H. Nisbett Clerk

Prosperity Church was sold to the Methodists Nov 28–1913
W. H. Nisbett Clerk