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Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas
Submitted by Wilma King
Transcribed by Marsha Boles

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The Arkansas Presbytery met at Prosperity Church Fulton County Arkansas (according to

previous appointment) on Friday before the third Sabbath in October (17th) 1890, preaching

commenced on Wednesday night before, meeting closed on Sabbath night the 19th.

We had a call(ed) meeting of the members at Prosperity Church on March 16th 1891, at said meeting R.B. Paden was elected chairman and J. C. Nisbett (**was elected) secretary, at said meeting we elected three trustees (*unknown abbreviation) A.V. Paden,  J.H.C. Nisbett, and W.P. McLain for Prosperity Church.

No other business coming before the meeting it adjourned.            J. C. Nesbitt, Clerk

We held our Spring Communion on the fourth Sabbath in May A.D. 1891. Preaching commence on Friday night before. Session met and was constitrated (***consecrated/concluded) with prayer by the moderator Rev. M.L. Moffatt

No business came before the session meeting closed Sabbath evening.  - - - - -

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Note: page has many capitalization errors and was adapted to modern usage for proper nouns.

* looks like “biz”  - seems to mean, list follows or inclusion.

** added for clarity, this is not clerks signature at entry closure.

*** spelling suggest other meaning, best guess included