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Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas
Submitted by Wilma King
Transcribed by Marsha Boles

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The moderator being absent Rev. M.L. Moffatt being the oldest minister present took the chair and after singing, the Constitutional presbytery with prayer.  M.T. Ellis was chosen clerk protem.

The following roll was made out and called. Ministers W. L. Moffatt, J.C. McDonald; Elders W.A. Gault,  T.U. Chesnut; Rev. M.T. Ellis was received from the second presbytery and his name enrolled.

Rev. W.L. Moffatt propounded the constitutional questions and addressed the pastor Rev. J.C. McDonald the people.  - - - signed J. C. Nisbett, Clerk  - - -

Session met at Prosperity on the 15th of Sept 1896. and recommended to change the time of Synods meeting.from fall until spring. Also, adopted the Revised Book of Worship with two amendments.

- - - signed J. C. Nisbett, Clerk  - - -

Session met on the 13th of Sept 1896 and accepted W.L. Moffatt into the church by examination.

We held our Spring Communion commencing on Saturday – Our pastor Rev. M.T. Ellis did all the preaching sermons - two Saturday and two Sabbath meeting.

 Closed on Sabbath evening May the 8th 1898.  No accession to the church during the meeting.

-          - - signed J. C. Nisbett, Clerk  - - -

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