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Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas
Submitted by Wilma King
Transcribed by Marsha Boles

6 (left upper corner)

We held out spring Communion*  meeting

on the second Sabbath in May preaching (meeting stricken as error)

commencing on Saturday before.

Session (spelling adjusted) met on Saturday morning and was

Opened with prayer by the moderator Rev. W. L. Moffatt,

No special business (spelling adjusted) before the

Session (spelling adjustment) adjourned to meet form time to time.

We had not accessions (spelling adjustment) to the church and

but one baptism. meeting closed Sabbath


Rev. Y. R. Presley held a meeting at

Prosperity commencing on Friday

before the second Sabbath in July 1890,  Session (spelling adjusted)

met and was opened with prayer by the

moderator Rev. W. L. Moffatt, we had two

accessions to the church. – preaching twice

a day during meeting, which closed on

Wednesday night.

We called a church meeting at Prosperity

on Thursday morning Oct 18, 1890.

W.L. Chesnut was called to chair,

and said meeting we asked for Rev. W.T.

Moffat to continue his labours with us

 of a supply for the next Synodical year.

No other business (spelling) coming before us, said

meeting adjourned.