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Prosperity A. R. P.

Wheeling, Fulton County, Arkansas
Submitted by Wilma King
Transcribed by Marsha Boles

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56  (upper left corner)

1861 Apr 7 Mr. Henry T. Anderson
Mr. Matthew Gleghorn *
Mr. William Montgomery d. 1862
Mr. William Nesbit d. Dec. 6, 1876
& wife Margaret Nesbit
Miss Margaret J. Nesbit
Miss Mary M. Nesbit d. Mar. 26, 1876
Mr. J. C. Nesbit
Mr. J. H. Nesbit d. 1864
Mr. Andrew J. Jamison
Mrs. Elizabeth Jamison
1861 May 26 Mrs. Elizabeth Gleghorn
1861 Jun 15 Mr. A. W. Brooks *
& wife Amanda Brooks *
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Andrews *
Mr. W. T. Wilson * died
& wife Hannah Caroline Wilson *
Mr. J, H, Gleghorn
Mr. A. W. Gleghorn
Mr. J. H. Gault
Mr. D. R. Gleghorn d. 62 (could be age or year)
Mr. Jas. Montgomery, Jr.
1861 Nov 3 Mr. James McD. Chesnut d. Apr 10th 1875
& wife Helena Elleanor Chesnut
Miss Susan Luiza Emily Chesnut


Note: from the 3rd of Nov 1861 until the 8th of Oct 1865 there were one or two communions, but no additions to the church. W.R.C., clerk of Sep